Wednesday, May 28, 1806


Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Courier on Wednesday, May 28, 1806

Courier (Newspaper) - May 28, 1806, London, Middlesex r m 4290. WjEDNESDAYT'MAY f^, hS()6. SHCOND TIME, THU�T�1: UOYAI., C;i\'!r;iT.RAUUEN.v rpHlS I'RKSENT EVENING will be perftffn^.ed V a new Tiav, tailed !, EDGAR; or, CALEDONIAV FRUDS. ^ ;-The tpilo)?�e to bo spoken hy Miss Smith. With TflE KARMnR. . ' �i'.AS r W.l-EK'QF Ijl'I N'C^ Oi'l-N. ' ' ' is open (or one M , a VI&W of 1h8 Handsortw. OITY of Vi ORIii'*CE andi'steautiful liNVi.RQNS.gjpcrally con- ll the foui'liAim a� seen ; tlie Cratid -wkt's Palace and BdboIeC>r4r�i�i t&6^'0�^*�li^ce^ the CatbedraU built �f various iiwb!c*f tli*Ti)inb ot the Rje�Mv^lj<4.P^'"'ly.^^'<h aa intim'y 6f iiitufestinjc obj|<ts t o*iiim;;roiis to nj;i>tion. A fine expanie of thi-V Vale of' Arno ,'eiliriclt�s the.Lmd-. scape, bouiklid on all 9�de.s. by- Nfouiitaiiis, jiivil part of the? Apoeniii'S. ''"he hay ofNaple^C-iniinUt:* oj�ii.;vto whith hiVbiitij ii^W'i''- * rcpteseifiation of tlto Ufc a.-vful Eruption ,f Veiuvius, and ininy i'i�urei, Ac. V C Open from 'J'eii till Huski Adiniitanoe to. each Paii.ting; r-pHE next M�titig oftbe WHIQ-CtWtviJl be ,L 0,1 To�SDAY,,tliejd of June, at the London Tavern, Ijiihipsft'ite-btrcel. H C. Ct'MnE, Esq. ,Al<isrman. ftf. P. in the Chair. STEWaK I S, RightHon. thetarl of Lau- Right Hiiij. General Fitzpa-, tierdale,; . ' Truk, M.. i'. , . Kii'lii Hon. the Karl of A'.be- 'RiRht Hon. R.U. Sheridan, nurle, ^ H-V. . v.'. Thomas (kit, Esq. Johh :on', Psq,," Duintr L-n tlic Tiihli! at four o'clock. � R. W ^CLAt(KSON._Stcr?tary. \-KTAU\yiD, for' a 'Youing' niarrieJ ' LADY, yy t!;e�V)f;-ol an 01hi;er goin '(; ill a olergj'man's, or otherresfidabie Fainily, ill .1 letrLu'viutation, at a distance fr 1-ondon.-f-t-tters, ff n':iiiiii'� p'-rt'ciilars of terms and sifuatlon", addressed to A 15. at Mr. Ke/b5-'s, Hoolfs=lltr, Statfbrd-street, liOpd-}.' 'c-t. \\ ill be imittr-diateiy attended to. ' . ; � � T\fA^S\a' pi ace as COACHM AN, a young T V single Mav> of lij(ht weight, is ixr'.edtly nsed ,lo dtiv-i'ii; on the box atid s.Tfldle; witli a good chara KlGHTUNOkiGlNAL uo l-BATHS l-or S-EA-T . V ' .W:.M'l:R.. � � . : - y '"PI-IE BATHS, whichhgvc be-h j?but for thepor-i pt�s o'f Uepjij'r.s, &c. are'iiow opened, anH it i.s h ped iliai;i!ie aiWItioiial .N'umbi^ of Uiuhs.'arrd thepther Gonvvni-(iic'es-iluit have been .idded, for bjiier Accoinmodation, will jjVft ilien) a d.'cid.d Superiority. ' .,I'^ui'l.ic.nuy depend'fiiv tlie-;K''Satest ca'iS''tfintron � rf ihi Serv ii ts, to accommodate tlvosi -L'ldi s.aud G?t-tlemtfii wji'i inaj fayaiir the I'rnprif tors with their lr'~atronaK>;' .V. K. A conmiodiousi CariiiVt'c-Way, is madb to andfrcm; ONEY:-Messrs. LUCA^Siand'eo.' b'cg.leave _ to intorm those that may;he ii� �ia>t, an'iVd;fsiious of botrowiiiy; temporary, ii'"y, an 1 possessed of any assigisible profpert-yv tlmt I'heV may be sup-ptj.ed with any Siimpii fairkitd.equitnbla ter'ms.^by payio); an ac(ei)uate Aniuiity Interest for the Satn iid; answered without delay. , .  grkAt' Dfis.trtSs.� To tliie G E WT LKM E N. CI.CKG Y and K U T-1; 110 LDE RS ,.i ofi'he COUNTY of VVESTiVlORLANO. MOST] fljrteringiy encoiifaged by the very oblij^ini* assurance ofsupp rt fr ^m SKVeral of the most respettablepers-iris of the County, I presume to oiler mysHf to you to fill the vacancy in your Kejiresentaiion 10 P,irlia--nit-iif^ occasioned By tiw. nt2lap.cl1.1Vv denh nf \o�r L'le ivorthy Mnti'ier .Sir .MJCKA!-1. LE K.I^liMING, lint, r'l'hetime heinR ?o extremely timit'd, as the'lvlecti"n nittst nctifssiirily takepbce m the-courss -f a few days, I am wnolly pi^clud-tf fri in luvint; the lionctir of payii^j; my res^p-j^t* to you i;i perstui, ��. lich I should otherwise lijvj bsen very desirous of doing, biiu^;, with tli'e hic'^st esietm, . Gentk'men, Your sTiost faithful and ' devoted hiunble Sei'Valit, . Dover-stfeet; -if Miv...|8<6. Ml! N'C^'P V'R. t"o thc'(iEN'TLh sI kN, Ci.Ei<GY. amt 1 t< I-. I-. i 1 f iLOliKS : of the C'tJUNTV PALATINE bf CIIESI ER. ^ �GENTi-'ei^KN, ; , WITH tlie warmest sentiments of gratitutle, I tej^ 1-ave toretunvynu tViy heattfilt thinks for the very hi^b a/i.l riiitingiiijhedh mour yrju have this tUy conferred, in.ele4lin execwiioii r^fih* (Treat and j^�pon�tble�frtt!ity.>tj' have refiostd :ii tftij; arid that' it shjli bttii.vy oinstaat!^ditiii?)iir to ',ttCiy^ iny�Hfirtt ui.i-: �Whrt byof the cSjitidwve yi'.u hSva b.-en so k' to honour 1 have the iioiOiir.tob?,'Gentlemen, 'With t:r,te!iil, ^'  � VoOrmrtst frtUfiil ailil cb'jdicnf iiuiT rvniTt,' ,(Sl�tt?r,' Mayzs. ,iBv.6. . ' . : !>.. DAV.tN.VOKT..'. ��^W.V sex, o> Haiifi,, Vxcefvliiig 14,' hut withiu 4Vtritles l,'�-ndan, a MOUSE intlie Ci)tt,ij;esiyle, uiiftiifiiii?i(, wi'h a"usi; iiivil stabl-", a-d wit'i <ihy qu fitity.of Ian 110: e^gftcdii.g ipo acre.i Any pfrsni havifi ' ' le.i,.i'iay l-eir iif a v.?r/ '-li^ihle teiiam, by .seiKlinj; -the^pdrti-Ciil to Mr H. C. Williui'.i.'ij Solicitor, in Ijeu1or(i-r0w, l.ondori. � ., . "�- - . ' lil'K1. 11 r i-l I: c A I �) b f: A f 1 �vN A. R.. STEWART ;m'i.t rcNpeaaLly,; acquaints  the Ptinlic that ths -Sal- of 11.' splfudul, scifrc" hivI v.iluah''" I.II'.RAKY o( tlie iatc- Nr.ble .-.Ul llUli MAKQUIS ot pONEG.Ai., v.ill Ic s-l.l by AIHTIO.^J af hi> ki,!c/m,';94sl'iecad'lIv; c-pposiuv, Alh:uiv, to-niorrow and -iix f I'l^ui;days, (.Sm" ly and-1 lis, ��lai;?s;y's biitii-.liy extcpieiiy bf/iiuiin K, riccadJly.MrtV 1S06:. ' � . . y 'T~'0 be LET, (for- the rcnunDdci; of' sm Ojiritmal A. Lease, itbbtifi-i veirs of �vhich are tmexpircri,) a cipi-tal sp.1cious- mV EI.^l NCM^l0 U:. E, r: I'll-te with ,tiltii;f iV K I.U> > H<)VI f; H-BlJlLOlNOS, .BjATll ; luiceiher with z Coach-house^a' .four;6MH5tablecoii�'i�tiOu. usehoUlT-iir'itnre, p.Tt of wiiich has iiQver been us-id; may be. pi! u.'on very �dv vatitay^'His leriiis / . ,, . ... For part'rc'nU/:, 3n'l'Tiik >{i' rii/l if produced at t'i �li"ic nf cnnrdct ; 16 lie d�lh'cri i at Uif Majitty'' Ii>c%ui''.:tie, al U', in nioitfli, mid to in fuiJ Jor ly liUii j'..jMe ni/0 J'l'eresf )/inf!y (/iitj uflfv dM'..... 'J'i'r ConJjt''0't\ ul lijf Coiilrarl M.ty le leen. nt-the OJJtce .of So i erj trd i>iUl le L-tU 10 ,iny TenUr in (>!,� p. i.ej'xi/l Mr. \kitVtttJ:.rt Ttietve o'Clock f� ih� ' .i.t 'iliurivlav iiislniiK, nnr tihlta, the i'ers�it tvhn n.ike^ the Teu.i, r' r.j/'i' ' r> \ : �WW udoie 1-ase- i o tne itenevolent aiv>l. Humane,", m ihts, 3:,(| other l'apers,humb!y-�returiii lii,*�nosr siikere Thanks r the Donations he has received, amounting in all to 24I, � wnich have hppn'riF .ia.. rr, i.-.rr. tVinV.rif. .*,....�, ,^A...:.A .., wnwn consists 01 jiniiset, a ytie .'id two small'chiUlren;*ap^nUnt-only to about 8.,1. .he mn.t �bsdlutcly sink umlertV�e load, if tltpse wlv> ta crhn>s from Jie.ccssity-and,^ im^^l^- '"^^i*" t'le^'lsin wjfh Which he is threatened, bV ofm, the Immane. he ha;i tfic prospccl , of an,, creased tncome in afevAnVonths ffviri-the-sifuaticnVhe^ MesiiTj' ll>.^o.,ii -.ij*!.'.*! npO be LE 1', and entered on tn>.ticdi;iicly, a X COUNTRY' HOi;.SEcall�l .'iSWALDS, situjte near Hafharri I>owns. c-iuiiiiiu.i; aU t'lr nece,isjry Aji.rr-rnents fora Oenrleihasi's KmVrily. oor.iplitely fu'ni.^!^^d, with dDVjbl .-iiOiise,st:;l.>niig for si� horaes,.i(f:e ri-h-'Us:;.bfew-hoiise, w,ash..holism, praiarV, ic.rlctiicliej, vv'tii aiV)ii:t rwtj acres of' p!'.;.i-iui! gVouiidsnd ft'irdei^ well ^tccktd wiih fruit-trees, anT cn.'fipe.i, and *viih or wrthour a^ ntt two "and a ' iVatf acres of nieaJow land iidji)i.iin^,,(l�-taiii '^o;"n- Canterbury f;i'riTiilei, from Dover .twelve, and fiom London sixtv. � - � . : 'I'-lie Premisfs'niay-b-Seen hyapiT^licition to .Vlr: J^mes Warren, Silvrhinitli, CaiitrrKufi-, 01 at H.i'irn I'Uce. >iirrei . f R V.E !< f A l< M.-^I'eckham Rye, S, be'LET,' w'itli immcdi I'os^esVion, FRY.- " Mt^rs Boldero,.LtishV�libn, ,a.uf Co. bankers, Nu t !.> 1',"' >v'�"?',l!Cirtf^-.v<B4'.-A rward any I , , li-^/ClVTM i)-F .MQt^KV-/-, V ^"^^^ ftlt fca: jfet MONEY on; ceU still Unceastncluit'i^nm .^ti^^,i u...2.. ,y' v. Slid ptst lire )a*d,-Th^ Hnusf, Uiul upvards of ioo "acres, are p'-ip sed to b^ upon a L-'JSfr for u y.ear.^, tlie rest forvl'orief periods, rvsuch pcts>ns of ap;irjvei! Lspptw .sibilityas shall offer tlie hivh sf rent; l;V f.eiier, a.idieise ! to Messrs: Sliaues and Le JVl ii-.c. New lJriil,',t;-'tiec'ij IJIack-fiifits,.b^foie the fnt ds) !ot Jun-;nexr. The Eiiiite may he viewed, by apijliirij: to Mr. Tagj; on the l'reinise.s; aiid.par-tioulars may be hid of him, and of Mr. 'I'i;\\nley,.l:aiid Surveyor, Walworth, and (if Messrs Shawcsiw.rl l.e Hl'anc". ~' ~ LAinrHA\i7MTf)pLliSt^X. nnO be LET, and entered .liiion iiiimtdiately, a 1. m!ist'>iib�taniial, sp'cious, ami coi)lfitif: ted (or a larli;e and g'nte::l tb-nilivi-llie who'q beuig in contpiete lep'-iir : foj>ei|ier wiili Stabling for cl>:ht Irirses; stai.dinRs for tlirce earriag-s', and nunieroiis clfiees of every tlsscripti n ; pli-a.-'Ure. gruuml,. cohipletely Beciudod, and laid out in a beautiful lawn, over-shaded by statelv trees, and .skiHed by luxuriant s'lrubbeiies : a capital, fruit wall, the trees of wlich are iji a high state of poite'cVi;Mi,; with knch'-il.; gard.-n, abuniiarnly stocked ami plafited, aiid;-.a very prodiietive and exceedih'jtly ricji piece of^ incailow :. tlievi hole coiiraining about-fobr acres; f^gethi'r with a, valuabf? tight or (aiinage lor sixcows or f.nir ht>rfies, in ther^jiili mead called LaJeham iVurwav, wli'ch be coitsyerediqU:fl t-> ail a ldili ur acres ori.ind. .Tft's^ijesirablv property 'is i^siightfuliv'sitiiaieil ueat tjje /'tr��ir�" hit /elnlf, aiifiidr-. tn i"i'i",' /ri:iii, oj' Hh DaV, I,/'f {illoffline >!f\/', at' One o'Clt^IfY they ','>i*i-U te.itiy sitlMying Hit,'Miifes:y\, Y.ifi',' at'D:;iforJ l-Vaol-i-.-iclj �'; c,tJ) ifi ii'Jticil, unUs^ ibc puity, ot''t'.ii.ti^c>ii Jvt fhri^^ hi,-' C'p.V l"R..AC I'S . I-OR CO.^,l.S APJ D C.V.\ DJ.b ' tJonvrtnsi�r).Ge;is(;i!'i id{rrnctiti:>i. Vy ^. ed Cottiiliex'in Sou-h;iii_;, f-.r ti.elhi i\7 iMch-iii . No'th htftaiii, a>>d i?t / Lti'L- C;r!'.-r�is.-y, .'u-.^ey, and .Alderitcy,. Jji-f/' 'lujmiiie't t/^ a.ui t^.^N D.I. t-.,S nr , mj\\J oyi linK toiinu ic ii'-j.-iinj by the rvsf. c.'.'i^i ] ,it.k AIus-' ; 7'/if ,<itJi. eritSit.'r''inme/!Ci';ux s'ton tif:ci- t/.v 'i^tjj '�/ June nrXV,' ^(1.1 the rc'PecJiw li.irrjck M,nu-'i i'\iU lejuiie, and to cominue '*t!li the l^lhof JtiTic JdUwiug. . . ^ : Pr � loji) 3it'/e; as laU uls't those � jor Cmm^ sc^/ed, k^y, and iji.vked '? Ten lei tot C-iiidies," f.ntii. the iume hour on v.t..Aii.'j y.thi Wth of''June: ij ieitt by f^-st^.th,: iiouit.;-->ituiibe paid. .' ' " . _ -, . .I'articul.vs of ihc Cant'acts >:\iy be had on npj/icMiiin iitthii, 0icc b't'iccen the hours ',f Ini an.t I'oiir, ti iVir. l^e, u'y Cirnwis-1 C.-'.'.-^-.// A.ssiotti, 'lidiitbur^/j ; and Mr. Aiiiuaiit O^in-' misiay \ M- -iih'de.ofUje iupplf of Coii\^ a>U ij ii,c.'j !i t:l| � Sufiolk, smrry, Sui-es.. V. at wick, -Vb-li. ; l.(ind->(i, May -zy, ilii.6. is herJiy j^i-cett to nil desiy^ris of c'ing .ti\i,'y. l()R'\f;E,_ 0.\ f.-^,; A', 10 his M^jesty'i Cav.iiy in tiaijcks ia.n-e Vv .iv, m Suuih IJiitam, ar.d i.i ijij Countv of AR.VIV C.)N !:UACr. Commissafy G i), May-27, ilii.6. ' NOTICE is hfT^.h! �i-cen to ,ill Ptrs 11 c -/i',-Vit-'.r,r tiiiirttc'ing and STUA\r, c:u.v.ry i;j, sea/e.i up, a'lJ in.t'iied " leii-d-ir for .'\.iniy Snpiili-s," be ureii.'cd m Ihii i^/ire the yU' dty of sa'Tu:,nih of J:"!, ; hut > o'le ce 'i'ed ifter Tw'lxt o'Cixi r,:t that d-iy, it':d if s. I'.e foUafe must bt paid. f 01 i/s mtt t i in d^ .\ethtr.itely fw eacij .C,;fity, and the iia'iei f t-iui Swet'ei, ^v'tb.t'j:irpi"a-:c\ i/'i'-ude..yi: in:i./ be'i�ietted at the fi-J t'iereof, af.! 1:0 Teiid:r ivii! be not.ied nji-i.s^ .'A- S'/m ih.u/be cxjire'Sfd in -ivoidi at feii-.tti^ an.} l^e I'.it n, 'o.-i/'eir Agdu!, siuti-.eaUfit i!.us Oflce iv: j i>ig aay to iitia-n' the decisi-ji theieoii. rarticuiari of tl'e C',ni>'aClt may � be fhid tt^n/i apil.'e:ttion al, lb:s Ofiee, iet-i:-erti the hows of te.n ali>i 7''.'.-./". Vl)I,t;N-| i-F.RS. In fh-: Pre'.', .-rd be \,>-'.i\\f'fa'.\ on Saturdt^'next, May  j\, price IS. by Li'ngrii;<t. Co. I'ateriiojfisr-rpw, and t.y Ey^-'p., .Milit,ir. Li^ktv, \Vhi\�^-all, ' . ' A iETTER to t!..; Rii;ht Hon. WILLIAM Jt\.y IN.J(I-'..M, M. OFFICER of Yeonja-i'V and V.Itr.tcers. SpccifjiH): twelve pl.iut KuHs toctablisli ilie Volgt\��er System, and fnir to tegulatc if,'by which the rtg'dir service ui!f be beiie.'jted, and the i:ir rinl Force .strc-fict.-e e-'. in the in.'j-,* sccuic and ,oi-o!ii iI :r.- Cuv -mh  ~lu , iiicluJinsthe Aims of tl�i Pe^rik aiKt tb? Orders of Kriightlicc-rl, , . � S nii-, a:'i I 'IrianslatiVins of thcii Motios. 'i o vfhich a>1^ itked, an of the Oritcr>i>f Knght>iooit,;an taa V4ln�tjoU. of e.'Cl'. ot thi l'..sliopricWit, and a cortiplrt* cKiwS Fecraj^ of. the 1 iirec K ingdiiios.- , ,, ... .. priritcil ft)t- published, in \vu yi./imfl�v P ; tcrilJJ-^. Vh-- si,>;y is well concfiveri, t!-.e t;iaiader<leli�ie.jteil aiia �ut�* porta;, with ^fcit prj^risiy, aa.t r;t'.i i.-.ctal teitUclli^ uft^ . whole rclieili theh'^.-ies-creiht on th: h-ad ami ih^��tof iU .\Uih. r. \'-'e fjndeist.iiid thts to h; tl-.eftrat ittteinptof Mr fl;. ano, as it evince a superiority of tul-ni in this " shewing Viiiue heruwn !�iai�, and Vice its hatefuidetoiniiry.".. -*Vii;le.vl(/iithly Mirror, Aprl, � Piiis'te-Vfot and so'd bv Tlir.-tnas Osfell, ^o. j, A ; .-d-dajltheUeo'-s-lle^s. 1S06. Ateiiiir:*.- Tk.i Day s\it's puljlislv-d, 111 iwi Vols. av^. hi* \vo-��'papifi-price ijs. l-Oirds, npMa SCIENCE of LEGISLATION, frcoi X The 1 lall.m of AE tA.-.-O !'ILANC JERt,  ly6>r'R()i.-.l-:uf Cl..-.Yr�)N, P.-'n-ei t rTho.Tiat t)ste!l. No. 3, .Avimafia-lane ; arid maf b; hid of all i)t:iCr ti.oksellcr-;. AVh-i'einay be hid, a nevy l-,dition, ju t published; of tb* I.if- and Ch^ractsf (if liai:iapari2, b>- VV . liujiion, p.;*..'6j. irt- bjiir Is. Ojn-e 0,1 � ir le i:-i:l be r-:- sent by '1 hs nci^ivb'unthooj. is ..highly., genteel, the excellent, andtbe; >oor and I'.irochi-jl Kates very moderate. Distant 17 iti.lea from London,, a from Staines,' 1 from Chertscy^ and 7 iriuii'WhiiiioT, .  � F'-'r.Partit-tirars inquire of Mr. Cillman,L�kli.itn. M rd'vcv�e-bifiug iiow vest_ed solrVy t-.i the Key, \Vi|-Iij!ii"Jl.irclay, and thoseaj'i> 'inte.-i by hini, tiie further saleof Ihi I ill.-t is. in'iroiiseijvirric':, eiifirelv ilist:-'ntiyu.,- Warithousc, .I.ticcstei^.sqijiarc'i. whc,re-th? public;tr\ay:bo assinedX:" having thern iiriih?4.r pure j^ndj;e,nuiiw .-Wate., Mt. Ilichard f5uticf, No. 4, CiH?ar'''''t' being'ap'jyoihteil ^ole Wh.-.lbsa'e A�*nf, -all, vv4ioiesale Btdersj'^thViin.AQw'n^ au�l.couiury, arc re-ques'teiJ fo bs'ad'drc'ssetl to'hliii, wIVV wi 11 ina'K'^e t'l-.cTi-atl-; the �usnai- aUowijijicc|..  'Nrtne itra ssivmiie but Hiiise having a iBiack Stjjmp.with the name, "Ilia Kfev. W. iiarcl.iy," fcii'Bi!jtve(*Tlici'80"iV. " , ?, , .- . T. A. Pllli'!:?S,.:Agotl,. to the^.Pfoprictors, ' � 'B''droVd-s tted to 'h; first-drawn Tick?ts, indrpcndent of ji-y of tlie other nut/.erous Piiz-'s whiclimay hap.|)en to bedra^^n a^ai'ist them. Tickets and>hares, warruited Undrav^n, are sellitig at the ol.lOihieofSW'lFTand Cr;.. No. ii,f'oiiIttV. FRIDAY NEXT zo,ooo\ is iilloficd ro the ,Eirst Drawn "I'ickci,Deing t!ie fitrh D ly of-Dr-iwing. The Tickets and SJiares c:iniinue on Sale at the OlHtes corner of Hank l)uildin^s,,C6nhill, ^n.l liuiiig the Gale ot t,*7c King's Mews, Charing Cr iss, wtie>e No 10,251 a Priz.-of t)ne Thousai.d Pb'iiiiis, iliJ ti-st, Djy, a;id No;ai,fi8i, ;� P.-i.'.ji of ()ne '1 hrms nd anU, rvvtiny-tJiie Pounn.-., tjie tl'.ird I'J.iy of I,,. ... . ....... - . . . : 1 GOO 1)1 j;R:i7?\M"E^'i? fE'^ER'^IWD^ atid ana::- '%EP riC'PlLl4S,'.prrp'j.yri itt p.-,i.itf. �Afso.l.'.LIUi.lN'S .l-M- ,-{or tJitVlate Or, _ Vvjth>t hose" so'd , tJi..t will mike the twicih beatt- tmeMums nd anU, rwfniy-oiie I'ounit.-, the third l>.iy ot the State I ottery, uere both Suld 'n 3"^ i.>r er, an Ei-chMi, a;'d t-io S-xte-nth Share^, bv RlCM.-yiDSO.M, GOODI.DCK. and C�. '.' . .. ^ � � \ __ lor th.- 1' AlT<71iTE l.KO .VS. and V.'HISKKRS.- GHASSON'S CHEMICAL FliUID.-Notvyith. standin;; the elegance anJacciiraCy with which the artificial rteads.of ILiir arelini.shcd.jnany Ladies would be* in-duccrl to prefer appeiring iii ihcir uwii hair, are preventcil by its liaving; througli vario'is causes,.|ost its iiativc � dnv-.r. After a loDgkeiiescit expe'imen'Ji thi .'Vdverttser has ditic;.. .vcred a pteparation, that will in a few liqur's c'lant-e .the oh-jetH oiiaMe.colout to variou* Ixauittul shades of bla-k, brown, or ft.iKcn. Me rietlinci tiic u.-iual limt-gvnc that ac-comiuiiiiei the hitrcdud'ou of a t'omposiiidn tt� (he Public, and relie;.so(clyoi\'he itrrits of ih*? p-eparatioh for its success, b'i"R fully assiireu it never cm fai,l, where the directions are properly attsn-Jetl to. i'oWat Mr. GoUliiitts, 41,. Co'whill; Mr.' Overtoils, 4;, New Hond street i in bottles ii. is. for the harr, a;.u tas, 6d. for tJic Eychrovvs anil VViiiiker)-. > \ is tlw cnlycuriain :ii-.d sii'e litre tor tSje Hc'morihi>;\'s � ot.Piles, .^ few .ippiifiiiohsbt this Loiim\yi''i(iivf retiet, and one hotile will cure 'he niost . bstuiate aiid piii-fnl case of Piles. lr-v>iU cu'CJU ulcris, s.-res, wounds, >caid^, aid burns J it will tciiinve all disp s-tiou to fisiQIa ; is also a ,)Tiost u)ufyil:'Ul pleasant :ippliij'!(->n 11'all case.sot erupt-o-}-,, e y:>c|i(:liiS, iui.f ,iU oth-'t t.liCi."-,'.be4 pf tlie skin. ' 'i'lii^ admir�rLoti ti i> the j.iini pioduct of the Miucfailuid Vegetable K.j'Hgd.iMi. ut Coll-He rf Su.i,;i"-pus ; is ccnvi.ued rl�i� advsrtrsr^'ien's in the Papers aro t'�-vbt at meaiisof m.iking the ntait VJilutthle renie.iy known 'o iiis c -upttviv.enj for he has -r-i vius t 'mh tf'iit'tfU'l triiisic meiiis oj tlu 1 ctinn wdi inure elholi.-al.y-�;�tahli�h its ieptu*>ioi' ^"J'h the rulnic ni� 1 aiiy nic!>t ti n . f P;e.rsdnd Cine' llarciiN. .Vh >sei(.im,.-s havemi'ii- lin-es hnn. p.''-�.-^i iMsep 'J.* ciniA litiis.p � >>oM "vhcU-. �l f fiM�n' hcalthjj, .iihfi; Ohil'll':ri(|-( Hfr ht.v^>',-pfn�.^'as -�,ailVWi<Mi; Ahiidies,p,ir-'...,........._____........... . _______,,.,,.w...... � �r-ci � lM'i''*'^'r?'^!fv\!^'-|^il^iVi"'^''- lhM'-..,,ieto,'s S..loA..e..., Vi lla^vA)^^ '\< R in -.ii-l'iu'tipiiliry. 'l h Fifit J'okof the Ifin.rary, ties, Ahh! TIE UlCHTS OF THE' STO.CK. BROKLERi.^ * Tills ^l?y is piibiished, pric.r is; 6d. .-iiid lo bj had of .'<iessrS. Rii^hiirdsr nSj i orniililj � ' . :" . ' ^pRE RIGHTS of liie S ^OC^.bROIvERS.Dg-X f;^n . D\i::air�st th:-.A".M-.-ki of the . iiyo' L<-"n i-n j ,<ir .Vrgiifii-.'.its to 5h.;w i^nt ifcrjona'jimi-if iiift selliiK. St:x!c .. only ay Jom v-ir'on, cu n. n -if biokirs mintioo.-d ill t.i:e Ot:i.,;.\-^n. c. it, ' i. 'lo whicii vviil be iufi:-.;, a SlJ m.^n- f the EroCeaJMi;? on t'lis >uhjecl ihat have laseiy ta .ci. place iti rtte U^ttftuf ..:Uequ-s's. - . '; � �. Ity FUaNCIS PaI LY.;uf i-he St-xk set an Ihisdaj:!;; published, beiutituhy jifint.ed .ny 'i}u:,n.-., c]ii� bellislvd wi'h sixty ein:rjvings, i;� tivo.|jr. e Servic-- ol t:;e il-j!v Crois. A.O riSii; an.' the. . iis.riplior. o!\V iWs, written in Ltju b*'Gi'al.liis de I; irri; tiaiisl le.thir-t Ln^hsh, ajiJ iUuat.'.il-ed Willi .Maps, V'ews, and Ai;mt.iti9'i<. By Sir U 1 CHA 1 CO 1. T HOA iZ. ii't. �Volume the Firsr tont.vns a c-pious Lijs ot Graldus, I11J ;m iitri'diiili.-.n to 'b^ l-!:it->;y\f. \V4lej, .i:i which :li.; i.vs-sions of -biit.iidoi JviUii^ t ar-'ir, I'laiMtiS, Cl.uii-i.s, ard i).-.tiit:u3 i/e accurat.-ly dtai'iibe.l by Mj'i~, as we.I aith: r rocri ss of t|i? Ri.mau Lei,ioui-.n V\aks un I fie p.: lou of i'�;;ul si:bj-.,. ; 1.1 \i-:in^ a-id S' t^uim evi/t-liis Vji-:;;;e.-co.u-l'i..ies with ' a:;.i i--.i!.-i;,s 14 Vitus of C.>-.c. V-ii^-raved byi.':; Ire Mr. h)riie la h.i ii it �HI inirr; fo^r siii^li ."'laps, a-id 14 P'at�-s''-.y .'ta>tte. - Voiiii;'.v't e Se.-j;.d co :f;;:.'is >e^0'. I k of th^Iii-n'r;iry, .-I'lit the .:.'.-Ltipi;.; 1 .>! \V-ics in r-.\o i".: b. O:r I-d-. s ; a Suppiemciit, j 1 wiiicli t!;e I'l.icci o rirt.;(1 &� ;ii.i ar >ii?se;iDv'n; a.ju an Es.-.iy on 11 ish .4rtl;iT'tiure, n ivhich '-- I>'Qge.^J^-.':ii [.-�fv ij (r i-.uj>-i � :ui ,in!,'.i;;:t * vl-u .iri:e ; (n.t huge Map, and to Plat.-s, by Hisire. Piitjlishcdby tv'ilPam .Mill, r, .Alce-iiarle-streer. .'>lso iuiiutd.ia't.vo siz.js. imit'inuly v.-i:h t_h"-� iha.e, the original Latin; larg-i papor, p;ice 1" "-e gai iras, s.-a!4il paper, tw-Jguin-'-as, in boa;us, HIVR rftH THE 1 il >!iJ GU.mS. 'HE ESSENCE^ of TFARL and P"ARI. 1)1.-NTl l:l-*.l CL", itivt-nte ! by tile Iste J . b < iemct. D.iitist to H.*r Muicsty :<ni I'r r,_ol "i'�'a!es, aiegr.'-4i!y su|icriur, bjth il: eie, r�'sc.-ve l!;c 1 eeih hi a .soi.-nd .state cveii (t vll a.;c-; vmII reii-.lel the n a.'iite U'n4 beautiful withbui (he hitst ii.-ip.t.rirn; riiJ 't'oatri;!, (j,-.;en sccb as.a:c loo^e, keep .such ..s arc .li.-eiJ) d-vni':!'. 'lom t-cc.-mi ..5 wj'rsc, p'event the !"oi.uli-iicli, pc.Ic-if"y m.-c. rlsw Scurvy m the Gums, and inak-; iheni iiro^v firm close tj the tieti. 'i hey I'kewise render the hfeatii iielitj.-e'v nveet, t?-.di r.--ivei'y all th-setiiso-ikis i!>t ate t;4;c-o. Sfi; :.c-eo; Scjibiittc tJU irb:ii:d.h..d il eelh, " In 1 r.lvr to prrvsiit the -{I'tposiM-is (..iiiy pr.-j4^Sed i^v-jJer-S'-.ns CvUnt-r eiting the Jiiove t:,-i, i,M;tM .I'njs ei'"-J^ii.*>i .'.!e.i'ci;.-iS. ihe l> !i vw.-ni; w. r.'s .ir. ^ >v ;>.-i;!'is�hir. iav� t3i!-p, ' J. H'-iVil-. r, liA.i'''i-V sikf HL';'.V, COCKSTaM; S I'U 1-i li. V," iiii.l iN.-ile .ir.- i-e..u:.rr b'Ji what have those woriis eiiijraved ir t!ie srtuip i.i.-.i',v4 l.ihc' 'virh" tlii* Wi^r.f.: " 1-...vyLiv and HL.sw, Ccvk>pur-�ir?ct, ; cndv):i," pa.-.le<li n li'.e hack of cii..-; i^'ii-c; an.l Ji'i.x.i Til:: E^so.l'.<i; a;-.d ;;enii:ii�-- �t; s. lii wlr,;i;s;'lj stiVl rMa'l rat.'l, buC.c.-s ir. lo .'.'r," I lei!;et,; t'Cii-e-st. !lv;ovcr-s fi> tcconv.JtJ'itdMl to 1 lenf.s aivi psrj.ihs wlvi h.iv.-iL"ca;est preservative.-' V' unc by B.iyley ai.d Hlew, j, Coci? >j);iiMf.-er, j rice :s. gd. 1 stamps include.!, an;! reruij hv I". Sc oiji t.i, ji.>te Pu.tii .. .. - . - ,.->., ' ;a..i,-e-Nt. !l;';wvcr-s se;;tilii> Ageors a fie.-.n sup dy of URITISU HtKj.t 'ri-A, which is Tbund o eHLacioKS �.� all iNcrvous Ois.-inlcrs', FI r'i 1-ncies, ^i.uii;eaVi-ii;i,"4:e.-^Th� folU'wii'g wa, receivevl ftom h L 'dy of ie"r,>vv't\')riit�'^; To ifit: Kev. J- GAMlsLli. Sydi.>ie, Uirvi. -Sir,^ PerusiiK th? Eva>>geltc�i M:;>!a�.u,e. I p. ice^yfd;ii> vei-ii Cases i't Ihi good ellecti r>i y�:ti t/wMub:;'* .inllsii Helr|> lea whiWh giive me iiofles wi^h pe *.'ietai'ce I m*Kht uerivi 1'*-etii iionv tikinn it, h:>vii g>>tt<c't undct. . -tinii;.4 sill; Ileaen-iicJi igivi liiliuus V vijiniingfoi lite last i\seiiry V, :i&. . I puithai^d, ,�t yo-.;r Wiiol*.-.-.-)!*! A.gci>['j, Mt. Bir l*o. 4, C;'.ei,r.*iiie, a Packet, bv (a)i,ing ,�;'h ch, a ( wd t'knig it iu^jf-aoiy i> h s tune. I h.ivc ijic ta iiit'tiii >VU thai 1 '"ivc net, l>>r' th^^e list ihci eXpc.-iKi c;-vl m'l s.cK 4ic:�l-ach or ,1-iliouS which L �.ithr.iy . u for �0 h�ppv > ^liscf vcr\, ansi f,,r the gc con i best \Vt"stie� lot it�g�cd eitijcts. I remain, ^ir, jourl .er.aur, - , , ' hi PINI" V- o 77, .."ilun.sirect,. P'Uhopsgirc,X> cipn, Ja/l. ** Sol�i w h6ks,t!c iciuf^mnil ut VI r luiiv's, ^o 4, CI CO' r-.- t�t Pnt�rnt)st.i-row, niulreta'i by most Cuutmy'i �;^<-' Ml

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