Thursday, March 6, 1806


Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - March 6, 1806, London, Middlesex m 4219. '  rHC^T�E'| l LKR5; or-Music's Fascinatini). -~ t\- principal- characters bv Mfcosrs. El.iisron, shrahatfl, J. � v>toa", ,'Iathews,,ptijvtoii, and iiiiiinisjer 5 ;Mrs. i'owell, i';:. v>(>iiiiiHio; Mrs. maml, and Sisiwa Stoocr. WUIVTMUEE WEEKS AFTl'.R MaRIUaCE. 'THURSDAY, MMCH 6, 1806. �in. I , 'A^M'tlay, L,i;ye,fQif ,t>pye ;. vUh Tlie Soldier's Ueturn. 1 ��'�i-J.'i X;r UV�T{V1. ."�'�C>H|S'PRESfiNf! EVii'^vIlNG .will bs j^crfonne I .t: f:igeidyi callea ,f � - ir Mrs LUcU- VilK '^-VVCtl'-IiJ JIY NICHI- or Long Storis. . ' '.Snfuraay, a*11 t�f pri.dnced, for tlii; Uat tmi-, a -new lied A Hint lo Husbands; with VV>ritt��� bi Wilio�r and tlit; bliti'df Omntjn t^iic r'Svi-Y., Mr*. Salmon � ieej^we the k^td ludiilgeut/ "'�i-drand criOriis *'! heff.ord'sKall reigii.' Is, tivEm. . bnd >i^W i: G^TOwitzSK Uoni-ertanttftrtrvtolm, flute, oboe, b4a�oon,-aiid yto^W(,-ead obhtjatft, JS�y'M��rs. Mr. . . . I,iwder ot tlielSaiuV'-lflV. ASHLEY; OrgSn, Mr. J. A�Ml.f,Y.. .. y �� ^. r � v;v ^ y � 'riie Land and .Choruses (whicli ar W tw had iii m^-,^\,hi^uii^m!:;)'fi^^ij^{^l. ^ ^, j � �^!J-^ii^i^r<a^dc'l[ft,^.Vlc�eil'feVid^il^fsy and*"btewarils, tlen't in Iiitlia aunnj fh* Acliniiiistfaiion erf Maiq^i)iSiW,*)JesT ley, held at the lliaichedJlousfe. Kivc tkOHcc, mat r'nuni-PApf.ihe �ot)�-�f'5Ma^clif.4s' h\a 4ay ffiiotl on'fbr tlic eutcr-tfli;jmciit J n - -, Colonel UannBttnan fc Colarref Wirtifiatt ' -Mr' M\-<*r* .^UdJnii-.-l iJi^yTor ��I^J ins. +eb lo, i8j�. { 11-;> i�.�d* �>/aihfrii.iidtl6,i>otf.i �} �ftiotuTj3Jiar>- AccCm- ^ ri, " itfay.'lK- hid- of'VPc. IMiilllps, i}rjdR^s*wet,i .UltcktitUfs M'r.: Lii.yd,' Comer of Uail-y. litr^rt, Cf�T�mhsh-squar ilier'i>*;i�fci.Al'J�i'sS,'" , t; Propjsais t"()na'X;v)UHM' Ol'.'Iili'l&THmE-.i to be tlel livercdiouSubswibersoikly; on thi* }'h\sf>Jlfc(*)'of TU ciiVun, .anil iJii;; CaUics,, l'reVeivcia>i^ ai;d Cuffe of-litlntai .icUts - SubaurtptKiik-',^ (. uinca.s. , . 2i Anlairociiritory '0'(scoUr�o on the' Nature a i.l Objcfls of jElouutamary .Sc'icnLe, rs. h.'l: -'.. .' , j:.Uittut>>;�ther,- Aviih bikctuiw-of thi-Articles,, to be read ahdjcc-jted; 7s.  � N.J ever); ivjTjrnin^.m uie .-jasnioMdnic Seotuh jAid 1 tish ^lep.s, to .tl.ose wJJtt may-he d fioieiit- n\ the : p iliiejihd na-essarv Ait ot D.iwcmRrev-ry-dayj troia teituix-til twoo'clock, and tioin seven utit. I eleven. Term*, fcight Lessons tor Une Guinea.-tie aisu aiieiids Noblemen and 'Geiv!lemons children at their, o vn lioiiscj; Eight l.cs�ons-t.>r a Guinea. i.luiGilhvaytoach.-s the pianoforte, eisht lessons tora. Guinsa.i Ganileinci>J may be, accomnio-dated With jtn.ird and Lods'nK tor one G wmea^ ainla Halt per Aveek J a bed: room, dmm� p'4rloar, hre and canllle?,'and-a dr,iwin>;.ix.'0( sec their tiiemls. No. 5, Lovyei James-itrect. Goldon-squvire.. �  : � ����� C-Ui eclfully CIU.l'l-llKS ami SUN, Noi i5,.Neu'.-srreet, Cov^-nt Garden, that MV- Nov.lties in taetr Manutdc-t.>fy of JULLY an.l 1 LANtlUl \NGL M(HJLDS, arif ii�w.ready foirJiijpedion. A very eXteijfii^e.noVfcl aiid faalfl'xii Rble asiorrment oMJ�ard tontjiim aiiil Ahnoiid 1'as.t Mod-l-jiiii Moulds for butter Iard,.*c/ ' ^ TIm; flatteuiii? approbatioiv with i whiclr everv 1 artide GfilQihs and boii.have bfoiijiht foiiw.nrd tonnerly', havc'-'mi' mubtad their ex^^Mioiisjiv-the produchoi of the above-COl-leaioQ. aiiU they doubt iwt will beeqiiaJIv approved. : lU LMilKS OP KANK. AN'I> KAShl.lON. l'Ar'Nr>ULL DKL'St H! Al%DRtSShS. THESE Hei<iUDress�{s, for whii-U T. Bowman ob'aiue'U IJat^ni on ,the aast-of Oifiiobo?, iHoojihas been prosieisivdy ii,,mj; into ceK-briiy.; th-y ihav<i loivjj ulaimr ed the pre-eminence,- and-jusfihedfteAJOTTO he atlopteJ B.TMthihe I'-ite-it, ot rn.e, hull dre's, 6, 8,. 10, 1.5, 'loi'.att.l 3a.,G>. . HaJf-^re�a, 4 a(Hl6Ga J'ocquss, rtoi4U. ilrty-'3iul' V'cmry at their owui bouses, 'S.iti 'I'll.-and -Hax.'^T ' UoW-: sjVN's is(tU(j();ij.iival Sbop)�No^ rsa,-N�w Iftwid^streer,'one �looj-4hoje J{wok.�tre*t \ * j ^ i'-J ' T"^ Kev. wilLriiyt g; >luable niertioinebemg now Viested-Sblsly.itiv- the Resv.,VVil-IjOm Barclay,, ^ikJ ths>S�*W'^)bv htm,.tlia furtherasIc of 'lie Tills IS, in consequeiiee, enMral.y>�UscirtJtinuetl it t4vc i-iaborato^y, ,Ho. 3fwU}!4hitU�s�i*fit,,*jtU>i�nt�fi�rUcn, i�ndvisi Miow estaWwhedat the Rev.'William liarclajt'.s.Warehpuse, l.Mcesier-square; .... J'ii--in m their pu ^'>. 4, Che�pMd�; Wt>v4 VfiP..... pii w lolesafle 'ofdcri,;bbtb Wt(>\vn'inid country,.are re; quested to t�ea perly qtJ-ali. fied, may be .H!>poiiitfd to a CADE't'SHir td IN-ni.'V, �ran ENSIGNCY in the tine or Militia. Address <postpai;l) to'J A. S. VijarOlfrce.mthl I.ICHFI! LD CATHIiDRAL,. WANTED a TENOR. :V01CE.~The inpome offhe ^^IHce i* upw.irds of 70I. a y�.-ar� exclusive ofan official House. Tctimonials of Moral Charatler will bs cxtjecltrd tiom-the Minister of the Parish in which the Cau-dUlate lait icsidetj. Letters, |)ost piid, add.-essed to Mr. lifowr, organist, Lichfie d, Will be duly attended to. 241I1 Ketiruarv, 1S06. C'HI;RCH i'Ki-I'liKMCN-l'. 'O be SOLI), the NEXl' PRESENTATION to a valuable I IVINCi in the Neinhhourhfiod of London, 'flii: iiie�!mb�fnt is it a very advanced u'/^k^,. and tlie  Livins h� a number ot -valuable circiuiuirinces to recMrr.-;. liieud 'It to the attentii<ii ot those who ivisri to ;;rovid" for a relation in the .Church, l-ur particuLna apply to Mr Brace, No. 3j'New liosweli-Cqurt, . ' beSOLD.'the NEXT PRESENTA iToKl of, a very valuable ViC.\. le-l->aK^An letters (p^st p^�l), dttty arwVvtttd.'-. '. nplMGER.-To be SOLI), at Wootton, in iht JL ' Cnnnty of BedfonI, a Uij;e ijuamity of Capital Oa^ TJMHk'K, � jiarncutar laiije dime sioiisv Well w.^rth tlie attention ot Ship lUuld^rs, and nea^ ro a naviRablc river tor a viow and particulars uf the ijaiiie apply 10 Mr. Kidman, hedford. ' ODERN DANCING privately, laa^ht by Mr. ALLEN., 'at tin. ly, Shcrrard-sireet, "(loldcnr square, Mvl No. I , O.rcat Alir-srrtset, Goodman's fields, on uhm-v expressly torriied � tor La.lies and Gentlemen of any -age whohavj ticver Ici.irnt th^tt aocomplishmeht, nr n i in. the pfiiseiit fasnioi), a'nl whose a^e or r^i^ k makc.n an object toi'feirn pertedly private. And loreigiierj, . Olhcers, or cQiuntry restueiiis to whuin time ts an object, expcdaiously cotupletwl. . f Youii� Ladies and Gentlemen also iinderfourtrcn, n;>t 'C-qiiirin^privarc lessons, tdu,ihr at tiiese Academies lor One Grmea per ijuartcf, or ^chol vacation. 1 his piaii puiti-ci>rarly interests I'aieiiits and Cluariiians of youth wa;irini;, Tfsntfcel adioiJ and address, but e ,%e imcgriry anil piin>-.timlity tlie u^ipcJ^tTelianceinaybe pl-ited, wishes to ICNGACK iiv.soi)ie.Tespedtable At) lil CULl U K AL or COJVtMLKClAL 4NLANI> CONCURN, either in or ii^av the. Metropolis, oriii.ihe Country, but the latter -woulii, be pieferrc.l. As rBspettablerefVrei.ces will bfRveiv, and a moderate .capital' brought, forward, with securitv,, Jorawy trust rej/oseil. the opportunity ot: full enquiry wijl ,bc ex-pVefed. Address (post paid); to G. Mi M. at the; liapnsi Ha-<d Coltsf-h'MS*, Aldecmmibiiry. Lo'id in. � bEClili 1 aK V. . yOUNG: Getitleinan, Twenty-two years oF ^(�ej wiio recei-v vpuld;b^ given to tlw East I.Ktifs} sspt|v3leJS�ecretarv. Kcftuced thut. to speak of hisown pre-, tenn.iiis, bfJ-tpodpstly, yet wnhdp.Tly, relies aivtne haituring tesiintopisij ot..^mpaitial friemtf; he has travelled the Con-triient, is .so perfeM a mastfci- of the crench languajje as to h3vjf pistfd. or a nativj^ <0 1-rance, and fe.-ls coiisc oms. that j: hU.abdiiclt^^iiMXiui-iHotit fvl^iy mie<]ua(e io'th l3kS, &c. &c. HE Court of Common Cpimcil of the City of. Lond n having on, the 28th Day of Februarv'last,, I iiiianimouslv ; Resolved,., that tie Connnittue appointed to ^cirry intoexecutiim the REjolution ot that Court, tor CrrClim; !4 Ml iiuinent l'> tl'e M>-iiiory ot the late Uif^lit I!onoiirrth!e AvrhLlAM PITT, do pri'Cure and iJy before a future Co'irt such Models Qr Desicns as the. sl):ill deem worthy, with esriinaies of the hx;.'eiice I'f eredir.g the smie, Do hereby pive Notice, tint thev will iiiec; m the Council Chamh rm the-C-inildh.ill atoresaiil, on We.lnesday, the 23d  l). ne o'Clock precisc^ly, to receive Miidels or Designs for such Monument, with Proposals (^ralcd up) fur Executing the same : and the Commurec roil iie t ��  ~ >. ' . WOODTirOKPI-. . GGOFER'S HILL, iiURREV, near KnglefidJ (.reen, one mile from Ej?hanT. two from Sla nes, toiiror five from Windsor,' and nineteen from London, f fits celebrated and deli\>httul place, late in the occupation of Lord jHenlcy, TO HE LET, bv the Year. The house is completely furnished, the hot house, greeri house, and gardens Well'stocked, and the Rroui-.dsi so distmgui.shed for exfcn.sive iiro.ipeds, and piiilure.^ijviii scer.erY, in tlie order. '1 he land to be let witiuihe hoiise,is'ot excellent quality antlin goxd tonlition. C'>nsistni . 4' I'OR ' LAViy PLACE, HrtTH. I'or S.A L li by A V C l'M}-fi, by Mi; P UU RA; on Monpa v next, Match jo, aml-thfe^ f dlcfWinj; davs, at l-.levcn, by O rder of the Executpri of P. 'C. t R K SI' 1Q N Y, 'Esti. de. tres, and Mirrors; hne, cuaous, useful, and Chnaand Glass; s4e-� Colk-aiMi of Panitini?*^ with i;.e ccle|jj-iited Woodmaiij^;the fJetjKSir Woman, and" the CctaM SceniS by Mr. Uidrfc�r; agrand Pianc-Forte, with Keys; large sire H�V)4sels, Axiniiister, and Turkev carpets ; beilstitads'^ with ^^11^, cotton, acid dnnity hanif;ing$, (he b�>i oi beudii)^ .'jAJteperal variety of sound nia/iq^any arttcles, portablebdliardtairte; hve plain and enriched register xrateii,' and all suiiabitfciiiferior atticlus. Also'the whole of. the brew-hoHse, fitted up at a Urge ex pence j on an improved! plan. To,be t�ubhclv viewed '.larcW 7th ami 8lh.- Caia-' logues M. eaphi'to be then had at the place of sale, a . g.iJplnt.Street.:''' . ,, - ,.y .- ,:: .V - irOR:^THETi)�>TH-.^iCH', The ODONTALGIC, or CH I-JVlf Ci^j,, li$SpNCE of wvmi , ... ..pwjjliatiptopjlttyi if U comet ifteontiidk with .theicjtpol .Nerve, 'of. preventing, the recutrenee of; thiji^ jtortujitisimai-<)a<l/'; Sb'that' thfe Toofh' W�fl rema(� useful aijd o'rnatiCentaT ithtpUjfhilrfe, � U tdoes ntft cJintinn an7i)arnlnK or pch^lciobii. quait^y,; Jtjjiu;,Nybsn:�Ppl|�li� iii!ji iti\frteil ngiiimi eacjf aficriplioi iiing t/jul lubicti will ftbl/at/y be luanttdftr tbine montbi canfumplioa : Iiicfies. Loads, Elm Tirriber for tfie } Fro.n 6 to lo square i^"l , . . .,u ..... woodMuis i .;^|o.6 ^ , '[::^^^ y?-> twice the 24 to j< . I lb J ' � Feet, Loes. Elm Tirrtbrr for? From 1410 18 inlcngth 7 ) From.8 to 84 S 19 to z6 Jo r inches b�iu. 27ro;jr /2C at lite sttiut- 32 to 38 4 ) lest end. . AForm 0/ t'e Tentlers, m y � eseen at thU 0�ier. So Temierii'lli ie leceivtd after Fiifelve JCluck on thr di)i af tiemyt nur any ti L t> h ijoaycD fay K** *^ ^ ^.tf^t^ttM-hm Pumps 4th of iVlarej),iii8.j?, ly tcrtaru'FRLli-' t>f ar t)){;^i;Jj)dqr B-flS furtl>>t purpose. ' AN ADDRES'j to HIS MAJESTY was reacV and irioved by Mr. pU 11- N ELL. andvecunaeci by Mr, SCO IT, which was unnnimoualyaurcetl JO. J. Ke.iolved Unaniinously-r^ I liar this .-\dd.'-ess be pr , and the. Memherj ior tlie County, b: requ^-sttd to aiiaid on.tlie iii.-iM.'.r'ri. . � . � ... 2 ke-olved-That, liv the Natmnal Counctls, for many years past, we have too liequently ob>erv'eil;i contemptuous disret;ard of Constitution.! principles, which, without oeii)-ing 10 lormcr iMiiiiStcrs knowltd^e or ability, is suihcieut to aciouDt tor various cjlaniiiies we cKpeiieiiiCii a4�U many grievances we feel.  3.. Ke.s' Unanimously-That from e)cperi?nce o( th.r kii wicu^e, t-a ects, and pojiiilar exertions of disMn�?iHslie.l Statesiiirn the new Cabine.i, aiid (n-m the (ursuano.i t':at they will have, on all Coii7>tit!iri->ii4l qncsrious. tne concur-reaeot tneir Colle-'Ruea in oHicu, we te^l coiitidem, they will r.-".sort to tlie her>f energies of 4!ie Con>titution, lo; pm-_ tin>;aiieiid to every appreitelisioir (?f I'lva^ioii, m a basis of lionouralle ajid lasiins I'eice ; a'�t avc also trust tJiey vvdl ever make the si).r:i of the Con^titutioiii and the fun tamcntal Laws, oi the Land, tliair fjuidc ; thar s'> they may revtreao tne grievances, anil pro.not-; tlie pro<peiit -nitl the rtt;}ui�tiiiju tor this Meetint.fand TO the Mover-and Svconder ot rlie Adviress.. ,6 R d K vening Pajusrs. Jt)HN AM L'liY, ; cl,-r.'K The SherilF bems about, to di^faoU'e, the Meetine, >t was unaiiimoubiy le.-oJved, that the 'I h:inks ot th.s Cau ity be Riven to the .'^h-'ritt, t -r calling the County, anJ for i.�s tin-parciality and conduct thl:. d.iy. r ' " A T the Meeting of MAL'lS'l ERSaivi .VlAKERS of MALI, residiiiK wnhm tlio Counties of Nottwn?-haiii ami York, heiu irt the An>;el Inn, hast Rett-td, in the said Couni) of Noitinghatn, o.-i Siiuiilay t-lie rj. liday ot Heb. ; t8o6, in order to take into tonviderat'O.i the pr-ipricty of pc-tiri.mmg I'arhainent for the repeal ot the 33th",md jjrd sections ot the Act of th4! 4kI of CJeotgetliB Thinl, chap. 3.=!, prdiibitiiiv: ihe,waterifjg 01 sl>tJpk^u>g nran. iuak�i){ ii)iijp(4iti up'�^�f,th).'ir=>-AKd- tli.n the inalsters may beat iibjriy to water the >;ii(iii" time hereattermeiuioned. Mr. !; mv A K !J K ENVVC) RTlf in t'le Ch.4ir. it unarimiously Rc's-dved, I I'.at the atoiesaid clausbs were lound productive of >:ieat 1 i.nnveiiieiice and l./ss to the tn-'keis of mjiU, and to tile public, vvitlMui an/ajvamage to, ih-^ rcv*niie. � ' 'I'liatrher-tore a petition irhf>uld be presented to.Patlia-menf t.-r the repeal uf the snd two clau-es, arm that malt-. sters nii^ht be at. InLitv to wet or .-water tne corn and gram,, milking uro malt at the >;xpiration of eisiit davs alter the same sha.l have been ��mpti;-tl, iiirowti, or tiiKcn frcm (.-r out ol the cistern or oilier utiiioiJ useil f jr stetpii g ct such, cjin or gram. '1 hat the lolldwing Q.eiitleinen. or any three of tliem, be a Comm:tt�e for tor vvardiir,; tlie pin post's t.t this Meeting, viz. Mr.- hilward KciiAvoril-,\, .Mi. Ivlairm-Uower, . Mr. Tligmai Biiiiiey, Mr.Siifr'ucl .'-aunclersi Vlf. VVir. U'.ckons, Mr. I-iar>ciut)xlev; ai.d thiit thej be empowered to meet and adjourn from time tu tiui.-, anu i.ikc su..ltmcisorej us they" shall.dcem nroperanJ n-.^cess.iry. tor cdrrfi;ig into eHecVihe' objeiits of the fore>;oinh r sjl.utions. . ;  �f fiat the above resoluni>iis he signed bv the Chairman, anil adveitiseilin the Cotfiinia :;'-,d the Notti'igliaiii Paper. UnVV. KKNWUR THV, Ch�i'man. MK.S. TL.VIPtE's NEW N(;Vtl^. This Dav is pitblished.vtii 5 Volumes, once 2is. in boards, FERDINAND FITZORMOND ; ui, IHfi-I'OOL of NA.rUl-i E : a Novel. ' r ^  , Jly^Mrs. -fEMl'lE. Printed for Richii'd Phillips, N0./6, lUidsje.street. Black-f rirs; andtobe had ot all i ciii kmiier iiurr, (.-Author ot Spknuut Mis.:ri-, ttu. iv'c) In Ihree Volumes, piici? 13s, fcvt. . ,. ,  2. 'I lie Novic otbt. Oomimck. by Mi.i4^ Owenson (Authoress ot St. (Man). Jh-I-our Volumes, price aos. � 3. 1'leetwood ; J or the New Man of I'echiig,- By Mr;' Goilwm.'. In I hree'Vplulne^. prii.-e i^s. , 4. A New tdinonrrf Caleb vVilliams. Hv ihe same Author. In Three-Volumes, pri�:t8s. 6.1. And, J Virtuous'Poverty.'^'Uyi'Henty Siudons, liaq-. In Three Vylimu's, 6d_,_u _ i- - , A p O P U LA R. h .V S T E M rO E G t UuttAP H Y. : This, D*y is pviblished, a ^-con^; Iiditionn,>cons.t,uer/iblj'.(:n-dir^e.larid improvid, lUiiirfaled with' upwards of sixty b-aatitdl engravings, repr^seniih^vthe Wress^s; Customs, an.i Hahiiatijn4 of allN^tjoniii, wuh,iiuinetou�,'.Mat>3i &C!mi jirice los. 6d. b Miihi, ,4,,. ... /GEOGRAPHY o;i S POPULAR PLAN, foe Vjr tlte-U-iE Ol-,SCHrtt)LS YbUNG PEliSXlNi Cont^uing all the interesting and :�^ustni( features ot'Get^  graprucal.iJciance, and Mlcu^Uted ,tp^ epuvey, tnstruClion by mc'jns otthe stnki ig and pleasing,^ ass iciations produced by th4 poeuliar- inannersi eusto��si *H�U"-tharatl?ri!itics of *ii ^y the Rev J. pOUpiMl^T-^, ^ ln;stead bf dry Details rclijRvje to ObjNtsnot atlaptetl to theTaite and auriosity of .V(hi^-h,' occupi-teU.wjtlj SiM,U Ani!;cd9t5:f,.ct,|l|�p)j i�intWn ihjt iMpin.ifiiui' cn� ructef for \vhifch tV^Sclrt^6etf^ftt'tiJ?i^M/flasVfMM cMduft^ iit Kattaij)t ee ath�!cMt�itti at} mi^^ vplwH!!jVe.c(j^Keq�fi^jy req4crf}ljinc^e^n�resi.u�g than ore, , Mrhaps, those of any other work Bf euiiM >uf in the Ehg-'*IUfKti�ngita*'e' 5 'antf tke-effiiVbn ill* iiiSi^vhHi oiintf person^' t9ii�lii>ied.�i>tiMUete by:thunUiniiMtfSi|^ai�is.iiMhrch^ f*Subji^ht�1 isiiic only >rianW'Pxi3.tiiiff bn j^e s,uhJeAli GOiibitruennK mwpis;-a praiSflW t4li/sr�tidei-e<f'li NOSf; aH.f f-iote* iilij<^ trative of ti-e Mu�icand Scmery j as^hewh ie i� yw'wftmng lit this time >t'� �iverii''i�'nR Htpu�e�, at .th* T.*i�vVTR* ROYAX, ORUkYfMNK, O.^ ... ' -xf: ^ �'yA. ciifiim:a* 6. �iiiVe..5tre^, ttlack-friar.ii and Vila bv H. n. Syfn*sW% Pa'^rriionfef-foW i ln�. ker and sioi.i, Rii�-e!l-i�t>-T i ��.4ny all Jtoi�)'*efJ*fs ' <�f wlmro may be had, byttlj<-�i(r�e Aufbor, - TheThine^nih dtti 11 of tiie-^Ol,i;^l E�t'� CAXJCH-. 'l^ER, pr^te 2^./6.1. � * " � WIN rEK fcVENl.\\;S'y\\lWSfLM{iNTS, , ... This day were piiblis'icil, liir fo-iith E .a fiili�oj�hy a�� CliiemUfrjr ate appfieti lo a seri s tit ci eruH�us%tiii|ifoitg wiiicii o�e �<n � pfoper to uvplam ii� tli-jse p:'r�..Hs vehiT'atc un3C(]u*))jtcu vrt^U tnu valuable and inurestni^ wo<k, tlwtk *- cO(ifairt�r I.' i. HeceStions in Ariilimeric amt Mt^chai.iet. , X. Re<:reatwfls III f)f.tic'i, <. liii'inatH:** atnt AcoMsticff. : 3. Uecrsatioiw in Pi.enui'45 cs, lijdiiilfoijy., and P^ruicth-' 4; R&te.tti'-Mtsni EliaricnirandVfaancti^nil. c. Mi$ceti4i��i� i{^iT ie�t capacity. Printed for Rich mT Phillips, Nn. 6, 'JriJ�tf-sfcer, Blick-friars, and to bo !-.iHi jf a/ri t'>tsi i js.l.:-!, a.i.t Irsta.eou-i Vermes,or Shell'. In part of the-ahov.", on the i�i of Februari, was p>i6hjli*-l, pricj is. fc-.l. to he co irinu'ed Monihly, loe l*irsr Numbe': and 'ii ihe ijt;! in-.t. will be pntJt'ishpd, price m boa.d, it. lis, the ti�ei Volume of a Second l^irt '>f - ' '^^^l HE KATDRAL HISrORY of ffi^ITtSH A. IvsECrs, expHiiMi^i;' the.ii in ilteir sev.rraiT i,iate�, with the.peiiods of their 1 rnnr^l"r--.raHS� rt-d, Feo-nomy, &c. I-he w'loie >l  st �c>i with cjloured Fi^u.-r�,-. Uv E: l)t>1^0VAN-, F.L'S. Priwteit'T F.'C. and .J. Rivmift'n, No. 62, ^t. Pia-l'a Ciiurch- vard. A Pr-.s|>ei:�u>inay be hati pratis, ol the Puo-libhcM., anUof allo'her RiHiksfl'crs. Alsy 1. TlMf^Ten p ete inig Volnin's f titi>li Uinls, in Numbers, price js. each,- �r in five volwmey, b.^a,d�, piice il. i6Si each.' �� *" � �' � - '-� 3. TheNaturd History of^ntKh Shells, mNumSers, once 2s. eJ. eacli, or in five volumes, cuniptete, price, :n boaids, ilitts. eath. - 4. And the Nan'.ral rlistofv of Br:fish isva course of puhlica'.ion- m fvfonihlv >um;u,s, piice 33. Ud. eacfar'FJrty Numbers of wn�:r� ate al!;ea,iv t,�ib^siieil. . , � > . - -  �__'� - .i-r"": ; : - ' � -. . ".^  FOR SCrtOilLS, ANO YDliiiJG i'E u-�p(emcnt, cotiiaiimig Answe;6mt!�.Arithin.-tic.ii Qiiestn-ns, . liy KOBUkr HaMIL IMN, L L.O- ut \%t''0.ii he had, ov the.sami Aufhor, An Inlr. dueiijii to Merclnniiii-. C-put.iiiuos .^rrthmefic, Allfebra, JJook-k-epin*;; an Accq-nt ot :ne t riideof Great Biitain, and the I'ca>'.ln;ej' to "^ai-, Factorage, Iiisurjiice, bliippiii);, ice. prite ti-., hotnul. POCKK r EDirJON OF 1>K. J')riNS().s'S WOHKS. 'i his Day were puhlished, hy K. 0;iie, Grejr I urn-itile, Holooni,hiiuliumely punted in ij vols. iSno. price 2I. 5s, III b uriw. A few c.)| 'V, Willi .1 1 it oj .^i;i.'i(ir. Th"5 follnwmi ^Vnrks ul l>t. jjn.i:.oii m..v be !iaJ sepa. rateiy as above : * 1.'I'l-e >!nt;in' of kas cIjs, i'micr of �Abvssiiiia. a Tal:?, in one volume iKiiio price is d.l. i^ [ewniiu.'s ekgaml/ printed on fii/l-icip^bvo. piice Js. oi in uo^id.N. a 1 he KamJlir, 4 vols. 18.110 price los. boards. 3. 'Ihe Idler, with a.uiit.onal Laaava, 2 vuU. 181110. price 4s. boards. .  4. A Journey to the H'estern Islands ot Stotliid, in one vol. i8:n.>. prfce 2s. b.^ards. ., ^. The Lives ot tne EnRhsh Poets, with on then Work*. 4 vo>s. puce 12s. in beards, or (111 laige pa))er, price 16s 111 bonds. t : Edinburgh: I'rinted (of U.;ll an fiadJut^ J is. M'Cleish* and William Black W'od; add s >Ui 1>V, R. O^Ie, London; Gilbert and Hodges, Dublin; S: Campbell, New-York^ jii�a. ail the Booksellers in town and couiiu/. _ PREPARED CHARCOAL,, and CONCEN-TKAPEU SOf.lnlON or-CH.VR, OAL,tbr Cleafv.. sine. VVhite^noyr, and Pieservm* thjr<.'teeth, removing the-ijcurvy from thd Aiourh and. Gums, and.conectmg toatid Ureaih. ' � 'E "LARDNE^R, Chemist to iheir Rovri Highnesses the' il^ukeand Diictiess of \'9rk, begs lespectiuliy to .Uiforbfi the Nobility and Public, who haye,houa:?ieu. him by the��se of, his Prepared Ch.icoal, that 1ie has purchased a Recipe for renderity Charcoal soluble, which, from its efficacy as an Antisceptic, ha hasconvcrteu mt^.a qioi^t agreeable Mouth* Wash, to accompany jihe use ot jhe kf<^wder, and ifatrers. him-ielf it will be found as elHciciousun removing the Scui-liom the Moi��hatviGuro�,^preserving tnem m a healthy ate, -aiidcowecMiy foetid bteath, as .liis i'/epared ChanxHi^ 'at. been f ir irteserving add whitening ihe Teeth,- i'he trery grCM repiltition wnk'h Laiifiier's ureinired" 'Charcoal lias ac.: ' qupred, il�ws�ndM�Md amtmljef- ot persons, who wend.A1e ldtt6n �f Oharc^>Bl will also be inutattd^ he thinks neces^ty. to tequei^t that the Noliiltty and. Public * will be paiiiculjirm observing, thatcvc^y 8onl}t;Qr OdJtsold by tiiVappbintmeiu, is slj$(itid " Fdmtmd L�reli�r,V.::>iiO(W . other is. genuine; 'v.  . .. � Sold>air{iol,e*jHa laivd tftaiU wub pfinted.direaiotts. fot their use, and'Ob�erv.�iions upon lljft inteKStinK properties of>Cha;c iit> (,eQ^ritpliy may .hi Jtaught ina liiurth p'art of the visual time. ^ - Pfjntcdtc(r Rlj,'hard.Plv"ips- ^'i- CJiSruke street, lUSiKi srriw.s, !tiiblfinaWl�^^ �ach, Bt* i� IqrUlte Guinfcn and Veta.l ov E.'>fe�vherrv comer orSfi RauVs ChurCh:y�Nl^ .Messrs, Warren aqd Co! No.^4sCo�HhiaJiMr.lVtoer,J�*nJ-�tn*�t,aiKl Mr. Wiieht W4i�K�i;>*titji[ Cory; CartOiriilser* M�.' ' t���UM�oi�&*!eslfs, ,Cv�|e and Snriijiu i Olden, tciiBlosbg *>8Bolt'Noie or Draft ttkrabie .,aoi>i yiiltJWkpunietuaUy.txacuiod, and setirta any the uniTed.Ku)gdtRii �itittr)e, > au>'i tttuittetl the-iopdar - ; ' '

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