Thursday, February 20, 1806


Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Courier on Thursday, February 20, 1806

Courier (Newspaper) - February 20, 1806, London, Middlesex Tt-lr:AT;<R Rf)YAL, OkcRV-LAN);. ^ THIS PRESENT KVENLVG their M^jcuies* Mrrviii-.ts will flit an (ipdiatic Drama, called ' THE TRAVELf.CRS; or Miuiu's,I'ascinatian. The priiKipal t.haraiters fay Mess's. Kilisfoii, IJraliam, Johnstone, Matliews, Dowton, and Bannister; Mis. Fbwell� AJtS. Mounfaiii, Mrs. BlamI, aii4 SiRiiora St'race. Towhichwill be added a n^w F.irte. in a A�s, cat!�l ' The V/KArHE|RC irst, Overture, hsther. jT: GRAND UETTfNtn-N TE DKUA4. Wrth the Air ot ' Holv, Holy Lortr,' by '>i);iif>ra Storacc, Piflrt II.-Concerto Oemiiiunl. Atrj Mrs island, ' VVlnt Dr. .'Vrne. Kicjt. Mr; Mrah^in, ' l),ee{icr Jo the G � NT L KM K N. 0 F. E K C Y, and F R Iv E HO L D E RS Ot'the COUNl-y of WORCESrER. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1806. PATRIOTIC FUNIi. tLdift>'s. Feb. � - woiiml-ed i and till? '.V1 DO WS, O R?H a N,S, and RELATIVES Pjflrt iblessmgs,' UT. ------- ..... ind d'eper stiH,'and Air,  Watt her angel.*,' Jeph. t'horu?, ' GJorti in JiJtcclcis,' Verzo\ii-\. ^r>llK, Mrs.. 9jCkons, �Swee*-liiTH,' L'Allegfear (accompanied oiithsv Violin by Mr, Ashley). Trio; Mrs. Salmon, Mri. Ulawl, and Mr. I'ync, ' Like a bri^^ht chcrub,*'f'ide;iti. Scimiji, Sii;. Hora Sforace,  J4rit.innia;if the .lomb ot Nels-^nj' J'vjieili. Air, Mrs. Salmon, ' 1 lioMoudroajs the bittle.' Chorus, /".roinirlieCtfns'jr,* 5o\'>\Matiin . . I'.ut U l.-^.Vnthern, Mrs. SaTmpn and Mrs. bland, aver,'Kent: .. AiriMr'.'Oi>\1e, is not to bestow,' Dr. Arrre. cA". Si);n(>r;i Storace, ' The Princtf nn-nMf,' I'easr. Cliotus, 'See tlie coixjiiefnii; hero-;' JMifcli, l\^r- iiiul (."horuv, * SiiiK unto God,' |udas :\]a.c. Crtniata, Mrs. 13ic!<oms, I'roin rosy boweis,' I'urccl. I'l.'^cit. Mr.Utaham, ' Micir riphts by foes irrvad'<l.' Air, 1 0 Arms, your ctninti j's c.iuse,' Gneico. Curcnuiion .Vn-iJiein,  Cod the Rinji.'.. ' : Pftiioinal VocaK Performers-Signora STX^'J.ACE, Mrs. iSALMiJN, Mis.JiJ.;"ftNU, and iU.s. DIC^KTONS; Mr. JIUAHAM. Mr. � ^CJl;*ylfONS, Mr. i'VNE, and Mr. POY !.h, ^!itini; their d^sT appearances.)' JVlr. ASHLEY,. Leader ol the land; Organ, Mr, J. .^SHLEV. _ THE RIGHT HON.WjlLMAM 'PUT.  TVJfR. BGWYRR's Pfo^^iosals for a splemlid Hon. WM. PI J:4^ Iilmu iIik celebrated.Piihire piiiiired tor tlw Cprp'oraj^ffn of the l nmfy Houae, to be (Niaraved in tiie Line manner, by Win. Bronili'V, Esq. and wliich he h.iS'|tcsi-tively untjerfaiien to ciirnjilm; tjc ()cl ber tiexr. The supe-1r;or identtty ot charailer whiclv tins Picture possesses, is so v/e!I know�,.astd/s^d'in no nr-ed of explunation ; and the Kograving from-.U Is not only intended t'>>;ivea mo^t fciithftil und .nitmatedroseinbl'^rioe ot its iHustrioiisorigmal, but that it shall not he second lupcHnt ot .apU-ndour in the execution fo^liaceleb'ated portr;ii(s of Mmuacja by Raphael Morglieii, Of, the late King-ot. franc; liyUenvie. I lie size of tii: Priiit 2.)4 by 17.- 1 he price to Su'iscribers-One (�iijiiffa anJ A very few pro >t tinpressimts can be h tlcinen, wirli the most perfedl sentiments of gratitude and esteem, Ycnir much obliged and most (lev ted humble Servant, Mad'rsFicld Court, W1 LUl AM L V G N. Feb. 14, i8o6. To tl�e G E N r L E M H N, C L !� R 0 Y. and F 1 E R S - of theCOUNTV of VVORCElj TER. Gekti^.mkn, ^ . . 'T~'HE Mgli and distinguished honour which you i liave conferrSvLon jn< f.aher by el-ictinn Jnm vour Ke-presentanve 111 feix succiisive Psnhaments, encourages ine to otfer yuu .ny services nuih-- pre. em vacancy. If I should be so lorunme as to be consnter^d worthy nf y our con fide) C(�, pemnt me- toassure you i shall fiver have in view the principles^ ot our eicclUnt (.oiietitnrion, and parti-ciilarJy tfe mterest.s and pros[H.-TiTyof Wie Couiifv of Wor-. cestcr. 1 am, Gemlcmfn, with ihe Rryiitest resvfit, V our most d;;voted and obedient h\imbte bervnnt, St. JaiHcs'a-square, WM. liBAUCHAMp: LYGON. I7t!i befi. ikoft. nPHE Parfnership between CHARLES SMITH, �A of Lowirt.rosveriio'-streft, Upholder and Calinet-marker, and vNf^. Gf.o: i t. H�>viiig wi.rd.s-- .\;-.ion(!,<t others, ti'.at all eash, rnoncv. e paid nil the; of those killed, in His Maj'csty's. Service. .At'o'iiint a..ivi!it}i:t>*i Cbiirrhtw, Ch:ipch, and Riv. Ofrgfmcn vuTja Meeliiigt. pieucued. PaMsh of Theinetham, SuflTalk,-~ Parisl-ifi of Sauiidby aiut Hole, nrai Gainsbo- r.nmh,----- - - ' liidcpei.den. Crapel, Biackbufn,-�--- Parish of'Kinpiesley, iiluo;>shrfc. caileried. 3 "7 6 ^"luircli Twvivholm, Will. .Meire � ot Gieetl\am, Riitlan.lshiie, lid. Jones, Vicar � ot Clare, >uffjlk.  ot lUockfhurpe, (^loucosiVrsinre, ot li, ckii'K, Essex, -- - ctjthose wjU hej ){uinc;s. ..... . Pr\nt is delivtred ; but it is Tfijuested that those aKo would .v.'ijh'^o sr'jure thefiiiest iinpres ions will gi�c im-'.iediate in-iimation Xi Mr..4JotKyrr4' Histr)rie>if'altcry, Pall iMall, tt�8* .the\ ivcnrs may bp entered accoiduiply. The pricevvill be ailvanc-d at least d 'ubbe t4 those wlio do not subscribe before :ilie!ist>^t.1av iiCJtt.. , ^ ;  PRIVATE TUITION. . r -A CLERGYMAN many years" yccnstomed to r\. tlieTuitirf^vcrthe 'Sons of (rcntlem'-n of Kwik and Toriune, who will D:ar .Tjmple tesnmony t.v his abi,lif4es,fAs� 45itl :nttrad-d. t :iutness. a  short diisrante 'bom tfyde P^rk Corner, where, in conse- �im-stroet; KiMf;hU!>riilK'\ bhojUl It suit any Gentleman's better to write to the Adv^rtl^el*, a hue direiled as above to U. D. will meet %vith every attention-. ENSIGNGY and' CGRNETCY at HOME, or :�! the East lndies,mucH unuer the tej^uUted nrice. En-sig'icv and Coriie'tcy on hall \).iv (or sale. .\ Lieutenancy of; t-avalry. An appmntmen'ot vvd. perann. tor izobtsuineas. An.appointinent ot ^^q\. ptr annum in the tVest Indies lor ^00 An a^ipoiiitmiiit ot ^oot. per annum, m rhe Kin;','s Body Gu.ird. .A Soco d Lieueeiwncv of Ma-ruies. A Cadctcy^ in the East India Company's Service. Adjutancy of MiUtia muv be obiaiiwi by applicitnn at th.-Army A!;.'nt's: Oiiice, N.i. 10; NorihuinbeiUn.l-street, tiiraiirt, between eleven and thr^e .'clock, ^.  No Letters aniw-tied >unle&. v)|iclv>aH Soips-arc- exchange, ptomi-sorv iri;cs, and a'i i tner securnies ror nin-iiey beonRiin^ to the >aid I'jrMie'slrp, whrn rcc-.iveil. .>:Ktll be paid mt.-) tiie haiu;.-; . t tin" saiu cnj'h-s Smith, aii>i �eiameil byhimaloae, wh.>vvill drsclMr!;.? d.-.'its tine t(i,ni tlie .saitl '.-opannership in iic usiial cpuise ol Davmciits. r'<HARLES SMITH, Upliolstcrer and Cahinet-\^ maker, r Ctoivenur-siieet, CJiosvenor-squarf, (kks leave to return hi- trateful acknowk-d^enunts to Ins ciisio-inersand Iriends t .r the many tav; urs conlerrsd on hiin, a.-;d ai-quamts them that tlie pariiiership betwireij him and Mr, Geoig.; Kev, was ni.-.solved theii:st ot January, iS.ji, a ndiin Gazette of t!-e ^tli of the �ame in .nth, and that the bns'iiess in future will b.- carried on 011 his ov.ii separate account on the.'sam'.-prvnnscs. No. 70, Lower Cifs-venor-street, where he hoppsf/iia oniinuance ot those t-i-vourshe has been >o 'i s bet.-re �  C. Smith b-i-, leai'c folnontion, ihut he lia> no concern with any other house tn Orosvenor. street bur N.-.). 7j.-iztli Feb PURiUANV to'3 Dfcrec ot the High Court ot . hanctry, bearing date the 5th day ot Julv^ lil.-j, iiwido in a C.1IISS nhereuj. ROUER 1 IIOL lJurcher, and oth.-s ai'e rbinlilfs, .ar'.iV SAVlVl El, CilliKCH.I l.L and OeienJawrs, ihe Crahmrsdttlie Rev. Sir JOHN VHEa'I b, ot'idale, in the County oj GosDort Cliapel, K. Bin.ihani Paid by some yo(inj> :A'lun, ai;ain ollas,-r- Koe - , ---.--of Whitgitt, near Uowdcn, Yorkshire, - Siniiwon. - - � OanicMnce, Esq. - .... Wliil.'iiham Miijna, near Bury St. Edmund's, Suflljlk, --~r - . Oahu, Wih-.!i( vicli, W. T sse ot St. Sifplun, near bt. Alban's U=re. 6 ao li I 3,') 4i 20 o ig 8 10 to 21 10 S T 4 � I 11 4 '3 54 lU 4 P. o 8 4 4 5 IS 6 � 3 S a 4<j anathor are rjrlOMAS G16i|t-ei,icr, Bart, arecnor bcfor-- tliejth d-ay of March riJo6, to'-coiilC'in ami Drove-tlieir Debts before Sa^iiiuel (. oiiiptiiii C.'.; r.,nr in delaiiU thereot they will be peremiitcnly e.t-clinlcd ilie beriefit Ot tha said IJeciee. ' ' 'l*iejii>n-ie andreputatioiiot UE.V ELNO.">. '\7E0a'rA-BLl': PIL.L, b-lng hequemW adv-er-V ti^d 111 thl-iwme of Oh VELNOS, Mr.'sWAliv. .SONj hio Successori in Iriih-strcvt, S.i'o, and the I'roixie-tor Of he'ndy Medicine h; ev;r prKpaied or adinuuf ttrrcd,-. Impcs that" his owiicharHf.tcr, and the aticntmn ami success Willi which he has' admn.i.stervd that Medicine m tJu- most delicate and important ca.ic.n, will warrant the mo.Ht; Iijfluil ,� ps of death, their, tritnds should consult their own hearts and att.-tlions, and not suiter the most pitable, and otien the most amiable ot their acquaintance, to consign tliemselves to pretended lemcdits, .resting on such AUvertisenients. f he gi-nume Medicine of De Velnosis prepared 01 ly bv Mr.Swain-son, No. si; Frith-sttset, Soho, where it is s' la at n*. per bottle, and by all the reputable Medicine Venders in the United Knig^pm. ' . more or less coini the skirt Bift t *tfet^ually cleap MChappe^l, Co Prtpared only a.. HKhnesspi the l� or York, No. - ia/?4wilrrt#�tr�ei; �oi*iiMttiff<jy Where vSoap is requisite, partrcul^rtyljr |t^vuig,;bB ?p-. Veflorin quality lincl cqual'in quimtU^. to Soaps soid for tloufete ihe jprice. finisnire, r.'wi.siup ot Maccle.- ;l*^V P nish of Oori iiigDH. I.Mic') iii.'nre,---- ----- ot l-l"rs!iKt;jn, bointrs'.-t.slin.',-- Kv-'v. IJ. brown, ."jcotter, Lii;coiii,-.hire I liomas tioultoii, Esq. Waicot, ditio Parish hiK-, ). Robinson - ot /\l(oid, Lincoli;b.ii.i-, j.od'jy. -r ot UoddnK'ton, C. 1;. Kent ,. - or !uicki:ail, -^ .\J\ddljioii ^ . l;idK|ier.d'.iit ivu-clin^'. St. .'Xluan's, S.'Burder Kings ^illib'..rnc,Hants, l hiie, G. Wass; llung.'it rd, UoiKohiie, M. K,o\vlan..isoii - ' Oihcers, Nnn-comnussioned t'iltccrs,, boys, and Dru'iimrts, ot tii-J au Uattaliuii ot the flit Regiment, one day's pay DiilflV liale, near Matlock, Merbyshire, E. Jones , .,: -  . - , ' Parish ot Freestoie, Boston,---  - Relict Cfjii^rejjaiioii, Ki.kl/car, L.)u.iiliies,-E. . Dobbie . �� . Cinififeg..tion of Uiimfries, addit. --- -'lowiisi'.ip ot Clayton-le-iVlo..rcs and .'\lthain, Lancfl.!. � - - . . - Churchea of Ililstock and East Chelborough, Dorsetsiure, H. l-layinan - Wesion livcll Cliurcn, Norihainp.. H. Knight I'.arl's lijrioii ...liiiich, dlito,--- hyinlade Upper SwkU, 1. Hull. 11 Samuel Atliawes, l-sq ... Paris'.i oMJouine, Lincolnshire 6 19 9 Maiuiii Pochm . . S 5 Gibson and Sons . . 3 ? o biuKlry^unjCiptions . jo 13 o. Parish of UarmintT, Mark N .hie . Uccleston Chuich, iif-ar Ch.i^vley, nddiiioiial, 8 17 6 10 7 16 j6 9 3 20 5 5 I 3 7 K 37 7 ii 1 10 o o '5 b 4 o 63 3 3  7 1. 4 7 7 'I 'S o Town , J. ..rjtk;:tt J jrisli ot Prcsion and, D-, --ot OMinngion, uitio,---- -- ot ihirlhauonh, ;:i;dolk . ? Rev. J. Gee Sr.ivih, Sector *^ . v tsumuy SuOscTipiioas . ji o o o Parish ot Lacock Mtlksham, - ot I lcklt:.^'vl;.!, Mls.,^^, Roman Caihoiic, Ijiigliton-lial!, York-, stnre, .Mr. l.ctevre . Subscnptions at the Mitrc lavcrn, Chatliam Parish of Moltatt, exclusive of Volunteers . 990 --ot Kirkpatrick Juxta, di'.ro 6 0 o -of Waniphry, iiicluii'._j; Volunteers :. too PREPARED CHARCOAL, and GONCEN-� TKAl'El) SOLUTION of Cri.VRCOAL, for Cleansing, Whitening, and Preservim; the rPeetli, removing tha Scurvy from the Mouth and Gums, and conectiiig foetid Ureath. � E. LARONER, CJiemist to thwr Royal Highnr.sses the r<uke and Ductless ot \ irk, begs respectfully to ii.torm the Nobilitv ana Public, who have honoured him by the use ot his Prepared Clurcoal, that he has purchased a Recipe for rendering Charco...I salubl'j, which, from us ellicacy as an Antisceptic, he has t-odverred into u most agreeable Mouth-Wash, to ac-ompany ihs use- of rhe Powder, and Hitters liimself jt will be toumtas edicacious in removing the Scurvy troniihe.Mouth and <�ums,. preserving them in a tiealthv state, and correcting Icetiil breath, as Ins PreparedCliarcoa! �has been ftir preserviiiRand whitening ilie Teeth.-^^ The verV great reputation which Gardner s [irenarcd Charcoal has acquired, has induced a number of, persons, %vho vend .vied 1-ci lies, to prepare 4 Powder whi h they sell under the snne name. The Proprietor, htving no riouot but that the Concentrated bolutioh ot Charcoal will also ba imitated, he thinks it nec^iSsary-to rfqvicst that the Nobility, and Pualic willbe particularin observing, that every Bottle or Box sold by hisappointmear, i� signed Fdiiiund Lardner,"--none 'Other IS genuine, / � - Sold wholeaale an4 retail, with printed diredlions, for thejruse, and Observations upon tlie interesting properties jjfXWiarcoal,' by tlie i�roprjetor, at bis house, No, s6, Pic-iJailiUy. , ,1 i . Thft. Concentrated Solution, in bottles of to^. 6d, an4 6d, and ss.eai?hir-The Prepared Charcoal, in byxes nt is. �each, or. la for One Ouiiiea ; and ratail ov'E.'N<-wberry, corner ot St. Paul's Church-yard j Mtssis. Warren and Co. No. 41; and Mc UiKget Ho t;, Cheapsid? ; Mr,. Oavisoii, ' No. 59, Fleet-street ; Wr. Ward,, No. 3i4i Holboni; Mi*. I.ybnott, Grenville-st*eet Oover i Mrs. Wafd, Shipsio|ii>oM jJMour: aiut ^(Ir, Sw�iten,.L'e}ccsteV' .larders, enclosing a Bank Note or Draft payable in tt)is. dof'.AviU be ViinfiJljally executed, a|^l sent to any part of the United Ruigtlom, and the change (it anv) :etuincd,with thegoods. Rev. Dr. Mall, Lan'Vf, Glamorganshire J.ihn NV ilhairisi Ivsq. unto . Mr hvan Davi.i, i.i tn Parish ot Tiwvsil, Nuitingham.shi'e, -- of blidw rth, ditto, -. --of St'ttliey, ditto, ---r- (it l.iiibv, aitio. ---ot Popplewick, ditto, --ot Plunuree. diito, - -----of WoodDorough, ditto, ot Norinantoii-upen-Soar, 26 �3 I is, i 28 ro 14 2o .5 5 i 9 a 6 4 11 2 b II NaVY-OFFICEj Feb:-i8> t8o6^ tUpuri/turrceofa'ff^l^ o/J\irliamtut Jiaiftid hi iht JL -1,(^16 yrdr nj'lUt Hit p'i\.nl Alij^'ty i it -^'i. riitniid ...� Act f ires'abtishiiig 11 mure easy an,i expeditious, milhfKl " for th-P lyiricm of l)ltii;.-'r.. bccin i g to His >laj--st\'s *' Nav)." ihejtrirc'p.ikf^'''i" :in,t C'>'>:>U'Suoier. ojHh Ma- _ jefiy'^ Kui'jf aa htrtbji Z'"'" '�'''''>'1 I'irc it .M'Jiiry'iM tht band>oflbf fttJiWir oj iii- ji,iy'r M ny, u p.tji I'Ei-,-SION , ff/r tfi. 0 ili/i,iij/^i.'iiit.i (-'./' rA.- N'uy.due 10 Oij.ccrf ani IVid;iui u' t.'/'iiiliifai iatf, in oidcr >uih Vfrwtttvh-) ate dtiitoifro^'^J.i'itrtlfvtibi .ttii'unt tc;iit id, '.'riy ipjdy ilye nii Tfeuiii'ii f'f i/.ii jiu jusi'. . N. It. '+-fis litci it'll ivLile lo tie iVilovji' PiiJont pay.dU iy , Mr. Ilu'.tun.  _ . aRAJY C.;'STR -.CTS. Comiiiisi.i'y-t'Ciierar's Office, Great � -C--:- r.',e sneet, cb 18, ii!t,6 NOTICE is herahy gift,, to ail I' trsoris lusiicr/! <.f Ci'iti-.iciing to iiij'j JI I' f J't/'/ioiig unulet f.r toe �,� of theA'iiiy, vui.- ,v * i;. -'ro the froopS iii Birratiks and Quarters in ihs I-le ot Ma-1 i and Ft)RAOE-(�i7.. Oats, May. and Straw,) for florses-'he- ; loiu^liigto litaiitry Cori-s m $jii:t:teiSi ait.i whert inarching m North lUwiUM ' - i - Ihe d:'l venes to oomui'ncc on aiitt fcrth^ a^th dav of March next; that proposals in w'iii , and ni.-.rl'cd  tei.o,'Cl"fik.oi9 1h3t -day.? and if sent by po�ti the iKistape inlist be paii;. Proposals must b.: ni dd stp itaif (y the Islavid and fr)r North IJitain. ann the iia.ut?. i.�t iw.i gn.,.<r Mlret e- !'t tnerof, and nil lejiderwill Be noticed unless the p-ices shall b-.- expires edm wotd^ at length, and ih'' i'aiiv, or t-heir .Agent,, shall call at tlnsOtfice oiv ihc tclli wmg Ua> to know liic iw-cisi'iu thereon.  . Particular... ol the Coi^rafS.i miv b.> hid upon applic.itioir rtt this onic.iTc.lWL-enthellnirs ot Ten arit F. ur, ti, t!i9 OtUcet cnniin .fldint die. tTou s 111 ihj bl^otMan, and to Mr. Ptepnly Co.ninissnv-i.en.-ral Assot.i; F.oinb.uih. NEW EEUMENPaK Y li'/Oi^S. 'I'hiiday IS published, | r c-j-sbtiiid 1,1 bin..-, iliu;tr :.'t;d witli Maii.s, AN EASY GRAM .VIA i snb-jef'-t niayj for ttie first time, be iiiactic.<! n;i^hr in Schi.oJs; written on the approven r'lan ol Goliir.miiii's Granniur of Geography. nylh^Ptv. J. ROBINSON, -Master of the Free Grdinmar Sell �-l at'Ravinstoncdile, in X\ estmortiaiid; Prm'ed for Richaul;.s, No. 6, l'rK?�;'-.stre?t, Mjcka friars ; and to be hiidof all bookselleu, with tnj iuil ailojrV-aiice in tliepuichaS.2 ot qiunti'.ics. i)f \*hoiii may also be had, . a. Aneasy Gram:narof tiL^)^rv^phy,ll,eluding theUseof, the Clobesiv'c eially esieemca trie most pr;'.;tical Svs't-i.l extant, with luiKienJi'.t nvnis.'dcC. i-.y ihe lev. |. A.ohU .smith, nrice as. 6d. h.-und iii red. 3. An.�asy Grammar ot Piulosophyv or cnmnere and cdinpeiidii^us Sy.^teni of th^ Ai'fs, an I ."-ci-iices', illusn-tai fiy ramiliur exptfiiiientsj diidbv nuni-ious p'^jtes, wfitit-ii'.rv .  t!ic |ira-!ic,il Plan ot rhj t.r.iuinur ,-ir OiOj^raphy, by the s^nv: Author, price 3s, in grti.^11 4. ' he I' I. nisiirs .r .v imrtl .Ml-^Iitv, toiimJeii on tr.e Sv.<!-teni ot l-inna;us, with p.. jular drscnuioiis in tne i-.anner'<f. oldsmi)li .111. Unffnii, I ns'r,it.t! bv cup er-|�lat.' represent tations ot two riundRM kuoieiis.  ny ih; R.iv. \V. .-.^av-'r, . l.L. ;.>. pics 63 b..un !�. 5. .A by.,iem ot short llaiKt, fiat which is t^im'ht in the w.inouv. I'unlic SclU'Ois, aiid which u used-iii tli? Cc-ii'is; ot l.nw ill the Meiropolis. By \< . .*]iiv;)r, L L. l.-" �c, price 7s. f)ii. in boHiils. . . 6. I'hebl'tin ntsof L.iwl Surv^vmi:, lu Ureorv and Pr.ic tice, lUustraterl wnttco,�ptf-p^:^lr^, ()lan and oljuKnl, wiili labk'Si hy .�Vbrafiam Cri.cke!, Lai-.ii-b-.irv.-yor, ot iriii.ej prici: 7-. iioiiii'.'. 7 u lO 13 t? S 1 o o 1; I 2 i.a '9 a 9 1 ii 1: 6 iJ 6 10 8 12 5 5 18 7 12 4 �i i u o o 5i 9 o 3 �4 S t3 3 13 O la n 6 o 9 '4 a 2 i la b 6. ..10 10 ;o. -10 fo o 10 10 o 10 to-i o; S S * < .'-fU.ACi?.' v^ais pr-pun;;ial to bj Enamel J aiM.>t.>ic Oriental ; )eiir./ricfc ; or, .'V>iatic T3jt!i,i Pouili�r. ltit>ilic:c� a 1 1 virtu ick'n -wL-.i^aI IVy th'' iTiDsi respecl;it'le uip.i.cil anthuMin-s, u^i-d :>v iT.any, a'd ra-connnendeu t..r above ui-.-e l'\i.-iitv Vrrrr^i. 1 he P.7..vuer cleanses .ind tettiries i.'i.- I.v'.-if!, <,:\^. er o; leii.-.i, nre.crycs s-'hikI teeth from decay, ^e(.^u�s d'.cavcd tet-ii tr. r.i o-.commg wore, fi,it?ns-t.,'i;).se arc 1 lo^f, an.! i.Ti-.y-.-i i'le liaopv m-. ans ol preveming ilv'ir b'jiij; .Ira'.vn. l.iir u h.if iia-imhanced i-in the estimaln>i> .-.1 t.i's; wlv> usnimt, is, thitit pr v-..-nt-, \\\; wirii which, tiet rcmat jv.-riuil, r:i; ahiicti'd. .\ Caiu.ou ,it;aii!il fu;.. 1,1 Powder without " M. litittei,^- (j,; ot thoBo.\; .All othcis aie ..-oiii.ttr: a in the tl, habit of �.'e he. iini ci tlie I octh-Ach, iv iiiv; |ie?ii vioisiKly ins niy .\m.iiic 1 ootli-t.-,_- >>r:iiiip ijii the lop nr.. 911. .1 box ai.U of Meiikcftiott, Cornwall, W. Williams In'.iepeiideiit Chapel, Cleckeatcn, iie.u Leeds, �Y.,ikshire,-- Little Parish ot Tinisbury, Hants, D. Wilhams Parish 01 Linkinfiorne, near Callintjtoii, Cornwall, i)as. Cofihj - - -. Unite 0(;i�wo.i>tl  -. ir--Farnley , - : � 'Jv John-Rad !r. .->im n.uis, Portsmouth, .Mr. .Vtells, ditio; Mr. .�>n ok, lo'ts.a; .Mr. Richards, Plymouth; Mrs .Sheartiili aiil Pro.^s r, liristv^l , Mr. Pine, land .vlarret, U.tth j Mr. .-\iao;il, 1 >le ot Wi.r.'it ; Mr. Atkinsiin, Chester; .Mr ,.l>ic-, .vmthainptcn ; .Wt. Pool, Cambridge; Airs. I^uiler,. ! >.xtnr.t ; M r. lewca?, Southampton ; Mr.Hains, ."vtanche.. ur; Mr. I nr.'-.s, n^or-ce^tcr ; Mr. Cane, ColCTistCf : Mr. .>..VL.n;.y, i'..r;v,.,-i-.:i-.i ; Mr. bale, \\ oolwich ; Mr. Mairon. Rye ; and .vi,-. l/y^-r, Newcastle-Scld in every cajnul Vown tlMOUi;ti;ut Epi;--land   . Please to ask for 1 rotter-hjr wr.rte.i on the Stamps i IJR. HOiVELL'S POv-DERS. FITS, Epilepsies, Convulsw-ns, Hysterics, and all kinds of Fits, radicnl.'y cur-..t by .l)R. HOWELL'S POWDERS.-The ellicacy ot these myaiuibU Pow:lers have been abund-tntly pnived by a g.'caj .iiiuihir of cures performed on persons of t'or't sexes, anu of all- ages; many ol Whom had beeti dreadiully nif!icf'd fo? a.Joog s-eriesof vears, and, h.iving t,.ikcna variety of raediciiifs without .fjncfi ing any relut, wwe deeinetl by the Fj.ulty absDlutel;? incurable. The tew i.jllowing cases ari seleded from a very long list,(vvhjch may be seen at'' the Poitor's house), and are attested by such respecVible characlers, tbat the smailesii rioiAit cannot rejiiam in the mind or caa m-,ist incrcditloUs. Thesonof Mr. Truman, of Ciltspur..street, a^^cct tg years, hart Falling Fits from Ins chiia.*tuotl, nut li now restbred to perfitol health-by i)r; Howell's Po-yaers. Witness, Dr. Turner, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Lon- don, by whom they were recommendetl - Mrs. Rehs^ca is , . . .......Guy'_ Hospitals^ nitver ileceWed airy beue/tt tillshe ha'dtakn i<r. riov.olPs^V.y�tlM*^whiejkp*rtc6tty;�ured�ier. Witness, the Rev. Mr. Hunt, .tV'l(|its( auielWix, of Wo�t Hors\6y, Sultry, near ?3 years of ag*-, was: ibr more liTan sev ' the uio-jt emi.ientof life Facultyic w*s e*5Wit^^ by l>r. riowiilPs'Pow- >^JU�cas>>, the>ii�>rM�. Fttlkrtan, .Mmisr-clr of Wet Uorsley -J^�,Ai;ii>,Wj|iluJijii�, of tJylonsto.u^, assex, had .violentHts froin her inKncyti'l stw was sixtee(i ye.i;s of a.,-=, wlrii, by'tiking Ur.'^ilpweH'l Powders, she wispet-tetUy, �u�si,. Wi^iess, (he Revv Air. Wnaley, Minister of ,tayc)p3tc!�e;� who, Jor tjvis Rre^t bUssuigt uubliotv reiurneiJl thit^ikitotiw Almighty in his Chapel oit the toth of Nov. 1799, ' � � � . , Phis sovereign remedy is ptepateJ, under the patronage of HiS Howell, fellow of K.iag.'s College^ / tioiied Uiseases. All letters (post paid.! .inly answered: anV^i the Powder, sent to my pm of Uic Ainiic4 f�i<^m. n^l

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