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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - March 22, 1806, London, Middlesex T�KAT�E vKOYM., DRURY-l.ANK. THIS PRESENT EVENING tlicir Majcities' servants wHI a6� ' ThellONEX MOOI*. . t)uke, Mr. KHistoii; Kohndo, Mr. Russell; raeuer., fiU. Dovv^n I Juliana, iMtSs Duncan ; Viola�te, Mia Mel. {on.-In Ad V.>a Sons by Miss J3uncan VKN"T.nA.'<!3EN-. THIS PRESEN T EVENING will be performed, i TraKedv, cdll^l : ' OROONOKO; or. The Royal Slave. ^ (^roonoko. Master Ueity ; Aboaii, Mr. C S-einble ; XiO-Vc.ivof, Mr. Murray, linoiiida; Miss Snrmli. With WE VLYIJY l^VUHr ;' l.rtr.g Stori-s. On Monday tlie MquijUineers. with " Wc fly hy Ni^hr." "~U-h<i last Night of tlw Cdmpaiiy's^tiotanug till the ' ' Holidays. MR. LEWIS'S NfOHT. . TtlEATRfi.R YAL,.COYENT.,GARDCW. r^NSATURDAVrfcxt, Marclt 29, ml4i�^�4*. VJf vi�Uti�t ,ileathe � Ti� which will be addedi . APOPUIAR NEW FARCE. ;.Plicw tct be taken of Mr: Brandon at the -('heatrf ; and of Mr;.i.ewis; ^0.^19, Hart..&;trwt, 6loonisbU^. ' SATURDAY, MARCH ^% 1806. ' ITCHIftlTION. THE BRITISH GALLERY, for the Exhibi tbn and Saleoif the vVorks of the SritisU Artists, i4 now Opeiifd to thtf Piiblic,7iiid willcuntmu*^ i^pen-every Day, from I'len of tbi C.iu<^ in the Forenoon, until Five in the Afternoon .Admitt-inc^ is. ByO/der,  VALjeNTINE GREEN, Keeper. British OaUery, No.^g?. Pafl Mall; , - WHIG tLlIB. 'yHE m;ct Meeting of the WHIG CLUB wi ,Kight Hon. Earl of Lauderdale Ht Hon. LofdSt. Jolvn \\ight Hon. Loid Crew Hon. Wm. Maule, M.P Hon. D.M; Er�kine,M.P, . . J.C1erkJervoise,E�q.M,P DSnuer u|i Table at Four o* Clock. ' , R.W.CLARKSON.Sec. - OARpiNlAS:'i--'X quantify of the finest SAaoi 'O shas jiist anfivei! ^ MiCKiiON's, 170, Strind ; also S'^Mflfritxt^leot PainMUa Chee<fs. His prepared Ai)i:1loviet t-ii San4w iches eontimifl to Kin uiviveTsai satisf.i^ion. Brsi Sfiuces, Pickle*, ind Essence of Anchovies gt. the richest KavOTir; - Dutch MenriiiKti B�sf tor giatiuR, Rein Deer ToHCTcs Welch Sshnpnj-e**^ Sounds, German-S-wsSKfts v/estph<i te Soupii ��>fK�on, ripe Stilton aiul V'hapzijriir Cheeiws. The bei� Oils, Vii)ei�rs, Olives, Ca-i>ers- Maccifoni, VeTin'ceUlt and every article in the Italian ij)dT:>il business as tisiMl, ot tha bfest quality.__ .'^�^.IC-p DEAF v\ND DUMB. ' rpO PARENTS and GUARDI ANS.r-A Gen. J. - tleman who has tnveiled expressly to compare the several mut^iod* adi�t>t�a in l^Mnfi*^ C*rma.ay, �mJ Italy, ftror l>o!:es loinstruct a tew boarders 10 bpear^, understand what "Issaul, auid Converse in the usual,way: Cards of address at ihs library of M�s&rSv DuUu 4)irties luve only a htj interest. In eftlier t^fte^ tjw Rw.t.-rs will have thepowet dt redecnnn^ tlie sanle.-'^p^piy per$on�ily,'Qr by leiter, to Mr. King, at his liou e, S, Jokivstreet, Adelplrit . . 4. fe'akftitrLL.atdg, CHARlNG-CRUS,!i, (..ONDONtI ri1^,BlSH returns his mpst .grateful thanks tp the X vpublic for.the very distii�s;uished pretercnoe thsy lave . been pl>-.ised to eive tlie above Offices tor several years. -- Thd^holders ot the following Outstandinj; Capital PrizsS, sjiateU^hd/soUl as above, in the Lottery just finished, may . f lthe/recpi*� their money or exchan^ them lor Tickets ^r Noi 7.2 Afih flharos-inthe new Lottery which beguts Drawing the uthof May, . .� � ro,ooo i,ooo 2,000 t,oiii i,ooa 1,000 AH Pusincss. in the fldtlity and tH^spa'ch. No. i,6?9 19,063 16,5,67 10,931 etc, tcc.&c. Public Fuuds transac^d 5" joo 5'>o 50* with >ijEW sm^E-LOTTTERYi begins tJfawing .'-1 1-. It -' z 3 Priie �f SCHBMEr s^t.oooi . lOiOOiO " f,000 J,00O 500' iuo 4-,oq(> ap.OQO .10,000 JfPOO 130,�o6 itS^ooo'Tifkef^ Fivfl First.drawn TiCttet* isf bay Five Fitst-Drawn Tioketsjd Day Jirsi-dranrn , 4thl5ay = ' , � � 1 � |flrDay . iPfite nfa TUtk^tj^^i.i^ .18 o ' * t->f:^.u a pLEigHth,' � ai� Ditto I.T,ooo eavli 1.5,000 i,ouo eich $,000 *  .i �0,000 20,000 25,000 . .K' f v� I SiJtteenth,' i 6 \ .^hwwiiwhpiivSalc jtall the ]-iccn�ett Lottrty �<SU iglnal' InyentloA ic �ny*^diJinarfe,wi, l$j;.'c9m)wiMKLor mvL ... %f time.' ' fis Theatres.-Coufftiif lir :eJ upon, on half by the \ut.ofQeiobfr nea, and ihe remainder >y the % iUofIXc<m/^i\Jl r a. Iffs qUHMtlly thnn Fifiy ThwiMid Croiui [iattxie Pipes, Ten ThfisaifS- CV<<ii'� D<i�ix)c tirandyt Tiueiiiv Tl"�tt�nd Cro afit b,i>UK'e, WJaii)�", titetttn, OY Quebec I'ipe i>ta\<ts,'^mbeaiihittkd. iva be litietettit ik tunrdi at entitb; nr thjt tkvl ml ie'Mive'ed iiilUJMMWih-t Otif o'Cl-ek ot the. said Fridaf the %olli,ef �^flikMi^i^:ii i^mit^t*:^jtt;-Ka.,wlhimuki^ Tender ot snmei f^lVEi frittct^l Ojfteci-s aiiil Comtntssutuers of Hh .:i,jL M'festy^j mivy Jo-bei-edy f;ive Notice, 1h.1ion VJtoKZi-p;/i,Y,.,tA- 2(nh instant, iboft, at One e'Clod, i.bey will be teiidy^-h-<al tofth sueu persons us mii,v he ivilliitfcta lontraCtfor bum, Hhttr/tett. Fmtsmouth, and FlymoHib, ttilth ^ :. CAMP. HORGK^. A-^tetn^^ Por^es may be seen at Deptford Yard, and a �FfrntoftieTt^ljfllLmiiybelei'tatihrsOffict, N<^tete4er- v,'i!llie reeeiiieJ afier Ttvelwi'ckck on the Jay of Tieay, Iter ally noticed, unless, or. an agent Jot inn, attend*. I'KtCTt rpmim^r-^o^^LDt FIVE HUMDRKO JL. t)AK 'i'kEESiinf�lof tlwni from forty torfifty lect hufh, and Capable of lutnJsbinR the fiiicif rfrtval Ptankj Th� abJveTre(ss (marked and. nunvberedj are now st/iWiai *� Weitwood l*a*k, andi�i�y viewtf4by avplyfiiSAoMT. |54hn Wainw'jBbt,near Drouwich, W ter�hjri^ .^ . ... ... qpO be SOLD by PR-iVATK tCOHTRACT, -sn iff.-..T-xrrs.-7r.i �XCHEi}V)Ek BILL t>FHCi , March 13, i�. 's Treri' sury hjlii tig given Directions for fayinj^ njf iht; principitl oj the aSatltmMtie/t,'J hxehf/iiiir Sills, ivttb ibc ii;ier'e>f ihcean, at the Exehejuer Hitl OJice in the RcVcift if Exc �niHr,M(iv Palace Yaid, ff'estminster, an 1 iiesd.iyi'tM utday'^f Ap'->1, j 8 ;6, Attendance will b* given daily (.Snmuiys And iUlidays excepted), until If^ifnesd.iy, the z6th of this^in.tanf. Inarch, in-elu\ive, from Ten o'Civck in the Morning till One in the Numbers in Numerical Order, according to the value of the said Silts, and tunes ej tomiiientemenl *f hitet^U, luithtbc I'rincijal Sums and Interest due thereo't, computedjfrQin the.'day> on nvhicJj *^:are' respectively dated, exclu.^iue, xa the, said i\t^ day 0/ Mfril, lijb. incliisfve, ivhtn the Inieiest vjitf ceiife f and iffty are desired to �write their namei. and places of abode in such Lists, and indorse t.:^eir names utthe said Sills. *   If any &f the Ihldersof the aforesaid desirtus, of receiving payment of the Principal and liitere^'t, previnus tt the said ist~ duV of April, i^oft, they may ie accrimmo(Lled oH computing I'iie Inieics! to the Day on wh'icb tbeywish to be paid,^ and lea Jing the said Bills for examination dne Jay prior thereto. Such Persons Ui may it desii ous of having New Exchequer Hills In pait payment, upon nk'ntinning lie aufunt at tin tntt'im of their Lisli, delitiefed a�jir before' theibib of Mareb in.tavl, may be accommodated ntiilb New Biits carrying an Interest i,f I hrtt Penct Haijpenty by the Oav ea every One tlumlred Pounds,-u.-bich stud Keiu Bills iviU bear dale the said \St di(y of Ap'il, iSo6, and will be delivered on IVednMsday the id, andth4joll�vfl>igt>ays. 1 - . Vt, B. Alir^ EMhaqtMr 'WUs- dhwd ppol* .fo'Vebnury. iSaj, have bien advertised tu be paid oti, and the lutjr�>t thsreon !!-a> ceased. O F FIC ! O F A > RON A N C I-, M.irch to, 1806. THE Principal Officert of Hit Majtilft Ordnaiict do hereby give notice, that prr.pos.its �will be received al their OJftee, in it. Mwgarct-sireet, PFestminstei, on or befwe Monday, the z^ib inir. ftom such persons as may be willittg. te UiJcrtAe the supply of KviRAtili tyr tne 0"RDNANCE llOKSLS jitJition'eJ in ibe folluiuing Dtstrtcts^.i^ix^i NjJfcTH Bmt>i.>j. .... NOK rHEHtJi � ,  �. . . YOIIKSH l�s> . '. � ^ , LtVE-RPOJIf, . ' '" � ' EXiPEitN, e:<cIusiveof Waxlev... -- SouTHfKNS exclusive oF Chai lam, aouTii-WEvT, PortsmoilHi, Isrl'eof WJght, and � CJui-tchuTch. �� Wooiwi.-.ii, with its Dependencies. . .. ' NV ASLEv, Clvtrlmm and Mary-U-hone; . for a peiiod of'Six Months -.rom ihs istof Apill, until, the. the^itb Septembet next. I he Forage to be iurnislie . prr Ration as may billeted m the DistriA for which he contracl^. The Proposals may be delivered separately-or jointly lot each Station ; and it is expe^Ud that the Contracior shsiLl re- i ceive the Stable Dung that'may from tiitK to time acc^lnu. Kte, making an allowaiKe tor the same. . Furth.'r pai^ticulars, together with the Terms and Condir tionsotthe Contract, may be known upon applicatinn tothe OHiceV. Commanding the Roval ATtiflery in each Disirfcl, whoare auiliorised'^o receive Propps^^ls; andakoat the- Secretary's Otilce, in St. Margarst-street afotesaid, between the hours of Ten and Four o'clock, where the Pro-potals may also l$b delivered, sealed up, and marked on the dutside 'M Propo�ils tor Supplying Forage for O/dnance Morses," butKu Proposal cah be admitted after the 24th of Hthc presehl Mouth. By drderct tlie Board - ; �.H.CREWv Secretary. W;BSTMINSTER l>\RE-OFFICK (established i7i7} f the residue by insthliiwrtts 10 by agreed Upon, ihelSisi vwithin i� months trom tluj tunc of SJe, . ?0QPEFf3 HILL, SURREY, near Englefield. . Green, onetiiileiront tvghani, twu tioinStaines, tauror flvefrom Windsor, and iiinetL*en liuniLondm, I ins cclc-briited'B^d deli^litliil pbce, latein tne occupation ot Lord Henley, TO Jili l.fcl", by the \ citr. Ths house is^ com-pleiefy turnishc.l,. the hot,. ^reen house, and liardens well stocked, awl the urou.Klsi so"distin)Hii�hcjl torrtttciisive procpeels, and picturesque scenery, lu thp. b?=r order." The land to be let wirh' quality amliri good conUtion.-iJonsistinK i�f Meadow�es, Kitchen Garden �|, C<5p-.c 13. Pleiisure Grtnnds 4.-In all-ijyi Ures. John Hotkiei, the gardener,?'^vlll sficw.the jrlace. F�f further particuf;irs enquire ot Messrs. Booth an*l Haslcwojd, - N<. Linc^ilii's lnn-.sq\iare - , ' . MlLKOiiD HOUSE, H'Hh 24 Acres of RICH Land suivoun'ing, prdduitivu yardan, with gr^pe-housi, slirubbery; &c. witinu 4 miles of Ly.mtm;;rtn, to h2 LK 1* furnish3 y 20 each, and 14 tett liiiih; bre;uctai.t parluur, nijornnij? lODin, library, l-mt best bed c.'i.'imbei'n-, three it savinfi rooms, Ijvl-servants cnanibsrs, kitclicii, ...cutlery, ^ervajifs liali, butler's piniery, luiuse-keepcr's room, two water closets, t*� .own of Mr.. GeorRe H'jokeyi Soniliampron, or of Mr, Richartl Hollins, Lymington. Lciters,'post-paid, will ine.-r dye art^�ntion. ., This Day is publish-id, elegantly printed in aVocket Volume. T .EWJiSDON . Hill, considerably enlarged -i-J witli oiher Ftienrs'. " ' * ' �y the Rev. WlLMAM CROWE, of New College. ' l..L,|i, Public Oraioi of ths University of; Oxford. Printed lor T. Cadcll.^ndW. Davi s, .Straid I hisdayisiHiblished, price IS; fid. 15SSAY on' the" PROPAGATION , ^- CilRlSTlANITV. By H.')BI-:RT MORRIi r i. A. B. of A" -�y......... Of Catharine H�ll, Caitiorid.ij. ,r�bl)sheiVin uni^quepce nt Slaving gamed the Anntiil Pmm of totty pounds, instiiutal jiy,r{ig lat? Rtfv. J.ihti '^^(i^^'r"^" &fc.idl��-i %U< i o;)ir''., (>iu-e 1 ijj in boiirtl-., . THECOLLEGEoiFOR>l' WILLIAM, in BKN-Gal ; containing the Oliicnil Papers, andthe Literary Procc'ding^lot the College ot Fort WilliaiTl, in iJeiu'al, ciurhk its hist F. ur Yea s. � " ' � - Pritttcd ttJr r. Cadell and W. Djvie.-i, Strand. TMF, WATER! Ntil'LAOF-i; 'Tt^HS; B'Mk'.ellers iiod all iVr;,OTij who have esta^ X t�ll�'meiir� a U intcrcj; 5 �f niiy r.f rhe Watering �ti4 SefJ^athtiig iMdies, a'c r-�|> cUiillv inforrHcd tliat a new Firitiftii �f tlie well knrj.v.i V/f.rk, VilK GUJOE TO ALL Til"' WATHRIMG PLACl-S ix^b.Mit t<. be p'rint-il it,i-me<iiat-ly, atid fha* t jj and.pu:iilu.iliv atr.;iideil. ta if arldrcssed tci the' Editor tot he catie cf.Mr .PIi:iJips,,Bf�fl?;--strr.', Blackfriari, j[��fldon. liaproVed drawiiii.*. ( rgi.Ml sketLlies or plans, a'sr> b; ai.xc|i't,ibie, anirvv li Je 'ctu>ocd ifdesired. SlEMOlRSof the Ll.FBiand THEATRICAL CAREER 61 SAMtH'l. TE. This Day w. s pnblisheit, ni Thre> el^gmt Volume*, ro-;Js- C^p t'ciav.-i, embcllishetl wr.ti a tuic I'ottrait, by CaroLne Watsiiti.iiritc Its. in.'.o�rds, �j. MliMOiRS of the LIFE M TI^ATRICAL CARi;iiR.-ot the la'e SAMt/^L F'-'OIE, .Esq. commonly intltt the EJ^GXISM ARISTOIKaMES, in cliidiii.i{ Anecdotes and t'.-ti:\snev?r before published,./elative to his various Dramatic a;wl l.iteriry C^nteroporaiiM,an<t � co'lleiVioii, lit h s'. I &n Mot^.chufty original, with' Th'ree ot his IJrimn-c Pieces not publii.'i.d III his Wfirks. Py WJLLl.^M CitiKl-,, t-.wi-liarrnt-.r at Law. Priii'cd for Richard Phillipi, No. 6, llridip-strcet^ Black- , friar� ; as.d to b-tiad.ot all'.'o.-^ks-JIe.'S;  t)t whom mav alE'.behadj , , Memoirs afthc late Mrs. ROfil NSON, tvfittenby Iters^t, in Two Volumes, iM:ce las. 6d, boards^  . Li ub^jth�d by hiS Son; in tour Volumes, price i6>. i!j b arris. � ^ ANEVVIlRlTlSil |i^^:AT.tE ' -wuh Ueit^.irks liioirHnliical and Critical, 15y Mrs. IWC.-l.'AL.i i To be published celt ly. This ija^is puWislvJU, 111 Rovat tSmo. pncr One Sinllinij, . cmbi'l!i-.licil wiih tf fine En/ntif-g by Go'i'.tng, tVom a Paintmi; byWooilforile-nr, p'.'c? T Shilrtngs, clijanil^ priAied on'superfine P >o.'ks. W t.i l^i r.raplucal and Criiical Remaps. Hy Mrs. INCHiiA l.D. Printed for L^tlgrTvm, ilnrsr, R(ir-,,and Orme, Patersoster-row. Where Specimens ot tiieVi.rii may oe .seen This Work, bs^pg mtcndiM a> a Compiinion (o the Theatr'�of^t nr:ta;n dial IriUr.d, will cnnrain which has.been purchnsf-il f� the expne^s Purpose 01 intro-ciucing th^m into the pe^ent Work: �t h� whole wtU be pth:t intendid tj t;r)iii|iri.>f : s Work 'rr T.>venty-fiv� Vo I' (;ootai -.nn; i-n-c Piav.v; judatits Conclusion wiU be given gcneial Title-p.i,:e licir(bn.ttl!JKbe given, as�Froniibj iec^s ti. tl:e \'i.J'r;;)p3 of the Fin^HihUoit^ Puiirairs o! AutLurs, genera ly wiin uicir I Uy *6\i'ii first .hrouuht forward.^ The EnibslU'shments \v'ii\ hi entcwri in -t'^s very ftesc mariner, hv'th'e hrst Ariists. Th* loilDAing h'jve al.eady prbd.,.ced Picture. : - Smirke, Stotti^nl,, We-t.iM, Howard, Singte-tcn, "^mukc, jun. Cook, f.;o. SiC. >V Inch .i^e ehgravcd hy H aili,. S.;hi,iy.oin;iti, ( ttisr, Kaimbich, Wur*, Ne gl , P'Oe; Erglihiirt, Eithw;:!!, Nvbl-, GoWing,A. bu I U, V are ^, Ac &(;.., . _ j, Ih.s ii.iy-are pu-yhsh'd, New Edition^ revised nod c^rrottcd, in Tw'o ^oliimes, fvo. pV.'ce itTa. n a>as, A SERIES of PLAYS, in whfch it is attempted jTA. to ne!..;iPate i!ie str..n<or trK.ions �t n bs!n t a T-a.,'-dy a.7il a Loaiedj. 1!v l! >A.\'NA r.M LLI i-.. '2..MiH<:!!:info;i5 I't.-.ys, d\ tr.e same Author,Sv.-. nrice 93. in b'^^i'l -  -l'ri!i:<il onj; nan, Hurst, Rees, a;v.t Onne, P.itsrnos-ter-j.sw, � aiid:Wale� Houses, Buildings, Household Furniture, Stuck in Trade, within England, Scotland, an ANNUAL <7�</SEi'TENXiAt Insurances made Ij ibis Office an the Property above speci^^d^ fnm Lots or Damage by Fire, for luhicb puipm Attendance Is g-ven daily at the Office f'OM Nineo'Cleei in tbt Morning until Four t'Clack In ibe Aficrnooi, Saiuraay excepted, on ubicb Day tie'tlffi^edoiei at Three liodiscs, Hot-walls, Fu-cine-ltift*s, l-orcirgrhouses,' Vi-Mtier, ftc. AUo particular Oirettiona relative to Soil- aivl Sbt^atioM. AndtofheUhaleaieiiOvv added, ver^comiths. raply iin'nrovetl, and gre""----'" ' Oaidtncr to hi� Grace I Ai^d JOHlf / Sixty VW< ' tontad for }. Jphni�n, R. baiOMn^ " Longinah, Uuru, Rret, andO ' l .ST.-\.CJil.j uiiirii is proved the c.tIv nrticJe Ve; (>;scMVri.-,( niil;ir.i; lie l!..!r cow t hit. {.-and \anf,\ evcivon Ivr't! iiIshl-s ^v:1,.;..-r^, fcc. i:c. .lud will in all c,l^c.. pievii! (iJir, iilfmi; on, .siuth is too often the cjst foi tti ;r ;i iur;s!i:'i!;cr.r applied to strtnstlio V t.'ie rco', pr.v.-.strte .ttdsi'.ii of irany IwcMiira b'UPrtt.Tii i-a iv a .st ot iNi)Di.;iii :ii kuit'dom. It" is rtxoinm^iided tQ l.a^hes-s ai ap.^ tiieir toiler, | as tlie use t>. Oih uc nnw f.niii,! necessary to rend r nlOl.^ulre to the ii i-r iieiTTJ-fSSing. 'Ihe .tuss^a Oil tor th th; fiair a iirost beiutitui gloss ai d trai;rant p."r fume, andlan.^es it aNvays ro retain its natural , colour. To coinm-'iit on Mic nrnvy vjluable qualitres it wos-sessfs is uscle.^s, it nee�l '>nly. ba sndfjji ought'not \i be om ttrd hy those who have the ofiiameut oTf a ffiie fceatf of hair,' a d'wts^i to rjt.*:!! it; .its*> those Jffraeni. who �hfb^ti^  profit by its virtues. Price rs verboiile, or onecontamin? four ssndll, at a Guinea. To be had of the Pr.')pHet<jr, jjj^ Oxfout-strottt; and, hv app intmeiit, at Finch's, p, Berkley-squares Smith, Peiturner to his iMajost^vHo, Mew Bond.street j Hendne and Swns, Peituitters to her- Maj^itv^ Ti,tolihrrne-st^eet r Holms<, llolton, and Tutt, Rojal., Exchange; and by most Peifuitiers and ~Medicuie'V�fdei^ io^ town and country. . ^ , " � . Bewarf, as nne are genXime but tKosethjt-have the Russian Jv-ngle on ths.'uits ilc, and sigiv^l in r^d iuk by' the Proprietors, ^' Mochrikntsky and Princ?." . HEALTH -\ND LUNl.itVm.* DR. JAMES'S ANAl.rPriCaiid*itNTlBlLl'OOS PIL'LS: �'* t-olds, ftheiiffetijins,'tieid-achs, Indl^;�t^tions, .ai'!doisier''l>feca3es .c\P|hc>Stt3;.*Uiyf.aijd Kowels ; whtchiari*efrT�nthfviel4Sjtiid^.ot.ourel\mate. or torn indulgence In Jhe. K�x�Tie* ot lilo; aprt thejra salutatf elf.-els arciiroduccd by i;entlf oiwidng the po>es by-ni$ht,'ai.d thsbady by day, is-niiout rvquiru� aoy pirtlculat ftgjiTwtvor �-conhne i.ent., Htat .t�) VSbnS{ ai^t^e Pilj^ price 4�?MvS%cE a(^7> .vluid.tiie AiUilbiliou�.i>n4�; ildd&t, Qb��rWrthatth�>�(�lM

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