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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - April 24, 1806, London, Middlesex f-1 � V':i I.. � THIS PRfiSP^T EVENING i#illbt' ' jyRtiO the PLdyCH. Tp which will beartdtd, frediWMsa intofwoafis) The WrflTE n.VKtt; or, UiTBorder ChiJai/.s T�>-nfiarrnw.Mi'Cbeth, witii." We Fty by Wigljt:"' fXHmnTinii: ��'j'.i'-v. - npiHE BRITISH;^ GAtLERY, (late Shake; JL -sp�areOal|�r.v;i tAiithe -piihrbiHDn'aml Sale of" tlie -nd tvijl coiifiniie iiMd, Np. i^iD, V\qctiM\y, prjc* is. ; NOW OPEN.^At tlis PANORA MA, in 'tlK. .SrWAND, a VtliW'.f Hi* Handsorne CITY of FLORHNCE audi � bMjitif.vl KNyVRONS.genijrally con-wdered one of the'finest Scenes hi Vtaly-The Spetlit m is rntcs .6�. SUB- various ih&fbfei ; (WTbint> of tfie'gteatMctlict l-airnlv, wUli A fine expaow, ot file Yale Arno eiiri(fUes tJie Laiii-5ca;>e* bouiultdon all sid�s t.y Mnuntams, and part ot tl'e' }rds-bec/i ai'-'al, a represchlatioii cit the late awiul hruptioii ql,Vesuvius, ami many I'jgures; &c. Openftonj TenUtl nu�kv Adwttauce to each Paiiitjng one- Shilhng. - ; ^ '. _ . *MR.u')WY'iUi''s HisroRre r.oTJf'KY ' 'Y'HEfdIJowrng letter which Mr. BOWYER' %' Iiis just ricd'fcd from I.ordSHEFM KLD, SirHEN-KV CHHiKLtS ENOI.EFlELn,' Part, ami W}1 MAM iRMlfcH, Ubq. M., I'. fheaniiQ atpsrinffiny to lus coi;du6t rcspeCilinn tlieSWork, which cohstuutes th^; principalpait of t!i�r'Pri7.KS nv Mr. llrwver's I.ottpry) i=:p4rticiihrty )*'atifv-iiiKjto bts leelir.frsi and hefianershirnieU will, be deemed a sMff. pled^ of his (utillinK every othtr enpa^ement in this Lottery, with tqual nonuur to hjniselt amiiiaiiita(it:on to the " ^^n+-Ha^'n)K_hee.n necs'Bti'y led in thpevfcut'onofour ' fni t^itito a eKanunation of vhf >vl)oleo( your Edi ion of ihe HistOl-y 6f Itn^land, we havca great p!fa-i\ire 1" evprcssnif; to yo�i"�Ur'opihi(>n, tljaiyo 1 have hoiwurablv fu h,.ir-d y-niv tlie'ryi)e aiidtlis djcorafioiis a >;r;arer d-!i;rce of jjnif jr n ex-fcUMcet.1:111 i> expcctui iiicai. ui^tl^-TtakinK of stich niai;ntu<l; and wytfr, Call-Mall." Dl H) ! OS! or Ml'-I All) AK INDENIU'AR or pE!i,D of COVE. IJANTs, it-ite'T r-o mh .'l^iv nf NoveinI.>?r, 1761', and tnl��e btfJJVfP'* H.liMKY, Ul CKaNM) N,. ,f Maj.i.-n |j,.., 1. .ndon, stirgffoo. IOH N ni CK ^ NS()rif tin Islaml i)t Tafna'cS, hv%-lier, -tiul 1^Ml-> C'KOMinON of M n-ctiester,: vUltncf, a .(t MA RY his Wife, of flie one p ?cki�nsbn. and (anfs CMiTi'>t()ti, covennnt -d with tiie said JJanoah OickaiwJii,.t'iat u .should bs I ivvful fjr her to ts. teiive to her ow.n aU such r'-ni^ of, a certim Mcs'.uitge, Mn>at�onthe (rusterly s'd" ot Uvranstfatc in M nclitsn-r, as fhou'd- r-niaiii aftrlr'sitisft iiii; ceita'it oharitiblc wsej' auei �d.asi aolnn, ol'edtiv! Kii'5;!. Head. "'^ -r- Thc abiVe  Il.-cif �vi h'^in.lDn,, a.d afterwards. Wsi^iad at bdinST.;!!, and liia'myw, or lati-'ly was, ]Fe^ldellt Rsme p�rr> of l'reK-i;id. :Nonc'MfcIt�Tol>y.given,' thjt it ihe^a d Mr. Ctominon, or any otherjjer.-an� will produce and deliver the abov:.-(let .itor--;rre?t, t'/niicrv-Janr, London-; Hejirv Mnncricf, .tuq. W. S. I'diMbnrgli; VViTj. Qtlddattti JSsq. Spltitor, Abbry-jjircer, Duolin ; or Mess^?..Duckyvortli and CliippindalJ, .Attonnies, M<iiichesier. he shall receivea rswjid of'IvnHiuJ-iMs. _i----... . � � .. .u i ..-_____ Li;OYlV. av, -. , bif�l r the expencjs attending the loUow-inR Caseii was takc.i into coiisideratloni vie. 03/ 3^1- .for convicting Edward Mailox, master of the si yup Ii^.r\jamin, ;,' and appropfutijit; to his own lise, part (if*the,CarsO of liiiifirbh bo.ird ttiesiid vessel, on a yoyage trtoift WaterjO'd f� Sh rejiain, in May I ist. /IJ7J, 14s. jd. for briilKinij to justice nenjainiii vVaterJnttse and Thonias Canrerbiiry, two uf the crew 6tihe slofvp l-'ive Hr-ithers, ofWeytTionth, fir borini? holes thraupli ht-r bottom, ill .Sijneniher, iS 4; they were trie! at the f'lllowing Admiralty 'iessions, and sentencod to he transp .rti'd. 46 . it5i. fora criminal eiii)uir)'of some'iftne crevv of the .Ship-E)iaiia, WiUiatn's, M.istec.-fr.'iin Janiaicito Liverpool, run on ahiir.e and bitriiv at the Isle of rnxis, iiv i8ji. �Ue;e bcinjt great .leason to sttjipo-ie that it wiiv willnlly done bv oftler of � - Whiiie, the Mite, the Mast-r h^in? cohfrhed to his ctbiii by ii�lisp�Min>ii; but Whvt^ having ahstiiuiled to Aiiiirjc*, a pros'-ciition comUI ivit hell.^tlllll1r.l asjanis: Ivnr.-. Kes)Jv"d uutniiinoiislv, I h.itas~n appear.'! tj t;:it; Meeting thenha'pes aoove iijentioiie.1 wee aecrusd 011. ih.; hasfj <if public jh��ice, that the vaitiu be. paid frorrt the 1' uivl of this, HoustV'tU'l 'hat this Krsuiution b; iniide. public, 111 order to" prftveni III future simiiiif depred.itions, by Kivir,,^ public as-suranfc?, thai thcv will nut b; suti'caI tulx; praitised with � To C f 11J NT \IY AT Tt) 1< N1 K S and SO LlC 1 TO R ?. AGENTLliMAN, iindcr thirty years of n^ ;()od Country Town, the greater thi.Uisttnce tf�iii 1. >:<* n tlie bctt'ir; ihc We'j,t,of England WDuhV b* prefi-irc-l. I Iil-A<lverti�er woi^ 1.1 hiVe no objection tocngai;e with a Convey, ancer of "resi/e.ltabHitVj who is iiot admiired, which nii.'Iit be atteiidtd vwirh adv.mU',^ to hith pirtics --Letn-ts iid-dessed to M. I'ear<.'e, .Nr.w inn C .vliie-Jiotuc, Webtmiiisii-T. hridce,, wi: bt; atteiKio 1 t). �' _ ' .' J.l ri-.K.A..' /.vii;N r. " � 'T'^P supcriiitend a long citablished and resppi^lpi-Ie | JL Literary C'-nccru, a (ji-nilcman is wantt; 1, v.'lio co n- : 'uid-:f:A, *r �r ari to exftrn'in&whit i> dtjc to paW"G j istiue ; i,*. we are toex.amitic wU^t is (iue {'rVjfn one nation to aVvther, not nwrdy a'l arising from the rs-co!(..'6iiGn ^'f fjrmsr conDcyrior.s, 'and the re, m-inibrancp'^r pa-t kir.t?ns:5>-es, 'dvu even as giow^ ing out or\ rlie narrow };rotrr-,c1 ' of indtviihiul pnd private ;V?fC'i''-> there coui'Vr.or well occur a sinrle sft^tjcyiin in Tivoiir of wiint .we have >-i. pcricnrc? ; on^ihs C';ntr;iry, cvtry vv;vv ?.nrl conjiil.:^ iati;;n ot ti'.e'-'K c^jn.liuit ni I' h-nA to.irs c" Ajkinnati'in. t!inc5 : .STA'l ]�; I.OTTI-KY. RICHAROSPV, ,GG:0 i>r,UCK gncj' Co. resi-c.^-full/ncoiniHeiid fothe Public wlm mean to advt-iiuire in the-pres'enr .itaie-loitery, ammm *diate or early purchase, ...... --....." ........" j;(Iv;fii(.e-iii I'lici.', the , the wh"]s ,tii-ne of ..........ft,___________- - , - J �- tllr^e. blanks to a Kriae, and frbtit the Rfraf Capii.''ls of Twentv. fi-e jusir.d JV'undSvTweiity Thodsaikls,;i t-i I linn.-; n^'s, Uc. eti: iliey )nust increase in viihie, and can'.Qf :'.r a.i'y peiio.l b^i low^r. '.Il'he Lottery begi- s Dr;(win>? on tlio iztli of Next Month. ColiilliUl and ChavinR-Cross, . . ' ' .' : �, _ ' "^^^ AN~0IIVFOUS SAVIN0. HODGES and No. 44, St; Jamcs's-sfrcet, No. i4gi Oxford-fitie r, recommend t > tlimr l-nends rmd the I'bhi.c, an ;iramediate purchase of I icVets and. bhares m the present ponul-.r Lottety, as the pfcfs will cct-ttiirilvadv,ance,ancfcannot at aiiynperiod, either b-'fore or in t-;ie Dr.vwinK,'be.9lieaptr thuiKat present. So contiiknf afe )-!odt;es and Co ,ot the certain rise of price, that tlu-y hereby t;n/ai;e to take back, on the Satiitday befotcthe Drawing, at tiij present price, any I .icke.ts b-pu^ht at tfieir Ofhces, or tti reru-n the diH--reiice should they bs lower. It is merefore obvinn^ th It nuic-h m.iy be saved and nothing can be lost by an iinniodiato ptlrchTse. > - - � npWO hundred antl'n'ineCapital Prizes.from:500I. X , to jojoool. have.been shared, sold, aiul registered iiv ihe last and former Lotteries, by , no UN SHY and Co. 26, Cornhill ; , sV-Charing-Cro s ; .- awlst, Marg^are\'sHvll,.tioioiigh. Tickets and.Shsres tiir the piesent'State Lotferv-,-, to be thawn the 12th ot Mav, are b/ HO KN'vH Y and Co. in Rreat variety ot numbers and at the lowest prices.- . All biLsiness in-thfl p'.iblic Funds'trarisaiaed with care and hdeiity. ' i'' � '� : ; AbVii^CE OF i>RrcKs; Tj^ROM the great deitiaudfor Tickets and Shares, JL thfe I'rlces will coiuinijeio rise, andcshnntatterwards be lower,, the scheme being so construded ih.if therewr I no^-, : ai any period of the l)-awi|ig. be three IManks toa l'ris�, LOTl LRY begins Drawing.fzth'May, 1806 i. _ . a 'a ..... 10 ao Priza of �<ii^oQ. t0,0O0' . 5*000 500  .'.10(3* IS. n,ooO Tickets .4 ,000 3<St000 ' i ie,oo6 , 10,000  5,000 : l OlJK CO 11' \ N \ . MANUFACTURERS h p*/ botioms-illke-wiiS-rif the tollo.wit'g Articles of rli<; h'sT hc in i!..', ;in;> be^s leuVe tr; intorm thein that he his tnjd.'- many unp.roveinents'o lvis>;rjid ME i)T CO ELECTUI L - A 1� I'A 1* .'VTtB, aird eoii = inu-s t:> attend at Ills house, N �>. 55, Spri.^ Ga'iUiiii, from Lleveii o'clock till four, to atcotnudite th!'>�* La'lei.aii'L (.ictitlfmen who wish to have recourse 10 I'.led'-icitv, .fi.insriu'.; Iiini-.elt thit his mode of applying tlie Elettnc Huid, lieim^-'sir , pjilability, a !vifnation about C'nrt, oi- a.; llmue-keerei at any ot the itubltcDlhces, tnclorm'jr wmilrl h'.vprs; t;-rred ; ihe most satisfjClDiyrt.-'ienc.-.s will be i;iv-.-n, and the.srriibvt stcrjcy Hiay be relied ci.- Lui r-rs,' p'>.--t p;n.i, addressed to sm-K: at N--i. 15, Veie s.tieet, Oxfoiu-.sireet, \^\\\ be duly attended to. None but pri.icipjis will he treat-oi.wifh. : � � - . . yV ^ird,�tion'as tiOVEKNEsb wv a respectable l-nintly, whtrea lineral 'lalarv^tvll he I'lsrnict w'�h nu ih"^ assist-Tiu:e of M.isfcrs, tn Music, 1'r-luh, I r!tli:iii, the U.->e of the Globs., l)r,n�ing, and vVv.till); If ri.'q'iir.'d. Letters, post pud, Hdd-ressed., 10 iVl. ig, i-entvinv'a .Miisx- Shop, Strand, will beiiili'iedi.itely ,ntt?nd-"d to. W" AN' 1 'S Employ mi -.rt," is VV A R KHOUSEM AN or liKAU l'Ol lni!-hard, ;inJ knows I'owji vx-ll ; cm have a K"od rcl;-r i-oe Cro-' rrt ini^aaTi-ff-Scff/'^t -nhr>-re-l50itf,-i\ln ineft with due n't iititiii: ANflM) tn FbSi^r orTuTRTS-A g^o\ (.-WHLY HOUSL, wiih Giirden. &c. Tw-. , :ir. loi.r:;, lid !� ur nest Med liaiu'ers will '>. r''-luirod -tl'.is? t:: aildr.'ss ffiosf pai' ) to .-V �. t'usr Oiiio;, Saliii^i, near iJi:iMirrp,;. E:;-a:X, whic , will beatteii;..-.M. AN iT.D toTuifciiA ,i1 :oi"d ] >S I A 1'. riapl -Mailt vi))ili,!< Counlrv, witl.nv <;o ni-L'sot Li-ndop (l-.s ex I'.sreptc.i 1. col^,l^^lHj^ i.t a g-.iod niv;-s'm-i'.oirsc, s'urablc 1 ili.::.'.s, .-iiid upwjrds t 210 acre.s '-i . la.-!. .'X' li-anor soins wox-l l.'i:d ivo'.;ld.he pret;'rreT. Apply to Mr. l-!, 6, king's Uench Walks, iBmple, I.CH.vm.__�__� ._ AN I hi~) to place ir.uneu'.arch' ;i \onng l.Af) between lur.e and t:::i \f.-r, of ,'\.:e 1,1 a HOARDINQ SCHOOL, not hss tli.a, ? .rfy .vril-s from I ondor, . hcio th-H'sard, l.oi!:j;mj:, ',� ciucutioii and �Vashing will iiTf.vcei'd'I'weiiiy pouiiila p^r a:iii.M:i. I'aiticiilars (p3st-p:i.d) wiih rh.i; e\ t:i drawn on a'ly one day. 23d April, iS 6. TFckTeTS .U 1 LL C4)NTl-Nl-)t; J-O UlSli. SWII' r and Co. No. 11, Poultry, recommend an immediate nu>�base to those ot their Friends a;id the Public, wh'.i intenilt> become adventurers in rhe present Stare Lottery, as the Tickets will havea tnrih:?r ri-ein a very tew (lav-, aiiii will not, at anv i)erii)d, either bcloie or alter ili.j-l)rawing has began, be cheaper than at present ; on the' contrarv. there will he a progressive adv.ince of price dnnng tjie wholepttlu Drawing. 1 he Lottery begins the i2th of nfXt Month ; it contains more Vnzes and fewer Blanks than any of the late Schtsmes. The Public are particularlv re-qnssredto observe, that in this Loftery, rhe whole of the small Priz>'s are floating in the wheel, and that there wdl not trom the first to the last day ot Drawing, be three IManks to a Prize. . ' . " ; � _ : ��� � ��� ' ' STALE LOrTEUN, ; ~" Tohegin Drawing Monday, lith of May. HAZARD, BURNE, and CO. Stock Brokers, at theirState Louery Uificc, 93, W.oyal Exchange, London, are low selling, in great vuriciy ot Numbers, 1 ickets and Shares for the above Lottery. No. 10,730,: aprizeQtai,aooL on the iSiJi February last, was sol I by tjjem Lii one .i^uartcr,- one Eiglrih, and ten S.x-teentU Share*. Ihe presen't Lottery consists of only 25,000 Tickets, and the Scheme �:onJains with liberal etliication a generd Itr.n'.v|;?d/,e of tiic world, and an intimate iiccpi-iinraire Iviiii tin- iccurrcinoi of the presiiit t;m-s. .^s iTie sitnatinh is r,r'!'V'ri'i4,'Ml'j (|uali>ies iieces?a'y to invite and j'lVti'y C(jiili-!c^\i;? miiir I'.ot be wantiuK. An .rilive iriMil and. tlnhaliitj of a i.'iv.i'iu, also essentially nece.-.s.!rv ;>oiiie ac(]nai)u;ii ce w.'ii tii: I'l.'-chanicul arraii�eiiienls-of the p'es^ would bv diis-riiil-, f:i >'  It IS not essential. On iheolhcr li.ind, lii'T Int-rality t)yt:i ! satisfa.'.f.irv manner a t.eirl maurjuaMi d acc��i!i,g to Tiie for-g.;iojr Jcscriotion, --T-Addr-ss, post-paul, to i. ci :Mp.. Godd.^rd's. l>o.ks.fller, e'irn.rol fall-iviall. V1CrfJA^,LlN{,.Or W6)S, 'ip '-TT'i'"^ 3- Naw Ho. hiieiy i^ivf h^'iVrc, 7>w o� Mof.oAv; 10^ tnM. ihfv ninli-f* n.iilf 11. yfu-'Vi' r�',/c.r ". -.�i i"r> , nu,;! hpj ,V". tint' f:,i ihr sj!jhj-hh,>t.f' vlj.u (IJEvlI lUvR'l' <'.,!,'/ lie at-ni:WiUti.f:ii- the ii\c <�[ [In M.ijuiyi C'i'il'S and Ir.swh ,,r QmiUucixj from Ikil d.iy 10 ide -^tti U-ccrihtr \i inclu'ivt : . In //( fMit for tj!.liilt\ p.i-lihic^ "jialx i�teiat^ nii:ety-,i ,y, i,jier dale. - . . - J .'.e Cntn/il'O'i' r.f I'le C-i'ityar": vj ly hf 'seen at f"e S^crrl.T^ * Ofjtcf, iit thn t^ihiC, or i'.v ai'liiji'ig to :iJr. I. lyuml!, ^i'in.t Jur the!� idiiatiiiig, at Dov^r. Aorrt^.f.i Or had: I': :iiv-Tcitdet /f.- f,ricf il: '1 'tot iciire-lid in -,Kiafd\ iit li-r.yl'i-, or ilmt ilui n'.l . r -jiti-o./! i>ji''a m!J-.r ecpialiir cit'i.*r would he g 1 h:'ck t'l ary clis!'i:nt .p.'rii;d f tirr;;dv of what wc ir''.:i f;'�)',>.'*;� it Wa'i scarce->il'.i'ie t.-i .',!.at had ocrurreU P;vce l;VvV!:e,i A;:^-fIa mi?'".!; h.1 ve eto'.vd ly n szry evcv.v ro iic- ihc si,;nirvv; of i T^:ii".. 'dc. '.!i'-.i\f.l on; e.v.'tit c>:piar-\rvon5 v-o ra t "v-" t' t ,C Iri'- an :ir,d fj.c f.ruiih'jre, ir wa.s n.->f to h' c ml.-l he dirccte.-i to tlie .1 .iai.t rw lit ,/ u!''.."\r,i 't! C.:}'umissnm-rs '(it:.\!,:iJ rf. .11'',' ,n t ,)>� .l.M'.; 'Wi ICH, April 7, .R:6 I ic^tinUi!!^ His Mnji-stj's .\''-iire. oil ly'f liesti'.iy, ihe %->ih t!jf lyti ixtt.i/ii at (re..i.'ji>ly tiJ-Tir- tiiC if' til y t'tHi li^' r,aJ t't /vr.'/vf -'/VWi"! (tiale.i i/p'j, it'id re.U j'lr the J'ilioiving"tpia-.iiiies ilO.uLis,  ;VA'r r hoops - . ioo) EUTTHOOl'.S a^oSTons. i'L.4 IE H'JOi'S - ioo> -4-0 j'jr any qiiapilt of either d i not Jt^s loan F fj .Jb/iT ; to U liflm rrd 111 ,Te'lhfe:it,iy ivevhy ir'ii'oru;. ill" tin- M.iirt'r'f f''.iitn.tllir'ii .S/i'C.i ill Dfij-rd, aii.l lO fi;// /'>> ly liti:.! f.y.iii/e �:iiio hiiemt mieiv dart -niter ii.tie Ik.n'-jincrs, s--Ao!anaiiorv.'"v;:iming'e(i '.'ith ar.v tiling thar savoiirc.i oL ho.Uik'f.i^.-^itions ; hut on ih: coitrarv, fkicn ezpLiOiJiisns ys nigr'V.'irrse iron; ihe cx iff fence the ^tr^^ngrit tif jof aIii;.(icc,V-J even of vn afliarcc aijamst what-all sh.^iol.^ have coSf-.sidfre \ the common enemy. Affcr a c"r.vnfl;on o; f^a.* s'jpr�?ed t.hat c;ir aticnrioa czu^z.p.M i:ireiest of H.-ino^- ' aiotie : to 'ich an cnlt^hfeni^ asj-emolr as he li:: i !i.c li ;iiou- ro ao.vrcs.', such ihc uzq ot transafror.s .i.> V.i? M.!j?viy's Mf'S?age ref'-ifr'ed lo, m-a.-it cat! li-j r^p^'. r, s ot" a n 1 i^rc c\iv per,i/ occupied by Prussian troops, nfldor tlv.: ^Terence ol a teraporary and provisiosu!-occupation, ;\r.i sup-josiiig, foroi.eofitsobjQifts, ro provide for the BritisH th;n m that countrv. Aifhii.;.;h that mea.ure, Cirricii to that extent, had ;ili rhe fean:res of .in hos-cih; occu;Kiti.3n, of an occ-.tpition ot ( Lle^rtorate, contrary to the wishes of hij M.^jesty, in opuosi--tion to Ins rigiit.s and interests, and which ar{r"ed a llagrant and outrageous violation of j iFf.Ci ; vet sucn is the. known character pnd.mir.d o{ his Ihe LoiiJitiont ot the Loituart uiid .V he ueit til t/je .'iectel.iiv's UJhce. millet CiJ li. c ll'j'/l'f iii.ij -I' I'Vriedn the 30/" , , i'.wi.-  .. Vart of the ah;ive'Capital�* , rive First-draw kets..3<bllpy i.ooacaCh <,dCo W-djavvi^ , i,;, ,, ml^Op Ditto ,. iih Day Dittrf . ' ;6thDay . Pilceafstniiolrtf,j . .Half. , C.xa 3 .0 - o. , . , Slkfeenth, 7 / 0 o . �Pi ffi e*rtt^lib8rt1feoiniit�ios mownnic* unjileWcr 2 -a Piizeot I- 75,000 20,0 10 10,000 3 10 IB Prizes of L.^,ono 1,000 FxcUisivc of 6276 otiwr Vnze^ toiwt 50)!. down to ao Gunwis, aiidriot three Blinks 10 a I'lize. , ^ l?ii'tcrs. poiit paid, duly ainwered, a�a Schemes gratis. " i'hIKD b'lAIL LOTVUUY. iSoj, ""^ negtni DMxfmfe tflei nth ot MAY, i}i>6. � . A^ilsaftdiCoi (Sivicessors to Mr* Nichojaony^t ; t ti-- t jery t)!!/!*-' , Nq.'.88, Co,r�Uii 1, ico.^n.; rot MerKivyal 1 xUiaj-?ge, Xftilflo.l,i)Jspe lufes tor ilhe'above 5| oth-rj aresi'llii'gtil vadttyot ilumb-rs, tUviddduitpHailves, iQii!i,tiior!!�#i�tit)� ^iid Si;ttj:^'uth^, (�tan>p�l accanUn^ loart Tp^'t^^^\th^ fritnix "the Coiiiiti^^'�ec*inipBni8tl xMth' short dmm. 1 K'frink Notou, Uash,'or,P?sh-t.}W^se-f),t!d?r8,n�oH. Nil rei' ird itiih lie h.'id la unv Teiiijr 11 -,vlrr!< t'.<e frice 1 int fe DKerte/ i'l �tvor.-.'i at Jetirth^ ir- In.u i/j dl iir.t lie t/ le Qi ''n rl. en ih t ' I, i r -iry insliiiity uir. tinte.\s'the lerani fjii vi.><e-i'je. feirl. irriiiii 911 lit le'iilf, aiterir.t. fj .titi-uier ryOen c.ledf.i. vicTiiAL!.i\<;--ir!'i'.;F., Ap'irza, iSo'v ' |.'''HE Coninmsioiiiri fir y in U lit. of. May next, they, "wll ;.e le.rtv to- feeeive 7- lv)W>iii .VltfM f)V \i}(^ .SIJ.>.'\K, tn ie anm'crnhle to lamfles to tc f-rodiieed ti'iii.- l/.e 'T.i>ider^, .1.0 be deiivvrej i.-t the <� 'ii^i'ial,ief, a/idiii ire j-io-pu'iioi 'ij inl.t'ei, ii:ii i liiviiy-Jive, nor more in.'.n ibiriy tjii\ per lyre I: f< om day infi iVn iVLijest-/s (^ic:u..l!i.!^ ^f^iev ^11 .he. Ktiine pl.tec. I i-t ivlyye w heii. :e.-i.'jiih vjti'.i tillered iiineiy d.iytaf.'tr title, Ihe Uj'idilioni of ilje L' may he seen at the .Secretary s nilJte. " Nil rriranl veitl le bad la any Tender jn ivhich the J'rice d'nH not /�n luieiied iifU"jrds ui lei.glh, ur lh:it sbttll not He tlilrve e.t to ihe Hoard bejoie One oeloek on the �!tid PiiUty,.lhezii.J May next, iiJ/r unless the fciw/t v.'ho makes the lender, or some pel 'i/H r.v/ hisl-ehatt, atlend'i. t'l :;n\i:e' luljen called lor. NAVY-OFtlCE, April 21 U,o6. '"T^HE Ojficeri a^id C^imiiiissioiien if las JL Majesty s N.iiiy i:-> Lereoy i^'ve Notice, thai on VV f 11-D.\Y, tie Mlh of Alay next, at Uiico'CUfk, ttey'iviill'e lea.iy to treat -Mth siir'i persons as m .y he iviHing lo cintruel Jar biilla-i/r^ ill, .Merchiti's 7'arji, i V/iJ CUl I-liRs, 0/ 140 J'o.s IS'urtlieii, tr toe eabouls, I'j le Ca.i'el Built. � Aiirau^htof iKi t.ut:i,rs, �li.ii:) a foniivftheTemler,:xay be .\crn ai li'is ofiiee. No Tender -n.:/'! be rece'Tedafter Twelve o'Clock on the djy ol ti'iuiy, >wr any noticed, it.Jieu'tiie p.iiiy, di ait iigentjarh.m, allends: Q:.1 H'-ir le- fvlajcsty, tiiat even that pr.n-ocaf.'jii termine hun to have recourse t.5 h^sui:; reiaba-liov. Even while those who w:re n.cre ir-reres^ed 111 ihe integrity of Gern'iiinv, smiLtlK t."! indjmr.ify ih?niSel'.'es not only !;o,Uetnmjnt of inte-i;r:tv, !)'Jt even at the exp'.tnce of th ? Pi;;tish Natio-^, w;i!cJi sio.jd in rehitions wj Ii Pr is.sia tiiat c:>uld-not h;^ e all'ivvea the apprehc \ :c ijinica.ile oi' lanati-m a mat was rcs.-irtcd to : ."ml a."d h- lore tune was ai thr: nsjjn 1 oi- such con.vj.T.-� re.norstrjnce<i was all 1- w'ite ti'fjie V s not ; What iollowe.1 constiturc.? the tree coio-ir.rn.l c 1 ractr ot liv? wlioie transatlicn. iNot P.Ui. TKEASU REIT's OI-IICE, 'VOW LK, Aprl zz, liio'j. ATOTICE is heich gi~^cn 10 ihe ContttUiors ..N for seri'inii His \l'.ij.^y! OitlMi'.ce �:vitli S lOHUS, their Bills to the %\\t ol D ceimer, tuill be in ct>iii\e of I'aymciit 01 I hurs.lav, '"f 24''-'"'^' urpose has iljis ttiiy iee.i intted to me. - � ALLX. DAV liO.M, 1 rea,nri.-rid the Ordiunc-e, VVESTiMlNSTERHRE-i^M'lCE, ! edtord-Stre t, For insuring Hou-^esj' biiiUln!'.;s,, H.iuschold Furnituic, Goods, and bt.jtk in 1 latle, i7:n ."Vpril; i8o6. TIE Generiil Meeting, appvrited by the Deed iieillrnieni .'c:yeiriy, ant.e lau I hu'-.dayr/w April, ui tvilhhi Ten IXtyil ti'e>ealter, f,r the eonce of An. ilors, and cn older Ajf.iirs, iviiiit hel/� at the Ojl:ee, on I nursauy, ur day oj May next, nl T-iuelue.o Click at No'?'t. ii. H. IIROWNE, Sec. T tt)(lflinhp^jim(i; Icrruiiiis,, jsifpctaomilly pre>en,t, D^^^lZusA^^^o>'llal>'dl'i^VA. i:-;iiT 'V/ stty of every thing thaf. his Majesty's tt^oit giaciou."! commiujfcrttion ;was observed to ooji. Vtain. Wiiat he felt it . his duty, to  submit' I to their Lord.ships rcspeoling. tlwicnse, that was Iflid 'before them, could, in hts lopinion, .create.litit one ' sentiment, not only in tUe. dHinil-o(':-tlveK Lor4�hips' : btit in the.breast olevery honcse.iaail';.and the uiiju nimity tlvnt must naturally rfrisiairon�-Miros.:si>niki^ t'eelingsi could not,possibly lp;i,vc ^iiy ttliflfcreoce re-l" spsititiff ihe line crt cotidncivtw Ive'pwrsiial, A^utf, JiXJ/'ERJAL PJklL'J:\rJiNT. HOCSK ('F L0Rns^'^c^�^'5n� doubtless have made upon thcr mintjs the impres- ision whfch they so strongly called for,.and which must have cstabh>->ed the propriefY �iul then^ce^. j'try with sueh. a'cohstifutiofi,'aiid iuoh a .s^vercigi'. sia not fa.rifird ihvis sci;/;':fg upon v.'hat she had na rifat uhr.ever tn occujiy iic.;.insly, Ivu in e.\. ayi>rtati m ol uiijnst rgs^r.ssi.-^r, arid in bimd and s: ivile oojdience 10 the bisnch Go-ernn^ent, sh; lir  en.s 10 cxciaue the ships '.:j-'st^-'s Go-\err.nient un ler the uncontroul.ihU ne.cssity of in. . volving iii tiie calamiiies of ancxa'tidtd war, countries not,subject to Priissi.n, and who are innocent ot' the provocations that imper!.)usly call for, but just and heees.sary measures. A'f'nat aUe.-narivi has rhe House to adoptW has distinii;on cr.r; jie between Prussia, blindiv and ob>.-q-iiously vielon-.g to the deman'-'s of France, w!i>ch demands require'it , uniting with theenemv m !i>-;!!.cu'saininst ihisciur:-trv, and Prussia acting hostiieiv t;iis e^un^ try Irom her own unlMas^'d impulse ? If Prussia means to cbini and enjoy the righrb ot irdepOTUfnt nations, slie must know lunv to assort ar.d miintaia them- burelv, the N..blc Lord ooserved, it c>:uLl not be his object to irnraie and inBame^io* and discontent against the condu;V of i'r.�,b,i.!, either h.'ie or any where else ; yet every one iniu: 'i^' sensible how muchmight be satd ngamst her, and w-r*i what justice. A siaiple siatement ot thecjnJiwt of Prussia is undoubtedly m(5;e thanjutScient to excite iiuch feelings.But still it should be examined howPnij-siii has ailed lor her, own interest, and upon t^iut >� rt of reasoning she can pretend to justify her c'onf-dud. A\ hat must iie the nature rf that reasr.iiintj,? Prussia may indeed say, I am ujiTible to resist Franie: 1 would resist her eitcroachmetus if I Could V bjtif I.ranee takes frou� me, I mlist ond^'avour to nrpay mjstit by taking- from otliersf Snrcly there Mvtr was a n-.orc tl.igraiiit injtanco ef irvjswiice, or rather one winch carried with it more of the charaift.t u}' It such pnncipies \vere to be - adoprci and acicd iivvjn. and pursued by otbi^r riati* i^s, wh.Tt would be the result tmhecivibzcd world ?- iiarely they are principles which will never Be actjui* ' esced in, or stiflercd.Uy a ccjuntiy h&eihisi a coia-\ii?.4Aio,.sciisfe of Jionour ,in an ap}y> �,�ion . shrink iroin �hilt apj^ieal . wflo t}ircat?n hfrVj ;eiu{cikti >\iy: dwpflUing^s^ wealf. -iitJj^ 1 s.t^? ^uc\\ .mean unjii �l\ce. a.s riJ.o)\csly> t.ithiils us t< shew the" interest, ."we

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