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Courier (Newspaper) - May 12, 1806, London, Middlesex mm6 '"THIS PRESK-MV EVENING ihcir Majc.tirs' KINC;. HI'NRY THE liiCHTK. Henry, King of I-i'pland, Mr. Pope; Cardinal Wolsejr, Mr. Keihble ; Kathafnie, Queen ofE f.hnd, Mrs SicWpns. V/iih OSCAR nndMAi:;VrMA. Plil LAN PROPIC SOCIliTY. ^PHE ANNIVERSARY DINNER of this Jn. X stUiation will be at the Fre>:masons' Tavern, Great J KisiusNT-His Roypl Highness tlie Dukeof YORK, ill t're Chair. VI Ci;-PRESI DENTS. HisGrncrtheD.of Leeils �jilariiui.! of.Salisbury ' f',t; Hon Earlot Aylfsford I> t. Hon. Earl Sp'ncjr J ;e Hardin^e, Esq. :3ims,M.O. and LL.D. ohn Harmafi, E,sq. Sam. Bbsanquet, fcsq. Esq. Treasurer. It theTdirovvlnR Bankers hive umlerlaken to receive the bscriptions ; M.sss's. Hammcrslcys an"! Cq. Pall-I^l; sssrs. Heiirv nt|a�e and Co. Ileet-street;. Messrs. Kar-lysaiid Cp, Lombard str�t, Londoh; lur. CliHirn, Sir Matthe^v BWxaiti', Knti .Steiihfn C.t2eiee,^'isqv " WmfOaklejvEsq. . Udmunu Paul, Kfq. Iflhrt Thdrnti^n, Esuj. , '\Vm. Woqd WaC�o�� Esq. of Mr Uobke,- Sicl-etary, Afrtiour^rs' Hall, Cctetian-strset; oi' Mess^r�.�rt�*ir^^fas*�f�!.'^�..d. Stiff, -ttte Societ^r's CoU )eit6rs:;;antlartKa,l'aeort]>j9^T>yert). M0NUAUi.KnW LORUHENNIKER. _Np., i*, N sireet,'ft:h�y 9, iSL^. BACON Having completed a Mt-moHal to jlT uieliite'l.6rdHENmiCERiUj^nrtaSeatetbontinsive to be ^khM %d at tbe^a9>al Acaitemy, requebU thfe hoitou'r ot sucli Ladies, N(Jl>l�jwen, 9ud Gentlemen's artejiiioh to this javoiir him, by iftspeaiiig it anv'^bsy frotti n thy lirh-toSiittiJdiiy the i?th liisraijKboth � . ...u .....ill Kn i.�,.u�,li,,^lv mxinveti to \Vo;k.as_ w il^!cufsiven�Kr'A*'hir-h i'r \viir"bc"immedi'ately removed to i formcd, t1iat the rollowlnR Bankers hive underlaken to receiye the Subsc ........- �� Messrs clay.. Caliibr'itus; As t'.ie Subscription ii n(jV;�o very lar^e, the Conimittee request only thai * thitd part of the respediVe sums be paiil.iit jires-siit. But asseV; persons have alreidy lymitted, ami others may reinir the whole ofihcirSubscrip-t'u<n c SOLD-The;-iKxt'rURN or' PRESEN-T.-X TION foa RKCTDRV in the County ot-Nor/olk-, of tht Yearly Value of 400I. or thereabouts j the presettt Incumbent wliereof is ?bout 6'aV<?4rs of ARC;  � Further piirtieitlars may' lie had of Mr Carter, Nbt .7,' Steele Inn, London ; or of Me^srj: Taylor and Browne, At* ,tornies,.l)isst !Norfblk. - ; �v.,.V;'' : '.".7' RECTORY ahdT'YTHES; BROMLEY in qro be SOl^ W PRIVAtE eQI�JTRAeTr i. thfr t'��J�lETUAL ADVOtWiOM of'BRdlWLEY St: LEON AKD'S, in the Coun-y of Middle tfciSuhjett to tlie life of the picient Incu r:bcitf, aged alJwt 50.' - The ui-ocmicari eiprincrjVariyti'in letting the Ptvvs in.the Church, N.^yv-OFFICE, April SI 1806. , _ jS;;.Pr&l�)i(7/ QJftiert and Commiisioners gire Nmlrr, llui ci/ '.Veij. ,:daV, thi iAfp t,f May next, tji Onett'CUck, tbe-y vjill be reatij' ii.treaikttiliinich Jit rint as miy he tuiUiiig Joeinlract Jor jbnUd-Wg in mts-jchanli r-tr.h, ri\SKTi CUT PliRS, 0/ 140 T�vi liUrlhfM, cr theiea'toiiii, mbeCiii-vel Hu'ill. A diavgbt of the CHUert, tuilh' ti form of the Tfrtiler, Kt.-iy be se^n ntrbiinffice. No Teftdii- �will be rcceivei After Ttvelvt -c'Clock Hit the d::y 0/ treitty, nor a>!y tioticeJ, uhltss the I'.triy, 01 an iigettt Jur him, a/ietidt ----;-r- NAVY-OFFICE, May 3, i3(i . npHE frincipnl Offin-n nt:^ Commhsiinvrs of His X Mii/eity's Nnj' do. bereiy give N'itier, on ^ t^}K^' g M> Majetly's 1r:tiiis d/t'der^i>tlio>rr:i-if!lfj tii /iriie/n aBnirtil the idfliiexprenid. ' " U0)PP E R LuCK.�;and *IIN G,t>4-T>eptf:�r.l. JVRK'KS'and CLl^feERS^Clijitharp aiKl SjljtwttWS. 171)&RNSE Y S13U A l< E. ST<)^i<f?9-Portsmouth. Pditernt of ll}e L^eh atid Hineeu rtC'flb Farmi of fbe Tr-nd'n f'.r- stfppfyiiigali l/je ajotesai'd Ariieles, ttr-Ty-i^ teen af ih'n QfficL � � iV� tender ivill te ricehfed^fier Twehi if clock^c^^^ 0/ TrettK^Mor fifty iMktd^ utileMi&e far^Viof lifta^ehl Jot him, }p^di. ' "!'�:, r.,. � TMi day is publijhsrl ir- ALETTER addrcss�4 t.^ tlif: R M .A M W I N !)H A .'.1, r-c:.fC!srv -' of i: X E 1 LX;r. iVK^LN OAy. WiFXnnJCoi 1^0. It/Poultry, FriehiTsV.1 "fiw Public, that the Drawmp 6f the present remind their -ising-,------- ijt the Parish of Bromley.. .^pplyto frlessrs. Pamth?f and Son, Solicitirs, Lrndon-ivireet,London. , MINERAL BROWN PAINT, iiniirnctralile to wet and.iinpcrvious lo mivsmri!, tlie best and chrapcst coa'iiighirhertn.known for preserving windows, out-houses, sheds, wirtiiinillj, palin.HK, and mU such cieit'ions expWd to ttie.wcnfher and moist ulljcfs of this cliinute : likewise well known as a preventative against the worm in .sliipb* boltojiis id iiot cliihatc.-, and partitiillirly deserving the attL-ntiunot Ship Ownsrs'du'-inii; the jiresenthinlrptice of copper. Ti� l&e liacl^ f. the Mineral Oil and Cqhiir (.'oiiipiiny, at their MjnVufadbiy, .Ma/.e, Tooky-street, LomioM  where niky also br hiil iheir peiiuine bljck IJriinsw'ck J'ap,*n for' givuiR a brilliant lustre to ReRint f, Bath, an f othar Stoves, SAJlDINMS>-^q-fcls. Lam perns Tonst:e?, Curraan Sswsages, Cod Srtonds, Suiok^l Sahnoiv, Dutch HerrihRv, and BeetV Be'st^eft, PkiKleftHVC^seuM Anchovies, Soy, Kijm,' (l)ives�,M�it(ji�es,';.C�pe:. it PrcserjfcdGiHKBi, 3'ortable. Soup, and itvery article in the Oil iuid Italiaa hus'ness.! ..� ,., ,. , veRCtable tar; sup tTiinrral tar and pitch, rosin Oriters speedily executetl. turpentine, wsplval,laini &c.c- IXR;G�iEGqUY'sCYCLOlVlvniA.^^ � .TiHWcompleted in twelve tnonthlyp-irts, at gs. each.  '#>HK THIRD I'ART of this completi: �n.! va-JL tuable b it Clio N A R Y of A li ! S and, S CI E I�C KS, was thisdiy published, price 9s, ami may b:; hnd of every Bpoksellerand Dealer in HWk� in t'le IJriiish DuminiOjis. Of whom may alvo be hat, llie Vir.^t ami rS.-cond Parts, and "the SMcceehn.; Parts till the work is completed, in It has alreacly 'v-cn rx;pi'aicied, t^^t this Piv^iorary wlllejii liibit a Kimininis virtv �i the presei-.t state of humui kiio*. IcJRe, cleared of all xtanciHisniitter, rather practicil than �.S'-ecul;�ive, aiitl cnlcu-ited t.i serve as a CoTipinion to i5r. Jo!ir(i>n's Uittit)iiH-y on all s.ibjtdli Of reterviae c mneiled with the Atf� a^^d Scifiicfi. Tlw-Pliitesarpjii)iwtrni)s,� id a ,e eKOfuted by Heath, I'or-�dist'tiguishrKlATtTsrs. cery-lime, London, or, in default thereof, tliey will rem;vturily excluded the benefit ot tlie^aid Decree. pe- .Denbigh, Esq', deceased, arefoithwith to come in and prove their Debts, and clsim their,Lepacies and Annuities, either' persof^ally or by tb�'.r Solicitors, bef re John, Campbell, Esq. one of the Masters ot tlie said Court, at his Chambers, in Sduthampton Buildings, t'liancery-larie. London, orv in default, thereof, thiy will be excluded the beijefit of the sdid Decree. 1 . � �;^ . � ...... ^ "HE .CASE of a DISTRESSED FAMILY is litHnbiy submitted to Ihosewho have it In their power, and take a plea^re in alleviating the suff"erlni?� of their fellow cieature^ ; ,a family^of.rcspedlability, now consitfiltB of a wife with six, children, survivitig out of nine, wht> lived in reputation upw,irds of thirty years, Js, tiiroujjh unav idable misfortunes,,.which no Imman prutlence could foresee nor prevent, reduced to the*�mo4t distress ; and should they itot he �9 happy as to interest a few .well dis[>osed persons to contrilAite to their relief, �he husband, who is in a very infirm state of h*altb, will be obliged tp end-his days-in a prison. The smallest donations will be most thanktully re-csivcd, and every satistaflion given, at Mensrs. Kensington ib.d Co5s,.bankers, Lombard-stt";t. flV,E' IHOtSAND P(JUNDS. ~ " "I^HDBLEMEN and Gentlemen possessinglncomes XN antme from'Freehold Kstates, Church Living?, Mar-iiage S*tti!eK|hent�j er.aay pthcr Property, and th!�i� having J'erspt)al Seciiiity only to oiler, may be accOmniodUAd �vith *he whele,.<iftany part orthe abf)ve,Smp, on liberaj Terms, toy iwyms^nnulty IntirpPftfr <he sami�, whh libert.yio Ve. turn the Principal attheflfcaVure of nlw Borrower-t<elters gdcJrewMl (po�t paid) . to .Mr, Hcm/ping, No. TOW, Burlington-'street; London;- will be attettfcrtrt6':1lMt. wo'peisonal �i�pheal�on\vill;feele<;p;vetl-: . te', ai c l-irst ol June will be published, ele^intiy f.-i;);e'1 ni quarto, and iiluitritfl with !iiii;i.:;ou.'. e'ii(rwvii>i!S. � i i.) t-;d a'.t^r I r'niriai ''r-awinpi b^Mr .Al.xiri cr-I'A �'.r iJnineW, AVCVAG!^; to COC:ii KeHlI'vA, i:i &.t yt,:ti i -92 a'id 1793 : coiit;)i:ii"g 2 >;'.-.icr;tl Vie.:- of thK valuable ProitMCtions .iiid the ptLtxat Lnporrnnce l^f il*ti t.'oM-rishiiig- K.iiig.lo:n ; ami also of tuch l.ur.pcao Setiiifmenti aS'Were visited oil the voiuge: wii,h Skctj.ics rf the Manners, Chara&r, and Coiidition of th;ir -cveralln-iabit-irils. To which is annexed an Account of a .lOumey.usadc in the years? i8di. and i8oi, tj thi Residence ot the Chief of td.? Hpoihvana.NaiioUv'be'nK rti; rem.>test p^int in t'ne intet'or of Sojtt)tiCTir Afiica'to-^hich Etirbpeans  � irkfU. and ha*e DescripViohs tiken li'tlierro P'^ne-frosi a Mariu- NAVY-OTFICEi. May to,. i�c6 npHE Priiic}f,ol Officers- and (^gt^Hsiionet'i nf lih Jt': � MA/etty'( Njv),- do tfe-t^iriv.fyff nifi'vr,- l/jdto>t'ikaK<-XV, I'-e'iidi�a. at T'tm^'Clock In tlie: tuHl (if Lots jmli/ploSdie, lit tt STORE.'?^, coiisibliniiof . ' , D.'caycd Caile laid Rope, Hawscr-laiddiiio, BiliCfipp, PaperStulKid Old Rope, and Shakings, Old, Broken .Auger I'itts, " Lnipty Tar liirrcU, ()il Pipes, &c &c. All tyin^ at Hh Mcijetty's Yard a' ff^hO'-ch, to'irrc ary persons uti/bing !', b^c'itne.purch.iicri tnjy I'uive the ii'.trty oj fitiv-ing the sUntr dioing tbf c: ere/y Nf-!ice,T'xit on lie/netd.iy, the lyb of M.iy liext, finitrj/rf IVdn stay the -i-aih ix't.ih'. at frenioUily aivcr'thei) th-y ie mid,' � tOi rerei'uf. l\':de>-s- i'l 'jrJtinB ' 7staled itp), and t-iatjor the fdmviii^ q^ita-.tities rf I RON , VUWI'S, Ws;.' ' - VA'IT HOOPS BUT r HOOPS. - , PLATE HOOPS "loo.T 2 o^- Tons, 100 ) 4"0 o<- /^'afty gvanltty of either denoHiinalion not leu t/jyin F'fy Tofis,-tobc.deli\'ird in Ten ff'eehtiy.turekiy pml-orlio^t, intii Jiii:Majesy'f l-'^iejlu iliiiti; Uto'-es at r).'f'f'i;t, : an-i ro n paid fir. ly Hiiis)pyu , be in\ertei ifix-.'^rdt at fi'jtpb, rr- shUl not l.t del'vereiito tlje Hoard before One v'Ciork on tiif sai.t lKJ:!csd.:y, i/je fj^fi' of May nest, nor itm'e\.^'.-'t/ie ier.'o'i -ivho n.iice'iie Teiid,'r,o' i'irtoa oil hit bel-i'tif, aittn itti" aimoer ivhen cil.'e.ffoi.-. , ViCTUA I. LI NG-O n'Fl CE, M?}; s. ,18'^ "^I^E Comwsshtters'fort'iihiaUi''g I'ii Maje. go6. -----LONGLVHY. DR. JAMES'S ANALEPTlCi''ana 'ANTlblLIOUS JilEALTH ANP PILLS '^^|^K Celebrity of the Analeptic VWh, X. .iieral PrgsgrvStive of Health, is become tiniv 'I W(i Day is published, ele^aiitl" printed iii Ten Vohisnes; Odavo, illu,strat.-d tiy a Portrjit of the Author, price 4I. in boa'ds, a new Kditloni of T^HE WpRKS of f iBNRY FIEIDING, Esq. X with aii KssayVn his lite and GeniH ; ^n, J . Nijjhols and Son, K. Bilwin, P,, and C. Riviiniioii," OtiicU'canM Son, W. j.and J. Wcha'dson, R. Fauh'.er, G. NicolandSpn, T, Payne, VV. l,owM(ie,, Wil-kie and Robinson, O^ilvy and Soil, Kcatcherd and I.eturinan, Lane and Newm;iit, I. VV.ilkcr, Vernort and Hbt>d,^ R. Lea, .1. Niinni Lackington, Allen, aiid Ooy Cwthell and Martin, Wynne and Son, C. Law, Longman, Hurst, kees, and Orme, Cadell and i>avies, 'I. licoker, S. Hagster, J. Mawman, R. H. Evans, J. Asperne, and Joseph (larding. Ih a few days will be published, hands'melyprintiid in J9uai'to,byM""- Buhner, the I'irst Volume of ADICTIONARY, PERSIAN, ARABIC, and ENGLISH ; -with a Dissertation oii the Languages, Literature, and Manners of the Eastern Nations. By JOHN RICHAROStJN, Esq. F, S. A, " 01 fhe Middle Temple, and of Wadnam College, Oxford. A new Edition, revised and considerably eiilarged, ByCH.MiLeS WILKINS, LL.D F.K.a. The Se*BndVplume, which isalrcndv in great tbnvnrd.  ness, will be publishtd with all practicable dispatch. Printed for W.J.arid J. Hichardson, Cornhiltj J. Walker, Paternoster.row } Vcrnor� Hood, and Sh.irpe, Poultry j Cnthelland Martin, Holborn ; P. WynnB and Son, Pater-iioster-row ; Gadell and Davits, Strand ; Lackington, Allen, and Co. Finsbury-gquare; VV. Miller, Albemarle-strcet; S,. Bagster, Strand J Hlicks and Parry, Lcidenhail-strept ; J. H irding. Sr. James's:street; J. A>^|;eriie, Coriihill j and R. t-clio^lfy, Pa'ernoster-row, Thi^Day 1^ published, handsomely printed in two voi-i^ 8vo. iri !( ScrapiiiRS, Cbe'ssp, Siig^r, New. Board, Doublet, ainl Slab Ends, '.Vine Pipe, I'riiKly Piece, aiL-llviim Punch."<n Hsiiils, Slaves otvar ous descriptions. Tight and'Dry Hea'.!- paid, and the P'urliaifan- talt'et ''!i ivill be forjeiied, and l/je Go-,ds remain tiepropfrty .if.the V'ofvn. . � ' Tlie ollm Co>idiii'insm\y h. seen, and prin.ed Ca'alr.gues vtny be hady a. the .Setreiiiiy's QSice. ........ die eafls...... . script Jourhat; with, a Chart of the Roiite. Bv" JOHW BaRKOVV, Esq. F.R S. Autli6r�f"'TMvels in Southern Atr;c�i" and " Travels in ' :ch�ri-i:".:^--^' ��',,�..�'���, Ptintf'rt for T Cadell and W. D.ivies. Strand. . Of whom may be hi r.'>e Importance of the t;olony of tiie Ca,>e .'f Otjod H p?i as 3 Naval and'Milil<�ry Staiian.a.O Co.m^n'rcial h'ropnrii. ti and 'as aterrVwial ;i'psse.Mioit, Ac. &c. eleginfly.prim iji two Vols.'1'illuStr^fe�l with s:v2ral coloured Engravings and Clwrts; price 3I. 3s. in hoaids. A liew Kditun ot the Iravels in China will rhortly be pub ished,' ' 'J"liisday is publ!slie<l, A'SERIE.S of PRINTS, de.scriptive of the Sccnc-"JTy. ry, the Habit,arions, Costitrr.e, and,-of :lij various Tribes of Native Inhihitants, and ot many of rhc rare An'mals.ofSOUniERN AFRICA. Fro.-ii D'rawi^igi taken frcm Natiire. By SA.MUEL DANIULL. nngravcd by hrmself, and col ijred to imirate the oiigtnal . DrawipitSi. This ^Vork, the matf^rials nf which were cillecks.'ldurir.;; a residence of three years in theSett!e;nent of theCapeof Gnixi Hope, from which Mr. Djmeli had aji opnoitiiHty of j�i:e-tr.iti!.^'. iiio tho-interior of SouihefnAfric* beyond the iimitsof fofmerTravrlT?rs, ;e nowcomi'lettd in Ten' Vumb-fS, each Nuinberiontainin< Threi: Prints, and a of S.b'tet oescrip'ive I.eiter-pres :f ��Salisbury, and Vicar ot Hbldre, in Ne.v Forfst. ubiisbi'd by his iru>t;-s; lorihe i-.en .lit wf iiis School at Bolrt;e.' Printed Icr "I", t'adell and VV. D4vics,Straiul. . Of whom iiiay be had, New tditioiis cf the Cirst, ^ecol d, a d Th rd V )lu'n!S of the Serisoiis, and Hiiits tor Sermon'^, prici ^s. each in' boards. ' Also, by t!;.e snme Auth'-'r, I. An Exposition "Mhe New Testament, Third Edition, 2 volst 8vo, 14s. in boards. 2 Ledurc;.oii the CdtliecTisTi "f the CJiu.-cit cf Enjlanrf, " Sixth Kditi-n, I2mr; 3s 9.I bound.' 3 Moral Cmtr.ists; or. rhe 1'nver of Re'i;io.^, evem-pliried tinder different Charaf^lery, srco iti e ii*. 3s. 6(1. sewe:I. 4 .On. iv! Amisrmmrs 6t tic Clergy, a DiaJogae. second Edi'tioii, 3.>. 6rt sewed. And all Mr. Gilpin'.^ cth�r Work^. TO CO t ^NTR Y G I- N f I. K M A N' D O III!. '.li (J:^.'The foMcwing Kesturarive MHliciiie i- in s-.'cn Rcpiite as to he vued and recommended by inmv of tlie I'jictrtv For N'iRVOUS DISORL^.t RS and I ^ W A RD DcC.VY. npHE Rev.WJLIJAM BARCLAY's PATENT X AN TIBI LIOUS � 11.LS, Theexclusive S.V.eotthVs valuable medicine being now vested solely in the Kcv. William Barclay, and those app.nnted by him. the turther saleof as a ge-  ...........- ... , --...... -rsal, from >t'�>-ir4!*ffi(^a(fy .in thosetComphlints, iiMhifb cojitinuHl y ms- i jh t' C'iin;�ajji= F ramEsuch as Colds,' Uheumaiisms,He,id-H , li'il'gostjons, ar iseases ^otthe Stomach snd .f. .i �ng-tho pores by nj^ht, and Mu: (loUy by day,,without requirmg any panicdlar regimen or V; .nfine.i.ent.v Biit-thonghctherAnalepfip'Pillp.areal^ Very ytbe:^^^ mhil-�u^.?n<ji other deen-seated ^i�orders, yet be-^ ing'designed as a mllrf'Jnirga^iive dnly,"^ and'therelor� twtal-�^.vaavsitmirio<cntiy:a�tiy,9{^(:i^nfihiljous.PillsLhqv^'l;c^n ri;:-.'.pmmended ui aid by anfminent l^hyslciah, who-has use ss;,,V� all c�mplwv?*95*h^-iver, as well as other mtvr*. �n 1 diseases. ' j - i , ,  ,^ 1 't rB9aUer*,.>b\(!iIjRn'^l7^ by'^eai^^pr, Pcr*oq� roqidte/rom 'Medical Assistance, would do well to-be alway&'proVjded ^''JvhhithAe-iPilfe; \i$hUH, wnk tsntncvpl iljie. geimii^ jDr.  i,T^.iOie;�5s^f ever, PRiVtlv^'J^S"'** * nfost valuaple store in a siwallcomp'aSsvtllfttA^ouML oftettalford'relict otiaJiyMwddro wj^pnstopn* !uM7jHcyS%���?)is!l .ctjij^ijtiy^e^ce;, or Void ettly by'T*- .Sfawboty a*u|,?pns.�No., 4s,f'St.,P|u-l'S ,A h�i,ah..yarU,.�\Ai�^Cpach-Wayy iour doors from "the" OQiher � ot ChtaifSlcte, I prtdAn {'hrftj -it Wr-. ^a(ftes?sfMat4> liousp,,m , ^'vi*'5rre^,?rM'?^ffi^^'^ the PilU is, in.conse(|uefice, e!:t.irely di?continucd at the Elal�oratpry, No. 35, Bedtprd^street, Covrnt-gardch, and i.i liow estaWished at the Rev. William Ba:clay's Warehouse, "Leicesier-sfjiiatc  where the publicmay beassufedit" having them in th-ir pure anil genuine state. Mr. Rjchatd Butler, Nil. 4, Chea|-<i')t! bein^ appointed sole WhsJesa'e Agenr-, all wiiolesalc orders, both in town and country, .are rail jrstedto he addiessed to him, who will make iheTradethe usual allow.nice. None arc genuine but those having'a Black Stanjp, with the name, I he Rev. VV. Barclay," engraved theVeon. T. A. PHI'.'PS, Agent to the Proprietors, Bedford-street, Coveiit-garden. Messrs HtARNb a-xl BYRfffc's ANTIQUITIES OF GREAT J5UI . ^UrtAIN. ; Complete in Twenty-one Mojuhly Numbers. " This diy is jiubltshetl, handsomely, printed on Colombier <2uarto, price 15s. Proof Impressions, price il. js.- � Nov; 1, containing Views ot Gfey stoke Castle, Cumberland ; Uonnmgton C*stle, Berks ; Castle-Acre Priory, Norfolk : and Beveistone C'aiitle, Gloucestershire; ot A NTIQUariES OF GRKAT BRrPAINren-XX. gravc-d by the late W. BVRNls, Esq. F..S.A, from UrawiiiKif made for that purpose by 'IHOMAo HEARNE, Bsq.T'Ts.A. with Historical and Descriptive Accounts of dacn feufcjedl. . Pruitca tor T.�-Carlell, and W.iJavies, Strand ; �ld alsB by Mr. W,li(ite,,FUet4^sir�ei : Mr. Clarke, New Bondistreet  Mr,'Mille/, AltJCinarlerstreet ; Mr- Evan.", (suct-estor to Mr; Edwards) PbU-Mair; Messrs. -Richardsoni'.jvlessrsx Arch, (luil.jMr.- A^mrui".'Cornhill. Where various Speci* pipns ot tho Work'ii. ay nowbescen. '' " ' ^ � This un)'!vailed Work contains eighty.four higRly hhished [-' Engravings &i;V4ew.^ot the most iujerestnig Remftiiis ol An-I tiqijityvetcl^iasticuland milnary, in hnglanU and Scotliilid, i cngravei.t in an uni^otp styleof ;exceljeiice'by tlie late Mr. " Bytnd fwWi flccahiiltwl assisfance trdpi ^Jcsars. yViolleit, r. th^lt pVrjpM b^,,Vlr..Hcarr)ij : the sizf of cSch lihgravlng Js I'.tstTinches by^eVjufi ; tliti ;rcct)mpftnying' Ueserifrttoiis 'are ''tengiis)fWf�*Fi'ei^o'h'; ivA tlJulxubhtaMUfe w^l �9ni)pi�c�l^ S 1 U' -i"^-  ' � ? Ji. d�:/^jf/ 1. ' � N|imb'ei(?�i�y be^�i.vcimrjle. V , -tV, FOR BILIC)US COMlM.AINTS. GMELTENHAM SALTS, prepared from Dr. FOTHERGILL's CHEMICAL ANALYSES of the CHE I, PENH AM WATERS. These Salts orrespond in (hr;rv pariiciiLir with ih? CheltAham. Water, and co.ise-quently produce the same etteits* -They are paiticularly re-cuinmeiided to those whose habit5s are relaxed by. a long resi-dence in warm climates, by excessive driiikint;, or a c.-nti-nued use of (lebilitaiiiig medicine. 1 hey will retain tlieir efficacy tor anvlangth ot time, an^ m a.iy clinnte, they are therel,�re an obje&t of great impprt-ai-ce to persons going a^road, Mercliajts, Captains ot Sij-ns, &c. Piepared, and sold wholesale and retail, with p'unted direttion^i, by ! I.ardnerj Ch-mist to the Ruke and Duchess of ^prk. No. .hiiich vard, in bottles at 2s.9d.js.6d. and los. 6d. each. Eveiy bottle sold by appointment ot the Proprietuns signed hoMD. Lardnfr ; none Other is genuine,. Dr, ALLEN'S VEGETABLE ALTERATI VE PILLS. ''pHESE justly celebrated PILLS, sa remarkable jL for their beiirhcial elledls m the cure ot Seurvy, Scro-phula, Rheunwtismi Leprosy; and all Di5en>eiof ihe Skin;, cimtinueto j>e prepar.-d by Ur, /^I.LUN /successor to Mr, J.-Pukling) vjth the m.'St sciupul'ius exadlness. Their d:- (eebleness, Horrors of the Mind, Pjra'iyiic Coinp;;t;n:s, &c. rff^arallelid remedy. Caution. -1 he -Pills cannot be genuine, ufilcs t,iil by Dr. Allen, at his (late Pi l- �ti.- , Uoxfefc 1 'JIBC, a( .5^1 9-3UFwtto.esde and retiil by Or. Allen, at his (late Pii-line'S) geivuine Patent Me^lieinc W�', 76, O^toid-itirct. or)po.iite the Pantheoi>,'it> boxes- at 4s. 6d .cch, or six lloxe�i in'ohe at il. a�. �lsO family h>xc�, cuntaming siRotih.c-. cs. ; .sold Ij^cwiserliy F. N�wbeiy and Sons, 4?. " uiird ( nj<;ey �nd- Sutt6n.' D3v� Church- L'sss of Memory, Ditnness nf Si.^hr,' Pains of the Back and Loins,  Tremblings. .IJPNTKK'S RESTORATIVE BALSAMIC Pill Cbuntr}' Gentlemen ai^d others ar." iiifjrm'?d th n they ;-:;ny be sitpplieii with this valuable .Mcdicini by sendin.- t: cir-fXidL-rs by C.-a*lim.n or Newsmt;ii, xes a'e ptovidetl fjr seiKlii.i! it uitti s:�fe;y :'o a... of thiskin.diin, frelind, Scit and, &-c. " HUNTERS's RESTORATIVE BALSA.M f�r ie:,toring and ijivigiratio? t conit;l�t'oiii ./ p r ons weakened and debilitated by gcdur-.c -t .iissipited pi,h-.ur.-s, or indeed by any other ta.^^ei. E>e y d.iy jiroJuces fresh counts of the singular sicte.-isof tli^s inv-jluable Restorative Medicine, and many g-"ntlem';-n h:ive ben candid en'u,>;*i � declare, that it has siici;e d-'d in cases wli?ii every otiu'i .Medicine �,* (Jentlemen ol t.'?e h'St distmtlion in tlii� kingdom, as well .is 01 hers, whos-; consUtutiOiis were b;okeij ami ite-bihrattU, have expei ieiice.V.ihtf g-j K fr j.11 cxci-ssive drinkin.i:, disstpaie-l pleasures, the inimi-(ler?.;e use - t t?a, or from wli Aver ccasio'lsureat liebili'.v and rcljxa:ion o me s'lluli, a berterand .aJe.rmrdicnie c.!nn--t be taken. .Niim"�ers who had unaercone too po ^erful co'l.^es, nf n'.erci;rv, (mat bine of health), wfich redi!Ctt\l th^in ta a ss^tc o.- i;u�eiu.')le existence, received iheurnDst bfnetit from tins Uesr .rauve; for after loss ot str lth lor puns m i.'!.- tn..k h)ti\s^ gleets and seminal wciknesses, pe(lu;is inert- is no: anv Me-diciiiem public or pnvaiepraMice whicvi has bo^-n so sue- , cess Hi I. Gentlemen from the L.istaiul West Indies, who e habits were relaxed by the iieat ot those c iinates, liave receivisl ureal bei'eht tiom this ni-dii.-iip, ai w.-ll as �'I'ic-rs tielengi ir.g to the .-\rniy and Nav), vyiinse cu:t�titiiti ui$ weie impaired bv hatil.sciv ce, the v.ifious ch.iner� ol cliniiile, &c. Perscn.-i fir advirccd 111 v?ars shuiid frcq.iently lakea tiw boxes of this Re>torj|ive, winch wjU am i/ingly strengthen them, b? the meai'S ot prev.-niing'arious disjrdcrs, and in snme measure gii iid ag:.liisf the rav;igespt nu;o. "J his R�sto-rative iiny be taken with great siletv, by bpih sexes, at any season of the yea , �Mtliout reMrjiiiit or c'jnhoement. l-.Mradt ot a I etter rtcsived tiom a (Jei.tleman : 'i' .-^S to the etfiiac.v Ot the Restorative in mv Nervous wmplainti 1 should feel myself m a m mner ung-are/.ul, al Aii.L nit aeknawlfdjt? tl-.e great b.-ivrtit I i<-e�.i\ed when various oihei inedicii esha.l berntrie.l to no purpose . and, ihe(et<<re, alihoitijh 1� have been in the habit '�l�rv�J94 itfSiVl; Cl^ke, l;.oi�)u�li; B;^ni�pd, I Itishopsgatc-strcct, V\ itlwirt Oiib^b^'tclay' au4 'son, -Fject; w;.icn coiitaiu the t|uantujf ot six small, as ,Vt-mv. iiud Navy, &c A-P*.ifnhl-tLnthevitt�*snftheRestora vf, ;btui>eMWN�t. 'trtsy t�* ihf \eiidtt , pr

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