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Courier (Newspaper) - April 14, 1806, London, Middlesex #1/ - I ' ^ Mc>7vMy; ^Pi?/z: 14, i806. r:i>s 0:,. HpHIS PRESENT EVENING will be jicrfortiifed 1 Play, called . ^^^^^^^ RoDa, Mr. Kenilale ; I'izariQ, Mr; Cooke ; Elvira, Nrs- ^'''wml " WE FI.Y liY NlbMrV'"- or Long Srpri T.j-ifinrrow,Thfe White t'liime, wiihTlie MidriiKht Hour. GUiiAT room, SPRlNG-GAkDRNS. !n|X EXHIBITIOInIS-to siee tile WTible oi-ily" 3s or is Mch. First, the Fanofama of Boulogne. Eo--v,ffo"s' 1 iiciUnpmsnti and - Vlotclla, by Scrres, Marine : i i't-r to the Kin�. .Second, the Battle of Tratal>';ar, and �1('itiiof Adiii. l.oid'Nelson, with striking.Likcr\cs;.csi"l.iri>e 3sl iCe of thnscPersons"wlioattcrtdeU him and his Funeral ProcesVion-trotn, C.reen%vich to St. Palil's, in Four very taree tMDsrirapci-s. Thiid, the entertaininfj InvisibleCirl. rou:rth; Serecr.TijHic NeedJe Works, as Pictures of larKc Ue.-jiienBions, I^iWi, the . Fa^r Ibi.iess, with Silver CVIour Hairancl Pinl^.pycs. bixth, Niirs Panoram? Viewsot v\ ev-jriou'th,rGi$io>, pxfcrd, Gibraltar,-beriiwayjitam, London, Dublin, an wyEk's HIsroRic lotieky. hTJHE followingi Letter -wbt^L.^r.; 30^ 1 has iirst ffceivcd from trfrtl SHEFJJL&LD, Sir HttN^ S.VJITH, Esq. M. p. (bearing a testiirioii/tr> liis Conduit' inz (.0 Ills iee�'"R�f "�>" I'^-v-"----.---,-......, M.renlcdReofhis fulillihR every Other ens.igemenf in this " LotteryWith equal honour to hunseUauUsatiktuction to the ^"^SiV-Having been necessarily t�i 'n th?execution ofoiir ttiist into an e^aniinatioti of the wholeof yout^ lidiiioji ot the History of EnSIaftd, we Iwvs a great pleaauie in expietsing tn-vmiotjr opinio", that you have honoiirab|v fulfilled your -in an Hndmaking of such inagnitude and difficiiUy, and \vherc s6 maiiy and Variotis -Artists were tiecessarily to be ewialuyed, � ' " We arfe. Sir,*, �' Yjur obedient liufrible servants, � SHEFFIEI,D. : . � . :�- ^- '� H. C.-ENGLEFIELD. M L.ortc;bn, April4, i8o6. "r^M. SMIlHi "/I'o Mr. Robi'rt Uowyer, Pall-MaU." " \ ODERN DANCING privately taught hy Mr. ALLEN,.at No. 19, Sherrard-sireet, Golden-square, aiid^Ip. 10, Great Alw-street, Goodman's Fields, on jlatis exprcbsly formed for Ladies and Gentlemen of any iige vyhp have never- learnt |hat accomplishinciit, or n t in the pre^nt .ff^hion, a.nd whose age or rank mike it an pbjedl to Icarh p^rfedly-.private. And Fdfelgriers, Olficers, or couiury TiBsidents to .whom time is an iobje4t, expedjjtiously crinpleted. .' The ANNUABALL will be on Thursday the istof Miiy� at .the li^te Pirai's Head Tavern; Cateaton-s.ireet, Cheapside. � f^anulies oF the,NbbiItTjr, Gentry, and[ respeldlable Schools attended.-rLaclicaaStlyouna Protessprs Tnstrucleil how to ' . � . i " ^ :^ ^- GKAMrHA.M CANAL NAVIGATION. THE Gene"! A^riniial Assenibly ox Meeting of the Company of I'.rftpnetprs-of this Uiidertakihg, will be l-e^d at.the BVacknioor's Hfad-Innj in Nottingham, on TjiivRSDAV.the .lat Day of Maynext, at Eleven o'ClocK in the Mbfnini'.foT'&jrryilig the Aiils into E.xecut'on, and irans-adKig such Business respetlifig the said Canal Navigaiiun as may'thcnappearnBcessary; . ' Blaiik Proxies are lelt at the Par of the Ulackmnor's Head Jen, N.ittinglMm�-whcre,.fui -w.II as .by.av>{jlicaiiou to t!:e Cleik'i they imy bi had (gratis) and it is earnestly reqiu-if. ed that those Proprietors wliocinnot attend will make appli-cationfor such Proxies accordingly; � ^ WM. UOTLl-.K, Cleik to the Company. CranXh^in, April 9, ' THE untTersigneii Musters .of Briti.sli Ship.s lately arrived ffoni Hurnhurg, hViving in the hour of dan.gcr TeceiveJ such niaik.etlaftei.tirn Irnin Edward Nithuls, E.sf]. the Urinih,y�ice Coitsui tiK*r/?, that t.'iey deem it a dutyin-c.tnnbent M)Von; thcrn Jp ;ad.opt this puhl'c niode. of miking known to their Coxirifry, th>,v?ry. cxifaouliiiary exertions of this GeiUleiiian in priJventing the: Ships u.idsr our command falling into the hands the Eneniy, by his active zeal ni giving lis ihfor,matioii,aiw,'^flbtdihg us his personal assiiiance to'enable us to get away:. ! � Capr. TAir, Biig Hop*. CLakk, Ship Harford, ^s-  -^LANOLES, Ship Elbe. ' ^-^ NOBLE, Ship Ocean. y , ---WILSON, Ufig Robert and Sarah. " -BKN'NIiT^Sinw Charlotte. C; y'.�, rcspeaiully icu,  forms the Public, that ha has constilnily on Siils the most extensive assortment in London o4 the above artiOles, �vnarranjed-in'^Wy MspetL cqurtVta beSpoke, at his ManuJjc-tory, .34.1 Sfr.a-.^d, QwdporfronTCatherine-streer, whicli, from the great a>tv^ntageBof pfompt-jwymenf, he is enabled todis-pnse.of-atthq umUrihentione.l very reduced ((rices.-r-Hcsisian Ca|f.;jk,4ni ily "143.. Uiito.Spaniih, loathor, il. 16s. liack-. 5lf.?nBoo^s, il. 14s, , Jockey baBlc-strap ditto, il.,i6Si MHit^ty i^t�)t�and Shoes proportionabiy ch.-ap. The Tfade5Uftpliediis.ii�:ual. . . __I__:_______J_ RE^AR"|:D' CHAFtCOAL, and CONCEN-.TR.^TEO SOL^UTION of CHARCOAL, for the .Te^llj, Moitt*^i�V>G.urti'!,- and cirreiiilig Foetid Breath 1, use,, and observHtionV P _ _ . ; CLKKCY ORPHANS. 1 jVrOIICE is hereby given, that a' SPECIAL. CENKRAL MEli'llMc; olthc: SOCIETY for m;.ih. t-'lV"^ ani? educatii.i-lPOORORPHaNS of CLERGY-MUN, will be luld at the Crown and Anchor Tavern, ih the strand, London, on MoNo.'vr the iist one o'clock prtcisely, to receive the report of the Comniitiec on the Society's eleventh constitution. _________ . ED.W. EMI^RY, Sec. AN. EN'SIGNCY to be SOLD for the Regn-' lation, in an Old ivvl distinguished Royal National Regiment <.'f liifimiry;-Personal apijiication, or Letters ^jjost paid) diiecUd to M. A. at.Mr. Williams's, Np. ji, Strand. , � i ARMY,-A CAPTAIN of LIGHT DRA-GOONS, wlmse Rtgimcnt i,s stationed in the British Islands, wishes to exchungs to ,I N FANTR Y, Letters, (por.t paid) addressed ')'Capt3iii H-, at Mr. Ingleton's Military Warehouse, -No. 41, Strand, will he attended" to. FILTERING VESSELS, on a NevvCt^N^TRlJCTlON. BY these Vessels Foul Water is purified and made 'clear as that of the* finest sprinz ; the'more {Iwy are tuie.-l tlje (npte.ttansparAnt; tha Waifer tvdl aft" r fa quick and plentiiul'sujVplyj arcno trou')l� to cleanse, and. want no rc--pair--are in.everv fftspedl adripled for s)�l<)S; TblSe hadof JOHN A'SHLUY, plumber, w.ite<|cbsct and engine pumpnianufddlurer. No. .^i, Skinner-strect, Snow-hill, Lon^oiVt � . ** IOSTj about the 2 5^th of February last,-at Bir-.j init!g'-:iiTi, S'BANK. of ivNG.L VN D N JTI-, No. 634, dted ihcjtli of Feli'\iary, ifio6, value ONE HUNDRED � paUNDS, signed-]. Hill.-Notxi having heert given to the liahkof Englsrnd, th-: Bill will be sto|�ped if presented.r-If the Person who has found the abive, will brmg or send it to Mr. M. Davis, 2d dragoon'(Guards ; or to Mr. Ci.eorge: t Lrke, Stationer, Dorchester, shall reteve a reward of Ten .Guineas. ' ' ^ BRIGHTON-FIFTY iH)UNDS'REWAR1). STOLEN', .on ^ye..^1e' iinu,' dsiik hair-cut shorten the fjrehcad and bfhidd, with large Whiskers, 22 years-of a^e, name KOfJER'P LAWN.- Whoever will discover, the > tfeiuWr so that he may he ap, prehended, .shall oii convi.'.tion receive 50I. by app yinv; to Mr^ WiUousJliby, at No. 27, Slurraid street, Gphle-t-squafe,. Soho, London. ^ ~ V ~ : DEED f.OSr or MISLAID; AN:: INDENTURE or DEED >of. COVE. NAN-TSj dareii the mil day of Novethber, 1767, and tnjds between -HENRY DICKaNSON, of MaidiuLiiv, L ndon, surgeon, JOHN UI CK'\ NSON, of the Island of jainaica, jeweller, and JAMES: CRO..V1PTON, of Mmii-ci.PBter, vintner,'a-.d MARY'his VViTe, of theone part, and HANNAH DICKANSON,' of M.-nicheSif, s.>i.,ster, of ;the other part.; whereby, the said Henry D)ckal'l^on, John Dickaiison, and Jaiws Crompton, covenanted with the said Hannah-Dickanson, that it should h^ Invtul for l�;r tj re-. ceiveto her own use all such rent:, of a certain l\Ies.�nage, simateojv the easterly side of Deaijsgate in M;inches!er, as should remain attiJr sitisf)ing certain charutiKle uses ^ triists therein inentionwl, aiid which rriessuage is now occ ed as an Inn, c*jlled the,Kiiig*,5 itcad. Theabjve Deed was left in the ch-ittHdv bf'^Tf^�fj^m�eT" Crornpton, at.t .rney at law, whr> soiix; tijns j)go was attornev to the I.oid iMavoi'sOr Sheriff's Court, in LoriJon, a:;,! afterwards res'djd at Edinhurgfi, and his now, or lately, was, resident in seme part of Ireland. Noticiishereby given, vlvit'if the ?a!<l Mr. Ciompton, or any other person, wilLproduce and deliver the above (lce,d to Mr. Ralph Ell es, attorney, Cursitor-strest,' Clianc'ery-lan.*, London;, Henry Monorief, Ebq. W. S. EdiMbuighj ! it'ori:ies, ; Mancheiter, he shall receive a rtward of Ten Guineas. , -, HE real JAPAN BLACKING, made'by DAY and M.\RTI ii.-This invalnjtbli: Composition, with half the usual labour, pr-'dutes the' most brilhant j;t bl.-i^k ever beheld, aliords \)cc;iliar iiouriihinent to the le;)tii�r, �Ml ' soil the finest Liien, is pertetlly tree Irom wy smell, and will reiam its viitiies in any cfii'.vite.jhojd, Whole-- y. No'-V. Hii-h W-. the Me--, oni � PICT UJ^U of T.ONOON, revised to March 25, i�'.6. ^~'HE Bocksellers in Town" and dcuhtry are re-speftfully Informed, that a new and extensively (ir-culated VVotk was this day ready for delivery, pride ^4. boi'ini in red, with new Views, new Maps, aiKl o;her ' ' ; Strarig'jr-i in London may he supplied wjth the vvork at every Booksellers, and also iit the Bars ct the principal Hotels .aiid Inns ; and all pcrsbtis dboutt.p visit Loii- On onplr.TsiTre or btisiness, may" obtain it At the shoj> of every Eook-.e.ier in every part of Great Britain and Ireland. Briilge-.s^trecl, .^pril . , . _ ' '. DR. GRfeGORY's CVqi-JJPEDlA. ' To be completed ill twelve months. The PUBLIC and the Baokiicners 'throfnghrMit, Great l^ritain and I icLirtd, are rrspeilfuUy infoririL-iLthat. the S ECO-N UP ART of the above complete and valii'ible Dictionary of. Arts and S.cierccs, w,i.( pablish^d this day, price 94.' sewcil. 1 ho first PartinayaUo be had, pricf os. and a part will, continue to" fc* pu'tjtished at the same price, every month till the Work is completed, in twelve parts. Bridge-street, Maichjij-1806. PURSUANT to a Decree qF the High Court of Chancery, bearnig dale the first tl.iy of March, iS.>6, nude in a Cause, whetrin THOMAS .WH-JTE and others are PlaintiJIs, and RICHARD WI LSO,N and ethers arq, Defcyd'ants. The Creditors^ot the Right Hon. John Lord llh THE friiidp-tl Oj/Sici-.. fiKr-f.'.. Majcs.ry'i Navjr do heniy x UKtfl/je mh hntanl, at T�t o'Ci::i- i misiloner Fanshawc ti;7/ ex[AiV to K':U, M.ijesiy'sYuiJtit Plymouth, u.virjl i-t.T t'jnihtinff r.f Old Rope!, .Shaking';, Jur.';, Ha-.:r.icLk:, ,i!u.',t:". -nT. Canvass ; ttfrip-nnhbiih,- White 0.ik.n?n.. f-yi.V^-.w.-'.i Enijlty'I'ar Bi-Tst*, Oii-r'd I'a-.p: : t-k �, ,.  . . .'':.4l !yi.;i; ill'!:c j-^ii ."i, V'l the liierly'aj vieui'trii; ui ne 'iueirfi ilJe I'-ii'ir.r, �i^a'j.r'i hiurit/J the Turd, im'.it the DjV'yf-^�ite. InvenMrh^ and C'j'idliio/ir of S.i.'e m^y bi IiAd her.e, and ut. the Yard. , ' � ' . ^"^ � .' � �. ' NAVY-t)l-F!CE. April to, i!i-6. ' 'TT^HE Frincipul Oj/iccrs nnd Commnsi.tiers of ilii JL Miijely'-i jVuiy do lifeiy tilve Koiin, tf.Ki! on VVeo-n.-lV, tl.\c -i-^d ir.ujnt, r.t One o'Ctock, they miill be re^ldy to treat litth tiich i>i'i(,):i m mfy be luiilingt'j c'<mr.ict for jupp/yirtg PbTER.SBtiRGH and RICA HEMP. Adhtrihtith-r ef the lieni;i, with a form of the Tendir, may he ieen tetthtx Office. ' KoTeKdirnviH hi received after Tv:ehe c'Clo:l or. fit: d y of ihcy will be excluded the BciifiKt of the said Decree. �'O be LET, with irHmediate Po. q quarters tnalt, some ^hips, iq pipe's of wins in w.Md,.S'.)o dozcn'iii bottles.'and about 1500 gallons of spirits to be taken at il fai; valuation if agreeable to the purchaser. sale, by Day and Martin, at the Miunitailury, l-lolborn.- Retail by f. Day, N-). 7, 1 avist ck-strttt I-)ay, 65, Sw.iMovv-street ; Axtell, Ko, t,Tinch lane prinewal Bnntmakers, Pcrtum-'rs and Oilnijij in the .f tropolis, and m every town ihioughout the biiiia.I K.'.ngd( in .-t me bottle.s, price is. 6d. each.  _ . trta'y, nor airy natiee'd, uiu'eTs the fjriy, attends il .an ugent j�f h:m^ S"jrnp-0!Iic^,-S-i:isrset-l'Ij!:e, .viajch 2?.; i%>h. WE, llii Mqjesty^i C{,rr.;Kt'.;iomyifor managing the-.'\t,iin;i Duties^ duly liuti-.^^ised by the Lordi. CootmU-Tioven of Hit M.yeuy't> 1 )i\t.-iny, pursuafU. la an Act rfTur-L.tDWHt, to let /� f.irin the. /J.^tieigiimted, ly an /! to;i!,. ^iih'n the Di'tiict undi;me>:~ sior.ed, /-j> r/.v Teiw -f \ wo Y-�Mrs ana Three Q.ianers, front tiie rst 'd,iy ct May next, to \ii^'h Penc'i or Ftnuis a: m.iy le ivUlillg to rO'-Hr.i:!, t-r uM i.nic yj./ P,:;:'OH! iiji/'/z.'ini: to firm the i:iid Duties ,ire to deiii-rr'in their Prop to lU t'.ic iit.TKp' PreparjdijadsoliLWholesale and Retail, vvith piinted Direc--tltjnsjJbr,-'the* use, and observationV upon the >inte. rl^^lSg ProjMiei. of Clmconl, by E. IARDNER, f r-ited Soliilion," in Jj6ttles�t as. ffl. 5*. W. and los. 6d. " qvery Box andHotrte sold by Appnii�tmcnt of the Pro-^rictor,^ is signed Etlnryd. l,arapet. None other is genuine^" Y ADIES'^-That SUPERFLUOUS HAIRS are JLj ihe�riB�t�^t dr^^wbil^Ks lipm tl}�,. bwvity.apsl dp.. U.ICV of .the 1 ein^kKapc, is allovycd by every mm, frt�m^tP the (leasant. Td rerhove them various^prspa-tions h�ve,'froiti timetff time, .started, up : hut\ most of tShctn (t|)r.ugh .ponp,pov�Bly -idyertiso^), hjtviiig.l?een. found Either iiiellicin:iO'i!� or deleterious, atC/fnll-Mi, or fallnig to th the V>'''pMetor.s wi^l -ofiliy.,ubservp, tiiav it reiuoven the HH'fsr in, a lew fninuteSj-without injurii'i* lh�. .Sl t htshjimtmd-kank ; anil l/i.if Liidies.may see it Ubcd,:and thus, liiivo ovvila/de. �inoiist ration' of ilseWicacy and iundccnce, before they make a VUrc!)�su tr.e pf n h^^ t>hii itlltt,,�l ,^t^%tl^ It, t\Ull�� iiutnvd#.iy toriMardcd. Ikngs. � '� No 4, COR'NHILL, aprt q, CH Alt! NG-C ROSS. npHIRTEEN CAPri'AL PRIZES in the last jl .Li-ttcry (jufT .finished) were shared and Sold at the i^ove oflfices, and the holders ot the outstanding Shares may receive their money, orwahange then for 1 icketsand Siiares in the nsw Lottery, wmchb-'ginsdra-.virig izih May. ' the new Lottery coiiiists of ody 25,010 rickets-the hiphcit puce is 25,>io^>l., aiidthe lowest 2 it.-1 hare are 1.094 more l Prizes than were in the last Lottery. Schemes, with parrl-culars, may be ha.i, giatij,.IS above, where 1 he last 3o,oooL the last lo.QoiJ, and the last 5,003! ever drawn were all soM , in Shares by T'.BISH. .Ml business in the Public Funds tr-iHsailcd with hdeljity, and thspatch. . � . ., - INCREASE OF PRlZ,b^S.~ SWIFT andCO. No. 11, Poultry, (joint Con-traclor.s fpr the present Lottery.) rctoinmend the Scheme to the attentir^n of their friends and the Public, as posses-fi.ig superior advantage* to the Schemes of the late Lotteries. It cdittaiiis upwards of One Fhousjpd Prizes more than the hst Lottery. The higncsi Pnze in this Lottery is L.25,000 and the lowest L.zt To begin Drawing iifh of May. 'Ifi* folio-^ng Cupitaf Prizes were shared and sold at ths Oihceinthu iateLotierte$, viz. No, 6,7gt, L.2.3,000, T� BE SQLDBV AIJ.CTION, By Order of the A.'signws �/f Mathew Iairlbss, (a .At Thompson's the Black Bull-Inn, in Hexham, in the Coui.ty of Northumhcrlarid, on Tuesday, th; ij'h Day of May nexri at Twelve o'clock at Noon ; subject to Conditions 10 b.s then and there p'oduce-f- In Twu Lois. AVALUABLE COPYHOLD ESTATE, at Ninebanks, in the said County of Nortiminherland j entwining by Siirv^y^ 279 .Acres, j Roods, 4 i'eiclies, tOi;er ther with 44 Stiii'.s, and a 5th.s pt one Siint, on AlleiHUle. Cvinmon. ' - V ' Lot i.r--All the anoient ESTATE at NrNEBANKS,.contafiiing by Survey, 118 Acres,, t Rood, 16 Perche-^ of rich Meadow and Pasture Ltfrid,' tdgither with a MansiiTi, Barn, Byar.<,SnbIe, and '1'wo Cottages, anJ a 1 undi-vid:d .yloiety-otaVVater Corn Mill, all itugood Repair. Lr^t 2. All that Allotment oi- Parcel of Land set r^ut and allotted 111 respeiit ol the P/eiTiiSiis comprised m th:? first Lot, Oil the Division of certain Parts ot Hexhamshi-e aiid-AlUn-d.ije Comincn ; containing by Survey, \�'^^ Actff, i Roud, 28 I'erc'its of Land inclosed und ,subdivid,:il, with good btones Walls; logellier with a Hiuvl's Mouse, barui stables, and Byars for 20 Head ot Caule, all new Built ; and also 44 Stints and 2-slhsof one Stint on A llsndale Common. The whole of this Estate is helu oy Copy of Court Roll, under the L-ird ot iha. Manor ot Hexham, siii.ill. Modus, in lieu otjPyihes, Itahouri.ts withOarnei and is a desiiable Ki;t;rement, in one ot the most l-crtile pans ot the North ot England. Mr. Wm. Taylor, thi Tenant, wjl shew -the Pr;mises--< And Printed Parvici'l-trs may be had, and a Pi an .seen,-on applying to Messrs. Hiyttn and M.ickiinosn, (the Assignees), Sunderland ;, Mr; Juhn .'Cell, juO- Hexhahi AhbiV ; iMt'ssrs. 1 arrant and Moule, Solicitors, Ghant,-ery,.Jane, Londo.i ; or, Mr. John Dunn, Solicito', Durham,- HE Rev. WILLIAM BARCLAY's PATENT ANlllH LIOUS yi LLS. Theenclusive treet, Covenr-gJirilen, and is (tow Cif Jhifr!rs<l at the Rev. Will�am Ba'cfa-,'s Vvarehouse, -fie5�-��ei-.squw, whergnlie pablicmiay he\ired ot having them in their pure and genmiie state, ivlr. Ric'iaid Butler, Nu. 4, Crieajviit 'jcin< appointed sole Wtijicja'.c Agent, all wliolcoale orders, bothin town ami couiury, are re-quested to b\. addiessedto bnti, who will make ihe IJwde the usual. i�llowano r this distri^, are deilrsd t-s ta'se Notice, that In ptit>u:nue of Wie uarticulsr In-struttions of their Lordships, it Will b; put up at the Sum speciiistl above, .'wBjch will br. � gr;.dnally abated untifa Bidding shall be made ; and, up.^n JUch Biii-din?, any Pei.'son may advance, and tlie h gliest Biiider will be�ecl.iieil the KariTier, and will be 'required to pay dowti immedi'.tely, in Bau.k Notes, One,Eiglitli Paif of the Aruiual Rent thereof as a D'-posit. Rvt; in case th?Diiti i diirposjvl of. � , G. N. NtVLE, J. BINDLEY, , � � ; - � L. JENKINS, . W. R. SPENCER, W. LAKE, : ed. f. hatton. . � .}{. hallam: EXCHEQUER BILL OFFICli, A;, il lo, tS.>*. All Exchequer p^l's d.itcd in the M.-nthr. I'f j\pril-and May, .bo.5-T,0 -HE PAID ()F"f. ''HE i^rA Co'/iJ^issio/i/'rs qf flis M.naiy's Trea- acfordiiig tncnt of bitterest. U'it/j t/je Ptiniipj/ Hums the<eoH,^comp�tcdfro:n the d.:yi on jci.ii-.i we- ,eri-ectii.<e!y dated, exc/tiiive, to tke'sai.i ^ath d.iy if April, iZz'b. itxlu' sh'C, "U'hen the Imeieit -.'jUi.ced^e ; tmd'li^'.ir^- desired I3 write tb'eir mimes and places of. abode on such Lists, and indorse their names on the s.iidjiiiis^. v If any-of ths Holders of the aforesaid sb:::ild be desi'-us of ruei-Jtri^ p.iynient ^f tuc.Pnncildt .ind Intereil, p-evi-.ys tt *ie said 3or/j of April, lia;), tr^y ir.ay Le .icarr/ma.-.t^ -.r: eornpntiHi; tic Inieieit tt tiv Day on v.-oich ihey n:-!ib t:: fie piid, and lea .-rig the s.ULrBills for examt'iaiion .Xy ^ -iyr I'-erei'. iiitc.'j Ptrs:ns ai nuy ae Jem 0/ .-/>^.,\i-n h.xi^eper Biils .i.'lpait faymcnt, upon >ntiuibni>t^ the .ukohh: ,'.v .'.'.sfTc.-ir -/ tijcir Ltsts, del.iv^eii an inhre the z.^ib i^f A-^ril in.ty be accniH'.t'ta.iltid ii-ic/.* Ai'-'t- A'..;j e.i'r\ ir^ .-ri/ /1 j/Oiee Pence H.ulf.ri:':y //j' i-.-.-'.{.V, 1 i,r .'t Female^ in e\,e!y rank ct lite, tire author has been under tlier.ei-^ssity ot cxpiessing hir-iself with tint perspx-iuty which wdl ren.tei it untilgitlc tp cVery re.M'.er, and enable-evcfy le-.iuls ro ascertatii, \�iili precision, the true state.othc^ hejlth ; at the sam: time t;.at it p.-ilnts out proper rernrftivs iiwsf di.sea.sjs, ai.d prevents the necessity ot revealing those �C'rciinistaiicos which the atitive moiiesty ot the sex pro.-npts tniin to ccnc-a!, tooctten to their vo-'y matc'riid' ipi .nv" �F'--'r th?si re,.s i:is\'.i,,Q .l-^jc*, is sold :>ea!ed tn>; and it is req �e.-,ti;Jj tiwt tlx ao-ii m-iy^not be broken by any but a t-ifialc. ' Loiuleu. f'ublisiieti by ine Propi.:toi- Mr. Jl\ ?!ddorf; and sold Vvhclesaie and Retail ny Jus at ;j) itisnf^ opjwsitethe New churcli ;-leiailrd b> B.n.,;., \.o. ij� Uxtofd-Sttaet J 1 ntt am Bidton, isoy:<r iiM.!uii,.l-; .Atltr., Oxfotd-strest; V�^d^ CorphiJI ; B. idonK- FOR IHfi TEEIH ANO GO'MS- -'HE E^pNCE of PEARL . attd P.3ARL DKt*TI KR ICE, i;vvente-.l" ivy the late Jicab Hemrt, na on tre z.i No. �56, 8,041 a3.8s4 . '^B^j:,d;, >on . 10,000 . l'>,000 . |.J,QCO 10,0.90 No 18.534 ao,4,ja L. . 1.0,000 S,oo6 . SiOOO J, 5,000 . ^___ , . S,ooo m.inv others of a.orHil. 't.oool. ijsol. &-cf N I �4 � z 3 10 . ao 20 6,200 25,000 .Vive EW srA'lE LOTTERY, mhotMay, .8o6.^,,j,^� Prize of .,^15,000 begins Drawing 20,000 10,00) S,ooo l.OOP 50.1 1110 41 1 n.k.t3 First-lrawn Tic'tels ist Day 4 lO^^ 20,00p * 5>ooo 10,000 *',ooo i3<i,2oo ,�*?0,0QO HiveHiSt-,Drawn Tjikeisjd Day 4th Day tirst-draiva Ditto Dit^o - . .W� Olfl-cfis. . " J;.t,ooa each l.s,aQo ' i,o.;pcac!i ),ooo . , � io,b;ao , . �J�,OP }.Nr�yiuii, : & $ . SPRING PHYSIC. DTL VELNO'5 VEGETABLE PILLS are proyc>l, byejtpenepce, to be the fcejt-and mno-ceui Alterativej Puiiher, jwd SxVeetener of the Bloi d ; and those* who.are alfliiled with tlw Sctlrvy, Scorbutic Ivrup-tioiis, Lcpfovy, Vrophula, or anyothftr Disorders anting from Vitiated Ulood; or those wno iMve impaited iheir con-stnutions hy Hissipatipr., or J iivenilto Indbcretions, st^outd by no means omit a course nt tl^t^Vegctubled'ilU darti))) the Spiing. The pperafiojiv wt thts v lu.ible Vegetuble Altera-live is so pk'asaiit aiid s;\tiitary as not to interfere wiUi the nvpcations of h^^smc.^s or pleasure j Itsaeltoitis conhiicd to -tlie animal juices, and requircii 410 attentmn or rcstrtint tn. diet.j It dissolve) 111 the^stotnachyhlends with the to(vi,.and gradually.petvadc�thecircul*tmg thuds, curreohng in ita passage any devKmaiifhom-11 siat�o� convalescence ;\n short, it 14 th^ lungiiouglitfrtriyosctinlo Sp^.ihcj Mr site, bistacttve, 4iibs*itu{c (or that fashio. able ipn.eral, Mercuiy, which may be s.� cute only byskilluvg; -lis ehicac.v c\ eat^^. tiWi aivd surprise otineilicaliiien, lor whei^ail utlier nlaii-tiheshaveiaili'd, DeVetno's Pills iclicd on asii^ney t^itic lor all disonjers which originate ni an nnyvtie or m)|>air-cd state ol the blood. ... * None can be genimwi wheresoever pr by wlu)iw.soevcr sphl, untaiKs-tlw hill Pt Uir.'Clipws is in Ken jlik', bv the Proprietor, . C.SIAPLfc.^. PfCparad by Mr. <.-. Staples, now s-ile Propriwor,*having niirc�ltiMe(l the teci|ie oi Mr. J. rio.luig i'.aiut.soUl wbok-sale and ret il.hy 5\haw and EdwarUs, 60, sr. tjinil'sChurfh- A T Dentist to Her Majesiy wi^i the Prmevot Val�,arenrc-i�ly 'suf^^nbri butJi ni c^kjcaiice kihI elticAcv to any tbin^ i^itlicilPi madeuse ofj they-iviU cM'-.'nialiv I'lesc-'vc the ieeth �n � sOund.^!itatc even Xo agpj will reiiucr theih wfui* j^J bcitunful wiihoiiMh-J least impairing the Isjiiamel, fasten suUi s are loose.ktojy such m are uln^.tdy Aiecayed from iKconaivg worse, prev.enr vtie 1 uoih-:tch, puttectly cure the scurvy in tN Gums, and make them tiiHV nrm aiitl Close ta the teeth. *rii<jkhtewise rcinicr tlivj hrcuth iiclicattly sweet, and rc-iMedytaUtUiisicdiso deis ih;;t arc theconsetiueijceot Sco.buttc CiUiKShndhad I e?th. . Insider to prtvoni-ihe Impositions d.idy praj^ised bv pjr-s J. HE.MEr, r,AVLtY ais\ i;l COc;iCSPUR S rREE:i.m.i none, aregeiunur ; b�*e those worvlscngiaven in the ^lainp, and also t . d thswoKli.'' H.\vniv;ii\u Linw, Li^tic^pui-aucit. i .->.�. pjited on thebavk o'. e aii !>onte ar.d os)X. liie Msscticc and Dcntilrice are &0IJ \vhjlcs.ii:-by hayley and Blew, 5, Cock-spur iii-cl. Slump's inclu^e((,Aniul retail by T. -sc.i^rrim,: l.u.vP.. 1. t .-.-d SuccetiSoMu Mk ^Icmct,-) liftiWke-,>t.'ver s>; ^,,.0.1:' N.Bx Thc.t^seMce.l� p."i!Uc\i;arK' rci;.';;>,ni.;\.',t\i tvvl v . EV, V, ;^ir witu u.n," t' I -)d. 'yaird,^pn the fot.tway V leiail aUohv Mr. I>ickpi>cn, No. 60, 1 reots an>( perwiis vvhi^ h.v,-; tut .-nf ut 1-i.i.drro, a* thj 'IJetnci.Stject i ClUtk, UofOUgU i. aud r.u�,'ii'X�4liWJge� v ' j'^iNUst lir�servAyveu< yuui-t r,nd teadei Acctn,

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