Thursday, July 24, 1806


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - July 24, 1806, London, Middlesex .J � fttlTRSnAY, JULY 21, 1806. ,�  �� VAUXHALL.. , :  Under the Patrahagfe ef Hti Royal rfiginees tUe PRINCjE  of WAIiliS;  -- Price 6^^ rriO-MOmioW RventJrCi^ July 25,^^01 _R be a C-JtiAMJ GALA, iinil biiilinnt kjtljibition of rMIK-WORKS, by SiffliarV.MortraH).^ Ad-tfissioii .'Is. M'^li. bowser'S LOTtBRV will positively be drawn Ijyfhe.pressnt State LotfeJ-y, aiul will surccavbt'lhctastl/OUery ottiiiiuiiituro, fi�r tlie disp�S;tl of Vl'orics of Aft Jis no opportii.iity ciin pp?!;i!*ly om-tir aMiii, of oijtainiitR the 5uleudid anji Iwautiful Hiihiicntio:is rpiiEftom. coliLi^GE of FflyJciAxs Ill i^onclpu; vbaviti^ rc^^^ ar.coUiJta fro-.ii various fuKiiii); to Law., have bCfiideemed c(Wipeti."Kt to practiie as i'hMiiciaiis,: V- � V:' �.xtr; tbc Acts of Parliaiuc;it l-Uli srd ISthof ," That it may bp Enacted in this pri''T?>ntP.Trlinnipnl,tIin,t 'no Person from bciii.rt'oc'Ui besuUVrod lo (.'Xircisc- or l'j;ic-tici- in i'hys'ic. tliraagh Flii^.tild, utitil i-u'-h time, th;if Ik' bs � " rxataiiicilat l.oiidon,bythes.iid iVeSi.lerit and Three of "the paid I.lO(;t5, and fiave from the s.lid I'r.-sidf.nt aiid i,)f;CL tifi>oniiiPof tiriirajjiproviJift-andesamiii:!; � ' tion:'except he be, aXiraauUc of i.)xford or Gambrl 1^', wUicb hatU accomplished ail things for bis torin without " ;iiiv 6'race." By Order of the Coll-ge, JAMES lit(IVi-y, iU.I). Register. '. I 1 Y Of i>",'iii,ijN ION riM-. ~ 3.1 L Cll.S, granted bv tjr�- Corporation oi OKy of D.'.t ii:. Tneiiiili lav. ol June.[/vti, ^vtio are to boDaid t;ieir 1 Serif: i 111 Loiutnijaiav reeeiTe hii!f a years Aniuiitv due at ...i.iMiinmc.r.last, by ui>ph'n.'K to IVir. S\ lUiaiu. (. oiiinijh.'iiiii ^(1. iM, tJiiion-eoiirt, Old liroaa^^lreet, every. A\ cdiii-sdav tr m-ten dx'lofk till t� o. ; r.'.^u!^5er.t>e^:-bniYgwith iliem Xmit Boads and Cec-t iir >t til- ;.iteo} l!ie iVutniticv. It is V; (^ii�;**ed th'it in d.-aih, nonce may be siveii as ab�vc lijr thj ttutttte and regiilatioiiof e--tefi fl;iss. :Ol!Aii;ANi>.Yl.v!lii;K-\ A)!j>. t vVb.^ LKV on Lj.A^'i, a vdl'ub'c DF\L -il. dii'i tlM ?; i-.1l-VAJll), situated on thn JJanlis of the Jiivr M vav, aiijOJinri}? tiie Great yrid};e, m tne ! own of ' t(i)n.',wi|a':i,ciipa'!l modern built l>h.i;;K HOtJSK, : x'villed i.'i iiarden. itte whoJ-.r. of tl>e I'renii.-its are iii i.'Miii|fteresi:vli'. .  . � .  1 IT Paitu-.ul.L^s, apf.iy ta Messrs. Smyth ard Atkins, Maid-.sluM.' ". � , ^ �: . ^  \. I. Immed^iite pocv-sion may be h.1'1- . . To no J �, 'tA \ rK^, aril t Ol t J-i-HOtJ^t. Ki 1 Pi<i;s, Wihh i\ii Ruli \ NT ^, ^VIIOLr^bl^^ l)� ALi 's, ^c. rj^O bu t:li:r on hVA'^r. for 7, I4, 21 jcars A orlonRei-.a CAl�J'rAbPKIiMlSES,eligitil;( situated a^!i. .bUvU tasnity ihvetluip-Utfuses, -t'oavcrt-; !,i.- ;if Jjrnod, and^io.^cFfniig the ndva�t;iKeftt entrance <i"�r- ' . two distinct ami jMiblie strfet.":, oneconipriSiD;;' an eritranre hall, stone staircase, .and ,J roonp.s on:a floor, ivitU V attics, &c.; the otlier an entranre h/fll, and 2 roams upon a flooi^, x\ith it lieatirtn to Wr. Tnoina.'! ^^ il,(in.. .'Vrcl! itect, .'5*>, Ouren Aun-.itreet Lost, ftny morning between::*,'i o clock. ..." �  H. I iti.T of tr.e above houses would be <0gpj)le for a <'fin)eruaii s rmu'v. ^3"^(7Tht Aflhucd vifh KUPITIiCf.-J. - XH MPsONbes:s leave to jnfonn those who suffer itli thy ;ib�vecomptai'.i *'''test lf walkini^.- To be had 'iDlvof .>.'|i)c.i.iipso�,.Sftrgeons' Instrumeht.iM5iJc"er,- I^o. iw, t-resit v-:;Tl:!'n>;i-^tre >- 51'.. U^CASTiAd Co. beg leavt-to i:i!;)i'i)i tlv>-e itiat jijay be A^ i i)s-M>sed of.dHy iissii^nalilejiiropertV, that thev "lav be suyi)tied p.lh any Srnii mi, fiLir j:tntV:6tjuitablc terms, bvpa^jiiiff an  ^U'fjuntf .\nmirtv Inter/sf tiir.the-same. AffnUomoney will li.-iadT.iiiced lj> tiiosc of knowji property, : � :� :  . J^crsinuil apulicatdohs..tre .daily reGfiived by Messrs. I.urns 1 C3 It No '2,>-Jawi;--',tr^et4 AUelphi, tstrand; a\tl letter 1 |'('>^\vered-witbo�tdcl.-ty a> d ^lAIlJUV -ThiSlnvalunbl" Co-iijpo'iitioii, ivit^i JKSiftbe- usual,'la^)ouPi prmluccs- ttie most brilliant: jet bliick/i.vcv uehjldvaftbrds pecirtiitr nonrishrfitnit to the le.a-ii:t,.-iv Jl'i,\>L sQifiiro ftnest hjneii, is pertectly'free. from any ii''plcn5h�t tiiiiHlf and wUl fC'tairf its virlucs in any cllmhtc, y'i, \V.hnloy\V', bv J>ay iMarti'i, at the Rlamifactorj, N�.:S7, iJigliUotblinj; ifeiijl by- K. JJavj No;7, Tavistock-tinet; WvMuYj.uJi >'wjtt&w-?tii'iet; Axtejl, No.'l,- I'inch-/ IniB; theprrac(i)�iV--Boot�6iliefs,'Peufitim'W and .Oilmen irt' tj;-,Afc'a<Awb%aii^'.|jKr*^yc.tomrrtltJ�igho�t the 'United aMSof the SIO- By his Majesty s ttojal Ijettcrs J'atcnt '^PIIE ^alHbrio\^jl Powers^qf tlif^^lORDlAL Ilafc V U�;eii long and untvcrsafty ackiiOwledffed by th 'dj lu Iii^^�JJJ|^di!^t { tlic Agciits, Shaw und KaS^^.rt#'S^il^^^ yidttif^iifma1ii4%rvt8iiig tlow V,este'd 8(rtc iti Hjc,, 1'IV,\yillidmJHS^fiJ^^ ihosft;apuoiiitcd byM^rtu thfrful> oo?4i ,in  (owii. an(j .country,'a r� < I nr, T w Uini, who wrfl nniAe tJicU-idc I'l ,,cc\ "V�waiice. None me g� niiiiie but Iho e haviiig .i %.A. PHIPPS, Agenttotlic Propritetorsj fiedford-glrcct, Covout-gnrdcni *"1 ItfcUWf ' ^VlCTUALl.lNO-OFFICli;, Junclt)/l801. xj/uie of I'laeU^e M(/iU)iscei't(iiii; nnil further i aitij Temhr in whicf) the price nliaf/ not Ot iiincrtcSan icordi iit /cf^'i-i, or Unit shall nut Ot deiii'i.rcd tu (/iC iJi/ani before One d'Oijch on the i\iid 'Vn er next, nor utva-u Ute J^emnn iriio miihes the 'I'rti-(i,;r, i>r sviii.- I'erxoU on iiis belUllf, atl:it'th, tu nusUer wAtn 'catted fur. � \ - ' � -. . � .' r^lIJK Coinmissmiers firr Viciiialllng JUs Ma~ : JL Jixlif'.i'J\ui>y do hci'ihij giv6 I^otiee^ ikiii on i-'riday, thi -ACrt.i in ilI-ii>: and-F|F I'Y Ttt.NS of OJiN ijlSO.Vi';\t i.VAt.r, tvlie dcUecrtU, Oiiicilundrvd 'J'aii.i into Hit MnJtMifs !^it-iniiUiA� Stu.ea lU. Dt%i!ford; Due Hundred Ton^ii'itd iitaxu nt I'lj.imuli; pand i'lj III '/'un,.s inl 0 iAoaa irl Pnrtiim oidh ; uitc liiilf t,iefv/uf in One latirnii, iiiid Itiis other luj/in'one :iio�lh ttfler ; liiul t:>Jicpind for hifliiltn jxijulttc; loiti'i JnlcrKsl, niiiciij dup after dnj.:. s 'I'hc Condiiiuns oj the Conlnat mug tie -seen at tiie Setreiurfs 0//:-<-e., �V' regirrdW! he. hfid.(n nn:j Tender in ?r,Vi7i the Price shall not i)tii,iis.:iled in J!.'o/(/.s at leniii/', or ilAit sliall not tie di^Hixred to the Hoard before 0�j o'ClucIc on the said IviMiV tile '2jth iustnid, nor unless Hie t'er-ion teho inalces the J enil.r, me Person.on hix be.h'i',!', n "'wl--, lo aft-^tver viirn'ed toe. �-  ^ VIIJ1'L;ALI,I-\(M)1't'-ltiii, .(niy J/. f S^riE Coinnii/ftioiiei';! for f ivliititUnie His- Alit- .a. Jeiflii\i l\arijdo here'iij gire .\oiiiv, ttidi ��; Tues.lay, tlie iinJ,))!/, iNir. iieeks, (.vc?!- ,li,' !i i.ic- xp/tre Uiie .Ho'Hjt jrorn tin: a.iie o/ the (.omruet, and id lie}ididJor by jittl.-i ^ioy-able,ieuii />/.�.c.i/, uuieti) days a.ler date. . j[lie (Juuditioui 0/the Coniraei inuij Oci seen . at the Ojpee oi l/ie -li^nl tihireMiid. A '> refiiid ti-itJ tic li.iit to ami 'lender vvKhieh L';o pr:ee sha'.l not Oe iiiteetett in leocdi ai iiniilii,nr l.iai shaii not fie de-<�et'(V(i fo Air. ItceKs ;/e/o (/ �>� tne. pe.-.uin ic ho ma I; en i.he tender, or .v I'crson on hi.i oelial/, aue.nd ici.en Cllc.V JUT. \ tCrU Vi WNtT-Oi 1 li , ulv ) . , ^ TilE Coniimxswncrs for VicluaUtn>r lbs Mh. irsft/ s Navij do herehif i^ivr. police, tint o� J', the ^olli instant, they iti/J ou ready lo receive, iendem in wrmiwi{.lealed op), and trad'tor. i JiKt.t, Hl.'.\ Ditl.O IO\-.ot vit M \l)0 i)b(.,\i<,tirl �,r.vnft i irect', po.itage paid, \o A. H, to be li'ft at N'o. 80, Ov., ford-street, Jiojidoii, iSo pereoiiul cifqjiiry tliere can b^: gratified.i . ^ . , . . - B Thisday ispiiiivlishi-'d; price'.OSi RIEF EXAMlNATiON ittto fho LV- __' CilLASli of the KK\ ENUi;; COMMKHt'K, ami ^AV'i(iATlON ,of (iRhAT llHltAl-N, duiiiiR thr; AA-miui-^lralioii of thi; llighl llmi. WlU, PI F f, witli allusions to some, of tlic events whicli occurred in that period, and asltcich tf .�lr. Pitt's Clia/acter. hy liio iti;;ht Hon. KOSK, M. P. . Printcdfor J. Haichard, Bookseller to ifer Majesty, No. ISO, opposite Albany, PiccaJiily. 15. This pamphlet i� a r?-piiblirni.ion, with cnnsi-derable.idditioii-.-,of tUe brief Ji.>:rviiii.iiitio.), priutediu i'/ity) tlieaeeiiinpts ar-J broii;;htd(uvn to the present time. � t )f vvhiim may be haU, l\y the same Antlior, price Is. Gil. (>bseivaliOi� on the I'oor Laws, and on iho iviaii.ig>3ii)ci)t of the j-oor. li\..\.iSh.jitO>S li'S CdcMAl i-.N { :\^.l ThTS day IS piibliiilied in Hvo. price lis. in board?, ViNDiCAriON of the COMAl E^TA [ItES ol'Sir \V. lilacl^stone against lb.; Jjtrictaics.coirtai.ied ill .�iri Sedgwick's t'ntic'.ila'.id. Ali^ci'lhtiv.ioTis liOiiiAViii. lly Vv*V.i;i.^,vRJl,lC.SKV ItOVVh, ^ ^ , � . ()f'iiiiK-(iKn>;'i-fiH^--4T8'j,.->^ London: Priv)ti.�dforA^.Clarkt; rind .ioas, Law lio&sel-len, l'ort!)^yil-=lreel, JJileohrs lijii. . � 'Ofivhoni may l>e hait,latcly lnibli:'hi;d bvthe.'irtmc Author, price iSi fid- ill .boards, a' new Jidition of " r d. iit boarii, Obiierv.'iiiiJnsbn the Utiles of JJe.,c!-iit,'on ih..'l'oi!it,<Jf' npo!) ivhich tlie Ju,tiee< M!1.nv,�od and Isl.ickritoiie were at issiici uini on oar Laws'/ l(isiillo\v;ir;ce of lineal Asceiit.-' ' Oil Alnn:i.iy n-vt, .luI^'fitS, will be puhlisli'cd, in oiie volume Svo.eiiibeUi.shed H it;i an eloirainlv emrraved I'ortraii, . ^OAIEACCOUaVTcf tf.p i4i<;E �" y tlJv.Vlll iiU;liAKiJ L0J-..1 HOLLAM). Priiited for Lontrman,. Ifi.r-t, ReeS. and Onne. Paterno.s-t 1 row , i, Jclu_y. full vUll, iiul J, llidgwij, PitLa- Ihis day IS publiul.ed. Ill two lur^a; volumes, bvo. price ilis. in bour:is, � , NlVQCriiY t.ilo th.' COLOXIAL PO- LH �. ot tJio LUUOPl.A.N J'O'.V lly tii-.:\RV lilLOiifiilAM, .fan. Ksiv Jt riiS. 'r.n.ted tur I.,, llnrsti P.-e.-i, an.l OnnC', .J.'ater P i'rU03- tcr-Kiiv ; iii^fi iManiiei-o and ivliiler, and A. Coustable, iidio-bursli. �- ] �>,- a very, high character of thi.S" Work see the. Aipiilhly If.eva'.w, Alay, liy;;; ' As above may be had, lately published, .Memoir ci)iieer.iiii.'jt.-ie t,:omim.'rc,i:il Kel.itiOfisof flK' United  Rtatesvyitn i-.'Inland. IVv Cili/.en;rallcjri,tid. To Which is adiJed, .-Vn ; .ay oa the ajvai.lii^es to b,; derived frotu New Ci>I�ai'a i,i I leexisting cifcuoistijices. Jiy the sameAiUhiir this U;;.: ^v�/�i publisiied, 171 th!Ve� V OiUmes, t^emy Svo. r; ;i . i.'..',l; s. ill bourds, a new JLidAtion of Uir. ljuti(linK . J-br louricen Pupils of the tiifit Connection: " , - lly J. HEYVVOOD, L.L.U. r^^IJE Young Gcntlemcii are liberally Boarded' JL ail* TAuifSht whatever is useful or ornamental in I.duA cation;--;TTf:v are. fitted for IVfitmmster, liton, or any ofilie .snpfcriol-X'ubjic Schools; the Navvj thciloyal Slilituvv taliljshmeot, ur such CoramerciarUcpartment as their, re-specttye.destinaiions may rec^uire. Irencb, Dancing,; and lirLnViiHg, by Masters of eraiucnce. Mot to l>reak,into.the selectu�;bs .ind iinityj)t tlie plan, no Parlour Boardfr, oi-Day- V Scholar is reccivedi 'Xhe i'ruicipal, witti one able resident : Assistant, sedulously attends the studies of the \ onng (ten-. .tVemen himself;rftn(l'-witlv hijs^,A\ife, hrwikfasta and dijies; . witji them 5'no second Table bring ktjpt. - In easeof iiidisp(>-sition^ tliqv exporiencft all the tender assiduttifs wliifh the  most alleetumatfc Parent would gtye. liach Pupil has A separate Iwd, .: ^ ; ^ ; :, Other.fiarticularsmay be knoivn df Dr. Ileywojod, (rrepn-wich { dr rtf a Ciei)tlc,n\ji>i in;;rowfl, where Cards of Addrcs.s rmay lie Ba<l at J< o, ailijjtathbonc -Place./ boho-squarc. . � .JVlivr'LOtK bijy BATH, DERBYSllIRIi; - A: Ileport having4^cen circuUteiJ that thtv Old .sCtL Bath, at'Mathick; has been slimtJip, in conscquenc* ot the .RjinkiAiptcy. of Blr: Ll.LOUAM'iMho late tenant; tlic Ivobility, trentry,,anil public are wsteftfuHy mtornied that JWr. aiMj-JvlM. Iffoggat (hue ot thprt^ttl) huvchci^n ciiga.gcd to voiiductthe busiiu'ssdui.uig.tht; pcesent scanoifi and tlmt  ji^pnitisor f^^red for the'accomraodation of such familtes or partics-as maythllik jirop^lo honour tlw hoiise-,withtlKHrcomp very, greatjiccuinarv inconvenience |or w'artt rt)* sbrne ceSpecfalMP chamiel tlinuigh wh<w l'tifi>f'ma,y be supplied yf-iJh ouhV to any nn)oUi)ti iby jjaylug iln <itlcKiuat6 An- iihityJutefcest lor the-sanuvj redeeraalilcv any,.time? at theij o?vu ojitioh. "PrifiiiiM app^le�t^oili wiH be t-m'tVcdiOvtry d^y, till Ihrei* o'Cltjik; and |^Q{ters fionj Uorrcspoadcnte^ ' iii|^I:ftwh'^r'Cotialry, ptitt ^aid} immtuiately itnsweredi, A 'llii'idnivAV�ritW*i"'<U'Ii�t roi/itteiiti^t Ilcsit^ratTdn^ofXI|[Ap.LJ'iS thc^SKrS -COND{'\Wtli-a'pttrtlMliii' flfoAu'nf o.f hts ciscape after thiJ battle of AVbt^rstbri-iiiid-lita Rf�tdrn.*>n to the Crowti. Printfril for J. Hatchatdj UookvUfcrto Her Ma.Ksty, IflO) , oppoiitfc Albany; Piccaddlyj and J* Harris, comer of Stj Paurs ClmrcU-yanl. , ' , ^ . ,.w^*,� . Of whom be had, Jfrlcc Is.- tnc^ccoiid cditioft of Ulm and Trafalgitri ^ of!...,,.;r. tothc ItULN of tlic COMi'iH,)^ Wt^iALTll. lll.istr.uti \Mt!t .\laps ajid other rlates. iiy I\. HOOKtv, J'.sfj. Priiitei'. lor }. ana L. Kivington, ,f;. li.^ildwui, J. '�\alker, T, I'gci'.o:, ...(..i.rcnerd and Letlorman, J. Mum, It. l.e.i, .-.ackiiiKUjif, ..ilen, jiiid Co. I'l. Jeifery, i.oiigman, iliir.-f, ilee:, a.iu i.Juu''. CadcU and bavies, .j. Aiurra-v, j. itiaw-miiii, ijl.-^cks;. .u f'iirrv^ J. and A. Arch, i. Ustell, J. liootcer, and iNornavilli r.:icf I'cil. . : i be aionlhly Iteviewersjin their (.ritic;sro on this valuable Work, wh>cli"hai) been' li'>iig out of Prriii arid 'e.vceeamgh scarce, observe, " 1 iiat the liomanilistgrv or thi>^ ludieiouj and masiecly W riteris a nia-t.valuable Accession so (.i.e htoek of iii^torinii ><fjHrnii!,<r. ihjt the J-.xecutioii of tiie 'vork li equal thrinigliouf. ; i arft ivir. liookeseems to nave .pos.<i,'ssed 111 Ji vciy I liuioiit Degree, the rare J aleiit ot separatr.ijf the Piirtizaii iV .".I the ilistoriaii, ot' whielt tew \V rili?r� are eapir 'ble, aiidof cvi.npanng coiiiraHiclory Authorities with Impart labty .Hiid Peuetlanoii. He tines not appear to have beene 11 ii:got CO any Principles, or a .Slave to any Authority.-'. Ihis Day IN published, in t)ne Tolumc tool:cap Octavo/ . price js. inr Uoaids,' the f ourtb Editio^iy of riplIE SADBATII, a POEM. ' To wltich are ' JL. addcd,.SAUJlATl{ WAI,KS. By JAMES fiRAHAME... Printe^l ftir nongmnn, llujSt, i;.ee.'-,aiid Ormr, Paleuiostcr-rnw; and V\iltiam i'lack\%ood, Edinburgh. Ot whommpy be had, by tlie same Autuor.just published, 'J'he UlRDSot S�Oi f \.\D, UUiUL VL PKTURL-, and I he RUilAI. C ALE.NDER ; ^vitlv other Poem?. In Onu-Vol-uniet-oolscap bvo.price /3. liihonrds. IVc need not add that the perusal ot thW V olume. has :tf-iorJed as ti-very-nncwrtlnon degi'ee pt pleasure; The true sensibility witliuiit siny.allectaMoii, which the Aiithor on all Viccasious displays, camiot fail to interest every Heiuler; he plohily feels cVeTy.?harri� of itatureliedescnbis.Litei-ary journal, iVJuylnOi). .  MOHlTBCTUItAE ANTiytriTlES.i This.D�y J3 pubjishediin Wcdiurfi-Quarto, price a/, JRs. (id,.. And;Impj:�'iaJ Quacto, w fir.c iHiixtraUoaTds', th�� tnA Half V lilume, compns-;�i�gLi�arlsJ,-.'i,3,4VHnd.6ofthe ' . -. . rwiIiK ARGHrrECTUllAL A>'riQcrnES. JL oraUEAT'BRlTAlN. fly JOHN URITTOV. ^ ��'* This Division of thi^ Work couUiUis TliirtyAiiIne l;;f h-ly finished r;iipravjngs,"with flistoncal and Descriptive Accounts of tha tollowuig SUb)Cclif i St..Botolpb-'s Prmrv Church, Colchester,--Essex { Dan-staple Priojy Charch, Uedtbrdilim:; Layer, ftlarneylJall,' Essim 5 the AUbey Gateway, &c. at Abisgdoa, i{er]k5hlre^ Kjug's C'illcgi! rChajfel, Cambridge ^ the. l/-niple Churcii,'-London; the Two Circular CharchesMt.Aorthauiptou and at Cambridge.  . � ^ CnossEs-^tHerefordi PhetWar, Lcighton-Buzzard;'n?d-dingtoHv JNorlhampton,. Walthamj Chichester, Winchestejr, � biourhead, Miilmsbilry, (ilrtstoobury, Oloucester,- Coventry; I'rinted for LSngman; Hitrst^ Jlces;,^n^d.Orme, -Patctnw-; ter-row ; J; Tftvlori Architectural Lil�rarv, .5;!, High Holr. born? and the�A(Jtthoi;vIavistocl�rpl!K*^.i4�ssel-Squart'-. The EiigraVjngsare.i'jcicutPd invb slipertor style j the. 4cscrlptipn8 aresuttici^nUv ample'y|i)ut>appearta D&aoca-': rate \. afld. uniler the srtp�'rii\t�*i�lKht .ii>Fj(> uble-mUMitioua-! ry as Mr; iJrtttiJn, ttti+e can be iw'drtubt tHdi the Aieecwling. parts will displ-^' a cijrrcapondtiiJJ �c��cUcnce; -Aiiti-iJa-" cchln ' - - ' � ^ - , j V -' " The bold tiiidrlrlistjie tijj^ljictf H|Vs<*^ofal-4uW�'0.tsare engraven do great crrdit to tlitf tV5p.e2(^c, Paft<.fs fojureru-;; " Tke portion of cvttHlwut^uiicoii�i}0�i�yifitj\the~^cjli�U'i:i�f subn j*uti^iasl)Oertniniie with )Udgm( :The Pl4tw<nfts'weU:vvc<f0fe(l, thfr TyiiQjprapby^.Papcrj Ac. Uaood^; tv\id(| le>Wurk uht|;|�^>^B)^blc.^''--^' ** Their 'jiicmcacy 'tuid (ftcfr ejegfancw will (ifiAw^'nt honour ta iho talents of tUelr AHthor,'"--AmK R�v 8,8; I, and 5,v tff the ttbove Work,'the latter ot wliirh contuinsUie Completiou of (ite lilttury of Stont> Croat'Sy with RiXlit l^raVuiKi, Me . Of the Koyal College.of Physicians, i.ondon. Printed for T. Cwdell ami V'. f^a-�� ^. - ra H. PA II l.'JU O r"KU;ER, with the adiud,�eu t as.?: v.A Sfitates nlativi- lo the Office aiwl Duties of'aJUBliceiif thv? Pcitt^ec. brought (iown to the prefect time. Ry WILLIAAI WOODFALL, . Of tJie limer T'-mple, E!sq. JiarrliU r atLaw. : Prlofed by A. .Strah.iii, l>aw n-iiiti-r to the ^in�'.s ."irosK t>:l.i-Ileiit jSlajcstvi, for T. CaHell .and W- Oiyirs in th� Str ijid; P. .'iiiij O.iM'iyuKftc'n, St, Paul's Cburch-yitn!; l.on/-hiaii, iiumt^: (?crs, and Ot'unc, Paternoster-row ; and J. iKtti-tcr�orthii'jeft-*itrcetr  > " ' Of whom may li.-'Tiail,?jyfhe Saitie Author, ]^ Ecck-4*Lifte.iVl>aVv'Sixth E<Utipii,v/,iil�Nfll Erus'.'r, Estj..'lJii'iSst <iy i� p-.ili'.iSiied, elegitntly pri'nteji in ^evon Volumes;, ' price it, '.id.iiiboiiriis,a fev^ Copies tm Royal Paperi prtce' ;V; 5 '. jiT, .prire //; V?/Jn',bo:u'd>,' a r,?w.. t.ditioi?, "of I^llE rilO.SE \V()a , P. and C Riving-fiji!, Otrid,!!,e aiid -.So:), i'. Payne, {'l.'r.I;e a-:;t .Sn;i,, O^iNy a!i'.t:Sot!, Cutiull and Marfiri, V ��r^ior niKi Co. R. Leii, Walker, Eacknigtoirund Co. J. Auni?, Longman and. Co-(;:i('ell and Dayi:'s,. J. llnrdiiig, f!.. il. jJvtnis, J. Mawraan, .1. H'.tti'l*ard, and .llatthevvsaiKl Le'gli. , A;tV-.v C.'!pic;ef the V coDtav^mg Dr. S-.-m-mors's Life of W-.tton, with-tho ]'''.n;.latior,;iaiid critical Re-ni^rks. mav: bebail separtte, pv: ,^ thetlltii of th'a J-ieeoiidVprice l'i.=.m ooafls. Jh'e Vome-r- sol.I w.puratelv. -. �'2.r.i>cfjT"ii)ii. the tJ.)si>;->l of St. Matiiicw. � '.i V6E. SUi Edition, 13:^. in iioarib. '\ A Mummarv ot the prmciml i'Vidercesoi (iieTruiii untf Divine Origiti ui tlie Chrisiian Religion. i,tn Edition, is. ijd.' sewed. - !. A Review o? tl�e. Life and i haracter of Archbishop Seeder. 8vo. i'l 1 l-,oition. .r. .\ Cliarge delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of F. , So. b, Pridge-?treet, Black-fri.ii.s: and to be iiad or all iiooiTSeilers, ami at the Circulat-iiig Librurli.5. Of whom mav a\=o be had; 1. A AVrVXi^R hi t.t)N DO.V'5 or till FA.SCTNA-. TIONS of EASinO.\. Ry lhrtma.sSk,i'.n. rSlirr. r Author �ot-Si)l'.mdtd Mis-T.v, &c. tVc.) In i hree V oluim s. Price ias.\",d. 'J. TheNOVTCE of St. DOMIMCK. Tiv Miss Owen-son ( AiiMioress ot ht. ^Jalr^^ In l-our \ olum.v, k'ric^ li'.'-Si FLEKTWOOt.*; or the .New MAN of KJ.iii,l\i,-i E'.-Mr. (Jodwbi. In ;i hre^ v olitmrs. .Price L�^. -J., A New l,ditioa ef C.\LER WILLI-\M:^. Cy th�-same .'Vuttior. In Three Volumes. Priculft. .d. b. VlRTUdaS poverty: Bv Hen:v Siddoiis, Esq: Id Three Volurm-s. U:.=. t>d.; -��W)'.!, G- lyiAlD; \MPE, andWlDOrt-. F.v the s.imc Author. In IhreeVtilumt'*. . MEMOIRS of tliO" LU' I', and I'liE.ViilK AL CALli:.iiK. or HAML'tiL-.b-OOTK.-..  ' � :�' Tais Day is ;'u'.iliE;i<?d, in thivo r]<?.;Mi't-vp1.:i! to Iks various Dram-iticand .Lit'.rarv CAmicpiporaries, aud.i Collection of Ro.H Mots, rhieflr original, with iliree vfhiiDramatic Piecs rot pwblished m His -Wiirka. �y wrLLtAM C-v1t)KE, tliq. n,iTnster nt Law. : Printed for Rich;ird rliilVps,-Bridgf-jtieet, Elack-friirs, anl to be h.-id ot^all iipoksellers; - . i  l)f w |!o;n njav also be-had; �   Merho'ir.'; of the late Hirs. R<ib!nsq� y-i�i�.So�^ ^'ViduinW, l>ri?'- Ife. inlioaBQi'v. ,^ {;{ ;"- . f-^-- --"^ '- ^LTFLRg tROM GKN'EHAL OKtlCiiR io 111* SOX, 0\ I'N\PRUVtv the ARMY. TJiiB'Dny ispubliEhed,Miu>w and impro\-vd MitKu, m.Axftt cl.ficantvVola.a\esi.l'�j�Jscap^ Octaves-priBeJai.l.f-a-G^ ri^UE ^MlLrrATCY l^tENTORj being a Sfe^^ " A  K-lES'ftf li'BTTERS r ftk:ulat�d tti unite wphc ^tinc uc�on Hie'CJi.tivictej'^ dijul- AcgpBiniisi,_ mcntsoTtlfeOtnllemiin aad^ tJtft, SMiUer,'^IteJrated hvtm-inei|)u Eiuiiilp .aiiri At-etflt^tt^^iora AiJ^ij^^-qjiid iioddoi * PUBLISH FD BY P^ft^IffilOfiC ^1' ihVm o�tlu-e.|.M V \LVKfi\� add" i LtfliiitJt*' TheSU�.M Ul 1TERS arc: .Henltli and Rodih' Stroigth, . AaneX Uravery aurf CtWragf f Grcatiii>ss of SoM^i Lovcof Mu�-<j. , Dist tjlliuet-. ' Huinniiity^ Mtfilestv, PrudeiiA�> Secrecy FaWhaoih- - . Ptidc and V^anitv/ The PaN3�ors, Gaminit,-Urinkmgi 1 Love, J rK^mWiln; ' -Scienccof W4J>i '��> �'�> nT^^' etogntpl,^, Mil V ?iii{ih-'� s\Vir*i aiAriflie^tcts, ' Acquirwg.tJUs Art of JH'at, .I>arUig Actions*,. ,.,-_'^ .... J>i�cm�P}�i &c.iiici&c. ^'^hVTlSLT&ientVM�� to U,e vart I aii41� b� m of all a**w��� � ���liriUs

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