Tuesday, June 3, 1806


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - June 3, 1806, London, Middlesex mm 4295. BIBLIOTWVdA OONECALlAkA ;^,'^A*^;^**'i''^'*''*t^* P'""**'^* wd valuable I.IHKAKV o�'tI(� late most Noble ARTHUR Marquis ofOUl^eClAt, lifir be sM4 by AUCTION at his RoSin, .tolj|w�n�, JJif), Jiefjinfting m.hd*y utOiie u'CJock* To be -l'lccJlJiH)r, ftray jla. 1806. - ' ' "sflfMERSETSHrRE-T6 vVi r, ' T CLIFTON WHfilA'I', E�i. Sheriff of die �ntU�rr'thel^>reitf 9�filor the United Kin,cinm of Great Iki. ill the4>aflhnwitt:^i�WItololiftK at iJi; City U^y^ftfourluld; t3e^^^,,^^^^ vrUKAT, Sharif. loVir� �h* FitesT Drawn 'lilciCEr �irill'b8>*iit|tled to jfifioc^l. being the Sixth day of 7/r�wiii)ti There is also a Prisetif ao.aool. aiid &sv�al othrr Capitals in the Wheel, Tickets-und Shares, warranted un illratviti cofitinUe ou Sale at the OITices corner oF Haiik Builds CornhiU, afid iacing tjie Gate of tho King's M�v>$, ; * KVbHA.RDSON (lOOiri.lTCK and Co. middle ag^d Woman, wi�!ies xl IbraSittiation as HUUSEKEbl'Ck, wiiere una or jitote Servaiitii are kept, hoi no objection to 'I'awu or Couii iff,�r to travel with a (amily for the Summer reason, whose cIk^W w4(I beni the striAest iF)vesii^utton,'-Leitersa(J. dfiued to U. .S IVat .the Criffln t^n, neaf St. c;eor>!e's ks,to bi5Tt;iewl(<.W d�op�$ for4 coutinuanee, rc$t>ectfuiiy iii'ornis .ihem that his.HoU!ie is linlaued, ;and he- is now en.itnlol atcbmnHMbtfthe NobUiiyV. Gentry, 'rtaveiljrs, and othcYi v^ibKOod,Bed8, .btabUn;;, c;oQd:Posi,({luisc, [{orre:i, &c. ', Uclttield is .ai imles frftnj Ea.stb'Urni.', j/'miles troin �', JHiRhf'naniJ t^fw"" 'I'uflb*i�t*e WelU. � \'(jU�Ar CyRjOblliY.-i-^jft. new invenicd JTl J'atent E.}Sf INHIA Tv(\�lL|:iS5)bjoJut'ly aiiswcri ' ten (itftertint-nv j^cs, am) Is byi n.-> ni.'3Hs^c unpiciicd, but i.s' a}ff(tietliDiH\\ :>iniiiliciTy ami ntitity ; p:icks in u box but ifit'inefjfsiUtfi^- A s'lfth* ot this arridi: will cimvince every I li(i'yait(,t,^Wtlenia:i tMtit c;(ceeUs ^ny tiling; that can p s  rtbty be sawT �l Uv. The first that e^erVv.fs in.iniifafttured is now ready lor, iHsp�ediQnlt(tthl^ Invi^iUor's. A'Jttniilt'juioiy a.U Wnrchoiue, Nn. 16 ara t4, CatheriVic-street, Strand, MOU-', t;^>*and S.^KDKRS. . i-. W; 1�, T!ie I'srcni, Sftfit iftl and Ch�ir We�1s the Patent .5 fouf-j^qst and t^nt Jiedsteikis, with Miisqui'o.Ncrt hurniiuiei ,.f*an(lfleiU!in�>th^ Imperial l^atem Ouv-mTables, ami jvon-able Chairv, and V''ri,h;ular Mclto 'ts. >*aten^ I'rutaiKar SidL-Jioird an^ Oiniii); j'ablcs-, with, every other article ni the ,^J>liQl&ti?y and! CaW^wt Btantth,' many ut wiuuh are nnou. .."tiewaiid inipfovis'il iinncipltis, and ire e^ecutea in tin^ tirst utyteof iniHl l>^�a�!C^t'gt'l^fe'rt8^t.ytrand.. - " ,. 'pObe LBri fi*6nVv�^ or to next February,' t , X a^Graat Ealine, Mid>lle�exrantojr < otnpteteand com- of ;i rc tny imiaril'fa_________..... ritii stocked wttli Wall l^ruit ; vt^cy Ko.d stabl-nt; tor Einin >l'>r es. ami Siamling lor Tlirte Cariit^.s, with TJuee sindU iPacfitot-ks cont Miijii; N'lie Acres. . iniroaliiie possession may be hi]iJ.-^Ajx|>iy to Mr. iilade, Uph �Iturer. m I'iccadilly. _ COLHUUN'iJ Llll'.tAKY, late MOHIJAN^S, No. 4S, Con^luit-^iieet, Uond-street. COLBURN (fjfum Earle'i.) lhaving i>urchawd . j-*: the nSfye seleiit'^invl yatnaMe'I"tench; an<J. Engiisls �'Ciroulatmx fcj�'^yi'a^e,b�i4Jdriably auamaiied the hame , tytiunierottjijPui^n^attM jiu the I'ub-- Jic in general, that by4r& Wii ns atteniToo to the in-1/ 'irraseandittprcveriasi^oiMiirei-ibraiy, an .c >tmoilusSubiu:ribei9,,ji�yfHKeiul<�vourt6 pi- . jitroMaMlwnow most Kipeittiilly S'jlitiis. in Lcateiaad <:ei.tleiaea Be�yinK Town, may be supplied  w'.^vitbeveryarticteot'Stationan'of the ttnest quahty, and at ItUA, paititttlarly neat and connu.jai-.us, conos'U'K t)my House, which inakc�*4 ' "'^^ **** * ''"'^ I 'fable, IMeasureaitd Mtchen Cardrn, croppec ingot'all s-jrts, execti:e<tvvith dekanceand djspatch. f "mineral tah f 1 WROVVN, AND PAINTS. Mn^liHAX OIL ,v vroLT.nl Plcasute-Rfouttdt. lite wholeot there Paints are "?Sr JMrevafedhjrantvriieMW �ptaii.cif, are full boihts, and h-jve ^;e<iiaTltah)e-proper!ns in c^dudiuf; moisture and vcmnn, ',!<^'^'!^*f r, Ae. ^ Pki.��. .f A Mtotral Taf RrQWn *l. per 1T�, '. �.> " -tnineolibt Paiiit 48*. per e.wi. jbivlaibie Green )�s. p�i,<i<ito; ' t Wa�t,KSt<�p^, or LwdColour 14V. r . j 't^live�,=^SftijCrttShi(le�, Sd. i�rll |)er ditto,. 4 . ^ittliaaWiHiifrrtilW.t, 4 8ol� Wholesale Ajteht, Iijt'i>r l>tttrb*>ose baying a on. ^ ^ ' � A. PHiIPii>S> A^nt � re|i>ikt(>rs, _ i �ATLK^** PArT�N|: BtAGKING CAKES, AyiTHXCW^^ nmin'utined an. acknawledeed , .I^HP'wwfiW tot inorevluift thirty .YwaiWM'ltu^ to *'on,,pr��,!ri�peucee�eh. * , ' ^ CA�tleineowK6:do�JV�biiilfc�l>l� "-*�'--i>ootsthini:�uf&ejemlV, are ��""S PI L1.S. I'heejtcftisivfr Sale of.tbjs , , ..........., .. .�g mil xesjed solely m tfie l�ev. Wil- an* ho�5 �pp ^jwed t>y hitn, the further sate o| vWW-l4r� ii^ �u'osnafeHStt-nce, entirely disccntinueii'at the �>Vent.,,rd,n. |vi.v>* ^- ANew U'HEORV^ ofJWUSICALftiliMONY,. according to a-cpinpb^iiatutal SyitetJriraiTlMvSviet^tif, ' Onranist of his Majesty's C;<^m ui Chiffel at Si. !����'�. Printed �oi' the Author; Frary, St; .liii^* Vwiw, and to he hadiot'him'aiid all the principal miisiqtf-iteh aiNl boiik. sellvrs. Whrre may lie hkdi the Author's Coitee^io for llie' PiMoForte, price, Wnhoui the acctimpiia-hiehts, bs. This Hay is nnWi-h*!, pi'ce cs. MEASURES as WELL as MEN \ or, the pre. s;nt and tuture Interests of treat ^ritiin; ttitba PUrt f-ir rendering \is a 'Martial �i wwU as C ni nerci�l Pe le, '>nd proyinint; a H^ilitary Forc� adeqi'tita to tr;e V.xu gcncies ol ilie Empire, and the Security of tl^e lJir>ted;Kin)(' Prirftydfftr J. John. nii^ Twatitm til the time of his deceise, bjrpn aoiv, J per, PreMtlent'TudKeof the Fourth OiM^iel'of Pe.myl-vanix; and the Kev. ^iHiant-Ciiristi*; pa'vx los. 6t :iith� or,'the Ittnlllgttkia) through tiie Seasons, price 5s. hoaids. ' 3. Sophia St. Clare; a Novell tnttdtovolutnes, price6s, scweJ. � � , ' Printed for J. Johnson, St. RauniChurch^yartf. � '\,- ' - ' ' '.'.i.'i.*- �� '� IfKENCH.UOOKS, just itnpottcjil,liy U. ntltAU and .Co. Srho. 4�ure. isi. TT^URTH VoL ALMAMACH deaGOUR. X MANDS, js.i tlirecft*stV�l*.ofdilt.,i� each,-a. ^tadatnsde NJaiiuenmi, parMatlaaw nntt lea Ucux iite^tirs, par Kicbnie Heibster; 6, Soitwenin /^ a. i-4- Ubc^inc makes their that Ifthe �on,, sninesulbejentlv, are refpetttMlly ihfomiW*, that i .m.lJr.'^'f*�'*"*'V� Vineeir-insieaa ii \S^\x will pro- v z Th'* """""P-ofoiK visits most vil.uableTr(rpBrti-s, .."^...'"^'t keepinKthe ),eai)(ersel ;re may' (Whad als !uel>literal et Kais<mn� de Lik-rca I I taliCMS, Uspagimls et pQrtuxt�i! riee'�' h, tlie foil^inic cle�ant and nuartstiniji**** Works :  v , : : > I. Mr. CAUa.'si>T*.^NqCR�HR^(.^Nn,LorTmeU \\\ that Country, dn'rinf ^he la*t Autuitin aud .W.iAt^fj wnth nnmcroiiK Knj!ra�it''i5S,*Hce*li **. tabnatd*,. tr. MliMOIkS OF A TRAVeiU-tlt, THO^^ AT RUST, cnjsisiinu of ordinal Aiievd(�ti^nf ( ot^m of Ivurope (lurin^-the last fitigr y��rs, in lijire voJomej, bWee ajs. In boards. �� ... 111. THK POETICAL WORKSoQMrsROaiNSON, now tirsi culleAird by RifKs Robinson, and i c^ rl. i is^ 6.1-i in bat'rds. . � 'IV, lJU.W4.M> t^im GliH..;a m wen$ojj,�jrtii�res��f tl}ia,Jf;,vt�e of SV. I vuluum^ prrt^e tiM, in bnalws. . A&soon as each ot these Works, is rrspeArvefV readjt^itmay be ha�� of every Bookseller in ,C7 rest Uritatn and' 1 teUnit. . Withw the last Thre.* Months Mr. PrnlhiS has published the Jiitl,-.win< tatermed Works. n� C.r''R �;lop<-.iiia, I'v.rts i. ii, and HI, at 9s. .Al^ll)ll^s t owi'j'ieie Uditii.*n of Junius, 3 vols. *is. TiieSipiritoMlie iTCiich .Anas, 3 voiv ijs.--I'ublic CitufacVcrs t.ir i8.'6, los. I'll. CibtketVs IMeinen's of Lund Surv vm^, 7s. , 5s li Cotetri'iorarv VoVaResaud frayels. Vol. lit. i :eoij, Qs 6.i. 14. Translations from the C^ieek y^nUudogy, 7s. Od,' iv nr.JblinKeidonCbnSutirptiou. 7s. 16. Kobinayn's Crainmar of Histoiy,'3s, , * ry. Prince Hoare mi th:: Arts in hnt;lund, Ts. Each of which may be had-.f every iSojksclkr in the United Kiii>,dv>in. HrrlRe-street, May .a6, iliu6.  A BELLE ASSEMBLES, or'BELL'a COURT . and FASHIONAiiLE M AC/AZINE, this day is pubr liklied, yricc .Half-3-Crpwn plain, ur Four ShilUnKs coloured, the Fourth Number, ihc itinbellishnients consiit dt-Urstj a (atthKfl Likeness nfthe Queenot WurtembuT);, Princess Knyalot Lnnlnid, tincly ens'aved ,by Scriven from an oriKUial Portrait painted by Sir W.Heechcv a few dav&be-t'rc the depitinrs ot hsr,Royal .UishneoS from Englaml. Likewise Four Whole LeHj;th Portraits iu the Fashionable Cosimi^es of the Month ; an .oiiginal Soni; set to Music ex-preisly ami exclusively tor this Number by .Mr. Kelly 5 and a new and elc);:air 1* iitt'ni f >r Kecillc Woik, ..^SUch arc the. fascinatnig Embell shinents for the present Numberi it may suttictf tu.s.iate. tli^t'tl>e pceseni Number cuntaius fifiy-six lar^e ^iffii at let,ter-p/ess, on fine royal paper, c^iisislinj; entirely ot elegint 4 iieMture,' nn fi>hi jec>s, flr otherwise usttul knowledee, aibpted tor t!>$ eiubflluiiment and iiaprovepicikt ol tlic female mind.  Th- Enibeilishinents liiiherto have corsistcd of, and the p|til) is to eoiittnucKi'o(ti4i.tsot�li the female branches.ot tlie. prt^�^^t� R leof excellence ; likewisearlejs^ lour V/hoU Lch)itl) Portiaits, in tSte ui��t.i�revaiting tashious of the iiu)Otjji; wiil> an oiigiual' $onj{ net: to Music lof r|ie intano lurte hv some celobratedmastei'; And' Hib^tttul pat-ifcrnlwr.NWdle.Wlork. , , ' , Now Jjdiiiciisof tlij three hrst Numbers miy H"ar be had of t)�^ PiiMisher,,J. W.cckly iMuMirnger.O'tice, Souyn amptoh-strett, Strfliul; aiuVbvtsmy iiRo(laHli�'ri(re.1tlie ki< -dots. No. J'. cniit&lnVtlie Portrait of h4rMai.fak;^j|,Mo. II; ............ <*m� 1 inwM for the ,Enxbellishm�-nt ot it^atlinscabincts �.<d prwrtoomtj 'I'HE Rev, lyir. GAMBLii beg� to itifiifm tl�e I- Public, that he has sent his Anetit* a fre*h Suppiy of HUI.TJSH f*EUU TEA, which is tbimd .o,e ', Mor-rt. &ir,- Pcr>jsip� the Kva.'tjehi^al,Majymne, f J> fc�t�ed *�. veral Ca�cs cl ih? t,ood eliecis irt your Clainbie's tlfiti�!tMeib I'ca which i;ave tne hones with iierssvetancc-1 luifibt ilen ve "betfeHt fro�i talcing ix. Iw-vipE iab�mte(l uniUf a.^)iiuu�l;' sick Heach.ach and Uilious Voiniiini; tor ihp )aat twenty yeiirB; : I norchasfiiji at yoiir\Jf'li(>lc�ale'Asei�'�, Mx. Uutlei;, No.'4. Cheapsitde/ a Packet, by. taiitv which,' a�iwabl� to direction,' 1 yvas mateijaj^ly relieved, and h�ve coiiiinv'-ed ti-kinK it in,vati?bly t.* 4i8jinie^ I have the/(^leisure to intoiui v�iu that i havMiot, ^ur jtHese tast three months, L ^ yiCTUAtLlNG-OFFlCE. M�fch to, l�o(i. . THE Com/flisiionert for P'Utualling His, Majeity't �N.ny,:io lerefygipt h'otue, Th'u on Fri.Lv the lib JrmtfHf)(t\i thi^ yi tlt' Tmdfrt'ln lU'ifini; . half I. aiiJihe limanM- ly the 31.1/ '// JunuMy J'M'fwirifi- To It p.iU forr^ H-Ut pav^i.ir', t,:il> inters.I, ihicly juj^x after d tie. Tlie CBtuiiliaMi aj ttie Cekltuct m.ty be iHH at ibi Sirielaryt A/, 'ff. No tfit.-lfr fpr a left i^tiiinlhy tb.tn Fifty Thoi4fa/fd CiikW Pa'ilv.ic VIpei, TeitTh't-.tsahd C' i.in,/)i T'tuekty 't'h''usd>id ,C>�ii'ti iMnij:.ic tir/g\btiurii or T-iveniffiue TJmUfU S>,iek JXitHisie, ifMiir�!f Altni'i, ur Qiutec V'/^v liljt.tt,-uiUJif'tiiimiiteti. j . , Ner*giir,ttulUUihntt^ttfiivJmler In'.ubk'i itjt /'/>�� aJjuli nat h(t- hifrrie.l in io�u/� Ji ttn^lh, nr Ib.ii t'j.itl tol'I.e �nv  til to tlj4 BtATii Ltfott Out n\Ci*ck i'm fuU F'iti.tyt'.>ftolb<j! y��tifrKtt'jifir-unlfst. tlv tertcut it'ljim"*^iii*^'-f CencFar treet,. Xif'h May, i8c6. Tlf RANTED fur the B-trrarks i� the tvidementm. VV. f</Cfl��//Vr/;/Souih Britain, /sr /Ac; tbt Ha racks in North Diitaiii, ^nd in thf t lan-h � , le sey, anj Ahfiirnoy, tuch 'iiurtiiies of CO.aLS ami CANDLE^ m f-vJ 01 lime to time be ittinr c>iuH-e^ ana i<< caiirtAue tili the 7.^b\(.[ yiine jt.Uv"j^i each County /<r South llritan, the wl'i''e "f :be Hanatkt tit N'/th Hrii:riii, andliieu-ite/or tboie in ibe l of (iuerix ey, Jer.-ev, a>iui Aldetney, >r,tltlt<l. Mid mii.lifd * ren(t.-r tor Couls," ivill be feceivedat thts Office, u iff Eleven 0 Clock on. I uesd'v, ibe toib yHitr; ai u.ilt iilso ibnie /or Candies, se.tlej//p, nitd mtirAed" �rer<ler tor C-iiiille.," u/<lH tu i.ime bour on ' Crf/rirr,i/ AsSlOtti, Edivburiib ; und Mr. Anistant Com-mitsarji Rawlii-.gs, Cuerns.y. M h li to 6e oiterved, that tve>y Contractor txay make a genernl 'Jferjonbe ii At/r of i/.e suj>ply i// Coal.- and if si,>:h '.Jf-s ti:if(aj'te.ir mo e iidv.tniag,"Jtf( to t>>e ptiil.x lli.tnth^ ag-irc^.iie (j/ lljf txtuen f-ri/posals for jupl'/yi.'.g ibat iirlHteiy C^u/utet, tbe sameuiliie uciitp (d. COI.NTIES. Berk.t, Cornvtali, iqcludi e .^t-il'y, Cumbcrlaiul, n 4rh-oi, p.asex, Gtoucsster, ilaii;s, Hunts, Isteof Wi^hr, K .�t, NOlflFH llRlTAlMv Lancaster, iddlf-e.xv Woilolk, N >rtlian,ipto<u . NorihiiniOerlrf.id, Notstin u�f.|k, S\�l�-K, Sussex, V-'arvviti:, Uiitt. � " Vo.k. taking you^ Isa^ liv^ui. tree to you *'>r hjppv a djscryarv, and fur the f^o xjjt the ' cuntniunitif, you arJiji libertv to nj.akeniy c , wiOi best wishes tor its Kucd etietls. J remain, bu, ymji .t)..'.ie,jt � � ^ � -..-liLlSS, IMNCOT.. sicvant No f7,^un-8tre�t, Dishopsc>')t;e. Mauon, J-v- 'i-i.-. Sold wItuUsale ami retail at Mr. llvitter's, No i.i;.r.v.),.i cor-^er>>f l'aierrtos�tft.�ow, auI�mm"..l>y.mi^!.i Oiinuij ;Jv.>k aclkrsin(A.eiy towo, iu VACktii at |s. .mU xi. .j.s. i ,..ii. Ktt,. Th's i)ay is publisTTett price one sliitlnii;. THE importance of right Senij^nents conceinitig the persMtof CHUIST. A Sermon preached at Kssex Cnapef, April loth �8o6, tiet.ne the l.nndnn IJnitari n S - , HSSFX. TobeSOLDby AUCTION, by Messrs. IJAVlES and r;REATFI\ On the Premises, at Aibnrongh-Hflich, about Two Miles f.oin lit rd, un TuiiRsDAv ncxr, thi 5 h of June, at Ele-Ven��'Clock, THE'Second Part of the ValnaWe BUILDING. MATEJllALS, of A" KOKOt/GU FiiJUSE ; consisting of a!?outFftty Ko(l of sound IJrick Work, a t5,uanriTy ot Oak s'tiit Firm Tiiiibers ot lirjje l>im�nsi�nii, in Ci del.^, Gutier Ptitleih lye Ucams, Katicrs, Joists, Qu.utei Parri-ti nsi fcei lea. N. U, The advantage of Water Carriage from llfoid to h Londnn. Ma/be viewed Thrfe Oays prccedinR the Sale, wlien Ca-taloKuesimay he hid on the i'lcmiues ; at th;: Swan, White-cl��t>cli ^Vhitd Horse. Bow ; the Swan, Siratiind; the Red Lioji, and the Caulitl .wer, lUoid; Mr. Tjssr, UatkiiiR ; the liell, Kuinfoid ; the Gr ? of th:�best in ths City of Canterbury, .1} in^ in the-tn^liToad to the Kintrs Darr^cks, and consists ot two Ktioit 4^velliu)(>ho.i�es, a l,ar;;e sjiop and apjriinents over ttie saiiie,'^i(batx�rd^n behnid^iich, from 1 icul circu.nsiances possessim; alt t^ privileges 6t the Giiv of Canterbury^ wiih. out the expencoot takinx up the freedom ; tyths fwe, and l^ajs hothiurf towards htRhways. To be virAyjiJi with leave of , theiitnaAt, attdnvtieuUis Iwd at t.'i� Kusc Inn. Cau(oi'(>iiryi Geor i;.;hy, Soiichor, SymundW'iiin, Chancery Inwj and A*t. /f ceiwarrv opposite.-Vlbany, i'iccajilly,).divln. . SPRING PHYSIC. . T\Z VELNO'$ VEGETABLE PILLS aw JL/ r>roved, by ex,)riience,ttv he ths best and most nino-teit Alt.Tative, Purifier, and SWeerencr of the lilwd j and those who are atllntted with tlw *l!Jj*jffc=.S�o*l>�stic; limp* tii>iis� I.ep'Oiv, Scruphula, or an}^ ^OT l^isouier^ ariaiitK from vitlafcdJJioodi o/thpse who i�!>�e impanel their^on-stirutions by Dibsipat'on, or J nvettUe Indtscreiionv, slioulil by Utf means oinit a course of the Vegetable PdlsihirinK the Spring. The' oiteratlnn of thiK vnluabie VeKetab!^ AIteia-live is so pleasaut arid salutary as nut to interfere with the a�ovations bt business or pleasure ; its action is'lontined t({ t.'i9,a/tii;ial juices, and ref)uii;esno literati! it or restraint til det: it dissolves in thestomit I, and / Xi'adaatly pervades th;r circulating ^wii, corrMhng jti Ifspfs-saje �hv devia.Wh) fnpm a state ol canvatetcence; in'shurti It is the Jt;n>;>:;uBJu for Vegv-tJble Speclilc, or 9a Ht�nd siu-prise ot irii.Micai men, for wften all other m e> citio tur'ail di^rr.iers which utigiualu in anitnpuie ot iui|>ait-Cd stateo^tli.'b'liMd. , � Nons.faryhejjLMiiine, \vh>rctaeKerorb>^ whamsosver sold, .uulwss tiv! Uli: ot UirottioiiS i$ ^igncd m Red li'k, bv tit& l'ro]:fii.m r C. STAPLES, rrepar>.'d b' Mr. C. Staples, llow ^e Pritprit.-tor, having ^>u ;htt>ed t :e, luotpe o| Mr. ]� PidJinjjvatvl sol*whole-.ait'ind tri :i l)y Mnw and FUwards, 6S, St. Paul's Chuivlm  nrcjou t.'ie lo iway imI also liy Mr. Oickens'on, No. 60, :,".rn'.-i-^Mi<iet j i^JMKh j and '-l"wtt�.ijKChang�.-� , .iccis, 6a, U, a*, and J.. THE INViSIHLE GIKL, ,' Tills-pay wjs. piiWi litii, Pric^ is. 6 V'/AR(>ilOOJU T AmIiGf of the Soldic'** Ketiifn. London : P'inted for C and K. HaUwl". New HridKe-�tr"e�. 'Fhi* day were pu3ii^iJ<l, 111 4 vols, ii.iw. pireuil. ts;  in b<'ai'd.<, SIMPLET-ALF.S. �/:<rs.OPlE.-Containing, V I I. The Bi'i-k. Velvet PrliM--,-The IVaih U�l. -The Fasliion*bl- Wile, ami Ujifasliionable Hush.md-r I he Kobb-r. V�I. H. The Motherand .Son.-tove atril Duiy. Vrl. lll.'Thc btldier's Hetnro--TheRrothefand Sisi.ff. -'Ilie Kevence. Vol. IV. the Uncle aiid.Nepliew, MtUda will oiU-rTlie Orplmn. Printe.if'ir l.onRinan, Hirst, We<s,and O'me, Paietwster-row. t)r whom may b<:hnii(, by ihf same Author, . t Adelin- Mowbray; nr, tiie Mother and Duughtefi �^ falc^iii 3 Vil,. i2;iio, the Second Edit. ijs. 6tV Itu-trds. .. I The Father and Uau);hter, a Tale, the Fourth Edition, iziio. Price4S. W. U'lar'l"!. 3. Poems, the Fciiinii ICdition, Foolssap Svo. 6$. Roards. , - a^fi/ii. ' (FKatA ihe.'Moniieur, May 22.J ' ALEPPO, MARcrr l'.. From the moment we learned here the uhexpeft. ed death of M. Alexander Romieit, the French Envoy, atTehran, very uny^leasant whispers were' propagated respeiHing Mr. Barker, the English Consul. Itvvas pretended thit if M.RoMtBudi�i not perish imti! .ifter lie ha;i arrived at the place of' his-destinati^in, ir was not the fault of Mr. Baricr. Sonieihing was said a')ot^t a Tat�t who carried dispatches for the Etiylish Consulate, havit^ been seat on the track of .\L Homiec, when ])� was 00 the road te Bag.l~ad, aiid entrusted, to the j^rcjutlictf of that Krcnclvnan, w'n\\ the execution of somcdark iifKiir. - Tk,e dibCviurse of the Tartar, and every odie? ciFciimsritnce colleeicd, indifferent places, had left very few puints of doulit in the minds of those who would Tiiihcr have doubted the Jrcality of such an odious aff.:ir, when Mr. BARKsk himself, by a printed rhnlk-vio.; 01 provocation, lorced the Fttncb Consul Gener,.! to a puhiic (ieclara-iion. The Con id G.'netal has therclcrc'drawn up a eip-tar lcttt.T, which he- addressed on the i;th Feb. cu 1806, to the several Euro|iean Consuls at Alejipo. 'J his circular letter contains .the following"^arii-Gu\�is: - " Three days after M. Ronueu's departure, an English Taiiaj ram-'d Sarcos H.ii.i was sent ia pufiuit of him upoo the toad. 1 hu faft is known to all the Levsjnt. *' The French Consul infoTincd Ttl. Romieu of if, who proceeded in cnnseq'ience wiiii every precaution such circtunstances required. �* On the ztsi of August, the Consul received a I'-tter from M. Romieu, telling him that the Tar.. tar who followed the same route he did, bad beea attacked b.-fore he could overtake him, and that a Letter had been found among his cfFjifta, in which Mr. Barker dt^-sireil Sultan Aga, the Chid cl the Fusilecrs at Moussoi, to get JvL Romieu assassinated, ptoniising to give htm five tliousand pias. ters J anJ rhat the original of the Letter was delivered to tlk; nch Agents and dqjosited at Bagdad. " M. RoMiEu's Letter is uIat to proceed (in tlvir journey, yon-will cause tliem co be assassinated on the road by a troop of horsemen, which you mi^st send ov�t after them iiith all speed.- When i c is done,you will keep to yourself .til the effV^'ts bclongiiig to ihe.CoiHmtssary ; and asfo th^dJipai^L'.s and other papers, of �vhich he is the btrater, yi\i wiil send them to me by the rartar Sarcos Haci H\i.i, Sec. You will ;;lso take care 10 let rhe said Tarrs;c be aicotnpanied by;Dtte of your o^v'n people, wiivv shall be addressed'to the BECue, and I will deliver^ to him.iavianily ihe teivpurses intended for you. ecause some accident mij,tit hapjjcn to the lartar on the way, and thwxjgh lii.a our secret bfc discover^, ** It> short j you njuit feel, my Lord, that it is of the utmost consequeiife for us to keep the affair Cui-cealed, and not to reveal it to any person wbatev-.-f. Accepj the sincere withe* I make far you i" a^rh Gemwl el-eval, (^%o. ' *ARtS, MAY Z-i. � In .the /m^riaf JfmaT^ac nf this year, Articls Pwrwi we read Frederic William III. LUt. tor of Brau^enkt^h Hamverf Kin^ of Prussia,'' ace, ^ � ' . ^: . .mat 24. The ��port Qf an intended marriage bctivo'n M!tdrm'>isell"TAscHFR, Niece to the I mprbss, .tud a son of- thcJ)..}Ei ot Au.1emse.\c, is totally axy toi^nJ^,

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