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Courier (Newspaper) - July 5, 1806, London, Middlesex .. ' VAUXUALL. Cndet tlic Patronage of liis Roysrt Jligliucsi the ... � : of WALKS. ON MONDAY EVENl NG, July he a f!RAN!> GALA, �iid brilllatit KxliiJ FiU�-WOft.KS^ by Sigiior Alortr^m.-Adini^iou The Public are Tespe�lf�ttv infoVmeil, lliat owijig heieessai-y prtpanitiOns for C>bl;ie-, the (;;ir(icDS Catt oflly.vbc N.MOT^cAar'NfiXT, JuJy 7lh, rtod^ertr jBvpnJfir next "^ligckfcjtatiliwp SMUmyAY, JULY SCAT4 , RO; 1st ItA*, 1 Vari /' introducing extraordinary frpctjssions on Os^niels � and real Horees. TChe priireipal Chawcterby M*Jw Astley. The whole M^iA^y. JWfi Sandeiaonv . ; . . LiVnd the whole, to conclude with a now Comic Fantominie taken from ifae wdlUltnown Slo�r &Z fieduty and the li^st. with <i variety �'^fMMical Deceptions and J!ecUanJc4l Chanses, in�ttifed by W�. Bftdwcll, called THE TAUSat4Ji i or, ^AK.LL;tJi;iN'S ORA.CI.E: Introducing 20 cntiisly new Scenes, through the medjain of Which .the usaal^�haracte^sof^ Harlequinade ^re pro-gresaivelyfed into a Variety,of noveljCccwitrip, and ludicrous gitmrtions. ' :   . _ ; . _ _ Princiiial Churacters.Morligan, a Magician, Mr. Tlioipe; Paribariou, aFairv, Mrs.Sarrall; Harlequin, Mr.Tajlbr; J^antaJoon, Mr. CTooke; Grotesque Lo�er, Mr. Dubiiis; Columbine, Mrs. Fjncott; and. Clown, Mr. Laurept. In the course of the Parrtoniinip. the cfclcbTate* Shawl Dance, by Mjss Giroux. The whole of the' Scenery designed and; executed by Mr. Grieve, and numerous' aesistantji, indthe Music by Mr. Sanderson. Doord to he opened at half past Five, ia begin at balf-pait Stx^i'clock. .  - Pox is. Sccoijd Price 2s. Pit 2�. .Second Frice Is. .Cifllcry Is. 'Second" P^icc 6d.' Second Price to commence , at half past lii.zht o'clock prscipcly. Places to be taken of Mr. Mobbs, at the Theatre, from ten till three o'clock!. �  �^/^ILLIAM  MfLLER TcspectfiiUy�informs T T tiie Public, that anew and improved ]iiaitiaao�tl)e mrsiittlls dtiHUMAN LlFli, (the Sale of which hhs bccnso:tapidy� is notv in the-'Preus, and will bepublisbcd BRANDT, ietleliocrcdiit SLi- H'taks^ (otieTiOif iiit&tve tpiieks, ii'id tiie rcinamilerin three iiefi.'.* aftcncardiU UiKy'IlU MiijeatJ'^yicliuiluiig Stores at l}i]flj.\n-A tutd J^fyMOuih, in Peptfoicd'......... , Byinouith ..ii.;,.. Rum, 1BO,O.JO 80,OW Brondy. Gall. &iO.OGO 30,tR)0 1 <^tidiiJoiif 6/|(^;f^awir^^ Ut)the SecrctU- - kttlLiatM i�. ieorit at tetliOi} tli'tfiat s^aH nQt be tie-, !i!�/l|!i*/^�^i^Beri6^pre On? o' that, this pT6posal ^V^iis no cittTOachinent upon the rigid principles of public economy, which this contitFy, ' uud6f its' present riitcutnstancw'S, was bound to ab* serve; bn-thp; contrary, it was of the riatijrc and eSsenCd of all public cconortiy, that it should never bbstnt.ct-, but, on fhc contrary, favour and pro-nibti) the iouiuncration of ail vigorous services rcn--dcrcdto the coutitry. Of that description were the services rendered to his cpimtry on TariWits oc-catiottB Ity tliO'tniistrioits Lord Rodney, morcpar-ticnlarly on the memorable day of the I2th April, WhiG?; aonft of our subKeiiuaut,naval ttfumphs could j, c6litwfv. ' He hiut ;al9p to o^dCrve, thai when "tlio diWtincfitjti of Kobitity. .was tito tVrtfct u^on aT�y MASTERS IN C,HANCBRT; itf> Ditafi/i equ;.! to the partfc ..........., , Clef v, and totlie truit that .was repoatsliti thcmi In fhe Bill on this subjcft, w.sich IiesltnuW pr.r.fiiitJy move for leave lii which tJicvought'to hoirf in to.  thiii 15l�/. wouhi bi- a ______JJiiagbt jpn. mm QUESTION. with all possible expedition. Aihemal'lP-strert, .7uly fi, IPOffi WANTIOD, in ^1 rdspaitable Foundation ScUooi; a Junior Glafisical ASailSTAST; h� jnUst a ]>ref|!rence will be givea tq a Cl�rgymaa. For oatiif ulJbN apply ta�. U^-i 1�, A'fe lHaritf-lane, IJKUfSoth m "� of the Country, aududt^tMiit the above lines.- Sa�mlMty i con^ to any . X. Y.75,Umb'i >'�Condatt< chamcter, ^abiiit^, amt^ "to any Gentleman yi want of Sac, }liiner� himself; .that Ite^M^i^ Bjilf, intheSewspaperj.! Coiil Trade, aoy of ^filS________ �puhan Auctii?�eeP0f�|�l)�fBf�te�4ttw . v- - , Lt'tters addrtttcd/to W. t. at ai^^''a*y Cbflfee^ho�6e, J^eiw*^ castLvrtrect, Stitand,',wm^^^ ' map Hiilf.Hijrfjvijfesttraordtawy option,: culffllated,to carry d lady oFli^lit IViiigl^^ ^ ' _ � ' M(ysmi.^em-VU y assigiuib^f property, that they may be MlpiiUed with any Suoi On taijr and equitatole'iernSsj^bjc paying an adequate! AJtnwttjr Interest, fbr. tuc same. As also rt^Oiiey will be advanced, to those of knowh'iproperty, oil their personal Security. . - �-'...; ... ,Prr.:anp.Iapplicatioi|sare daily recei^jsid-by Messrs. Luca> and Cov Jlames-lstriiW, A&lphi, Sttattdj and ItettcR an6w�jredwithoi^t delay. ipARTQNY-'s'. .higliijst flavonted COWSLIP .Vs esclusively at HARFJBR's^Wcs- tonlishta Wartshouse, Ntoi 334, StrjiKl, late Oartoiiy, Boys, ?"* f*�JB�,!. Hji pft�tipj!l|irly i recopimemled and patronised by the Isobility and ^Jerttry l&r its peculiar richness,.and its peata,dclitiw totbef^our of otAet teas. .Hdalso begs J9/fiS9ffl>W��^J>,'4fiaes.t,'l'ea�of all otjiersqrts. Coffee, Choco^ late, aAd'botoa,-of thWinry best-quarity^ oSthe most 'CTdS** ^f"^*? ?^l:3Pl*^*f�H,t|w Cpuotry^jpunctwUlyat- PuM7c,|at'tfiei? Iratehotlse; m>4h 1^^ Bridjfe-street, ^r{ajfs,,f^wartC|ju;5^omiu^Ur-hill, wcryspcfie o> - muhgiie content, if ihulObject *W riofflUrty he atialoefl ati alv.Wawhewwf bvrfMov cta! hnsuch Ti , aQd the.Fqblic are ctfollv remiuded, that not , ._-------wnH)�^�'; amfMSOvror A l^A.^lAiH^Ail ^.1. Iklm... .-9%-'fj: .* . � .J* " ,. �_ ^ � � tarn- j Twelve Shillings bouiwltn. red, in one thick and clusclv prwted Volume, the 8i�Q, of Debrett's and Kcarsleys Pcerargc, - i BIOGllAPHICAL INDEX to the PRK- jTJL SF.>-T HOtrSE oN^MMONS, containing brief but correct Notifes of the Lives, the Family and Party Con^; nectioiis, the Scnotorial Character and Conduct, and other tisefulaud satisfactory Particulars relativ'e to all the Mcib-hers of the Cqrnnions House of Parliament; drawn up nnd printed as a Companion to the Court Kalcudtirs and the pocket Peernges. ^ > \tn ail Appendt.v is given a\\ the Divisions which iiave taken plactj on great Public Quc^ions during several Years �past. Printed for Richard Phillips, No. 6, Bridge-street, Black-friars, and to be had of all UookscUen. HOUSE OF LORDS, Jtji.v 1. Council ijrcrfc held m tlie Scotch Appeal, Dal-tymplc �. Todd. After wliich, I^9jUiKI0 ^fin^ re^vcii into a Committee ou the leJioUday Regulation Bill, m^mWim^lilmmlt^wimdibQixt ati^ht bo iu^ iiet�S$et4:flil^^�itd� -^c number of iiolidays, went to allow. He' was ]. aqst :l�(N^.t(i(} \i}4t)i^ob�ef�vfi^ ^ sa.o^^d,' nod that if circ^um-�tBnttB>.o� Msnaeceial and.state policy made it ne-P99i^.%s^^|)i:99|n^yii>f those festivals, yet he CQw4<m<^^'JN^ fA^n^Miog :n M^ish that some few, three orfoni^^Bjivynuglatt^ added to those ithich vih^'n6^tO'1|i0'si^^s$d'^'fhe more so as they related 9ibr& hsmewatftly to the facts and histoiy of the Ufe. 6f our Sav-four, t� wit, the Epiphany and the Ascensio'n. The-wprding of the clause he wished; also ifo' be, made mort rwpe'ctfiii,"ahd 'that It should not appear as intended to pull down laws which had iong existed for th^. preservatfoa and protection o f Kuch solemn festivals. , . ^ Lord Gli ENVltLtJ ditl not feel hiinself quali-fied to ctiter into arguments of this nature With the Rcvetwid Prelate who'bad introduced them. lie trusted be felt all due reverence for the established religiop of the country, but he never conceived it to be of the essence of that religion to favour indo-leace^od Assipatien,' to the detriment of the pub-He weal. The real object of the Rill before the *Hoasewas,to correct very il-dgrant abuses which bad prevailed for a length of time in certain offices ..of (he Customs, and which had occasioned; inlinitfe Inconvenience and etnbarrassment to tlie commercial interests of the country. Under this impression it Wa� that he gave hfs'ftttpptfrt to the bill, as a .mu^Uffewhich the eommercial iuterests of tiie country imperiously required; The Bisjibp of S'I\ ASAPH concurred with the Archbishop of GAXTEBnuhY in wjkhing an addi-' tion tite days to be exempted, and was anjcidws; that to the two days proposed by the Most Eeve-irend ^'(ilat^, the day of.^Pufligici^tiou b�,^ded, ^th^same grounds as t.hosj} .nr^ed by the Right; Alftci'febnib^further cbriycrsatifan rcs^ctie^ thei bbjefcddoable' claUse^ � strangers wer^- ordeir^ to witlJtow; -but on'fetufning.below the bg^ we Ici^rut that the clauscsj as they original^ stood, were agreed to without a. division. ' ' ' m��sage1 Loj:d CaiENVlHiE.*e�t inoved the Q^der of thejDjw- forta|kji!qigifi^,jfoiMi^pration theMeisagcsi M'Uich be had tl^e hqnour ofbd^g'Qg down ycster. dlfffrotoiiisMW- '  ' . � ;r!m.j^?pt,,selat<!i^ tqit^V"**) ?f Credit .usually, broughtforward-attne^^lose of,,every Session pf Paifliltnient;''aDd 'is tfmi 'it. matter of 'sudk\isi^^l occurrcnc6*, M should^etH^n^�hd<'Hou;ste vVi '^heVfttlJy^^^^^^^^^^ Wt m accompany it, as wouW eiuiblc <t!ie pcr'ko^ holding thjil rank to support it with due:diij;�i{y and s^leiidoitr.'^Wc Shaultl venerate tlie memory and the scrri xpect, (hat whor� ho had d'Jue his duty. Eiiglaiul would be found to do hers. -riie iiiotioh for the Address on this ^Message,.,, was also agreed to, jVfiwi. 7J on next Tuesday, and> piintcil. Mr. V AN'SITT.VIIT brought upa Bill for making further provision for theclVoctualpcrformar�ce of qaaraiitsue in tti.>d to-morrow.. The VVestiulnstcr Hall Avenue Bill went through a Com-rrtittee, the report of which was ordered to be received tomorrow. " . On the motion of Mr. VANkSITTA'RT, the House went into a Committee on that part of the Uxcise Act, njiieh re-.-l^lto-Uif!<lit4:.Y.-nnH<^, dvtyof.,two-pcn&? hali^cnny a pound was n^solveil to b? iniposeit ou insh tiopi;. The House having bcci^ resumed-, the report was Ordered to be rc -morfo\T. Dnth'. fCtiae^ll \>�,''ill!�"-�l*'�.pf�lyW�W'V� jContuowvfRussla; Plfllo 'X*; iVfl'T''"*''*I ^"'^ ?ft!i.r'lKi:a"dBar. lutu&ebrou�|it, ITiM^f^^*'^'*?"'^*'*^  .Otffalrd!K.iliw�iiAl4-cfMUcha?d'i' lery BiU read a tiiirdthne, and passed. On the miniooAjf Mr, VA>SITT.VrT, (be Kxptring Laws Bill {{or coiitinuiiig the Iniportntion of Co.-tis to London �by lau a second time, luid ordered to jght up a jjiii tor aUn^vln.^ Bouiitv oiil!jee.\portatlouof Oil ;)f V^itiiol inanufacture^l in (ireatlUitaiii. Read a first lime, and ordered to be read a siroiid tim y I'daiament. Ordered to lie on Uie fable. - Mr. Smith, frqin (in-enwich Hospital, presented an account of cxpei.'ces iijcuvred in consequence of an Act respecting Se.imen, Ordeicil tojieonthir table. . Om the niotioiiofAlr. VANSI'l'TART, the House resolved itself iuto a Committee on thfr Acts relating to the duty on glass. It was resolved, that u countervailing duty of Us, lOJdbe Ijiid on all crown and German sheet gltss imported from Ireland. The Report was ordered to be received to-morrow. the House: on the tollowing subjects; on the expeiliency of granting a Aojth America; on tlic piopriety of .illiovving tiie Jinporta-tioii to Great .Brit.iiir ot French v.lnes from Ireland, in hot tics and rtasks; and on the propriety of allowiuff a bounty on the iinportfition offish to Giieriisey and Jersey from iSew-fouudland, and tltc coast of Labradore. 'S , . . , ered to be read a second time-on Monday., The Lords Amcudnients to the Irish Post Road ftill having been taken into considc;ration, the SpbaKkr suggested that they were contrary to the. Privileges of tiie House of Commons, in consequence of which they wcreordercd to betaken into further consideration on that day three months. Mr.FOSTF.Riinniediately gave notice, that he would tomorrow move for leave to bring iji a tfiinilur .Bill. Mr. HOBHOUSi;brousht up tliR Rfcport of the Committee on the Povtsmouth Doc^ Hill, which ^as agreed to, and. the Bill ordered to bercad a third tin\e iq-morro w. The Postage Bill went through a Committee, the report of which was ordered to be received to-morrow.  The House'resolved itself iiftoo Conipiittec on the Grain i;nU-rcoursu BUI, Jtwas r^splved tiiat all buanties on the inipuriution of com, nmlt^ meal and ^otir, between Great Britain .ind Ireland should cease. After Dome conversation on the averages, it was ordered on the suggestion of Mr. M'HowiLL^ thatthe Ciiairmanshould report progress, and ask leave to sit i^iiin! wbieh he did, and it wns ordered that (he Houte ihouid IfcSiSlve itttlf again into tlio same CoUihiit-tcc on Monday. � , . �: NABOB OF ARGOT'S DEBTS. Mr. HOBUOUF, in consequence of the sug^stion of Lord-TEMPLi:, nenied to postpone tlie' second reading of the i Nabob of:Arcots Creditt�ts' Bdl. He consented to this poittponement, ou account of the ;urg�icy of the business whicli was about to be brought forward, aod because he was unwiHingto b aJive, otherwise he should have wish d that the Bill cbuld 1>e procecdieil. with; for as it came under the description of �a mvat^ Bill, si^v^iv days must aecSessarily elapse belwccu .the;sec( ,stated that a*ub-, joct.'^hich in all probabiUty wopld occuiiy the whole of the 'thneoftl^e-House,namelyithe'Anicric<in Intercourse Bill, �toud'far that day). Sir C, Piuos,- lUr. Sturgls Buvn.mj, . . ;,V601.FvyVANUFACT^^^ ' MT' rA|tTi�dN brought up the Rtjiortaf the Commltcce appointed to liMUlrebuotheBtatCiofthe 'Woollen Munufac-liim of ^r� cd leare to bring-in a. UiU >to piiiEf�ideIb:ttio inureaiiiF ut'the iilarks of the Ckrkfi in the Otfice .of; th�! HigbCoaift of Chanceryi. Tho l-eatnedGcntleinsiustated, that bis plan had' Ik'So ipp^oved (�', hiith by ! he NoMe I^ord tatidy at the head <tf that C �!�d r�tadj for Ukwg �Htrf coiisidcrjiilion the Report of the Cdnferesce beiwcea thtf Lordi'and tjie t;(imiiioiis on J.iondav last, ll#as ordered, ou the motion Of�r k !:s, thut a ConiniUtee should be appointed ( corwder the above' Repoirt, to search for yrccc-deotsiii lelatMjii tli�!ieto,aiid to prepuraait,answerj to be re-Uuve.! to itie. Lord:,, ' A CownuUeL' was accordInn:ly appointed, consisting of several of tttc most t'.J5ti:i ber!. TllKASlilM-.R or THE N\VY. . ; The Report of Uio Cimiiniltce appointed to senfcU. fhd Jovlriiiilsof the Lords, on Un'subjecl of Lord i^telville's im-pcclniient, baviii.15 been i-ciid, f.a-. ViHXrBRJ-LvU niovid, that it be taken into further , coiisideratiott oa Moiidaj', v,iO.\ a view, o�> iitj part, toai'ic l:-avc to blirigin a Bill for the better regui.ttion of the office of Treasurer ol the .Navy. Ordered. SMALL LIVl-VGS. . Lord HENRY 1'1:T'TY rose, in pucsnance of bis notice* to luovc for a bill to consolidate aud-inrrtid ttie acts for the redemption of the land t-ix, and to exonerate small living* from the operation of the ta.\.' it had been suicgested to him that mauv mure persoiia would be enabled to redeem their bind tax,if they Avere allowed to pav the money by init.ilmcirtj. " � ;h redeinptionb.sbould He meant to propose tliat sue; be valid of the land tax of livings amounted 'i<h-}ii, ose, tlie increase of small livnigK. 'fhe way ia which be meant to proposctbis measure, tliat all .incnmbcoti should be cal^d give in a Statetucut to the Coaunisii-onei-j of the Land Tax of those liviiigs \vbic!ii v. etc Under ISO.'* a year in value,':uid that the Coiniiiissio.iers shdtildselect such aaappeared to be theavoit fit jBljjtttts for 'i.j�aty.' The Act of the ^2tl of George tlic Third having been euiai-ed as reatl, LordHt:>iRV PtTXY' obt;i;:ied leave to brine in a Bill to njnttitd ther^ame, ando&iKtta'r U>i>rovid�|i>T vs^ierattog Small iLiviilMiWidiCb^MWiftfe^l'^aviauus LaudTOrX. iJuUl�|BO�io*�r3�r. FOsXKRitiie third readiug of the Foreign Linen Drawback B^ was postponed to Monday. RKCRUITl.'iG BOONTIKS. LordCASTLl'.RKAGH ro�e, for the purpose of putting a question to the Riglit Hon. Socretai-y of State for tiie War Department. Some time having elapsed since the alteration in the Mutiny Acfj with respect to the term of service, of the soldier, he presumed, that Government had issued their orders with re.gard to the recruiting. What; he wished to know was, whether these orders were to continue the same bounties as when m�n had been enlisted for life ;'-or whether, in conformity to the general anticipation and oxpcctatioQ, instructions had been given to decrease the bounties? Mr. Secretary WINDHAM replied, that he certainly looked to a spcsedy reduction of tlie bounty, although he by no means allowed that such a rediictioti was necessarily implied in the Acit alluded to. If it'wereAvished to makO a comparison between the former system and the present, they ought to be considered cd/em |Mfri^<fs, that Was, the bounty remaining the same. .  JMr. GAXXiNG asked, whether be ir�s to understand that the same bounties were to be continued ill recruiting for seven yeirs serticcy as had been allowed for servicc-'for life? Mr. ^VI NJJHAM said, that it had been by no means tmusual for the country to recruit at various times for difierent terms of service with the same bounty. General TARLETON declared, that be thought the answers of the Rigirt Hon. Gentleman so unsatisfactory, that hcwould take an opportunity, ou the first open ilay, of bringing forward a^tfestkia on the military defence of the country. TRAINING BILL. On the motion of .Mr. iiecretacy �INilHAtf, the Xraio-ing Bill i^as read a third time, Ontbe SruAKi:a's asking, whetber there vme anj additional claused to be prnpossd, Mr^ \ ORK I'i voicy and submitted two clnaisfls to the consideration of the House. One was, lueUable UisSjakity to SttSpeud tlie operation of the BilViu distiieto iv wbicu�(wr-thiu: proportion of the population bad vtriaittifirilv �|ihodied tbriuselve$; the other waSx to make the: ineoi. called outun.-der the Training Bill take the oath oF alleeL-uice. Unless tbc^Kt of lhesc.cKiuars.were agreed to, the VfoliMiteenmight justly consider, that Parliament had witiidniwo Cr** Hou^e to adopt - the clause, he was convinced thatit Would attbrd the gteatm satis�ictioii Jar," PJOTiso N gave'nVilice, that heShtouId move, that the lUpMt'bet&eihhiip further consideration on Wednesday i. ii was order^ on the motion of 'Sir, Pattibos, that the L']V|f^fc|^?ft%^ the said Oonunittca be laid ^OM. imtt^|at�ly;])nt�entc4 tto^ and they Wohi we Lordsajoaoonccd ih�\t 'Iiotdshlpt as- '| fM�Mt^o�b:BUH aud tbt i^&3t ImUa $iirppli� iUIU proiest'by hiiu and bis friettds agaiast a pan of th� measure of the Right Huu, GcjUleman opposite, which was ^'^cmc^ by thciu poculiaily objectionable. The fiKi clause was brought op and read a first time; on the motion that it be read a second time," \ Mr. \> IN UHAM expre�*ed his opposition to H, ou the ; ground thatlt tendedXo detoiit the priiKtpte of hisvieasure, whrch viasy that the country-should not rest for lu p^ruiaucut defence on u voluntary force alone. . ,"' Mr. .>V. SAU'l'M agtved ciitiA'ly with ;t)i�.Kight>Hon. S^-rreiary. TbeBtlVbeiuru theJlousc HMSiateniled toUwsutuc-thing more than to proaucc V oluiueen.. It wns calculated to �rain to nnns by de^rt>cs the whole popnlatioaof the country. He ihOiigbi-witli an Hon. (icmT.d whu spoke Jast night ou the subject, (ticneral Lofiusl, thut tite Bdl did notgotarouough t mid he comcldM.iu opiuUm with a LearafdLocd(the LurtH Advocate) that even boyi atschoalooghttobe i6sttucted 1� military disciuliiic. The secoud reading of theclavute was thmi nes*tired witb-outadivision. :�  ; The stsrund clause was then bCnught np, and feadafirst thfie.. Outbeoiotioutbattt bccendnsecoudttiae,. Mr. FRANCIS asked, wbether-if* mnii rrdised totako thcantho^'aUegt�ui^,it.M'u:i wteiKlted by this clause tJiat ho should�iettx<fittptodfr V

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