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Publication: Courier June 18, 1806

Courier (Newspaper) - June 18, 1806, London, Middlesex -1',., -i.^iv.>-r : ,^.�' >> � ' ' 4308. To Gr.NTI.EMEN.' CI.ERRY, and VKOMANRY, i'RKKl!OLDiillS,�Vftlte COUNTY of SOMlvUSliT. JFimNEmAYy jra^ 18, 1806. /X*-"-,.':'. -.^/i? Price 6^*. *i VI rift vol liuvfj u^:�i* w^^m-^w^^y .-. ~ ^ R. SWARtiUKCK, Surgeon, fmdiri^ tl"" ^V,^�'�^h.lShiPT1 rp!|�iji�*' i'lJiiHiiv Cnsw, bogs iivpm�iit ' B:itli?, whirh Sire fiMprl im in tht^ iiPilivt manner, wh-'rt! coh-st^nf ;ittor,^;inf-�� will be given by a prop# *fek.?o1ki|ka4n Uifc Kji^- Ac. c!�l*"tiVf nrvi-it Kii.�liions.-C;i>., ruine Eiiglibb and I'oroig:! iVrfalncry of ilio viTy bi-^tqua- litics.____ . ; . INDIA SUAWLS ANUMirsi-tN. LAOtKS or Gentlemen having Ijuliii.^JiiaivIs or MuSliiislo disposeof* may rtrrivi' thi' ulrnost vrtiuc in rMtrv,ihii ilicv i(ivriaM.ustrC!i, I'arisand '*ar Nets, liiijicnuLMaiihutru, Hiunbaif^qsv lioiitbai!fts\ C'niubrjlr Muslins, twillpddiUo^ SaffsiiCtji ditto, ,liirronrt, Mull aod Book AIa�lins,:pUln Jihd faney Pi. licr.JLaiMtvs t.iiPOii�tSLjj/.,.H^wiiU;aijJi.rt J sold -^U- rt 1 AV .jr.-pji and..\'y. i i, CiicapfWif f Grtgort, liri^iton; �"ECnTl:;ilan(la�iBrS'J["OV,l� Second'l. /vV^iietY o^��;ct>nd4f.lnrf RlJGISTKH aim otjier Stovesid'go^Jd'ertI^ait^ollViob^ tollrcHsSonable^luiviiigbfen tikeii indBvchaiige o{ ihv Uiuidi ett.oemed Patent Retrealtng JleprterStovi!, iiaiJuf^'turcdliy IiaBLRfS and Co. No. (HfonJ-strt-choU,6r long W*iAl�atstilli-sv*hrre the paMies liiive an at�olate^irtiarcst-,ait�loiiTibiclitj(trv.�nfon of tlie pivssuri' of '!'^9�^),^pfle.y pa^l�Jot hi: obtuimtd itpon Mortgage- And "iwy^pinrliasoArunikewVf bir givenYor Aitnuitieg for >��uig LiwSi 4ccBred �tt* �hc liW property, or �ii Money iio I itn"r c^�icfiranfcrs will h:i,ve tU.v po\vtT of rciWiniiii M02f BY.-^Mi-sSfs. LUCAS antJ Co\ lea*'c to'ihntrm>(lios�thaliiia.y'b^inwiint^;. A� .rim i4?Aitrv ^vUl he advajjsjeijf t^^q^K^iqCi icD�vm pr9Be'1y> ��t'"*'^ pe>-!*V�ia^ aecanty,   ,  : and. Co. At.tSVt: SiyH�;i;^d,iHitfe�a(umafa. of thr'fitesltdisllieSifciio^ii, ^^KlCKSOKS pn^ndr^i An-5'*?.'J�l'�'?'W*!T^^"^^�Plf4i.>fc�y^re e!UTM.drV, and %an>�, 10s.6q.cach, at llick'^ , .potlVa hnrfW'or Lr;JV, oh\.ik,,y.o.ariy Jiiiii;a' asWonable beeond-luiiid IJAN DXCii.i.T, made with �outsolrt.fWi^ws,.lined witu iU^fth clotli, .iVdMiiiihjcto squubsj' atidf;iUityI^C4-,tlHer fallpiatpa fcimpSjipUtJ- gl.ii�..�/V6ne*. .t$io.vy. Upper nryanitoW-.>trwt,l'ortmrwi'8xi�are. rpllOltPii ii-ALLv -uear PctorboroinrJi.-^Tliis jL Wan^ioti, capable of hrtldim; a^c iaiiiiK, iirid well iitudted l\>r a hportjmaii,'lU to lu; LJ,1, a-idiwtu owned, atul entered upo.i iwneduitelv.-*1 latlicr may b.' le-riit by Hniilviiv,'ti�.Mr. UeitrV t nl", i*etrrbon>!i;i). i:C)\M'^-'a,,,d,v, lIaltibro%.'.Slcttirt, and Qttehec-PlPt STA'/i',s., . ,, � ; , . , ,� .. \l� Ihe i-espectiue ptfsoiu iclio majfrnaiegrOfiltaU' t/ierevf if/'flimilfaKCto'detiverinliotlbi fietmtUng StorHf dl Drpljhui awl I'lpnunltt, iilmieh j/^nplftUubatuthatt^ktreiifterJii-'tJi^^^^^ "^O LHT for the Soohoif, no�r tin- (o.i-:, llOU la.NiiTON LODCir, tour JMiles from lia:'H.ig, imd Tiiree tVoni Haiti:^ about thrw lutndredyaiMsfnini the Hi^^h Itoad, coninii!idiHg an extensive \ ir-w of tlic Seu ti.)iu Bearliv to iJuitii'enxi'it and the ( oast of 1-ranee, line-vi-c of Dover Clift, Vevr-i.sey lUy, llastiiigs Ca.sile, Itye, "SN inch. Uea, and l.aniliounie. 'Jlicllouseu |iist coinjileic^l and iieuW luriiishcd,aul co.isibt.s ot :i rajjital dintiijr, itrflw-i(i;>,aoii morning rooms,uprvints hull,kitchen, scullery,�i/.e. c liar, and oth.T oill^ei-\^v jtb four best bed looai^^, .uid lour };()oJ pirrettsva eoaeb-hf>, and four stall stnhle, with tlic .u>.c o; f.n' kitelu'ii garden. 1 he Lotidon Coaclic� pass daily, ^n.lth.'A\ag!;onf twice a wei'k. 1' or turihi'r p^rticul ir.-> cnijuireof jMessrs. ilsoiis, UpUol slerers, htraiid ; or, .^ir. htociiviell, bwan Inn, ilastings. M \KIM- C01T \.GI AN 13 C \KD 1..N!>, "Si AllMOUill, IM.i; OIV Wl'iiir. rfflO I.lOr for a iVrm not evcRt'diti.; three .JL years, L'nfurnit le.l, a Briek-I>uilt LOIO AUi:., con-tiiiniiii; tlirei- t?ooJ sitHiig rooms on tuetrou'id lloor ; a ilriiw* iilg room, twobe.staiid u.tialler beiicioiiobei-s on liiettivt floori bed rooms fortervautn, kitche.;, panirv, c'ell:irf, and s Jtable omee;!, detacheil brf�iioase,laurtdrv, �V.e.; Ivvo^oud girdeiis, the o.ic well stueitcd with IruitK and vegvtable3,.lne otHer^Mth choice frail and i�tliertruil.�, flower.., ami shrubbery: 'riiepreiuises arc deli^htfullv situated al the l-,ii.-lera oi V(ie beautitulaud be�U!iful town ol V armoutn, commanding an cxiciiiiive hea vie\v> aad.a charming )>roiipcr.t or the w hole r.:n;;e �if tne oppo!*ii e ciKist, incluiing llurst Cistie, l.,^nlll)gTOllvJ^ldavarlety of other inierosting objects. At \ arinouth thert are good IniiS, uita hor...e.s, carnages, bathing niacbinw, and every otlicr accommodation. Waiiy turtlier pirticuliirc reUtivs to tticii^ pr��nvu-i's so d.'sir.iblv si-taitcd, 01.17 I'.virriton application bv letter, posl paid, to 'I. S. AnriertoiiV i;otlee-house, tkvl-sm-et, lo tlie eoiirie ot ten da vs. Perioni of unqu.^stioiiable respectabditv ot caa-racter.M )1! bt .attended to laimcdKiH-ly (none others ne;id apply ),a!ul jiossctsioa ot tae premises may be bad speedily after xtlifisumuier. ^. !>. I'hc Pwprictor bas at his housem Towiiadraw-J^it:ott'ie.Ci)?ia^ir anu (juriiens, wnicjutiay b^l�s�erlLMl. To t;ic CROOKliD and Wiit-Oit.Mr.D of both Kli.VrS. Y lliS Ma|t�ty's Iloval Lettt'rs I'atccit.-All Deformitic!'tO' wnicU ti.'c iJurnan .liody usubject may be cured tor a stipulited sum, iiud f ive itv.idred Pouiiris security gTvea, it n-quired, toritie einer.Pv of the applicatun, bv iM. V isl V iii>, juii. oi ^0. % Upper Jameb-strcet, (ioldea-.square, Loudon, l.iic or tlnUtrii-olreet^ and .New Boiid-strevt, witnoutlhe irksome avsi.-,t.-iiice ofaroii, steel, or aiiv other niet;il. � ilie application, tri'-itrn-nt, A:e. co'iti-nu'.'ffor Aiedical iiispecdon �;verv i\i'.i.iili) v ;!.mi tuursd.av, Ue-tweeeiithu liour:> ot iJevcn and.1'our.-Post pud letters at-teiideri to. ^ : i\vj \iio.\ 01 rue mini 11 vL pa-.i i ii i i�. IVf 11. DiC CIIi:Mr>r, ha=! observed, in the Xt.^ labile Papers, that some of his uiiiiiiAl Liuryttiits, whom' he disrutiiiieii trunk.hi�.service, have the assurance, to an-nouuce themsLlvcs as l)entl^t.-,^practising th.'arj of lunking the Mincrul Paste lecth ;^aii.iMi order to gma the eooaJeiiee of the I'ublic,. have asferled^ that they had been s.^v"r;il-years-Assistants iii^taat I'loletsioii: Mr. l;e Chem;uit bel.-ig the only i'erson in.l-.iigla:ul or Ir.ince who has hitherto prarti.-ied this uew Art, by virtue of Letters J^atent, ol)taiiied of bis A1u,|fsty, and trom the t rcncii Ciovernment, it must be pre-mmedi that it uas at hts>House tliat.tbusopersohs pretetul to l^ivclearaed that Art, Mr. Oe Chemant, therefore; f-.-N" itliisdutyto warn the Public that he has never bad either I'upil or Assistaut^ in bis protessiQiiot burgcon-Ui^iitistv or in his Operative I'rocess: iior bis be ever couh.led to any i'(-rsoa w homsoeveK the Secret and Knowledge ot his Chemical PrcparatiO()of Mi(ieral.^�a*te Teetji, thctoraiaijoii and pertcctioii of wUieli'it i= requisite to> ol>-^eive, demands long and if P.-i the CoBh Micelfplaeroii great ' ' --. v past. Printedfor llichard Phillips, No. 6, Cridgo-strcct, Black-friars, and iu beiwid of ail hoolcsellers. 'i'lii.'day *s published, pncc;/�. .� KASUHtiSas well asMKN ; or, the present and future interests of (>Teat Britain; with a i Ufi tor renderins us a .M.irti il as well as .i Commen I eiiple, aVid pro/iditiga .MihMrv i-oree' adeqil.itc to the lAi-eocies ot the limpire, and tiie Si'curily of the United Kingdom. ^ � Printedfor.). JoIiiison,.St. Paul stniureh-yard. tiiWinesS. f*. QUISio.4, Chcapside. corner of Pateraoster-4-ow; and retail by '-Most niedicuie VeiiBers in every tuwa in the United Kfiaj-diiiiiyiii bofe uuivi^hjiii, from their ERicacy in those C^ouij) uins, which -condnuaUy ( .'disturb..the Humarr'' , A>ts, yiH bdog dAjiJjncd'as ft mild |p^��attw �>i.�y;'anrt lh�j�-6�rtsn6tj)lHa*��H�iisK'n�:>ve, cele.*>rated the Father of the Ku:.;teH-ties tr.-im Keal t.iifr. This dav v,.aspa'.�hs;lieri, a Second t.-.'itioii, with additions,of Rlntainii/;;a detail ot many ciroiimstitnoes A. No Tcndcitfora [essqUtintttj/tltpn-Fifl!/ T/idumaait ('rfu.11 Dttnltic I'tj/m, Ten T/iou'iand i't'gkn Uauiir. Hi'aAdtf, Tn-eiilij 'Jliuunmd Civipu. Danliic lloethtadf of TatrUjhfipe 'J'/iuusiniil lirmk Dantuc, iiamliro', iftMiu, ur. i^iub^ fiifc Slttvft^ tiUtbendmiUak'-- � .1 ' : �� , nol be imecUd in tevrd* at hugth^ of, ikai thail not -be dulevured lu the Hoard bepreXUuo'Ctovkunlki'AdiX*^ uj Juno next^ nue unlet* the pwomthomnkt* the'i'tnder^ or tome/tersiin onkUbehalf, attcndu inre oj fiielte Monll.y terlan, and further vniiiSix Monfhn arnmif s/iuil bc^gwcn ; tin I t\i be jfuiil Jvr by Bilh, jiai/itbie Kith Jiitrrcifl, mncly days after datt. 'the Conditions oj llu Coutruct iiiai/b: seen at the Secrelanfii ()l/ty, at t/iu UJp'-e, or by a^jpljinj; iti Jli., Jtf, iVjf.nw .'iujci^ tj s Luusul(tt l.tibon,  Nu regard K'ilibe had to o.ny Tcnicr in 7vfdch the price s'a'l not be mtsrtcd iii uurdi:nt Itrvjtli, or that shal ��not be rie i^-. tci to the Hoard bejore Om u'Lljcl- 011 t/tn aatd lucsd.iy, t.'u 'id 0/ heplember nexl, nor itnl.jM the Pcrs-m uJlo v,ak:!i tue i'l-n-difr, i>i-sume j.'eraun on Jtts bthulj, altci.d-^; to cmjxir tahi-u aided fnr. NAV\-OFFlCi:, .Iur.e3. iso!. fV^llVj Principal O^^iars and Cj/nnmsioneri of Ja.  Ills Mtijtslifs Siivj da hereby i;tre .\ottir, thai on 'Siciv ne.>^av, thi "id oJ July n�x/, al una u'C/oiV.-, i,ieyu:Ulbe tiadjj toircit ii-j/Zj sai-A JV.-.ic-ru us may tte ailliiig lo contra t Jor xjuarin^ and rarnaii:; bj land to i^:jrton, and from Ihru e fij ivairr to JJts Jllajati^'s t nid at Fl^niutdli., Iht, TIdlilrU Iflted tins iseasxm lu "the i-orestof Ucau, ii^isy. aboul low Loans. ji j'onn of Vie Tender m.-?-.' be teen al this Offire. Ao lemhrtfiUb: recjtiy.d after 'iicslv: o'Llin:!: on tii.c r.a.ij liny notued, wAteji t/ic I'artj, jr liu ^i^^iit fur A RICVIKW x5l lli;;hness t:ie tr'* MillO MMt'l ftl than twenty year.-"" of treat), nor tiiin, iilhiiiis. Al-FAlKd t)i'- IMJIA. This Day is publii'ied, price'Js. (id. AI,F,TTKR to the Right lion. CIIARLRS JAMl-.h i-OX, one ofhis .Uajeatys l'rincip;il Secns iaries i/f .Stale, ()n tiie i'onduet adopted by liini upon Ihe Charges inad'^ by Wr. PACli against M.-irquis W J-,I,1.LS-Lf-ii ; to whicli .-ire aime.iceil. a t'opy of tne J.eller sent by t)ie J.a^t India Oirector-i lo ttlarquis'WcUesley, on the'.ilitii lit Aoveiiiher, lo.J;; and also .-ifatlntul cojiv oi the Disputeh tiftiie I'.isl iaJi.i Diri-eiors, |)fupo.-i�'d ts(mt state of the various^ brapctics of. human knowledge, ha.-;' }i to becoiai; adi-pt,s iiianv oi�; art orscieiift, Will stc^rccly study it from an Liicyciopasiia exclusively.- . . . � '� That a coroplefe view of the arts and st> they trust tbey may with rt;a$un:ui.d f,nHidc4ty promise to Its purcliasirn. ,* ; i I'lirft^' It wilt exhibit a^compeiidfum -ttf oH Iwlmap. know--' l�iK;e^ thip tnore' -lombious: because deiMC^ 9f all extrancoiis (ntaltcr-.rralher practical..ttnm sue�llUitlVPi and in y{hicti (ianiitaflarattiention will be paldt* ihe'iiiM �ii*f"Ibr.inchiii. able ajTOr'�i4c�lated JO I�ii*p,tl^t to^^}l^^v�fy sUtfious perms'08 a hot* of coftjtaptreferen?e- 'rhitd. It waC We. printwl'so t� c*rt�pQnd with the qaalrtii ^diticiliis |)r.v^oliBsbn'si(I}Irti(Mnry�.and thi; pas- j'�Phly:rortli|}j>arp�s�,.fl.isupertitwyd^ �rr{(iimi'urawiiig9# >Vl� ^iwn.taith* UMUliclol h.wp�|C;irt:.thi;?iMHprc.{ and .t^tnwe, B^red toui caoii'parri>rc| rcg|ulariy.iiauc up wnh-ttcv; cor- *^^#r�lii&oVRkuMdPliaiiffl frian: and sold by all bonksellcrs .inrt deitler.4 in bmiks to 'U-Jliuio or^en are requested to be given as early us (Risible. .� � � � � . � .... ' � :� ^ ?-.A\ V.-OFFICi, JuoeT, IpOo. fWMlViPrindjHtl Ojjiars and C::nmi^stoucrs cf JEL llii Mirjemii'h i\avy do /icrc^ii (;'.\- Auiic, i,tui on Tli'jrsday,.t.'i(f i\ttn imlan:, ci One � ( .'i-.-,.-, lUr-j tx:i �! be rrulif la ireal htch. xnehp-.'rior.has mayhr irtHim; to lunlruti^urartu-^j.'/in? "t'lTKR.'ilU. ItCil a!!.t Ki-JA llI"..Mi'. A. Diitr;hulinnof t!ic lJv:np, Kith a urin tHj the 'l' in ttii- Dl-.t Iwjilev, l.iiiirliiii, on 1" iiji>.-�y, the lltb of.TiUv next, at Light o'clucK 1:1 thu ;\loriii:!g. ArA�St>IV. RKii.S'M'.iCLOPEDIA, I'AinXi!. 'j his dav is published, iii Quario, price lbs. la baardf, p.irt of nnilE NKW CYCLOPKDIA; or, UNIVER- a. .'^AL DICTION AKV of ART.S, SCIF,.\Ci:S. and LI i l-.R-\ rURI-i i tormed upon .a nioro^ed Plan of Jfr-Miigenii'iit thantlic I)ictninary pi Mr. Cliaiuber-; conipr. B, A te�� Copiesar-.'printed oil on Royal Paper, with prootimpressionsotthePlate-j, price 11. Ids."eacli i'art. ^ DliiVRTii OF AiO.NLV. T is an nniversally loU fact that .MONEY on LO.A.V, li almost b'ccomi' lui'iitamabte ! 'the Papers, indeed, still UDC�a^illglv �wm with oflVr-s but ^saving or two) thvv are all a kind ot pecuniary (iiiackcr^, hoHim f:)rth infalliole accoinmodilioi., vet oii thi', oeighicn-ini; the disease, by tenious treatv, tniuritiui expo-ure, spe-ciou-i exaclift.t, u-ul Unal disappuinimwii! 1 roiu this (tial. too ju.^l) accusation, Air.:ii. .iACl\!�_ON cUi.i;i entire e.x-eiuption. 'ihe entent and opuleaery many ye.-trs vminp.-r.criable pru-fessioiial pr.^cticc; enable liiiu, us fiiihcrlo, to mf.oi \Tr. Xtve^ lo.-inoi, from but'i\>.)l. Hp to'i.O,.iO.)l. or uiore, by Redeeni-nbU>'A!inuity,..-i;id ttie tnt.-r.-st alone required to'besirioreJ npo^j Land, lioasp.�, tiie Funds, St-ttlemeut^, .loijitorrs, t;hiireh i'rifer.iients. and ^Iwr Life iiieoiiies: l-.itt tfom people of orliich r.'spectability, notliirgmore than merely p-jriotial fccuritv is dtsireil. In ev{rv nigociatiou conhdea to air. laeksou, and w tiicli be luidertak^"!", it�..c-coinp!ishni?nt u Uiduiling; jua; prompt, secreij frauk, atal {-CMitleinanlv. Post pai.l letters, not anonyir.ous, nddr.-'.'^ed vas fwr some-yea^ptist) to Mr. H. Jackwm, tobelett at the New t"b:ip-t;'r Codj^obouii', I)ukcs-�wurt^j. i.ougracre, n Ironi IneCoiir.-. try, w ill coiniuiiud an iiniiu'di.ite answer; ;ind U in Loadon, acoiihdi' appulntiuci.i-at ths Author s liouoi', luc \rest Lnd of the'IVivvii. ; ' _ - FOR Tin-. TM-.TII AND liUAlS. rr?HK IkSHKNCU of PISARL mul PKARJ/ _IL nJiNTlFRlCEyonvcntea bv the i.itu Jacoh Hvinet, Dentist to Her iMajcstV aiid^hc Priuce �f \\ ale?, .ire !;i-.m�!v snp'Tior, noth in elegance and elh-.-acv to any ttiijn- hitheno made u��ot.:thtvv will eltemiUv prosetvc the riH-tts i.� ;t sound stale cvvn to old �(jc : wiit render them wtiili! and liouuiiful without thelea&t inipiiiring the EnanWl,fasten such '"aslirelooiev kcep8Mch�s�ro'alre.idy decayed fn�:ii brcom-itig worte, prevent the 'I'lMUhf^achiperfuctlV i^urc the Scurvy In the Cuius, and iaikotiViagro�v.lirTa andcli^c to the tceta. Thin- likewise! render the breath.d�>lictitely nwt'ctv and nitNitvaUtliostf disorders thatarotli>ie.oi.s.';picacc of scoib^tic (ium.^a::d^d lei th; Inonlcrto pr.'vw.t the Impositions dailvpr.cti^cdbv prp-so�' coniUiTfeitiiig the !ibovc-mt�nti�ncd lonj-t-stHtHiii^ed' Mcdi�.Ha>�, \hp foilwiii ginuiiio'biil hii�e tjiiose worus e�!.*riived 111 thivsbiiup, and alsi^, *i B.AYa.K-Y.. and Buiivd Cocksp�r-sjrA>t, Lon-tlup/' nusied oq the back of each bottle und l.o >-. ' � 'fhe|Lsseuccand DentifriceaK-^iiolrl Mhole-ule and rctiil ibv.Vi.RV aiid-.BxBw,.&, C-ockspurtstrect,>pncvt i{s. 9d, ea^htstamps liicludv'^: ��id retail by i'. Scarm\n, (late l*a]qtmrandSMCC''S!iQrU� Alt. Hcm^l,) C�x'ob|,e-street, llun-ovvr-siiiiari\*'L^�dgfnV '� .  - , " : NVBJ'I>^-*-WDCt\iiP�rtipuVirIvire'^'>mmrt�aedtoP(ii�ifi and pcrsonswho have fii� oati<� of Children, as tha {r(�u*^( pr^ticrvative-of young and tuidir Teeth. ;

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: June 18, 1806