Saturday, May 10, 1806


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - May 10, 1806, London, Middlesex sATURmr, MAYm, m)6. THIS PRESENT EVENING will b�j)crformed " ^^^^'""^llE HONEY MOON. Pultf. Mr. niluton ;Jnrnn,i, -Mis^; nitncan. With THE I'ORTY liHlF.V.ES. �� their MajcitUs' THI-M lUiVAI.. C! �V M-IIS riiESE-NT EVENLN iervanis will ail Pi7.ARRO. 1?oll.i, Master l?ettJ'; I'izarro, Mr. Pope; Elvira, T.!.�s iSmith. . Vv'ith 'rnc vii.r.AGE t.awykr. . - f)n Rromliv, Kii)^ Henry yill. >virli Osoraiid MiIvmi". fiR.ANTHAM CANAl- N.'^VICATU)V "'HE several FrDprietors of Shiir^s in chis DnA-r^ tjkinj; nriy rccj-ive a D'vidin'l of'^l. jier ah'irr, (i?cl�r- instant, bv applyi.i^ nl t!)e )U k of Mes<ri.'VVrij;Ii:.s. fiic Treasurers, in Notti'ij�li;ini; and toj th? convenience ot Pro-.prie�orsTrcsi g iti the lo\vii or iieiitliti.mrUiod ot.firainham, f;ratlii rst onnty next.  ' AVM.WSThER,. Clerk to the'Co.Tip^ny. � r^Iranthatirt. ^tny .6*.iSo''.-  . N- n. fexcvntors rir Artnriv.strstors of I�i"5nfiCT->rs Uj^ |ily-i�i tlirhrir Ihi^Mmw ri Mr. < )S!ier. atnl 5.Mr,idt(4� meWiiUor Lcttcri of Ailiriiiiisiranoii xwtiei tirv claim, r _� _^__ ** SUPliRLATIVE RETREA r, '^HERE IS tioiv an opening, on au agrecinent fn-JL v.rtt less t!:a;i six tnoixt'is. To joinalit;lc iircl-.ot t:is �v.rry first Class cf hieli njr.pijdahiuy. I tis Maiis;oi\ is wn. ' � �rt'Mi i i;i,if. a iwly anc' res't'cnce. .so m'ich bevopd tU'comm^jii sf.iii'ljrl, ai.-cirnp.inie 1 with tho;c liifrnil ar-. r:M).'fm�5r.tS winch (nsliniUtish ).lBiliimi.stic economy of the tjiiuh' of rf;.il consckTatini), cmhiku beelsen'h^;re art '.iin nF ^-nvatf liuiudln^, U lollnvs, ihat this publica-Jron atr;icli?s to pcorju- orcon i:iUlcni,in, 1 ir SIX monlhs, 70 guineas ; a 0'.'i!ticnian -.iwA Ins Wife, 115 jnii'ieas, iiicliHiing all .t;>e ntcusrom-d diMri'^.tic ;iC(Mii-eiii.*ii's, sivc wine, w.isliirij^, and cha;ii;)Priii'iij:. Kflrreiice will ;ie indi-pensibl--. ^^"'v,^nrs fil br^iij;!;;) ii');irir;as ))er cjii;uTc.r n^ch ; st:ib!iiis svntl ("iiriavQ St 1 iidiiiii Ir.-f. i."He,^�i a^cd (oost pam) to A />. 10 hJ \-:t:' .iv :-)r. V/o'd'.>. Croc-r. Ratlibonfi I'Jace. LiiiUon, V. Ill hf. �':,'.'i;i;rJorvv,Tiilr(i ami !viiin\'i'*d: , 'ANTED, n PARTNy-aSovcl'U.-.!:;:^?. r clu'acJe', W Q lias a c )rn().'etc; knuvl di.e ' f thsb'.i-iinoss ; ii'ir.irfie.l s V, inncf. tfic hitrer. a-i tliere js a c iriniodirMis liiu'VJ i;i resuiriii. i-^r exr-^iisiv ; ..^toi^k oft.-'o:''. fnr work d Ill :i!l irs brunches. iKiurss. g od v^Ul ot tlii j)ri.*faist.'s, �vc odlv^ool. IS rf.\!iiiri.'d. 'N). li. 1 r.-; -\ilv.>;rus;r h.'s 110'^hjcclion to part witli the vli.'li il ufckriel. Appy bv teifL'.*, 1 o t p.ii.l, at Mr. ,'.;,itinton, 'St.iMoiw, th.' (.-jmcr oi Lmci-itor Court, Stra.'id ; cratiMr. SMtnbv-s, Pasteboard W,iri.'ji:j;ij.', , i,latlt,ner.^' Court, I.i)-i5:av.'-!;)ll. ~'~~nT)"v !' :ri Es 1 wI'STTkss. ^ ROiilNSON begs Icuve to iiciiuaint ilje i,n. 4  i'les. t!:3t in a;:iljinn to Ins c\rciisi/e .Stock ot 'Fn:":i!on.'i:'iie .'\ riitlcs of ;/r.;>s, he (--a-; b.oHjjIit out tortfie tir.'-srfu soaiO'! :in cntir." nc>v .Ann:)? fir niorniii;.' wr-.-r. called N D AA' A fi'WK M.EN l.S ; and also a iithcr of a s-.o-i. vK'j.iiit ((..>:rrirto;> r r fveiiioR tv/ar. cdl-d liGUKl: IJ \\ ill the fust line of ie'.l:ib'.s. I'f'son ot ('o iV C15EA+ ROOMS, RIN-C'.S THfTA-TRl-. , MR. SALOMON respeafuUy acqu?*iw-the Nobility and Gentry, that-his AN.NOAl/*^<)NCUft'r Will pe performed cni \V iMJt'f KSIM Y the aist liistani.- rar-iciilar,-i will beadv^rti^ed in a fVw clayis. Ticketv ios.6 I. each, to be hid of Mr. J-aloiuon, at Nu. i( New C.<venili!ilj-siretft, Portlarid-pla c, and at ilie priiiCiiVjil Music Shops. .~ ' OAMi^lllD<.;k. ''HE vSUBSCRinERS' to the -UNIVERSITy h r,^Tini of Mr. I' tfspeelfuily informed, that the follovvinR Rankers Inve uiide:taken to '�e';eive the Sabscription-i J M.sssrs. MaiTHTsers'eys ani Co. P,:dl-.Matl; Messrs. Henry Hoare and Co. ! leet-streetj, Messrs. ('ar-clays and t'o. I.ombtrd str.-et, London; and; Mr. (Villain, C'a'iibr-dj^ff. - As.the'Siibscnpnon is novy so \'ery larRe, liie Committee request oiily tlr.ti � lliird put of the lespctVive" siiiTi'i b? paid at presiiit. Hut assev r-d p-rsons Ivave already r-niitted, jnd others tn.iv r.;jtiir the who!?ot-heir .Siih. aid.-hive two thirds rc-tiime>i; or if they Iet,thetiinii�y!, ij. will f)*accouid-;Ct for when tb� worl A MEEITNG"*' irl be hnltten at th? 1mA mi I a- /TL v^rii. onMONOA Y next, t!ie I2lh oiAiav. at Twrlve o'Llo'.k jirecise V, for i-he piirp'-se of establisliiiK rii O.hce fo'-the rxoreis R.liPt o! ths (iraittnrs of .Annuities, fob; chilled TME I'H I I.A N ri t RI Vl^l C A"N N U IT Y J) i- I,1CE. 1 he iiitenned is One Mill cn, to ae ra s^d by hlian-s o-f jol. invable by. iiistalmoiifs. not rxcctitmn 10s. �ai.h pt-r, .'ihare. at such, iiiterva'sas a Court ot l'ropirJti>rs sTiall de-termiiici . .  � 1 he benefit whiclvs'ich an litiOtuUoni.slikelv to produce t^ the Public and to the Subjcrropis, wiU l.c there Ui.lyex-p!:iiiie:l ; .iulTice ii at present to sav, that it will all.ird to the Mlbsmbers from 7 tj S pfrcent. wirliout any risk wli'iti-vsi-, at the same tinir; that ij w.i 1 approprrite-n:;t less than f4�,oooI. to the rsh fof.Mvat oppressed class ot per,m)n..^ alyive rdlud-xt f>,' ami will ssr a.-iitls m-jie iHan 5,000!. ay.arlo eh-:(ri;jbl.r purpose':. ' :, It VMS utv opinion, that the Sobscrmti^n to the l-;!'): k wnijlii be filled on tli� djjLV' it openeil : ir was not o'ut fillfd. but hid imre than 6.o5o:Sh ire.-. aD ive tOe number rt-cjuT'd, and I eiireitain the .same opiilioit retp^thug the present Ins'Hii'ion. �  I'.ooks of siibvcr p'l ^rv. will be o!i.-ne:l ai the Mc?H'ip. an.l lor p'.r "jlHreibpcsir \vill be req ii'^fd fiom tMch Si>bs<.riber. No. re, .V .per;ar I usta-s,-1talum Sar^nets, id ant! Silvi J.-ineriai Nctts, and the .^atsiu't Cambrics, p 1 nLolfUt'.a i h' I'll. i,w 'i V and I rifraion which h:ts h'd the borioitr to irmke tor the Koyal Family and rl�>^t I adies ot rank and tiisluon. No. u, H/iiricttii strjft, Covent-Gafden. : IM1' - insr l.oiteriss app.�ar to have b>en rimovcd by the fr-s-nt Scheme. Each day's l>f awirig wdl'hr. iiearly equal, sill the number of. prizes will be in the sarre pcQpf"i^it>n f::;-y day from tlie fiist to the 7lu"re are C'apiial I'rizjK (otlie .iin'>u:.M (dnfia'iy iio.ood. and thp.f>)lrnii''wn of ftis of a lli'jiisand s:iij11 ' I'rizes si'.iiis wbich there are lipw.ihts rinrp t'lin n -.0.1' Tb'j Wii�?;l will k,:> oiiiid on Mvnday next. 51ft, Ccfniiill, ;j; Charing Cross, and .St. Marg^irei's HiU, IWrouKh. .   HORNSBY and Co. rcspef^lull.y acquaint their Friends and ilie Piihlic, ih� the Suite Lottery,conir nvinces Dr^winj- on' MONDAY n.-xr. Tickets aiidSUares Xiiav be had hi great variety of! Numbers, ad'l at the lowest Orders by Le'terir Carrier,-executed oil the same i'r terms i;s if pre.sent: H.irnsby and Co. shared and sold in the list an i iorin-'r Littcri.;.s, i'lg cairital Ppze.s. ~^ NKXr MOND.AY.  '' ' SWIFT and Go: No. 11, Poultry, rerhind their Friends and .'he Public, tiiat the lir-awiiig ot^tlie ptcSJnt State Lottery will commsnce on Mond.iv next, the iwh, ot May, when the first five T.icket-s will, be entitled to'One '1 IWWsand.'Pounds each, independent of any oth'i'r-Pruej from 2o,oaoL to aiL which may be, drawn ,asamsttherai-r-Thev also r^qiiast the Public tti ob.serve, that the, numjier of 'I icketyihratvn eadi (Say wiU .fie nt-arly equa'J, wJiich com-pletCy obviate the objections th;rt were made to the inetjua-,lity of tliTtlraiivmRs m tl^elate' Lotteries. As the wljokot I the?nn!il) Prizes are floafni; in the Avhodl, th-ire mupt_pe-llie " .mtilhefe/o'eitiu? evidpii*, that I ickots taartat bs oheape: any Jjenwl than rir,fra$ihe drawing advap'ces and they become sea^rce N � � : a to fa �Xr Monday, May iz,,tbe,STATJi Lot. Tx rv will bfgin Driiwmg; Prize of H},0o'> j,o6o , ;.'t,ttoo . .500.  loo 50 - i� . aoiPoo J<,ha(} '<<^ Ttelce*� First- Irawn r't"cets ist tJay .Li.tiou p4�-t> l.C,n3p.'DrurtH-liftfcctsjd'Bay ' J.tJi o eath' '?,oqo live Five {irs'-tjrunn. nilto 5iitto � '. rst.Mondav P'^'aiurday . 1 Wrcnipsdiy M'hMwiday ISlli.iMJdayV Hiif public arc re!o': nutu|ier vf rick ^^ti5!yi lilt filhUay^ M>y,ji Nf.-rV �i MrtV 16 ,M.) <�h WcrintsdajT". 7th Sqturdiiy 8t�l'^l iipsday r' '^h'TKijrs'hx-tothS�tu(r l � terms, bv p.ivirii; �IP" Annuity Interest (.)r ihe saiu';. .Xs niso tnon^y he a'W.inct-d to thos-'ot known property, oiiiiisir i);r. SQivil secvnty. . . I|(krs >nal ar.|!lications r othrc Arches, and Wind'w fra:n?s vvuluutfi joint, hliy percent, b'low the trade prices; Niclies eifjhtv per cent. less, whicii will reduce thctn lower thin any artihciSl stone. i.tine Chimney, tops, rnndi oilaftnn an�l square, with the Tcrv great advantiL'es of dMrabilitv and be4Ut)v and reservt 5 at the siine unie Iha \n^m*it^c\fv%^-*Km',~^\^\ bo h�>'d as moderate as the painted e'iiTh;nwarc pots. � Sprtiin-uis miy he seen at No. 3?, Charlcs-street, 11 jm-stead Road, near 1 otienh'ii'n-'Court-t'ioad. So lie Verde .\ntiqiie, and a very p.-ei' v,iTi;ty of other vil-ardtf-Marbles, may be seen at the same tme. whicb will b? sis'd at low n-T-s.. . , � VERY CAPITAL IMC'IORES () I- i HE U A LIAN SCHOOL. MR: SQUIBB respcct<-j!ly bfgs feave to ad. iiounce to the Vobilirv, arid CJ.mtry, Amateurs of the Fine ..\ris, that he will have the li.iir)Ur of ollerine: to their at- in Rome, and pther parts of I inly,:pafliCulaTly thc.Pal-,ices of CJlvi;;;, Colonni, IJorghrS", Corsini, and Catr lieri, compre-heiidiiig t"e undoubted works of those h'glily ejtreined Masters, Raphiel, Titian, .Micha-1 AiiRelo, Giiido; A. C;a-raccj. Carlo Dolce, Dommichiiio, PanncKiano, &c. &c. The colkdlion m.iy be imblicly viewed two days pr'ceiumg the sa!c, whencvalogues (v one shilling each) may be had.. PREP-AREp..CHARCOAL, and- CONCEN-TRATlilO SOLUTION of t-'HARCOAL, .for the Teeth, Mouth, and um>, and corre^in;; Fqpltd ireaih.- Prepared and sijd abJ Retail, with printed Dir,^c-tions for their use, and observations upon t.'io .ihte-res>m^ Properties of Chare. ^1,. by' E. LARONER, (sole Propttetor), Ctiem'st'to the Duke and Duchess- of YORX, No. 56, l?icc:ul;liy,; aiid salJ Kstail by his appoint meiit,.. by most of tlierespeilable'Venders oi" M&-aicines and PerfuFoers ijri Londob, and the I'rincipal-Triwns t'hrbufihbut the Kinftdoin, i:ie " Prepared Gharcdaf," in K^xtSy atiS. each, or t?.fo'r O-e GHinca.and tlie " Conceii-tratcd Soluiioij," in bottles at as. 6J. 5s. 6U. and los. 6d. "Every Bd*aridB6ttle Appnintment of the Pro-' pjjjiitor, is .sijjined Edtnd. Lai'dner., Nonootheris Genuine?' ,l'h^_6n;1j''fi6i>6sTtory in-the Br^iisli' EnrpifB, wheie Con>forf, ' I'.ase;. )5iy;abiHlv,, "Pleasarithe.sSj Ecoiidmy,. -Utility, a>id a ^"SAYtWCTcrfONE GUlNEAin TJHR.EE, are combined-,, _. , .iiiTtliePitrchaseof  ;�. *am* pwptjttion ot ihem tio-i the hrst day to the" last'; ^ f-^OLXrYER'S SILK STOCKINGS with Cotton er at, T'ds nitv t� piihrshcd, price 53. the'second Edition of N EXAMINATiOiSr of the BRI nSH fiOC-.�TRINE,wt,iolisnbj- s to CAPTUJIE a.NEUTKAL TR-^'^E, Jiot open in tm�e 1 f i'rwce jc.iiitamhii! a I.f-if?r from the ivltr.ister lMcn(pnt?iiti-�ry of Ihi tJrit d States, to Ltird Mul(;r.4y, late Sitr.^tary of Sfa'c for |.oi.o miss this ^i:m of ihc siibjitl, (Mil'i'iy De-f-n.-'')^ ithoi\* leJefri'-j^ llic rc^iiler to th.; wo'k ot Maior C-iti-wMnDi, wlif.> has v\-riiti:ii nio-.i ahlv upon the s>;>j-.' plc. .-uid- biok : kiuniiU s^dE^isy it is m:i- . _ ...Eeeti-No.'i4ftr.Fleet,-*treei. A fnost .rich; valuable, and elegatft seleitionv at the. followinj; prices: -r-Ladies and Gejulemeil's stout and fjne black, white, and CQloured China silk^ from 7s. 6d; or threepalr'for a^guipea, to supctiine with .thfttnosjfashionableclbcka,, los.^i,^ i N, B. Toiswch of the N6bilitv, CIcrKV, and Ge(itrv,whd have not iiiadfe trial of their <Hstin|jjjisl}e<l and fnvafualHe ex-^ellencieSi jt maV'be properipore'�tate,.tltey are r/ar.fljor^ illc ffet.  ' . .,  �..' - :,v , � � /"rHE itcv; Mr: G.^MBLE ;tiegs tb' ihfOrifi'the 1 Pubiifc', tftat he has^S9i>"t>ifiis Agenti a fre^h' Supplv of BIJJTI^IJt H,ER,B TbA;. vwjiithib. lound .0 etfUidou; m �ffHJervft(is Di ' "' ' � - ---- �s, I^Utul'ncic*,; Indige$ttonSi &Cv-The ffdm w liady ot; 1 csiirttebl 11 ty .s re: p'.-c U111 l^v;,tf o nested , to * observe, Iha 11 h�!- is-dr.-ivvn- till hr d.'iy' tOtll be iiearly eqhal, 'l(iri,it ti)y ixrd ^uii^pait,, ,,, , verol-Casfesf'oH-l._ _____ . , 'r%ft \�'htch'!i?i^ve'trre'l\bpe�>v/tt\'.per.sevetance I miB�i deriy^ , btflrttirorti .tgkiiwi.itrihavnwi JabputerF. vnUej. a contuiii!(t. ,S>clt .1 lead raqh ,aiwl; l,)ih.0U8 YoitiilJiu: to* .tije, l^sC tweViify, , v.e\irB. �fjurchascd^ at;5obr>yhr>lo5aV.ARoot''s, Mr, Bntlpr; *iiro. 4,' GhclpinJei'. s Hatlii^t,/h�^ takiiW' wnieh, afsjceabU v0 d;t?Ji9ion,!l :�^��4 fnjteri'vH)^ tBUeve�t.>8n4i have^ eriMiniiw M-t-tjin}; it .invati{ib!)riti>-[ He-jtUaclj i or.; Jb'iU6irs DiSotdt.T, ,^y^H6h; 1 <:iitir<ly attribute- to tak'tng. your tea. In., jua*-ticeto you torso Iwppy-.aLoiscjverv, amldor the Rooilot t-he cbtrKiiti Hi f y, vou" are art ihert y to rftaKc' my Ciise ktio wn,' w Jt h . t,erv4i)t, . KLli I'INQOT. No. 77, Sun-street, Rishopscate, London, Jan.,j^..  Sold wholesaleaiid remil at Mr. iluflor's, 1^0.41 t'tieitpiMok corsototiL'aiorndstw-rpw, ajtiJ retattl?v;ii)0!it;Ci(Untry.,^p k.�, sellers m cvciy town, ui pickctn a^js. 6 nth. . 1  � yfCTI-ALLlNG ffPFICEV AfiViri?; ,)Joff^ ''HE Hofifiiiiuvters fif l^iclnailing tiii Mnjuty's- of M.iJ nfxfii (inny.i 1 rf lK..n.i .ay t/e.iolA ijol.jn-.ti'prf.-.ieMtly (njltihih), ,in,l t-fji for tij(rJ->Uinvi>!&'tiua>.ih:ei'rJ,lV.Ok' fii SeeCobVii's IV.lit ical: Rcjtlstcr, -Ap'il IS. NEW MAP'(.>l-. 1 WlJl.v Tins Davis publiine*L price on two Sheets rcailv coloured . lo-^: A-i. oton Caiivjssaiw!.Rollers.or 11 a (.as - ifn ANiiVV M-^P of iNDOblW 1. n iht liite-r Sijrvevs :- , : I'rmted for JihnS-|o.ckd:ile. Pi.-?c:idilly. . Of whom may be .^^.td !,;|-.t |:ir�:e Voitimss r .yil .',<?. lilu^tr.ticd with J-latcs, trie complete Works ut Sir Wiiiiaui .J(� ^ piiU;!slied: nently pnn'M 111 one vul.iioe, SlVo, price i?s or .:n p:ip--r os 6K b'jatn.s- BRIH< CUVi\1i ^ lARlf.^ on u h Pu s of Ills l{ l-.'V 1-, l.A I 1 CvJi ai.-d oth-ir l'rr)plie Tnli>5 .Pit. ov i!-e Vrx^X ot ili-i h:jit!< : \. Ot tne (.rand Conitvitr.icy^ orliilA-lm tl;e f-rcai : 4.01 Uii Man il"'-in; 5. O; the Ultlii Horn ) an.-'. 6. 1)1 Anlichr st. ~ - by the hit: JOSEP-Jl GALLOWAY. Esq. l-orme lyofPenns\lv,iui.i. Ill .Ain.ricj. , I.'itid T\; Prmn-il tor John i-iiiclnrd. No. inc.. ficcadilh', a ul i'. an! C. kivmiiton. St. l'jul',v Cliurc;-.-y ltd.  Ot win'iii nviy bo iiud: bv t li same .\ii;ii.n-. Dru-i.--^-^.m bna-d . I b:; Prop!i-;tic rir Aiux-ipat<^'.l H-.s'ory .-vi ire- (..Intrcli o; k 'Mu'i w:i;t-n a'.d publlulled,sir bv.iiiUi;.! 'e;;,s .re tiic linf o't ),it Cliurcii, ill wh cli t!ie propli-wMic figures and at 1'.--^ .n s are literally ox'il iflied, .m I t.'i.-; tricks, tiauds; blaMirie-111 '.-s, a-.i,l dreiidUil ivis.'guitons ot the Church 01 chnsr.a-(e fo'-et .j I and (|--<ri'3fd. I'rel.icedwith nu .'ViUir-.-ss to the R,v l)o:in vvhi-al:#r. To wl-rch rs addeil,. a I'lll tor tiie I'lhltl and ap.l r.| hur rrm iiks. 1 Ills ,cl ly is [.iiollslK'il, price -.^s. .0 I; 5^vv, '�r^HE CHRIS ri^N sr�..lAlO' bivl 1 C li trim r^.^! I i'- , ." The worlds h system.of ' li'jolaxy. "__Yo'inoe. - " l.eun-simci.-ii j: trona v.-li.itevcrocciirs." Cowi-br. Primed tnr J. iti�tc!iai-.l, ISoukseller to hi-r Majesty,. 193, All).�i.v�. I'ccidtl.y. _ Ot whom ma-, he had. pric? ts, 61. or i6^- p:?r (I'>Z''n. 1. h Serious Ciil! to a devout and Holy Life- air|.-ged from the onxuul VVotk ot the Rev. Law, A .VJ. , s. Ih: Vam Coiia^ir j or, of liocy FrmkVn.- T o w!i!ch are prehxeda (ew Hints t.i Y.jinn; Women in Humble Lite, iespsclin.5 l/fcency, and Propriety of Oress, ptite ts. or I IS. per dozen. ~ ~ FORElGN ~(5aTAI.OGIU-3. f jus diy IS published, 1 CATALOGUE dsi. LIVRFb FIA^NCAT':, I  ALIENS, LSPAGNOL'S, AI.LEM -VNiJS, HOJ.-1 A'VIJAU _tf,Vi�^l^�^N��^'J, S.C-qui levei dent thcz I'.llooscy.-Wo. 4; l>i(l lirnad-street. Royal L xch.ii.g-;. 1. I.oossy has j'ist imparted, GiaDE des VOYAiIElJRS en E.tiUOPK, pa-M chard, 3 vols, Odavo, br, 180?, avcc Cartes, az. 2I. in. 6d. ., ()� v trnnve I'.VbreEe STATISQt/E & PO LfTIQlMt to sksPWsder tUROPr Utonniis'.+nce c' a, M n raies, Poids & Mesures; le 1 ablinu dos viil-.-s &d-' Icurs Cures.tics priiicipales-, dniit tj soiit representees, en formJ dd taiioramas; d(�> Initriidio-.s sij. la pianierr de Vovacrer, &c. , INS-JRUC n.ONSSECRLTKS A: STRAI'FG 1QU F.T. dc FR E HE R r C n. a gcs }NSPEC'TE U RtJ G�N E K AUX, avec3i Plaiue.niu nines jl. 3s. '' ' .'^ Temple bt the Muses-This Day .was putilish d, in two' very reat Pofket Voliim*?, pr c'; 6'.. iri b->3r.-:.�, THE INGAS; or THE DESIRUCIION of ' PERtJ.'.  � nv M.; MARMo>JTEL.  ; I.o.T^doti; Pri^.tcd lor Lackiagton, AlUm, and Co. Fins-, bury-sqi);ire . Of whom miy also be had,, just.publishef, T^nm:+nces, NovclSi and 'I'a'es, by-, M. 1.16 V .Jtairc-two . i>ear Volumes, with tine Portrait, ^s. boards. ZoHcra. or the Generouu NfRro Girl, a J^fovel,. two Volumes, 73 sew.d.- Delphme, a favourite Novel, by Matlamc Dc Sta.;l, tour VoUintes, IIS. biari-ts, "siR CHARLES LINNI-'S sYSTEMa NAiyR-ic. . This day was publisheil, tn seven lawe v,oli. fivo. *ith a life and fine portrait of the Author, <) Diih.;narv, explana-. tory of the terms which occur m N^tuial History, and appropriate coppetplates, price 4I 4s. in board.^, " A, QfiNERAL SYSTEM otNA'lXJRE through XJLthe three Grand KiiiR.loms ot Animals, Vegetabh-s, awl Miii�-ra!.^, systcnnticitlly divided into their-ievetal classes, ordcjs, cesera, spi-CK-s, and vaiieties. lly Sir CrtARlES L7NNE, Translated by V;ILLIAM I URTON, M,"^. fellow ot the LinnetinSocietv, Author of the Medicil Clussaryi ice. ^ic. � : *�*'Besides the fr?ncral RrnundyvoriC of Gmelin, Wilde-, now, &c. there are incorporated into thiscihtion various improved modern 3T anfiementsf, toRetharvvith such new materials and corre<5lions as have occurred tn tne LinnKaiv antl other Transactions, and .iptlje Classical .Works of Shaw, Sowetby, Dono'�sn, Lewin, Martyn, Lambert, Andiews,-Thornton, Abbot, OiUwyn, &c. &c. i  ,<lon: Printed for LacJcin^^on, Allen, and Co. Temple oFthe Muses, Flosburj'-sqjiare} and all Hjokseilersj (tt^f* For the acftommothitiorr of those wh-^ may prefer, it^ the- Work will be soJd seisaratelv los. 6d. in b lards,-' Reoommemled by'thef'C)vernor.of'the Bank^ot Kn.;ljnrL and ..several other'Bailftf* vndMerch.infS; of rlie first ray^eota-bility, whp^eiKHTii-s, with the cornhcateot recom.nenda-.tmci, are ffieerteiil inrrh'! Work, rpHE CONVENIENCES, PRINCIPT.ES, and ^ A*.-WBTHOD ot KEI IHNG, AC(,i(�iUN.T� wi�h BAJ^KlMiSj mchidiiXK specniicn* .'!6 �h-V open accouiujiwrith'them,'and nLsoiiy.'theil.oiii r ijaloulatinj; tnterest nccoiitits on the Vt'inctfie adopted by the London .Hankers-MoRother -with cjirre�iV.TshUsot Cr.rtimiissio.s Ditcoyi}),4:p. from,")'.^ r>:ht I tp iip.ejrjeent,.tnchKlin); calculations qh the faitxii s of a .ii()ui\d,.avlow as-to sums prodlicn^g one fnrtinnjr, never be-iiireifiat>lisl)ol,) .To-whUfhustaddstt^ .a prackitzal IieatiJSc on UUisAt' CiHL-hantre ami .Notes,. u! r. statctt-h :thp ^>ct�ej tlj^Aflth .rjet'ls i �.faritviini-.--f tir a finSrypilon ot the- iitilitj' ufrtlft Wk, �ec rht Grtiu-'al* Rt-- t'r, Rei-pnx de Brtptloii 'WVw roiv.lFvoruttry-tSv{J. � - . i. ; . j. > . VWibj JUoijgmJBi, Hm>t, Hat^^ fin^. Onr. ri\,'rtei A 'ftnth. c thai *i/'r v/i-.i Ir 3fl'-v^Tt,_!t<i the ll'uirJ Urn f^'Ckc!! r.i, tL- ialtiH-*f(tfifi.4.ty, ibt �4.r/' Miyriift, ntr rn'f^x ihe i'firon ti-bn m.tief lU Tr�der,.nr wmr l-t.rsr,n r.n hit /f .:!f, allst*-!^, I1 ttinvr a-Ltii ciikifji. i vrc rU,.^f,Llfa:-OtMicE, Mjrch i^.tSof-.' ' 'T~''HE C':rr.KAi:v�tSfi for I Uluahin^ His Majfilj's A A-'cr-V.//�!���'yr't'f thtiri',' That o,r I'rrl.iv ih' ^\tb ytire f!. i/r\7u'li I'f ic.i'iy ti rtrchr- Ittn-feri i.i firiiint: ( fjli:!^ tii:),/willed q:r,zniil!e )aiirzic, H.ini'bro-. .-ifet'in, -uA Qiie^T'c I'll'E S FAVK.S; //r tJji r^^p^etiVe ;-fii�.-7r 7t/''9 rtiy III ikep-itoah 'hnrof �(///co>::r.vt to diliver into if,,- l'iiiuallifti( Sti'VrtAt ' f( if T.i ^fifi !:lyii'j'-l �, in n/cb fffp'trcim iti ihiU 'jt-t-i-. r.fter bi-'Aftmninrd uy'i^. 'j"!-:.!.:!!! I,y Ife I ih r,f ^cn'trn'oT revr, r",/ ihi nm,T):aW iy lU -5 \.\t',/ y.initaiy . Tc if JufJ jji "y l> IIS i^.i^:if.i,\ -rutit ir!^>^.\i.niK^iy .i.ivtafitr .Lie 7>jl- Lnniuiinnx oj tie Co.iiiiia m.iy i/e ie^n l/:,^iWM-.i'y't Ohict. � �'il. B. .V', irK'r- r-'- a l.-n n-;,"r, -s fi :�{uiL::i7 ilh � iH-'n-ity's l^.ivy ihtf-e'y ft^r l\'..!irr, I't.ii nn I'/izib ry // > I L It I y ,f r n'- I �� r /."./f.r //r.y, .nrf /:Mf hr .1 ^'i'J :i H Eil MJ-Jv.ot I .VI 1 I Ol ' f r ( I) \1 ( 1 I 17 L.H 1 �> E I 1 or A ( ! ^ rn I i / , a (, jr S " |i ;^ . n jf ', ^ ,t la.ihi- ibf !(ii.lny^ ii't- 10 ]i ih-.u:-'^ S ths!/y.v /'ic/innl'/i'j; ."<.i-',.rr . 3|.r 0/ July ,..-rf. ,i<il (���e'Ci .;,/,M,,..^r, /.^t- v/ t;U.chares ai'.i 'ha't' HI;!! L'.iil:arl;r vih ' f X -,-,1/ �J..1 � . loivJ is. I 1.1. oj ihl SMi .fir-.m Hit- I-] to Uw-^ilo'cs � j:-Jor ty. huh f<i-:a:-:.'..'.i'!ll) nl.ii'r. Jf^:-/i .-.'.ii.t.v;:. Tie C]'r-1't"i"' cf tff l.'-nir.irls -n :y J-f rt'-'.'r al t'' OJlce, atihn : or 6y a; r>7 11 fc Cathcr-Dulles at Lii\rjsui, and al hJiU..Uilic:i, m C.ti'.'irry,- r^- No icg.inl '.'�lifye hallo an:' TtnJtr :ji ivh-o.^ th-- pr-c^ s'j H lint he inset-led in -if t>iU ,il /rt^lh, a' t'uit sh.ilt ,70' ie A-i-vded to tl'c B'..i i.:.iy, n,,- 1,2.41 of Al y iifxt. -r.'.r ii>:!et^ lie per'Ct i.-l.-o m::te.t l.:>e 1 :-ndi-r^'j, ss-r.e ier-taoit hit if'hjf^ autkdfi to jntiver rK-fiva/uKi i /.-.. NAyX-.CH-T-JCE, Mav ?, THE proicijial Cj^ifr: atiel Commssrincrs if His M.iii-ftVi N.ify rt-: iere'n f::v N-iUrr, tbM W'.'.oves-dav, l(v wIj I'.-st.t/-;, at Vie rwy . -iv s ,',e le-ty tr, tv.-ll' such fery)!!' r.'i n.iv te -.L-iinr:!^ !i i-r.r-tr.i.-t f-.r 'si/fplvitie: iM.ij.^iiy't y.:rd\ "Luiti lie Ariti-le:: aa.i-hst liTSAiii,-eKl-icvs-d. . ''Cl>PP5:i; !.CK:;-;S and HINCr.S-Dcptf.-nL Bkli-Ks ;'ivl Cl.IMvl-;its-C'!itli2m anri sh?ern?s� (vliERNSTvY .SQUAK E TON F.'^-Po ut'.-I\i!iem '..J l.he.Lick.^ ht7!!(e'. -.i;-tii horws oj :oe Terd-r . f-.r si!ir-ji"i: ah tuc aj^ies.nd Ariicies, m.iy be leen-il th'-s Is's tender ni-i.l ir received after T'.velve a'c! cl d.iycf T'f,:'y, nor r-rty n'4ice.1, uiiltss lie p.iriy, or an a^enl Jji bim, tii- leKd.u � IUY.LKV'S'l'*.AfENT 1U:.VCK1NG C.AKES, ~HICH I'avc .maintaineu an acknowledged Sni^ii-irity tor more ih:ni Tliirty Ye.irs, cominii.rt� be S.-il'd by i'ayli-y r.iid 1>Jevc, No. ^, C'uckspursi/e-.-t, Lpn-don, price Sixpence eath. Gehil'Mlien who do irjt think th-s ni.ickipp ria\es tluir Ro.its .slime s;'lbcientlv, are r'-'snettt-jllv inljrmecl, that it thi Cake is iiis�)lvi'd in .-f Water, it will produce a Lustre eriiul to Japan ; hut it H necessary to chserr.*, that Vire,;ar is xtremely injurious to th? Lea h^, ?.n:i deprives ilia" 1 JackinB ot one ot its most vduibe r'rop?rti-Vj VIZ. 1 hat of .ktei)ini;t!ie'her soft and pliant, and pr-v?ntm]j It from C racknn;.- I he sameefl ci inav be prodi'u'-d bv iniMn? Vitriol wini the Water, but the .tijitrv to tl.e .Le.ther will be stiil vre:.t-.'r. - N. It- lo prevent Counterfeits, Ihe Ihl's.of Diredlinns are Mined as bcL.w, wlr.cli a:)p.'ars on the outirle ote.ieh C;, W. l^.\Yl.EV. ARLOW's hivitluablc ?>rECIFlG DRGPi, are an iiifal'r->le Kein-.-d;' for tiia" .destioyer nt iiiousands of both sexes, ilicit inrvr,;o-.trse.-j.Hav'r.g rece-.vtd the approbation cf inany Hun^r-ds of the Navy, .ArrBV,-and gcneibus Public, -by at\ extensive Sale o.l'the same fora series ot vear. es everv c;tp"illary vpssef; a > such, u must int-vitablv prove that not oi^symp. V.omof the.Di.nease, howe.vcrdespeiate, ciii escipe itspoiver. -To He takeno'l Food, and no restraint what.'vcr is requisir;. � T,p h; had of the Propi-^or,of Mr. Chrisp.jg, Cocks'ptir-1" street, anil of ever* resp-'dtibie Veikfer ot M-.*uiciiies Ml the three IfLincdoms, in UqhIcs.Ss. 9.1. and los 6,1.  SPRING PHYSIC. E VELNO'S VEGETABLE TILLS are provctl, bvcxumenfe, to be the best atul most mno^ cent .Alterative, Biinherja�d Svycewerof the lUivid .tnd those who are aliLitct with the Scurvy, Scorbutic Eruptions, Leprasv, Scrophiil.i, or any other Drsorders art.sfnK from Vitiated blood; ot those who fwvo impaired- tlietrtcn-strntions-by, Disiipatioii, or J.uvtnile Ireltscretioos, shiSwld hv no means omit a course ot ih: Vcj^etablePitU during the Spring. 1 h? op^ratton ot this v.Iuable Vcgat4bV Altera-^ tjve is so pleasant and salutary ai not to Inter tore wiifi the avocatjons of business or plcaxtirs; its aiiionis contined ta the antiual jmces,. and requires no jlifcratinn �v- resrrautt in diet;' It dissolves m thesto'^iach, blends with the tool, and l>radua)ly |>ervades the circulating: fluids, corre^mgtn its p�-sagpany rtevtatioii tram a state ot cunvatescence5 insnnri, it tsthe lout; sourIU. tor Vegit.ble SpEciOc, or safe, but aclivst substitute tor that tasbiO'iaola n'ineral, Metcury, which may be Slid to cure only bv kiUinc { hs elTicarry excites the.vtcn. tion �n�t MUpri*; ot Jiicdical men, tor wh*� all other nietli-i,ine^ have tailed, Dfli V ejuo'si Pdli n^sy be leiied on as a.sp �r.'ctiuMs is ugtied �i Red Ink, bv >ti�, Proprietor,- ....., C. &T.'\4�JLC: PrepaYeit bvMr.G. $t.ipbs, now sole Proprietor, tw ^urcitit!�d �he recipe ot Air. J. Pidvluvi; 5 ajof soul \�^ .talijmKLrct )1 hy shiw.atiid httw^rtfs, 0*1, i)t. Patil's Chm - i.ird, ml the footway,-i-reiailalijatJ-y.rtVr. Dick^won,:N� ' 'Serijfr-Sit^Se^,; C?ai)t, Uofonish j a�4 'i tjUr tJf.r'-- -^ |?r?<Nl/�*. .iL'.�s. .ajKl ji. ,s,

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