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Courier (Newspaper) - May 29, 1806, London, Middlesex rpHlS PR^ENT EVENING iheir .Majesties' A strWnts *Vill jdl : , �  - - �. THE BUS'/. BODY. Marnlot, Mr: Bannister  Miraini'a, Miss Duncati. ' � With l^l^E. i; O K T Y - Tl-i I E V r.-^. ' THURSDAY, MAY ^9, im. �iiortsroay be'knowh by atip.'ying to Thoinas Falkiier i'l)!-lips, Esa.-TriSasurer, Manchester; whom i'roposals in the wayVurdciing, ate to be'a^Uessed, 6fale�l,'ami sent uti. iiVr cover, on or bclorc the 2oih (Uy of Aiigitst next, in o tf^r that all necessary arraiiRetnents berwceh tlie i'artiis inteiest-ftil niiiy be c (HcIhIM with as littic ijleJay. as iKiSsible after ihatpeiiW.-^l.�S"ttl>e!.te^, a4th May, 1806. -' VV.HliS ClAiii. II, C.^CtyM.'BEi Esq,-Aldernlan, Mi P. in ths Chair.- : - �. �.; � sTuw.A'rjvs, ' � KhrHbii.th6Earlot.Lau. Hr^lu Hon. General Fitzua-ilerdals,' : . . trick, M; f. Uifiht Honi the EarlofAlbe- Right Hon. R. B. Sliieridan, marie,' �., J ^ . V, : T , ; ^; ^l- t". ; , � ' Thomas Bell, T4' \ nvt of .^3sistants Uiis vacation, thai they m.iv rely on heiiijEjS^^.itett willvtho8C|-possessin^ ; very r.qiiibite ability. SchpWiawn succtt'ision, Pa.rt'>er.f, reichars.; Apprentices, and Half Uo'itriiefs, eli)5iBly'rceommsiKled. Mrs. Bi:'riie rttti-mls fiom ten to fiveio'clock cljiily,, at her. liousi?,. Nu^ ig, Uolilq;i-squaie. Letters, post-free^, only received. ^ , . �  -pRi-yftTii i-^DucA'iiON, .  . : ^npHE Friends of. yGung Persons dcsivri'jd for' the '�X Univeriiiv, iRe .I^rofrssions; cr t!ie .Siipcior.Xines of llusines?, are inrbrmed ihat a'Clergyihan, JCciistoivievi ib condiiil the finishing part nf ^.dl^c;ult)n, rc'teivea iiit.i lii!,' . House," tvell;situated, ntaf Lnii(l.;i], a linnred ninni)er u( J'li'pils. , They "ate tf-at*'l,lihe.fal'y ; tUe pUn uf their In- , stfudion is adapted. t f tlie Army.-^hat they have removed iS. a ;h'jch la-ger and morn <eommodi6u$ hoiisej at the yillage of-Cliaihotij.ahciitt hajf^ mileshorf of WoulVvkhCoinmoij. The situaticii is fchjark-ably h'ealthy aiid.ple.isant, and"4^t'i!iisiv(� raiiu--y/ound' attaphed to tl)c preniises for exercise, s !.'' -aV AW;-AyQiiJiij Man; wh6'iias servedClerl*'-' ship' to a Law 'Stationer;' wishes' for sitiiati'oji in "^X/AN'i'ED to yo= abroad, to a very heahby VV- Climate, a!-l^ej'|;rV)U,'hlyadqiiaiivteavvithSal;-5iig Provision for the Navy ; the situation i>eriviiv\ent, iind a liberal salary attafhaltojt. -Enquire at iVlr.,Carier's, Sta-ticn;r-, Royal t^xchartgeV-^ '_' 'T^0,-M0ii]^6w*ZQ,,pbgl. .isiallotted to the First X Drawn Ticketfheinpvhe fifth bayjoi Drawing. The TioVets and Shares' contiliuc on -Sale at the Oihces corner of BajiU Buildiiyi^s; GornhilV, ^nd, facing tin; Gattf ot'the Kind's Mews, Channs-Cfess,* whefc ,No.. !i:6,45ia f.niSe ofOn^ Tho^usaiid l'oiindsthe; l Day ol; �thoprtsent State'Lottfery,were bath Solfl i,iV a Q.ianer, an KiRhth, aJHU.ten Sixieenrh SJiaras,. by RlCH.-iRDSON, � coOdlucis,an4c^r / : . � � � 1 'T^VVENTY THOUSAND .POUNDS fof: the . ll- f i'S^Dfaiylj'PipkJa next Fjiday, i^iay 30, being the Tilth Day of Drawing. ' ...... , , , . TVVEN rY-FrVE**THOi;SAND tb the First-drawu ' Ticl^et oil the SixtH Day> June 4. ' Ths above Capitals ave all )tt�l to 'he,first-drawn Tickets, jad,'p';ndent ofaiiy oj .thi; otiier lUtivierpus i'lizrs which may happeii to he drawn a^^ift'st them. Tickets and Shaies, whrAintal Undrawn, are selling at the. oKlOfhgepf S\Vli?y and;,ee:_N,o. ii, I'pnitrv... ' ; . ; � BIBLli()THtCA?D0NKCALlANA. ' MR. S'VEWAR'l' .most , respeaah'ly acquaints the Public that the Salt of the .splendid, scarce and ,yaliiab!e,L1JJR.AttY of the latfrmost Noble ARTHUR . -ivl.4KQ(lli; ofDONECJAL,' will be'snld by AUCTION at his Room, 194 Piccadilly, opposiu: Albany, lo-niorrow' an4 five ,fQU�wi"S-liays (Snin-Iayand His Majesty's birth-day c-xcepledO .beginning each day at Onco'Clotkj to be viewed 'and Catalogwes hail. � . : Piccadilly, May a8, iSoG. �__ : � � TWICKENHAM. To-be LET,- 3 commodious and elegant VILLA, partly furnished, with convenient oilices.boath-houses. Stabling, teautiful pleasure-grounds and gardens, withexten-aive hbtih^ii'ses', cbiitaininK a colkdion of, vines of the. thoicest species, together with fbiir rich paddodks; cotisisting in all of, rather.more tha/1 20 acres.-r-Enquire of Messrs. 'Cjarksgti, No, 39;,^Essg?t-5freet^ .\ AROMATie IfiPIRiT of VINEGAR, (the OiiginsllnvertMonofNir. Henry, and hro\jght by his sitciessive imp'r^vemqijts to the highest perfet'.lion,) is pre-Jiared aod Sold by M'HOMAS and WILl1AM Hi: N RY, Chemists, Manchester. r ^ ;Thi6 agtfeable! perfujned Li nj(a>eincn�s, the, publin are- renue�t �rS"a'nrl WTlLl A .VI HENR V^, Manchester, jtrbentiraved oil each uamu, to cwntcifeili ,yihich is a capital feto'n.y. stamp included) Js wlti^vholfsalB and retail, by Bayley and iiiewi No. J, j^CockspurfStreet, (thcoply Agents in London luiliorised by thft nropriptors ;)  where triay be had, Sponge l�?,xi�ol,9tfd,.irilvci;'Cdri)e1fa�, Crystal. &c^^ . � . HEN-RV'i'^A^CimiirvVlAGNKSlA, *ifc:^d,,iMtd/afgef, wit|v glass Stpppers, at as; ToieiheCENTRElyiEN,C1.ERfY and FREU110LDERS oftheCOUNfY of WESTMORLAND, MOST fl,uteringly encouraged by ths veiy obligiO); aasurance ol'supp rt from several of the most respedable icrsons of the County, 1 presume to.oflcr myself .toyoutofil tli? vacancy ill your RepresentHlion to I'arlia-. inent, occasioned by thu- melancholy tie.ith of voar hte worthy Member Sir MICHAEL LE Fl.UK!ING.U.irt. Theiiine hf'w/. 50 cKtiemely limitod, as the lilncUoh imist necer.s.irily takeplace in thcconrseof a fewOays, 1 ani wliolly precludu-d (Viiin having the hoiiotirof paying my respects to yiiu ill person, which 1 should otherwise hiva been very de-siiouii of doing, being, with the hiv'Jiestestlem, Ccntl-'meii, Vour most faithful and duvotetl hvnnble Servant, Dover-street, i6M:\\', 1836, ' M U N.C.^.STl-: R. SUCH Proprietors of East India titcck as prefer Peace anu I'roieiUisn to War and KxtcttninMionr EcoHtimy to an extrav.ighnt Wasleof *heir Prbpenv ; 1-argu'lnvesimeius t> eiiormous Military Charges ;'and Subofciiiiation.andObetUenbe to Contempt of" Superiors aivtOisregard of Legal .'Viithordy, . ; ' Should niakea^jJ'iii.tof atteniliiif; the Rallbt at the In>lia House, To-morrow, the joth iust. for tlia purpose of voting for the Qttestibn. � ^ � ." To th; PRO RlETO RS of E.AS T 1N Dl A S rOCK. AT the Special Co;i.irt of Proprietors assembled on the listinst. for the piup->seofcons'de'ing the Papers w!iii.h hadbe^n. laid bffore the Co^rt at-totmer Meetin'>;s, a R-esolutioii was nidvcd by Mr. Juhiisfnie, io whicji an. amendniqnt was movedby JVlr. A'Jachagiven, both drawn as stated underneath.. . Upon theshe\v of .h.-inds, the Ch^irni m declared that the amendment was negatived, ;iiid we haye deinaniied a ballot 011 tlieoriginal Resolmion, I's ths oniy mvns, iin.l r th= Byc-Lav.', of briiiyin^ Ihs-'subjeiil unierthe lair and impartial Con-!iiJc?.,ui..n.ot Uitt i-'roprietors at lar:,;e. "r Ajurrtfasoas fur proposing and suppfirtingtha an-ieii.!cd Re-sblut;ou, ai^'l lor callmj; let the baliot on �hatoriy,ii>ally pro-po.itd aie, iJut we conceive Mr. Jo.'ms.Joiic's Mouon cortveys a i.fuaiire upon tlie contlu.-.l of rlie late C;overnor-: ,-Ueneral in liidia, ahhoug.i it profe., to be a Rcsolii'iion of 'I'iianks t J tiie CoUri; of IJir^clors .-.niy, and although the person who propoEcd it, vavcijui voonUy t'lcciared, that lie ciui"not infc.-ul, that it .-.lioiild hav.- di.-e-tly or uishrediy the cflecl of produ'tinrt vhf.ce;-.snte, uliich wediiireea'c. ' , W'e coiisiU'.'r that 1(1.^ p'ineipal paper, tot/Ki cnr.tfnts of ivliich i.lfis KMohiiion !t;/',-is, the (Iraft or the I.e t;.-r, No. ii'3, of tho vth of April i'ioii, wiit\ttn nearly t'nur Msnths atierthe lato .'vlaiquts Co:iuv.iUis. was aijpom'cd Govciuur . tJeaerii!, w.ii rsjeited by rhe' Briatd. of Coacroul,'and has iiever btc.i tii^N bleinaa, to whose eoinhitl prmeipalty and prolc.-isedly it relates : i"h tt h� has not had any cppcrtuiiil. i jvto form, a cirriid judftuieiitot his conduct, suiip'ising that h s cbiwud vvasreguhirty a.subjecf fbrour discussion. VVe.liaye l^ard al.b, that hu Ltiilsliip's cot/dud in several of t!:e ads discussetl in the paper'Uitl before t|ie\'oiirt of rroptietors, is-'now under con. ncof the b'anches. of the Legislature , and a sense of Justice indicts us un willing' undfirsuch cifcumstances, that au aitempt sh-juld teiiwde <o 'iiitlurnce the Public mfnd in the most len-.bte decree, by any vOiexJf the Court of I'ropnetois. . .'� ,. :At.tlie,.same time we conceive it to h- projter, tliat th.=: Gou'rt of'Proprietors sh'ivud aUijrd the fiilleal iJifeito^s whum theyhi(vea|)i'oint-d, aiidin whom they have ,1,1.1*111. tiicci .n iciijcimi; a bumcie. t tribute of gratitude and respect lowarcia the Cuiirt of iJiredtors, and oiig!it to have b:en stuiaillo'ry to Mr. Johnstone, and the Gciitla-mau who *i)ppo:t<(<l-his-Mo*ii)ii, ... . On theii.e ground^, wecall liir, the siipporf.^t the approaching Ballot, of all the InJsperident'Pfopiiefo-s -AOAiNjT tlie . A. ALLAN. B. DAVIS. , M. SYWE-S, -  3. WALKER. C. COCKUaiaL. T.MYtRS. F. MAG.VA(;iiri-N.  V. CONOiY. Resolution proposed by Mr. Johnstone, on w.hith'.'i Uallot his been demanded, and against w hich the Proprietors are. now c.ille I upon to vol.; :  "'That,this Court having consitleriil tli? p-ajiers laiil bftre ir, mast highly yppmve'of the zeal mHwitl-vied, and the con-du.'d pursued by tlis Cnu.-c of D:re.;:tors, aiui'ds a firm adherjnce to the j.tiu iiiiies iniiinained by the Court of Di-rvdlol-s to be iiidispi-nsibiy lu'tessary to (rrescrve the salutary authority over tlie (iovsriiiriJiit of India, vested by law in tlie Court of Uired')r.s, 10 re,-,iiaiil a piofuse .cxpsndiiuie i.f , - NAVY^OFFICE, May-27. THE principal 0}ji h-xl, III O/ii: VCMi they tuill he rrjdy J\,iuri!t of ibf Gl.i^w^ '^'ib n Form of the '!onl-.r, ,,,ry la Tie.i'y, nor any nolicel, iiiihty(/jc party, cr n/r }>'^vnl J,i />;�),'�?- �I' N " army" Ct)N ri^ACf; Commissary General's !!icc, C George-�street, London, May z/, iHv'S. OTICF. ri herchy gix'Tii to nil Pe'rsitis (fi'>''r-jt!S of md S'TK.AW, 10 hit Al.ijfi'y'< C.i-jMry i.t Iitri..ui;; ia the liounty of Devnn, ill South, Biitam, and in tiii Comity of Perth, i,i Norih Uritaih. '"' The deliveries to: cmtmericf.o/! an4 for thf i^hd.iy f yxpi der (or .'\rmy SupplisSj,''^ w/// f,�r/iv,/./r t(iit ij.f:ei.t t ir Fe'nird nfler Ttufve/i'f'lock 011 that diiy, onj ij iriil ty Poit, tie poMdc^e mt/sfh" pai'l\ . ,� . froj.otiih mii t l>t I'l de \'lj'for cacii. C',ii>ity, and the i'e inserted,,il the f'^.trieri-nj, aid no TenJtr iLiil noiicid 101-Cts^ thi- priccx \hj!lie, (Xj,'r,red hi ivord^ ill k't -tb, rtfidtOe. l^nr'v, or their Agent, shaU c.tilM this Ofics, o-i the /oiMi//::;, �:'ay to knoiv the dens':rit/.e>eo>r. ' . � P.Tlictl/arr of-tl>tCv>itaely>!i.iy' be had Upon iipiUcation at t/yi.< Office, Lfl-%-^en the hf'-iri of fen and F^nr. T OST, between Chtvnps'i\Ve%ihd-\?vrs'tr;in.1, on H Wl::i;NESDAV ..i.;ht I ,sr. a POCl , from 7s. 6d. or three pair for ,a guinea, to superfine with the most fashibnable clocRs, ios.6d. N. Bj To sucii of tlij. Nobilitv, Clergy, and Cehfry, who have rot made trial of their it'sringuished and inv.'.iiiable ex-celleiicies^ it.inay be proper hiore precisely to state, they are tiir more.coriifort.ible, soft, and pleasant, infinitely nior� diir.'ble, and though every way equal in richness, ele|;ancej ami qualify, arei;ot inbrethart twb-thirdsbf the piiuc- ot those; with silk. feet. FOR VENERE \L aiid SCORBU'PIC COMPLAfTS, DR. FREE-MAN'S  OUTTA SALUfARlS is by far the most safe and elledual Remedy eVir yet. discoveied tor the'cure of that dan.i^erns disease., Pfersons unliappilyailiicted with venereal compiaintsm all |ts atages, and under its various appea'ratrces, wii I find a secure and pre-;sei)t relief", by takiiij^ these most invaluabJo drops ; which, for their excellency, during thirty, pracljce in tjie most � populous part of London, vii- Hatton,.gflrdcii, have been teru'ied CJutta Salutaris.-'riie secrecy with which most per-sorts so atfliitedfiud it iiccdful to conce;il theirs\tfti;rings, iiuy be safely einplnye.i while using thess drops  since they rcn-det confinehient unncccssnry, -a�i. well as all unduclis or mercurial prepaiations, ur any surgical operation vvhatcver.-^Uy appbintmeiit of Dr. Freeman, they are sold by Rl; ijBurlerj :No.'4, Cheapside, corner of Pateinoster-row j: and retail 6y, most tned\cine VMiders itt avery town in rhe Ufiitfd Kir^. domsi in bottles at 4s. 6d.' anilai. ijd. with ample'diretlions. rnpHE"Ke*. WILLIAM BARCLAY'S PATENT .X ANTIBltlOUS PILLS. The exclusive S'alotjftVis valuable medicine being iibw ve-sfetl solely in thePev. AvTl-Uaih'tJarciay, aiul those appointed by him, the further sale of the Pills is, in conseniirhve, cptirely disiiontinucd at the Ela'jQtafory, No. 35, Bedfatd-strcct, C'oyent-gardeh, and Is now established at the Rev. VVilliain Harclay'a-Warehouse, I.ei<;es�er.sqtjare;' wliere the public may fj^assured^f having them in their pure anil'gariuinestste,- -Mr; Richard IVutler, No. 4, Cheat sidei beiryj appointed sole \V,holesii.!c Ageoti all wliQlesalu orders, both in towii and coqntry, are re., qu^rsted to headdiessed tb him, who wll inakcthe Trade the iiiualallnNyahce, None are'gchulne biit those having a Black Stainpi wit^ the name, .,rhii KeVj.W. Barclay," engraved thcienn. ' ^ , , T. a; PHtPPS, Agetn to the Piopiiftbrs, . Bedtotd-btreet, Coveilt-i;af(ien. i/lh May tgo6. H. Nodi.non J. II. U iikin�on, at two tiiontlis, diicthe iotiT July, - L. t;p Z7lh April i.Sofi, J i yman{ of ihem is stopped. No further. Reward vviil be olRred. C. WRiCHT, lleadlc, ColdsiiViths'Mall, ; 34th May, 1836. . ' .  INDIA A I'-FA Ills. . ; ..� In the Press, and speedily will bc-pubii?h;il, 'Tn.HE Origin, Progrcs.i, and. jireseri't State of rlie JL E.AST INDIA COLLEGE at llERTFORD. By Way of .Appeal, to the Hpilourable'Cburt of Directors and Proprietors of the Fast Ind'.iCoiiipriav, &c. ANSWi R TO WAR iTTiilaG WIS li. This daV is publ'slied, price 2s. M. AN ANSWER to �' WAR -in DISGUISE or, Hema^ks upm t.he N^-.v Ddtlrinc of Er.^'ihiid, concerning Iv em nil'I r.nle, .'\Hierica, printnd-Loiutori, reprin-l'ed t"or J. lo'^nsnn, iti St. Paul's Churcli yar;l, andW. j. and J .Richardson, Royal Exchange. Where mav be had, Ati EX.VMmATloN of the BRlT.t.'^H DOCTRI \'E, wliic)f."su'?j�:t.<f ttj Ca;iruri^r^eut�^.rjaslCt "�t pe'� tiiivs. of Peace, price js. JJ..^^j^TTTTn DOGS. ; This day is^pu'iiished, price is. the Foutih Edition, with Addiiion;, of A, Concise Descrfption of fhe I)ISTEMPER in DOGS ; with an Accrjunt of the Discoveri- cf un Ef-fieaciou.^ Ke.iicdy f r it. 1 o vOhich are added, '!'heoiit!incs of a Plan for a general .\trimi;eiTient and DisiiiVs lion of Reined ie.<! for the preyaioiit Di.ieases bt the Horse and Dpg. With pVitcs. : . By DEtAREREI^LAl^'E,V-terifio-y Surgeon. �Wheremay be had,.by thesam; .Vuth^r, r. Domestic Treitise on the Dike.-isesof and Dogs, so conduiited as to ciiable Per-.Ons'to prailice with ea's:? aijd success on their own.^mlnals ; ini;\ndinii S;ab)in(f, Ftelmg, Exetci.'e, &c. Third EdiVioi), !)rice<is.b.-a:ds. X. 'fhe .'Vnatomy of il-ie Horse, with large Folio Plates, drawn frcnt the r:;al subj.'il, price i^il. and coUuied il. .as. braids.. 3. Oiitii'os of the-Veterlnafy Art, or Priw'.plcs of Medicine, as applied, to the Horse, the Ox, the Sfue'p, and the Dog ; a vol. }!vj. with nine. Plates, boards, il. 5s. � , printed and sold by T. Boosey, No. 4. Broa;l-street,. Exchange ; Rarclay-and Son, Fleet-market; Banks, 13;, .--t. Martin'b-lane  86, South Bridge, Edinburgh ; and Huddle-sioiieand Co. Abbey-streer, Dublin. IMPERIAL PJRlUMEin\ - HOUSE OF LORDsTwEflNEsbAv, May j8. The Hon;e met soon after four'; t!ie stfangerv were ex-eluded, and continued so till nineo'clivk, durin,;; wiiioh wc inidarstbod their Lordshijis .were cpiisideiing, in a Cornmittce of the whole House, tlie evidence arlduced on ilVe tiial of Lord Viscount Melville. We also unJersto,d, that the : subject was.postponed till Friday, at tour o'clock.. fiiiiher consideration of tiic 1  No public h'lisinesr. was doneafter*straii�ers were admitted, and sooit after pine the House adjourned till Frid :y. HOUSE GFXO.MMONS. . Mr. MAIN W ARl'.VG.broUght in a Bill for amendin.ij the VVest India Dock Road Att; Read a first time, and ordered to be read a second ,time. Also, the Surrey Iron Railway Bills brouglit hi by Lord VV. RusssL. Mr. BOYD ALE-XAN^ER preicat daPetition from the' Citizens of Gla^govvia.gaiiist the Anvericah Intercourse iiill now pending. Ordered to lie cn the table.  On the motion pf Mr. FOSrU R the Second Reading of the Foreign Linen Drawback Bill wasdeferred till this day ss'nniglit. Mr. ILmliib preseiitedaPctitibhifrrtni^the; Linen . J mporiers of tiie City of London against.the said Bill. Ordered to lie on th^ table. ' ' � A lievvA' lit Was ordered for the Fleflioti of n Nfembcr (in the comity of Somerset, in the room of W. Dnj<ii*.'S0N, Esq. deceased. , . . {^On the Mdtion of Mr. HOBHOUSE the second rraflingof the Nabob id' A icofs Creditor's Bill was put off i'tohi i ti-day next till toinorr.iw sj'iinight. .. ' ; ' Un the Mutionof. Lord TIIMPLE it, w.i^ ordered.tjial the House sfiould, at its rising, adjourn to Friday next. ' � In a Committee on the 'Phiead I.ace Ad, leave was given to brjn^ in a Bill for the better regulation of the Duties oni that article. 'Ihe Report to be receivedion Friday. A Message from the Lords declared ther l.otdi'.ilps Assetjt to tl)e Irish Spirit Duties Bill, and itie Irish Butter Packing . BiiL . �� - Mr. Johnstone; from the OfHce of Chisf Secretary for Ireland, preneiitedan Accpuntof the Amount of Notes of the: Bank of Ireland in circulation, from the jih January,, iScj, to 5th January 1806. Alsobf the increase and d minu-tioii in the .Salaries of Offices in (relatid. (Mr. S U1. LI VA N gave notice, that ort Friday next he would move lor papers to elucidate the C9nduii\ of a Member of this HQusb (Sir R, Sulliviui), Who had been lately allitdtd to in, hislabsence a fcvv days shice, in terms which he trusted ihe House would, find he ttid not deseiive. The Hon. Baroniit had be.m forcightecnflionths completely disabled from attending in Parliaihcnt, which Tiindered the stigma cast Upon him nibrfr pait.lul. Tire i\�pcrs�he should move ior, werelcttfer.s froih. the Madtaik Qovcrnmenfi relatins particularly to transadions which had cjillcd fohh the uijuit rrfletStipn. Itwaulc^be found that In these veiy tr�t)$<tdloos &ii:K. Sullivari'acon- ' diifi had been no�t meritorioiu. /On the motion of ;arii);i of IreLin:'. in ihe last Ses.iun'of Pc'liinnrnt lii ft, liit country. j'Hire'Bill for tie r^peu! cf il's Hide Fli'.i",: Aft in the c':t ,'i(iil time, an.'. : .;e.-'ic.l to a .Sti-i't ComiSMce, nit{. t'.ic petitions a-,;airLSt it. . . , Mr...\lfierm,iii .CO vJB li.eave notice, that on FriJa/n(ixt he should move f.i- leave to hnr^'g in a viil to repeal tiie Lon-d.m AddiiKMizI f'oi cc .Ad. �� , � inli).-iiii' ihi House lha;t he li::d re-eived >n AddiiV'iizI Foi c TL'S ;Jl')iAK.i;:5 frrjin .sir n. f.ti-ac!; !rr,:n .Mr n. t�!rac!viii, a later, a'j'v.ujv/l?dg!:is' lecuipl of the of ilous? fir his viito.-j ol ih^ 4t,i 1%'ovembef, cointiniiiicatid i" ''5 - ipe.ikei.'s ieAtt, an h'Mi ;tir.i.f which ha : � oyld cii(l�jvr>ur l'4 rend'.'r Iriinself vvr-"-fe t.> tie service (* h;>co.iiitry. Ti'.e Ir:.;; ReveiitJ ; P.e^ulaiioa i'ill, reiKl.r Iriinself worthy, by dsvoiin.^hia v/as read a tUifi iimo and p.iS'iei:. i ' ...... " M r. V t>KR E ac'f^rted'tb sotnc'A�^^ tiiTie si'rice, Oil liiy .i'lOtbn �;.,jh-y rc'aled tv Ih; KuOitoer bC men raiseil 'for liliiiia I 'and unliiiufeif service, I'roni 1^4 to aiid w'jich w iii very lucissaiy to tlie disci�>s!pn wliich vvas to on "h VfuVrj. .., . , -, - ) ha Sli'CRCFARVV ^t U'v^f? st.i'fe.-f,'1.,',�^^-di7!:T!^;n�^s fiad ;>i'H(.a,.ii>-(iii.lj;u the i:!biii!r.r-lariiijr-ro the Aineric'ari war J aiuit.iat Wr, he sopj -i .-I tlie tn.i^'; of 'he y of this as. .\veil ..s of .oine of tli5 |':i;ie'5 orderyd-ji his',(".�'. tt�o4i.jn. '.. ' 'Mr. Y()l<ls.!C saidi .Atlj^it Jiit <;?ii-.'r .1', l^Ihtc wa^ th? projiir place to look I .r .-rec lunt.- of Ih s iiUt:rC. � : , . N. t.T^ei riie i/.r,'|.t.ciy of produciHj fc'iriain pap rs oii>rh-::,-.Trie vu:;'-.;.:!. i e pi oa hit. nloliJOi M.-\.lf-OUIS WEI.L'-.SLLV. Mr. P.AUL pr4,>ented a chnrije ajrain'st L^ivl W'ef-: k'sk-J', for hij^'li ci iauot wuii liie i^Ju wii.s- read bv the C n05 and misdem-'anors, ia his con. .fiob o''Oih1c. Tlv: clKirgc, which I'lcrk, filled op.v.Trd.v .of thirty- t'jlio pa;>.c:^, ^r;-i tr;cit nuir [loiir in readiilg. A,i:r ths u:u;!.'. iegni'ivs tU:v> ^4.^q'^ii Wcile'^ley hat b'.'oli Ciov. ri;or C. iii^, i:,l of lipiia and CapJUin Gen la of tll= Fo.''n;e.s <Liri a tain, it w.'-ijr <mrtb stale, that ' Oldic w.ii a leriituii ...f Ueiinal, e ital, was, equal in extent lo !.j Ond-M. ami Wt-si mioster; aud^tiiat UiJ po;ni!at'ipn of th-cou(;.t;y was about .4 � |;-j fji.tand i-;,pt.o hoisc, v/iiU a-pieii.ii:! iciiuwe of men, ele'.;i'iains, and c I2r) thing t!i the hgh'.-st svts of Easterii nia;;(; ificence. Ij.'iiait lliu spoil, iiions.of th 11 .Vlarcini piriii'ciiMRty .f Oi;!T,.bel.';ri tju Welieiley, a oun.hd in valuable comn.iodiii s and manuiadutis, �ihd yiekf/vt a very large ic-Velunl. Tliat ih � '�� th -re were colletiej aner the Indian man-i\.-r, tlie Na p)b erii;)! >yihg some of the highest oili;eri of iiisi Court, w tlVety^ trim th-�fc-ouldj properly ni'.Miis t !'subsists stale li-V ' various N;>bjb,t fp de. stri�'.s U\ lie shou ^rupees, nd tlieexi � lid h.s ol India I kp eintiio.ed tlfe 'Ztht da's/who coUeded I: "ryots or jieisatits, v,iy> hid nothing tttat ae callel propeity,"a.i4 to whom'oAly tfie (ice weie leit..,Ttie *M'.argerhm prbcecded t .s, w inch were to bs sent him by H.npany, in ca-c therj slioiild be oe-asioa Anotl.UM l'i,e.ity Wis c>r,t'iui'i?'.l, in s|'77;, while in�;s vyii Goveri.or, by wli'vli it was supulated j shoul. . require any f-irfier assistanca. thsn was jnner T featirs he sli;uU! piy an equivaleot^: 'I'he ry t.) deli ths East for thenii Mr. Was that, if 1 SMtetf ill : . 'C;oinpan.J , on thei strictly 11 the tern was enteii � I into w the Nabol � agreed i>i) pay liie cxpent^jof theaddit-ioitai troops; but tJiis ' he tpuni^ so oppressiv.:;, tiiat upon his re.ireseil-taiions, J( ir. l-laafnii^s vva.- '..iduced to abate something or the, cliargfs. i In '787!, amjilver I rea^y w;is, concluded with tiie .Sovertiy,t of Oude,! wttile Via'quis'Con.waijjs was Governor, by wbicl 1 the'Naib..'o sup-rU'ei to pay !> !itie Company 600,0601.4  imifualiji:, v.ide-s ^e'siiuii'vt fitiU.'loccasiciT tot a greiternii\ iibi-: bt t'liie C; iu,^.v>v'i ipa�psithart ilras there stated, ' - ' � � '�------'� " -----' -.......- Incon- :.ver-jiMerriil had declared 111 .r higli. aporobatioTi of t.hisTr,e yeari ; bt.'t i,>, i a iie5,v, f realy, was cor.cluded between .'thel Nabob iitiwi Sir John .Shoie", by which,it was " . - . -1 expehee of f he teimXv were tiifrf *ilv i.dv.\ to the Coaipanv, .ind t.ic l-)iicci\trs- had d >cj/re.-.$cd tlieir saiisfadionst this Xreaty. Such was \Meaus>:f' cious aspecV of this affair wiien >|ar Vith,a ��ew to xteiui ourcbal '.nions in lotlia, and tbVb'nMing iny future !ge in any hostilities w>i;� tns .%-�;tivePfinces, tiack, or evdent pr<?p3ration for,a2.ittattl .ihoiit the knowledge an.i authority-of the Directer , or t<J guaraiitfee the teriiories of :)t fie assisted in repelling an attact!,':'as'above 'coitimanding t'.iat vh? earliest pojsible in-d be give,; to the D'rectors and India Board, ; wliich n:i,iiht u -.avoidably be commenced. 73 p.'oyidjBdi tiiat the Council of Eort Wj'J sen exteiul Governor toeo^ ,ixcept uponan ontheirjiait, v Council andthi any Prince, exc m-ntienecl ; aa formation shoij of any hosti!!;id That theAd oj ! d�stio)iiig his Goyerifmeut,.and, undertbwf ces, of cxtotting frbiti Jjirh .'liis, liereditarr had adcd upoft the i.iea tath'without the s ,coitntil, and witifioift aiiy, ctvnmufilcation men* at h obj�}d were iair.ts respecting thefaiiurs carXhe-Nabeb iji he instahnents; applicationjtn.himito disband hli-tfbopsjj auu; various expe.lients to rehdir the subjeds of thesaid Naiwj o^isgusied with hrs-Srovcrnmem, and to en-oufage tlicih taj opposition ana revolt, pouting- troops into histeriitoriesi.iri Itht^S causing an enormous ex pence, heap-in.^ dcmait-d upa^l. 'demand, till the reveiiiie pt the principality was no longer sdj q'aate to satisfy theiii,-and thsii forcing the Nabob tQ^giye H -;' one;,h�'I bl his tciritnties 5 tnmsadions a? foul and \vi^ket '.that thay^trought di>grso� ujjoj the British natpe. And for the .puipos^of cariying these schemes i.ittoe.vecr" dioiij he had leinovwUtife^lbririer Resident ;�t the Court ol L� eknow, awl appgio'cd a ftir.; Scctl In hie stead, \yhoapf>r.\r� i more fit for lu^ design^.., -^hat \�ith tested totlwpayini it of the in�ralm*nts, rh6 sum whi^ch the Nabob h.-� pay had heentustnetitid frijm jpj.oool. to 9)Q,babl.; that not >\it;ist.inditig tile uillicultus to which he hiaauthoiity .iiij and false pretei I* dominions ; aiv knowledge of t with ihe'Gover Marqiiis Welles] unfounded coi five liayiiient c Natwib'did nerertifeless pundu-ally pay his install , 'ems, anct adhere'to the stiuuliiSiohs of theTreary. A�i,tl the pretences of the Mjrni is Weilcs-� ley were false ard' duf'-Hind.d, and 'oiily', brbuiht forward ....... upon-(heterrite.ri�-s of-the'wid N�hob. and of the la^riwhich Matquts Wellesl with a yiew tb 5oi:?i in defiance bt justicd r - , 'MA^Ved. Yet "that the said .\i .rmii� WcUcsU-y di.l, by i! tea Y i bfthesiud Wm. Scott, inter, er. ii\ the household aiul 1 Vwa lul concerns of the Nabob, iiui propose stKh terms otr la SonecinJtis own capital whole'administration �v SlfteS::;^ , -^1 .-.7 appoinr^Tiiat.hg;b^b: n f,�.,itl, If �iirh sn irri i;.int JM-.I in.JUyt proi-OalilDBi Sire- '.tie at fheespei.'ce oT iJie NasTb. 1709, M.irauls\VeUes|ey made-4 b, ivhb wrfs theft ahnoit a pvi-, to resign his autlipiity, givs-un ttte revenue of puds,' thus tb disin-11V f.irever, ami reside in ai^ pJuce -

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