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Courier (Newspaper) - February 22, 1806, London, Middlesex No. 4l3. S/.TURDAY, FEBRUARY m, me. raid ;--iT'Tr 6�> TIIEATR E n D Y A I.. J J jr tJ R Y -1. A N !. This PRESENT EVENING their Maienies' Semftts wJM ii� a Como^y called THE WEST INDIAN. , . ' . Stockwellj Mr. Powell; Belcour, Mr. Elliston ; Major P'Flaherty, tAi. Johnstrne ; Lady Kuspoft, Mrs. Sparks j Charlotte Rysport, Mris Duncan. � "With OF AGE TO-MORROWv Baron WilllnRhurst, Mr. Bannister; IJaron Ritfli.'berg,3M/. Mathews. Lady Hruinbaclc, Mrs. Sparks; Sophia, Miss Holfoway; Maria, Mitis De Camp. On Moiiday the Travellers, with the Farceof the Devil to Pay. Nell, Mrs. .lordan. ^ THEATUi; ROYAL, CDVEN l-GA .VOEN. >T:HIS present evening y�i\\ be performed X s Traeedy, called . ' ME.ROPE. .'", Master netty; Poliphontes, Mr. Pope. Merope, Mrs, Litchfield; Ismene, Miss Brunton. To-Khich will beaddfd, . RUCANTINO ; or, THE.BUAVO OF VENICE. The Overture and Music coinposcd by Dr. BuSby.-^The Dances by Ht, Byrne. The whole und�r the IJiredtion of Mr. Farley. jTo exclude with a Grand Masque. ~~ -fO BUILDERS, &c. T3ERSbNS,wniing to Contraafol- mWAXtig a J?^^; t�ft1*-*tARk ET ah(fkSsEM M irt the Tbvyn of OhepStowj MortmduthshireJ are desired to deliver inTro|>osals in Wrjtinj? to Zouch liirton, hliPffic^, ChepstoVv, on or before Thursday the ijiTi day of March l^sns and P-irticulaf."! may be Seeh by applying to Mr. James Mansfield, John-street, Biedford row, London ; or of Zcuch'Furton, Esq. Chepstow.. A Stone Qnary and- Lime adjoins th.e Town, and conweiii-cnceof VVater Carriage for other materials. ANNUITIES REOEEMABLK. . ^ TElSf; Years Purclinse will be inutiediatcly given for Annul lies undeniably secured iij^jmi Freehold, Copy, hold, or .Ions'Leaseiiold lis'ates, wlicre the purt'es h.ive an ' iabsolnte fetercst, ai'.d on which (by reann of the pirssure �f ihfttirties), Money cannrit he obtained upon MorJ^a^e. .And . �n(;ht yeaiis purchas'i will lilcewise be given for Aniuiities for young Lives secured on, tli:; like prooerty, oroii Money in The Fuitds, where the parties have only a lite intereit. In cithercise, the gMntoi^; will have the po^ver Of redeeming the Sann^.rfr'VppIy personnHy, or by letter, to Mr., at his � hou^ !l, jolin-street, Ailelphi. i �'f ^rAN VED in the, neiglihourhood of a large and - V � V � p'opulofts Town in the Countv of Hampshire, a I'.VRTfMiR ill the rAIJLIC BEER BREvVlNG and MAL'f INC. BUSIV.E.S.SES of conjiderHhlc e.xteht. The NAVY-OFFICE, Feb. i8, 1806. N pursuance of mi Aii- of Parlhiment passed in the ic,th ycqr fiftbe His frixent Maje.Uy's ftign, tmUkd " An .^cl for establishing a ihofe easy and expeditious method " for the Payment of OHicers belonging to His Majesty's NavVi" thepri'-dpal Offinrt, unii-Cowmsshner. 0/ Hit Ma-jesiy't hlaiiy rfs hereby give notke^ that there is Money if! ihe: blinds of the Trej.uiyer 0} His Af.ijefly's N.nj', to pay l"EN-S\0'H'^, en the c dintiiy estimate of'theNii^y, due to Officcrs-and iVidouus nl Chiistmas latty in order that such Persons ivbo tire desirous of hjz'iiig the am'iaiit rcmitied, iitty ttppiy to the said treasurer for thai purpose. N'. IS. I'hisduei not relate to the JFiJoius' Pensionsp.iyjBle by Mr. Mutton. irelanTd; ' � . � To 'be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT^ A a valuable FREEHOLD ES I'ATE, situate in the County of K.ilkenny, containing nearly Six Hundred Acres of Land, let to r:Spe^t<ib!e Tenants, at Rents arinvnuing-to 7joI. pcraniium, aud ca|�able of v.ry consiiierable nnprove-- It. For funlier part'CuiaVs apply to Mr. TymUle, Soli-ir, Ijiicoln's-inn I'iVltls. mei citor ri i-.-A r K c A Nivw. i{Ri iisa With Remarks li.ionraphical and Critical By^Jrs. INCHKA-LO ;'- , � ; .Tobe,pubiished.VVeekly.^ This day is_ published, |n. Royal iSmn. "price Ofte Shilling, embeUTs.*ied'\vith a fine Engraving by Fittler.ffhm a i'dint- ' ingby Singletoft-or, price Two Shillings, elegantly printed on superfine Piper, with the Addition of si Portrait of the Author,-and Proof Ijiiprfssioiis of both the Plafes, land; Tor particiila's, appls^ persanallv, or bv letters, post paid, tcj Mr. R. Do^ld, At:ademy, Titcli'ticH, Hants. /^fiSSRS. "WILT^S and Co.. respe^fblly infbwn iVJL Noblemrf, Gentloir.ei', &c. they hive considciable ^||mi^Qt'. MONF.Y to Send, on terms equal to. mortg.ige, se-ciiredion Freehold, Copyl'.oUl, Leaichold Land or Houses, Moneijf'in tl�e Kimds, Miirriage Settlements, Widows' Juin-lutesj Clcrg)-men's Livings, or any other I'ri^ierty. Pcr- letteK (post paid)'adtlressfd to Messrs, W11,i.s and Co. No. to, �Sjouth-s'regt, Berkele\'-squarB, \vi;l he attended to.' Ad4(CSse^4)articuli�tiy to <,'jprains of the preswnt outward-"bntin.l Fast ai�tr\Vest-India Fleets. A. n cxcelJenf Companion oii a long Voj'agc-a JTml valuable present tq arty Frl;iidAbroa(l-:-or a profitable (article of Cominerce in the East or West Indies. As such, the fonowin;: work is univi�rs:illy considered. Persons going Abro.idj^ or. djesirous of sendiiiK complete ConettionsofNcw.spitper.s to their Iriend.Viu the'Eait or Ifl^i^Sj ate rcspeaiully informed, that-Mr.- Ikll has printed a Volume-"a """^''thai p*irpose, from the Ccnimen^;em t i^o.ks; With Bi.igraphij;al and Critical Remarks. � By Mrs. INOiBALU. Prmtod for LongMKin, tlulrsr, Rces.awd Orme, PaferBoster-row. Wlierc; Specimens ol the Work ntay be seen , + x 'fhis Wuik, be-ng iiiterided as a Companirin to the Tticaurs of Ur-eaK' lir.taia aiid Ireland, .will tonriiin every Play which keep.s Possession of the S'age, i4icludirg the b.-s't Playsof Colina.i^CiiMibtrlun^l, Holcroft, lnclibid'l,t>'Keels', Morton, Ri:yufikls, ami other i'ncdern Authors, which have, p.everappeared in any, siiiiiUr Cvjl. cl'on ;' tiie Coiiyright. of which iiai been piiichaswl IW tlic express Purpose of mtro-idueing thfhi into the prcseiit \Vork. The whole will be printed, Wider the Aliiiiciity of the Managers, from the i'ronnit:i''s Copy exactly us ti.ey iwe petforrt)edi ' It is intended to coiiiprjse the Work in'Twenty-iive .Volumes, each containing I'ive Plays, .uulat its Conclusion will  be given geneial Title-prtges, together with Diredions for ar- . rau.ging the l'l;t)'.i. , 1 n tae Couise of Publicaiion Avid be given,as I-routi-ijieces to tlie Volume of the tnie ttt.ijfiM, Portraits of Autliors, genera ly with theif Play thatisliist brought torwiird^ � ' Tlie kmbc'llislimcnts wiU be exauted in the very best mainier, by Alie first Artists. ihis day is published, inquaito, price il. 16s. in bourds, . ' . the Second EditiOnof. A N ESSAY on; NAVAL.TACTICS, Syste-. J~a, aiv.l Historical, with Sixty-tUrap Expla.iatory Plates, in four Parts. ' By JOH,i*r-CLl'RK. Esq.ofElditi. Piintedfo.rLiM!.gtiian, Hurst,, R.ees, atid Oriiie, Patemos-. ter-nnv; and Arch, Cohstable and Co. Edinburgh. In contemplating the beautiful simplicity ana Unquestioned elficacy of Mr. Clirk's syitttn.itis pecuriarly pleasing to reheit^ that it is gonstruClediupon principlesnot less con-geiiial than honourable to the charadler of the nation for-whose it was intended; This system , yirice 8s. in Bourds, a new Edition (being the Fourth) cor- rettcd, of AFAMILIAR SURVEY of the CHRISTI AN kELlGloN, and ot Hi.story as coniieilcd with the' Ihtroduclioh of Christianity, aiid.with jis Progress to the present time. Inteivds'd primarily t(ir ithe of Yonn?; Persbnsr of either Sex, duimg the Course of public or of pii-�|te Education^ : ' ByrHO.M.A," GISBORNF,, A: M. printed fp,r T, CadeU. a.nd .W.i\ivies, Strand, (if whom may be had, by the same ."Vuthof. � t. Seritioils, 2 Vols. 8vo.'3d Edition, price i6s. in Boards ; the'Volumes sold separate. . 2. An inquir/into the Dutii^s of Men, in the higher and middle Cl.qsbes of Society in Great Gritain.nrsulting from their respcdive Station*, Professions, and EnipLynveiits, 2 Vols. 8vo. ith Edition, 14s. iii B'lards 3. An Inquiry into the Duties of the FemUb Sex, 8vo. 7th EdititfO, 6s.'inBoards ;* or in. iimo. 4s .in loan's. 4. Tiie Piinciples of Moral Philq.^ophy inver,ti(;ated and applied to the Constitiitioiv ot Civil Soiiiety; 4th Edition, cotreile! and enlarged, 8V0.7.V. ill Uoird-i. 5. Walks in a Forest; or Poems dv-crifni ve of Scenery and Incidents cli:ira~ti;ri tie Of a l-oresf at dillfrent Sea-onsot the Ycir, 6th Edition, elegan'ly printed in orie Volume; and ad rued with I'lares, I'iS. in Hoards. , , 6. Po'ehis, Sacred and .Moral, 3d Editioo, with .Add tions, el.'gantly printed ia on; Volume, and-adoincd with Plates, 6s. in liodrds. . Cbirtiilete This djy is published, price i',. 6d. THE TRAVELLERS.; An Ol^BRAiPIC DRA-\IA, a(xoinp-ini-:d by th- h')V'S, and Notes il!.��;.-' tnrivc of the Mii:,ii; ;iHd '�crui.ry; h-i ihewliole is pertbimiiig at this time to ove.-li vvi-ij; Hous-s, at the TUEATRU ROY A L, DRURY-l,^N 1-; . l:v A. CHERRY, Esq. . Printed for'iijl'hi! lip, Nr> (,. Biidge-strcst, Bhck. triars ; an;l sold li^ H. U. Syiiii)ij'l>i, Paternoster-row ; �ir-ker 8ri<t son, UuiscH-slfi'ci ; .u'.'l by all Booksellers. ^ f)f whom may" be hai!,hv'ill? same Author, T!ie Tiiiriecnih :-.diti9n of t.iu SOLDIER'S DAUGH-Tlili, ptice 23. 6d: Ul:. .viAVi)!'.' .vEW WORK., this day is pubii-jluM, in twrj el^'vant vohimes foolsaap 8vo. prir e ii.i'.t a i.'--r.iiea in boards, FATHF.R'S Gii'i' to his CHILDREN; i: ro:,sist iier.tiV-.ti;!,) E-.SAYS, TALES, FABLES, Rl" ll.EC IDN?, .vt , . liyVVI .-..M MAVOP, I,.L.D. Vitar ofHurlcy, .11 "jerkjlure, .ifid Chaplum to the Harl of Moir-j.. . , � . Prin-ed for Richard Piiill'ps. .No. 6, New Br:di?e;Stfeet,. and lobe.hiidot <il !') VT.-)!ci-s " ..^ ,...'1111 , , ji , ^ 1 I. il . II .. � I 'I , � . � I his;ipiv is puivib'n-ri, pfiti tv^o'shillings an^ sixpence, rj?WE 'TRIDENT Ob- ALBipN, aii Epic Eifu. 2. , . r, alvhotgh the. presfr.t publication contain.s in- This d^t^fis published, price js, 6d, No. III. wluch wilf. c�,nplt.-te rlie rirst Voloiiie, priceits.fid'in boards, of A-RETROSPECT of ...... "MECHANICAI., OHIi'MI. cf tiie world. London:, ahdfor J.^Rell.atthe Weekly Messenger O.iriae, c^riierofSouthsmpton-streer, Sfrnnd. N;. i!. 'Pha last h.alt-ycarly V.;lume, from July last to this day, r-iiybehadseparate^cont i.iinija compl-te .iccount of the present war, price orie guinea.' And-it should be iiotlctd. That none will be sent, to -Portsnioiith for chance sale, as heretofore. . ' ;  ' �, - : / .'I'hi name ami reputationof D.E V E LNOS, VEGETABLE PI1,L, being freq,uently adver-. tisedm the name of DE VELNOS, Mr.SVVAlN-SON, hisSuccessbr.'ih'FiTth'-stre'et, Sdho.and th? rpprie. torsf he only Medicine he ever prepared or admji>jf tcfed, hopes that his o>yr� Charafiter, a.ndthe,attention ancf success �with which he lias administered that Medicihe in the most delicate and importatit cases, will warrant-the most iliedlual appleal to the interest and feelings of the Ptiblic, against an limpyrical stratagem so gross; and sodangorous. Mr. DE VELNOS has been tliirty years in his grave, before any Ad-,venturerh.i accompanied with remarks, on tiie merits or uc-Yetts of many of the p:jpers, and in some cases shewing to vv!iat...oVh--r useful purposes inventions may be ihrccted and discoveriCiS, extended beyond thi original views of their aur rhurs. 'I'hcse remarks conijiriie criticisms on patent inven-tiims. Published quarterly at the Repertory Otti.e, No', roi, HattiMi Garden, and sold by all olher BookselL-rs. Of whom may he Had, the tirst series'of the Reperfsry of Arts and Ma-.mifaiitf;rcs. price lol. los. in boards, and the cdiitinuation m Mor.rhiy Numbers, prjcezs. 6/1. each. ' , . DALBY'S GENUINE CARMINATIVE, Which has.been long established,as supeiior to 11 others in ^i^ftoHVr^ ')f VVfND, CHOi:iG,iJ:, COf^jVULSlONS, I.URGINCS, &c. in the Bowels of Infants, as well as Aduhs.- . :-\.\-t' � , .. �,,�� t^M'TiON TO VEFfDERS AhlD OTHERS. \aAHEREAS industrioi^sly * V. 4)ropgRatedj that the above very useful. Medicine, prepared by Mrs, Frances -Qell,dauf;hter'of the late Mr-. Joseph Pal'ry, Surcebnanji;Apothecary,, the InventoriV(to whom he bequeathed the sole propertyi), is about to be dis-pnaedof, anddisfciihtihiteU'By her; ori if*cohtiiMied, to be raisedm pritie, iiiconseqAjfihcfeof the'rit^andheavyduties; It IS,proper, the PuhlioshoMidbsihti^rtnedrthiii;the;P prietor, wh& has' never harf tlw Itiost;distant iijtentlon. of | parting with her interest in tiie above Medicine, eontlnue to ' .supply Messrs. Francis' *Idvvi�ry' ari^' Sons,. ^S. 4?> St; , a"l s Phufch, 'Yard,. Londop,^>8okly^.with>thej�Jsat^lei by whortiitissoldatthetisualprice, \ ' .'f Th? KetaU Vehders'of MMitSliei wiH See-lfiie drtftof ell unwotthv and unfouiidid. febr'ications, antt ail , MINERVA PFFiCt; L E A DEN ha L L-STR E E P. This day is pubiishetl, in 4 vols, price 18s sjved, I^HE MYSTERIOUS FREEBOQ'IER } or, tlie DAYS ofQEEN BESS. -A Romance. � By FRANCIS LATHOM. Printed for l.ane, Newman, and Co. ; and sold by ,C, Chappie, PaU Mall i andAYra. Earlc, Albemarle-street. Where may be had, by the sam- .-^urhor, The Impenetrable Secrst, i vols. 9s. sewed. Astonishment, ,2 vols. gs. ' The Mystery, 2 vols, 8Sr Men and Manners, 4 vols. 145. AlsoEugeiieand Eugenia, 3 vols: I2S. Hefmannknd Emilia, by La Fontaine, 4 vols. t5?s.- This diyvvas published, price is. fid. stitched. DISUNION in RELIGION, unfriendly to the Ends of Edification and P'eace, its consequences, and the means to check its progress. . by J. SYiVl{),NS, B.b. Reclorof Whitburn, Durham. Sold by F. artd C. Kivington, Sr. Paul's Church-ya''!; and i.Hatchard, Piccadilly rf whom may be had, by the same Author,price 7s. boards, Unity the Bond of Peace and Friend of Virtue; or, the consdquerices of Schism morally and politicilly considered^ tracing its progress, and pointing oyt some of the means to � '<aheckit..|  . -. ..- ;  ; � '" ' [ ''� I This Day is published, handsomely printeU in a vols. 8vo. enibel ished vvith Thitfy-qne Plates. Price, in boardsi D* *ESCRtPTlVE EXCURSIONS TH^^OUGH SOUTH VVALES and MONMOUTHSHIRE, during the Summer Months of the ;Years 1800, 1801, 1802, :iSoi, and 1804. .< By E. DONOVAN, F'.L.S. Author of the Illustrations of - British Zoology, in Pvyenty Volumes. &o. , S0I4 .by Rivingtons, St.. Paul's Chiirch Yard 5 White, ; Fleet-street i Fauldei^,- New Boiid-street; Williaihs, Strand j ahd Hatphardi Piccadilly. This publication; besides coihbinlng a vairiefy of otigi-rial apiil.W^oluIinforihifion, it is to ^einbrace.4 more accurate antl copious a*punt of th History and AilticjUities of those parts of i thje Carhbrian � brinw,u,a)i{y Pf .wiMb it protissses tigtreat,']than hail hitherto : SppSiiriid underahy.fcjrmbelbrc the public; The embellisli-1 m i; Number X; of CAWTHORN's MINOR BRiriSH THEATRE, embellished with an aecurAtc and elegantly en-gra-ved Portraitof Miss Duncan, as Maria, by Cardon, from a PidnVft ])aintcd by De VV.lde. , Published by,J. Cavvthorn, Ni>. 5, Catherine-street, Strii id, where may be hid' the precedin.g Number.^, viz. I. High Life Below Stairs. Mr. K. Palmer as i\ly Lord Duke. : ' Three .'YeeksAftfr Marriage, Mr. Dow ton as Drugget.. Torn Thunib, with the Notes and Alterations. Miss Tyieras'Dellaloll.1.  ' Guiulian. Mr. Murray a?. Heartly. Qiiir^ker. Mr. Tiiyloras Liibin. Approntice. Mr "ihnisteras Dick,, Deserter. Mr. Simmonsas Simkin.' Boil Ton. Mr. Farly as Jessamy. Robin-i.' Mf!!. Maiiyras Phoshij, � AlsoTwelfth Night, being No. 2, of ii iiew Edition of Hell's Shakspeare, to be coHtinudd every fortriight, enfbel-lished with an elegant charaderistic Portrait of Miss Farren, as. Olivia j" with A b-autitul Vignette Print, d-.-sitrned by , Hamilton, and engraved by Scriven, price is. 6d, tine, and fid. coinnioii. iiitifc-K'kr-Ei>tTriON O'l^nit. j'().riitfSoM*s w.>i<ks. This Day were published, by R,, Great lurn.s'tile, ilulnorii, handsom.-ly luinied iii ij vols. i8mo. price 2I. 5s. in boirds. A few copies in 15,vols, royal i8mo, 31. in b^ai'ils, HE'WORKS of S.\,MUEL JOHNSON, LL. D. L - a New Ediii�-)!i, wirii 3 Lif- of tiie .Author. . . 'I'h.-fcilowiiic; Works of Or/Joiiiison may be had separately .15 above : 1.The Hi.story of Ra.'^'.eiaS, Prin!;"; of Abyssi;'.ia, a Tate, in 01 e volume i'^nio price is 6d. A lew c'opi.-s elegantly printed on fjiUcap, Svn. price js rtd. in board.-:. . 2. The R.ambler, j vols iSiho pfice los. hoarrls. ,3. Tiie Idlqr, with aUditioual Essays, 2 vol-;. iHmo, price 4s". boards; � . - . �  4. A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotlanil, in one. �vol. i8n)o. price is. b.)ardsV ' 5 The Lives jOf the linglish- Poets, with Critical,()h-ser vati(<iis on then Work--;, 4 vols. iXmo. price 12s. in boa.'ds, or on.large piper, price 16.-; in bo.irds. Edinbi+rgh,: Pi-inted <or B--11 an 1 Bradfute, Jas. M'CIeish, .ind.VVilliam Bbckwi-od ; and s > . B6th.VVoi.ks form an uniform Series of Twenty Ycdumcs, and they may he had of every Bookseller in Town di.d Country, price Eight Pounds, in hoards.. Persons already possessirg Mr..Hunae's History m.iy have Mr. P.elshatn's ent re Work by ijtselfin Twelve Volumes, for Five Guineas, in banr .-nc volume avo, N EN(^1.'1RY into the NA I'UREof CIVIL and MILI 1:aRY SUBOR 1)1 .\ilON. ByJOllN' .Vl.-\Cl)lARMllJ, Esq. 1 pndon : Printed tor C and R. Baldwin, New i ili; Sv-i-oi of National Defence m Great Britain. By the snmc: Au;! o,,-.. T-'liisiiav is pi.bliihcJi. iJ.'ite is priuijlinquartu, WA'ICHERS and the IIOLY ONES, a A. Sermop pr achu-.l in th:? Caihe.lia! Cljuich of St. .Asapli, on Thursd.iy U--c. 5, iS'.j, being t!ie day of Public Thansgiviiig By SAMUEL, Lord Hishopof Sr.ASiph. . Priiit>-d for J. ilaichaid, Books-'ll.-r to HerMajesiv,'' 19s, Piccadilly. ; Of whom may be.liad,hv th? same .Author, i. Hosea, tra;-slatv.d troiii t lle'^^ew, With Notes ; and a Seimon, now fitsr published, on' C!i;iii's Descent.inrollell,. in 4to. puce 18.S. ill board-. .2. 'Oii'Vi-girs 'fwo Seas Hi o'Honty, ami hij Sejsnn of Sowiiig Wlieat; svith a iievv at;.! C')m;iCi!di,)'!S method of i;:- , vestigdtiiig the Rising and Setii;!^ 01 tlie Hxeri Stars, in 410. , '.price43. 6d. se'Aed. > 3. A Speech delivered in t!i;rH.;u?e of Lor^b^ on-the Bill, eniitled, " .i^ii Ad, for thi- Relic! of certain Incumb-mts within the City ol I.oihIou," price is . 6d. . NEW VpYAG.hS AND IRAVELa. : An0.ri,;u;al Periuil'ialWork. ^HE LOVERS ot;.LI rEIlA'rURE,;'.and -the ' .Public in gei'.eral, ar- iiifornied, that cn the Hrit dav of every M'ill'h is legularly piiblishecl, a NuiiiWr,. Price Hilf� acroWn, consisting of alL ri-lli NEW V'-JVAGE - AND TR.'WEI S, and containing as much Letter |>res.s .is On the same novef and inteieating S.urjjecU is usually \oid. for twenty 3hillinss. Much mJght he said to prove th';si''ps'ior value of tl-.js , Work, and It might be demonsirated that it col|^titutes tn-' most interesting, otigiivil, and ecoi;omical pciiodic d put*-li(;�' of the presu-nt rldv. Ihe Coi.tents, however, cf the two lirst Volumes, },n'sin Iccjanii, an-.i St. Vui;;fi't'.- ill 1 :le-;il,. (MaiKe, iVc. ORIGINAL AVOKKS in V.W-. 1. .ii: i 11.-.An Itinerary t(). c;onsrantin,;-U-, and in Englan.i and ScotT'iiid. , . � NEW W 1rks .A N:aLY7.!!D in V;n.. I: end M,.- WoodNVarU's Vijy.-,ge'i:i t;u- 1 n 'iau, -Vicivip:;! jgo, R.>i7.^hue's Tr.ivfl-ill Kraiu-e, ! Mckev's V.-\ace t) .\ew' South Wales,' llo!cro:f.s Tiinvis 11; l-'raiice, ail il!ustratt-d \ykh Views, -.Maps, -itc. ' vol. in.-The Third n\-mhM of the Third Volume "has just ;r,;ide itj apijeuia l-.-; .old rhe VVorkf ;n pr g e-s .rhro'.'igh this Vyion^e .ire ot si:ii,u''ar variety, niportar.'arfil � intere.-r. -rtiey f'i-,.-,irt of ? ri'.if'viUe'i Travels in :lij .Morca, .yiangourifs in Ihn'over, I'l'-olu-r'i; in th-.\.-^ouvh oi France, .-\h I'ii,;inal Tour iivi-eiaid, .�\ii r'pin'.l Tour ui Spain, Can's 'I'la.vels ill the N-.;itli.(.if Ei:rop;, aRd TuriioulPs Voi3g.e,R,)ui!d the \v(,rVi. - /\11 of which Will he com-iletej as usual within the e.\tent of tiiecuirent Voliin,ie. So variiuis aivl i\iter>;s;ing are the,, new Voyages ard Tra-. vels. t nt-iiu:illy a-ldres.Mn.; niem.^elves to the public in va-ri -\is lanc;ua,g--s, tiiatit m ly he a.^^lr!.ed, no future volume of. this, Woik can pos-ess claims to attentipii inferior.tbthbse of iheabovenaineil Voyas'-s aiul Travels. ' . Prhited f-r Richard Phillips, N >. 6, Bridge-street, Blacl^ fri.irs ; ai-.d to b.- had of .ill b.ookseller*. ' ; PREi'ARED CHARt::OAL, atid CuNCEN. TKA TED S'OLUnON of CHAR.COAL,:fbr Cleansing, W'hi'cning Scurvy from thi; Breath. V.. LARDNER, Chc-roist to th'eir,,Jlcyal Highnesses the )f Y-3;k,: begs i-espectfully to. intbrmthe " ave hoti g, and Pre-^erving the Teeth, removing the ; iVLiuth and CJuni^ and Coriectiug foetid i An IMPORTANT ADDITION to the STOCK. oJ BOi)K.S of EDUCATION. On Monday the 17th of February, will be published, printed on good Paper, and in a cleiir Type; corresponding iii size '. with Dr. Mavor's British Nepos; price5s. bound, with the ftiU .Mlowaneo to Schools, 'T'HE. CLASS BOOK; or, Three Hundred and 1 Sixty five READING LESSONS for Schnols of either Sex : combining, �ith the elements of all knowledge, a greater number of Reading Exeicises, from the best Authors, than arc to be found in any other Wpik of the ssme description: every lesson, hiivihg a clearly defiiifld obj.a, and teaching some principle of science xjr morality, or some important truth. ' By the Rev. DAVID ULAIR. 'The Author has been siimhlaledto compile these Exercises in reading, by the observatioiij that, althoiigb there at present exist several excellenr books for.teachitig Readine and Ek>�-cutioii, the objedi of them does hot...^xtend.-.bityond. the mere qohibiiiation of Words j ahd they consist almost enfirely of passages scletlcd vith reference t^^beattty.<<f�Bmposition � only. In the present Work, Elegance has be^ruitiited with V Utility ; Sound and Siense haive'be6n-�tadi^ iln^t)ifposei- oY-Instruaion, liishoit, every'otieoT tlte'tefa^ji in'tWi Class Book, is calculated;.to .make Youi;g;!(l�M4�r botttiWiser -and better. ' , > - '. , The Author's owirn experience :as'a^bi(IMV,<su to him the division of his Book into. Three Hundr.i^wd.Sixiy^. five tessohs, 6r isj�nij}ralLy.{gf\iah'�jlr*IthW:the' suitable length of a Lesson, Ihis divtsi>m; it js.qbvibus. 1 ieava�*^^J^^^'"''f'l�<*�'^'"*^^'�"*�'^^ vvijl be�ue(i{ied'Withan eqtdil tle^r^ Totor and* Pupil hi the aau|l. busiticss of apujblU; Seminii�)r�  ?yp�int�dfot %ch�.d'l^hiirps,'^^b.^ ftlats \ and to be had of r, an his hbusei'No.v^e, Pic-' cadilly. ' , ' ;, ,�,"�;� , ... . . � i The Concentrated Solutiih; in bottles of los. 6d. and ^d.and 5S� each.--;.Thc^PftpaYedGhar9oal, ill b^^ /- ...1 . ^ '"'ewberry, and,; Co. No^?9, Ifleet.stre�tvVVr..Wara^; No^'ja^V 'H^�borhrM�! l.yanott, Grenville-street,, Brviuswiclc-square { Mr. Vade, No. 4<�,'Cornhill V Mif. 'V-iner, Borid-strect, and Mr: Wriaht! Wade'Si e4s�iga,,Bathi Mr. Nash,- Bristql Back;'Mr. Bol naWsoji, Mr. ilkcs,, and. ; Cregorx, Brighton; t' Fitch, Ipswiehj Mr. BUkeiiey, Windsor 5 .Mr. BU , Maidstonei,Mt. Robinson* Tunbridge-Wtil? 1 Mr.-f iess,iftams^e; Mt. Bettebon, Margate; Mrs. Rac; Watket-Place,, and: Mr. Lwlef, High^strMt, Uxfor If. Shatet Ri faud Smith JJt^Wand'Mr. Swinfen", l-eitester. , . * . '^dttSV etlVtoslps a- yatUcMotc or Orlft'fayaWe doo, wiH be-punolually excciited, and sent to any Hhe United Kingdom, ah4tliecli�tij;e (Hanyj letur. thtifowis.

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