Friday, June 6, 1806


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - June 6, 1806, London, Middlesex m ms,__ r|^raSrRI%T/NT EVENING llicir: MAjcsti,?4,'  THE.CASTLE SPnCTRlp." Ml" Barrymore;- ArR:la, Mrs. Hi Siddmis. (^K^ WASHrWC ASlD'\yi.NI)lNO WOOL. T n numerous and reSbcc^a^Ie'Meeting of the . Wc5r LSTApr.HR'S," VAC'lt?*l?S, MIIX.OVVN-Uus, MAN'TJl-ACJ I) RKRfiiianamh'J*^, connected in the Worsted 3�d Wool leu iManufadtir'js oCUriilford, Wakofi.-M, FRIDAY, JUNE 6, im. PU1VATU EUyCATlON. -rHE Friends of young Pers^nis dcsignrcrfor the. -Tc informed diita, Jcmsmmed I iil MiJ. titiisliing part of .Kdutatiioi, receives iiif): Ins !!ii.ise, we'1-situated inrar Loiirton, � liiiiittfil m!n)b>r, at' ils. . rii"v a-k treated ITberally j^tlie Plm of ilicir Ui-�^t�li�illn is ailrt;>rt.'tl t" the Sh.uation in-Lite for ^yliich^he)' are- IrttJiHle.l, aiid includes aUVarttages not usually ,ibund. ih A ol)JeliilOllOt'^t:l1Ka;;lU) to f?o to juy.\5au Ot Russiam tJie aboyeMSipacny,-a line addrcisnl (pr^tpitrrt) S.- Wo; .108,. I oiteiiliAin Court-Koat, will ba immtdmtflj'Attended to. ^. ... A- tir-B^pJ:'.mW.and his \V,tte:.w<ii!jil, ,^lad of asifuitvon in a'l-amilv.itli^Mnn a* ;,;,,( ajUri.KR, the Women as C<10K4.Td-H<D:i;.SKK KI'l" !<  '}l�v� lived upwards ofFiire Yws'iH .th�. C3pi< roiiibit-inU siic*'pr4i;ti<:es.  < Ite^ijlved, That it is the opinionoFtliisMfetiiu, that it i-? incuinri|.'nr on every huje'ror consii'mer, n-l to screen in fut^ire aiiy Tarirter whose Vvp'ol is U)tt' f Kradforil; Mr. Karpei^Souliiv, Mr. batniiel 1 hotnpson,ar�{l ^'t^viilje Ciijveii. ot- WaicutieUL'; Mr. John. l.laUtley, of: : l)ewsb\ir^^'r Mr. Clapltaiii, iV^r; .SiKnter, and Mr. Dawsou, ot Keijihky vM'- li'JiH- CJoiidirian, and .Mr: H. Mall).of ^Leeds, be appointed ^ a^omniiitee to ii.ssist-ivr t!ic probsc\t., .'tion�, It iietres-arvi and 10 wliuui all appiicationi On tnis sub-jetlih.ill be made. . lieSDlved, I hat the a-ove Rtsolnfions printed in the Leeils, Wakefield, N (tfk. Hull. .Newcastle, Whitoh.iven, Ooncastcr, ^^rani'ord. Saii^bufv, WorcL-sier, Hrt,'ii(il,.South-anHUrtn,' NoitinAhani, Ucioy, 1;c\cester, N"ril;Kiiipti>n, CaiTiNruK'e, .Malluid, Binn i\;;!win, Kdinb.irKh, the Cr.uiti i:r, rhe I ravellcr, aid ;>tar Papers, to. be. twice ii;s-rled, and that the fcfhtnr he revi'iesled to print t!-.ciri in a large type, oir some consph:uoii.->v'^rt "flits l' ;nod 11. h,-t!n!t the Mcetinj;, RK'HARI) l-AVvCirrr, ]un..C!iair! Uestilved, I'ltat tlie '1 lisi'.ks ot th^s Mectn,!; h.� ^'veii t-> Mr. 1'aw.cett, for- his able an.l iinparti.ii cuiidud in tlie t.h.�ir.  . , Uriidr-^rd, York.shire, Mayzg, 18-5. ' a o P �p i i 10, iq 10 [0 PATKIO riC FUND, Lloyd's, June 4, i8.j6. AMOUNT- of NKW, SUB.SCR1PTI0N3, for r\. the g-'neral purposes of tnis Institurijp, alretrty advertised,- -� - � o ii K. II. a. - Mr. '1'. Davi.son. Harvvor'h, nui-ham 'The ^ii'iK'ts of I laby, Lincolnshire - William Rh-d-js - � - � Saftuiel ( .f)j c Port Patrick Vp. lunteers, cmnmandcd by tl-.e Hon. XJapt. CJoid �n John La(t C-eza Aldercron, Usq. ,. A. U. �- - , . Co-. 1 ilinDrourly, CowesCastle, Isleof Wight t'aplai.i Kifrth.'Ja.: cs,.l lavvc;s, Poriscatlwami Port Loe Hon. /\ C. .^(lye,� GrciiiKla � - Joliii M'Doriald, lisq. giito - A Lady - - Plymouth TJiviii-sn ot Royal Marines, jd sub-  ^uriptiuii,. ; . � ' Sir-John Sicpnev, IJart. -  . - Wjii. iJari'.ley, Estj.  - � Rev/pi'its Websier,, Reaarof Mippe'*' Hall, B atordshu-e. - . x:.y<.. � -�', � �� James VVjlltamB, King's Stanley, near Stroud, Gloucestershite, *- 1. I'. Pjliiier , -  - The Oi:irige Society, HUULim, Lancashire, per Messri. Mukevaiid uo; - - From Lieut, A:c:<. Cahiton, InspoctMiR Fiild Officer of Javalry ai.d of tlie' County of l.lcath and Liju'h, ! rrlaini; bv ih? Olhiers, N(jn-Cominissiriii(?d < Mlice.r.s, ard I'nv.nes of thi J)~-nie''ors 1 nl'.iii'rv, ti..:a. KotheiMir., Esq. Coinmander flr-h.-.) , : 9 94 By tlie t'liic-Ts, N)jn-<.ommtss;niied OfJi-cersaiui t'rvv;it..-s of the .-\)(iee infantry, W . Pi Luxlun, .L,-.q. Comm-mJer 454 sortirtent of CatriJXeS of all descriptions, -come in ;.lor sale, Anv Crtit'.rnvin wantinR topurCna.-e,, may. he<!upp1jrtS with iie.vv o' Secoud-tiind Carnages WcrftJn'.their aitention, .and lho c4iMn forSale-or to jt:ind, will have tne greatest care taken ol them- " . . ANMOlT'lIiS UliO.liKMABL.E.' .-. � - TEN Ytdrs PitPchase will be iftimcdiatcly given for Annuities unieniibly secured tiptuvFreehold. Copyhold, or loi'p Leasejiold biitatf, where the partes have an jbsoluteinteiest, awl rih which (hy leas-irt of ihr ;>rssure tlie timei.); Money caiinot'he obtauvid upon Moi!{; ;v'e. And. cVIit .yeaiW purchase wifl likewise b^ given.f-ir Annuities ti>r vnune Livev, .'iecurcd nn the-like property, or .on ;>loneym t>(e fuids, wlofre iliegiEities liTve only a lite iniore.Ui In, eiriiei-ca<p, the gi^ir,t< rs'wiM have the pov-er ot re'lL-v-ming the ^s,i,c.-Jtpply pe*rsonaHvv or by letter, to Mr. K-tng, at l-.i.-) hMi.e, S, Jolni�,)A iircl-.asecr[  the a^ove pHett arr.L vil'ia'-Ie-Fr^ncn an.i:En^li,h., < rcu'-"tatt I d^rirv, and co)T:id"i:'hlv aui^niented the syrric-bvniipi-'rrtn.s Pubhcations of ri-vsi ect. "ri;:i-hiin to a-i-ure the-^'o^>i!ly iind C'jiifry, liK tricnds and the.Public i'l Rcre-al, that hy th*? inr^s' s"iiii!�us atti-ntiorl til tiie 111-trrase^ndirnnroveinmrof th* 1 ibM'v, and the a-coriiKi-di tirm f>f his .Subscrih-rs, he.>Mli ciuie:iv.-nr to iiierit th,a pa-vrAna'e he n"w innsi rasp.'cMiiliv ..itits. Ladif! aivl fler.rlomsi Icavnn: 1 own, nay bi? SuppLfd witli fvtrv articleol Stafionarv 01 h'H-st ((Ujihtv, a yd at til-Ifiwest p'lcej. A la->;ca'^sortnient ot N't W ,ii>.i V.-\I.U. AlU.K Plll!l.ICATION> (^;l>)^ll^h T d Voreier^) con.ila-tlv �a Sal-.-bookbinding, Copper-phiu> l-.ntfravm,:, �nd Print-D-f ot all s:irts, execu'cd with eiei'.aiK'.; itnd dispatch. MONEY re.'idy ;,to .'idvance ,'or redeemable Ltft-AnninMes-i-iMr. UOBKRIS, wlw .has .-Eond'naed the AnniMv 'n^iness for several years on a plan that has s'-l-o>ni f.iih'd otcivinR theinost entire satisiofli-m to hntli the .ind piiroliasers of Annuities, Ti^efttiil'y informs the Nrthilitv and-CJentrv, that he i^iiow a'lihorised to aii-vinct niimenins sums {roniio-^i. to a cnnsirler-ibU amount fv Annuities secured on f.amleil rstate?. Houies. Funded Propeitv under Trust, and-CIercvmen's l/ivings, for which a liberal price is given, redeemable at the option of the parties.-.Fersonat apphcatioiis at his House, No. 22, Cecil street, Ptrand. -  . �'- �. TO be l.ET'i partly Furnisbedj ?r>d may be etitef. �l on immediately, a very good HOt^Sl-., most elln;!-Mysitnated on the Co^swold Hills, at larmingtoii, near Korjlilfach, in The County of Cilocester; con-isting of a dimggparlour, drawing room,,study,.ami asmsU hall, on 'he .ground fl->()r vhwr excellent b?st bed cliambers.on the hrst 'nr, anil four good bei'l chambers on the ittic ; good stabling, iiiid a walled garden, well planf '- pamted and papered. Jor further p.1rtlcu^ars anplyby Letter, (-.lost paid) fr ntrsoiuHy, to James Tweed, Farmtngton,' 'near >?Orilileat;h.. - �� MA^'S10N HOOSF, and LANn, with a M.VN'OR jn WINDSOR fORKST. "'ObcLET.fgr a^TLfm of Years, an'j entered X upon �mmediaf�-lv,.a very desirable RESI'iENC!-- for a Gcntpcl Fanv'v. cbmorisVng aii exc�llent tt'wcllihg-Hotis^ (ready Furnished) comaimng an entrance.hall, diriirg room; drawing rttom, ami Lihrarv, all ot large dimensions, on the groupd floor;; seven good �bed-r>oms, and accoinmodation-for ^w<\'. Servants' beds j stall sitabling tor six hor'^e.s a � hirgc loose st-iWe, three coach houses; iand cbnvtnieiit Dtti$"s ot cv'ry deseriutioii, .yvjth -pleasure^and. kitcheii gaiden, and �'i"t 5!? acres of Pasture and Mead-w Land In- ripiikeis pleasantly situate in iil'rfdd-ck of ahnut 40  -<.T;i,hJy])?0tns6ed with fine otn-iiiK-nta! TimSer Tree �/-U-wiiJ,-Fii.................^. ' trie Hon e, (which he extensive ai. rr'^. ;T?\R.. FR'Eli;;i(i.AN?S.- vGUTTA salutaris ishv f.if.tbe,niost safe.aod eiK-4limlUemedy ever yet discovhtd ;oi*th-.'cuie of iKat danger us disease. Persons 'Jiiliappiiy.rfffia^r^ittlrvMiereal comphiints in all its stager,'::: ?i,<i Vind�r- If f ,yi?rif,.us flppfaraincej,- wi.U'tind -4 se�cAiJc am! ivs-.? .seijt lelier^ J^v lakniK these most iiivaUta^ledrops ; winch, lor t[,tir.e,,.c.-i|�fft'^:Jjfu-;'iri{r-tliiriy ^earS *rt;ftt,rt;on^f5ni wiz;.vi-vi(tt6u.g*rdeii,; have been tt'ni)f?:sIiit,-iriii.-i.Tlie secrcfy with whichmost per* sJ'P'r "PiCtMlHndlt.ntertfnt to conifc'i) theiriiiftcirnigsi may "v* * rti.!tr of P'aJeilio�ter-i'avi'r'"^'f by. W'k. ni;:ilvi.iHc.v jjt^very jown- fn .t|ie, United K-ing-,' 5r'JWv;eij*\^4s. -Wi*':�i- ^-i- wtibl>le diieilK'ns. ..�I;.'''� :�','..!," �' � '' � JOXDAN and  hmtsc A J UKK iSorv. . T a-very rcspeaable Meeting ot tlu- ii)EAl.ERS in FORlil(;N -iTlRl-AI) I.ACt, held this Day at the hew Lohdoii. I avetii,A-hcdpsKU', P.csolvt'd, 1 Int the i)ut!L-s pioposed on Forenrn \ hreiul Luce,, are 111 t:-,e ';pini.-;ii of tins M..elini;. t-xc-'S^ive and much brryond what ihe Article will hear ; liiey would dcimnish the R^vtmif, and encouiat;i! -i Cl.indesune 1 radi \vitbout b.inehtiiui: oi:r own .Viair.iliioionesi 1 hn a C. mnutt'.^e be V.i;>o:iKL*d, ami that, t;vrv be recnm m"iHleii to piiisiie such,ra�jns asshali app.Nir irit.'st 1 k-jly to prevent a nioasure so injuw>us to the 1-air .1 t.idc;r being carried into efliid. ^ . I hat the Member.; f)r the Citv of l.nv.d m, and the otlier Members of the tJo'is.'ot Commons, particui.irly con-.versant in the natnre.^ot- commerce,; be requested to attnd the i'ro.iress ot.the IJ'tl now penduu' in,Pariiam:'nt, r.rsned-lUE I'orefgii J hrc;.d Lace.and to turlhcr the wishes oMhis Meeting. . That we will cr.lhf3ively ,nn'l pv.iui liially discourjge th;j vending and hcl:apfrs..-..i-_ -Ml. UK HA' ia nr.ii's rlistorvot I.-,i,�1.iihI. wuh.tiis jirices ot the port rails in.irKrd ; aiM vauiarilc works, boih 111�-ilt and modern l.iieiauire. Cat il-ji;iies, puce six penes;, to be Uaii at tlie looin?, and Hooks viewed previous'ro the sal-e. Libraries purChrfsed, or clispcse.i ot, with t:ie ureatest promptlti'-de, aii'.l to the host advaiitaye/ � � . � Mn> driy ts iiiiblished, prce;; ANAIOMICAL Ki:FLbCliO\^ on the /X I'ORM i>t AN l.vIAL&,''aHd on the nc.v Opinions of Henrv Cline, L>q irr ; Oil NT HUNT, KSi^. , Author ofHistorical nui.>:ery, and of >aluiary Cautions re-speiting the Gout. Printed f r the Author, and sola by Richard Phillips, No. 6, Bridge-street, Black friars ; by J. Adams, Loi^hbro'; J. Combe, Leicester ; a U?ll other ! onkseljers. New Rooks to aopear early in J line.. PHILLlPc> bas tbe bonour to infcrm the itsrary World a-d the Public a' large, that he has in Preparation, and in a tew oavs sliidl publuli, the tollovving elegant and interesting new Works : � r. Mr. CARR's STR.'\NGK R in IRELAND, or Travels in that-Connirv, s Robins-in, and including many Pieces never belor.^ puqlished, m' threeelegaiit volumes, price il. ms. 6d. in boards. IV. THE WILD IRISH GIRL, a Novel, by Miss Owenson, authoress ot the Novice of St. Dommic, m tour volumes.'pnce 20s. in boards. �As s"on ps each of these Works is re.^oe6livelv ready, it may b?? h;i�l ot evi'ry Bookseller in Great Britmn a'ld 1 relaiid. Within thii last Three M )iiths Mr. Phillips has punltshed the following esteemed Works. I^r Gregory's Cycbpettuiv Parts I, II, and HI; at 9s. Almon'ii Comnleieiidition of Junius, 2 vols. lis. The Spiritot ihe lirencli Aius, 3 vols. 15s. Public CIvaratlers fur 1806, los. fid. CiQckei's Llenicrnsot Land>.uiv-;ying, 75. Sav'nier's cntlie Djseasssol thsLat, ijs. 111 boards. Winter Ih Lon^ion, by Mr. Surr, vvols. 13s. 6il. Maid, Wife, & Widow, by Mr., 3 vols..i3s. 6d..'the Ho>is?ot ( oiiimuns, 9s. Pietu'eot Loudon for ibo6, js. in rd. Blair's Class ifooK, or 365 Lessons 5s ....... Cotemporarv Vo\agesand 1 ravels, Vol. III. \ >inted hyhini, the (uwlierqaleot' iIk, l'illv.;is, in conseipiTiice, enlt'tiv (lisci> the LlaWiafory,. |No.'3;, Hedf(iid. t'^ having .thcjir 111 tlifif pure and ge'iniine state. Mr: Rifcharri'BuTlcr, No. Cliea|-s . �" , 5 20 s �9 10 6 9 o o s 5 �5 111 10 X 'kcv !'.. Marshall ,'� . v.. T. � . . John Broivii.....- '; A. Shand ' - - . �P.-W�frten � - . o �5 �$ i(� 10 10 10 10 25 50 2.1 o o O d o o -0 9 o o a o 0 n n. 3oi-r>terltnz 7,7 n '9 7. .Subscripfir.ns continue fji he rjc^hed at Lbycfs, and at alt the Bankers in Town a�jd Country. .- � .  � , j. P. >�. public a'-ctjtnmodation,. by the ln);l) d'^grec of eiicooragWttne wnh wjHc'! rrie'Comiran/.'i'is liifherto tjetn hoooufnt. FfnUd f.inieulan art titliverti, frre'iftx^ncc; el tie Ceifir.. fari/ij Hnusiln 'CrtANCE-A Ll.f-v, (,orkhiI/I.. ^  ; A'Jtiiditnce d.i>!y from J^inti^ Fiitf. . ' By. (5 rd-,'r of rho Board. - �. VVARNER PHll'PS, Secretar*.' .A Iari?cC fe Invurancet; aarJ no c/iarite Iliads for policies lii a ly i:js-e. ... VIC'M;A! I.INC;>(FFIC!i. J line's, TilK Com,7tfi�j>ien for- fictuL-Liii^ iJis i.dajn!y Naiy uo^hy i;n:e Kol'Cf, Tom on Tuecday, .-/c^x/, tl/ lOlhi/i:!. iLey tuitt teieuM 10 lerr-nr A'�;.-Ai> vjr, fit>i/e.l-upj aftif:treat - for TWI-M-f^Y THOUSAND (JAl-LONS of WEST IMDI.A Rli-*. rjw'.- re^ivfii, duly J>((, in tit spare of One M'/rih, .Mjicly'Vic Dediid Exchange J3 i 14 11 12 3 CONTRIRUTION.S, after DjviiicServire,'Dn the DAY rf THAN K.S.G IV I .\ G, tor the R� LIEF ot ttie .S K A .\! t. N , SOLI) 1 H.R S, M A RI NES,and VO L U NTJ'.K RS, wuu-./l-ed i and ijie WI DO\VS, ORPH A:NS and RF.LATIV iiS 01 those killed, 111 His Majesty's Service. .AniouT'.t .'\ilve;tiscd _ L.i!6.4';6. 1.6 5 Baptist Mceiing, Loiidon-strett, Oreenwicn, - �B.iU ,  �� . � R.,.-i':-iMr...l'.all . ' . ' . Varish iai.^r..-ii.,i-.vay. Soi�'rsctshirs,'T;.H. Mules -i---of-i'ite:Hc:Ud, diito .- WilliaiTf Kox , - � of Mirfield, Vork-�liire,-- ; .\stoii Chiartlv, 1>. SpeiiLcr .� ftlitid'.eton, ditto  , C. !e, Nu. 1;.. . . �.. G. S. H. . . ' P.. M. G. . �� . . N'evvnall-,stre-:?t Mer'inX, - Farraday - . Ditio, djn(jr''^>'lti^iU* - .-  -v. Cawt; James Dab iuie's-i-oiVipaity of- nirmin>;llain VidniiK-ers, 2it lia!!?.li;>ii . . Col If.-.:! mil ai the hoiiso i.-t Mr. C. Dutton, iii.ii\-.,lreirt . Yoiiin; Hen lit S.-icirty .. ' i;id tiirto. ditto . . . Sick Club :il Mr. H.ont!.'s l'ri-.-i;nlv Mciety at the Georg-;, Livci v-strcrt Miisiu-ii Socie'y, at Mr. Maiiian's, buck Street Mr. E.iwaru D:ivis, t.hapei >tr-et . . Subscripiiens co!lKelc .o. Suhscrii.tions at tlic k'ritish CJiapjl : Rev. L. U. Pitt, Us. . . . 5� .1 '4 b i' 2 0 2 5 6 3 w  5 0 .0 54 n � 0 14 i 7 ��->� ' e 2 '4 8 2 4 4 0 1�, � '7 0 >? 0 0 lo 6 0 2S 4 0 i'i a. �1 JS S 0 3 i 0 to (i .0 0 i 11 i� 4 S 4 13 13 0 VI 12. 6 2 0 0 i i o 1 l3 0 5 q ..3, i 0 3�9* 43 auo o o ..22 :3 o SO 54 100 o E. 1) unter John Sfeelej E'UvardCl.ixton,W. Scott, Joseph HoUidav.Kichard Patten, John Ilill, I honias llolliday . Joo Robert S.nish . . 10 Joseph Gray 1 ,  , 10 Ann Clarke . . . i3 Mi .Saxton . � . 9 T. Dickinson . a.i Robert J an>;ate , .50 Za;cheus Walkcn . . 50 T. Westley . . . ^.-j M. -.-Vinsworth . . . c,n Alex, Crichton, M. !>. . . 50 Mrs. Bartholomew an 1 Diu..liter . 10 Dr. Matth--;vv Halhdiy } John b ' T. and S. Kowlatts . Wm. Hall . Mary Halliday . Dr. Le:ghton . . iVlarrhi Midland , . . R. Baker . Wm. Wi,haw . Robert hiinpson . . tdward tdwards , . . I. Birncs . . . James Meybohoin Dr; HaUiday, ot Moscow . . John Han ley . . John Parland . . Mi Hamniersley . . Anonymous Contribuiioiis Mrs. 1 shitshagofl ^ubscripii ns in Cronstadt : John Bor)k.'r . Capt-Thomai Wilkinson, of the Flora - B. Atkinson, ol the 1 iitor -. - John King, ot the (>;t.ei-'G.. S> pence, ot the Prospcil , . 50 25 5 25 13 25 25 5" S-" 25 25 �v a? 125 3i7 3" i.o o Joseph Sheldcn Capt.C. H,Rust>n,8of thp lame , --.J. Simpsonj 3-pf trie Man ftans -T--R.Woods, of ihiJ I'r.iiiktoii --^V. ConipleiViaii, 6f the Amicus idwit'ci Pindtr .  , . tCaiK.C, liinrtns, of the BeUisarnvs : . -. -^ T" Ililslewood^ ot the M.irgaret Win. VVhaiton.'ot the I'aohc , T-^ T.Holmes, ot the Iav:iia .. ... -- V Wrijjht, of the N,;mble ',, . '1 he ship's Coiiipanv otd crt-Mciii>> V ^ . I" *S 15 i> �S ii 25 as lu ro 20 ay �S AO jo ,24' o o (1 o o o 'o o o 6 ' p o o 9 o (1  o o tHoiliiif^ !)torc : j,/;;;>- ,!-i:ii(rM l.-f i.ii.: Iue:uiv, l:j I i. h:il-% dl I'rrr'tv l_n ,;- I* ire: f':jl 0- VION ldi>f'U\-t;. on tie lhir,-i .-.Ic'iii :\ n: ikc: raiib. < tin,i ttiiid iiJoidjy in I've: y siiCLe.-.U!-i^ mc ilu. .ue-. I'l' recei^ije renders m -,: 'w:.^ :. ,i.,ie. .t..., ./i-' i c/" I N [ I 111 1" 'V^h, ;i /f n -':;y diy.i :if(er..;!/!!(.' 1 oe (.un.'.it:0Ks !,/ ice CoiHi-eiet ittjv be r.'. Olt're. ^ � � , � A'i5 le^fii r. ti-ili de ivJ tn �!':;: ; r-n.lei "i  not be ifi-e'l^d In t-.y.r'li ,;it ie:r^i'\ or lii.r' -: ii^e B'^.i'd bej'j-ie I-(wj '�''�:!.�::�: -jr. u\ aiI'.cf'ire vi r:i'jie-l, nii' .iitL'Sf the j'ers'ir.s -ij'n ih-- '!i ;.. 'irsome ^r-v-icn t''tj.i'e/j.i/f,\utfei(!i. to ii'ttK-^-.-r' iv -tn lUiiiJ �nth REAL JEiJDO -j.APA si i-.L.-vCK.i:vG-. 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J YLEY be^s leave to reccmmcnd 'tn-: L's? � . of hisPAfENr ULACKING CvNItfS, wiixl- id ch' :cr to w:tsr onir, for m lie thm. tirrty years p:is!, luve tieen rrryi anv tnnm ot tm? kind olle;cd to putil'c notice. 1 he lU-ukmi rniide.from these Cakes, v.ith will kee;-i the lea!her soft, plum,'and inrL-'w, urhie v.try l.isr, iiiKl give It the m-"St beinintni bhi k >;-us,s. nut oi t-.-.e Jipan hue, \vhpc:i is produced bv usuv.i vi -.oj;.!! in-^ ot \v,;U!, or viiriol inixe;l. with water ; b'.-.l it si; jiiW beobj^s-ved, thai the corrosive quality ot cither \i e.\!feiri-'ty. iiij-iri-oiis t.-) the leathw. ' .1 here b:":nij many counterfeit CrkcS, ir,\i\ bv VMininei-p!ed persons, iie.irly re.s-: the'.rne Ones m, tne p.itentee hfgs to observe .;!int they m ir-^ie iii.^eovirc ."Lv )iis name nn the lj.')el being dtller.entlv.s-i-'T, or't.i<r wjut x I , or (as t- !i iiiem 'Viin Tiie e l>>i- shiiiinc. Iiqi.a Patentes,. aiid ioid ,, .L'^i.du),". .Price pior..':tiiif?cki!;.g. P IS tea Patent, Gakes ,.�.ivley, ll-.e S: -P. nuiiij Cakes h:ive envvaved^ lao wonts " bv t!ie King's i " Blacknnr, prepired liy " bv B.ivley ,v-d Blew, .( ock-pur-si sixpeiiceeach, which'Will in.iive a twit L!�ig3 allowance is made tm th�.-e ho buv thrrn tonexporta. tioij. Of t.) sell again,, with a liberal oucjuat to sMca-as fake qu.i;irii!es fjr rc:idy inonav. ..... 1 i ' Nil): rue bills ot direilMns are signeil ns below^ Vr'h:=h apoesrs on the otilsi^e of each Cake. . . hA YLL V . rThODSOX b.:s r o got>ilas t.-i t)t,bl'..-i'; fie to:Iw<nq de-"c!ara<ioiithut the public ma.' 'i.r iietier- ^tcj.i.inicc.l witn r.-.s lingular ctficicy i<t yoiir jiie.Ucuic. caile.i "itij LAi^t-I.i.S' VUGETABLIv bYRUP. " .-^-oout f lur ve.irs aeo I cmtca.-l.^l tns \ e.ieral Disuse, which, at Its cinvmeticement henu; impfoi.-a.iy.rrsa.ev!, toe (fi,o'd t ^xcl^2utl.lg pa ns, hit inv wtioieboav was, covered.wiin ulcers, thou^n I !i.:d iiien tlieadNMceot-the m.^JSt eminent fU-.Mi hi tli*'jiTotsss'ort, it-.ev were nitt able to r.Levi me. 1 was put imaer a cQ-arss 'ot salivation, but tht> too .taileil of success l-mdinmio pei� son able to arrest the die,tatul pr,)gre.� of the diicsp. 1 .w,i� ion the po'm ot aoandoning njiseit to d-sp.iir;- and wa.i^.ig , p'leiitlv lor-rhe hour of iny.oissolutionv whiclj $t-etnsd to be * iii^viiahie, wlu'K 1 was piev.nledon to tase.orj' ot.your io>. � b!fi'li--s ot'^vnii^ j- tfie^fiecitit protlutedwasbcvond wine I could expect, tvns'dermg.-how deeply tne sj;soMer was rcitevi in me."' I was '�4\�retorc induced to perisvete m ihr* n^edicme, and .ittei taking eight bottles, I tornd ojj sel.f per. fecily^cc-jVereiti ' N(v-p es, the alteratjon fro �Nt rtinnHs t7 t^e fpie|).ireti ot ai'ui.I �o cr.t il;<-e mv count ryincnnud mankind- in genctid <i\\ .this m^st i.'seiil dnft*feniatk�S^b ejH'i' Vaor obedient scrva it. v SY'T�in'is''?-�rVei,-iV! t nr. Ilodsorti r>i Ciuss-Rtrtt-t, tiii?'ci

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