Friday, March 7, 1806


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - March 7, 1806, London, Middlesex U'i '�i ilt^vJ.t^nsi.^J�e�^�iAjl5V'^7j"��^'Mi*sj|?�J|� ;,Miis I'rue, Mrs. , uW:Ute�?5^�AjGS T.t>aMORROVV.' Ok o' Chek, ^f-l^^ folio .'w/'C'AotT,, firj' lutm lejea/fy^. 1 0* W�i)NBSrtAv, the i i:-Ric,i GWIr.'f�>�|/J�/r� s tfs fho" shall deem tstitnites 6t'thfe* ETcpfnc* oi* erectirig th* same, hcreb\{-(;i�e-JNoti�w,thi^t they will r<ieot 10 the Caunci( CfhaitiTv r^in the" C'lindhall aforbi'aicl, on Wedneiday, the ajif .X)ay" tV'ApHI, i8o�, at: OftB^o'tJiexJlfr precisely, to receive WotletStOr''^essKiis lin. such Monument, with Proposals one *obem*le on tfteA?over, containirtg h.s Proppsalsfor exatutingth^same. WOODTHORPK.' ^y*-' FUltNlSHliD HOUSE;.'- . ' A to'ha disposed of, a HO US K in complete repwr, fit for * th .�l!iraMtjml�}Qr^A�i}at�n. V;Ta be ,Vjswed with Ticl^rts, toV whicffShafurther rtarticul^rs,apply 10 Mr. tildes, UpholdjEi', Persttn^ying ^ veil accurtomed Gonc'ern Ja the R^ta 1 Sptit Line todisposepfj__may Uave Stoclc , talmbte and-permajietr . post.paul, to W^L. i\ >VIr. Jfol.n &rchard.strpetf�pMilhti-�qim?r iAl>^ .JL workmg Lead Mines only, tor such term or terms of y�tri;^and in mifcli 7)arcels ji& miy bi aioreed upon, a iar?e "(r�^of;mostly uninclssed i.and,consiuina oj:.ahC)ut KIK1, Y 'THOtiSAN I) TS^C R F. S, situate 1 ir, the North KidinR ot tVt C<wty of Yoik, ill a Lea(! Mine Co iwtry, I.-ng ne^rly^m-a Jrnehctwcen AlMone Mooraijd Akeji/la)f,.,(:)ie rmh miiirs,Df 'Whrc+1 tlfstrid* .T-i! We \ ktn\�n)'seiia'atedi'�jniy !iy the Kiver 'IVes trMT) Miiiiiieion in. Tocsdale, and. exteiulm-i; trorp tUe l5<nm'y of Diir'imm to the Cnmuies. yt Westtmrland aiid' ^CuintierlMvJ, itttluding-Lune I'onJat^id divers minors there An aecur.'.ts survey and pla-is of about Thirty six Thou-�arxl Aces h^ve already been ma^e. a d line Samples of, iMil ih-: hive becii gO'ten in drttcicnt parts, but nearly da �whole IS \ et unenploicd.. ^ .� � --. - For tu.^ihei, paitjculars, apply t-) James Farrer, tsq� or , James Kaircrhteatiman, Ks^; BTea )iKinn; to Mr. Cal.-ifts, Stjrfaii�m Cast'e, ncir|flarnMrd Castle i or to Mr. Dobsnn GitTfide', near N wt.asrle upon-lyne XX; kxchange to I ntar�"try'-a-Apply by ' Letter 4(pon pa'd) to X. Y. Np. .^6, |cr,myn-;tTea||^^ Jarres's. �. ... ' This'djytJispiitbJKhedi .?irice ts. 'X'nE DANGERS and ADVANTAGES of the X P R lis If i>J:T STATE of. EUROPE impaftially Con." -  . By FREOEaiCK GENTZ. - � ' Printed for'JoImStoickdale, Piccadilly. , Of i\lir>nnT^^ay,be had, by-'th�,wine'Avtthnr,.price m. 6;V. 'A Vindicatwn ol Europe and tjreat UrJtain from miSijepre-nratuJnand.ispersion. � , , ; ' . ". Also, in Ywo vol?, price i8s "Khe History of the Politics of'Qreaf BTitairi antl l-rance,. Bv tHe Rev. Hefbeit Marsh. : ^. . liii j" " ,- I **- -JL'" 11-11 lit y' I '-' I""'�  ' Thrsday is'^^iiblished, bv J. limld'.'Bookseller l�'his Royal , V H|)jhnji..? th4 Prince ot Wales, at the Crown and Mitntr , ,.PilUMa)j..pri':e i5.^6d. ^ , ..... : OLD WHIG. I'ORTLAND PLAdE, HATH, ��yor S A'L R by �A U G TI J) N,. b y �1 r. P L U R A, on ^I on a v �exr,,iVIarc!i"'to, and tljrce. tilloitinK days, at Uleven,: by ' �rd>-f oFtlie EKecutors-of P.C. CRESPIGNY, Esn..d/. .gcas"., on.tJw Premises, centre or Portiaml-place, Itath, ^TPH^' Modern E(eg;int EURNITURR, seven su. A 'Vcrb'Pior'.-ind Ohimnsy Glasses^ rich Girondolss Lustres, and Mirrors ; hn�, cn'ioiis, �i.sefiit, and orniiiiental Cli na. and Glass ; s^^ect ftpll'itljot) of I'ainiings,. with. the tqlsbrated WotxlmAn^ UiB BeKjSar Womsn, and' the Cv^tag* Sc'en?�,,by Mr. Hjik^ir.^ a gr�nd l'i:ui:-l-orte,. wjlh additio .nl Kevs {'large 'site Brvis^cls,'Axmrnstfr, and TiifTcav carpsts ; b-:il.,tcad!),.jvith chmtz, cotti.n,-ami dimiiy. han>;inss, the J);stot heddiog ; s^eoeiitl vaiietyot sound mahogany articles, portable billiard tab!evhve;plain and enriched rcKistvr giates, a.iid all, suitable infetior artijijss. Also the whole, ct the ftrew-liou"!!.*, fitted lip at a Iiir^e en pence,'on an improved, 'IVbe I'ubliciv vww<' lircl� ^ih. and, Uih.. . Cva-t'giies 6 I. each, to be then had at the plat� of s ik* and at ^'Pi 9. John-street,' �� ', ^ � -. .. npH-E.Rev. WILLIAM BARCLAY'S ?ATENT A' aNTIBILIOU-S PIL\A. Thp*XcUj^ve b.-ale pi jhi� Suable meoicme'beini? iiow vestfcd soIe)y ip the Rev. Wil,-!i m R�rclaY, amt those appVnued by hWi^e the *>irNJer sale ot th'i PiU. is,, in ccms�p�ivc�Vtt'^coBtinji"! at the ElaWrory, Wo. 3.5. IJei^ford-streat, UpVentrRardrn, and is ibhshedat the Rev. William HaTclav'sWarchouse,. now e.'ttabi JLeu?caiei I hern tn JLeu?caier-SQuarc I,wJiet-e-the public mav heasswwd-otliaving in thetr nu�e�iid senuine state. ,R.��hard Untler^ No. 4i Chcapside, b'eliK ^ppcynted sole Wfhofoafe AfienrJ' �� wholesale nrd-rs^bbth in'toWii bnd coirnfrj*. are r�-"H'lfsfed to be aOdofsstsajt* Ulm, �hf> wiMtninfcc ihcTtiide iImj JijJal fll owance.. Nope are geiuiino.biit those having ,~ Black S^ambi With this pathe, �' The tttv.AV. liarclay.' nsravM-thJfetSi:*-^�'; '  i  T.vV.JRjHIWSv Afi^nt. to tlie Proprietor*, . )Bedtord;^trect, Co.Y�)t-aa�ifc�. lULBY'S GENUINE QVaW'^NATlVl-, Which has been lonKestablishtd as superior W.JJ-Pthersia . ' *he Cure- of vVl\p/cHOllCs.. ^6kVULSIONS. ,PI)RCMNOSj-*e. >iii �he'llo*tv�ls �>f Infantsi ds* well fts ENO t I s rt .1, y R r QB^in two Pitts .. Prrnted for T. l*�WnanAW. Da,�ri�, StfJB*. *,� The Seconil I'art triiy -harf sepanw^ |�ri� ?a, qri�� d..Ki^pj�bli�h�t. �w.Mo.l�rit^ odaTO, |MJce. �' ' �Me-<nuiiea in imfila, the Third, Edition 6t, Ne5S�Y�iit1i^'PRlNCtPLE ot POPULA. Thli day 5* piAli�h�<,' 6iei^ifLitn�fri'ir, _.. LLtJSTRATIdl^l of ife|,T?#imW i^AN. hftffiAtfl iMMMRitt'deVml fotiitioA ^ tivJn,vtfifi, their ^fj^iiktic Cvti�^ie<!a<m* w�tH.otftet''�e�t'ge� 6{ ^uai Aiuj- S'^iev^ �t,�t� piMit and jM� iyfBoard\f.Qi-^ eimv-c/Paynirittf>.i Saturday, /At jfr-i/, and Monday,,i^tip/A iftitjfit. ALEX? ry\V\90% t*ea^nirer. . To thi, KKKEtta^lJfcRo ttf P.UK PHS�tKa. <'iiii'Hiut�,'"'- '' � ;,. tlAVINc^iist,|W8fii fit)fri-Cietjerat 'Campbell, XX that heihtendsfo ottVr hifnsi^t as a Crfnijidateto re-pre<jeot you in l*at\)finmmik^OiiJ**Mei,tii jWJica your voles an'lbuere.'.r'arthe itex.t.fc1eetii)n. You'lvaVc .ilrca r ine to afferd tor the thities ,of iHe tttast as muclitiiyl �could nave wlrfied,; HHftp^yi^uWHl^tot tlflnlc me Bpssjifnjuunui in .flWtering myselt y*j*,^ill(:��J^ wfthdraiw jr<Jiir .riroteclioti now.-  ,,. � 1 shall take thiB*��HjJl|i�Op<$itUnitj� oF- pajBiag tfiy pfcrsonal respeth to ever^ FjMi{dtf|r ' :^ , . ' ^�n^TWVC'j^llrllQnotjrtoWtlytin, Witk entimifttt4 o|(tjmM||||''mv�re � ' * Cefft'emenry^ur nMjs�obedient,. . , . And�Wjgf�d-B|l^lribIe.s*iiv4nt,.- i ^ j.,'-' T-nm. GRAHAM'. BalROwan. Maitri;'r9r!ifr.*i'r' .Jofrthfe TttE^ATWfeNt^of ^ &Ci RRHtJUJS-viMJSrtfJURS of th� BREAST.' ;�b which is aifdiil * new Md fiflBCatiJousJUode of txtumg illfi U Itemed Cancer ' . . ' By J.tM^S UQP rtt,  ^iit|{eon tOwhis Royal Highnesa vhe Dnte of Kesiit, a^Rftm-Ihtr of the Rojtal tolloge', and late Sentof Surgeon fgr the Hospital at Batli. ' ^ �:.  - i  . Printed for 1. Johnson in St. PawVs Cbntch^y^rti. A,_^ .''"h's diiy ^ ijwhli:(bcd,-price ��. �SERMON preat)i riel College, jijhI Prebendary of Rnche-ter. OV/onl; Pinited at the University Press, for the Author ' Bfilii by.J. Cooket atid t�y; J.WWte,Hfeet-:st^'i:t; and F: C. aiMl J. Rivington, .St. Paul's Chuirch-yard, London j^nd newhronvCambiidge;; � In one , sen , By AN -------....... ''The Folirth Edition enlarged and re�nse i!ebet\veej!,l>ublin and London, and the l l(jipur:street. . /rhLSi>ay.4s. published, THE CATALOGUE? of this very extensive col-ledlinn ofEryglish; (iVCr'ch; Italian, and other Books and mav be had by apnlicati in.above, prfc? rs. 6d. AIL t|j? newan4 valuable Pubnc-4iii>n.s are added as soon ts pub-" .Uslied, a list of w'ubh will .bs^priiUed every three months, and given j^ubscribeis.- . _ " � Thisdayarepuhlisljeri, elcgai'C�Iy printed by M'Creery, in foolscap, 8v . [inc^ ^s. extra hoards, t>OEMS. By E1>!WAR,D RUSHTON, Liverpool, of Printed for Thomas OStell, No. 3, Ave Maiia- London: Jan?^. Cavtos-, by Rw-m CUrk, rveitly pnivipd in foolscap 8vo. price M. in bOi-trds." tVhere may be had, the Rvstic,". a l�^nein, in four AIR- RAVNE,R.'S Ke�V NQV-E-L. This rtjy is published, ' . TTIRTUIS aad VIGfi=^^ � a ;Novcl: in two vo. V lutnes,'pric*-{)Si b!i.(rd-5,.' ^ > Hy W. H. RAYNKR; Esq. iioihMiR earll>ly.Eivirt, or can destroy. The s;>ul's calm sunshine and tl;e hcarttclt joy. Is ViTtue'ij prize; T he Koo But th'�c'-lesst.i*tethem, as they wors-obtain. IjOfldon : l'.ri.t�e�} t9rai>iL sold by th^mas Oatdt No. 3, A�e Mari-i-Iat'e- ^ � ." � , ,  Tlifi Day is.piibli.slwd, �� A a:REATISE; 'oii 'jrfie STRUGTt/RE, EGO. /XJtfOMY, and DtS-fiASES of fbe.LIVER ; together K� <l'<!ry 'mo t1\e Properties atid Component Karts of By Wtl.LIAM SAUNDERS, D. F.^-.S. �nd S. A. t . And M]ow Qtthc Royaji ColIeRc of PhyiTeians.: � . .. .TW'^ ^J'�i�M,' with Additions aTid,impfovcmwti. Ptinted any Sold by Wl. HiHps, Gedi-ge-yarJ, Lojubtrd- ., ^^ti l)y .Mrs. Ffancps Oell,- dattghter lot ihe.late Mr Wfplti;!u}l|)y,.^Y''KP�'} .'"tt^ ApotlKcafy,,,tihc Invepiojt, (10, �ri\VaJWfeeqii�a^tlil-d ilieLle-propeiltvi, h aboptto bedi^-pos��feft'?i tfel^|^p^i�,�it^^pl^�f^��V*of ttiv'ficwi�t4^ Uc*vy dytie's� r(ivrUlijf'>Mtti4i�^4Mt�rtft( W-<b�^'abbve M<6di:o{lM';^; ,?No, 45, GraccOhucch-stre t, prrce^.<. 6d,'in boards, Gyruses: px^EDixiQr^f Into per^ia, anJ the Retreat of the-Tei)' Thpusaml Greeks, trans-UiaA trom Xeiioplton, with Ndres, Cot' ; " . " ' ', �^* jgayh ot the Sbnve Pfteiasmay be had seT>arate. ; Sold, also, by appointment of ^4e!lSl'8, Wewlwry.'fl^'Uii^V and Co. Bow Charch Yard; Bacon and Co. No. feo, a -d I. Allen, No. 76, Oxford-street j J. WaUey Old Bbnd-Miect Hayley an t Qn .vnQLAtijyisIh pyvTotnus 'lUE. liANK OV england. AT .This dty-is-pubtialieii,  lafjte yoluina QtUvo, price bound 8s. a new Edition, C�retufly cor Reeled, being the zgMt of A COMPANION for the FESTIVALS and /Tl KA?TSnf ths CHURCH of OiNGLaNU : 'Colie4ls and Prayers tor each'Solemnity.  |}y;R()HERT NJfLSWt>l, Esq. Priiitetlfir f-,.C. a/Jd J. Kivingtort, J. JcJhnson, W. J anii J. Hi^hirtltori, Rr; Biildtvln-* K. Faulder, T;VViker, J.-Nunn,. VV. .Lownc(e�, WUkie and J. Robiitson, Scatcherd :i|Hl l.ettqtillan; Lrtn,rnnan~�nd Co. and R. Phits hpi. *Ot wliorti in^ybifhaii, by tliisanii Author, 'JThe PraclicB of True" Devotion, in R>Viti6n. to the.End; the Meaii.t^ot Religwo, With an office for the Holy Coinaiynioji. 'i"o which is added, the Cbar;]el e Author, hi �ne?oluine4!iodedino, the list Edition, price bound .js:.6d. orott.fine pap.-r, pricem boBr r . - ' - ' H E POETICAL Tl EGIStBRi Jtnd REPOSI _ TORYof: r-i)Gn:iV&;Pt�5,TRV� ibr the Year 1X04, being th^ KouTth Volume of the Series. ;-Urlnted ;ft)r f. �� and. J. KivitiKtdn; Ko. 6f, St. Paul's Clujrcli yard. Sold a*so,by J .HaichantrNp.jooi-PicctilW The Poe(icai-Re E of x:^9M.\|"NS, Fekrwry'the �R Prn)mof UN C J.A1ME [J d1V11> K NOS J,7BHN^<:^^O?^ti4i^^T^0l^?^e''pVBl,lp FUNOS^ twns-lldViible^At il)w:iia(vk?o��fWt^l)d;<v'<�ht()h.beG�uu3 du�.0A'Aiid belore-the ^oilrK)�Qbp rRE$.tORS of ths BANK Of ENGLAND.''� - . . pinned for Francis Walsh, of the UitclaimfcT Divlilchd Ollir.e, ut'fhe Uink. Ami sold by Hughes,- Walsh, a"iu� Son, Sta"iM>it;rSi Innof-TciViplerlane; Gro�ve�or, Clutcr,�nd (^p, Coriihill jH. o. .Sym�nds, Pat�cnostt;t-iw i^mul IS. WiU liaiiU,.<\aUoiVci', No, i!i,'SM,afttl. This Day is published, handsomely printed in a vols. 8vn emhelished With Thif:y-oiie Plates. Price, in boards, 'EsI'RIPTIVE EXGT.TRST,0NS THROUGH SOU'lri W..\LES an I MON-lOUPHSHlRt, during ti.e Sutnntcr Muni lis ot the Years 180a, 1801, itioz, .1803, and 1804. Uy E. DONOVAN,,?. l.S. Author of th^ I llustra;ions of " British Zoologv, in Iwenty Volumes, a?c. -Sold by K^vji,<ton�, St. Paul's Churcti Yard ; White; Fleet ^tfcet; �^aulr1.'r,.N .i,wBond-streetWLlliauis, SirdiiU; and H.vch-ird, i'lcciidilly. . , � ** T his putilication, besides combining a v.iriety of ori^i- jpA uiwlul int'orm:uion, it is presumed wiU be,tound to einbr.U'-j � nunc a \iiit uf the Natural Hi�tory and Aiiriqiii'ios of tJiuse parrs of-,M�e. Cambrian piincipalny.ot \vhi�.h -it.proitsjes to ireat, th.m 1ms hith^^rto" ajipeared u'nd'r a.:y torjn before the public. I he embtliis: m?als_artf iiuintrous ; consisting'of 1 hirty-onc. J^Litis ot Vicw.s .'Vntiqimics, ftc. eni^ia^Jii in a suporuir itvie ct Jie-ouraty ami el'uuncf, (noin orisuial Drawuvus mide by the" .'\urlior up.^n rli,; spot. A.seUct number ot Ccpi.s hd^ethe Plates woiltaj oil'in Colours, aiui.hiicly tinted in uniiation ot the 6rig.inalOra\-!iiijiS; price, in.h./aids, 3I. los. � Ot the above.nieii'.ioned bioKscllers m:iy 5� had, by the same .Author, The N.Trural Hi.sionei pt Brirish I'irds, Inserts, and hhells, ivitli coloured Plates, in�^ volumes, Royal Svo. ; price, in biiiirlv., jii. ^s. Pl/I'l ISHED l*V SUB.'iCKlP.TiON, he element's of covimercr ; or, ...� .'V Treatis/! on-di"..'ertnt Galtulatians-Op-rat:mis of Exch.^iii^e-.Ajb;!raiioiis.of>;e-bpeculatmns ni uliaiiKe and Banking (),)er3tiiiiis-Frchaiige Crc'ulitmns -OporJitrni, ot. S(.^ei.'c and Bullion-"Pars ot lixchangoaiiaot Cains'-l'f�ctica; .Sj). ciilailoiis io Msichjiidiij -D.-scri;ili;;ns ol :ill ihi MoHU'S, Weigl-vt', ai:d_ Measures o't everv Naii.ii, and re,S|)ective I a,i!es ot i'i(porti;)i( wiih those ot En^latiil-� rat>le"ot Lof^aiiiffnis. lieing a cjnipletc System ut i-oin-merciat CalcnIati.-MiH.. .V i.y ClIKISrOPHER DUPOST, ' , Formerly EngMxer J Author ' i t�i .MertJiaiit'sA'isisMirt,''. � andot"Con>aie!ui;il.Arirlii)ic'iic.." ...Cofiditions.iOt" Stib.scnptiou.- I hi* Work, consis'inc ot two,f3r The price to Snbscrrtiers two giiiirfas; tri boards, to be paid ondelivery.of theWoi k ; and to Non.subscribers two giihiea* and a halt., - . ^-' - : SuHcnptiyns ate teceiveJ by H. d. Symonds, ao, Pater-no&irr-r�)\v; T. Ilocscj, ^, Old BruaJ-strec-f anif by all B^ok^^rIJets m Town amfrCoiifntry. . '� .  This oiignial andcomp'ehensifvf WorJc, the want ol w^'ch has lr>n e.'n folt, w wen adaptecf foftwiise ot Merctiants, and calcliWted to promote the msttuilioii of ypuAg JticMtle-iiwii in Sch;<o!s, and ths iniprdvement of C{nks in C^tmt-jitg Hotises.' .I'he first voluine and Iwo-tlurds ol Mie se. cond have-alri^atly beau KUbmiiteU to. .veyetal of iht tno\� ewncnt^ Merchants .m this Oiiyj arid, amonit those Wh6 have htjiwured The Fjeinents of Coini)isrc . Baring, Brothers , Bataid, Sampson aifd-Sliarp RicliJi'd Btilleraiut Co.-' -Henry Hnnnestcf and Son P.E, Boehm .ind J. Tay or ] Campbell and S. AmlerSon (.liri�tin, tlnkc aftul Bowen . Wm. l>c Lit Cour an, oiii\etl,B�b�eMwftlCo, Ai,tliony Mnngm j at.d W. XTrfilsh and Co. R, M; RaiH*4> Chitles RetUrt^tJJas. IMl , F>rm>n \*e H'aa^et aiiit Co. Chafles'lhtllu-iioft , Samuel VViinaitts ^ , WiUn,- Agartix itHj Co. Wonibv�<fll, 9.^(^fit.H:�\a Co. I, lit. i.-Vol'.o.CtiV L*jfhof o.''^ft�64ic*�*rAWM tWpc.'i.iii'ii'/'^^ ��-*!). V.cval Co}t#9e of. ehy6n.ifM�r lMTjA(jni ami t'bysiLin to the ^iihtvAioT IMfg^t^tfmstlV^ i��rerr.c�- ' %liti'ieXr^Hit-^it tMuminmStA^ to the ai'utimt, as nt^Jii^im^fhpMtfcMxiiinor nf^^ tit iivtii^ --.viicii.iii.Rev. pec. IBef* . � :i'vt� j*- i � '*/V� hai^e pen��eil' the dWVe Work *jt|i ftttch ^ritilca-tion< and We Mm^{ly r<rco;simend it as desVvmg atffie attention,' paiticiitarty of the jiinior braiieJie$ otthe profession, aiit w written in an able andsccntific m'aiiner - we?ara well afsureil that It Will not derogate any thmg trom the,re-p^iraif .n tW Aiithiir hms abrady obtaiped by his Mcdicijiffl Ptallcos Comprndliiin "-M-dical Journal, '/3ec. 1805. . As above may be had, by the same Author, Medicindb Praxeos,'. ompetidinm, iimo. price 5s. *?wf tu be haUof thesatne Btioksellers, *riceA. wboarfjl.. "' AsaneUmenturv \VOFk,^echti�kthtt Gointner^ial Ailth. li^ftic vvrll worthy ih'j rtti'Attonr of fmnfi Alcfchapts, auti Wthly deJCfvlng to be intrwluced Into ouMshboK." ^ NI-:W EIHTKJNS HP MR. GISBJRVE'S WO-^KS. This n.-�y"�s j)iib?islied, in One brce Vol-.'in', Oit.iv, price 8s. in Boirds, a new Efiition (being the Fourth) tor- A'^'fAMI-LMR survey of the CHRISTIAN RF.LlGlwN, jnd nt His-tiry as conned.;d wii . trie Inircducdon of ChrTstiaiiii), and wit*! its Progress ti rh; present tune. Jntendr.l tjr tne Use of V"un.j Persons ol c'thcr Sex; during tlis Course ct puoiic or ok pn-vate Education, By THOMAS GIS-RO^RNE, A. W. Printed lor TCadell and W. .l.aviesv Strand. snis 3. An Inquiry into.the ^Duties ot the Femak Sex, Svo. 7lh Editisnf 6s. in Boartis; ur m timo. 4s. in i'oanls. -4, The Principles ot Moral Pisiiosophy investigated and api>lied to the Consiituuo;v o^ Livil Society, 4ta Ldiiiun, iorre6\ed andenlargeJ, 8v3. 7j. in Sniird*. 5. Walks IB a Forest j orPoemsds;.ciip*iveof 3c;n , i.-e . in. u hi'iiii; s Atatli.--ni:*ticar4aMes. 17. Piij �jK*s Led!i;f5. iS onus's Ifis-lur;^ t Stve.lcni: ic^. Sti.di's ku,-;si3 iia-'.er .-X lex.n>ider 1-JO. A^n (tt Itdlnn Auihoid cii fc^nliiH-i-jl '�ommv. 11. Jacob'* i'rincipjtfs ot tjjf.-in.el or I'i.lnicir Fcjuor--,-. ii. Mallrtr'-: .-Xccounrof the l-fmscitic I.-ai-iii 15. lire-ton's A rchi.-.-cluru �.Anti!>!ijrn'S; Ji. l?il(lv.iirs Fifi!-s, .v; London: printsvl tor th; FrO(v:e*'-^: '. si~it "ly ^V. NictoUon,-No. j.-5, .Si)ho-S(]-.ia'e, u v ,-i :m �..-,y;ii;;vci:io.v^ and the new I'i:!i!iL-i^U-'iis are iei)ii-.>iiil -> :^ -oil alsob* H. IJ. Svinpmls.-Paiim >:.t !.iW, ,-.,1! i' i>.-;flk--3. Ail IMPOkVA'NrT^AnO'f I'^Nt - i-'.e i i\rZK 6i lU-OxS nf E'.>UCAT1.-N. 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Oirly. Ill the i!ri'ser:t V\ :>'-, i !.-i'ai-ic lu> .Ven ujiit-.d wi.'h I'tll'tV ; Scu'id ar,d ISfiV!; '..yc ;-trtf;i st'l;!:iJi been aJj|'f'-.i 10 itu' r.nrii ies of lustrutlion. I(ishi> tycvtf.'-y kiiCrt' r; 1: L .is, or One tor every Pa/ ni r!ie \xi' ; ihV-h-U of which; the subject mutter is !s^-,im:!!iy fim-jh.d^viJbin tlte suiiabie length of a Lcssoit. 'I liTs durMuy, it W'.lbvy^,^.�s, w^Ubc at�;mleil.with att.i;qv*� Regn* of c ii\euir!V.e to 1 utur and Pu'itrir. 5he astyal hiisuics* of .1 iiublu: .^tiin-arv. PnuKd tor Uwhiwd-PlMil^i; No. *st, Blck-rtriV? i^^> eWe/jhit\:th�! Uit^-'i Kmgi. �� ,, ^ I J ; ---^'V^'^"^''/' , . ir^t|lJ?HipHOA�SF,�+:S- %1i doi tl)6cel,etirai�Fp^^L^ and, iwst 'ctKreturt-S^mMy ofjL <JhO SwtjAhTows. �i�I Sifl��tJ<Jig| 0)1 ih 'IS-IS; Sc. NG^ of TOLU, lieal^ng virtues of itethepleasanteu' ^ih-atl ,(�hn�we tiav�|�Krtnd'wwesj nt-tut m�a�iJte)khdR, rt, V4 gr *&n|ii,y5Hl  ;jiW^>^*�i3lAg|J^ do^noi vloy ttfii^jj^,. t hiJJSnwHh* in Cu__________ ......, . . . but Fit|�er|reaie-di^aui{it:tite. ntt'nAt*Bg�|iV6ei^JjVt.Vbod�<tVftrffom t bo Kedredhv liaViw�e��WtGG.*hf tne; the publie toob *(Su�i'e�sir - ^ x la, l.ndeatc Hi" PauPjiljhutth Bac��n�iid Co. Md. inx), (.>xro'�e�tJ I. WVrS. No^".""!!*' Prlii IS. .id. �^lk�j{. t�i > - (^\s�i�sir. to r. i.recnough.'^tlie tn^ti^t^m-ate Hill; �Ht idkl by F. NeWbety, No. ^t. St hutth Yard J' bay ley and Co, CiKk�>i,r-,il*rt:t ' II

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