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Courier (Newspaper) - June 12, 1806, London, Middlesex rr'HIS PRESENT EVENING wiil be perterm?d , With KOSiNA. � : Tc,�noii(W;tli�R"Sy l)ody; wi'^Jlie Quaker (n�nR THURSDAY, "E�!EIvMAS(>NIS� tavern. Jonrs. 1806. f ;in Adjonrnmehc of the Commntce appointed V*trc.e�aarn, assembled at Larct's &.,.r.�B StewofCatHe.&c March4, 1806, it wi�s lesojmi, .t TilaMn oVile?^lo najt an humble hut sincere trib�ae to jt YOUNG MAN. 17 year* of age, af respec. ,iCjL table conne�l!ops, who writes a very good batidt withes to iirake himself uterui as junior Clerk in a countiPft-hous*", or wit!� a GentWmaUf or take the tlwti^e of Educating the y(;unK capabld of giving; insthiclionqiihcr ill French ot Engli'th � and can have the most untlcnTable recommendation. I'er-sonal application, orietiers adJSressed lor Josep)i Botiet, No. 70, &>iuh Audl^y-street,. CrQSten>,r bquaie, atte'ndeiVto with -thegVrttcsn punifuality. tion*any one indivulualX i� order to pure.. ; iflaie to be presented tahis Otaccy wirli. a suitable insctip. �i,on, expressive of the esteem; and Riatitnde ot hi; Grace's Associates iu the laudable pursuits of ARfiCulture." It is now resolvrd, �* 'rhataKieceofPta�eheor<le�ednn the Tstof July next, *niwhjchdnjt it i&intendfdthat the Sub.-i<:iriPions Shal^close^ ' ainti,thar ait perSAitsdesircntsofb^cHiimtijf.Stibscriber)), doiiM ill* samB to MBsSK. Hoare^ Bankers; in Miwsreect." SUMIiKVlL I.E. H: UUCU H^)ARE. CHAS. C. WliSTtim. . l?Hli),ANrmiuWie ANNUIT\~PLANi T a numerous, and, respetfUbJe MEEHNGlield known to tlw in tlunkmg It thia Day at"the London Tavern, WILLIAM LUD^ Ji,AM. Esq. in the Chair^i* was resolved uflammously, \ Thui it is i he-opinion of this. Meetiiii;, tint a& swon as he nature of this Institution is thoroughly Vublic.tlve Community, will concur vvith ir likeVv to be peodiictivc ot much public benstit and uidisidual aAvauJ-Afie, and ntinM�opca af the Londjm Tavern, -nd -ft �5� WeHbi-ck-sirectj a.t either of AKhrch pbce n uf the PuMure i>.cIose<ltu the l^ublic. it wili leniain at Uis house i lr. Ahan's, b^ker, No. ji, Broid-sriret, t>edr('Olden-s(jijiire. '''^ ~~ " CUiWiiK, UBirK^" � TobcS^OLD by Al'CTION, by Mr S.VflTli;, OaMonday next, June 16, at twelv-,- o'clock, on ti�e Premises, 111 lots,. ALL the large and valitjble MA,1 ERtALS of a Urce bricVl and tiled IJWELUNC-Hl)V/Sh, and t)iric<;s, two lariicbarns^ stables, caw-ltovisc, W3j;�jv and vxt lcKi,;cs. and Various crcCUoiii to be pulled down, late ilie residence Mr. Wm.. Octclee, dstewej) at Clcwcr, wuhiti iiieinile ot Windsor. CatiiioKuesmay be hid of Mr. Smith. l�fo. 9, New Bond. s*ret!f, iieirrlis'Ohani}'. ami it: Wiudsoi*. ^t.^S.: AlMiV i;.UOUWII.L. --' C A MNIl) N .CUi-11L, HOUSE, eocksour-sireet, C.'wriii^i-crpsii. To be Petenintorily SciM) hv AUClfON, By- Mr. ANG.KI.L, On MoxD.^v, the 16th iiist. at I weiveo'Clock, at-Garra-way's CoU.:ehouse Cornlull, (tw order of the hxecutors): THE valuable and JesirahW LEASE of the CANNON COFKKE-liOUSE, latein tf.eoccupation or ;V1 r. W m. C reen,decea�ed. Tine ptrnvises, have recently been niuuh enlarged and imp ved at a considerable expence, and atenow til tutVtrade, cumprisinj; a handsome pile of lofty bciildmgs, witti. an exteostve range of front elegant cuftce-wom, litrgs club and other earing rooms, txUmerous hed. looms, and every necessary office tor carryiiiji on a capital iraile. which.nogother With US loeality, stands uuiivallcd in' the Metropolis.  � N. n. The fcstats is held at a low fs^ound rent, of which ;iearly 14 yeariareu.aexp-retii-and is replete withi modern re-]iairs, coinn[ianding t\vo enroncesi the imineaiate tlioruilKh-t^ *�es. to fall-Mall, Haytn^rkcti Sprrtig: Gatdeiv GaJe,. and Cfiarmg.cross. ? The furniture togpthjH- with the Stock of Wiiic,' Spirits, �c. may be taken at a valuation, or will otherwise be Sold by Audion. < To be viewed three days preceding the Sale (witJt tick�s) and particulars, with couditiomot sale, may MiMdoii tlie premises; at Cartaway's; an<} of Mr. AngcU, No. ip, 'Ihreart- TTn^INES-Otd teX fORT itovti 36s. jo 4.2s. per VT <tot.*fine o|�l SHRtM<Jif iw- and.44"!. per ditto; LISHON 4ns, and44^. per^tto ; .TUd MAiitlKA 63$. and 66s. per ijitto.-An ^j^liiwaiioe on taking 6 dosen. Mngle bottles w�H be i�)id*4as iaHB.rf1*s, at No. t, Tbanet-place, I ernplerbxr, and 7$. ItTrwick-stiect, Sioho. farticutar at-teiition to country orders. nuvoiisiirRE; PARTICULABS of an ESTATE malted HOLC.OMB -  BUUNELL COriAGU. nPO be LET i^br a Term of thre^, s^v -fi ad lemltngf'rortl Exetarta Mi-rten-hampstead,jn*a most beautiful, romantic, and fine sporting Country.: l'h� Htfttse;is nu^deraie sized old oak biuUting, .With {I square enelpsed firm-yard, ot -courtlagc, a gooii barn, .atablini;,.cow-StaHs, linhays, a 'wel! ot tefnarkiibletme water, and room tor evety con'venience that can be wishitd for a ^entlemati t^^metvand the lands Vie entirely.compact, with->na tinglence, and surrounding thecottage, but without the '�'er'''�liJ�'h or pathways^ ro-dds. or otliet inconvenieocies ..generally atiicheti to. ground^ 'i'bis Estate is capable of .treat improvement, and n^ay, be considered, without -exr /icption, as .one ot the most d�|iKhtfut spots in England, .^here a. retired count/y lite i&aqobje&t� and where* by biing .coni'muouR, to several excolljsnt and (^heap Market. Towns, tne expe^ at. living is extremcty mocjerafe. The ride to at> n�n two mile*.dijtant, whetOi there is the finest fishing in �i>e country for salinoiii troiut^ and all kinds of fish. Game ^'every tlescfiption 1$,very plentllXili awl sporting itiay be folio,ra~;-ii'" V '*'''.^^^^^^^ �"i �porting may be �0d� Jiw """^'^T iinmediat�!ly it desiretl, and the present NEW RurrURE ROClJiTY. ESTABLISFJED FOR THE RELIEF OF HOIH S E X RS A FFLIC i-El> WI PW HE KN lA K Y COMrtLAfNAND J�H tur(d ; byt among th se classes ofthe rommnniry which are miicM rx-pospd to labori'US-emt>I'�ymetit,t!ie average may be tited ;it oneinciijhtwr nine; audit is foiimltha', m some particular parishe.'T, the proponton in.iy beconipuied'a't even a fourth of the labouring population! This complaint is not confined to any uuticuUrageor spk, nor is It the consequ-iicc of depraved habits or immoral b^-iLivimir, lAtt it arises frosn a natural bodily d^&ct, ur from verv uiuisiiJl ex'rrtions, at any pen^d ot lite; and can be neither torcsein nor avoided, etthcr by the weal'hy or the poor. \it jthotit timely aid 11 generallv f�rmin�tis by a naiii-t'll and tapitf diss-olutpMi,- in early lite, or during the vii;uur of manhood : alilwtiiih, in a �Ti.<jority of cas..s, rs fatal consequences may almost certainly iie prevented by tiieapplicj-tio.i of an appropriate Trus. ct.r>cciir muchmore fre-quently than an uiattentive ob.server mttht be apt to suppose, and a'eesneci.illv incident to the weaker sex. Anionvr the afflidlcd I'oorv where no inewns. of relief have been re^ -rtl to. during the exhteiiceot Kiiptures and Prolapses, unV.  ipy r.bifds are commonly ilis.iW^dfrom hil-htliug theo;�li;iary"duttHs ot tiieir stations. Tlic extreme danger ot these compl.-iii'ts, ^nd the gr^.a mconvemences en-tailed ont;;ose'jle b-ings whi) survi\re-their mistertune, have given birth to an iiirumi!*r:)ble hDst of Truss-sellers, Kupfure ntongi'is, ^Vomen-<t :ti>rs .imi miiorant iinjiostors : so that **lio disease (as the late ceiehrateil, Mr. Tnlt ob-seive*) has ever furmshcl such, a constant sitccsssuin of quaoks as rtiprures liav ." adopting a systemot econoi. my in the foriTiHiioi) and maiMgement ot a oerni inent Itind tVir the rclfef of the^e iiiif-irMmate sulfeK rs, a number of Siitj-scrib.-rs of t-hieor Two guineas eith, may be cubed to adiTtiniiitercoiisolMmii to ihoiisaiuls ni th?ir rello.w-erea'ures,uvho wnuUl oilierwidciiie ini.^sr.ibly, or live uiipro. fitabic niembqrs of the c-n:im nity. icverurhuniUed pjunds Imealnittdy bi;eiiconttiDui;'d few the sup-port ot this, iisra,-tklUhirient. One objefMon, �nd only one, it, is here proper tot antiufpate, Ijst some benevolent iwrsons should siippii^e ti'ere.ts no ab-s.jlute nrcessity tor tliia. inatituiion; maiely, '.*� that there altea*ly exists a .Soci�ty tor th"se sjiecihc objeds ' ^During the year 1796, a society was fornieit in th^sMenopolis tor ihe cnie |.Mrpi;K of gritiiicousiy aftouling .-iiirgical assistance ai-.ct Trusses totlie ruiitured poor ot cither Jiex ; but, unt'.^rili-iiately, some cireuiVistapces octiirr-d, wnich induced the principal Matrons of that InsTitiftiun to discontinue their saitcfion, and air Isotfth towithdraw tunn it fi\iir>.*ly ; as a;'-peats from tlie^subjoiiied fomirftia resigiutiOii, sent to tlie Treasurer ot the Sficietv ahove atliioed 10 . *' We, the uiKlersign�U?resi<ieiit, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, aiid Lite Governors of a Si'Cteiy f.irineily instituted tor the Keliet ot the l !^rs of that Institution, we coiisiiler oiiiselve.s as h.^ving had nocniiexion with the Society (to wlncli Sir Joan Pinliorri is n.:w saul to be Treasurer'; Mr, WiUiain, I'lirnbiill, Surgr.-on ; ai:d Mr. 'i'liomas '�'ike, S.cietarv),- since ihe 15thday ot December, 180';. lu-rhavc we t^cr sanclioued, or even bc'eiV.privy t ,any ot their subsrquent'procerditigs : \Ai% public Advsttise-meiits lidviiig appeared willv .several of oiif names, we give you ihis. Notice, that It may be laid before th^acling Mem-b,;i&vM,he said Socety. IJat^d this Silnlav of March, 180J. 1 To Sit John Fuihorn. (Signed) President. Melville. Vice-Presidents: M. Gafthshore, ].-HeavisuiCt John Julius Angerstein, W. Windham, Robert Hatikey, Walter Farquhar." 'Irtasarcr. 4. W. Adam. Life-Covcrnors.^ Henry Hoare, ' William Alers� W. Hall i.imbrel, Abraham (.'oldsmid, Kobert Ihomton, Samuel Thbxidon, flenry Thointoiti 3 irhes f'arrer, Ge.tge yVolfV � Teignmnuth, VV. Wilberfoice,  * liarliam, s. Dunelm." A newanel eltlcignt Institution has; now been eifabjishtd tor the Reli-.t of Khpturcd I'eisons, which, \vill include within the sphere ot it$^ bdunry a description ot aiifferers namely, persons aftlided with l^rolapsrs), who have hitherto, heen left unprotefled and forsaken. . VV iili a leterence tothl.* twotuld objedl ot its formation, it is natniid The New Rup. tore Society fur the Keliet of both Sexes atHicted with Herniary Complaints and I'rolapses. The Patients are attended, (gratis) by Mr. Blair, No. 69, Great Kussel-street, Uloomshury. Subscriptions tor the use of the New RUpture Society arc receiv'ed by the following bankers : Messrs. Hoare, Fleet-strqst, Treasurers to the Society, Messrs. Hanki-y and Co. Fenchurch-stteet; Messrs. Fuller, Chatteries, and Co. Lombard-street; Messrs. Ransom and Co. fail-M.ill; And by Mr. John Sawyer, No. 20, Gr.tatSt. James-street, Bedtord-tow, Oolledtor to the Society, ot whom may be had the pimtcd Rules of this Institution. Vublishedljy Ordir. W.E. Al.LEN, Principal Secretary. T^HE Rev. WILLIAM BARCLAV's PATEN T X ANTIHILIOUS I'JLLS. The exclusive Saleot this .valuable inetticmebeing now vested solely m iht Rev. Wiji ham liarclay, and thoM apninfed hy him, the turf her sale of the l'iil.� IS, in'conse(|iunce, entiielv discontinued at the Ulf'roiatorv, No. 35, bedtoid-street, Cpvent-garden, and is now established'at the Kev. UiUiam Uatclav's Warehouse, l;rjccj>isr.square ; where the public may beassurctht' hnvmg them in tlvstr piirt and genuine state. Mr. Richard liutier, .Mo. 4, Chea|-�.'dc, bein<? appoiirted sole Wholesa'e Agent, all wiiotpsale., orders, both in town and country, are re. q'jeste<t�o be addressed to him,who vvJUraake fheTradethc usual allowifrice. None aK genuine but those having a Black Stamp, with the name, " I he Key. AV. Uarclay," ngraved jthereon. - .' T. A. PH|[1�?8, Agent to-the Proprietors, Bedtord-streeti Covent-garden. BR, GORDON'S celebrated VElQETABLE �A LSA MIC PI LLS, or coufenrrated Balsamic Com: pound. �y its peculiar ami powerfully deterifeiiwl janativ* ene,:ls on the Kenal 01 Uiinary Sysiem.and combined salutary vctiononthe Stoniach,. HovveU. Lungs, and general habit, it is highly elficacious ia all chronic diseased stailis, localand .geiie/al. As in those incident to the Urinary Svst�))n and IJcbilitles i in the Dropsy, bj:rophub, and l*(Sflbral by Jocal irritation, and by i >itfaciforsquaf. iltg andcii'ryinf; hy luitd ic Vyrt/in, li'idJ-omtfjence ijrtuater to. Hit l^lajetiv't'rard at iUymojaJi, the TIMItER felled thii Season in ihe Forest of Djan, being about 1015 Loads* '  AfoimoJ-tl)eTe-^dA-i eseeitatfi>!^OKce. NaTender'uiill lif received after T-ioetvr a'Ctock on lb/ da/p ef treatyf lior any noticed, units' the parry, or an Ageiii Jnr iim attenJt. V-OtHCli, June ni 180*. �"a'KS frincipnl Ojjictn and Comtmsiwrjrs of Hit � X l^ajfMy'i N.ivy d'l hert'iy pivi Notice, itfal.on Vi kd-hS' n.\Y tvxt, the ifith nsuvnt, at One a'Cti.cii, ttiey io!ll lie ready to treat wlh silch persons ar tnay bt nvitiinc to contract for- A Uittfltlttion 0/ the Iron, luitb a Farm tj rl)e Tender, m.iy bt teen at this Office.. ' ' - � ' Noterrdtr wut tie received after Twelve o'cM on the da f oj Treaty, tlof any noticed, ttitless the p/ti'iy^ or an a'^m Jot him; at-ttniu :  V4Ci'JAl.t.lN4�).t>r'rt*.il� "Jttrte (>, i�o!�i . TW^^Comnth^iittvs fir VfauaUing HU Majetty's Navv Jn iMrt'jf give Notice, Tbat ot I'^o&so av the id of Scptemtjer �*J, itiejt'viltLe rtadf 10 receive le>uiert in wrti-tne (ualedM^j, fortbeta plyint o/WAj/: FRESH JIEKK, SRA PROyjSIONs, and. WrNU �W/ iJf ^fwWc^/jr/./.r Mvjeity's >iljipt an-!f I'extels at L'tLon Jor the spare, of.t-.tvlve mo<ttt)sttflain,.xT!dJttrt!ermtil lix .tionllji tvaririyig shall he gfvcn; and. to fit paid Jiji by BtUt puy,tbif, luilh ititerest, isinely diys � ajier Jair. J'lif Cnndil'Offff the Contract mjy I" r'rn at t''r Secrelarv' i\-0^Cit, cr by itpp/j.;r�g 10 Hit Biiiannrc M.ij-:sy's Loisul at Lisbon. No rega-d lutll be had tn unit Tvndei in tvlt'tb t'le price il) lO not be ime'ted tn ivnri , or thai shall not fie .iel'icertA to tlx Ijoard l.tfoie One o'Clocli on /A* i/i/t/ Tuesday, t).>c 2d 6f .Sip/ember ne.vt, nor-M:':tt the pntoiioljo m.iki-sib^ rcidr, . :i,nf ' ^r.toii on bis '/(l^aift utiemis, tn ansiuer when called fo-. Al).,v11RAI.TY OF.TCE, lo, 1806. "^^OTiCIi.:/y n Sciiiz^t of Oyr .Jj^' a/.-d. per-iiirrcr aJtd GmI Delivers, jw tlie- Tr-ul oj Of-J.nces ci.ituHilted on the Htgh.Seas, ivitbin the juris'tirt'ion of ll.e A:imiMtyoj Englatd, ti'ill bi Ar/./rtf lu-tice llall, i^i the Old Hailcy, l.inaoii, on i-Rit�.\v, the uth of J.ily nsx', at Eigt-t o'Chck in the .t-.^^-ff/V/q-.- W M � Al A \K S U E N. ROYAL-EXCHANGE ASSUJ5ANCE OFF5SE. 1 'inc, 1806. PERSONS, luhose Annttal^remiutntfall dn^ on the iLl^th iwant, are hereby injvmed, t.hitl- tiecetpfs are now ready tQ be dehwie.l at the Company's Utijces, rver tir.R0y.1l E?tcha"ge, and tn Pttll-Malii as iv^lt a\ by ibnr respective Agfntt in the sf^' Counties ; and the Furties assmed arc re'iiie.\trd tn ajpiy /or the-renrival'f their tolicies, on or bejore ps, in Harbirtir, 111 liock^'or wh ie liut on t!<e alith ot November, 1804; andal-so a t.iithtal copy of the-!.)i.qiatch ofcthe East Jndi.i Uiredlors, pioposi-d to be sent to the .Vlar qUis, but tor which the Uo;ird of Coutroul substuuted and seiit another ot thcif own. . l.ond.n . Sol-.I by W. J. and J. Ric'iardsons, Royal Ex.-.change. ' ' . �. ' � . _ �� ~~ " bbLL'S SUKOtKY, VOL. If. This day were published, i;i t'.vo parts Royal yuarto, illus tratcil by numerous hngravmgb, price 5!. 5s. 111 boards, THE UPERATIONS of SURGERY, Vol. II. by JOHN BELL, Surgeon. Part First.-,Containing rtie Anatomy ami iJiseases of the Urethra and Bla.ider; tl.e Operations of Lithotomy, Iniro-dinption.&t the Catheter j Puncture of th-: IJladuer; tlie Use aii i}rDci:pt.alus,aiid Phrsi.zy ; the Por,t(ineof i-ractures and DepfcsAionol the skull, and ritu Operation of Irepa :. - Printed {or Longthaii, Hurst, Rees, and Oime, I'aternos-ter-row; and Cailell and Davies,Strand. Of wnom may be had, the First Volume of the above Woifc, ccntjitniigthe Printiples of Surgery, in-Royal ^uaito, illustrated by eighty hngr.tvmgs, priwe 4I. 4s. m noaru^. �"^^ ' MOilTALJ I'Y AP CIURALI-'Kr. � - This Week is published, price ss. ui boards,, QBSERVA nONS, ike. on the EPIDISMIC J51S li AS K which lately prevailed at GI il R ."V LI .\ R ; intended to illustiate the Natuie of Contagious I'evers ni *^.""*'"By SECyiN HENRY JACKSON, M O. Of the Royal Cdltege ot Pnysicians, London; Consulting Physician to ^he Westminster General Dispensary; and i'ivysician to tlie Infirmary ot St. Georjie, Hanover-square. Prinlet^forj Murray, Kleet-streft; and J. Callow, Crown Court, Prince's-srreet, Soho. *^*'Dr S.H. Jackson, requests Cotijmunicationson the above su|?jed^. : . - NEW B()OK,S, toappear t'll a few Uays. MR. PHILLIPS has the honour to inftrm the tjterary World and rl)e Public at large, that he fias in Preparation, and in a few days shall putUioh, the following elegantandiuteresttngnew Works! ^ ^ _ , IvMr; CAUR'i STRANGER in IRELAND, or Travels in that Country, during the last Autumn and Wmter, with numerous Engravings^ price �l. js. in boards. . II MEMOIRS OF A TRAVEH-tR. NOW AT REST, consisting of original Anecdotes ot (he > ourts of Europe during the last fiiity year?-, in five yolupies, price ajs. '"nrt-HK POETICAL WORKSof,Mrs.R03INSON, nrjw first colle s. in boartls., . AlS'soonas eachof tftew VVnrks isrejpMlivelyreadyi it may he hid of every Liookseljer m C; reat lintain and I lejjnid. Within the last Three Months Mr. Phillips has published the following esteemed Works. 1. Pr GregorvNCyclspeitia, PiirtsI,�l.andIlI,at9S, Almon'sCompl��e Ediii(aniotjMiliX��.avol�. laj, 3. T^e Spiritot' the French Anas, 3 vols. ijs. 4. Public Charafters ft>r�*ii8;ioS.0�l. i. Crockei's KJeinentsor Land Surveying, 7s. ^ 6. Sannder'S oiithe piseasN^Ot the Ear, ijs- inboarda, 7 Winterln Londort, by Mr. Sivr, r vols. ijs. 6d. -8. MaitI, Wife, & Widow, by Mr, Sijjdons, 3 vols. 13s.6d; d.BioBraphiciil Index tOithe House ot Commons, 9s.. to. Pitlureof jLondonfort8o6, inted. it. Blali'a Cla-'f Book.orafij�ons, $s.^ . ^ Hi. Cotemporary Voy ag? if and 4 ravels, Y,qH. 111. 1 �s. 13. Turnbuil's Naval Sut8�OT,d.W.v 14. Tr�nsliitio�isfromthep�we^ntholoj)r,7s.6d. lew Dr, John Reldon C,onftiwiW�w�, 7*. 16. Robinsbn's G rammar ot History, 3S� 17. Prince ttoal*on,th6Aitem�Sni|ilsind,7S., .. ^ CfchoC xjvhichrtiay behad of every QookMiUec mth�i United : �B*lge.Mt#eti May �6, lUo*. TRIAL OF LORD MELVlLi.E. To-morrow Morning, June i^h, will be published, if the VerdiCl of tte Hpu�e of Loii^ls be given litis d4y, neatly printed in one Volume Svo. *ith an- engraved Poiiraitof ni� Lordship, price toi'. 6d. in botttU, AFULL ^nd CORRECT ACCOUNT of the TRIAL, by Impeachment, be HENRY LORl> VISCOUN r MELVILLE, for High Crimes and Misde-meanours, beSorc f he House of Peens. in Wesfminster-Hall, between the 19th of April and the 17th f the same Re. gi.nftitibtfOre the Hon; Justice Mayne, at thcSpri >g Assizes tdr the Coiintv of Cork, Saturday .'Vpril 5, 180b, taken by a Pr.-ifessioiial Cienfleman in Court. Printed Ijr'r.Ugercoii, Milrtiry Library, Whitehall, Tilts l>av IS published, price a-, t sidcratioiis Politiqr lireiagne retaiivemrnt if \ I'lnssances Nemres. To be had of J. H-iiUi, P;iil-Mal.; lioosey, Rr.ia'; srreet. Royal bxcharge; Dnliu and Co. �-ol;2-s^ii4V..-j ^nd ue. coiichv. New Ijnnd-strcct. sl! "n~o� tl MARV'JIS WELLti^LKY'.-; AOMINIS 1 I'.A! ir/- this !\-!y i.s iniM'sht', inQ ir.-c, p!x,-i;�. A VINDiCA'llO.N . f the JU'SIIC: : , /jL Lie .-of the lite v: c .'.->' -and ihe Deck an, by Miro.'us VVLl.Li-.-..: . tioii with liajee Kao, ae.-iiii.^t tfei; sub-rui ' - jr-i.-Priiited f.:.f Join; Litoi k<lal�. I-'. Of whom may be h..d. on rv.-,) i-irj-c i-'-itfetSj nc-.^  price ICS. 6d. or on ? )iiv;;.is ai'! rnl'orsi or 1 ,  '.-.t. ---- Naturaju expellas tiirc;'!, T.inien usque recurrir. Sold by J. H.irris, corner of St. Paul's f!T�urch-yard ; Callow, Crown-court, Higlilv, Flei.-t-stiee: ; Haichard, i^icca-diUy J Ryan, 353. .Ox.'ord-street; and LovviVdes, Bedford-strceti Coysnl-Gardfin. � . . """" FUR \hV. TKIil K AN,J OU.wS - ~ '-pHE ESSENCE cf PEARL rnd PEARL X Dl-NTI t RICE, iiwinteii hy ths late Jscob.Hemet, Dentist to Hi^r M^esty am: th? Pmics of Wales,me (jreaily superior, bjth in ekes!iiice-ar.d eiricacv to .-iny thinghitlierjo maueusc of j they will etfcttuaiiv preserve tlie I'ecihin a sound Stat* evert .to old a^e; wijl re;rtter them white an-t beautiful withou: the leas: rho Enamel, fasten such [isaie loose, k;;ep such as arealre.->dy de-.ayed from beconnng worse, prevent the 'I'ooth-iich, per'tfiliy cure the Scurvy ja the Goms, and pialx thpin grov/ ^rm na-J. close to the teeth: rhey likewise ren-icr ttie breath rtelicnTCly sweer, and remedy alt those rtiso'tlers that are ihscor.sequencsot Scotbutic ijimisatid bad Teeifh, In order to prevetit the Impositj.ins dailv praclised bv p;r-scn-j cnuntpr.etring the above men'.ioiicil lor.;; e!;!al�HThftr Medicirars^ the fnllrwiiig wor-Jsars (by pcr;nrs-:jnj engraved in thf stamp, J. HKMET', BAY I hY and BLEW; COCKSI'UU STREET," and none arc gjnuine but what have these words engraved m the siamp, and also a Iauel'^-ith the word's" BAYXf-vaiid t;i.r.w, Cockspur-strtet, liondon,'* pasted on the back ot e-ich bolt le .-inu box.  T!ie EssenceaiurDentiince are sold wh.ilesaleanjl retail bv Bavley and Rfew, 5, Corkspur strier, price Js. qd. each; . stumps n'lchidetl, and ietail-!>v r. Scarman, (Tate Partner nnd Successor to Mr. Heinv't,) Gc)r*e-st. Hanover-sq. London. N. U. The E.^sence is purncuiarly recoininpntic have the care ot Childrcai as the gjcatest presetyaliveot vming and lenderj^efri!_ . �  ~ ~ sPKlNt; t tii sic; r\E VELNC'S VEGETABLE PILLS are �i Jf proved, by exprtience, tf� he the best and most Innt).-cei't'.'MtJratrve, Punher, !�Bd Sweetener of rfit; Llood; snd those who ate alHtiited wirh the scurvy, Scbthuric trupi tioi.s, Leprosy. Scrophiila, or aiW other Disorders arising frcm'vitiated Elood; ot those who have impaired their con^ stiTutiors by Diisipat'on, or Juvenile Indiscretions, should bv no means omit a course of the Vegeta*jle Pills during the Spruig. The operatiosi" ot fhis vsiUable'Vegetjble Alterative is so pteasartf and salutiry as not to int^rfe^e with the avocations of business orp!ea-.nre; its aition is confined to the anjinal juices, .md requires no alrentu-n or restraint in dk't; it disiolves m the stomach, blenvfs with the too^l, and gradual ly pervades the citicitltttlng fluids, correcting in itspas.^ sane any deviation from a state of ctir.'/alrscence; m Short, it )S the long sou*ht for Vegerdile Specttlc* or safe, butaMive,. siibstitv'-te for that t^sliionaole rrtferal. Mercury, which may be said "to cure only by kiilmg ; its effitarvexc'it.'S the attention and surprise of nieti!c�l men', lor whet* all other medicines haye tailed, I5e Vel'no'i Pills m�y be lehed i>n asa spe-tlfic for all disorders which opginate in an iiijpurF or Smpair-e l lit Red Ink, by the Proprietor, " ' C. STAPLER. ^ Prepared by Mr. C. Staples, now sole Proprijtter, having; Durohased the recipe of Mr. J. Pidding; and sold wholesale and ret il by Shawa'>d ttjwards, 65. St.,I'auPs Chui�h-. ./ard, on the footway; retail ilsoby Mr. Dickenson, No. 6ov Icrner-street;. Ciaik. BoroUeh ; .and Tuit, l^change.-l^ Price4s.6d. il. as. and ijl. T^IXON'S ANI7EILIOUS PILLS, ar?-found JLJf from experience to be an EftWhial Cure In" alt Bilious Gouts, and RheuinnticDisnnUrs, Nervous andSiclc Head-Ach�, Heart-Burns, *c.-The following is a proofoC their Utficacy: ' 'V Dale Castle, Haverf3nlwest,S9Uth.Wales. FebruuVy i'4,1S33 " ' �� Captaih Lloyd presentji his com jHimeiVts to Mr. Dixoi* (although not persoHally actjuiiutetf with him) would take it as a fimir, it he would send him "lour or five twxes oC nixon's Antihilicus Pills, as supwas hp possibly cm. Mrjir Lloydi who hasalwaysaited thay Mti^icine, is now pregnant and very unwftl; Jor the great service thev have f>e.*ii to Mrs. LIbjd, as well'afs to Col. Bishop and all ids family, CapfAii^ Ltriyd, teels U his duty tb tcctavimend the Pilts wherovck he-;goe�; andhereallytUinks,*it'Mr. LMxon would.-jjinointsome persons as Vetulers ih this' county, it would hi a fiehefit toi tlic�ommunlt\'." ' ' Ffbin Mrs. Martin to Mr. Dixon, A pothecary- Sta,-i have same years ifsed, and tontjnne to use, vpur Duron's .^nubI!:ou'^ Pillss as a Jamilv .ip<nent L do rot know their equal i since I have taken theniv am. relieved, from a Biliojj.s Conn^lamt, pattjjcilatly sick Head.Achs, which trequei\tiy wne ysry distressing to me. I recommewi t;he*n to ev^ry family I am ac 6 wh61iv9 at some tlistance tram Meilical a�]vice. ' YoiWa.&c. I. HAMILTON MARTIN. Bitchmore house, near W6burn, b^lnnlshite, Marcha. Sold \>holejale andretairat Mr. RutVr's* No. 4, C^ioip. sid�,cniner at IPatemoitfer-rpw 1^ and retail by most Bocksel-ler�and'Mert�e5neyetidersin evftry C^uniiji ToWDi,m bofett at6s. fid. and as. gd. e�.�h.' '

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