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Publication: Courier March 3, 1806

Courier (Newspaper) - March 3, 1806, London, Middlesex 'VE>ir.fJAV.3EN.-:-^flHS PRESEN r.KVENINGrwiU bt i'erlornie 1 a Inrit-'cly', caliH . 1 /c'vTT-t, Mristfr Rrtfy; Zip.hirt, MrsJ.itclificM. Willi " WK I'l.Y 1(Y NICH r .or.-Lor,.? Stori s. � T;ht." � , : i _ Tf{r'\ ():Y A L CO V H N'T-(y A R '\E>f. DNESDAY Mvt, Manh iSo6, pertorm-Hl tlj^i Swiwi Qwj,f rp o| 1 \ \L M I.Si, e.t bv g. 'I". IWkTsI. Lud Part If C'>mpo%!eu ... -- - - i.,- Gywwitz'v-: nn, at the \ifi-h plete) by th^'rri st,appfOVi.d l*crloiiJi;rs. � rlaces lor the h'jxes to be taken ot Mr. Brnicl ;B(Jxf)fRce,'eef;-'- ' r)oorstf>b?0|>^?k''l ar:sizrand!b�Rin.av9A-V,thfe jnh ot Marcli, at the Lbiubn ' Tamn, .Bi3liopsjRtRlit Ho!t; tlie Eorl of rlunet Mr. Aid. Ccombc, M. I'. RiRht Hon. l>orcl Petre Robert VVairhman, Usd; Kightiteu. C. I-ox Robert .Slade, �,q. Djiuicr on Tabic at I'mir o'Cloek. NEW MUSIC-Jujit publiilwd, at No. aS, the Opera ami; .simple Son^s, is. f:d. Duetts, Trws, as. Ovcnures, 2s. f-rl. Marches, IS.fid. &c.&Ci Of THE- TRAVELLERS; or Mu�c's- Fascination, as now performiTi with unbounclscl applause at tlie Theatre Royal, Driiry-lain;, composed by D. Corn, wntJen by Mr. Cherr,y, the Opera, 14^. Also the sam-j Opsr.i ar--ranired i-ir the I'l ite, js. I'iti.' liialjgue a;id Music ot the  Rtelo DMtna ore.J-wd Nelson's Viitory and Deaths, sail? by Mr. Brjfham, eovnposed by Mr, King, 4s. Single, eac^v,! is 6d, l.ofdNel.sou'silileRV and Hunie Ballads, by KT/Corti, fs.each.  ftaliaa Son? and burt, composed and sung by Mr. Krahaniand Mb.'biiliiigtoh-. 'i be Tears of-Thalia, sung by Mr. iirjjiMiTi, Mr.-Kelly,,Mr. Miller, Mrs Mountain, Mrs. R!an3;';m)ep, as. .(id. . l^O^'^pfRIT -DEAI-ERS. NY'Pfrs-iiir'havlr^g a weil a ecus tonied Concern ,, .. .. V.U'Y-OFFR'K, Feb.'io,-i8o6. ,,JL Majr'tji's l^avv :d* /.itrWy'jckm:iNi/i^f, ihlit'vn-.VfvM-riTrSsilKt,' t'.v i^iIj r.f.'i-iy % wiWi'lfrJo'(iM'-'uir/ji-XuM'lyirtS lli^ iSijjesiy'rYavJtal ,D:ptfiiJ,and MiaalsvhikPM^ �  LAUNCHHh, " . � , �  ' , YUVL^;.,,", ^, JiVhrmoflli-Tnt'JfrTi.iy le ilf'n nt'lhir nfjli'^'. '''' ' ' . _ A''^' TeHdi-r yi'(llbf,received.^fler.f'iufive oCib:i: 1 ,' .. ^^ - - �� ' � ; '.' ' CammJa'si^mn: of flif h'lkic. That on Wrones-i'dlvkl the} si'>H%�>ili'-iy. . . tii^i 'P'i.t..i:f. may' it' ivil'itfi ri roKli-aal fitrttirp. jifyi'i^ ills 1^L)/fi-fy-.t J'^ii^if !if I'^ort.t \nuif.>, 'iiiih iin'lj qu.i-niirf e/ I-. I.M . I I iXlll.lsR nii ll>e fnlU'rittj^descnjitiVr at tn,>y ie ladnted, tbe rju.irirj'.nni-tlcd av:ui>;tf.cnclj ni'ic'il"io>r /jif-q f/jat U-hicliiOilLpfobafHy &e':it^in!fd-f%i- thrfc nhntoxt-jnti}l)ip'tvo:i : " \ Iiivli;?. , ,l-na ti'�m'r.vtoi 18 inltfngth n ) Prorrt R to Si I'lnnps 5- ; 19 to 26 , 2of uichps siV'. �:. � , 3151038 4). lestciidi i Al^'j-mofl'eTfnderSyn'y^cseivatllM'Cilfrr,: Na 1 cider wiii ie fccrivrd'trfttr I'iurlvt u'Chek on ihtuhtyi. vf trcctyt^nr.- tmy nottctJ, .it.iless the fivly, or an Agent J^r � Wwj-fc'rMMt/r.- . . , : � ...y., y^^M.i, r.' I.. I, .r.. .'iV':; To the GOVF.KN- >KS ot�h� SUKKliY DlSlMiNSARy. .Mv horvis, l,adi"s, iml Gentlcrneii, ' , VA\CANCYof I'HiySIClAN to theSUfmEY _ _ DIS i'  A KV tavi.ig lakcii -place, ? ina IMPERIAL fMlIAMEST. - II()USl-: OF I.()ftlt>S, f/lAKCH. I.: Aff^'r.iome roHtiiiC \>ti%\n(m'k^i. been dliuoscd b'^, i tlie Qrd.r:ot the D,.v .va..c^ fWr the f�rrter li? advociries, as \\(tii as ot.thf.' nppotieuis ot a doii^ 1 Ingot the (jnrHO'n4ot the .j'tfdses: 00'msmjsJiew, a,' (|fd(ca]jec|, to tl)'* jjO'jdSertseof the ffcuple,- iff)f(;.^l!mfV( t'li.Tr thi.s ijirfrtaritjqififi �� - --� ^ - -u.i....., ji�.,t., jlontvf tl ' tfirttiby. L . . tain re^^jso.'i.'V ihtj ori>;iri;d iippcarcd. in 'l:teiichr antl J,i:i� l^apii 'hi{;hly Kitiinat>d itv p/^rii dicnl wri'finp-, niid-Sy a jii.lici'MU p^ibli'c. . ^liii*; jntercstiiig wurkiisb hire'i jii'it p^tblishrd 111 o;ie volume ^^^5; priC'*. 7.1, in h>ardi, and ir of .S^JV K R(ilXy-r ot I'tinifW.I), Who was Jound GlflLPY, b'.'torc Lord Ivilenboroiivhiiiid a Special Jury, at VVesninnster H4M, t>)r ro tiTI.' 1E KO N, a Young Lady under 14 Years ot Age,- Reported by PltRRK Mc. CALLUM, -luthorof Irave'sTn'1 rinidad. , London J Prmte( ."Settle incnt by the Dutch,Its Capture bv the ITrit'tsh in trgj, itnd thii difl.-r^nt Policv pirsu^d tiiereby the Dutch anil ifrirish Governments. Also a Sketch ot its Geoi^raphv. Proihi-ii^n--, the ,Mannfrs and Custoiii.fevir Brtdp;-street.- Wlieremay he had, hv ihesamfi Author, an Aceoint otfhe LsUnd ot Ceylon, illustrated t>v Maps and Plates, Second Fdiiion, 4to. boards, il. iis. 6d; or on royal paper, al. i2l�?'Mi�iily>(/� a 7^1. t nt^^^^^�*,�'�^: ^ in l"ie R ta l^Mr lSt.li8ctov le'ti-rf;-Riciiatds, Solicitoi and eatly,possession, not execed-� f" of jool , :*n I'.scatf I'^f mlieiitvmce oi a .s; -"a^'d'yf ab'int the'likeannual value, - I, s with'JiB. i.n,' Pwfsonil �pt�Uj-t ^a I) ndd'essui to M'-ss'-i CI irke and , i'h:|iic?ry-lan,*a"a ' HL C'iU.jsD?feHd.(i4f^MUe Ci  ti.- r.jtl.ol'ev ^i']n '1 l!OM^-. \Vl^rM t-, ot ICLK... 1 ' . c;i!)itcest*rji Batrt.-^re.ur^-orjbetc/o th3^T,�i .Wify o t 1.. i 1 i. 11 i ^ to come in and prpve tlieir Debis hstore Saiuug tLloX.tfcaq'inife, bi.i..Bt th'-M-'Sie s ot t e S'd ( t hambe-s. i.i Soui^liMipton h uldKi, s, Cpanccy rfiiSv^Jf*'in-defai!'Vtrfl\ereLiF tliev wjil t>e pem^-ri New Edition of 'vvak in.uisguisk, or tl \ of the.NEUTRAL VLACl.^i" JOHN HATCHARD Jiegs leave to inform his J Customers and tho Public at large wljo. 4tav� been inquiring tor this Work Since the SifoiulEdi-Ion Was out ot print, that ,1 third is pow r�!adv, pncc 5^. 6d. se^v(^d, and n>ay be had ,ot him, or of their respective UookSjlleis, AParfy.--^----- be had 45L0, *9i>, - P-icciidii ly, oppoEMiir / LlNENrRf)ARD, IREflAMD. PRf\nU\LS SPINNING YARN. UY M tL L^ WA CiM N E R Y; I. T-N ofdtr'-to encour.a\^c.t:i�?'s'jJjtnViintr of Yarn for JL iail C Ii>th,|tar�va8?, D;uctean'Pt' l.iiien, or Henip-n, Yarn, and to be woikect by �wat-f, steam, ho/ses, or. axen, an c^qltat nuViiber oV ."Jpuidliis will h - t.,ven'by ttie I'.oarft, ottrvs l)isi^.:'C6iip, at hii-�y, lane,. Liirt.' riptonly cx- tiide.i^Ufcb'iiietit of >th^ wid Decree n � IRTiTH I IMLNS ' npi-fiE^'HWic si^pHea with single Pfces of IRISH X 'LI-NEW, at wiioleS4l? r-T'�e,,at.tho J lUAUt, hear :3;otithwi>�ton-stf^et,--jlcaU;ng;trt linlborni'j ivo a'Sticli sold. T!futt.islr"Linen,-*aiuf not Tcsi lh�n apieiio-; eac^j p^tcc C^u--tii;(t*.AttQ�Wi2$ yttrds, lii^acfarvtetK Snd t'heWiilWyfcflimed it �'tSult appears. . ,^y^.. 'ij' '51'j, i;i �()+fler. '  Cailu as uaual, for Hank .ot.lrstand Notes^ win5irooin'i�ird Pitrlo.ur. Chairs t he I'Tt'eiit Bisdstcads : iMOg br?ais (.crew s-,.utr joints .ite {iV.JUWiUi. ut Hie u*.e of t.iid5,.tBfck.s, or Hails, in'^l>�#Vt^itli�(ilrV fwblic-Arniy-.4>Hl.N9ifJ'rl'ateilt Btfilsl^'fpabU's;'and Clwins; a very^ci'riou^ .aijd inipro�e^l*pni)�;ipls,i^ !\|iwqititli> ..ett^ >pr-i-beds, tor liotcl�*cttes.'- ' V. H Hof txpurutiOH. ^ r �^^t* inthers -pt;cO\iativ-wl'll seasoned alwavs reiulv^-at^ RU, 1 :LI'.K;,s \'>/are|iVii I'or thi?, the surn of Socypl. will bo apprspriare^; and every ourawment w' tlid Lirlen Itoard sliaM " �incoi . necessary ra;;ement will hevi^von to such person^ !U. .slwll' -�BjfUra?t to make a sufTicient qiiinnty ot S >indlt:s mireiand, to the above value v( b33ol'. af.ditnestaliUsh and CMntinud a Madufactory thereof uii'kr the protection, aiul patrfinaj^^e of the lioar^J.i, . i"As'a'furthcr�ncoi!rignnsnt'towards ierefting Spindles, t'-i be worked .>j atoiesnd, ,the T riistee�iAdoicl,!|fp their intention 6feont!iuMnn t'lie. to^^egoinu pr^inuim, by ollerinR a likL-2()iian-t.j^yot Spindles in ejich.nt the two sdc'ceiWfrii years, or ajW^ piopriatmg a like, or greater si.-m. m each lor pMcnringthein,. u) c.-tse thev shall twd me goad elfctts they eXpeillo-iesult 110^^,1 ^en prcs.cnrjjR..r.. ,, 1 , "2. Aird'as rtluj-r-her,jenco'irai;em!ntto'varmdlc> vyorked in masintraforesa d/a botiniy, a-ter the lateut 2u. per vaid, w.ill be given tor each yafd ot f>ail Clot-l;^ -Canvftss," Duck � r i^nllmg; Icssin value than is. ^d. the yard, ami ot ii^d. per'jTud for .eacl^-yard Jeis in yatne -tiiaa rs.'4d.;biit not umler 11. the vvarp ami wcit whereof shall be spun-bV Spinitlei.iSi worked,-betwsm. the firit djv gf Jan ;arv iS fr.^aiiu the hrstd^iy ol, jS�9, tor the hrst po,oc�d-wfi!Cli-'�hall be actually aivi bona lids soLI by tJie iu.ikfi,s thBieotjiHCach.y-ar. . , . . i> . " * � SCUTCIUNG .AMD llACKtlMq HEMP. ' . 1 44 I'WiavcrvrstonrfcfjaoiM'id Hetn|i?�t|jri^growth, well'] . wntcrrrrjtf^id and scutchrd.hacV Ictl and dr.e^s"*l|i!t't u sp^ntMiijjjj i ber�reen HftJi�r3toTVViiM"�laryjUS66, aiidUia'liyst'day'oTJin. "MACHINE,H;0R KiVEAKlNG HEMP. J. -FwrftSitt'toesr constructed and mosrelfwaclnits Machine ' tor bh'iiking. And .scutelyng'Hemp, or:l' lax* better th^n any , !.itli��N playpaih, a:M. Pijfeisorot Nittufal Plidos'uphy mthe Umvefsuy of lidinburgli. - Printed for T.eidcUahd W. Da vies. Strand ; J. Murray, Fleet-street; and W, Creech; and A. Coiistatilc awl Co. Edihburijh. - ' . . Ot Whom maybe'had, by the same Auth.->r, ifiiistrations of the Huttnnian Tiieory 01 thi Euth, price iQS 111 hoards'. . , . . , .  .Thi� Diy IS published prwd 4s. the isecond Edinsn with rf^nSERVATlbNS on the TRFATMENT of SCI RRHOOiS TUMOURS of the RRI:ASr. To ^vhich is addfd a new and elficacious mod;; Dt txcaung the Ulcerated Cantet,  ^ Ry l,\^.:=^ NOOTH, .Surgeon to his Rovil Highne.^s ihs Duke of K^nt, a Mem--berotthc Uoval CoU?ge, and Jate Senior iurgcon to the Hospit.-il at B.ith.' . Prtntcdtorj'; Johnson in St:'PauPs CVitirch-vard. TThiS t^Vy IS, ill two large Voluincs. oitavo. puce ..i oinj-^.uiii�a in boirls, the.'lhtrd l.dnwn of, A N ESSAY on the PRINCIPLE of P^PULA^ "jf^'I'lON ; or a View of its past and present ettaits on ,ljuman. Happiness ; wnii ;fin rnquiryunto �ur prospeils re-spe.*ting the luturc removal or mitigation ot the cviU wh:ch .9t�Bcas|onb.' .',-;.., UvT. R MALTHUS, a.m. . LiteFeMowof Icaus Coilefic, C'mbrid-je. . Priiite^i t .r J. J.qhifton, in St. Pauls Cluirch-vfftd. The Adiitjon to tins Ld-iiion may be had alone, pii.,ted in quarto,'l>rfce!i3.-6de lor former purchasers. iR SCHOOL-"irOC)KS. . This Day aie published, pri �� Mieiii 111 N'�.-4,' i\\ wiiolei may fieassnre^l ot having 11 �i(rtl; ,�1 Ici wj{tce,">' ^ f^Ae t-fack �� ........ g�r.vii\e out 111'.^5 having a, -Miihe Ml..VkV�?vW�i(^1�},'" il'>csted 10 be addiessed^to.^Ui|]j,^ij'l\(jr^\plLmjikff tl,!^^^^^^ the rtust^es, before I St January 1X07, the srim ot lo-c scLi^ycHiNO ir'AX^liv mh l machinery. tj(.';A.ilVitiiti�ifidfo^s��ir-Mone!wiM.b^ Flu.^, wUich' .fcutehed (lu Mill ,Alsiuhi�rrv, worketl \)y Wai^(6r/4ft4lcd 'fci*.'atktcd' ttr� any iriflt alter 1 st J anuaTy 1 Soft,' anil*vyiiicf)..shall* bo, i^ij ,;�9v�'ci . rin!.r Nio. Zand j, lobejmt in on tlie hrst ot.?Ja!H)it,i:)-,H^a7, aud:>to ifaet ra.Ljud^ied on the iris tor sc-coml 1 ue>day. Ill said n^nth. AM tfje othefrt'launato 'beWjtrtlgfrs?! .Vs fa'st as rtlde. ./^OOJ^E to Jtavc fery .'aini'-No'tliiighWtti U''iiuVe,'No.'4j:y,'str'and* a > i.\t(Mi,sue,Jnd vj^l^ubje Jttsojimtiit of HoMecy, ot eVe�y K'S-ASStSTANT, IN CO.MPOSI-Ul>Nj hPHiga^S^'sjfliiofeasy Rules tor wntinc txercibes, illustrated by Ux^^.^5ples..;vdallted to the Useot both School; to''which' are added", Hints for Corrcdingjind Im-proviHg Juvenijle,Composition, !- mVi'tion.''.,- wa.s' not Coirrpell^ible- to give eVi. I'.enie M fails v, iikh�intghtl>e afterwards uscdagsiiiit hiini^clfi . ' . Mr. [visrjoe. Hf. ^'m w�s of opini-'in fhat �vifre;n;e of some aL-icno'.rlcd^n;e its whLh he, mac"--m evidence before a Coinrr.i;t:'e if the Hju.s-* ofCommirs, was snbjfd'ifd ro t>vo a.'-tions, vvhert the procif agJiuist-him cors'ttcl ot ihe evidence given by hiinselt, and in whul-.. e ba.ia verdict agamst him foj zoool. in one adh n, ai.d locot. in the other. After going throni^h a vatieiv t-t other arguments, he concluded hy gtvmg ic as hi.-? opmtO.i,. that a wi tJvss under the cir--.u:n>i.^nces iner.aonej, was answir. Karl t>f ANttOPE >h ni^4>>t t .�^t as " -natciU difference opinjfn pfC\M:ii.d amongst iho jth^gfs. ' 11k name aud.repiit^tiijntff DtvfEtMOS. � en>u�, M|:. ]|EllGr V.fc,LNOS b�a been thirtv j^fscrot\m. Se^trvyJlBouif'Pajl&y, Coiii' S(iiuption^!it net to prevail .in dilu-rent coimt^i-s, ac.or. to i!.e, indiviiltial opinions Ot the Ju;1ges or, the c rc ms, lOc Gisght-'here rotx^ one law t^ar one m:nv, ;ii d i '.-.'.ller. em liw'foY a.lothcr. He therelorv proi>oei a fir the- plrrj-o.-e of cti-jiimg, t,n: cvi; ence gt^cn Isy witnesses -�rho'ukl n. t Ir^-' aHrr.varils n ado use cf against tlie.nselves', except i:> Oaats o! WiUui and coffupt [erjurv, 'Ihc liill ha-ving been pfescnteJ, and rca! a first time, 'J. - L(.ffd ELDGN said.-he cotcurrcd w;{b!h;Nob'e E�r: in hisoinnionas tofthe necessity nf i^.^�l�Jg some, legislative provjsKin upon this sobj.:'t, but it� nsodc of' dt>ing iimiJir be miitcr ti.�r mature deliberation, and rt,ijiiired to-be deeply>ulmd by their LortlVhfps. - 1-tetlidi not tnink thrit tho 81! 1 proposed by the Noble EarI?wo-.riay ii> irs present form, .-n... swer the wishei for purpose ys-s,- in som� r*ses, if V^ittiBsses vere-comptrd'M to Misolbse certain.faasj it tvoiild be of tit* eonscnce vWieiher the'i' -cvid. :k-^ was used agairist theniselvts, the ve^rysdssftrlosiirc, H nuny instances,oting siiHicient ro ^>ini our tho me;tTi'! by wiucJj such- hAif. AiJghj , lie 4�raved'. in aitother lyVanncr. He was, howevel?1*rte!tvl.y, aware vf ihe n'e�?essity'^FeTjaf^ing sQnie-iesJ^aiiw^^jfcvt.iitJn on the, ^'iuJ'�iee>j',ai4rTK3vv'ithe .tli�c4i:�0n:^,d;tb^^ doing-VI hichhte hud l'ftg;tged'iT^j�|^|rjLs^,�.v ui^oIV the subj�vl,VMr.,^.^�,.>r,,�^if�,l^\'t*t .Ik* be T^'ieiTH isc 1th in f 1)� .v. Wnia-! wufet ffSL Hriamsta ic ne. tidi\?sU?$ ISS't^^*" Hi i^i-tfVir the ^N.>%ih .1 e.^ 1s> V ;

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Publication: Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: March 3, 1806