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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - March 12, 1806, London, Middlesex , , I.I.,... .vv'.";":-^---r-r-rrr-.^-"'- 'riHt.'*T' r-s, P'�wioni:aiid oarinis'ter? Mis. I'owclj, Airs..lVlOUlltaill,�^'is. Blaiul, iihd Si^Jioca Stortce.  Oil 53l�'<i -MPRRO^y fiyENINCr will be pcribrmcil^ X a )Ww ttuiiiity inirive .'Vds, called  A a�Nt VO HUSBANDS, thic prii.cipai CbarSiaeri by Mesrss. C. Ke;iible, H. Jci>i'&;on�Ti!WCcU,SiiruiUaii, I'ape, Emery;. Miss Sniitli, aiitl Mrs.'Glover. ' , , . The i:y Joj^ue ro b� sp-.kfji by Mr,.Urunton, ami the h[n. JoBiie by WiiV S"in>f�i.' ? " / � , With 'I \f li 1->,Y iJY'.WGXti:!'or ''"''K Srori s. the rcpufalfd dftlereiite'fo a>)>vco�i'd Uatulion." Av}>ly L-y k'ttetXpost piiid) to Caiu^uvO'T'-^,ai; Mr. i'Jac'e'ii, Ariny Clothier, CiiarJii}; cMss. nu^^ccpMonable in evtry res|icftti and has iuretTcs ready. Tim Auvertitler will tgqiiife the ftivoiir in any juatnier suitable to the wishes of the paiwii. ' ' Letters arc ruytics ed tcbe addreaspd 10 D.I),D. to be leti at Mr. yottttird*S'Library/corirer oi i'4lI-MHll; Haymarkcil iojidoii. in a prime situation, ; lit^f Chpapiiulc to be DtsPt)SED of. Ejuiuire 01 MesiKS. *urt�nand Vwiiofr Coinhill. . "iMiJER.-To be SOLD, at Wciqi^n, ii^ ilvc Gcuiity of Bedford, a'laigc quantity ot Papital t)Al<v, 'ilMlJtKjOf (lariicular large dime, sions, well'warth the attention u� Shfp Uuildirs, ami iK npo be SOLD, tiic NEXT PRESfiN lA I \OSsi X'"-of a very vatuable V ICA AU lar iium Lon- don, V itti a ptospett ot early pobsestiian. tor further particulars ap^ily to Messrs, Richaids and Co., Teui. ph-tHT, An IcttCfii (poat pad), duly answered. MR. GILLWAY* Dancing Master, has the iio. nour to iiiforin Ladles and Ocutlemeiv that he gives JPK,IVATKI.E8St�N3erery day from ticven till 1 Wo o'clock, aiulfrom Seven till Ten m the evening, tn the Ja-shionablctiCorUi an.l iiish steps Eight Lesson^ toi�(Jiie ' Oivinci.-He alio teaches Noblemen and Getvtleineii's chil. itrcn tlie melul and* eleganr art otiUniinR,^ Eigbt Lessons ijr a Ciiinea.-at their oun houses. -Gentlemen may be acc./inniotliiiid vsuli ! oarll and Lpd^jing, a'-good bed- rcfprn, a .m.iting loom, and a parlour to djiieiiij at a .Oumea and a iU]t' |.er \%cek, coals :md candles includetl-Country Dancis every cvciuhr from hight until l-.ieven o'cltck. Siibacjipti. iis for Ladies one Guinea per quaiier ; i-'er.tle-11 len', Eight Ticketslor a Guinea.,-MisiGiUway tiachesthe; piunoiorte. Two Guineas per quarter; and the Harp, six ,)es. >vMng tempoiaryor pi.panent Sums .(/t Money, and posii'ssca of an) assignable pw]ierty, that the) may be sup-pii!;d \v;th iiiiy Mini un Imr and e(pi;tiible icriris, by pacing iii! adefjiutt; Aiuai't) inlercsl tor the Sdiiio. As also nionry >vili tit advu! cc>.t to tiios..: ol kni,\Mi pioj crty, on iheii per a iial security. I'ers.iial a,ii licafiuns ire daily fcpeived by Messrs. I.iicas ,aKd Lo. at Mo. z, Ja.rics-streL-t, Acelplii, bi:and j and letters (post-pud; .ij)!>v\ircd witjiout cklay; . I'. - , MONEY FOR LJfE (AKNUiTIES. . SEVERAL ol tlie loDoiiingSums ol jopl., 500I.. to. ol., 1500i., Ssocl., ana 30u0i., ana to a larger ainoliiir, v.iii bt aivv..i)Ci.d, lor \\ell stcurcd aniiuin. s'upcn landed . *states, houses,.funded pioperty, and church livnigsyas soon ai the secuiiiiei can bs jnsi ai.()uaii>teil with tlic praCtxal^iart, � Pi rsonal applicaticns, and letiera (post pa;d}, are daily re-ttivedai his J10USC-, No. 22, Cccil-strect. �TARV�Y's SAUCE for FISfel, GAME, f-c. X~l Wis.LA'4.LNH\,hi!dingthcSu'jeiio deinandand rcpu-tziiuiii ot il'C aboveSauce stili induces scVcrut bhcpket'pcrs to vend a spurious anil vsry interior aiticlc under the same name, lias^ to prevent tiuthc^nposinon, and by detirc of.nunicruiis admiiersol the genuiiR^MUce, requested Mr. Haiviy tos'jn tl* label on caclrbottte.with his nanic.^ to which, ho has Itindl) conrunt-d; and ^s a turther sattsuittion, miiffris the iollownigjeard;-*-'' Mr, Harvey rcSpc^tuUy inlorms the No-bihiy and Gently, liiP has appointed Mrs La?enby,to jirsparJ aifdsell tbe^oveSaucc,^t her_Fish-bauce Warehouse, No.6, Ethvard-stmTt^ Puitman-sc^uaieV and th.ic none aK g'tiuiiic **~uhauuhist4ignjtme �r-(S!tfiay>tcttfr4l4tvey. iJiacK Pog E ^rhtcifal Officers and Cojnviiishners of flis ATirjc-(y't Navy do l/ereLy t^k.-e Noticti ibui at Okc c'Clock, nil thtfoliouhigtUys, tfetiuillbe reiidy to treat ttttb \vch ferMns as m-iy bt iviUi'iB to cmlrnct Jar iupflyin^ the art]- Un Wednesday, iiie~\a'/j l>/it, - Rh'a CiaJs, comiillngof � UIGA I IK �1IMI-.I';R, aid RIGA INCH and hand m.asts. 0,n TllORSEAY, /V tothi/ist,-Noru.iy GooJs, , spaks, dkai.s, . RAl tlks, and Mast,-;. O^Thursuay, thczoth !nn. ~D.viItcU- Goads. consUlUg of Oak pl.^nk, ' I'.RUSSI > DEALS, and .ASH K Arn-RS,' - : D'Stribulioti'of toe .'hac/iifiL-itb Foiuts t,f tie Ttydcrs', tnny Mo Tenors luil^ iifji(-eruj:,i afier ^atli.'e a'CItckoX the retpee-J'lrhi'nt^aUfiias. � .  '.� . ' ""�^ -i, . ' '' ' : � f' -N/VVY^Xn'M-lCK, March II, 1806. M.ONEY pfir/,^ tn the kaiidioflhi! Treasurer of tlfe Mvy tot'iiy. B'.ifniv fs- li.eyejr 18.5," M j�c/> C.hap'^ains fiitlie Ki sal'Nav, rtt ��ir enh/td (liert:o under His Mujeslv's Ordert in Council; I'i; du:e /{'-is; t'-.lniu.iry, 1769, 1st Fe-irt/,i>y, 1784, (irrd i'd Oct(jb-!i, j8j ', .nu -wh^ Ij.ive bftn entered afrn the List !n vi'lMe *f the i^afitis they /j\we respeclix-e!j/ Notice is hniby pjve't, that the PaymtHtif the same will cm-i'licncc (It ilie i'!.ydjJlc<-,,S!tih /A instatt, a! Tens'C[t,ikt>ttbe Friieniio't. TieCumnit^h-u'fs ,ppoi' tO's Office Joi^ carrxinf^ i;ttb fjjecl the Act for S'-'''A/.y/i.^ a Coirtri'.iition on ^fi'f.ts,irsini;fiaiH:Prtipeit\\,Prof^S'ioii{, Jiff, do het rly givf uaticr, ib.U tie iuidCii:ifJ.:ils are irq.-tirf.i tn f^iiu in a cefiarAliox to tbr /li'tiioi ,t, this OJice, pcvious to i''t pjyntertt. � VIC r>J,'\Ll.lNG-OH ICIv, March to, i.Scft. THE Commtittoiieii^sJ suri naauiitie': of the fjlloiiiing deuni ihri of SMvest-Cnivvn DaiTt^x IMi t, LiKAND'*, and HOGS-v HUAD STAVfcSj Hi.H:k ^-'antzic. H-inibiO', Stettin, and Queb niv maij:p'oJ'Oial-f rlietfaf itlllcon.'m^tto d^lifer i?itQ the I'ntii.illing itfliiYs at f �eit/irdaiid Flymout'.; in siieh froporiio'is. ,rt sh ul be-n;-after be u-p'fu, one h.ufiy the } / \Tof Oci-l-fr ?;cy.t, aim the remainder by the ^ist oj U.ceir.her Jt-lf^'wing. I'j bcpnutfot hy Hdls, p.iyalJe �uith intent, t.'njiy Juys after dtte. Tie Conditiani aj the Contiuct may be >.v� at ihc Secretary's A'. B. No teniter' for n If^s qiianhty than Hifiy Tho'isand Crcivi i>anlz'cJ'tpes. le/rTboi'sand Qfj'U'f! Duniztc Brandy, 'rhotttjid D't-cii j> i>laililt/be a, . No reg,yr.ivjril/ie l.U:ifoanv lender in zyb-cb the Price shall. 1806. Ordrumce received at on or be for Inn rpHE R^vvWJLLlAM BARCLAY'* PATENT Jt'-.jANTlBlLl.OOS i'lLliS. ;Tlip e,\clusiv^ bale ol this �valuable hneUicme bcmg now vesteii-solely in tlis Rev. Wil-liam Barclay, und those appointpd by him, the lurther sale ol the Pills IS; In consequence, entirely discontinued at the 'ilaboratorv. No. 35, bedtvrd-street, wovent-garflen, and is now cstat)lisliid at the ReVi.W>ll�aml*afclay'rf.Warehouse, l.ciccsier-sqnare j where the pubhc may he assilrcd of having shorn, in tlutir pure ahd gcntnne state.' Mj." Rtchnrd Butler, I'Co. 4, Cheap'*'*!*,, tjcing*^?pointed �oI.� WhclesaJe .�\gent, all vvtiolesKte orders, tetJl m tpwn aild countrys arc ro-isttd ^p Beaddressed to lum, who will make the I radethe \jsu:il alUtw'ajice". " None ate genuine but thi>se liavwig ii iH.iik7St4ij^p, wrth the na�iie� SMhe Rev. \V. baiclayj^ iiijr.ived thereon. ' � v... ' ' . -iv^V. PHIITS, Agent to the Propt^tors,  Btfdford-stteat, CoventiK�rden.** lyii. : �/; I i.toi'sana i^fj'Mfi IJam^ic liravdy, ti C.oi->; Sia.'t<x,te tiogsh,\id, or T^M'tiy-fiive j..r.;!.v\'c\ Hi'iiiio',- ."^jeijiri, or Quebec pipe 'le lu:: loany 1 ender in ivh-c\ tljc Pric? shall.� not be iKSerlCil in 'H'ords atle/i^th, or, I hut fL,iIl not ke Mii-i)erid" to the Baardbefore One o'Citek on the said Triday t'.ie lothrvf yune He:<i,' nor unless the person '^i^bamakesjbe Tei.dei, ci some petMvion bis ieiMlJ, attenits, in. am'A'ir ivhen cal.'d f^r, OFFJC OKORDN.XNC!:, MTirch 1.,, T^HE Prhtcipal Oncers of His Majesty sO\ JL do iieieiy give notice, that friipo^.ds ivill be rec garet-streei, kS^eitminsier, on or t/efore Moi^^f t/UkSAilt tH^t.-jrofit tuch p,i:soiiS as may be Hi'iHirg to undertuU- ;be-supply 0/ Fv for the ORDNANCE HOl �rrli:r |.:nt:Giilars, tc;;c'litrwith tjie Terms and Condi-jLni.s otihe Ci'inrntt,.niay bv-known.upon apphcatiun to the Ofhcer Ccinnian.ii..;^ tlie Ucyal .�\rtillerym t.ich. I Motiict, whoarc auihorr-cd to receive I'ropus.ilii j aiiU akso at the Secretary's .( Mficc, in Sr. I\;argjnt-strcvt aloresaicl, a iv day between the liours of Ten and loni 0'Clock, where I'he Pio- 1 poials may also pe ae'livcred, scaled up^ und marked cnthc' outside " Propctals for Supplying for Onlnance | Horses," but 110 Irroposa' can tie xlmiited alter the24;h ol the present Month, by Grderi.-l rhc Drard " H. CREW, Secretary. PATRIOTIC rUND. , , A, 'LtciYft's, March to, i8of.' MOUNT of NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS, fir rJle g-nerrtl piiriwses of this Institution, a;r.-..dy aj-veitist.'r - � - ... r Ai mi -� 6 On^ d-.y.'.. .p3vrf the Ofticcr.';. Ndn- ' commissi nidOirpcors,aii(/l'rivates' cftheiiirmcath Ye-nianry Cavalry, Irish, Sir Htlward bclLnv, Cdmrnandant One d:iy*3 pay of the Ol'jters, '_Non-c<)inrnis!iioned Odiccrs, and '.'rivates of the Sl elf 5 48 8 I 8 18 8 �4 4 to 9 4t_ 9 8- 5, o 3-1 '9 4 6 Exchan^^e. The above by the hands of Lieut.-Ccl! Co'lston, liis|ieduij^ I'leld O'Hctr ot tne Counties of Meath and Louth, m � Ireland; . . , Major-General William Thointon, Grosvcnor-gate jo jo o The Conipany frequenting the .Star and Carter, I. wer I hiunes-stcqet, Oepttoid, per Mr. John Hainbrook - , - - r J no Othciirs .tnd Private* of the IsleworthVthm- tcer t.,-omp.''ny, by jos, 1 li ckeray, Capt. Coni- inandaiit .. - - One day's pa) of the Urr Company of Kfcu^l- brght Volnntrer oattalion . -  -One dny's pay of ten bea-tencibles, ai d two men bielonfiiig to the Signal-Siatirm at iJiad- well, I- ssex - William Knoivlesol the same 5igr>al Station Mr. N.Austen, Rain .gate - Subscriptions'irom Leer's, per Messrs. Uecket:, Caiveriy, and Co. , John Wilson, jun, - � la to Ltlwaril Mark bind - - 10 10 i'^icha-d Ram.-4-n Pramley ,- 10 10 Julm Hecktti V r . -. jo 10 J thn Cah'i-rly � .. .- . i& 16 VVilliaiTi Hey . .-. - ' �Mrs. HJtjdi's. - ' , :. Wade, lifown, and D.ckmson T homa.s C.oiipland -�X-buries Simpson -A.Draham DicKinson, and Son rhomas Hcnyon t6 14 ____r. DR. CREGCH I' PaR I' of the above valuable VVor.k was published on S .\T,U KDaY, March the 1st, price Nine Shilli.igs,. and that it may be s-en and purchasedat.the shop of every rtrspetlablc liookSw'ller ihruughout thetmpire. """eDLCATION OF THK LOWER ORDERS. Ill a few daysAvilI be'publishcd, ' A LETl fJR rcpoedifully addressed to the Mos l\. Reverend and Idght Reverend the Archbbhups am r.ishops ot theCUurch of England, oh Mr. Joseph Lanc�s tor's Plau lot'ths Education ot tne Lower Orilprs m the Community, ' Printcdfor John Stockdale, Piccadilly. Of whom jJiay be had, in 8 vols, 8vo. with maps, price 3I. 3S. or on lari?e pup-er, 4I. 4s. The Works of Tacitus, witli Nutes, Sl^)ple^lcnt^, &c. by Arthur Murphy, Lsq.. t and WdiW S/A'lE LOTTERY, begins Drawing lift;pt Ma), 1846. .' ' ' * i'hi day IS publi.-hed; T^HE BRITISH FLAG TRIUMPHANT ; pr, X ti�eWO,ODEN 'walls of old ENGtAND; being a Coll'�inivof Gazettes, containing AcctwYits of. the ctcat Naval Vitlories dur.rg the last and picsent War.oiJ-taiacdby-EiTil Howe, Earl St. Vincent, Lord Viscount Dun^ can.^Aiimiral CornwalHs,- Lord, Vi.'icoimt liridport. Lord Viscount WcUan. Lord CoUiligwnod, S.u R.J. Siiahan,l)art. JSirJamesSamnaret, llart. aiid K. B.-^.and Sir W. Sidney /2�-.oe i he pub-'goo rKiaricn has rccei*i?d the .sanihon 0/ the i::�st ernment na-no 100 vJl CharadCts, as bemg well calculatfd't.i jiourish and kesp alive tliat genfeJoitsardqurand umlam*cd bravery Which have ever d^ftingnislifed the Brrtish nnvy ; and. at the same timi to estaKlisUi'trem the txamj[vle ol so many illnstn >us Com-niaiidcM'lhi^ important-.ri^r.iH, .that Chtistian Piety is the firmest fouiK^iiion of,, and ilie Vf^t'Ses' inctiif.vo to, De^ds *^^'A"^'?^�t'*Fthe' Sub�cribe�' Names, h ar.iu-scd tn the woik. "PAXilXX^Liii^h-Xt"''� lla� lia\v - . Miss Kiisha.v - �* -  Rev I'eicr 1 l.addon - , -Rev. Juhn 'h-epshanks C h.'istopHi-t Ik'tkttt 1 h!>mas lii'ckctt - - j. U. L harleswoilU - Mrs. Daile - - Jomr liiil - - - .�Andrew .V/alker - - Hii'd and Smith - - Willia:'.. Lurhley ' -� R. Newton -' - - OeoTfie U'ailes �' �| honias i enton � - - V. illiam I'enron - � Dav �i Stansh..-ld. - ; - VVilliam i..o'oK3cn - - Lucas Nichotbon  Thomas I kin - - J ohn Carr - - � Henry Hall . - Martl'ev, C.reerir.nnd Co. Sa.iiuul llamei Uaies Go ^dii i> to io iO 10 to i S S > o Id 5 4 i 5 5 . 5 lo . I;) J i 10 j.) ij 10 S m �5 5 5 21 5 10 10 ' S 10) 10 10. ? 5 10 10 5 10 ii 5 5 . o o o o o o o o o o <3 . o o o o . o o o o o 6 o o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o �0 �. a n  a o o o o o o o , o . o , n 0 o o o o o o o Continiwtion of Subscriptions from Gi.;iia;i3 ; John Uoyc.", ~ - . . r c o P. J. Porcell . . \ \ a R,'<;, Tho:nas Archibald Armstrong Jahii parrawajr .Sanniel vft>rG*vin -  John K'rt Robert Kerr - WilliamKarr � M. Nowlan.,' f Alex. WsJker Wmv Wcbuhouse Dav'id MaC'.'vvan lames drswell . V -Evan Kenriedy Ceorgc Overton Thomas Serle J. W ; and T. t'OXall Thomas Law Geor,,'e Whitltetd Gcorije C.irry Janiirs O'Loughlin JobnAthtfrlpy John Walker John Cox . r,, A. P.  WiihairtNt-fchdl E.iward-Niclnils Sarnn-1. Carcv Joseph Ji4ins(�n , I hoMirtS Oiincan J.'hn,'. P. Richardson Uonis L'< sen Richard I aws^n Cfrilan liirnbuil John fan^airn Jere.: I.eaycrafc J, and r. Wake Sir Colin Camnrell Wni PurW', jnn. Beniamm d. binilh Charles i^cqir.^t ReV; VIr. Nash  ' Hffnry Moissac . M, Raymond . Richard Manlev � ' . P.ofit on Excli.wge . , Total Mr. Cherry, Suh.^ 5 S 0 5 5.. 0 S V 1 5 0 S 5 0 5 S 0 5 s 0 5 0 5 5 0 5 C  J 0 J 5 n 5 i n � 0 o" 10 0 0 S s 0 9 0 i 5 0 5 5 * 5 5 0 3 3 0 X 0 z �0 3 2 i $ 0 $ f� 2 0 5 s 0 3 3 .0 3 3 0 5 0 3- r 0 3 0 5 0 10 \-> 0 Io> 10 0 S s 0 5 s t> S ? 0 S i 0 5 s � 3 3 0 S s 0 3 3 0 5 5 a 5 S o 5 S 0 3 3 0 i S 0 5 5 0 3 3 1 lo 10 Q 10 10 .'nd)ii V ulunteers, per Capiairi Cnpiiin Cfori;e Rowen, R. N. Sea f'wnciblts at ClaveUy --/Xpp'eiiore . . . - 111 r.icombe . . , , ----hafii.stapie . OfliLcr^, Non-coinmissioned Olhcers, and Pri-vaies, ot the Regiine^a of St. Iv^s, Volnn-t^'C's, in Cornw.-trl, Liei-t.-Colonel James Halsi, Com:iianda::C, oiienay spr.v. Subscriptions coniiaue to be ri'c.-ivsd at Lloyd' the Bankcrj m Town ai.d Country. ' J. P. WEL.^FORP, S?cret3fv. DISEASES OF HORSES-". npi-JE following prcvali-nt Diseases, are safely a^.ii 1 expeditioiis'y cured by ULAl-XE'i HORSE MtDl- 43 S o 3 a o 2? I ? s, snd at ill Gripei  HiJebounil J-'-nl'^j L.Mi'.enes-sies 4. 9 30 6 o 6 : 3 John Thorv Chapman, par John ?ones Captain W. ,\lavheavy, \>\ Uattahoti ot Ciith. ns-ss Volujiteer Intai.ti^v, t>neriiv's pav of t'le Olficcrs and i'rivate.s, r>ei t.r.j. rl;;sseli, Esq. Agent Geiftr.71 for Volmueer Corps ,  Pay master J ohn Miles, .t.laniorgati Volunteer Riflemen, ditto per Ceo. Hassell, Isq.'tiiMo John Ucbn, E.sq, The Ciriimbahis Ash Troop of Gloucrsterslitre .. - 'VfymaiiryCwvaiiy, comiiumdjd by il. vyjr- - - 3jrv^'o Henry Penny, Yeovil - -r -. Royal Ora;ige eiub, 779, lirld at the True Dlue, CINES Colds Cough Curb Cr.cksC-'euI) . CankL-reu Iv^t I'a'cy, lM.^tv!i(^i;s Stc/es ' Grease These .M sTt-et, (^xto'd-st.-iet o.jsev, No. 4, OA attoiids every \'. edn-'sd iv, fr.> :lah\' Me-.srs. I'.jfvlav ;;!id bon, l-' ' Crisp, CpvKipur-strect ; H.:f!(;i;it.-n aiid Ct?. ' � " " utv l^'i'.i'. l-.�l:>.y)iir-.>'.! ; ."�pavn-.s Si ;&.ito Si lle-ders's 'I lirushes, St. d i-i.-i I'on.iCrs , siitii'.g r.oloEvil Gurttof � Kuig-br'nt; ci'if! are priti:!r?'.>>- ��.IrrPIam?, Ko. 5, Vvtl!�-ai'.t soul Wuolejale.-in.l . r. Bto.nsMcr't, I-XLiiange ; here'Mi. A lit J I o'C,kc!t. Al.^O; iMarfci.*-; ^Mnks, U.-. \w\ at Si- re;.t( iKij; .md nni;-; j:\:un.i: the a,M(>tiriili.,.vsct- pcfsnas Wafe, ep .1 i.,.iLi bhti'Ld b> a co^-o-j-oi <^l,^JJ.,^,;^.^^ idet-ure*. or m'tfcO '^^ Miv oi'ierc use . Exerj day prodiw** ft jt, ^c-cou.^its ()t tins luvalu.ihle, Re5tcr^.ive A't i:i�if>Kc Qt^Ui -" ��ii iun.uiji s, less oF>'emor\. l>,un(>s5.of Sight, -Ihr,, ^ .iu>, ie.ble'tes-, Horro's ot the.Wntl, -ejrjTMte Ct.^,-p!-.N .-c Frr P v. - ^n the a, d \ o.��, 'gW it s .v'Hpstherx.-,s net ,n>. ^Wicm-. 1 pujlv Cf BrnStir pMM. fi � n.ida, trnnsinitted by RolMi-rt OtvVttv-, Erjq.i H:s hxcMl�ncvG:d!ve�'uo^^^JHJan.d^: ^in. o o> ' 3 5 ' rctu G/SrVi a..m, Geoigt,.?l5)'..'.-bn.,.-^ '.�. . Hon; Robert way *4v �Owsley Kowley,sq' ~ J RObvt RCui�)> I . -w, r'o 0 S.i 0 ii^ 10 -v i<�eMi;*.. H�s He. Wei^ianevl, Ibc pto*:r**tiYe�4#cV'M4j*"'J^ ifS^ bo�rt;, Wv '1^: Of. SCli,ck� - fUTitt'^l ri.:itt��oJthrHK UcTfheVet 3^*>ctJ�jfri^ compicifr iiiikiHv;.t;(s�^� w ><vr'4 d S8 .any.pati ttVtll>4Rin&>iU,- liv:i��Jj /am \

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