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Courier (Newspaper) - April 7, 1806, London, Middlesex mo^dM 'a^RiL 7; Ami -lit . TMEATIIE RDYAJ.., DRUI-vY-LANK. '-pHIS PRESENT- EVENING,ihcii-:'MMJcstitfs' X ^ervafiils will:>>il ,. t ..THE TRAVELLERS; or Mubio'sFascindton. , To which Will be added a nrw Farce, in 2 A^ts, calltfd The WKATHERCOCK. To-morrow, The Wheel of Fortuii6. After which will  be pioduced (for the first, time) a new (?rand Operatical Ro-jriance, in tWo ails, called The Forty I'hieves, with entirely ^ew S\eR y, Machinery, Dresses, and IJecoi-ationJ. The fvi>ii;ic cotTi|>05ed and selecUd.hy Kelly. . . , I hi last Night but three of Master" Bttiy's prcseiu Engagement. -, . TH,H.*.tRT- nO�At., Ct)VE:JT-r;AUDEW. nrHIS PRESENT EVENING will be pcitormed :&-Tra�edv, ca]li�d , , . GrOONOKO; or. The Royal Sl.ive. . \ Oroonokn, Master Hetty; Abo.iii, .ftJr. C. K,einble j Co-vemdr, Mr. Murray. lin?i;idi, Mks Smiili. With H.'\'RVHQUIN's MAGNET. . To-morrow, Mafter Hetty Will appeal iji the Charafter of  fCi'^g Richard the Third. ; ; ' , , ' liva few JJayi, will he:^>ubl!sr)ed, � A PATCH, for the Wilful Murder of l<AAC'HLlGH'r, �  r-.^ cT------~xT - :_...:,, c.....; c;....,j..., |:(VSEtH GURiNEY Olid: AY. U.' CUiRNEV. _..d iy. M, Gui'nt " ..... d-ile.rigcadillyv sifti SoUrtty M,"bui'nfv, No. laS, n.ilbbfn-hiH ; Mr. St'ck-. [in Mr, Asp�'ne, C inhill. - , l'0R'i^S?.-10U rti! Foi^' rUKLIC SALE, at ttie Star and Garter Tayeni, on Ti?uK�n.*Y- the^pthot. Ajnil iiSst. at jzodotk, . .- l'\>r'Exi)ortalion, ' , rihWENTY-TWO Hoijajeads. MUX-L MAD. .L- n'UR, MH)! part of the Car^o of the VenukNUS AVf-.s't'yiOi'resforsfl to he Claimants. ^ For OHtalogiiesaiid viewing the s une, apply two days befarc thesale^tg : y',/!/ � J()J^N� !VlO.VLE, l � : : lHii ri) iur.t.;tf,Twelve �Cli>ck, for Kxii'irtaii(�i\, pirrY-pASES of HA VANNAH .'sUG APv, being. X jiarf of the'CiirgTof the American brig Vknus, cpii-(IsmHecl as.. i'Tize His- Majesty's bhip Meteor,' j. Collins, .1 5q.:C7'lViTiiamrcf.- . � � ,  Fqr Cataloxiie-s "and viev^ing the. N,4',. Vo�t>ery. Esq.  .. . . FQU.;PUBLIC SALE, at the Star and Girter Ta^ ve.Tiiji'prtsinouiii, on 'I HuastJA y, the lotfi of April, Inst - � : Pi>r txWiatioii. , . Tin HUds, PnuU: ji.WMs. } 14, I of Roll, leaf, and cut Tbbacca. � ijlf^MSS ) . ' ' ..� - vj'eascsofi'oiinsxo Pipes. . 3'CVesaniilHhd Papt-randQuils, )2 UalfS Russia Leather.. : i Hhd. Madder. 3 Diho G/oiiiid Sajridil \youiul, 4 Ca:,ei S wnrd. 1$ J ad ;s. . sHhd.^. DiiiubleRefi.iedSuiar. : '. � 6 Cases Vitriot; , 1 Ditto lii-'n VVirC; 6 Casks Ho�s Uri.-.tles. TieTnR part of the Cars;aof th�r Vemirnus Av�nturei detained iiyhisMijesty's Gun-Hni;, Oarini;;. Kiii,JK4tittjattiis-M�Wui.vl�^4%tti6�*ia�^^ forerVh^: Site, to JOHN Mc)YLEyHroker. N. it. Tlw Snuiru'iid Tubacco to be delivered to the i'ur-c!^a 8?.6. SCHE.VIE. rrlzs Qf � X'ii.'--^.^- i �.03.) ^o^oci^' 5,000 1,000 503 iro S.o If 25,000 Tic!<et5 } ive Firsf-driiwn TiL-lcets ist D:iy Vive Ttok..'ts 3d Day i'lrst-draivn  , 4th Dav Ditto . 5th Day Ditto .. - 6rh D.iy , Piicfiofa Ticket. ^.19 1* Half, , - �,io 2 Quart , /72 0,000 1.1,000 each 1.5,000 1,000 each 15,000 � . . 20,0 )0 23,000 o 6 At theCoiirt the Qtieerj's Palace, the 5 th of April, present � the Kitig's Most Excellent Majc�t]r iii Council. .: . Whereas, his Majesty has received advice that his Majesty the Ring of Prussia ha$ taken possession of various jraris of. the Eleflorate of Hanover, and, oilier domiilions beiongittg ttJ his Majesty; in a ibt. cible and hostile manner; anil ha."J :ilso notifiedj,,that Ttl -ur-.i it-..n. I.- ---i-i-J 1'----- > --^i'-''. MURDER OF MR. BLIGhTf: / This 'liielancholy cveht, to which the ptiblic at. tention has beef) so generally dircdted for the last six mcnth.s, on Saturday liiiderweny the solemn inquiry oraCoiJrthelJ at the Surrey Quarter Sessitms Houses ihliorsemonger-latie. So iiniversal was khc iiiterest excited by the trial, that as early as six o'clock in the niorning tWSi.*5si6n House hejet by a concouise of jiersons; AS"^the h.our approach-id all British ships shall be excluded troin the'pori^ of ! >l>e opsnin^ of the Court, the crowd increased td the Paissian dominions, and from certain otheir-fe^rt'sr ^ in the North of Europe, .-ind iip't suffered to iiiiet or theirevvithj in violafion of the just rights and. iftterests of his Majesty 4nd his d3mliiid^r\9|r.irt3 cdn!-^ trary^to the esiiil)lished law �r.d pFaiSice'W'ftaitioris in amity with each othtr; his Majesty With, tlic advice of his Privy Councir, is, 1 hereupon,pleased tp permtltea to enter or clear out lor any of Prussia until further ord.'r : And his Wlilje�ty is farthier pleased to order, that a general enibarjgo ctf stop be made 6f all Prussiati ships and vesscIs.W.hat. soever, now withiu, or whitih hereafter shajl come intoj any of the potts, harbours, or roadVjiyif^ttji^^^ United Kingdota of Great Britain and lrd|;|i^^;|b> gctlier with all pefSons and egeCts on board "tfti^Sid ships and vessels;, but that th� utmost care be taken for the preiSsrsanon of all and every part of the cargoes on board-^ac^'of I the said ships anJ vessels, so tirat no damage oc embezzlement whatever be siis. taiired; and the Right Honouraible tiie Lords , Cont-missioriers of his Majesty's Treasurj', the Lords Coki-missioners of the Admiraly, and the Lord W'urden of the Cinque Ports, are to give the nectssary directions herein as to them may respectively appertain. Steps. CoTTRELL. Duhlirt Castle^ Marebi^i 1806. Uis Ktaj?sty has heea pleased, by his Royal Letters Patsnt uiid r ihiGrCit .Seal of'Ireland, to appimit the Ri,{ht Hon. Gsirge Pbiisonby liis .Majesty's Cliai)ceUor.tnd Keepijr of the' said Great St;:il, cilleililrflaiid,; and the Right Hon. William filliott, to be of his Ivlajesty's most ijbn nirablcPrivy .Coiincil of Ireland, they this day, in Cou'icil, took tha usual paths aitd ihsir place�at the Hoatd accordingly. ,' - � ' March 28. ~. His Grace'the Lord Lifiitenant has been pleased to appouit the Right l;ion.VVill unty' of Nptiblk, ESq jaiul the heirs m.ile of his body lawfully bcgoiteii, with le-maiiidcv to johrt William Lubbock,of Lamas, in the County of Norft^ilkj: E'g. NepiSew of the said Jahn Lubbotk, EsqJ and the heirs inaleof his b >dy lawfully bjsotreh; ' Copy pf a Letter from the Larl of Sr. Vincent, K. P. Ad-mi'ol and i:()niinat)der hi Chief of His Majesty's Fleet etnployrd in the-Chaiincl, Soundings, &c. to W. Mars- ;den, Esq. dai�d on boatd the Uibstnia, cffUsltant, the '30th'!vl;iri;h, Sir-I hav.ij{f*at pleasure in forwafding to you; for the UiKhih, r �.} li iMxteenth, - i .6 Ticketsaiid .Shares are on SalearalMhe LicMs'ed Lottery Olhtfis.. , Mo regard-will it htijto cnJ�.Te>idr. im vfbkb Ibt pr/� 'ihafl wot fe inartei m ivirils at tehi{lit, a> ihtl ihall no: it Mivntd 1 "r'i* ^^^'^ "f*^^* T'>i 'niti'ibtfets(,n xuha makes iHe Ttn/ter,:of V VICTUALMVG-OKKIGE, April 5, i8o6. THE Cmiiissiii(ltjt-./Bir. f^iltUiillMg His Majestj's or* itiit; tlKyttvll te ready to reeeiiif TenJtit iiiiurilin\r AW/ir^SlX ,Tm>USANlJ EIGHT *�>uy�ftVi(h%mtiftktJt ^Mhp^^ i'tto Hh Afa- . ytiiy-f -jift^ f^t/uall/ug ijfehlt; ift^ St. Ca/berJoe'i,' Hear the Ttiver I ah) '9 it> faldfir $y ailli,\ pj)fail� ibillt wili inUrest "ittviAy^^fitrdntt. - ' '"''�"�/J��trt'SirchSHe�'8tttt}ii, Bart.' W// txiatt lo SaU, aiUm'haj t)$n UUt MAioi^'rrJ,t/,'HMrJ>o,ifmouii>, stv^rj  Or<^C�ny'ass-u?Pa^;&  ' -' " jAtflk ^ s]i QitdiCeiHnv�'meri of Hit i'l'iiiid. � Caitiiew 10 receivu tiie priuoneis on Iwa d Uiat siiip, andto proceed with the prize 10 x'l'yiijouth SoumL 1 am, &c. ST. VINCEN r. . Ilis MajeiH's shtpl^iohe, March 30, i3o6, at Sea. " M v LoiiD-His iMaj.'S'y's Itiriata i.;n:ler iny command, on the siith instant, at ten in the iii;.;iiii'K, ^ave chace to three Frciiulj fVI^Mtes ai,d a brig standing mit of L'Oti;nt, in the. hopes of getti:i(; au opportunity ofatrackiii^ Some of them se-p.irately, and attcuiit niKht came up with, and took posse,. sonot the bternmo:>t, the; nitioiiaScorvette Le Nearque, of 16 Kuiis, and 97 men ; had sailed fiom L'Orient on the same morn n>;, vi^tii.illoa and stpr^d tor hve iiinnths.- 1 have tills honour to be.&t. J. W, LORING. 7he Lad ol dt. Vmctnt, K. B. &c. HANKRUVTS. � 'James Jaekson, of Manchester, dealer, to surrepdsr April li, 19, and May 17, at two, at the Commercial Inn, iligh-street, Manchester. Attornies, Mr. Partington, Manchester ; or Mr. Philip Hard, king's bench Walks, Temple, Loiidt'H. John Lcwtltvvjiite, of Liverpool, merchant. May 1, z, and j7, at OIK, at the ld ,Coinptoii-str6et, Sohoj carver and gilder, April 18, sr, and May 17, at teni at Guildhall. Attorney, Mr. Brookes.Lelcester.square. Thames Uarlpw, otSalford, Lancashire, malstef, April aS, 30, and May \ly.iX. tUrcs, at tlie Brid)ievv;�tar Arms Inn, . MancJiqst^r. Attornies, Mi;. W. H. Cticcic, Manchester j or Mr.'lVousfield, fiouverie-strect.Fleet-srreet, London; Gep(j;e Sheldon, of Manchester, dealer in cottontwist, Apiil Z4,!as, and May 17, at three, �t the Green.Dniifun, Ches--� ter. Attornies, Messrs. Chcsshytt: and Walicer, Manchester. , � " Ti)oma& Agate, of Eastcheap, London, cheesemonger, April lji,,r9j and May 17, at twelve, at Guildhall.. .A'ltorHOf, ' lyir. Woods, Hare-court, Temple; " li;�i. .*t;vuuu, i, .1 , � Robert Coulthard; late of the Cricketers, OrangC'row, Xen. ' niii(i|ton-ioad, Suuev, vi^lualier,- April ts> 19,' �nd -May 17, al .tWtflvc, At Guildhall. Attiiimey, Mr, H. U.ughes, C jltlbrd's. fnp. Bcrhaid Fiei^etick CJrafT, of Castje-court, Budge�ro,w, ton-don, insiiranctt-bioker, April ix, 19, and May-17, at ten, at GuildhaJI. Attornies, Messrs. Ellisouajid Li�ws(*(�, White Hart CoiUf�� Loinbaril-strMt. ^ Thomas Towers, of Blackburn, Lancashire, iroiimonKeff Aauiltisi i6,-aH(t May 17, i�te^ieveiv,at tho^Vilieinau, in AViitijr-streetj Presitoii. AitqriHes, Mr.. H. Dcwhursr, I'rpstoBj of Messrs;;fiarr�jt8, Holbnyin C6iirt, Cray's Inn, London- *  - . '\; ' ' cottan..�pint>er,. Al?rl�'25f, � �f9..a3. � tei�j M�y,/7. Ht hve, \x'x\� MlWf BulMiifr. Burnley.' Attornies, Mr. W. ^haw.jurt. UUtntey I w Mr. V. Hu�l,;K.i�g'^B�iich Wartks, Ttmplc, Johii'lJ^isVpl' Retetborougli, NortUaipirtonshlrc, horw-�J� 1^ SwknbaL iAibfiiipi,.Mt, Redi/ijir.'fctamfbrd ; �r MBiHsra;, alleled degree, and the impatitnce of those who t\ad ^becn several hours in waiting for ai^m'.i, taticii^ ghici' who now saw the prosjw<S of their anxiety j gratified clinjini^heveiy minute, bsgantt) ini . creaie almost iti a proportion equal to the Ob^tahles vyhich opposed iti Marty persons of respciUbiliiyi tank, and f(jftune sued for admittimceii^ vain ; even/ iljp virtues: of thfttall^poxvecfuletigtiie--a golden. �^kicqrS*-fid3^//brtei^ oil some secret influence, operated to enforce it j artd whett the Goiirt was 7/owiV/()' t^eflatcd op^iS even thcni to the sniall space which tcfhaiiiod vipoccupifjd, .lyothiiig.shortof atroirder froai the j\idgc, fromsbthe of the Magistrates, from, the leadltig Counsel, or piOicers ef the-. Court, could produre a pa.?sport thlrough the file .t)f,<bn4tablesi who, with crossed b^ttoons,' guarded the. dboirs. Among the illu.s. trious 4bd respeiSlable persons'whoatten.ied, we noticed the Dukes of Stjssix and Cum u e kl k n0, Duke D'Ori-eans,. Count WoiioNzovir, Lords Portsmouth, GiCA^XLEy,' Mpntforo, Deerhurst, aiiAG, Sevmouk, Sir J. FkEDERtcx. and many of the Magistrates of the county. The Prisoner, Mr.Patch, was conduifled into Court sao.i after nine o'clock, and took his station at the liar, aiicnded by. two or three : friends. He was genteelly dre.'ised iil black;. and perteil composure marked his counteiVaneerand manner. Precisely at,ten o'clock, . the Lord Chief Baron Ma'cdonald took hisseat on tire -Bench, iaid the biisi-ness.was opened by arraigning the prisotier in the usual form, .To the inditlRient he pleaded, iii an audible voice" AV? Guiltj," and put liiinself on his triaK So excessive '\yas the crowd become in the 'i Co.urt at tliis .time, wedged by 'dh asseiinblage thar "pi^sscd at the doDrw^ys from the exterior, rhat it some time^efore'a :J�ry could be got logcthtn-. Those who were in Gburt coyid wirh difficulty,i;hou3h assisted, on answering .to their names, mave towards thst)bx allotted to them. Mir. Patch perefnptorily challenged'three Jurors, viz. Mr. Janvi.s BrOwn, of Baitcrssn ; Juhn I'nnner, of Grovfe.lane ; and James Kite, of Putney, tailor. '1 he follo\vif)g; Jury.were iheri sworn diaries finiitlijnfi^feftjjn John \Ve.l);e, po.scd to have imbibed some prejudice against the prisoner, I have indeed confirmed'my opinion to his guilt; bu: I commenced my invcstig.ition vfith a mind as unbiassed and unpolluted as yours, 1 in-fcrrtcl no guilt from public opinion ani,^ prcju/licc," from newspper reports or panial tcstiir.ony ^\il ejf. ainined'td the bottom amass of evidence vvhich I shall^, ^submit to you ; and I^onclt^d^d tl\* prisoner gaiilty 'from tljis hib.rious serutby, thi? unwilling labour. 'My m�>Hl, t'hirefOrc, is in n different state from what, yours .ire, or should be-I havpsa'tijfi'cd myself. ^It-' rdujpins/fot me'nmvtb sftisfy you;, you t"Vm'co,S.  vince'd,'wilj appoach lo ijiis painful (.isk with un >i-isjcd minds, andleclingalitew'huhwqiry, but,wliicli ypu.^iU tvtt�. stjfflV; to Idxv^K yo^^ fwm the itrict I cntfcai: you to think the prisonci'JS'irinoocn? as t orice thought him, a's if you liad.never hearA of him  before, or the chargsd fp'-eftrred agairUt hiro; hold your minds in an eveb ^nd steady equifXJisi, and pet-lAit truth alone to decide the balance. An .awfljl duty is impose*.! 00 you-the prisoner cxnevfts life or death atyourhan^3; aniyouTCouiitrj'expecis josricc. i shdil begin, Getitlsmcn, hv a,ktn resal;t, wKcb I in, tend to brtng liome to the prisoner, ih:it you will plainly see thi finger of Providence ip- tlic dete many byCrpith*- se-teret ways,:iiU^^*�hi^ at lim^h ^isten!^ ^ byriiithv and Wrst;,apbri Hte \' tion of gusli, which stares as brdiidly itj diir face aS the light � I will first detail to ypu the tela-live sitiM�tJO.n& of Mr. iiUght r.nd Mr. Patch. Mr. . BlightAvas a ship.bieaker at Greenland Dpckyinthe parish of Mary's, Jiotherhithe. . The sister of the prisoner, Sarah Patch, was ? menial seYvaintin his hoase; a hpuse-maiU, a kind of-mald'of ail �^ork. In the spring, 1803, Mr. Patch, then in circumstances of much, distress, with rags on his shoulders ahdpemtry in his face, first appeared at the huusc of . Mr. Blight's on a visit to his sister. . His story was, that he had left tha West of Eng. lafid frOiTi circualstances which it is ne<jdle6S to de. tail; that he was without employtrienti.atvt virss willing to etigage in the service of Mr. KUght on any tefms. Mr. Blight benevolently, enoagh engaged him. He was to receive his vicliials and drink and a sainry of 30I. p�r annuni. At this time be was greatly distressed, as I have told youi and I.wish you to keep this circomstance in your-minds.- Shortly afterwards the term of their engagements were: coriimujcd into a fixed sa;ijry of lobl. per annum, which Mr. Putch \s as to receive, and to boaj.l �hiinselfl ' Such, Gentlemen, was the first introiluftion of th; prisoner into the house of Mr. Blight. Some tim* after Mr. Blight became embarrass^^ and. called a meeting of his creditors ; a compOjitioo wasentereil into, and tfce pnsoner was a chief instrument in th-s traiisni^?on'. .One creditor, however, did not consent to accept the offered'terni.s; the . consequence was, as a\�c daily see in the bankriipt cases, (hat the whole 'tr, of Mr. Blight with his other creditors wa.s invalid. His prapcttyj ihereforc was in danger; and in order to secure it, he does, cannot, indeed, ho called lionest, buc which, I a-r. sorry CO say, is freqncncly the only refuge of emb;:r- � � rassed men, agtlnst. i^iprudent and o'pdurate c-edi- " tors.' � 'In-order 'to protcfuthittiiclf and defeat their cliims, he makes over to Patch, for a sura of 2000), all his property without reserve. This conveyance was in the ordinary way, by a bill of (-arcel.s, receipts, &c. to which was added a letter in t.he name ef Blight, to the Sjliciior of "certain lands, hoUkii of the City of London, requesting to have the lease renewed in Piitch's name. The,intention of Blight by this, conveyance, Av;ts, as you m:iy suppose, 10 protcdl his propeny ; and certainly not tb convey it to Mr.Patch. Thu-i he iiri?ued, "r^rlyittg on -the confide;:ccof my bosom friend, Mr. Patch, I know if my creditors step forward to seize iny piopcrty, that he.will acias my fticnl, and^-jcure it faf me; again, should they'll ic proceed harshly against me, those pajiers are in tlie possession of my wife, and are sj much waste paper." ^ '1 .'.us Mr. Blight may be supposed fa have argtied. Mr.-Patch,, as you may imagine, Gentlenieny-nc. ver paid one shilling of this tlioueand pounds;- I question at that iin;o whether he hyd^s m.iny pence. Tnis,-however^ is foreign frotn my present* in-quiry. You now, Gentlemen, see how Mr.Patch has grown in the confidence iif M--. Blight, In two years {for the. transaction of which i vuas speakiii^ was in i S05) he has been enabled fo jjain the friendsiiip of his master, and-to he advanced to a degree of trust which is nefer reposed in a man of whom we do not think most highly. In Jtify jSc-, Blight and his family made 9 Sumnitr trijvto TvJar, gale. I am now approaching the season iii which the guilt of the Prisoner will be seen to draw mo-t strongly upon us jin which we sh.ill trace his first mo.'ives, and so evidently.detcil -every step of hi^ guilt, thai if wc follow him v.'tth a cilm, cbser'vinv-, and dispassionate judgment, we shall 'treajl "in the very, track he. has taken. 'Previous to Mr; H.'s journey to Margate, bethought innccesSSry to enter into new engagements with Mr. Patch,- -For .liirn. self, therefore, he stipulates, that-he shptrfd retire, the prisoner to conduct the' business, and to have one third of its profits ; but' fo* thiis s:harehe wis to pay the sum of izfp!.. Nowi'Gentlednen, hoA-was.this msney to: be obtaineii ?.*vGould it be supposed that A rtan-who, hvo yean, since, presenttii himself a'uhc door of Blight.-in 'higs and' penury, ami who had scarcely received a/^alary, sine* niis ^d-m'jsirin there, m6re than equal to his support, .-ind How could he ondeniike to do itf Wlrai his  resources ? 'He could have noftc intention of not "jiaj^fng at hH jmd that I ihall.most s.iiistartorily prove to you. How contrivcj.1 topay.a5oU, A h'ert: heg.n it, not. One thousatid, Iu)w -r, ' be_paid. Whence wasihi,; t*, ct.tiie ? Hfiglit stcurity tor it; Mt.;-Pati.-h g;ivc lum.a ar.vf money o� a man of t,hc n.ima ul Gomns. ^h..,j�~igi - V ^n> \v:is this ^5r. ,Gkom l ^^Ir.y. P-jch; aueh inJpwi the prisoner reptciciueij him. �i

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