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Courier (Newspaper) - July 26, 1806, London, Middlesex i V/-^^-^"^i^ ^ ' - 4,351. SATURmV, JULY 26, 1806. Price 6^ V/VUXIIALI,. L'nder the Palronace of Ills koyal H>s!*nes3 the PRINCE of WALES.^ MONDAY RVENIiVG, July 25, wiH bc� RflAND OAT! fir-t :^?crchantiiiritiiis City, and respt-cttyiy solicits their support to bis Atademv, wft'-rft Young Cchtlemeri are properly qualified for the hfioveprotosions. R. J}O#YiR>sL0TTEiiy-vvill }>osif5vcIy J.TJL bedrawii by the prewiitState Loltpry. au<l-'�riU' at* siiradlv bpibe last LoUcTy-ftfthisimturc, fpr'tbe dismosiil of Works oTArt'; *idfls ^0 opportnnity can possiblv orrur rjain, of l)ta!iiing.the5plcn!lid and bcnutiful Piiblicnt�oiii w'licJi compose thePrizcs In this l.ottt'rv, no tiran should lost ii! t'ljc )�iirclia3P. of TIekots, as it is now clcarlv asrof-'taiiiod, that jr. a ftMV weeks not a Ticket will be to be Iwd, Tirkcis at pK*i-ut Tliree Ruineas each. Schemes gratis. PAY3IASTEIICY of a REGIMENT w-anted, ('ifhef iii brajfoohs, or Ihfniltry at home; ftr iii th6 East Incites or Gape, or. the :P{\yniastfrcy of a Second liattaiion. The (JeiitlemaTi ailvertisin!? is nnexc^ptionable in. every respect, ha.-!iurefie3, and wHl be highly recommended.He wHl riake a liberal corapensatibn for a resipnation or intercft in Ill's favour. The most inviolable honour and secrecy may be depended pn. , .. Letters are requested to be addres-vd to M. M. to he l.cft!tt the bar of tiie Oriinge CoiTeo-hoiJsc, Cockajur-Stteet, l/ondon, poit free. ,;/'  GENERAL POST-OFFICE, Aug. J, 1805. ADVERTiSEMENT. BY aa Act of Parliament passt^d in the last Se?-sion, to repeal so much of the Act of 35 Oco. HI. Cap. 53,as rol:'.t.yd"to the LETrEKS of SEAMEN and SOb-DiBR3, thefiilhnviiig Provisions have been made in lieu of tUo�5 rcpeiiled, viz. No single Letter senthy the Post, on his own private^oii- /ate jetty's Dominions sfiall,' Whilst stick S.-iirtlan o'r Soldier shall be enipl'Jvcd b;i his Majesty's Service,-and not otherwise, be charged With a higher rate of Postaae than the sum of ilnc Penny for the couveyanci'of each such Letter; such PostHge to be paidat the timeof putting thcsame into the'Post-O.lice' of the Town,or Place fr.>ni whence such Letter is iiitendc.l to, bff sCiJt by the jPost, provided t|iat npon every fuch. Lelte'r so tp be ^ent, the H'm^:of th>, M'riter, a^id hiif cl.issor descrlptlan iiitiieiShipor Y(;s^dl, UcKiment? Cos^j^j or l)ctacJtt�eu�t�.-wliiet� heshall^plbOc, .3u:iin)e sup.M-stnb-'find provided tl*at upon cyery such Letter there shall be wnttentA thsSrlliiBil^writing'-of, and signed by, the OHictr haVii^at tbe time thif Cmnimnd-oftbe Ship or Vessel, Hegi-trtent, Coi^ oi: 'Detachment, his Nanie, and tne Name 'of tlie Regiment,Cbrpj,,or Detnchraent cOHmiahdedby him. . NosiSgle Letter, directeiilto any suchSeantan, or SoUIier, upon his own private concern only, within an v p.irt of hia Majesty's dominions, whilst sucK Seaman or soldier, shall � be-entplpyed on bis iMajesty's Service and not otherwise, ?hallbe charged with a hif^herrite of pust:i;;ethan onq.penny; provided tTiat such pi^niiy be paid npon puttingllin letter into a Post Office, eslablislied nnicr the autliority of his ftln-js-stv'sr Postmaster (iencral; and provided also, that ever/ * t..A.t-----l.^ ,lt-..-*...l A^ ...._u u-------t!,ij;:..- - ,^J. or  ' ' VICTUALl-lNG OFFICE, July 17. THE Commissionei\i j'or Victualling IIis Mu' jjslg's Saoij do /lerebi; give. t^ulUf,, that on Tuesday, tuv Ijllt iustiwl. Air. lleelfs, >Ae/r y/^Btrf at Porlsiuouln, tcitl ho ready lo rnxire J'tnde'ni ill il<nlini;, (sealed np) J'or mc'i quaiUilicH of KILN UKIED PEAAK, oh ikc JUalerx therein iiMij Uiin!; proiier to ojU'ei"; to be lUHotred inln tUe (''itJUiiUini; i^liirrx ul IKiil J'lirl'in the space of OiifMonlh the (laie <(!'l/ic Canteiiv.t, ���/ to hepaUIJ'vrln/JiilLiptti/-abtc^mt.h ItiUrert, uhicli) ilayH 4tJ'li:r diUcx . ' , 'I'/ie ('(ihdiiwii-i iifthc CaiUritct mnif Oc Men at the UJ/ice oJ'theApeiiluj'uTt'iuid. Ao re^^iinl Kill hi; hull In annyTennu- in tthieh the price sfiilll �il iid uisertr.d icoKt-i-at length, nr thiU sluHl not he de--tioe.r.-.d to Mr. Reeks bejore Ttceloe o'Quct^ on t/it iaid Tuw-,iy, the 2\)th Utilimf, nor, tinle enTs, The The The ^_______......_ . _ . The Right Hon. Viscount JJfJNOANNON. The Rig It Hon. Lord BRAY BROOKE; The Iliglit Hon. Lord KENSINGTON. TftUKTEEK. The Most Noble the I\L-irmii5bf P.UCKINGIIAM. The Rishtlfon. Lord BUAYEHOOKE. WILLIAM PRAEI), Esq. M. P. . npIIE Object 6Y this Institution is to reduce the X Laudablede.'iigupfLlFE INSURANCE, and Provi-sioii fur Old Age, to the most advantageous Principles fiir the J'ublic that are possible. The Insured and Annuitants are tiicrefore rendered Proprietorsj and after the Expenccs'of an economical Hanagemciit are defrayed, they Share the turplus Profits. So tiiat it may be Justly saidy that by the specific SaminBured, and tlic l)ivisi(m'of Contingent Profits,  verv Meitdier of this Iitetitution has the fullest Value possi-blefot'the Paymfcnts which he has made. . The Plan of this Institution comprises every mode of Insu-tanceiipon Lives, and in a particular aflbfflsa-Piovisibnagiiinstiiii? infirmities of Old Age, which promises incalculableadvautage.f to the Indnsjj'ibus Classes and the (Community atlarge. It will be seen, that by an inspection or by annual lenny per day, ______arlypart oE,an)an'�life, he may bcsccii- Yod from want when-past his days of labftur. The Plan is developed lo'^the Puhlfc under the immediate irer;oniine.ndation of several tbr^Lieutenaiil^^ of Counties, and other distirtguished P^riouages, and from the important advantages wbichitsccuresi an,ehcreaseof presieirt industry, of morality andsq1)rietyn](aybe-iU�tlj anticipated ; the revenue pf the Gountrywin bieconsequently improved^ the poof rates diminished.aiidthe Agcdj the *,WiAow, and the Fatherless provided with conjforiable support, through this salutary iipulication of their Own resources. Atteiidanceis gtvcii (lailV, at the Office in Soutiiampton--stftet, Straudi ftomlOuntU^r. By Order OTtlje Board, - . nionlhs iig-o,'arid Yatelv, adVlressed an Advcrtisenieiit, beginmng,-� .^^tfuVy-Ininentable C!�se''--To the Benevolent and Humane j^'irttbis, aod;othefP�pcf��, humbly returns his most sbcCTe tliaiiksfbrthji don^itibi^ije lias received, am inginill to^u;Avhiclrhq.vebeep'ofgiro iimch r&duced b,v tWee>:ji�jnee.bfadvertiiing; ItisAvitJi gi^at reluctascebeIspbliged,to^state^that though the debts he "To'-' iP9ilVred Jiy illiie.sB in his family; which consists of himself, hif ^iferabdtwdsmiillchildrff^i, amo\int only to about ml- W'muspbsolittithftjjhk und�rahe Jojadj if, tlwie who can tepj/Br such dis'trcssi sufd-jrhbJar^: blpst With the 'uieans^, do Jiot iiiVeiff<e .tiiJiwe l|iiii)^lFrbm deitructron. lie has held a �mnU;apW^lnlftghfrv�il6|:�bVerri sixteen vears, and �asal�s�i�pij^ bitnself with pi'�pri�itV. He hJis devoted his swalt^lMy (bthe.payttiwtif h^^ but a npdspj Uulder' ijJini'Vt'uy.^ lujiii'; inini :iiie nupinne, ne in incwasc;^ incoiif^fc in t). few mbnthtffrom (%,M'lti fbHiv4!quM' hirfalrae^^ Messrs". ili;^iTij-i|!fo,:34f), Stfaiiidi; and Messrs, id/Cp," i>ank(j�-si No. .'}0,'Cqriihlll, . - .,.- ,-,.,,.,c,^uTtrjfl8i�:r's cbarireter, vecciye any doiwv ''*",;mtltji(iay hBlcnttfoiRbiMi.opfiirwaf^ to J>8h�uld:iiuyher8(Mrw'isli to honour hiin with.ail interV a ,C^)vLLl|iJl<t5f^ uII^AqUw ftL'a W*y;�*sni9pt jjroduijte 'il-Liquid BluCking equal to the [Rmii* .'.TSPAi*- BtACKlNGi 'm.ltfc by.J. i1�*J^.;|fpxftJ*iaBld witti intirt HiiWl ^ whif*^'^ om anviihi ., '^�K'^^J? ^i;ohe^ � in biji;^ !2*..Vyi^U�'^l'l?;^IJ{ttJ{nrfwJj6thlrti of <he i^lture lerfeoiis- free' "-'"-'^'-tuei  belong, and provided that it'Shall nit be lawful; fur tae Deputy PoSttaaster tod-'Uversnchlelt-rto anyperjon,' except t'hc Seamaii or Soldier to whom it shall be directed, or to SDuie person appointed to Teceive tSe same, b v writing, under th 11 hand ot the Oflicef hav"uig tfle command of tlie ship or vessel, regirtu-nt, c.irpsi bt delacliraunt to which the Seartjan or Soldier shall belong. Nbtliifig in these instruction^i is to be construed to e.vtind to letters sent to or by Commissioned or Warrant Oliicers, iMjd-sliipmen, or Masters' Mates in the Navy 5 or to lottevs scut by or to Coinmissioaedor Warrant Oiiiceis in the Arniy. Any person having the command of the ship, vessel, regi-meirt," corps, or detachment, who is authorised to.inaUeliis endorsement in the manner before ?p -ciiicd on the letters of thei Seanit-n or Soldiers under his cpipmand, will b& liable for' every oft'ence to forfeit and jiay tiie suni of Five Pounds, if lie ShaU wilfully and knowingly write his Name on-iny such letter, th.^t is no"t fro:n sucli Setiihan or S-ddicr on his pri'vate concerns only. And any person qot having at the time the command of the ship," regitnent, .corps, or detitchment. Mho shall write, hia Name upon any such Ictd-r, in order that the same be s?at at-a lower rate of postage than,-by law establishr-d, shidl be li.ibl? to forfeit and piy the i'uin'of Five P^^ And any person who shall knawiii^ly' and design'^dly address a letter to iiiiy Seaman or Soldier, which sii.ili iVeirt-tended ftir any other person, and wbich'shsll be coiiC-Tni;ig the affairs of another person, with intent to evade tlie payment of the r.ite of postage by law estiiblishctf, every sueli pcisori so pffendipg will, for every olfence, be liable "to forfeit and piiy the sum of Five Pounds. And ifany pcreim sbaH procure any Seaman or Soldier to obtain the Signitiire of hi* Comm.iadmg Officer, to any letter to be seilHiy the Post, which shall tiot he on the private concerns of such Seaman of .Spldier; or if any Seaman or Soldier shall liiniself obtain the Signature of higCommaiidiii^.f Oificer upon any lettef wbtchshall noibe from himself, on iiis owuprivifiteconceros only,;ill;order to avoid the payment bf tliC'Tritcs of Postage by" liawestablished, each and every .p'eninq^onfleurting tvijl, for every bft'eiice, be liable to forfeit and p-4y the suiivpf Fife Pounds. One niiJicty of the several penidties and forfeitures are for the use of Ills MajestVi and tiie other moiety to the person who shall.iiiform;, and tlicy may be recovered before any one or more bfthc Justice^ Of'the i'eac;;; liur the County, City, or place where the oft'ence shall be coaimitted; and, in de-. fault of payiient, such oireuders are to be conimitted to the House of Correction frtr�ipy space not exceeding one nionth, bftiHtbep'inaltyshallbe "sooner j[)aid. . " By Cbminand bt bis Jfaiesty s Postmaster-d'encral. FRANCUSFJIEELING, Secretary. I^URNISIIEP HOUSE, to be LET or SOLIJ. rt cPmprizeS 5 bedchambers, front and backdrawing-rooms", diniii" aiid briakfait parlours, 2 goqd kitchens, dL--tuched wash-house, '2 arched vaults, stpne-..stairs toarea, and every '<<lh"ef corivenieUee ' For the accommodation of a respectable family ; it commands a bcjilfhy.prosuectovcr the fields andiiewi'iver, being situated in Lalby 'ierracevCity- fbad Bodkin . May' be viewed aud treated for by applying to kin, ujiholdsterer. High-street, Pei'tpnyill'-. Mr. lor tbc (lOiiCj ttheuiuatisnis, CoiLsauiplioni, SeropliuU, Cancers, aijy other Chronical Disorders. The Rev. W. WILSON'S.ANTIARTHRITIC; or, ' ALTERATtVE POWDER. -npiHE Inventor, of this Medjcint!, formerly a jl student In Physic, at Gl;isgbw, is induced to oiler to the Public an etficacious RiKifiedy for the abbVe, as well as for rtiany, Diseas -s deemed incurabje. It has been extensively used in li^elarid for several years, and its.salUtiiry eflects .-ire produced in a safe and easy maimer, with' very little sensible operation. By mixing with the bliiod and juices,, it applies itself to the seat of the disorder, which it will remove by slowdegfees, from its alterative and healing qualities. In ConBumptions it will generally succeed in the"two first stajres, and often even in the last. Ijithe Scropbula, of Evil, iftjsed early, the euro will be speedy, and the ulcerated GJaUds will heal; and it lias been known to rescue the Patient even aftef mprtal.sympiom? had appeared. But persons ^flUctcd with' Gout, Rneumutisras, Caqeers, and with Bilioiis and Nervous shewn in yaripus-instances; This Powder diiesiip't contain "any! ingreiit^t unfriendly to the -l^uman constitution;, aijd, instead of weakening, its tendency is to invigorate, and to . improve the general health; it occasioqs up,danger-firqui . pers � theWbfds in the stamps i From the. Honourable and Riglit itcyereifd the Lord i^ishnp ofeARLlSLE, to Mr. CWINGf Apothecary, Chcap-glJe, London. V - � �;'v.'^: �� IREA uTLT iCmbrjice.tiie;opportunity yoiir ;L.e.t-t�-r nlforVWnineV ftf-addiite my testjipuny to that of the LOJID CiliEF,/M9G^, K .vour CHIrfG's WbjOTwdlcinfejr'Wy eldest SqiKltHving a few nibhths ago derived Very irtatMAbfifliefitfrd^^ ���"io first ________ , ,.,,,-.,....-,-,,^.,?l5*�iul dose givc'tUcthird,bsth(?.t^�Q forniey hud n^reedsp lirtcom- jpur, Loisciiges In several InBthnceii, ^ivherein I have thJt^s^ �^factiiiuibabsurp you, they httvftwil^  ce., Fo^Rlit tp mldviHwttfrbni tbe ptttuie bf th^mel.iifb-ccd'.mm Jii nty 8oV�.-"Gijs?, I' rippreliniid Hlf torn- vlce s/mll be re(/uiredJ'or hif Mnjesli/'i Vkluui'iiig Sert'iei',j\-o:n the lit vj' Qciobernexi,to liieiilh] uj' S'/plv!ii!ii:r., ,e,vi''usivi:., , . , Tiilteil'eliiwrcdf.rtin time to- tiirif.'as-ihmnndcil, into tin . 'ii'liiAJIinjf Slwes at Dupl.l'ord, I'urt.iiikotdh, I'tiiuonlji, and. Coxk^ (U the Ciin/racten eJpi nir ; lo In, warruuted io luep !;uad uiul^irund for ilic !<pntc uj'Hix AloHtbxj'rom Hie rapeflivK peniiids uf deli'v<n\i/i am!iiald for by liUU pai/'ublcyidlh fjnlerpsl, ninflij d(fy:infler d.iU.' not be inserted in icnrds at tim.-i.b, or thatnliaU mil 'hd dfUvrnd lo the Hoard before One o^Ciocl!: on the said Wednesday t/u: }il Septeniber ne.rl, nor unh'ix tki-. I'ersnn xetui mid:e^ths Ten-tier, or siime I'erum on his hehafj', attend:-, to umicjr when called J'or.. , y((jii^xALlp^G-OFFllCEr^Inl^a^, 12J;i. :Cjnniiis;iU)it'/'s for l^idualling Ilt't Met- ,/c''''y^' A'lVi'j^ do:herehyiii �pcctfjilljInn/rmed t|iaf JL onthir firstday<" e ti� {ivt will conttane(� be puhiished on the fir)�l,rtf every moHthtill the work is completed In Twelve Part's, sU Ki�.eShiirnigs each. Order.'! from Cbiintry Booksellers for this W Thi> IlKiy ttre'publl.*bod, cie^iAtfy pri.ited in flvt Yoiomes,^ srtiiil! 8vo. price S.x. in bo;.rds� 1Vflfl5M0IRt� Of a TRAVl4Lli�ft� dHw at xTi RETI REiV^ENT ; Wfiftcnbv biuiiflf f ^irfieootaui-i-iB:; AnecdoteSofmot Pfth-^ Courts-bf Eufop.^ and of Distln-giushelState-inen^uOpublicChrfafcters wnb haVcflqurisfael riuriiig tire list iialfeo.lturr. ' � , t Printed t1)r Richard PhilPp?, No. 6, Bri.lge^rectj-Black-i friars i and fp..beinid of aUl^ibkSClleK. ' ' ,. Oi whrim tn.-iynlsb behad, (Mrt pablishea; 1. MfiC CKifs STRANGER IN'lRELAN�..15Si' Miss Ow^lN^V(^N's WILD IRISH GIRL.^l'^. fid. 3. And Mrs. RoBiN-anN'S POETICAL, Vi'^RKSi 3d9. ' � Mi71inno. . I'lie \Vii;ter-i;i Loartoa, by Mr. Sarr^ in 3 voh. Nov;ce of St. D'amiiiii-, by Miss (Mveiisui!, 4 vols. 4; rhH-tvY>^ii I, !>y Mr. Godwin, 3 vols. 5. Ferii'it'zoifriibnd; bv Mrs, Temple, 5 vols. 6. Tiie "'.yi'id.lri.^iiGirl, by.Mi-�OtVenson, 3vols. MK. SURR'S NOVEL. Tliis D.-vv is iinl>;iil!cd,in 3 A'ols. price!!??. Rd. in bonrd.s, A^Vl;^ TEll in LO.N'DON, or SK.ETCHE:J of FASHION, a Novll. By T. S. SURR. , Author of Gebrffe Barnwell, iiplendd Mi.serj-, &c; &c. " ----^ --Truths like these W'ill none offend, wUom'tis a prais.; to please." Printed for RicKard Phillips, No. 6^ Bridge-street, Black-friars. By whom have lately been polilisjied, , The Novicepf St. Dominick, by Mis, Owenspn.^Ferdii nd Fitzormond, by Mrs. Temple.-Virtuous Poverty, by r'. Siddoas.-Fleetwtfod, by Mr; Gbdwip; On the borders of Derbyshire and Staffordshire, nno be LET a convimicnt HOUSK, JL pleasantly situated at Nellier Seal, adapted fora genteel family, with sllibles, coach-hous;', du�e.-cole, and oihcr iie-cessary oat oHices, and a garden, with fisli poii.-ls. Th*^ Tenant inay have aijy (juaatity, not cxe^edinstllfty acres, of � iaiidaf a farm 'inostfupt-riprqii ility, lying in, front of the iWiase, with yardandbuiidiiigs, TfiepresentTenant, wlio is {eavi:ig Parres, Miles, and ALii?n,' Solicitors, Leicester; or Messrs; Baxters and Martin, Furuivals-lnn, London. , Fbnrta Edition, cons-d;-rably enlarged, this day is pebltsiied, >IAMOiSrj) cut DL\MOND; or,01JSi':ilV A. YATIONS on a PAMPHLET, entitled, "A Re- view of the ConJuct of his Royal Higtiiies.s the Pi-iiiee of Wales;" and cbinprising. a free and impartiiil view of Air. .IcIVerys, as a Tr;idt?, Politician,' and Courtier, during a period of twtjiify-years. To which is preJiwd, a Letter to Nathaniel Jeire"rys,'Hons;-Agent, Pallr.vt:iil. 'Tis.certain!,gnvitUeRS, pncv" f.iirii out with f�>rtu'ie, Must fall out with,Nlen too ! Sh.vkrsve\nr. Published by C. Chappie, 6t>, Pall-M-ili; and Suutliamp-tbn-row ; Rnssell-siiuare; T. H)'itell, Ave-Maiia-Lane, St. .Pauls ; and W. Pollaiid, Alarihe Liliniry, BriI'/aton. This Dr^y is published, price is. A CHARGE delivered at tlie Visitation of tlie Rev, the AJICIIDEACON of HAiluM, on the 17th, 18th, 19thj and 20th bf Juncj 180>, by the Rev. CHARLES DAUBENY, Archdeacon of Saram. Printed for F. C. and J. Riyiiiglon, No. fi3, St. Paul's Church yard; and sold, by all the B"'V'' u mviJl^pfOVed jilah I mar of Geography. . . .., By the Rev. ,T. ROBINSON, Mahtcr of the 1 fee Grammar Strliool at RaveH^ioBdale, in . Westriiprelsn.l; Printed for Richard Phillips, No, 6, .Bfid,ge-sfreet, Blaek-friais; and to be had of lilX l5ookseHeri Practical"Plan of the GrAiumar of Geography, bythe same Autlior, pr'.ce Ts. td. hoiind ingr.;en. . 1. The Elemeiits of Natural History, founded bn the System (if Linnaeus, with popular Desi-riplions, in the manner of Goldsniitli and lUilion, iliustrat'd by Cepper-plate Re-pi-i>S;>ntiitinn3 of t�,^ o^bundred subjects. By the Rev.W. Mayor, LL; Hi pric".Is. bounds .'). A Svst.'m of Shortilard, thht which is tanght in the various i^ublic Schools, and which is U5;-d us'ed in the Courts bf Law in tlie Metropolis, By W. Mavor, LL.- D. &c. pfic 7s. fcd. in boards. .1 ' . . (). Th'! El.-^nij-nf.^ ot" Land ^r.rv.-ying, in Theory and. Practice, illustrated w ;t"i c �pp<-r-pliites, pl.iiii and cofoured, with tables, &c. By AliriliamCi'oek,er, Liiad Surveyor, of Fi'om", price 7s. bi)und., : ' �� '� ' ^ _ � . '. THE FRENCH ANAS; , Tliis day is published, in T'liroe eleg.-xnt Vblitmed, Foolscap Oct.ivo, embcllislicd with VigiiLtte Portruits, price J3s_ in boards. On Tuesday ne.xl will be-published hamlaoiii'ly Pri'i.tep in � Two Vblnmes,Oetiyo, price in boards A N HIJ5T0RICAL .VIEW .of the RISE arul J%. PROGRESS of iNFipELITY, with a Refutation of its Principles arid Be.^spniHi^s; in a Series of Sermons, urea,cl�ed for the Lecture fouiid(vl by tlie lloiiijtn'able Robert Boyle, Esqw in the Parish Church of St. Mary le Bow, from the Yearl802 to the Year ititl'). By WILLIAM VAN 1M1LDEKT,M. A. , Rector of Stj Mary le Bow, London. Printed for the Author, And sold by E- C, and J. Rivingtnn, St. Paul's Chureh-.yafd; AVhite, Fleet-street; Hatchurd, Piccadilly; Cooke, Qxfprd; and DightpP, Cambridge, ^ IZ" EARSLEY'S TAX TABLKS, a New Edi, J^k. tioii for the Year ISO �i are now puhlishedv price Oiw^ .ShillHig, including a very full and complete Abstract of the Ncjv Pioptrty Rill; the 4^. per (lent* Deduction ; the 10/. per Cent.; 011 the .Assessed Tuves; the Appraisement, .-ind all other Taxes: likewise Iiisiructioiis to .hburncymen and othere, to mr'.ke their Returiiiiu'idcr the Property Act. P^fintcd for G.Kearslny, Fleet-street. t)f whom may be had, Kearslpy's Traveller's EpterUiihingliulde though ^ Kcnts, &c. with a Map, Price 7s. in boards. TiiidDuy'wa;ipubli$hed, in Kievcn - Voluiiie.s denty8vb. price H, U's. In hpards, a new Edition of f piIR ROMAN HISTORY, from the building JL bfROMEtotheilUiN of the COMMONWEALTH. Illustrated with Maps and other Plates. ' ' By N. IIOOKE, Esq, ^.Printed for F.ancf C, Klviiigton, R. Baldwin, J. Walker, T. Fgertopi Scatcherd and Letterinnn, J. Niuni, R. Lea, LufkuigUili, Allen, and Co; E, Jelfcry, JU(uutm.^i; lluial,, Hcw.,_aud Orme, Cmtell and Davlcs, J. Mtirray, J. Riawr nuib, BlacksandPairy, J.aud A. Afch.T- oifglM. Booker, and Nurnavillciuid Fell, � ... ; ' The Monthly ReYiewers|h� their CfJticiim-oiiUils valuable WiVfc, which has been lotig aut^f Print M excredliurly scarecs observe* �' ThattKe Rqi�Attai�t�ry uf tni^.jiidieloiy itnrt WBiterly WJ^tles^8am^Vlt,ffl^|^ttlA^ A j rid V erse, w hi0h compose thej j bi* tercfting Voluiiu's havebecriTraifclated;-.^, Poi.!;iai!ti PeiVoniana, A'alesiiina, Nau'Bana* Patiniana, Sorberian't, Scgraisiana, Lort^neranaj Furctieriana, Dueutiana, Carpt nt.-ria^a, Santoiiana, Cpl.imesiana, Scaligernna, Mebagiaria, Boteiina; Chevhieaiia, Bvremoiiiaoii, Bnetiaua, tuthcRma,' Mariniirtan?. To e'ach of which is preri.ved, Literary and Biogi^pbtcnl Memoirs of the Authors. l>ripted for llichai-d Phillips,6,Br*lge-street,Blackflftarg^ .andtobehadofall Uookseuersi Of wtidm niay be the ipllowins genuine Engliih Anas: Walpoliana, Two Vols. I*. Addisunianai Two Voh. 10s. 6d. Swlftiami, Two Vols. lOs.^ dd: � PrgyMana', Two,Yuls. IQs. t^tl. An IMPOHTAN't AUblTliS.N to t'te STOCK of BOOKS �rf EDUCATION.  This Day is4lliblishetl,j)nntcil pn�M�d paper, and in a clear typp, corespohiling iii'sijte with Dr. Mavpf's British Nepos, price Ss.lMiund, With the full alluw.-uice to Schools, mHE CLASS BOOR J'or Three Hiindred am! X Siiclv-five:REAl)iS^6 JiiKSsoNs'tbr SchaoU of either Se.<-: cqmbinln^, with the Elements-bf ail Kobwledgev a greater Number bt"readMtgExercisti3, (tout the jf^ Authors, than are to be found in any other Wbi'U of the'Santt description: e.��ry lesson hiving acWa^y tMine;d�ibjetVand tcaciir^ ing soine principle 4Vf scieneo'of moi^Uty^ : et of them docs not)'e.v(i(i more comb'mntion of Words; apd the^,' coiu^ of passages; selected Avitb i^R'renccto bMi" b.dy.'A" the breseiif woirkjV Elegance 1mm Ulilitvi; Soimrt and Sj.ense^havi^ be�jn" and Eloqtici\cs! has al-.vjjys been adau Instructiort. Inihoit, CvvVybne tfi Book, is cnlculutM to nutkelhr'. Yoar � uud better.;-.. �. ' i:  ^i:-^ 1 .,: TnC^Authpr � own evpenencie as a hiiu the AlvistoB of Illsbubk into three icssbawor u�c-JVir ,,�^i05j; day in th�yeftr>' th�nubject:.mJ�,tter is gejienUly fiulshc.d wi-leV>*tU.�fal�iKoil(i-. �lVdHls��m, iH� o^fVl tc��W*�ritti'a�V'Hl�i�l de^tefcbt cbnvMileiice to t PapUitlthtKaelitaibqH'uicsy .of a public ^emHiaif FtirtttMJI for ftii^ard Phillies, No. Ci, Urid^e-s' _______________, ^. .. , ,it,BIack- ftlwfKi^iMMlmb� Iwil�UilobkvelluniaOieUnit�lJLi%i-

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