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Courier (Newspaper) - July 2, 1806, London, Middlesex Vj\UXlIALL. Under the Patronage of liis RbvnJ Higtincgt the PRIN^CE f riHIS PRESENT KVENINQ, July 22, will JL %e a GRAND OALA� and brilHiiflt Exhibition o? The Public are'regpectfully Informed, tltait jowlns fo the iiccpssary proparatio.ns for Gralas, (he ff.-ir<teii$ oui only be ydo dciehif 0w Kotice, that oil Ti'VCtia.y the \ u and W�'ert�itenitf� PIANO FORTU MUSiG. Comirosed by L. Von JJsch, and lately puWijhed % 3R0-DKillPand VVILKINSO.'V,>fO. l'J,Uavruarket, tondiin. nnHftEfi Progressive Sonataa Op. 16> price vith anACcomiianiniKnt for the.;Harp, J^iilrt�ty .lnvft. pj-rfwmere, 3s. A Kustian Oivo. urteb - - � � � tce:-5s..:..:;U irit'e%.6d. Atfanf" 4. -ScTenaJe eti'h Kc)iu3 and A�r Sylphw tor two P�:tfor�rtS,�. I� d ct� iifistol^ Mr. Jidniottds^ V/cr-cester; ftlr. bui^.-Hamsgate; ftir. Lowe, irtJUBu-^ffict, UiiMm-blreet, Uirmiugham; Mr.iialc, Cdottccsttr a*kl Gliel-fcnhiuM iVir. Kiwptuii, VorUj Mr. Dpualdiion, bnglitfta; y,T- MilU, Grand Parade, PowsBuomb; Mr. Hamaond,: Soutliaiiipton; Mr. Pilbrrtn, �xeter. - * BEETHOVEN'S WOiRKS. ' � Jrot published, by liroderip and >^ ilkuiioi!, No. 13, Hay-. njaria:t, LoadCra, THREE SONATAS, dedicated to lUYDEN, On. 2, price 88.; Two Graod Sonatas with an Af-conipt. tor a vtolmcello. Op. ."J, price 7s. fc. ?fa Sonata for Two Performers, Op. 0, price ;is.; Three Grand Sonatas with Accorapt. fora Vwlm, Op, 12, price JOs. M.; a Grand Sonata Pathctiquc, Op. ;ls. 5 do. Gjpmd Quintett P^o ftlcu.of______.......^ toralc, 28, price Ss.; do. honata with Violirt -Vccompt >!o. J, ao, price -Js.; do. do. do. JVo. 2,30, price 3s.} do. do. drt. No. : iKjiis, Nos. 5!, 3,4, ft* 6,7, and 10, price'is. (id. each ; a Trio I'jr V.ioUn, ^eil01^;and VIolpnccHo, Qp. 6, price is.; l Incc , (liMrgc-strect, fiatli; Mr. Hodges, Clare-street, and JUr. Siurgc, Parlc-^treet, Bristol j Wr. Ldniunds, Worcester} ftlr. llurgesSi Raasgate; Mr. Lowe, fetainp Ofhcc, Union-&ti;!(t, iiuiuingham; Mr. Hall, Gloucester and Cheltenham; jt:r. hiiapton, York. _� 1 FEMALE of resijectaWe Connections^ who /9l basbeeueducated with a view to such an Employment, Tvislirs to engage herself as on Assistatit iii a >!chDol, or (ie-Tfii iicis m a j.*rivat� larntty. !sbe Is competent to tcacli the I'leticli and KngUsh l^^uages, (ieogruphy, and Needle worlis. The1ilgac�t refcrenct* con be ijtvoM. i^^ttc^rs dirtreted to A. C.Norwich hjlcrcaty 0�ke,^'or-^vich, will reach the Advefiliicr. . , rj^O LET, in the n^Mghtnmrhood of iicrkeley-JL bquare, agood FAMlti^ llOU^, compltrtMy tur-mshedi with double Co^ch-hOases and istahiing, from the let (lav of Jiily (u the Istdty f^i aiarciu I'or p^rticalais eu. ((uiRiut Air. Uiiius, iiipholder, No. 99, Mouiit'strect, Gros-vi'Dor-sqitare. TO TH>: PUBLIC. ' ^JUMEROtlS apphcatiuns having been made to 4-^ mc, in colisequence ot au Advert isemc/it, rospcctinij a Mork 111 iliePrcEs, connected Witli the A*iUni-itratii)n of i\larq:i'!; %\ ellcsley, I think it necessary to state that, tropi a v.irifty of circuinstancesi the publicnfion iias hccri unavoid-sWy retarded. If it Ix* conaidt^red that what ! undertake to Su d/'July ;jli�,:iUf, Uetkii-,t/ieL-J^ tUo deakrs therein may i/Unk prupcr to olfen to be delivered Into Jiis Majesty':! {�'itluactiii^s i'/oicv lit that Port in thu notice of One montiifiom, the daio o^i/iiUvntractt and 16 be paid far by IJiUi pai/alile, tisith tni^ii^fiainiilifduifsaflee date, Thii V4tt(i<( ci'^tdil miiPdti /J* fcwjJl^A, itv thai. shitU tint hp tIt'Jhi&rfd t ta tills jigcntatoresnid b<tfore I'Ke.Ire o Clock on the mid 1 Imri-I (lay, <A*JWo/July Hca/, me u/ite-.N/./ie Per^ontchv tnakfulnc 'S'liiulur^ dfi tvaui I'emon un ht^i behalf, attends, to unucer Mthmt ca(f . '!|^|trO?iI*lBi#t''* /Ol- iaiAmU- hen ready for publication, I sliall give uoticpi by a particular advertiscmeat, of the day on vhi'.'h it wiU appear. ' Loii(lmi,2Uh June 1806. CHARLES MACLEAN. nil'^.AT DISTRESS.-The Person, who some months ogOi-and. lately^ siddrcssed an Advprtisemciit, iirtintiin;;, " A trifly lamentable Case-To t!ie IlenevoltMit auH Humane," in thtsjand other Papers, humbly returns his most^incere thank^fot tltc deuations be^has received,amount->nginalt so2l/;whielthnve been ofgrcat use to liiiuy though miich reduced hv the cxpeucc of advertislni?. It i� with greiit rt'lactancc he is'o5>15ged- to sfatiS thatUiough the debts he oM'csi' 'iiatrfed byiiinesi in his family, whicii consisti of himself, liiswLfei attdltwOiStnaHchildreuvamouut only, to about fKlf.heni'jstabsolately'Sinkundervthfiload,if thoHc who cun t'l'd for stich distre;si and who ace blest- with the meansj do not interieire to �ave Jiha ficom destruction.-.: He has held a small appo'mtittcnt under Govemijw'nt for these sij^teon-jcars, and has atwa.i-s condnctcd hhns i'i� family till he ean aeiin enjoy thi> benefit of bis. smuH sa. larv, is so fjirbeyond his wreseirt ability, thaihe must,; is" not atMstcdjinfhc end losebTBSituutlon, iud be IcftwithouL tli.^ tiiialJfstTesottrce- Ccrald| he avertthc ruin with wisich i�e ,is fhr."atened,by donatioiis/orbyAlOan from the,homarii', he {| IS tile prospertiif iinincniaSed iiicom^ in a few.months from Hie situation heVholdSjWhiehwouhV enable him to rrpiiy TlipfilWi infonr-'years by four equal instalments. Alesi-T;'. KiidsoilandStirUiigtbaiikers^ No; S45f Strand ; and Messi-i. i'-|)"rtero, Lashlngton, and Co. bankers. No* -30,, Oomhill, " i'.l speak to the Advertiser's character, receive any dona-' '> 1 tlint may be sent for him, or forward any note xddres$ed to T. should any person wisa to honour him with au iutcr- OIlEENOUeiPs CBLKiniATF.D TINCTURKS, ^Mi for Glcflnsingand Preserving the TEETH, andefl'ectaallyl-urihgthe Scurvy in the Gums, prevent-<ns Teetii fni'mifulPther"Decav, and rendering the Breath l);rfoefl,v sweet: the other for the TOOTH-ACH, \vhich g'vt's immudiatecase. without itnuringthe Teeth or�ums. Also M r. Orecnongn'sAntiacid Lozenges, which are a vure I'm sjicody remedy for the Hearthurn, Indigejition,'^ Pain �;r Wtml in the S�omnch;'tlu)9e disorders thntnrise from too l^'ce living, ai;d prevents-the ill effects of bad wine, stale N�thuigcaH be abetter proof ',.";? P�"epared and sold by Ri llaywardjChyinlgt, SiiflccdioHoT, �repnongh�the Inventor).l!iIo, 10. Lw^ute-f,l.nnd<m ,^ol-l^lso By F. NcwbeJy, No.-45,Sh FahlV "J'iCo.N�,lM.Oxford-Dtreet, .melitliif/ttipfcr - IM PERIAL INSUilAN6E COMPANY. J'TnHE Fuhhc ar� respuc{fitUif reminded^ lUiiiuptsforJ?uuaeifalU�g due at Mid<iiiminer next, tin riod'j at their O^ieei, tn iiiiii-cimrt, CorrihiU, pnd Ht. J antes'if^itrfit; und also tn the hands of their Jl^ents in the ptincpal Caics and 2'uis:ns. Tkii Ojjicii flralnlJi^Polideii fur- Short Periods, nnd anoiv.i Diicouni an all Premiuna and Latii paid Jor mure than u�b 'jtar. . Ti^iiTarma oftho Qffttt vstli be found in all Cases ax mode-rafii Ui thoie of ani/ mmitur Ivitituiion, and libernhly mid-prumplUuxli txi'li bejoiind in tito udjustinent aiidprn/inciU oj Lossej. Fiirmmg Slock i,^ iniured gcnernllii ot^-i. 6d. pir Cent, mid Lo<ii<s caused ill Liahlnmt; arc biiihis Ciimpnini mnilegnud.  ; ; ! JOilN i)AV, Sec.  CHLLSEA HOSPITAL, JuNr. SS, 1B03. rinilESE arc, by Order of the Right Ilonour-JL abUthe Lardttaiiii others, Cowmlwlontrs for nian;ig-\ue the Alf.iltt of lh� Roval fttejiitat at Clieliea, to g�p .Notice, thiit:iUO�l^Pensiaue<k tiit 't^'ftitjettfr-nien as others,)' bcUngiiig to tlicfaittIliP^^tM*' residing la Lonilun, urwitli^n twent�-five milcstbenM�� Miteumted to appear iicrsonallv and nVmientiUly, at tlle<fe�ttwy*s Orncc in the sai:l iiw-p-.tal, OA the ret^^KctivCf (|�]|| ipdcrmetitioncij'j wh M!le o'clock in the Mormug uaiil ThreeiutheAftermMa, viz. , On W1 DNLSD-iY", the 8d .Tuly-The Pensioneri from the Ifit and Regiments bf Life fiuard.s, the late Jst aad Sd 1 riMps of Ilorsu tiuards^ the late JSt and '2d Troops of Heviic Grenadier (:>uurd ensi6iiers, as well Leftcrnten .is others, biioiigingto t lie said Hospital, wliolive at a greater distance than 'ijmiks' from London, and those in Scotllud ind Ireland, are Irt^filiy required and commanded, after the '25th of liec. next,:ind ktier every succeeding 'iutii of Decembersftnd yfjth of .Jtme, nntil further orders, to apply to one of his. M.ajesty's Justiccsof the, in the npighliomiioad where they ,rc- ^ ;a tRAVEt^, IN ELAND; ! -TTc . i- r.. -ti C..t ^ iirfpmed^ftWMfcfca^ call the attention of the Public to the numerous; and- .iQip^r- \-�m'tkr*'�i�h,ti)� jtMifkigia^ ^tkiSftS^VOimn taiitndVaiilugesaiViiriedby tliig �sUblishment, bnthwimr^- � -w'tlh^ii^ettti^;^ Mil^ dietfkwd. wit re;��y%p.Strfe�nl?e^ HiEi�eti?COFiiiB pteijSEi^ AqE, ^. in the Pfeia,and�j|jj^�y^^^^^ iioiionietl. Printed Particulars are delivered, f|ice of cxpcncc,. at the ' Co.-.jpaiiy's House, in'Change-Alley, Co^hhill. Attendance, daily, frrtniiiiitc'to'ftinr. � . By Orderof the Uoard, -, " WARM'R PHIm.ftsrrrtarv. *rt � Alnrge Gomniissson allowP''. on Life- IniMri-aneerJ'ad no charge made f\)r policies many case. CliN.SUR\ LlTKHAklA, Ao. iX.' ^ Xlits Day is.published, price bd. No. IX. (br-uac-tbe  l'ir�t Number of V ol. III.) of ^ENSURIA LITERARLV (lo be continued' _ every other Mouth); containing TITLE9 and A2-' st'ftAfv.IS of scarce IJOOKSi Articfi-i of B�(tgr3phy, ani other Uterarv Antiquities, partly in huitatiou uf lOldy's Uiitish Lihiaiian, /1 - Pfiiitcd top Lonsiwtfn, Efifjit, !Rt>e! additional sheet. 'J his aiijrivuMitatioii, thrv trw,i, will eiialijc them duly to notice the �publiiatimi* of tlie dav, aiitl will allow t/um-to give a move lUijiute analysi.; ot unpnitaiit wcrks, and to avail themselves more extensively ot interesting exiratsts, �, It Wilt be articipaled that an increase in the size of the work mast occasion ui advance In tiie price-which, indeed, tlie ComiuiftoiSiitre CtinfitTpnt tliey injght not imroasonah! y ihavepr.ippscil o.uiihergmUiirts. � liiaAdiDg-hi.xpcnce, therefore; .lo the present coU ol the .Numbers, t^ev nave the s:iti�r f.ictfoa ot kiuiwu^ that they do' not depart trinn their w\p-uai pTinoptcs, and that the Jiclectic J{eVicw wih .still iii:im-taia-'tts ptote::smnsot being tlic cheapest Critical Jo'irual pilbltsbod Ml the jMctri>polis. Thf ffiendf of the Ecl-.'cti tic I?.-- prc - -....... "viPWj a-id the public. tiicretore rcspectfuHy iiitnrmi'dj it will in tuture rorttaiii Six Sheets, rmd th-iL it will he puhLsiic.l at .'s. eacli-i\umUer, by Mes.^i-.=^ l,oiif(m:in, Huc-^t, Kees and Orme, Pattrnoster-row; to whom ad commuaicalions should be- addressed tree ofcitpi'nce. _�� - . � � Tnis ij ly li puliUslH'dj.tuQ Ihi-d KdiUou, i\\ iwo volumes, _ i'iiuo. pnrii!.';. in jioaruj, of JISSAfS v.i a. !5Eiin':S ippeare, "-.-- came b.-forc me, one .of his Majesty's Jus-.- ticfs oFthc Pj^cefurthe Countyof , and made oath, that hifwai aaniittiianOut-Peiisioncrof Chelsea Jlospital, on the day of ,17 , (or IS ,) from Regiment of commanded by. , was then aged years, -was discharijcd' for , and tiuit lie is no otherwise provided for by tlie Public, hut^as a Feiisiouer of the said ifospit.^!, now lives in the i'arish of - , irt" the Countyof t5worn before mc ...... tills " dityof _,,180 .� T!ie A'Udavit,;lvownaccordii7gto the above foim,datcd and att'.'f ted bj'a Mag^strtite, is to be put up in a cover, and sent byibeGqnera! I'ostj.directed thus: �'Tothc Right Hon. the I'avm.aSler General,, IIinSse Guards, London," and marking in the comer of the cover, " Chchca Peireioncrj Aftidavits." . And, Counterparts Of Uuplicates of the s-aidAt)Jdavit�, are to be reserved by .ThsGut-PenBioiiers respectively ta be cjthi-hitcd Jo such Pci-sdns as shall be dirt-cied tp pay .tbem, that thcymaybe.saiisfied that all such as may cjaifiiOut^Peu* sions, are the real Persons ejotiticd to receive tie sjuae. And to the end that .the Commissioners for "tb^ Affairs of - GliclsiraJlaspital my bcuatisiied that the Pensioners are the .depondept.Cpmpnieaof Inv-ilids, a^c notto mention in their alUdavit�, siich ilc;^iniimt, or Company of Invalids, in which tItey.Mrvcdbi'.,: but ttic RejfimoiU, Tfoop, or Corps of the Army from which they weretirst dischai-geaaud recgminendi at the end of the eriMvuig six months, arc gcncMlDir rtgukted by the places of ^ycMdcMCe mentioned by t"ic Pensioners whri arc mustered .It Chelsea^ in person, and in the body of thd preceriing half-yearly alRdirtitsef those wholiv^ati/isU^^^ jt.tglicrebyora�rrt:dan(i dijfticted, thjt no pcftmn,.wh6 shall change the placfeof his iibo^dr given in at his niuiitcr,.er siieci ' the OlHceTS of Excite neaVesi such ulape of, i^bodo), iHiaU. rc^tsive thu sanif, unft-ns- it ap|)e^. by tlic ceni'ticate of respectable pertOn;, tliat such reaipvat wiqi throifgh unavoidable necctslty, whicklhc or they eould not foresfoor prevent; andthat If arty Pens'tiner iihull ffau-; dulentiv attempt toVcceivc a double payh^^nt of the Pension, cither at ChclM.'u, or at ditTcrent'pkiceS, beshaU be struck otf the lists. 1 Ltistly, It is notified, that none wlU be entered upoii the ' pay lists of the �aldH �'��f pa^tn^cn^s, , -  - * ' � fetiretfiry and ReglsVar. . of J.IOTTERS fo a ; FUlKM). : Ily the Rev. JOJlN FOSTKR. PrintciUor Longman, Hurst, ilues, and Ornic, Paternoster-Row. " io declnrr ntonre our opinion of this book, we must sav, that we havesi'Mom perns;>dany luiiiliciitioii with more jde-i-sure. Hi? i^, liii tiii;whi>b', a in-wt m.isteny writer, piTSjiicii-ou-:,.acute, profo'jiid, and rt(T ol in^ bc^t interests ol inankin'l; he writQS with a ae;;ree oi i.eluigandcneigv, whicli is highly captivating. Hisstyle is uncomnioiily c.vcellent." AMti-J.acobin Review, .Ian. 180 .. " Wcare highly gratifi:;d when we meet witli iv writ.T, who, toa'^cw of profoniul aid origiiiii'thought, toietiior with just vi;w3 of. religion and of monls, joins th-..' talii;t of recommending hi:, ideasby the graccsoriinaginatio.n, iv'id the powers of eloquence. Such awriter we have the happiiiesi of reviewing at present." Ecleelic Review, .NoVj^l-oJ. "Almost every page indicates amorc than ordinary peae-tration int6 thfe'siirings of Kunian nature, and a bold niv\ original rao*de of tninlcing on all snbjocts. Hi?st_vle is vifjo-rous. i\cador3,of evrry class wUl find in the cf liiesc Volumes a lichstorc oi entcrtaimncnt and Instniciion.'' �: - �  Animal Review, ISO"). This D.ty is p'ablishe.l, in One Volume, smr.U 8vo. pricj 7s. iii-Poards, ' " ELLA RAGION POETICA tra' Greci, Ladr.i, ed It lUani di VIXCENZO GRAVINA. Ri-puUlilicata da T; J. MATHIAS. Prcwo T. Beck�ti Pall-man. �Where m.iy be had the following Italian Works, printed on the same paper, si*e and letter, by Balincr. I. ilimc Scelti del Petrarta, 1 Vol. pr. .5s. II. Componimenti Lirici Scclti de'piu illualri Poeti d'Itdia,S Vols. pr. II. lis. od. III. Conieiitarj iiitorno alP Istoriadclla Poesia Italiana dt G. fll. Crescimbeni, 3 Vols. pr. U. 'is. IV. Stona dell' Ac-cadcmia degli Arcadi,. 1 Vol. pr. 7s Gd. V. Storiit dclla Poesia Italiana del Tiraboschi, I Vols. pr. V. Us. .id. VI. .Bacco in Toscana, Ditirambo del ftedi, i Vol. pr; js. VII. La Kivoluziuiie Fr.incese Visioue alia D.antesca del Monti, J VtiUpr. 5. VIIl. L' Arte Poatica Ittliauadel Msn^iai, 1 Vol.^pr;^s. , �/ � �-' .  .', � - .___ A JSiVi ,A^^�> t^O-UPLJilX SYSTKM OF COCKLR V, This Day ispubliahcd. In one very, large A^dumc, octavo' by W. Stewart, opposlti; Albany, JPiccadilly, price l.:i. �. iu board*, - -. - A Complete SYSTEM qf.COOKERr, on a xiLplin entirely new, comisting^f every thing that is re-quisitefor Cooks to know in the kitichcii business containing tnrec hundred and sl.\ty live tnblcs, or bills of i*iin% being one hill of fare for every day ia the year, auth directions to drws each dish. The whole comprehending the mostperfect Treatise on cooking and culinary alValrs ever printed ; being one years work at the Aiarquis of Buckiiignam's, from tuc iut of January totbe 31st of necerohetv Ibw. � By JOHN SLMPSO-V, Present, Cook to the Most Xoble the Marquis of Buckipghamshiri'. . ^&TlRfiftl!BA';fJteoiitiaingPcTMi^ tflHiij^yriHcipp VMoJfftpeiii Cpi^n^s in .Earppe Airw^ �l� fiftv'Vnarst, try-wallip^iUtCi CfeiraCitjir 4^^ <"<veatBrttAiJ);. iutedpiinpdarith (�nciiial An-cdotw of So-.v-rcijja PriiiceK* Stit<rsiiuw,aftiJ: ^i-1i^lni}i^p^^^Q^Si " > V , ' > ; , ,A CCIjUI: T0&C� ranunar School .ir. that Tow-.j. The fnllntrmtf" criticsl sanctions have appenned <a�:t$is valuable and useful worfei^ - f " This is awelUwrftteu and judicious pohlicatlOn. eonvcy-ingmuch praSTtiialmformittloa totfcetubjec* of �dacatioD, and is thyrefiue.hjghly.'vrfe.rthjs.'the pcis^.al of e^y-pemni �oncerned intiKfiT& of the -rising generation.- The^iccauiit of. books ge:iera1ly a d in schools seems to be the result of (vvpenenci-i csTt^im* <ti:piays much erndi-1 tioii. i'he aatiior's ri'.romm.'^nd.itiOiF, and strictUTM at rar.ri. of koowicdfre, r-'-mark-iiigon rrspertive ri-.rits, atid r iUlMjiiiiig-prirents and iHstructors agiiiist some booits wliiTa t:;e auuior, upon ms! gronii'is, obiRCts to. .Vaioag tno;c r.'commo-Kied, we (lu not observe any laui we cor;a;d;!r'.iS ob!CCt;o.-.ahl.-.- ; :  iinti-.h Critic. . Printed for Thorn IS RcvnoWs, Oxford-street, and sold by the booksellers m (J\fi>r,l, C/aml-i'dse, Ldmourgh,Glasgow,' n'lil Dulilip. � . _' Jii.-it publiah'-'u, price i?^. IRECrEON-* f'jp L'-.A iNLVG t-j SWIM; bv attending to whlcha Person who has never b<*cii II the \\ liter, may escape being drowned. , ByiU'-N.JAMi;N i'RA.XKLLN, LL.Uir.R.S. Pniiteiitor.l. Ciliow, Crown-court, Princes-street, soho. TiiisDivivaspiiblisRed, precis. 6d. VTCIf IflM V. ilO CA\ ! d AfTtsica! Farce, in Two Acts, as now perfarmia VritfenbyT)li:0t>01iJ-; :';i>WARD HOOK, Author Ot riie liiyis'ble Girl, The Sohiier s Return, &c. Tiie Mns'C by ;rtr. Jlook, ^eu. London: Priatoa lor C.aim R. IJaldwisi, New Bridfe-slrcct. � . Whers may bs* had, just. piOV.s-ieij price Is. Od. Tl:e Invisible Old.-.aIso, iir.ce/is. -M. 1 lie Venetian Outlaw, -ADriini in Ihric Acts: tr.iusiatej, bv R. \Y. tUis-ton I second elitttJ.-i, KK.MlSi.EV.S ROAD {!()0K. Thus Day ispablisht-ii, v.iiii a .Mr.p, p?ic2 h.'ven Shillicgs in Boards, ii new Kilitmii, miren e.niar;;e(l a.-\d ivxipio�ff|; witii a concise Tifp3-;ri[)Mic'!l H:^.li�v o: Ijie Cities .Towns, ,U aterin^-piaces, csiiei Vilii-^es, Aatajii v-w,, Seals, ocr. of EARS LEV'. TR\VELLf:R'i FX^f^PR- IA!N'iN'(r C 01 ) �- I'-re-'br- , o> t C-'-cr:pti:>;i ot the P.t ivov's n:;a ^.TLTip-'l Cr:'-:s it.:.'�5-:^ m-jrking tlie distances oi pi.ices to aa-.i trjrn j/i'i-ion. nr.X tr'.>!a each other. 1 o wnic� aw nadr-d, a Qracnrtioa fct iNo [ir iijia* {,'Mf I'o-ii ot Ii liT ' ^nL' tii t-,r iiud a liible ol t!ic 1 ii;v.>5 nis^h vratcr at ne-;v ana tull moo-i.; t:ie v,-:,oic lonninga general tour tarocga Orea: Dritaui and Ireland.  Printed far G. Koirslev, No, ii, Fh?t-3treet, ~~~ ORJEGOa-Y'S ?.iECflAN-iCJS,- ' In twoIar.ijeSvo. volam.F, bo-^idcsavOiiiuiR coataiaing Fift^--� live (Jii irtc Plat.'S, � Thisi3av,isnubii'h.^d,prir."Ml. Fa. in ha.HfJs, 4 Tiir.ATISE of :^I^:C5L^^''ICN. Ti^aaretlcal, J-i*. Practical, and Descriptive. Bv OLI.Vi'HUS GRIiGOK Of the R'o>al Military .'..c.'idt'ny, vVoolwich. Vol. 1. Bookl." On Statics, coiapccuit; the cmnyosition and llisolution of Forces, the Centre of Cr.ivitv, ;uid tne Ccntrobrayc Method, Mechanicui J'o-,i,-ers, Strength -.'.nd Stre!*; of Materials, and the Vaeory of Cora.';, Arcics, aud Dome . Book 2. Dynamics, in which arc treated .Motion�, De-scents and Ascents along different Lines and C'jrvcs, I'roifc-tioiis. Ricochet-firing,-'Penriulums, Ccntral-forc.-'s, Cciitrcs of Oscillation, Spiintaneous Rotation, n .Ivtan's Theory of Percus.sion, and, the motion uf Macliiucs .icd their ma.cimum Lft'ccts. SION in PAINTING. __, By CHARLES BELL, Containing-I; Of tUe,U*�# M A"'''V""3:*"> % Painter, Of ^he Stud> of the Antiaiie,anil of the Acaacmy Figure. V{.' Of (lie Skull. Of the piituictlons of Character lu dif-(^n;nt Am*. Comparison of tkc Antique with Natural Character. rlsuQiifthe__________.......... Millies (ecttliac tm Man, and their I^ftccts iu hcitowiugilu^ OplSw*liSi�UBal Pfissioas. And of the Aotlon.of the >iu8cV_�iJicp�t�i�lfe�lthf�e Passions. Book 3. Hvdrostatics, indnding the pressure of n.on-rlastic Fluid*, the 'i^xific gravity of solid and fluid Bodies, with.-ai e;ctexis'>le, thelinmlibriuin, Stability, ami Oscillfitions of Floatiog Bodies, andcapil!:!ry Aitractio.i, Book 4; ilvdrodvnamics, trcathig x-if the discharge of Fluids throui{h .Vperturcs, and of the jMon.r.i of Watcr-whcel.*, witM accoaats of important e.vperimeiits an those iutcrcsting topics, iJooky, Pnenmitics, iacUiding the I'.quil.brium, nnd Motion of Air and other el.isiic Fluid.s; tne measurement of Altitudes bv t if narom-ter.and Thermometer; the rhirorv of Air and of %Vater i'umps, ami the Resislaiicc of Fluids, " Vol. 11. Contnins Remarks ou t|�e Nature, CoMSiniction, and SimuliOci'lion f'f Machinery, oa Friction and tbe Rigi-jlitvof Cords, First Movers, together with Tablesnnd Des-Vriptions of nearly 'I'wo Hundred cuiioasamlusi'ful Machines ; of which, however, only a few can he spcciUed in ;in Advertisement. Atwood's ingenious Apparatus tor v.ariahle Motions.  Improved liea-m Compasses, by ^Val^on,: I'rtmv's Condenser of l''orro, applicable lo Windmills.' Pump, Desa^uUm's Drawer and Bucket, &u-jcaiit's'Aia-chimvDearburuc's lii/;iiio, &e, _ OiWlls ���d t>V� boring Maciimes. Contrivances far Parallel Motious, by CartwHgl'J, Dry- ^"^Various PumpSi with RtNiwrks on Pistons .iiid ^'kIvos. Btimsileirs Machine fbnVividmj; Matheiiiaticja laiiruii-.enty.  Coalrivas'.ccsforn^vcriingami ch,^llg^.lg.meti^�;l^. Senpements,by Grahuni, .Mudgi', l)e l.iif.M s, Slcaai lirgincs, by jNewconwa, Uli�k.*v, ii.iuishoroush,. AVatt,^ Poniblower, Cartsu'ighi,. Muir.y, Uettanccurt. Br�maVs Machiuc"fi>vPla-.i:i5di9V-i-ent kinds of Snrface-. Hulcsfm- fuming 'iVith and \\ ipovs *, v.ith Mauuslaj's Tcoth-cattiug Apparatus, � . , ' Hori'ionlal, Verlic.�l, und Cirewar Saw-miUs. ii,V|ew Afthe (Kconottiy of tlic Hqnjian Ba4y a^ U ;?''^I*�.��*tteS&wIs niuS bv Sketches of the Rones, An4Wtlt�F�nwrofthc Head, Of tCie ftlwcle*. Of^he K.>. DNMiiMOf tiMi F�ceiu the>ralPas$iuusv&e. ' friuM rG, Keursley,! lcet-.stiwl, Londox j where n-t�, 111 cw'sebe hod, this Am ;oi'V frc.ittsc'on Asnc-om , pr^ � li�'..iaho!irds. Aud his Lessons, Astr^'avwicol and Phileso-'l�S,Wik^Bri5.�ls> *>Ws,

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