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Courier (Newspaper) - June 5, 1806, London, Middlesex THtll&DAYr jtlNitS, 1806. T^EAtRE; ROYAL, ORUrvY-LANi:. . THISrPRESENT EVENING (heir Majestif*' ' -TiM.SE AND TRUE.  / Afwrwhich, the FarQc of THK CITIZEN. ' iTo which *vill be added (first time),,a new and splencUd In-dian Speaicle, with* new Music, appfopriaw Scenery, Dresses, and Decorations.xal! SfA-BAsTtiiNG. yy Married Qlergymati, "a Graduate of .the Um*- � XTL versity of Oxtbrd, who has for ntafiy years been accus-tamed to tbeSiipeHhiendajicCofryouih; 'e!n;ti�lrsihiatedon the sea-coasf, for thp bcnefitof �ea-ha�h^ns, HO A ROS and INSTRUCTS ^Kftiitid number of Youiif; Gent>im*rt; nil all the uset:ul,.oroarointi(I,^4^4i'C^Mnii:rci^^^ cation. His tcrMsi atvi prmfcrf isfai)ti;andjrv*'J>c;hadjC^^ifiJi,y*cU ?ji,flje-fifst,,|� tha. foUowfiig iTooItsSllcr^: �^irttly^-.l!t*ctfdjire'..' Vfcc^JvtjfT^' Hatchar rh,'D\)fctf*?treet, Pdrrtknd^l^Koc ;� Pa)llev Mcws-gat�j .CtideH and;;^Bastes, Stramt4tSiel.�iia Co. Sirancl; JVuttmjf�tth�.:.Ftet-atreet j Rlvingtw*-, .St. TaulV.ChiKch-yarrt { IlitfHjrdsofas,' 'CornhiU; Aipferne, Cnrnhill; and at the- priBcipal?J�k�'dlws in wry ciljf or county toVh in England.',' - N. 11. Such M,ein{),ets^a,rdo net rssi^ie in Lonfion, nor with* \n tliedistrict or the thi�e<.pem�y post,afe.deKired^uiirppty for . at the Soci�ty'i'H�use-,y ^ . . :r-,�f t'EpRGfelPRlCHARD, Sec. No, jr. Essexi^freet.'Strahd. � -ACiOlfERS-.ikc. leti tVoiK^th* iMnNh Ship i7a�'will lM�aM every Fri-\ totween tlje hours (etia, and tile C C0pet\ha Ca-ial, and nine milstiVom liendon. with an excellent Kafdeh, cOach-house.s, stablim;, atHi other comitiodiousvliices: also three meadows weUwofided ^nd watered, and three cottaxes with latwl in front, 'fifieen acres iti alh -The-apprpach to the Miit\sion is by a (leiitie ascent Of two tiiindreii yards from tite iiirnpike' road, thron{(h an avenue of stately/elms:' poss'^s.s'on may be hat? immediately, avd tlie fUr:)iititre, if required, at a fair v^r. iuatioti., Ar}'^ad(lftroii&rqu>ritity of land may be pu�v'?abed in'theiietj;hhoUrh6ort under the Harrow Inclnsurc Act. -Tiukerafor vi^wingt and uai-ticiijars, �o he had of Mr. Deliijht, Purveyor, liennetts-hiU,. Dodor's Cominoiis; and Mr. kouttedjtej S<)Hciror, Inner Temple. . ' ' ' ' WINDSOR. bERK-S. ' ' Tp be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. SMITH, �!!<�n Jjip 1'teti)i�e!i,-,fl�. FRtoAYt .V"he.6;h inst. at i�o'j;lock, A LEA;SEHQ^D,^XATE, WdiriheCq?por,i, ( /Iki tiwrof Wldl^J(�r4iif yews,! f�nn 17^7% St*;fine cer..; tiiiiiofs$l. and an annual rent otiol, ; comprisiiiii! A substantial BitCk Dwel1iM)$-ho ertv and rcsideiiqeof Mr�. Harris, de�x4jed, situate in CtiurclH'^^^^N near the ..Castle.Gate. ^' - : ' Atthe'samctimeAvUlbewtd,anthe;ii6atFURNITURE, Chma, &c. � �. .'. Pniitild Particulars,and^Catalogues may b6 had of Mr. Sniithr No;9i NewHroad-stfeet,'iiearthe Royal Exchange; and at Windsor.. sent and futiiie Interests of t' liriiiim; wiih a or, the pre. ' i" ' Thi.'s' Day is publisl'iei!, piir"; ;s. J^EASURES as VVKLL as riih'for,rendering 115 a Martial ai Well .-i C rfirnercul Peoi.le, and provinim a Military l'ort:e adequate to the l-xi-S^nciesof the'Empire,- aivtl thcfiecurity of t!ic United King, dom. '. . PfintedforJ. Johnson, St. Paul's Chiirch-ya-d. � This Day is piibiishod, (>riu� IS. fid. A tl^TTER to Loril PORCHF,.STER on the I\. preseiit degraded SI All- of tljc KNOI.f.SH (JJ.EK--GY. � Vii'lic r-dit innfcrrii') virti?!!. -VjRciL, Soldhy ] llell, 0)(f,�rcl srfi-.Vt; J. Harc'harcf, I'iccadilly ; H. U. Symoiids,!;r-row ; and J. Aspcrrrc, Cum-. hill.: : . ^ . . �' Tl)is IJav i.s pi''.'!, iir'te ^s. A DISPASSIONATK fN(2 l'ic'Cadi|!y ;iVlessrs. V iviniflons, rtt. I'liul'sChu'th-yatd ; Messrii. Kich-irdsoiis, Koyal Iv.tchange; and Sael and (Jo Strand. Of wlioio may be had, tlie otiicr rnblicationsof Mr. J. Bowles, THE Adveftistfr, ai middle a�a?;�irton,-^os�e8�cd of Seine ibdBpendtfntPropertjrV*i�*hllito'8m liis time 69^tuUy. otters his sewt^'irt-theBsiiw^ To U ule,,en eiiwKi^l �� theijulnewof > Country the praaibor C,uWvJ Duttoh's. ^jvCtaeechuriffc.. Mrcet, wiltricetyeimrrtetliateattenjion. hut that of Hampshire would be preferfctL ahd if in ehiMt oC the towns 6f SouH^amptrjH, Lyiniwapn. it woul* he the mott desirable. If aii old arcustbineiFfriVV, would. Iwvenoobjrttwn-tp the 'gWjM, a 'premlom aawiwtif tottha. retiirns^and rjje Jrock m tra�!e io be ^eflat a fair y^UaUon, and paid fpf ilnmeiliaitely; l,eiterA (>o$t Wid, shfHie flar-ticiihrsas toslruairon, lAttent �jf:'re�urnsf3nd-^*l^ Jrase orj,o�,-addressed r� A^+l.-.aj.M'r. �. di�ik*s, s�ce"� i^urVcyoit General of Hi� Majesty's , Wooil� and ForeaiSi Moii i>(k\, the gth instant, at - thret - o'clock; 111 Two LiHi,' TT IG|�Tyi1'W> LOADS and 57 Yards , of Xli OAJKUARK from lap Tree�( laying oa -the Crown LaittlajiMr Eghant. .YoDCokweilbyappl'co^toii to Mr, Planner, of Egham; of iitliaiaOlaiajzim^m^ ami of Mr. Soiith, Auc- tioneer^ t�Q.;,9;^:]t|Kii^li4pBa(l atriet, near the Royal Exchange ; LCASt.WlMii1^iBl�JiiS&S. MEW mJNb-STREE 1". l^obeROtDby AtJCtlON, by Mr. SMITH, Uft WKDNW|itiM�|.4ae iSiltitist. at twelve o'clock, at Gar-raway*it^SlK-eHiM!>e. Change-alley, in t\>J^ii tu:s, T�\VO'Cow^te^DWELLING-HOUSES, Nos. X 7i aiyl'V6� desirably situated tut Hade, on tlio North ^att 9l4cafWw tlond-street, Coiit iintH)(.ki�ar 4^ feet in trom, iilthe.ciscupi|t|uniof Mr. Ball; oilmau. and 't/r. Scott, l.>t-'tery�6IBf9'li er, at rients .amonntini; itb i6)l. los; but esti-inatfA^r^MlialkiU heldoftheCity of Louooti for 40 years, rinewabl* every t4 ywrs, at * ttne certain of 771. and a re-,�4rv�4'rent of lili flier annum.- v y .To be viewed todays jireviou* to th*�ale, by pcrinisRion �f thetilAirits. fropi 1 a o^clock to 4, particulars iriav be. had at No �|, Old Bonfl'Street; of Messrs,: Rashleigh,,Sori, and, H�ttoid>|tanled, Loiidon; of Mr. Smith, No. q, 'New tir p?ar early in June. � MIt; PHILLIPS lias the hbnour ta .inftrtn the Literary World aid the Public a? H'^ije, that he has in PteparatiiMi, and in a lew itavs shall publisli, the foMpwing elegant and mteresrii))� new Worts : I. Mr. CAKR's STKaNGIvR }ij IRELAND, orTraveU in that Co'.mfcy,dariiig rhe last. Autumn ;i(id Winter, with numerou.s Engravings, price 2I as. in h'l.i'ds. II. MEMOIRS OF A Ti ourtt of Europe 5ilie last htty yuars, in live volumes, prtce25s. m board*. Ml, THE POETIC.^L WORKSpflMrs ROrilNSON; now fir� collefl^rt by Miss Robinson, and incliidini; many Pieces never belore published, in three eL-gant volumes, price ll. iis.6d. in hiwrds. iv: THE WILD IRI.IH GIRT, a NdVei, by Miss Owenson, aui'hor.ass of. the Novice of St. Dominic, in tour volumes, price 2r>s. ill boards. . . As S"0i\ as each of these Works is respeftively ready, it may he had of every Bookseller in Great Britain and! relaiul. Within the la^t Three Months Wr. Phillips has published the tol lowing esteemed Works. De G, ' '" ... Almon Thebnly'HlSTOUVofCREAT. BRITAlIN, Irom th� Revolution to the present Time. . . This day is pirbliihed with and extcgsv/c torrec-tions b*theAutbi�r, anew fcdirion,,printed in tv/clvevo-lumcs.odUvo, unilomiVy.with the Hv�tory of Mr.llume.^ price five Guineas in boards; or an^ two volumes Aepa-ratelv, price los.lij boards^ ;j, ^ t'.i" 'jt n>m HISTORY of GRfiAt, fiRh'AI^i ffotri X the Revolution in ifi88^Jjei�Hurtie'�History terroi- nates) to the P^ace ef >^niieti� in i8^i. History terrain liy"WrlLtVAOELW/'.K<;,Eg�i,.. fndepehdeiit'lyottheaekiH)v�Iedgedirieritot)rfr,tJ�l�ijam'S History ns a Work ofun �-cial notice of the pub!ifer beiniK the only HUtjify of Cng� land by a single writer^ wh ch ctNrtiniUs t!{e Kistofy ef Mr. Home; with Wnform spirit and awtitt,^ to t)>6 prevnilimr. Various have.beei.i the tiiptSie^i 4o> 4MilJi)ete itie t�K* of o�ir Nati<yii3l riistn^y ; Smollett's ftMcinl woifc das becA Riirbled and iTiulU�t�l, With a view to fupply JLtMntintiatlon of Hiifme, to tliedeaUiof George tMe S^iceiM : but ib< par-ttality aiKlilefeeUofSiti lieitaa Ai,Hiitorian|nr�e long been a just Mihfcet ot complaint, aqd sttcba slum's Mss^ for many yesn/ beeti 1 far* disideti�8i . PerMiii. iiowe^erj �H(9 tfte tfOtdttf fla<�i��l both of Hume and SMollettj may pttrctiase-jewatetir Mr. bet. sham's History of the.Keijm ot <5e'�f- � uavc vrcn work j|f m.m- iMpffiieipaJ l^tc- \Muafale in-^S.COT.1 'upbii the Ejfl'ie' ot* Cr 1N riJWNl-WC.hear LaN.G-110tM,iyi��KM�h<iCo�inty,or���ttifti�l.,.  ... TheseMfn'Bs, which ar^.the-ijfit.y A)M^nWH)y Mijirs in'.Gteat jjriuih, were a few yeaijs..ag0'opehsd'wp" by the W^sterhall Alining Company, but were only carriea.on'to a very limited extent. From thrs <!k ot been followed out, a'ld \yhich now aflorrl anamplcoppor-^ tu of canyin^, on /fry e.Ait;nsiveoper. .vi;l� j .frsafety exiiiiiiw th�; appeara'-cesof the 't^tfm the �(liltei�-nt' vcit^s, asrf riie natrire cit the " nrkiuyjs. -Tiiey lic'within trn inties of the;tovvnof Langholm, to whichtherc is cas> acccS4;b>.;exttt.lleiit cairiage r*nis. .r / .- .  -Also to.'be let,,the LEA�-MWES On the Estate of Ciilkerscleugh,,.M|KtnB. Parish of Uiraofordjohn and Cauniy ot 1 anark. , . , �. ' " These Mines !w in the close vicinity, (jt the very rich and �valuable Mines ft Leadliills.:and VV rp- ; ductive evsr discovcrt'd m hcntiar.d. ' .. ' ^ Several veirts ofleait h;�ve_beuii discnverelj m tlife Itlncls, besides a great vancjy ot most Hartrtmg appearances. 'ThBy wereiermerly wroughj-to advarrtajje - by iUe..6c n to hewell worthy Tlie attention oradvch-' 'KJtrb. For.furiher p-KUculariopplicutKm. miy bemade to" Thomas Lowte^n, Esq.-,.Temi!!e,.Lvndmi ;,Jjn�cs Brougham,' tsq. AJbanvi l.ondop ; or Jairies Hamilton, Clerk to the Signet, Nq.-, 3i G^eorge^j,-street,. fcdiiiburgfi.'iu the posfession of each ol whom .SpetiiHBiis ol "iha Oft of -Antimony, rtoge* Thervvitha^re|:art{jptljg:5tatepfjhatmn'feare Icilgrd. AROMA i-ac mn: v^f..v-ine&ar,^^(the (>ri2iii}ITtf.yci)t|Oiv;ot Mr.vtteiuy, and brought-by his successive'irpproyefncnts to the highest-p^rf.-fitipn,) is prew pared and soU'by TAOMAS- atut \V^.tl,lAW H(iNfty. \;h-mists,J4anchestei'^ ' " � - ^ ^ , *. ;Chis agreejM? Mrfypc^LicjOorJ whitl), i�-�omp^3>e' highly concenlraftd-VinegaFj joined with :the V This Oav is publis'hed. Price is. BATTLE of ARMAGEDDON k1 S 1 T*��t� � 111 or. TRIUMPH Of the PROriiSTAN r X FINAL Prhfejl for .T.'4i%teha'd, Rooksellr to her Majesty, K�; t9r< opposite AlbauyJliause, Piccadilly. . Of whom m�y^ be had, price as. 6d. 1. The ChristiauSpetUtor; or, Religious Sketchffs from real Life.  2. The Sixth Edition ofthe Fashionable World Displayed, price.25...ed. / . 3. The .Second Edifioii, enlai^jed, of a \VorId without jiouls, price js. 6d. sewed. Tl?isday is published, two vols. 8yp. price il. 4s. in � , h artis, AHISTORY..6t IRELANDc from the earliest A.ccjvmis to. tlie accoiriplialiinent of the Union with Great Btitziii, in i8ot.  �� By the Rev. JAMES GORDON, ' � Anthb'r cftheiHisiory of the Rebellion in 1 reland, and Rec-,� tor of ki/lcgny,^ ill the Diocese, of Ferns, audi of Cahna- wav, iiVthe Dijceseot'Cork. Printed for Longman, Miirst, Rees & Orme, Pater'iicterrTow. Aroniatics^nH�effict(j4loU*''Aptisep|ics;;'trtaySbe -paired in ae) CljiMsrt;*i*jst tot a�iy i*tip�ljt)MjiT�^.; gent Odour J ' Head Achfjf as Theati�S,''C a to{i,l fi^, ai(d,t�^^ ,b��C'AM*4a|e^ agaip^jthe1()feafirt�.QfaU^Wtagiops.DiseasBs.i, , ^-s  AS there are Viinoi<s^puf4onsimiutl 'ient>' edas VmpravemcntSi the piiblm etc reqttesied to observe, that, the ritrmes-bfTHOMAS and. WILITaM HfeKR'V, ivianct\e$tei:,-are'' engraved'dn eai^t itampi'^ to �tau^t�r(^>l which IS aicaBital:leloiiJr,tv;i-;.r : # " * � . . ^. . . �------rfly Aget� authorised by the propnetoRi;). where ifiaiy be had.jVStipDM Boxesot Gokl, Silver, Corttfhan, C/y8tal,*<i alss, .� tach ; th<j.rjljanges*hei^g on^'Stamgs,^ f 'I'hisday are published, in one volume,oct.<vo, price 4s. 6d." . IN bo;ii:ds, OBSERVATIONS on ABORTiON j cpntain-ing ait Account ot tlic .Manner m wjiich it is ^tcovn-,plished, the Causes winch produced it, and the Method of 'preventing or treating It.. , liy JOHN nURNS, Ledlureron Midwifery,-andMember otthe Faculty of Phy^ sicians and Siirger-ni III,Glasgow. Printed for^oilgmun. Hurst, Rees, and Orm-, Paternoster-row.  ' . �. �� .Of whonttnay be had just published, SuiKicaiObservationsi cunta!nin arti. xiilarly of that Part vfniqK is iirrouiided by the prost/ate lilaitd ; and Observatiiiils /elauve to.the Treatmeiit otone -Species ot th6.Naevi MatArni. By John Aberiiethy, F. R4 S.>uiine�octav0,'price^i� shMlipgs in boards. T)ii� pay is pUblrshH, tlie Second Edition, in fwt; Vols. > ' . .,,. :i2rtid,.p|ice �s. in boards, ot . ^ . t?SSAYg in aiiERXfiS of LETTERS, to a . lJj4HLE;m3�-4A tb�ibllow;nK ^iilv^^ ' ^ A'Mait's VviitinJC Meirioirsof his pwji Life. �,3j0eci>foo6f Cbaraiter. - The Appllcatitn) oc the Epithet, Romanti?. Gregory's Cycl.ipedia, I'arts I, II, and HI, at js. on's Lemplete lidition of Junius, t vols. izs. 3.. The Spiritof the i-'iench Anas, 3 voU, 15s. 4. Public Chdra_e:i?rsl>>r 1806, los. 6d. il Crocks''s Klementsof LandSUtveyingi 7s. 6. Saiiii^er's on the^Diseasesof the Ear, 153. in boards. ' 7 Winter in London, by Mr. Surr, 3 vols.- 13s; 6d. 8. Maid, Wife, & Widow, by Mr. Siddons, 3 vols, ijs.ed. 9. Bingraphicttl Index to the Hous:ot CoinmoUs, gs, . to. PitVireof London for t8o6,js: in rrd. . .It. Blair's Cla^sRoo.k, cr365 l.e3.ions, js ' 12. Cotemporarv Vo>agesaiid Travels, VoU III. i^s. . 13. Turnbull'sNaVal'Siirgeon, 9s 6d. 14. Tianslations from theGreek Anthology, 7s. 6d. ij. Dr. John Reidoii Consiiin|itt()ii, 7s. : 16, Robinson's Grammar of HistoryVjs.- 17, Prince Hiwrc on the Arts in Eni^laml, �'s. Each of which may be had of every Bboksellier in the United Kingdom. Bridge-sfreef, May s6, iiSo6. ME MO Iof the L11- E and T H E .\ IR1C A L CAR E E R of SAMUEL FOOTE. This Day is published, in three elegant volumes, foolscap odlavo, embellished with a Hiie Portrait, by Caruline Wai-s'on, price i?�. In noa'Tdsr � MEMOIRS of the LIFE W'THEATRICAL CAREER of the late .SAMUEL fcOOTE, kst. commonly culled the P.nglish Aribtophanes, including Aneci dotes and i'ai^ts neyer bifbre published, relativi; to his yarioiis Dramatic and Literary Contemporaries, ami a CoUeftion of his -Bon Motii, chiefly original, with three of. his Dramatic Pieces not published in his Works. By VViLLlAM COOK.E, Esq. Barrister at I aw. . Printed tor Ricjiard Phillip.s, No. 6, iJrtdBe-street, i>iack-friars, and to be had ol all BooVsellerS. . ^ Of whommay.alsobe had. Memoirs of'thc late Mrs. Rubinson, written by liersejf, in twri volumes, price los. 6.1. boards. Likewise, ; � � Memoirs, Humorous and Harcical, of the late Lee Lewe el(�, and published by his Son, in 4 volumes; price J6.S. in boards, '  CONCLUSION t)|' MR. PRAIT'S GLEANINGS.  '1 his day is published, embellished with a fine Portrait of tlle.^lltl^or, b) Caroline Watson, trom a Pamtingby Lawrence, m threelar^ volum ,'octavo, price one guineit and R hall in bo:ird�, . ARVIiST HOME. consistJrtg of SUPPLE-NfEN I'ARY GLEANINGS in various parts of Lnglaml, particul.irlv in Ham, sliireand Warwickshire ; and containing Ortgiiiai Views nt Snciety, aiidof the State olthe Poor in the great manutatluring towns ol. Birmipgham, Manchester and Shetlield. 'Includingal-oihree Original Dramas of the:. Author,.-Ai.dt^ne Volume of his Origiual Poetry, with Contfibu* ticnsufOriginal- Piecei by the Poet 'Laureat, by Miss Pye, Ur. Mavor, Chiirles James, John Taylor, R.C. Dallas, VV. Hutton, W. Meyle/v |. Mo:fit, ami Jolm Bullar, Esqrs.} Dr. W lcot, the Kev. P. Parsons. &c. &c. &.C. SubjuSnedis.a newaivdeitiarged Edition, qf the Authot'^s Poem ot" .Sympnhv, xvith Original Notes. ' Printed.for Riehitrdl-hiHips, N*..6, Bridge-street,Black-friars, and to be had of all Booksgjlcfs.. . � ^ . __ _ III volumes, md'thyft'iomifim'tlta^Sri^ to tiirPeac*". ' Arnktis, or tboM who �fe^ poMfaMlldr HtrMiifh^ iUa. ' Work, coin{il�fe^ai<^�i�fa)teitiMted �erie�Df out Hiktoff, fcom the e^riiest |�(e(tf ksellersitiMl Uetltniin Kdoks. N,Hi Persons who havff�ini>tea4oeompt�te their aets ot Mr. Beisham's History^itiOUld^ m.fe.eatlj^ application to their respettive Booksellers; ' .OftKGORV'S MECHANICS, Id Tyv-o large Oclavo Volumes, beiides a Volume containing ^ Fittv-tive Quarto PKite LIN THUS GREy;ORY/ r�fthe Royal Military Acadexiv, Wonhvicb, Vt>l. 1. Book I. t)n Statics, compvisin); the Composition and Kesbtutionof Forces, the Cent *c of Gravity, and the Cintrobrayc Mettled^ r-sMetihariicalPriwers, Strength, and Stress of iVlatertals, and Ih't! Tlveory of Cords, Arches, and Domes." - . � . : Book. a. Pj;ojimJas,,,to wh;|ch are treated Motions, De-sccrits ahd'Abceii'ts along dijferetrt l.ineS ariji Curves, Projec-ti6n.<r RJcnchet-:tirjiH;�:, �l,ithi"'i�>yon:�rf Machines theif maximum Ulfitts. , .f: ! , , . .Bbok'ij. Hydfos:*ti�i including thiJpfesur<�oFnon-el4;tic Fluids, rhe specific gravitV o�i9l:iol'�uitt^uidr|f^ieCr with an extensive Table^: the EqViillbtium. StaB-fit/; aiid pscilb* tionsMf i-loating Bodies,�iid.i�^Mary.j9etracJtVjflt, : Book 4: Hydpodynainics, treattnjf oi the discharge ot E!u* � ids through Apertures, and Of the^Msiioh v* iVJItei�''*h9els, with accounts of iorportant .expertrftehis �n those ititq^stiig . topics. �." ^ � Book 5. PheumaiicsiTntfltfdfriJ!; the<Equili.braini, and Motion of Air and ot&tr,�lassiC-Fluids itlie measurement of Altitudes by the Bafoptrtef oHiS TUerftioineTer? rlie TReoiy - of .\y�ter P^unps, aiidthe.Ke 'stanee^ot Huids^, H' .'tlr?M 4. Evatqjelwal Religio". prevailingly uhaccep,tabl5,t.9.,M^, oiTa�tff pia6(Ji;4cjire,j(�ifeui�|Jiftdeloque�t. Keapficars��every "VJie, tf�o*Ji^i5SoWof theheit-irtterests.vf'fldankiiKl'f./ \ wfites wUb��fe|HC^�tf�elip8al)d�iierg)r.�^ � >ttvating4 HiBMylf U Hneommanly excellent.'! . , ,., ' - /"A'Btt.Jaabih Review, Jitt i�o6, ^ when- w� jnee^wlth *y*rit�n-. AN J^luable--------,........ ram BarcUy,'.aodf thill. we Tills jis,yii<s;vn8ieijju,� i-sl ifp|Mi*feil�y htm. tbe fuftf|��4aI�of' 2swi a n<;e.^-. one, ate genuine but, thqs� hay in* a SS�i t&r.f r. A. 1�HIPPS, Agent tp jhe Proip�iet(ir8,� Bedford-sticet, Covent-saTrdcn. .^ "Wear�1t|j|Wj51 w)tQ,v'to� vianput wdtH just vieW)i:4t' rweaJW^lnjKbia--.,,^.-. - . , .  ��Sucnee. Supb:�;!Vriter,\vehava.,the|�aBPinM8! atyMWSBt." Ele.aric Revifiw,,N^v, iSo$, TWa PmMf/M mm LrcH^Mi^f^l^i; , UESi b-eihg^*n~Abnai;emtot;'6i tbe' PifbticaUonst English and F^M'i^n,'' re-, liillirio tlK�6e,Subje<i��^ .with Remarks un^apxlof Jlh(?,Pl?-: ' pHtb DoiatitiK PUT to what othej'usetulnurpoiei inventions ^ay^bTditt^ttdraiid Dikovenes extended beyond the. oriKt-;nal v^wa trtJttieitAuthprsi inidudlnis Cnticismtiwthetmari^ Vpih,.P�en.s,.......,......Hatton-Carde^.. iwiaaii; PilbUsJied by J. Wyatt. N^o. 2, andsqjdWy'-ia'BtwIWWhrtr' ^ ; of ipatet^t IrtVtations^ acoiWiteiy:eoaledfromi th�-HaeSelfiU in-' Qi\S[�*iy, and a great variety of other Impottajvt and Usefvl matter, . ' . -  |iETTER,S.irom a G ENERAL (AKFtCBR 10 His SON. . on EUTERlNG-tlteJfRMY; - This Pay-is publwhKj,.a riewa;i,d-iinprB*6d Etlition, in Two ;|^�iga�^^y lwues^ Foolscap Oi^tavO, pricie Half a Guinea^ ffpHE MIWTAHY MENTOR.; being n SE^ -^JL RIES of LETPERit.recewljr wrijte;! by a GENE. RaL OFFtCh'^R fohis'Stfl^.oh -his errtfVing the ARNlY i comprising, a Course qf. elegant Imtruclion, calculatetl 14 unite in the same Person' (he Charailers and Accomplish-�nwnts of the Geotlehisn and the SQhher,Tilla�irJited by nu-inerous Example*, and Anecdotes from Ancient and Modeui .i *,UBLI5HJJD BY. P^R^^^SS10N arijftSKW ECTS oi these laiVA LWABLE ^udE Liv Cant f-,- , ,> tETTEUjj.^jfre;; ' ^^^r.' (H�.lthand.Bgi^il|; Strength, Anger, Praveryantl cob>age, �(3n-eWnei.'%ijt.5on�r ' Lpye pf our CJqunuy^ ;rDisi;ii-hnc,- . Huni?nity, -Modesty,' Prudeii^e, Falsehood, ' -'Pride,an�l.W�oitj�� . True and false Glary-Duertihir, " '�'l-'^''* The Pasijion^,. ; -Gaming; Drink iug�, ^-^^ , l.ove, ;  Fricwftbip. ' *' Science ot war, Ttfttics, - ot Airahd Vol. II, Contains Reraarkspn the Naiiiie, (Sinstrudlinii, Cui�fc'?,TSpi�s. and Deserter^ ..Aiiquiring.tlic A Councils of Wa^ ' * ^ Ceur�etry, Gtogfaphyl and ^'oiiH^eiw of'tRf So'ldiers, ' The'^iiguages, ' " ^ Means �t.insfaiingth�i*-�:bCI. ^Hts�o�)i^f;"'<f-*;!^- - i Disl/osjr, . Ho�our� , J, ' False Uohoar, MHitary^Studies, , -TheCo*r'D'crtl,'* - Re. Qua ications or fj^Cepera), wh'u:h r4M^ Improved Meata Codipa^^s, by.;!WaUoni . , . .Proiiy's Condenser of, Forces;appUcaWL^td.WJna-mliJs. " Cranesj byjGottlieb, AndreitS, HaJI,'-Whyte, Hafdie, &c. Hydraulic En^i^nes, L e, tJieTympfiiium, the NOria, De la Faye's Wheel, the rersiah WHirel, Chain Piitnps j Hero's Fountain, Darwin'* Engine, Hunga i:iit M:>chine, the Spiral Pumpi DesaguJiirii's Drawer'and Bucket, Sarjeant's Machine, Dearhorte's Engine, &c. . Oil-mills and Ordnance boring Machines. Contrivances fur Parallel Motions, br Cartwright, Dry. den, &e,. . ,.'. meiits; , �, '. ^ Conttivan�;�sfi�.retersingandchapStns; tilotions. , Scapemients, by Gnham, Mudg-, De Lalbns, &Ci Steam litiginBSj-by' Neweoin�.i\; Klakeyi GiinsboroHgiy^ Watt, Horiiblower, - Caitwright, Muiray, Bettancouh, Woo'.f.;�c. V . ' .... V Bramah's- Machine for P laning.diiT^nt kind�of Surfaces. Rules tor tormirtg Teeth, and Wipers ^ tvith Maudslay's Teetb^itutting Appa�4tus; Horizontal, Vertic^^U and Ci^Ul^r Saw-miHs. � Tida-millsj fa subject never befjre treated in anv English work) withcontrivAiices by (^c�set, Lloyd, and Dr>di;n. ^Turning Apparatus,ityMauasiay and Smart. , Hater-nulls, under-shot,over-shot, si'irali Hoating. &c, Wind-piilU, yerttcal, horjaontai, &c. by Verner, Beatson, By water, and others. -Printed tdrCi. Kfarsley.Fleet-stteet, London; where may likewise be h>>d, this Anthot's Treatise on Astronomy, price 15s, boards. And his Lcsstnis, AstrotioinltSkl and Ph'iioso- pnical, price 4$. boards, - ...... XrOR those' Distressing tiebilitirs AvhJch prevent Jl or render unhappy the idarriaKe state, hut cannot with s ' dueregarittouelica^y, be-mentioned ui a >rewspaper, fong �ekpedencehas proved Sir HANS. S-Lt)ANE's RESTORATIVE and R liAN 1-M A TIN O PI LtS to be the most certain ami sovereign remedy. A Pampblet�iiMfe,panicularly descriptive of tSefr Virtue-!, may be haiMS'atis)'at Mr. Perrin's, No. sj, Sotithi anipton-street, Cgvent-tlarden ; where (by special �(>pomt-ineiit) they are s�Ul wholesale and retail. Thev are sold re-fail by Messrs. Bacon and Co. No. ijo, Oalord-strcet; Mr. .Ward, 324, Holhpm { Mr> Tutt, Royal Exchange ^ andaU � theptinc^pal Verniers otPropnetoty Medicines in London. Topersons in the <ouiiiry, inclosm^ the amount, firee of postage, they wUlbe^iiHUjedutely forwarded. Price Half-a- TAIXON'S ANflBIHOUif PILLvS, are found 'X-/! tmni expeiwnce'to be- an Effeitual Cure m all Bilinus Gouts,ami Rheumatic Disorders, Nervous and Sick Head-Achs, Heart-Burns, *c.-The folio\Vi;ig is a proof of their Lfflcaify: ^ ' � 'TJale Castle. Haverfordwest, Soath.WaleSj ; F�br�dry 14, i8�3 ?' ' , Captain blwd pr the cominuiiitf."^ .. - ' . - ' � Froriviirs': Wartinlo Mr.'Dixoni ApotTlcceiT. ' '' SI a,- 1 have some, year$ used, and tonlume to, twe� Voulf Dixon's Antibilious I'llls ; as-a family aperient'l do iiolt .knowthqir-cqual^ sm>-c I havetaken them; an^ relieved trom a Lihoijs t.oi)iH>l�nt� pa'ttcolurly sick He*.1-.^chs, which tfctiuently-were very cUsiTdsstog to pie. I rctomjnetjtt them to �voiyttNmily>I\*m^-acqutainte<,l--V'ith, particularly those who live at itiuic distanijetrom M�lical advice. ilf^^wSf'ate^'^.y.i^T. iflAMlLTON MARTIW, : Bullet's, No. 4, Chean. retail by inost BookseU i.iniry Town, it* boaA

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