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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - April 12, 1806, London, Middlesex THEATJIE RHYAU,DRURY-LANK". -rHIS PRESENT JEVENlNGihcir Majeures' Jr. >er�a�n� wHI afcV  . ^ i ' TWEVWONfyPRv T)(>il PellJt. Mr. EUfi^on'; DonftaViolante, Mrs. Jordan. i!rt*6r^*liicli will ji� pioduceit (�oc'the 4th tlm�) a new  CjwwlOperaHcat ltiimahc<i<'in t sCls, called 'rWfi FK^RTY THJEVES. . ViTifli entirtly rteWSccMr)-, Machinery, Dresses,; ami Hcco-., r.'tidns. The Music composedanrt selrcted by Mr. Kelly. -The KaMetf ancl Actiontir^ririrtYpVliredjonMr, X)'EnviUe.  PEkiFi^lVMELi HtJ i i'U icb. " ' "�;  , THI-�iV, miVAL.'tC.iVrN � C.AKUEN. T-"HI'> PRESENT KVENIMG wiW b: jjcrlormed 1 aVfiteiijaliJidmiiiJtiCfOMma, ejlleil 1 THE WHrf�i i'l^VMB; or, Th�i Border CMeftafis, With ttewosrtli'iv; tj^ess*** sodil^cAiatWrnit. The. IKemlre a;td *.1ii! tr. Murray, Mr.HjlJ, Mr. t^wtett, ni?nc&ftl.^ Mf'. U Jolmstoif. Mr. Taylor, J^I^.'XJrtJrdrh.^MftljWl'edion, Mr. Li�ou* Mis�t>�viM, Mius X?p/'4 h\^N�)REI^>6yNUS wm"b*e give., to i? aryji?<5y w'jeiuVlrt'an wija h.� interest to prr'curea Pf.AC^f 0'N-0l!*? >mls the Freqpli Lahguage, writfss?inex,teUent expeditioifs hand( and is willing to devfttfe the' vjfbcrtbdf his thine to bustncss. Ke-peitahSe'recnm'rifeinfiAirtnsVarKtrMiuleniable security can ba gtven^ amU'the Ujn�a�ff*Ecr?�y/and scnipuloits honour will attended>tr>' rNff.Broker n>et( aiinty.-IMease to a'dress to A. rt.-atMy. EgeW's.-Miiliyy- Ll-rary. Wh'tohall. TX.IAHJJS i.mmi'm>. ^ ^�A^D.S'rEW.MlD, VV "a young 'Man.'fforti' the Lwthtans'of Scotland, ot tindetiiabJecharafler,' ind'^ver)^ rfspetlsthle'ipnnecUcns, who has had much practi accdui its; and won Id ! month or I A �. , . . _ ______, . - - Blltfill 'ap])ly whose nbt;i<t Aimie extenti fREkCHFL'A'f '� �'��^ ViWreducfed'l'ricf-s.^� THE .NOBIJLITY and G^ENl^^Y ate respcft. fu I lys:itjfi)rjue<ln a very large Sssortmervt of F l< E 4 CII PLATV- CLASS tsufrW on Siile iuKlerthe UnglislrPricf, atT. TONSdN-nVvS Wareh^^^ EnKlfch i'lat.e tJlass of the best quality, ot all iiijmciisivii-, cn.thelowest terms. . .. ; �� , � DANlEi;?WKtlNG,Furtiiture^r - CheipiiiJe," ^reiip^Wliy Inforhis the' NbbilJty anU < entry that he has n�w on Sal?, a capital Colleilion of PRINTftO FURNVl'UKE?, With Uordcrsa.4 Chair S.-ats in suit, in th�; Creciiini. Etruscan, Kjryptian, and CKiiie�e styles, the beauty aiM} elegance of which he tjitters hiiiiseif wdl meiet the iipprobation of those av ho hoiiuiif him with ap impe<^on. IX C. takes this opportunity to observe, that til? qualify and wbfkipanship of tits cot-ds cinnotbe excelled, the patter*-* beirtg desigiietl by siipeii jr anists and iinishpd 1% the most �k�Uu.l Work wen, svhich, with appropriate plain calicoes of durable odours for Itmngs, ai d emb -ssi-d .calicoes in great variety, 0. C. is determined tODtfer cn such he trusts wi*} ensure their coniinandi. N. Hi rjrhe Tf�de supplied pi) 'the most advantageous �ertn�..Wd.,ijg,�^^ -.. SARDII^iAS.-t-A quanjity of the finest "Sardk N-i AS just arrived at MiC'KsON's, .170, Strmd ; also .some excellent I'armasiu) Cheeses. His prepared Anchovies ndwitbes contione to RiveMi'iversal s*tisfjt^oi). llest Satices, Pickl�s, aiKl Essen(;e of Anchovies of the lichest Jiawovir. I>Mtch Herrings, B?ef for g:aiitig, Rein Deer Toii ii:�l. gt tl>e best quality. LETIER. COl'YINi; mW^NES and WRITING -. � . DESKS. �-, � �'� : "Vr MIDDLETON, 162, Straml, opiiosite New--1\  cajitle-street, begs leive to inform the Public, that he has iirtw-r^adyFr sale an extensive assortment of LHT CER . CtJt'YING M?:i5HlN^S for Counling-hoase and ptivate use. On the utility of me Lettei^ Copying Machine it is not necessary to dwell, a�.�ti� well known that twenty long letters may be copied without the possibility ot less ��ine,.thw �ne ot a moderate length can be .written ^ he has like^i.'.e a great vatitty'fit'Writing and �ressii^ ilesks, for tlie'usei>f Udibsof.Gfentlemen.-Jn tnihoj^any, satin wood, �c.- Pocket;,,S1jaying,Coi��mo lanutactory for Blatk Lead ^elicits. '� ' � ^ TLAQI>lE^.'-r7iTl?lessfkvLUCAi> .and Co. beg ,^eave xVJL :to inform Vftbje I1i�mayi!te-in't*ai�t, ami desitous of ti*Tfowiiti^<r�AtfiiWWJy ots^etmajpBrti: iSums of Moitey, "Vn 1 posses5eiilif;any.!9^jgi|ialjhs on fail- and equitable termv^y paying an adeqdiJiie^Anmiijry Intecist Birthe s.tme. As also money vtlll. be advakVced to tbt^ofl^noyvn property, on their per-son�lsecttnt.>; ,^,jv. : . . , ' � Personal apid^aViflnsijre daily^recejved by Messrs. I.uc^s smdCo. stWo.'-�,''f�tites^tfcee, Ailel-phi, ^irind ; and let-ters ^St4|a}c�);|fii5�yryt ^^tljj^^^ � ' ' S- ^RlfCHtOtf-^H ^rY P4ltJNDSiRE\VA,Rl). ,WWch tast^tbyit^SetyinU/flf * nflemaij on a ��\k.oC jBnglaniV N-jle>Vvlz." 26th op^ visit at UNDS- in; ^ITHE DIRECTORS of the ALiJION ^IRB 1 and LlKli INSURANCE COMPANY bfg leave to call the attention of ths public tp the Qumeroiufind Inv portailt advantages attorded by thi^ KstablisKniieni, both with re�pe;ltu Insurances from Hire, andrtti Lives. Th**Directors have deterniiiied to omit ii , ty the hrgli degree of en-cbuiaeemeiit with whicli the Compaiiysihas hiilieito been honoured ; : ' , ' PrimttI Piirtieuliii-t i^re dtl'ivtred, ffrf of fsiptnce, althc Com-farij/'s ffaut(yin'CHA^eit'?ii.i.t,w, CoRNrfJti.. Aittilduncet daily, from ttinr 10 foitr. IJy Order ot the fiisird, W.ARNK,'* PHrl'P^"Se �. a saving may hp ttr^Wwi the pienumn it np less than one fwif/bi-djta^e years, of more than oiui/uidi-andtvr seven years, oti�ar1vo>7r/fu l,ONDt)N I>WCK.S, AND fc.\SlV THE GIREGTORS of the Ai:3^J0N KfRivahd 'LIFE INSURANCE C( J M IM Ni ^ , have determiiUd to accept GENERAL INSU R ANCKS ton l'foi)rrty at the: West Ind^-i and London-Docks, andnfithe V/areh-us-rs ef the East Iwlw Company, at I hro- Sh'llniKS per Cent, per Anntim ; oratlower-pTciniums.torilMft periods. By Order ol theRonl, WAKNER PHIPPS. Pec'etarv. PH^l URE of LONDON, revj^edPO March i tvt to visit LoiV on on pleaaiire or lousiness, may obtain at the shop of every Booksciler in every p*rtofC;rVjit BritVuf and Ireland. Itridge-streei, April 8. . T f alllhe N'otes, years'nnr only, .... ftvlriry, '^r'i�<^�U^of^he gedpertpn*,'^.. PWAntse b �tthC'WD ^late� ir(>p-*w��^p)[fejii^�irt i'l? S^A^'-^ns'a'ri? beh^.; which. LO,ST, about the- 2fch of February last, at Bir-miog'oam, a lUNK of RMGL\NI)V 'TF, No,6j4, .d.r-<l thejtli of Fel.'iiary, igo5. Value ONE vlUNDRtp POUN 15s sigii''d j.Mill.-Notice haying beeiigivento tlie I ank of liiigland, tilt Bill wiU be stopped it'pVe'eotecr.r-If the,person vvlio has foMi'd the above,'will bring or send it to Mr. -Vl. V'avb, itl Oragoo.t r.ii.^rds be O^Ei", �aT. NISKED, a SMALL.11O0SF-, consisting of a parlonf .on the ground.floor, and cl.iset or storeroom, and ihieebed-ctiariibeisi with, waali-house, coal place, pump,, and other convrri tiic'es ; and a srrall ganl.enn"d yard. -Hor* fur'Ji �'� pa't'cuiars, iriqiiire at No. 4, Southampton-row, BloOinshtiry ; or N'v. 7. Anatl-row, Haincrsinith. - TO be DISPOSED OF, an excellent new.built' rlOlJSU, situate'on Mount liphraim, Tunbr dge WeJIs, consistin" of' draw ng, dming, anri brea-f-st rooms, to bed moms and offices ^complete, and fit for the reception of a Ltrge fainily ; tiie premises are \�elr supplied with very fine waiter. . ' For particulars apply at the chamliisrs of Messrs. Cruchley aiid Fry. 14, Cjifferd's Itin. - , BED FEATHIiR&i�t'EXCHI.L;ElblT QUAUTY. to be DISPOSED of. THI? HtlpSON'S BAY COMPANY will Expose to Sale by the Candleat ther House in Fenchutch-strest, on VVEnNESDAY the ifith tn^wnt, at Twilve o'clock preciselv, COAT, fine PaRCHMKNT WHOLE and CUI? BEAVE R ; also aooanritvof fiie HEO FliA TH E RS and Di)WN, uv cunveiiient Lots tor the accbcnniodatipn^f tlie puri-hasers, - lo be seen from Saturday the isth inst; tot'ietime .of Sale< at the Compaii)'8 Wanihouse Fcnchitrch street, where Catalogues may bis had with the parricuUrs. Hulsnn's Bay H6use, .Apr;l 7, iXc;6. NEWS-OFFICE, No. 18, BRYiJGli j-S-I REE I',, STRAND. THE NEWS of SUNDAY NEXT will eon. tain an accurate REPRliSt-NTA MOSi if the DWELIlNG-flDUSE of .Mr. BLIGHT^ ill which hsv as SHOT by PA rcH, taken by an eminent Surveyor. The circumstance of Patch's not coiifisixiiig his Guilt niior to his Execution, mAkesit.olimpoTtincetoj.hew, that; from the situation ot the Dw-lling house uf Dliglit, no other but Patch could possibly be guilty of the cnijte'of mtiKlering, mm. - A Second Ed'tion of the same Paper i� prinHKl on Monday afterno�n f"r�the Countrv, whu;^, nmdc^tion �o the New.s ,of the Week, coiitains the latest intelli^ceup to six d'clock on Monday evening. - . N.B. No Advertisements admittodm either Paper. THIRD STATE LOT rhR.Y,i8oj, � Begins Drawing the lath of M/vy,. i8n6, i T TALL and Co. (Successors to Mr. Nicholson) at jrX<the<r State Lottery OHlce, No. 88, Ct^rnlti'Ij corner of the Royal Exchange, London, respcCtfuir^aonuamt their Friends and the Piibhc, that I ickets and Shares for t^e a'love I nttery are selling in variety ot numbrs, divided int�Halv<s, Quarters, Eighths and Sixtcenthsj (stampetl accotdiAj: to aCk of Parliamect.) . , . - '6-1!^ t^tders.from the Country accompanied with sh�tt -dated BilliS, Bank^ Notes, Casit,or Post-OfliccOrders, ted on the same Terms as if personally present. Moniey for Pri/esaa soonasrtrawn. r ' INCREASE Ot PRIZES. "* SWIF'T rfndCO. Nd. 11, .Poultry, (joint .Cort.; traitors tor the present Lottery,) recommenM the ^Scheme �fOithoattentipn of their Friends and the Public, is p Mes� sing superior advantages to the Schemes ttfthe late Lotterieii. , It conrauis upwards of One Thonsand Prizes more than the .last Lottery.' -The highest Pri^e uvthis Lottery is L.15,906 and.theloiyiies^ T9 begin Drayving nth of Miy. .The following Capita} Pi'izes were sk^xaA khtl sold at this 0:iiice niillie j4te>'L4nteties, viz. - ' .No; 6,791, L.aoiooo, Ha-.tiS, ...^MA No; i9vS39  fijiz . . 10,000 '9,>$6  ,041 . . , ,io,o i .Ditto 1- Pxicepf.s^TJekel// to' o ' � "Half.' f ' ; Qtjorter, - $ I b. {.;!hrt�nth) > -ti ; jTiek�i�<^nd,WMirft( �(.�on atijU.tJje Lis lOIBcM. ' ' X*<je Jl.j,qoa . VtCtilALLlNG-OfPICE, March 10, i�o6. NaKffiido /jerefyfgfve tJiategir Thai ^'^idt^y. the JtiiieittKilltiey iviil t>t riofiy t<i, I'tieiv Tfiidn't iit yrtiing fua/eJ up), Jflr ti/cJ' bnaiilWet ef tbt Joimi'lng desci-lpjlfn �J Stavist-Crown Dantzic PIPE,,BRANDY; a.vd jSOq�- (^uebrc Jqi H^tlt f.iviifiii', ioii'htni<rtu e Tender, or tnmc .period onhh hibaif, utie>iu,iiaan. . THE CoMmistJoneri fir fietitafling Hit M'ojatj'i N.iiy [do hereby'givf Notice^ That on iP'ednesday, tlx Jo/A init. (inshtid rf iyc.-,iriv.:ay the syh inaiant at prei.le.u'/fi adver-tite.i) tbry vHl be rtidr to receive Tenders in loriling /sealedupj, and t>'tjt f6r the folliiuiitg qkauifiet o/" IRON 'HOUPSJ t'iSi. . . � VA1 I HdOPS . - IQO} BlJTrHOOPH . ajoSTons.  PLA IE HOOPS - i�oV . Office, ....... , -1^ regard �will //eJikH to any Tender-in if f>ict' (be price thall "^tot 6e (li^erlrj Iti^uordf aljfe>i(;ib, 'o>- that sb.;l.l hoi be liel'veredto the Hoard btflire One a ttock on tbi said -iVediie^day, the ioin in'U^nt,. nor unlets the ferson tv(>o nt.iiei tlie TenJcr, or some i'nmiroH'.difieiulf,atten,h^toans'fv<;rvji)encilleJfoi: T-'i-lE Rev. WILLIAM iiARCLAY's i?A liiN i' A N r 1BILIO UPI L L.S. The exo)iisive Sale ot this valnahie hietticmehfing how vesie tahiis)tetl the Ke�. Wtiliatft Haiiilav's 'A'arehnuse, hntie*l�'-&c)UM� i whets tl| >eirig.appoiniixl sole Whi'lesale Aisent, all wrrolesale. fuders, both in town and conutry, are re-qoestetl to he addies�ed To him,\vho mill niaRe �he I'mde tl>e u.suai allowance. None arc (^Civmne but those h.iv!ag a Black Stamp, with the nairie, "1 he Rev. VV. Barclay," eogtaved thereoh. T. A. PHI.'PS, Agent to the PrDprtetprs, Beiitonl-sfreet,' Covent-carden: ALl BABA, or ^^)RTY�T'HI^V1:S. This day is pubiislVeit, in tilliputiaii <foli ?ralliie(l -splendour at the.Theatre Royal, Drury-lanti. Printed for Tirb;trt and Co. at the juvenile and School �Library, No. �37, Nevv Bond street ; and to be iiad of �IA Biukselle's In tdwnand �rtu,itfy: - p.fvhoin may also bs h^ and beautiful cilitions of the following popular Nutscry Tales, all at Sixpence each, .,�V!^h three coloured, cn^ravuigs i -I-.-11-. .  Gopdy Two:jf(_ocs C�f .derel la 'Bl rt'uiiio ..Whittington GriseUli �Riqnet with the Tuft Ghi^drcn in the Wood l�ck,the',(.iant Killer Hon o' my Thumb Bt�nty arid the Beast F�rtui\atus Andalovia The White Cat " Tom Thumb The Seven CJia'iiipionS , Robin H.iod 'Valei'tineand Orson NpiirjahaU Alailin . Sirisad, Part I.. Do. Part II. Fortune3iid Fatal Cenuiilloit, Lu l-iart>e IU^mi Gultye;'s,Tiavels. Parti. tiQ. Part 11. -Do. Part HI. Do. Part IV. In all,tthlrty-iwo sotts. The vhole of the aJ)ove m.^v be had sep irately, at Sixpence eiich, with. tHree colo*ircd Engr.ivings j or they may be had all bddiid tngsttier, IntoVtr v.jlumes, price Ten Shil-'iing^.^v^th ^smfttlefiHumbBrot plain EnjutiivnigSj under the li't(tle�t H�p.M|i^i;^i0til^"   . .-I^ B,.|p jiistice *o themselVeB,. Tabartand Co. shall, *rate that'their Editions of thfc'^afiave Stories consist either J'Ofnew Transtationsvor.of modernieM and impr RBS& 1-tob^su�tM�ively adopted. - By JO&HUA COLLINS. A M. I^eit atTt>wn. ' ' 'Th�^fb)towinx'X:ritic�I 'Sanctions hate appeared of;this ifaltoblfcan(lii�afuiw�fk. - .J ; �iThisi'isa well'Writteij ,aiid jud^i^ious Publication, conveying miwh practical- Intorihation ot^ the SMbjectof Edu* cathin,and k thereinhtKUly/^oithy tlie. Peru^l uf every Berson concetned in the improvement of the lising GenenKiui)i rTbc; Ar^epunvo''^09K*f'*"'^''y A" Sjcho*>l�Men* bf t^ft result of Kxiirritfndei-imt certainty liikfiJaysdauch erudir-,'tbii. ;The AutJtor'#.Hj��nfQ4AvMio|aa^ .Sttidures- k� ! M(�(niMWnie ti?' ^s' ! do .hill) Kreat CrediK w.v;S�h�lwr'ftmt.Christian 'T�i<ih�*.^At�l^Woblftl*WOW!. Ij.'t , ,^In Che (ih � f,i|^loiu).ifl4 ^'^Bm Pjit.ertuifterates thli ik\Qst imtui , theif rfcaAMHVV. Iltill� i aiid> �k�tibning. ,|*a per- p'late�, ptioe 9*. in boards j or lonM. sheep, lettered, ,. . TpHE- NAVAL syRGEdN j dr SURGICAL Jt ahd MEOlCA-LrMARIW|e OUID^ , cbmprisina 3 full and ciiifiplete Account of the Duties of Rro'essi'Jul Men at sea; witlT ample l|istrtiC)u>Asfor the t-reserration and Restoration of the He4lth of isnmien in' every Siiuatiun and Climate; To whicii are subjoined, a Practical Systciii of Naval Surgeryt and a Comi>eudioits Pisarmacop^ia, ai* companied l�y Platesj : ByWlLUAM TURNBULL, a M. � .. , Member of the Royal Col\egeof SilrgeonS, London j, FcUovlr of.tlirMedJcal Soiiiety of London ^ Surgeon to the Society tor thj Reliefpf the aupture-.l Poor j and formerly a surgeon in iiii Majesty's Navy. Piiniwl for Richard Philips, No; 6, Bridge-street, Bhickfriars;^ and to be had e>f all Bookseller*. en'6iwtriitor ot Practical A-'aroriiy in Vt. rhomao's Hos-pitiCanu Sur-enn to tne Di^pensnry foi t)iseas;s of ths Lye and Priceiss. y .  4 Practicil OtJSttiKatimls on the Diseases of London. By-R. Willan.iM.D. F.A.S. Price 4s. 6a, . 3. A Treatise , Sc�i*t Pbyvxian to 4._Ap_r3 tlui-'iiuumy Dispensary. 7^. boards. A pf3clic.l I'rejtise on .)i-Iii iJne Vol^ipi? izmo. ptice6s. � . ..- .....,...~>6s. ' 1;. A be'ries of Popular Essays on the Me.iiis oF Preserving anil J^estoringMealth. By Thomas BciidaeSjM.D. in iiitee Volumes, 8yo. pr ce Jl. 4s. in boards^ 6. A treatise on the I'uicess employed by Vafij-e in su,o-pi-e.ssiug the Hentorrhapc fn>in Dividetl nii.i Pu.aotureil Arte- . tid. boanis. � KOrtEBUMS I RAVELS l.H ITALV. This ihy are publislied, in .frur closely pJiited Volumes^ Sinai] octavo, uIii.*orin with tiie other Travels of tlte same Author, p-ice aps iiv Imaids, 'T'^RaVELS throngh ITALY, ftom Livonia 'A throiig.i Tyrol and (-'lore-ici to Naples, and troin Naples tJirongli Ro'roe, 1io!o. . Stc. &c. and � ot Travels in Siberia aiHin. rrunie. Various Englishcn cshave prcucuncevl KojT.i:>iie to be, 1:1 every resjied, "the tirit oj Travellers,"a lope, is a circumstance demonstrative of his extrsonl'na'y . meiit. Y�^t,~however interesting way have been his former i"ravels, these in Italy claim rank as his chel d'ceuvre, ana 10 a naiti-cnlar mannsrcomroSnd the notice ot th- literary w.jiId, not only as relating tothe most interesting Countitrs in Europe, but as po>sessntg � rich and unequalled fund ot novelty, in^>.r-mati'^n, and amusement. Prmted tor Richard PhtHlps, No. 6, Brldgei-streer, Black, friars, and to be had ot all Bouk;>el!ers. Of whom raty be had. The Fourth Ediuon of KoMeboCs Ttavels in fiiberia, Three Volumes, price 13s. 6ti. i and the 'Third t'tiitionot hisTravelsiaFranci, three vols, priti 13s. 6d. isbgards. CAPITAL BOOKS ON AGRICULT. The Sixth Edition, unproved^ in one large \ olume, odavo, price Half a Guinea in BoardSi THE FARMER^s CALENDAR; containing a full .Account of the Business pec;ss.i'y fobe perfcrme�i on all kinds ot Farms dr.r rg ev.ry Month ot liie Year, with the latest Impruvcmtiits, and the mode of eiccutiug them. ' By ARTHUR YKUNC, Esq. F.R.S. Secretary to thcKoatdot Agticultuie, and Member of various Philosophical and Agricultural Societies in Europe and.^menc-.. . It is Impossible, in the comrsss of an .Ai^vettisement, to enuineate the nnpoKant cont. ts, and the creat pract1C.1l .idvantages, which must result, the management ot land, from a ciin^ant reference to this usernlW�,rK. Many tiioa swd copies ^re. sold 10 every year ; and intelligent t armer and Conntiy Centlemen in every county in �nglan rineiplilBreeds of Sli^ atul Gaitle, price Four (rumens in t>ott( ^n�RrQyements.andP.siM.yeriei^ ai\d'll� lesults of all tht atteptioii �nd enquiry whrah hav� (Men h^wed oti thir itnportant' Steieoce, during the last vhitiv years ^, the w)\ale combining and explaining. t]ul|y, exteusrvel\% and cun[\pieteiy> tti� Hritictpte*.�nd k^r^lcfl of the Mixlern Art of Hnatnndry in �IUtj>-bianchea and relations. By R. W. l?lCnS(�Ni'M.D. Hono�siry*^WemDer. ot Che Hoard of AgfiCuIfurei ' - .  " 3. lirQuR'ietly Numbtrs,-price Three ^hillinga pencei'Ui�ntrali�di�it(�rUies. Phi! Aitni^ls of A^ixtoi^ or. ,b'nm�r*s Mignsinei consmiM; at viigit)'*) p VOUNp.^su. F.R.S.',V^. � Pcitittd fin Kichkid il)inHp�; UriUgr-aiieet, wd ta be hadjaf *l�lMaHMef�. /

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