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Courier (Newspaper) - May 27, 1806, London, Middlesex rilKATiVii liOYAI . ;>l 'd Sale of the Works of British Artists; will continue open every day, from Ten h'Clnck iu I,.. Forenoon, until Seven ihthe AJternobn. Adiiiiftaiu'e. is. By Order, VAI,HKTJGRE fcN, Keeper, Catalogues, f'd.  'SPLENDID NATIONAL I'ORTRAIT of the Risht Hon. WM. l*;!!' I". : THE well-known superior identity of thePomatt of vir. PITT, which-is going to be liublfshfe^Tjy'Mr. BOWY�R at the 'Jistoric oi|ed ^beer�a!Hlin.th�C��KfhaU ofthe Cityol lit�vt��m^is now exhrbitinK at No. ivi.Strandi opposite Dkctei Cijange, from tfn till dusk, aflmitfadce one shiHinjj.  L. GA�AGANiJatters hrniwlf that beine the only Sculptor who" eve' had the honour of sinings from the gallant Ad-Tiir f,.sJni-\ licity and utility ; packs in a box but teivinches djep. A iiRhr of this article will Convince cvtry L^dvand Centlemao that it exceeds any thing that can possibly be said of it. Tlid first that ever was manufailured is now. ready fol- in-S])e ost and tent Ufdstcub, with Mtjsquito Net Furnitures aMiJ Bodtling, the Iniperial Patent Dining Tables, and portable Chairs, aiid in particular Nelson's Patent;Trafalgar Side Board a.'d Dining Tables, \vhlt every other article in ti^e Upholstery and Cabinet Branijh, many of which ate upon new a-d iniproyeti prh>ciples, and are executed in the first style bl mbilern elenanceand fashion-Morgan aqd Sandersj tipi. 16 iind 17, Catheritie-strcet, Strar'd. FRIDAY NEXrio.oool. isallotie<l to the First Drawn Ticket, bqyij; tlie fifth Day jiif Urawingi Tlie 'rickets and.Shaies cunt iiiuc on "Sale at thes. Offices corner of Bank BiiiUlings, Cornhill, and facing the Gateor the King's Jilews, Chaiing-Cross, where No. i6,z;ia Prizs of One Thousand Pounds the tirst Day, and No. 2iv68i, a Prize of fVne THousarid and Tw.enty-oiie Pomjds, the third Day of' tU� prtseht State lottery, were both Sold in a Quaner, an Kiglifj), and ten. Sixteenth Shares, bv RICHriRDSON,-G0OULUCK<andCa. ' TWENTY THOUSAND POUNDS for the I'iist D.'awn Ticket next "Friday, May 30, being the ri.'th DsvoV.I/ra'ving. ' TWEN rv-i'IVfi, THOUSAND to the First-drawa Tii:ket oti the .Sixth Day, JinVe,^. 'ilie above Ca;!ifais.ari.alljtt(;d to ;h.-first-drawn Tickets, i.'.iL'pendsut cf aiiy of the other nuiwcrous Piii-s whiili may iianpen to be tiri'.vn against rheni, Ti;;kt;ti and 'res, wair.'nted Undrawn, are selliiic at the oli;()iliceofS;\VUvT3nd Ce. No. 11. t'oidtry. QAKDINIAS.-1 h:s delicious Fish affords one � of the fine,st relishes kncjwii; (HICKSON'S p'repjre^l DutiirHeriii'gs and Beef. Best Sances, I'icklps, Essence of-Aiicliovies, Soy, Rian, Olives, Mangoes, Gapers, (Curry I'owder extra fin;), Oils, Vinrgnrirj. Spicei, Maccjroni, Vemii'-clli, TiuHlss, Morclls, Siveetmeats, Preserved (Jinger, Pornble SoUp, and every article in the Oil and Italiait business. 'T'TfE~CASE of a DISTRESSED FAMILY is. JL humbly submittetl to those who have it in thcirppwer, ard tike a pleasure in alleviating the sufferings of their ti;]-iow creatures ; a family of respectability, iww ccnsisting of. a wifi with .six children, surviving out of nine, who lived in Tiputaiion upwards of thiiiy years, i n-ttibiite to their relief, the husband, who is in a very infirin bankers, Lombard-street. The ..bove fanriiiy'beg Inve to return sincere thanks to Tljose ^vonhy persons Who have cojitribuied to their relief, \>hich wl'l ever be refnetiibercd with gratitude. T- ADIEb'.-That SUPERFLUOUS HAIRS are JL4 one of theigreatest drawbacks from the beauty and de- ] licacy of the Female Face, is aliovted.by every man, tram the prince to thel'peasant. To remove thorti various prepa-lations hav?;, from time to tiine. started ttp^; but most of them (the ugh potiipQusly advertised), liaving_ been found 1 the Hijiirs or causing in a ariy prictors will onljr observe,, thafiii. removes t'-w jjiinutes, without mluring,the Skid, o. .-...u.^ -..y hV,llly approved of in the first circlMttf fashiwi and rank j and that Ladies may Jet it ' forwarded. Price VV'*i*>'*1 .maintained an. acknowjledged �%*S^fcl'ra[S'^'*?'5P^^''*�'^''"^ continu?.ta W^^AM betow^ yrhicH ,5 ^h^,,UM>lc,. C. . u Cke! TU&BAY, PHILANTHROPIC ANNUITY l'L\N. ATa MEEI'INO hnlden at the London Tavern This Day, it was resolved uolmwously, � 1st, That the proposed Tn-,titution islikely lobe prodii^tve of much benefit to tlie P-ublic, and of considerable advantage to the Subscribers thereto. id. That Bocks of Subscriptioiii be novvpencd, and c�>n-tinue open, at the London Tavern, and No ij, V/eJbcck-strMt; bjittliat up deposit bscalkd for, until the wrltolosub-�;rititioii is filled, 3d, That all perions wishing to withdraw their names from the stibscriptipn', shall be at liberty to do so. 4th, Thiita Meeting bs.liolJen at the L-nid'sn Tavern, on Monday, id June, at twelve o'clock precisely, for the pur-poje of carrying the proposed Plan into effi:d. WM.LODLAM, Chairman. London Tavern* lid May, tSoG. The Chairman having left the Chair, it W^s resolved unanimously, That the Thanks of this Meeting be gi"en to William Ludjamj Esq. for his ph'e conduit in the Chair, and for the judicious Plan which he submitied. The Prospedui.shevvingtheprobaiiUty that the propose;!, Institution would afford to the Subscribers ,a huhusnf.Sul. per'cent, every ao years,'Jn addi^on to the artnual ilividend ot SI. per cent, and yet be.�productive of all those bciiefiis to the l>t!blic; wflvch it at pre.>ent.promises, may be hid it the, Londi^n J'averrtt �*ttLin WfcthBck-sttert. -__ A jSienerai Meetit^g'of the'Sufecribers.t.o the /X>��it ew ijJtd equitable system of 1.1F EIN SU R AN CE and ANNUITIES, asdigestetl the Civmmitier-, is calculated to frromote early Industry,'(l.conotny, and Mtjr.ihty, to reHevd -thonsands 'rom dependence and iant, !�;id ettetlirig these public benefits, toWoine qf cousidetrthle n*i�BHal im-'portaitce. ' , . - ' "� . ' . That the following Neblirmen, fricndi to the InNtitiiricui,, be requested loacCs'pt situations 111 thi Honarnry l,'iesid�ncy :, - TheliightHon. Viscotini BULKEI.IiY, The KislitHoii. Viscoin.f CHLrW^Y.vD, I'he Right H6n. Viscount DUNCANS UN, , The l^Ligltt Hon. l.oid K V: W s IN (VU) N ; � Ai'd that the following Gendcitijn be added to the Provisional Committee, WM. BKLL, Esq. SCUOPE BEKiS-AKDi, Esq. Lf.D. . MaiormUu, We-st M.i>Ullcs.x: .Vi.litia, AVM. NliWC'iMlii', Esq. WM. PUAUIV, tsq. M.P. "That the firstjnstilmonti bitiiKal. ^'pr .sii: ;, brp^''^ inld the h rs Praed, Digby, Ilor, iii'iiiard aiu) New. copibe, i8(j. Fleer-it rest,' oii \jr' titf'.we liip 2St^ insiaiM, where a book Is opened for the .Subscriiuious ot tliose desirous of any ot'thofevv remVu^ii'R "-^^s . � � l'K..\ED, Chai.'msn. Freemasons Tayern, Vav^zt- ;i>e6 - ,, ______ \ 7j[7ANTEU 01; -LBAE, in eithr-75j^-rey, .Siis. VV . sex, or Hants, excjaliny; 14, but within 4onii!is o' Londoii, a HOUSE in thejCottagestyle, niitiitni ivci, witii jico:;tch-hou5e and stable, ard with any iiiiniiry..'r lani lO: exceedii'iE loo acies. .Viiy person h;iVin.i;iticli; a prep'f. to let,may hear of a viry eligible tci.-jut, l.y sending tliepirrj. culars tu Mr, B. C-. V/iliiams, Suliciiur, in Bedtoid-rowt London. ;' . ' �.� -; : WARKWORIH C -IS .r.^J H .A li I: A N lU I R Y. rpO be SOLp by PRIVAlE CON IRACT, a X capital MANSION HOU.SIi,wi!,i cxtensi . Vl.^NOR, pisherV) aiid about 125 acres of excellent La'iil ii a rihs fence, as mile.s tTom ()xfara.ind 7j from London.^For jta-ticulavs inquire'of Messrs. Shawesan.lLe Blanc, New Bridge-street, Lbiwlon ; Mfssrs. Bign?ll' iind Wjlih.im, Banbury ; and or Mr. Philip Lambert., al.-nv.it ila'.ilviVyj'who will sliew the Premises. . ' ". ' .� ' .. ' -.' � - '' ' " IKJll-DlNO GkhuMl) atLAMBE) H. - A PIECE of GROUND, containing upwards of X Jl t^our Acres, in the centre of I ambtth (which has been pcciipied by Mr.' North, Nurs?ryinm, und.-r a Lease for a T HE Lee, Hation-garden; or Mr. Lewis, No. 5," ciray's-inii-sqiiare, vvho arcaiiihori.-ial to tre:it for ii Gontr:iit. To GEN ri.E.VUiM, sT/kVliYOR.^.and liUIf.DEitS. TPO be SOLD or LE I', for a term of sixty.one i Years, thrse very desir;dilePK E MISLS on th? s outh-side of Upper Brook-.^tl:ecr, adjoining to the rrsidciicc of her Grace the Dutche.�s On.vigtr of Chaiulos in Grosvenor-square, coiitaiivvn)^ 43 feet in front ami 74 feet in depth, capable of b-:ing made int J ine"elegant and extensive inaii.sion'or two. tishionaole-or convenient dwelling houses with there quisite oHipes to the same. The present buitiiings with the p.irty walls and cellaring are in very sound and good c^n-dition, andinay beconvetted at an easyexpence. Partofthe purchasis money may be left on the piemisssaiid plans are piepsred for iheinspetlipn of any Gentleman whg nuy wish to see them. For further particulars apply to Mr. Hall, Fishmonger, N.)rth Auiiley-Street. MANCHESTER.SUBSCRIPTION HOUNDS of the . Southern Breed. Tins PACK to be SOLD by AUCTION on THURSDAY the 29th of this Month, (being the sc condday of the Manchester Races) in St, Anu's-squae, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon. ' Further Paiticulars may be had by applying to Mr. P. Baront Auifioneer, Manchester^ or to Joiin Cowburii, Huntsman, at the Kennel. ; Manche:iter. May 3, i3o6. . THE Rev. WILLI AM B ARCL A Y's PATENT ANTIBILIOUS IM LLS. - The exclusive Sale of this valuihlemetlicine being how vested.solely in the Rev. Wil. liarri Barclay, and thoseajjuniued by liirn, thef^urther salcof the Pills is,, in conseqvKTce, entiielv discontiiiual at the ElaSoratqry, No. j^, Uedf<�td-s,treot, tCovrnt-gardcn, and is now established at the Rev. William Baiclay's Warehouse, Lxiccster-square; where the public may heas'suredif having thetiiintheir pure and geniiins State, Mr. Richard Butler, No. 4, Cliear�Vdfr, !)eing appointed sole Wholesale i^g<�)t, ail wholesale orders, both in town ,and country, are requested to bs addressed to him, Avho will hiaketheTratie the usual allowance, , Npne .frc genuine but iSiose having a ,jyiack. Stamp, with the name, * I'he Rev.' W. Barclay," engrstved thereon- ; ' - T. A, PHIrPS, Agent to'tbe Proprietors," : : vJ^dtbrd-sitreer; C'oyent-fcfarden^ - , � SPRING t^HvblC. --~-r-. DE VELNO'SyEGETABLE: PILLS are proved, by experience, to be the best aitd most inno-Oe.it Altecatiwj Purifier,,and Swe?ten?r, uf the Blocd ; and tliofe vvho are attliiled vvifh the Scurvy, Scorbutic Erup-tiwS,' Leptosy, Scjophitla, or any other Disorder^ arising from vitiated Blood; or those who hjve impairci their con-stitiitions by-Oissipation, of Juvenile Indlscrdlisihs; should by iiomeans oinit.a coursi: of the Vegetable Pills during the Spring^ The operation of this valuable Vegetable Aheta-tivQ is so- plo:isaiit and talittjii'y'as hot tb'^nterfere with tlje avbcatioi)s of business or pleasure; its ai^ioa is toiit^hed to the aoiihal juices; and reqtiireij nb alteration or restraint hi diet; it.dtssolviesin the.stoihach, blends with the loo;t in short* it is the long soughtxfor yMetable SpeeitU, wr safe, but acUve,, substitute for ihat:t�sh'ldlntt'l4'ii?iiie?al,Merciify, which may b� said, ip.cui;eonly.by killing j its ^Sicacy .ejceites theiaten-^ tion'and surprise of meidicill meh, for when all ibther medicines havefaifed, De V ywhorrt�o?ver soldi, uhlfess the Bill of OlircCtiohs'ls >ignetl in' Reil' Ink, by this, Propnetoro ^ C. STAl'LKSi,. . Pi'epareo by Mr. C. Smples, now sole Pmprletor, havuig piirchiiJed the recipe of Mr. J. Pidding j and sold wjiole-talc and rit H by Shawaud WwailJdsv 6�, at. Paul's ChutcU-.>ard, onthe foiitwaV; re)*ilalsoby Mf. Dickenson, No. 60, .lerncr-stieftOJalk, Borough j and /Tuttj Lxch^tige...^ .Pfic�4J. 6d. H.aj. and 51.55.- NAVY-OFFICK, May 11, ificC Pr/),rij,fil Oj/iccn and L>immitiii!ters nf Lin A;�;/>fr�'f Kjti' jo fvt^'-y.gii'r'noii^; ll-ut f,tt S.\ konxs. -day, tl-c tf.ih ofthii \lo>ib ,it fen e't'lofk in fie Fo Com'i'isTinner Sir (.'ha'tis Saxtm', lt.ift. ivU! txt'-te'oSdU^iU the^l'a; (jffct, in His Miijeuf'x T.nJ mar tot'miiuih tfuffit lorio/Or.D SI()HES, i.oosistingof (.)id C.h11v.1ss, in Paper itutfj ..Vunk, indifo, �' Kepc, ill ditto, Lasliiiik', Kmin.lin?, �nd Sp'inyarn, ' . _ Whue t'akuni, &c. &c. All^ lytn^'tn t'.c Va>d, xoWrc aKi'- fcrsont %i-!t%iKg itif-oiiic lufchiuerx n.iy Live the li>-e"j< of vhiuinff tin i.tme liwihg tbe cr.mmon workinj; hr.'irs of il.'r Yitiduntilibt dxycj ^ itf- IrtveKli-viis aitiiConJitkns �J SMe iit.i*hr hifj f'm, and .it the V^rd.  . . _� , ... .- . , '. . VICTUALLING-OFFICE, Mawh lo, 1S06. TW�. Ccmhissistiers for, Vlilitallxitg Hit Majesty i Hit.y,,lh /.lert-ky give i in (seulej Hf), for riii'i quamitiet �/ iht fi/lawui; JruriiHuH of . Staves: -CrinviiOanfi'.ic PlPt, BKANDV, and HOCU HEAD. R.r.AVlvb 5 UraLk Dantaic. HamtHO*. Msttin, and .(^ueb-^ I'IPE ,S PA VF.S;, at the respectHe t*>iant nvf^-itiar-m:iicp'o;iouih:tlkteuf T illc%ftiact ta dtlii-^r into i(}t ViflUaUii^ �fst>J^ ditermimslttf,oH, �i^f l'^.k^,Mis.iitk <t�NtaisimUr,^^, an^^mr\-tmasn4er itjijbt.xxa / jj>tu.jrjij6tl�it>iHi(. Fa I'e fjiJ ^Jitt^ Huh UnvttMe, ioifb!nterr;t, ninety daft ufitr dMt. The Cotiiaistntof the Comtdci -puy it tent at the Unreiary't ,0'.v^.:- . .. -. : ^ TV. li. Afl '.�,// ilx.u-Pipfs, Ten rill..i.t'id Cr;iun IXin!x,i ti'!.\nd Ci0ton D.viixic tl'ii^\hr,iJ, or Ttvemy fi .l//, ntte/t.n. Ill a-.nver iiihen calhd frjr. : � � ' " No. 44, r/TLL-MrtLl. MTl. JEFFERYS repsaftiUy inform.s the Puhlic, iii.it it is hi'! intelitieii, on 'fhui-suay tlie ?ili of jii-ic, , tc> '.iLblisli, from ^.iithemic d..(?uni.*nts, u St^iteiM.Mt of F.rcfs, enriUeii; '* A Review of the Conduct ofliis Ko)ai Hi>;hne^s the Prince of W;:l?.s,'iirhis va.'iaii.s' tr^iisaiiions wiili Mr. jeft-rys, during a peiiod of more th.sri Twetity V'erirs ;"c.i;i-t.;ii>iii); a detail of iivmy i;ircumsta;ii';'s, rslHrivc to the P ince and I'riiiC'^Ss of'VV*lcrt lind Mrs. i' .iAhsrbcrf - Mr. Jalfreys j>rrsiime> tliat in the opininn of n c.oidJd and liberal public-he will t"j f'oinul, m\ .T.pVtusal of tlie picpo-icd Public-^tioi'} to have coiniiKuiil himself in his extensive concerns with the Prince of va|;',. (j isome'.y .printed-in foolscap Uvrj. luicii 4s. 6.1. boards, "VyriSGELLANEpUS POETJGAX. I'RAKS. XVi. LATI(>NS;,io whish is ajfdat. a LatinTfi�� t>say. By the Rev. FRANCIS HOWnSi A.M., I.ondot^: I't nted for J. Mawman,4i, PouUiy. Of whbm may b.; had, lately published, 1. Poems; by the late Roljeit Fellowes, prifc5 4'!, 6d. bd*. i. 'die Pleasureji ol* L�ye; a Poem, by juhd 5te\yatt, Esq. price 6s. bfanls. ' 3. The MinstiA J *Uh othjrPcerhs; byja.-nes Bcatti?, -pritetis. hoards. : . � i 4- Speclinen* of Scarce Tr>njlatiofis of the SevcntMfith Century,' from the Latin Pueti; by Acberl Walpa!*i ..E�g. �'iJl. Ac pti^&-4a.'6&ara�>..v 1 , '-f-iii-iii]-^r- MISS OWENSt�N'S NEW NvXVEL. In the Press, and spee-iily w 11 be publisliedj Jni'pur vohimcT � il'.iotleeiiiio, price los. in boaidS, THE WILD IRISH GIRL; a N..rinnal Story 3 (tescribed in a Seres.of Letters lo a Fri:;nd in Luiid n j ill which are dclincati-d the.Slate uf Society, the i).)mMtic and ivloral Habits, the MaiinerS,Anr!lseineiUS, ami Gficyances of thePewantiy andYeoiii'inry of Irelaiui. By SV.DNliY v)VV1-:NSOW/ AUlh'>res9 of the Kovice of St. Dominic, St. Clair, &c. PiiuteJ for Richard Phillips* No. 6, liri-.ljje sruvr, 1 l^tk-friars; and sold by J, Archer and B. Duf^ii.'le,Dublin; by Edwiirds.'and Savage, Cork; and by all ftticrj.^o ikselisrs. � .-MR. s'lDDONS'S NliW NOVEL. This dav is pubtislied, in 1, vols, price 13s. 6.iji:i boards, rpHE'MAl.b, WIFE, and WIDOW, a Tale, X in I hree Volnmes. By llENRY SlDDONi, Esq.  Printed for Richjrd Philliiis, Wo. 6, ijfid�.st;eet, Pla..!i-friars, and to be hadof all Ba'>kse lers. Of Wlitm alto may be hail; ju.st pi:b!ish?il, !. Viruiairs i'overty, by the same Author, 3 vols, i. 'J'lieWiiiKtr iii L()iidpii,.by Mr. Surr, in 3 vc's. 3. NoviceofSt lltminic, by Miss Owoiisci;, 4 vuls. " . 4. Flftetwoo.l, by Mr. Godwin, 3 vols. Ferdinand Fi'zofmoud, by Mrs. Temple, $ vols. MEMOIRS OF THi: PRESEN'/r AGS. In the Press, and cjrly in juris will bi.publis cd, in Five elegant Volumes, FooUcap OciUvi, pricei;s in board;*, MEMOIRS OF A TRAVELLER, NOW IN BETIRIIMENT, containing Perstxiat Observasiciis on'thi Principal Courts and Capitals iii -Eiirope thiiing the last fifty yeais, by a Dip.Iohiaiic Ch.tracfef in thft" Service of Great Britain ; interspersed with original Anecdote^ ei price Five (guineas in boards, or any two volhcnes sepi-riitely, price i8s. in boards,  THE HIS rORY of GREAT BRITAIN, from the Revoluiion in 1688, (when Hume's History tei^iili-naies) to the P�ace ef Amieh. in iSoi. V BvWILLIAiVIBEI.SHAM.Ksq., . > Ifndcpendentiy ot the ackno'iVledKed mir�t ot iNIr. Relshim'S History as a Woik of unquestionable l7dcfity� if cluim^ especial notice of the piiblicj as beingJlie only History ofj^Kjig-lahd b/a sl^jRl^Wfiier, wh ch continued tli<? Hisroiy 01- A!'. Hume,- w^thttiiiform spirit andabiliiyi to the present tiiine. VaiidiiSi hdve been the expedients to complete the series of ouir H^UbpalHIstory; Smollett's generdi wixrk has been garbledjH<idjni:i(ihted, with a view tu supply d coiUt,.u.itio'r� of:Humfr,f()thedea(hOf Gcjrge the Second ; bur the pur tialiiy ancfdefetls of Smollett as an Historian Imve JcnK been ;a jiiat suhjea bt cofttplaint, and such a work as ..\.r; Bel-sham's ^J�as, for many ye^rs, b^ep aiuon^ the principal hte-rary disidefata. i'ersuns, however, wHo are aihially poSsjssed both of : Hume and Smollett, may ppichase separately Mr; Bel-Bhilm's Histor y of the Reign of George theThird, in eight Sfoluinet, and thus complete their series to the Peace of Arriiens ; or those \vlio arc nosseasnl of Mr. Hume's HjS-. tory only< ntay, by tlie purcViase of Mr. ; Belshain's-cntiTC Work, complctean uiiinterrup �-;. ot Mr, I}el!ih.inrsI-Iistory, should inaJteear.ly iiublication to ilfdt t�ipe�ive bouksel.'^t*. ' ,..'-�'�� ' I.QUiion ; Printed fur Lacki^i;;ton, Altoi, and.Co. Temple df-tli- Miiici, Finsbury-sQiiars j and sold by tlie Ooottsetleri of OxSmI:. (jniii*'tidge, ifel-.. ... . > . BELLfS SUR'b^RV, VOL. II. Tins day puljlishetlirtntwo parts 5? .-.-i; ,,-v\ ..in h-ufds, ^-pHE'OrER.'.-TOK.Siif >-UIlGERy, VoL H. JL By >X>H� BEUL, ��if�nn. I'art Pirsi,-Coordirtng the Aiiatoii>y an-l D<s*�5e reisu>nol th-t bl f I re|).ttT. >' . i'riiitcdfor l.o.�gii.uiii Kurst, and Oi..j.-, Vatemn- ter-row ; an.l Cade'! .Till IjjfK-s.Siran-i. Of wliotn may be had, i;:e \ ::y. V'>ltime o! the abori: 1.1 Roval Quait?, j. inbbanJs. - Th'^d.ivis p'lblishe'L Lh? 2-.i Kditioi'., !lv6. -v'i-. ^o>'J, O" BSERVATIONS en the prcsfnV SVATli 'of the nu;M ;u i i. >C()Ti;ASD, -.vithaVic'vv of the Cause; urob,ibl-i (.ou-eT'cnccs - f l-lvi u;RATION. ky ttie EARL tf .^tl-r;iv.K. Pripted for Loi.Rm^in, ,Ui:''-sv Rie', aiidDr-.r.ej Paternoe-� row; aadCf^iistjble a-d Ci. Euinbii-   .^1 vv,,1.11(1 may UC: Odu, .-.tj: y i; WdiS, f;oiita#Hiig the Prii.ciplifsot  -rt-illiistr.W.Lby eiv.litv Knzr.ivmgs, p''cr 4. ter \Viii<:h areexaminevl vh* Th.-ory ot Vv'eslth and the Theory, of Popiilmitipi minCil in ccnneitjon."-Fdinb'irnh Kev. NoJ.V I I' �^rhi's day \'.'crc pt�bU3?ie<i, in i vd.i.. li.n)'. ^vrlce li. :s. iirbc':M 5rh Ikd. -The Fashionable, Wife, Jsud Uhtsshfooable Husb la:-*hs - Robb-r. Vol. 11. The Motlif r and ..Son Love qiU Duty. Vol. IM; The S<ild:er's Ref(irn.-.Thfil^rotheraiid Siste.. -r-^fhe kcvence. ..,yol. JiT, the Unfcle i.i.d l^Jephew, Murd.r will out--^7'heOrpbiin. , , , P.rihred fir Longawn, rliif,<:*, Rees,iind<3mie, Paternoster-roCv. Auth-ir, j. Adeline MoW.bray^^ Of, !iie Mother and D.iught^f, a Taie, in j Vnli. jimo. tile Secund Edit. i;^. 6d. Rcmds. ' �1 The Father iin^l Djiiishtir, a Xal.-, the pjurth ilOitioai iftmo; fiice^Si 6d . Bnar i", 3.1'Qpm'he Ffciirth Editiiyu. I"^''!>^ � ! which it triiches aie orih'idoX; .teinper;ir-j, .Miifcirm i li-b'ral; jnti tneiniiii.-verswJMch it r-coninicf..!.-. .ire \v: ery udicious pafeivt would wish his son to n I " 11..- Cri. ij *' 'V,; con-;';?er ties? Letter?-3? truly v;'';!:i!-.l , 3 d w tj itroiislv recorh'.s'.eiio �n .'r^ sr';'f;>i.;;; jf o'Jr -iuv?r f " We cannot niihhol 1 l.-..:: :' Dut  ;T,ise which aw r& of �uch supeii;irive,'nieiit d_'in-i.'. �> t'r'm ev-'v .ji.-\vho is ii- tCrtr-iiedf-r I'l.- \y'i-lt':!re r-.f the r stiKi; iici.oi.Mi." -C.vn.nt W.. As -.ib'iverhiy be li.rrl, 'r>y the si.iie Auttipr, j'lst n-i!' �"o-'l, Lett.:rs ddrcs ed to 1 'i'-.ioiig L-idv ; whe:.;n r;; and C-hurailers oi' Wo:iu-n l-in-.i:lercr' �.liT.'iiy vv^r t e-icrencc to prevaii'ng owinioiis. The rci. lul t';.;;io-, 513 vols, izm-i. price Oi.eC.'uT.ei io ho.inU. Ihis ''ay ;ire publishrd. in .1 ""..irce voiumes, ciiavo, price il. i.s � - .--.Is SvERMONS,  cii EDurArio'-: ref; > TION, The GREAT -'hb. :.-'r.'..  ' . ot NaiURE. a d in ti-.i: CC ; >o." " of t-.e W().?LD. CrlARiTY. and .--n var,,,, . . ovcs,- Kiom h? Ci-tm .h of r;^e-Rev. Gk k.- i-.^^rw. : 'ollii-.o-rs^. Minister of f lie R cformod C.t;-' -.unat 1 eiysx, ' By tlia Rev: \V 11.1,1-\,\!T K.R.S. The �eiy f.vouri'ile, dii!> :ii.;v.-i-:'ii.e a-.te^ituite found v/itii the discerriii.c ao.i jnd'cioi.ir Pnhlic SV ihe fcirisr l''u'-llcatilns tr.Mii tlu- Pon uf tli-s venei^ble and yifil.iSle Divine, tenders It here bar-'lynes-.i.'ul to St.^t;-, ;v,?.t tlie Scrm �'ns in the pr-icr.l Coil-clLii are c'_vif:(,:t-:i:? i'V ^I'e .>ai.-.e c n  v'liciii^ scheme of ihou^h', tlics.un' ;:.;s'ms'V ; ri-r.v ot e!-. r;iir::- , as !ve-s oti=?i Styled, Si'i? all the Reviews ana C'itifcil J:u:ii;js bath at . Jiome an Abrcad ASa:ioyemiy'behad, bythciatn^A�tfi�r. ' 1. Seruion^ oil the Dignity of Man, in iwd lafj^ .'�'5?�- 8w� il. js.bo.irds. . " 2. Scftnonson the Evil* thnt ,i'e in tlte Worlj� .md on �� riouSotJwr, t epics, in two Jatft vols Sv-i. il. is, boaiiT^. IXON'S AN'riBHl^US PlLLSi are ibtmd frcMn exr-eiience to bs >ii Effiiliial � Cure in *ti. Bilious Gouts, and KhetiiUJiic l*isord;:rs, Nerxput "aiui �ick llead-Achi, Heart-ilurns,- .vc. -Thef dlowing is n proi^.if. rheir ijlflcaty i . �' Dale.Ca?tVe, t^sVe:f-^UYesf, SouthlWa!,-, !-".-*jri:..r-,- i,;. :\.z � , , *' Captiih Lloyd prfS;"tUi!':s vJ!i';5''.lr!; I's toMt r>�S:sn (although not jpefsOhuLv, '   .-.i; .n -.um i.ikiii as afavoiir, ,at he virovU .,. .-, , fJw ;cx'.'s uf Dixon's Amit>ill lUS Pills,-v -  ,. ; : : .i-! raii. .^tr*. Iilo)d, who has altt-ays used ; .. ;u- irrc.iiit and very upwcM t tottht jifeirt set .1- ; ; .1. �t-.-NSrs. Xlojd, asAveil as tpCoL.Jhishop.iiV; . .'^ i.r. . � In ili^yd, ftilsit his duty 16 ^ecommenjl in. .^...esv-he goti i andhc rcallj^thnvksiVfrMr. Diwai w>'.t:; . ^ .: , persons ycndcrj mi thii'coitntj%it-vvouldbit,;4 ij thecijmmlinlty." ' ^ ^ ' ; fn>m Sltf, Martin tci STi.T5('!f cd,,i�hd cciiuivv- ui use, y iir Dixon's-*i.ntibiripui l:ills; as .1 :�nn>l> ivp,: -i,; I ito nof know their c;]\tail J �i� cft ,1' hav� taken them, j.-.! r-iie�e>i from a kvilious 1. omi�laint",^partii;i.|4My sick " e.icl^ � r.H, which frequently *i>ric'vefy i, ta jve. I i .<.rr;'-! - I them tu.rvery family .rl-.I'tn'Stfqtiaiiiicd with, luii . atl/ Sttfc; cotiieV Of P�iernoit.i-r<;v� i aiid'etaii by rao| lisrs ami Wedicine ViMidmiii.fvtry .Cotintiy Vo�ri at��. M. ahttm s�..ei�S.   ' . . ^

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