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Publication: Courier March 24, 1806

Courier (Newspaper) - March 24, 1806, London, Middlesex . TtHfiTUAVtilMl^SI or Music's ras^^^^^ ^. triiijuriftwiwifrtlfflM^teVs by AfeiSrs, 'HiUsJotvi, Urjlwi-n, Ijliiiiionei iviat/jews, D.>\vton; aiKl.iSaimister t Mis. Vowell; � - THi!�.N;� ; q^HIS PRESENT,EV�^fI^^G will bcpertbrmeav ; 0'ilavi7n, ^fr. Ktmble; Zomyila.. by a Yoiiug Lidy (this lu'ine :ef hrxii-.pV�tam'eejm-',,.Sanson, S'On)-; Si^iiora Storact, ' Let *fw briKhr�cfapliiin. (Trombdobliijato; i\ir. HyileJ.. CJioru^; * Let tlVttir celeatia'.i'r Sainitiii. I'AKT lU.-t'verMire. Ariadne, Kecif. Sij;iior,i Sto. race,.' Vi.-. sacrccl priBsts i' and SpiK', ' I'diuwell vu-liinpiil.' �Jv'phJha. SonStMf ferahaiu, 'Lord remciiber I>,iviii.' jtioii. K&cir, Mr. P.))!--.  I, lurl, 1 Air,  Arm, avin ye brave;' Olionis, ' We ftunc.'-J^da* Mac. Air,Mrs. Dickons, ' I liesoi'licr iii'il.' l>r. Muc. . Duel, ^I5;nora Stowc* ami Mr. hialMin, i oi^Uior let us riiivR,'.' pr. Joyce's SoUjjhon. Cdionatioii Antlitni, * tigi} s.ivc tbe KlDR ' . �- .' Priiicioal Vocal Performers-Sig-.ior.i S rORACg, Mrs. S;At.M(JN, Mrs. ULA.ND, and'ivhs. DICKONS | Mr. UHAIIAM, Mr. Cii.liiiONS, Mr. 1'VNli, Mr. SMlTHi �UlMV.iI>0YLE. �� ' ASHLEY?^ " ^ . 't'lie band' aiKl Choruses (which- are ^iuAieJrou&iau^ com- : C^r- hi c^yiistqaence o^the: great pverHowfroitt 'the Pit,, til FJicj'owl OrcliCatra will irt (HVita bi. aU^leri to Tt. > V CoJreit'Uooiis (>t the PerloritiJiiee (vVitii thc^inprimatnif of �. Md:i;k>)t).i^ be.ha(l at tUs rheatre�St)ly, pritfe>6dj^ tl)q:>e io:(i n iiie street^ are spunuiia^aiuTi^pe^ect. . iOiicer.i to,be TNU^SCHlWE'm Kerit, thirty m les Jrom ^nu-floii,.* w^uUNC: LADY,-a? U�V '''9'" '"uno*" . :� � " �� tr'ii.Ok's -P()Y:U0C)MS, N'r). 3'.3,'llo''' GGRObVLNQR mosf ife?[jecifully begs leave  to acquiiiiU the Nobihty and Gei.try Uiat.he i|;'S imicli iiicrea^cdliis aiot'li'elegarit aiid turicSiis:! (OYb, ic. and that be hiis now on s;ile the best i oUcilion- ufSlp^f.Kiiig-ttom: -Cirwat viificry ot tiool^'s.Cramcs,'- Cards, iD^sscttiuns, &c. ealcutat�d moit adiniiablyr tor. ilie intotm.-.niplae sfyle.-Dol;s ot all sorts urcsstd lu a ui.m-Hfr t'cciitiatl*' ntat.aiftl elegant.-r-Al;irKp.qisSiC�yiiiL'nt ot Wrir-iii^iaiid \Vc'rk"13o3tes, 'I pa Caddies, Desks, t'aint jioxvs, AC. ibeaittilully iiiUidaiul varnistled.-To'ollf^ir.k Ciises, Siiisliioji; Bottles, tinult Kqxcs ajitl rocket lJoo|>>, inoiijitt;;.! la (.old aiid'SiUerj 'Fancj'Aniclesot-all-kitidsjot tbeiissvcjt i'asli- ^^St qitalitics. 11.M. (; l{KMAN D AM ASK 'I'.\U I'.K-1.1WUnT X  Koundling, iwiM)? th.e only, hojJ^e^ i^i fl,pndon linix)e�Ii-ately comutled with ilje iTianlaiUirers, anjl having at this lime the largest 3Hdjnost?stJps'nb.aS:;4irtM7i.'nt* in this country^ respcdftully- bf^s l^ave .tc} acquaint the. uo-l iiityigentry, aiitl. the'p\tbl'ih,.that tho.y chn be suppled .^VJth that artiulp oit,f,ne iiio&t .itdvanrageaus turrits A'^y � +iimilv i>oss3�iiiit; a. jiartt'ciilar pattfein which they ar� de^iroijiS' '.r ren&win),'^ and ft re*qUti'ed,.|VA^I^li RtilH)SlTORy,) -No. Oliea'pside, corner otPa^erjiostar-row. MvDUNNETT iA\hite woiHlariicle*,prepared lor Iadiii�',ovVH,n.iiiithigi t-xttpn b'Kcs of a11'snrisHvi\h Vobb aiHl"-C>.�s rein patent coUoii v* iteads. Mercl)an.ts;j fclaptain of SjiJps, 'luui � SliopkSepers f tppUedwHh ai)y quahtuy oivihe shortest,im�itb, .Wi'-' .e-t terms'..'' �' ' ' - '� : - ': ^N. i>. OkliTHnbridRe wate repaireAawltP>� V*r�V!^h�*- P9 n, ');n,ii "ni.u,;r H Am> trntA % .... 1,1 L"'"' l'"�on� wJio have the wte oJ ChiUlrm, us the A^kEY.-^A Gwleman who treine il-^xiortion i,r .-his ob.Hurvtd the.gener^il B dilUcuhy oi' obtainjnf;' irtion ,( f xposilre^, taiice in;iy b,^ ()f>ssible to ConM ii-Mice-lie Can'obtain of Seifiirity, Ke.d or Het wis\ and engages to do s ^ ... . ,1 '-iiibarrassmcnt, and theex-obtaining Money .without jsutferance of tX|>oSilre^, pit>te�ses to rditler whate�erA�si, who hoiiour him with" their S.,.U.ty. Keal^Hri;;,rby=^lli?'kS;;*^?^ aie'lbrtliwitb .ta Coiiji4i} before JohivOld, Em|- oik-pt tlie ' itlaifbrs of tl'i.c'said CourV, at his Cliairtbers", in SouiiVsmpton � Hlljll4i6gs� Cijanceryrlairti Ltflifloii, .atvi i, with' ha.lf ihe.qsqal labour, prfduO^s ttie mist brilliant yi bliiik eVetjiehatdvallords f^^t-Hriar^iiouiishi-t^cn^ to the leatliet', will not soil the finest linen, is perl'edly free trout any vmpi^easaiit snielI, ai.d will retain its virtues '\\\ :iny cliinate.' Sold, \V ho!e- tropoliavand i.v every,towji.thiou.mhout the United Kirigd.-nf', frtstQiip'intilc,, price is M , ,c'. ' Ni:w. i4u:n-:irr?es more titan tile last, and One ihindredaiid Seventeen Prices inorrthan tlie pieceihig May Lotierv; which coniisted of ^c.000 Tickets, .'I'he hi.j,li-t-st Prize jsaijOool, and thslowest ?il. ."jc hemes at la.gTrElM;. .GOUDLUCR and Co. V RESFP^CrFULLY b?g'.lejjye':to rfflommend ta the N.v)tic; of, fhe-PtrillWt^^^*^e �. .Sclienie ^o.'^the (iresciit State J.ottei V,.Twhui'i coiv ists o't '1 wenty-hve I'iwus^nd liCkuts only', h:is . I Pnife of ^-.2j,ooa � 4-"-.- . . j'. .: ^ . 10,000 a - ' i .. -�I- ' " 1 �ic03  . � .3.   ' � � SiO"*. �  � with Six Thousand. 1 wo Hnndreit an.l Rtnetv-siX. othef Pfizis, /rom i.ooql. to ail.'being a consitlerably gn-vcr (iro-poriioii of Pnics ihm has b.;eii 11^any ot tile Ijte Lotteries. I ickeis and Shares are nov dp bnle at the Licenced Ollkes I'.ank lJuiliiings, J>t J'ttrtuartl to an A . , . yciiini; J-atti aid hy Time, iiS Jirnph'C Ni,ticr, tlJal -jbe jn-te�.l\o\ex, at our'O (lice, iii Soni?r.set-I'lace, the said Ovti/r ' t'r,y.irm, on �rucsd.iY^ th'.aidof April next, ke ViCnihe Ihiiu nf One uiid /'�� ill Dk A'fitritvtn, luithin f/je JJitliicl undiym'n- -------, .,...............��.......... siniihi^ the PLcc 0/their Abidiy andVial thy Intend to kid jvr the sui.t J3Jitricr,'or their Pyt.J/oui/t caithot/je'pioicedeJ fi>t. ' No Persons liceiineii to let Hor.scs.tor the j>urpo.�s of travelling I'ost, or any Persons/of.tlieir Use, can 3e admitted . to coiitfact.'br the said Duties; No. District to be let to Farm : - , ,,i>.\ .VlidiJJeex, iwcluding LondoiV.and ? �� - ' /VVcsriiiinstsr ,. - . _ \zi,nc.o ; ,a'll Pi.S.oiis iniBiiuiii^'fOjbid fQt fUis^lirtriftf are rtestred to  taker Notice,,'iha't; lii'.pursuaiit'e of; the, particular I n-iitrtiAtioris of their ;Lpr(lsliips,ir wiU be_. put, up at 'tlie Siiiiv. spiecitlert � abolie, ' Wh cH \yiU b2 gfadjally abated iintil'a iii'dding shall be mariie:; :ihd, tipna such hidr (iiii>:, any PeiKoM in.iv advaricv', and- the Ifghest litdder will b,e.decl iieti the Fa'iner, and will be re(juiTij.\ jo pay dovviv iii�inedi,(ie!y, in Uai.k Notes,One Kighih I'arrcfthe ^iinuiil keiit tliBiait as a Dtposir. !Jic,.s, C'l.rr.the iR s�00o. loioio aoiO.mj i-f,'joo a 6 Tiufcets and .'shares are on Sale ar all the Licensed Luttery T-OU SALE BY AUC I ION, At No. 70; I'liwer-btrce?, on 1 huksdav next, at Twelvi - - o'Clcck,' nplIE entireCARGO of the M.ARIA, for Ex^ X pi>it;uton, regularly condemned as I lue to the Cfuiserj  consisting of 1; 11S3 C-:s.ks Forei); . io( Ditio torcignlJrandy.  a C:q>yi Clareti 6^ Rak-i 1 (ibacco.  jt Cases I'Javiiii; Cards; rufther pa.tieulars of G.W; DOWNING, ..... Sworn lirokeri 70^ Tower.stceet. POR'I'SMOUT.H.-Im'J H PUUI.I.C SALE, ~~ At the Star and Garter Tavcri-.j on 1 iiuhsd.w, tlie 3d of Aiiril, i?[(ifi,'ill I'WlIvc "'Clock, hrr Lxpi'rtallon, �piF I Y C/lSl!:St)tHAVANNAhI bUGAR, being 4-, part of tlieC;irgo of rite American brig VtNUs.coit'^. demftvd arpfttero Hi!.'Majesty's bliij* Meteor, .J, Cplliiis, Jt:hi^'Goinm�iider . ,. 1 ' ] tor tanalogues, jijiid viewing thesaine, afJply two d.iys he-for4i�lte SaL icr ^  7 ^ gDC>j4N iVl>'VLL, HroHar, . PORT SMOIUH. ,\ For J�:tJ,iiLlC SA.Lfc.'at the Stai; and Charter Tavern, oil Thursday the 2j(l ot April.. t8u6i at 1.2 0 clock, ^ .. ,.l'OriiXl>oi;tjH!enr X- Dl'.K, bcmi: pait ot the Cdri*o mt the VBNyRNu.s Avr.Ni v'iin, restored 1,0'he Cliiiijvaiitj. For italogi{,cs and viewing tiiu same, apply two days before the 4ale to > � . - ... .T � � �� .'. � TOHN MOVLE, broker. v.4riu� git a Uouiiiw^^lwir al poiiuinent Una .-iate. tiuin the HtghCOBrfbf-Athnirahy. of LiigUnd, addressed to F'^O?^ tfiELlcSLE, at the Star and Garteif Taw Vciri-.^Ptrfrsmouih, on" i.ttvBsn f  , i..Cases ot.Tobacc..^ the ijth of A\.'.! .5t.'/'.; !>ri:jr. b'.iiir, indtCK,. 9r Lvhue hiiikUni^, fiom IsiJ ur d-tnw^c ovl'ire; a>;d,1 lio fur the aisuy.ince oj, anJgranting, Annuitiesr.u:, Li'jcs. N. ir. i'ne Policies wilj be issued free r.j exl-etiee 10 tee As. sured, tvhere the A/iiiuiii Prenii'im ii:noti/!ti to hi. or t/l'tn'-nJi  . TIlJiVVATERI VCrPlJAJlJS. vT^HE Booksellers and all rersons whi). have esta. JL bljshihsiits a:id iiitstcsis jiit to he p�,-.ted im. inedia^-ly, a'-id rhdt correctmns, addiHiMis, and imp o.'ei;it,'iits calciiLued tofixic-mi Micutihtyct such a Work, will he'tiuiiik-tiilly received and pnnihi.dly aiteiuled, t.>it addressed to the Editor til the caie vl Mr. I'liillips, Bridge-al'eei, MlKck|risr.�, London. � Improved diawm^s, uriycvil skcti.'",i-js or plan-*, will also bi .acceptable, .-ma will b� rciunied itvic-jred* �Jl: brttokT -A most beauiltu! tirtMu,'ch jiir tx^icd Verdigrii or any other Greeu. lis i'f�'|i;rties :ue geneullv knowh, having been many vears.i'i the repnie. tur painting boat�, is greatly /..Inured on I'ailin,;, c.:c. i;i Pleasure Gtounds, and ^mlve^^al! j p.-eierredi by tlxisK who h.ave ustd it for. Paiiittng m gensral, b.-^ing .1 finer-Gre^Tri, ot tnc>r:r tl ir:i. hie O'lahty, anil a hatter prciCfv-itive ot Iron Wurk, than anvothei co?npositi6:i. ' I he tixteii.siVe Vile and incr:a,si!>g d'nu'.nd (or ths Pamt, render .'iny recoiriinerrlatun tfi.'in the Proprietor unncre^sar), being tlie best prool its giving aatis.aclion to the f uDlic. � I'fep.ired in I'll bt for use, asd sold at 45, 6d. per lb. lor KCrfdy MoneV only. . , - ^nHE Rev.,WILLIAM UARGL'AY's P.-Vl'EN I' L AI^;iBlLlOUS ilLtS.. The exclusive Sale on !iis-valuihle medicine being now vested .solelv m t!)e Kcv. ,\Vil. Iwm Barclay, and those app jnued by bun, thel'.lrtherMtIc of the I'lUs is, 111 con.scqiiriice, enttrefy discontni^al at the tlal>t)ratary. No". 35, Uedtutdi.streei, Covent-ganlen, ami is i\iiw the Kev. WilliaiM.liarcIav's VVjreh..iise, l.eicesicr�bq\iare.; whers the public mav hiassured ot Iiavmi; them iivtheir pure and .''leniiine state. Mr._ Richard Rmief, N �. 4, Lliea|''''V bciijlcsa;eAi;er,t, all .w:ioles.ilj orders; both 111 town aid-country, lire re-quested to be adiliesK-l to huii, wlio will !r..i!-.e 'tie 1 rade the usual allowaiicii. N;>ne lire vjiiuimii bit tln'se havint! a Black. Stamp, with tnc namt\ " Uie Rev. W. liarclav," .eiyraved the*eon, - T. .V. J'Bl i'PS-, .Agent tn the Proprietors, liedford-strcer, Coveiit-garden.. . , FOR THE tt)OTH-ACM. ' The ODONTALGIC, or SJH MlGAL ESSENCE ot MORSEKADlSHi ' '"pHIS E.ssence possesses the power of safely .-Hid, X immediately st()pi>ing Vac looth-ach ; and it h:us'lii .peculiar propertv'^ it it coiues in coutad with tiie .exposed Nerve,-ot prevuntinii; ihe reuiirrence ot that torturing ma ........4)pf(CE. Tt)!� Oav^HblUM. in ^Ws. .iimU. iL 16&."* JUNIUS^S J.l-TriiRS. Tills day is rublished, eir' NlUS, containing much addiHonal Matt-t, and iniwh 1.w � tgrmatioji, not to be fiMtodln anv / t.'ier Editiw,  .A!ri6nj':�he ftddiiiotiH are-; i.Tlie paribus L�r-rs to [�iijiirs.replied i 2. i-'o,->iotH iilustwei-.-e Noic>, bijtoric '�i'j.i;rapl;ical j a, d y. An ErH^ui/.y remtive th� Avitiio' of ICSj pipers, in. w^k.h ihtf pretriisior.s of v*moii3 s J!>r�Me�I 'fiiei, ariCriiicaMy exammtfJ, ami the Kame oJ'thareir.Au- to yrtrc^ _____ ...-.,7tic�f avJ hi'JUraphical ^ - �' -  " wriii tiior asc-ertjincd; , , ., , . .- Hy J'mN ALMONj , .  : Author of the Lives -of the Earl of Cha>hatn-w> Johrt Wilkes, of Anecdotes, Hisioic?! and-DiOftTrfphicaJ^ " :fic': *c. &c.,.^ , , . ; No Yier-ion c3n dcybt t'l: s'.ipefi'jr pfetinist.cin'i of Mr. AU iH'iiig the compietest. m winch tnc cheapest, ^nd the most eleifmt E-ait.cmWam" Frmed fir Richard Philips, Bridge-street, Wackfrlar/ahii to be ludot i'l l5PAs-il r.aml DealW, in Jsloki. ' N . I). Amon>; ihd Paper, and irv a fvlc-M- ^yp^; corrcsponrting iftSJBe v.Jtii Or. Mayor's J-ritish ^^epos; prn-tf f e,ai;ifal�r ruir'^if of K.-adhig Lxi; cises, from t!w t^est .�\iithor�, tr.jn are v> be in any o;lit;f VVofk ol the ssmu descni.ti.-n : evpry lessor having a clearly dwh09d-.ODj.f jt;irnce or ni.>raliry, or s.-nie im,.ctt.Rt ttuth. Hv the Rev. D.A VID (i LAl �.. Hnrsk, jb caklllitcd sndhe'rer: hi tlVt". w suitabje length'ot ,t Lesson f ms division, it :s.. dhtimsC will be �tieti.'-,-,d with an equal digrt-g "f c nvjuieme to r'"' 1 ift'it aid Piipil 111 tne a:tr-.;l bu^messof:�uub^ic S-'i ..,..f � Printed tor Richard Philips. No. 6, BrLlce-s't-t H\ � iri.irs uctn and !o be of all bO))k.sellers m ihV cmr-jii M This d,ii; 13 publis!'.ed, ii\ one very thick a-id closely pr.hteA Volume, Ci�iii,im ng miwaids f matirr mta a very smiH ciutipSss, do tocuivsuk i^ie>.uemaUvuietyJ.4;j-th�l.i^ b.'^, m the L. vl�tii.g-liouse, ^iij the Ofri..;."_l8r~t s'l Cruic,.l),itQru:t,.,t8 14.,  and W. Clarke, borough, Higlustreet. tbl'h-li: G.Ro\* t >) aid PRhSLRVATION of THb H-VIR ^HE use of the following prf'pa>ations .will iiF there are the leaist downor n.otsoj the Haii* reip-.tlamg. 1 �jiiise It to'groiv to the iiwst beiiiiJttruHeiigtli �nd tlticJiiite'i and preserve the ettreincst' 04ti Age j?61ft-WUeij Vtvii-hrmed baldhess lustaftcti pLT1g^5fflO'A Pit'lWWMWtiTirftar ,very pvj>9r,,ttied .tPKUve* fi�'�6|^Wfti; 1^ Warrinia.^lii^. 'drid;urriV'n*f�* .aKlvabi . . John moyle, nroK N. 1). The SnufTand Tobacco to be deUytfcd to the chasers >t Cowcs. � � The Lire aiW CWriT^affr�"va>.th^c. "-ihif \''oruin�.w.:>U be timnd Uueresunstt>.Ml,i.9.� '"^H^ t d�iin=''�hVtf ^�l!ftes^1>l4fct'^u�t6| li�iii�lSny*< ;

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: March 24, 1806