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Courier (Newspaper) - February 19, 1806, London, Middlesex � k. WEDNE^pAY, mimJAKY_W, 1806; i T.HEA'JTl^li ItCVYAL. IJKUWY-LANi;. v Servains vfilladiahliOno-iitic IJranraj calW THE TRAVfir/LKRS; srMus'iif-iiKasciniftion.-The principal charatlers bv �\Tc�sts*�l!wfon, Urabam, Mrs. Mourttaiii, Mrs. Rland, and Sit;'i ;cily, called iler- �'rrtE DistRtssrn motmur l>yr,h�s. Mr. C. K�nbte 5 Orcstet,. Ma=.ter.Bct�y nuCANTtNOj-or. TaB-BKAYlxaV VENICE. r.e�i Re str�-t. Han-ver stjuare. Cai.ts will be.nncle anil ile. 1,vereJ in rlie drder^s'tbscriM tor. "A r No.. .53 and 54, Sr. Paul's l>A^ VoWSbIc U.^k,at�i.��v^.1 ab' H.e ml.^' hjnay ..ft cle toririvd- jris-.^vci ready lor e�.crKc.ic.�. It contains alltlwuseliil crersfor..ep^siting .cnuiHs.. an.i only public ui^iiv^tado^y in to.wii� � JOSKPM DAY. ijeceased; IF the legal Repre.sehtativc.s,ot atiy of (lie. Rela. tives r>t J O Ui I' rl liA Y, form -rly of Lincoln's I itn, Cent, who iva� ilie Year'iyo6, will a;>i)ly to Mr. Withy. Siilicihir. 18, Uii>;kiuKliaitt-t.trc t, Sirandjlhey will be rew�rj>,;:'d tht tli:i- trouble. ^ .; ,. ^_ . LL Persons having imy CtaiiTli or> the Estate of Mrs. CJK.CATHIii.), laie of UtUi ns Huus-j ileccased, are ilcsir.-il Joithwirh to Jiaiis.iijt tlic i'artiuular* thereof to Mr. Ca tieiri.iivat VVir.iboMi.  This (Jiv is Vtr>i;.ihcd;pr!ce 2s; 6d., T^HE TRAVELLERS j An OPERATIC DRA-X � MA, accoinpamcd by the S01�fGS, ainl Notes illiis- VlCTVAl.fiTN'G.OI'FlCE, I'a'b. 17, .a'A THE Ci/.imsshnctt far yidual!i':g li'is M"Jesiy^t ' Navr ilo I'erc!,/ f^ne Miit'ce, Tl>3l on Tu'-'tif, ibyiyh i/iil. ibey '�w'tfl l.if rtuiiv i', r'/i^vf le 4'' '"> '.'��'iim f't-Jtird NKUiRAl. I"I.AC;S. This Day is publishHI, price 4s. ^HE MYS rERJES of NEU'I'RALIZATION, or thcHKlTISll NAVV viudicajetl f osti the Chiracs INJUSTICE and Ui'l'itESSXUN td\i^aras Neutral T of By.JOUM ofClreatVatmoiUh.  4)ipMkHd bonicr�t'i. H y (,e had, prijje js, b6*Hls, Betthieii* iJlwutorr ct. Miij Campaigns of Cieneral P-wa-tpirte'itt .'lyrra qnd.'Keypt, an* Optrattons�f (ieniial bcs.t'ijf ij* Upper Hjjypt.; 'TiuuslAicd lr�>m<ihe Frtiichj by 1: li. Wliifr. ,,,�,*� � �  - On :!:e 20!h of"l'6b�uary will be ptibJisiied, m two ^ols. l �l ynirio.'el>.*K:mtly prinreu by Hdllantyne, - THE WORKS of SALLUol-. To which are ^irehxed, Two bsSay* uiitne Lifif, Litirary Character, ami ViitinKs ot tine Historian; with Notes, riii>:orical, B.o^raphiculv ami Cruicalj .  By H E N 1 ..ot^. � Display'of tha. jL^-:Xi\� Milttsry [.ncriuw nt t he iSpflsh -ETaFrfe. ' %j����Kh r ��� : CXH'Ui.i !<iI'i Ux:ii ti i.u -vVr-rtiri' r dtjii-]-.- � . . ' .. Nuregii<.-ii:.'iil U biiJ ir, anjfTead^t inivh'ib I'e p'icftin'!, ro'. U in.f Uii 1)1 tioiii! Ill le/igi/', or'hal ihii't not '.e .7^lh/ tJ'. /iMt,/' i-ifife {}/< }i fieJul[.^ ttl'ftii, to 'UttVOrr '^-hfit Cii!'?'i ii-. -^'�^ N.A VV-ahhV'-E, tv.'J. THE Pimcipal OjfYcers and CoAtnnsijners tj owt'r ^ lytS^/'fi'f; �31 rii-c o'l.ici-k in tie AfCi'n'-^n', � MARMED MAN about 1 hirty.s�s� ���vt\l 'acaaJrtni&'l'w 1 th-AC R1C r; LTU R E,, a -g^pU judge atC;^tie.-Sheep, ic, a cotr-cVai*! pUni Ac- tfaee to any pcrsoit 0. L-r.'  .,,t, iiritaiii, requfribK-tbe as�i4r.mcc ot Wueh abil't.e.. 1 he most ample and respi;- .y, iau1?�:,P'n'-;'ced. > . Aadress to Z. X. No. 7. Bruton-str�et, Loiido-t, aniihe most imme.iiare attention wili fiepaid. - ^" -  ISUPERIOR VERlltjUES. _ X.T'UGHS, No. rxiS, Ne* ^Uond-sti^et, o^istcv XlL.-theNobility apd flcnlrya fasKioiiable assorti^cUtpt obiiiuct petspirjuion, yet suilicienfly covered- with hair,"so that they bfe'combWlin any dirtjclithj without the liability of the'r bei)>s discov'�i�d from a NatViral Hiad of .HMr.^drcssed iii the first style, aird. with ? further advantage ot nevtr f hilnfcin^'a fauU allotlters have. To be had oiily at Hu);i>i>'$ f:i.-<hionable MaiiaUi^l ^vkituk^d Mrwd;),'. and piie^i V>*'i any Suiiioii'fair and eouAable tcfiris, by |)ayiiii; aivadeqimte Annuity Irtteiest (gr the sdine. .^s alsu mphey will be advanced to those of kiB.wa property, ou thjir personal security. - Pers)M2l applications>re daily received by Mhsrs. I.ucas aiitl Co. at No. 2, Jaaies-itreet, Adelplii, Stsa.ld j and let-xeii (p6st-paicl)fl�iwffed wuhr.ut delay.  ONivY for LIFE ANNUi'ITES,--Wanted ---to PurclVasc, .severjl wfil-secured Lite .Annuirie.s, for wluch sevw-rrtlufthe follovyin); sums arj no\v im iiediately -*:.idy, us sopn as the Sfciuiiie.vare ai>|Vrovcd, viz j^nl 50,1. J6i,\. i,oool. i.jool 2ioool. and 3,oool.' and several, of.a l.irger am 'unt ; iroiti six | purch liC and U|uva-as will bt >;iven upo.i Sin^li Livi;s, led'ieioab'e. nt" option -- vl r.^ RlXUERTS oMti al.,ays Kivea niiswtr t> tlie title of S:;curti:Cj ott^rod, an-l the expellees attending them, which ' artair.'i, which dun, and Mild in Etiinhurg^ by Juhn Anrtetswu, uc. dec. -*�* The Worft, b.-siucs u . 1 raiwiacton ot the. hfi�torian, is chiefly designed to illustrate theCivil, pariicuUr the Literary, History of tlw .Aj;e of .^ii^usius, aiid of that which i.-ninediatfly preceded it. It-wili be embellished by a lle:id of SdUu�t, takiJii fioin an Antique Bust in the t-aiiieze Palace at Koin�,th6 only one cjciatius ; andotiier Plates. � � � � . .. ' � -.. SiieLxlilywitl b<: pul^.ished. in one 8v . price i8i(. An Enquiry into vlu System of National Defence in Great' Britain. By the same A-uthor. , This day is published, i.4 volujine, foolscap oClavo, .tm-, , bellished with sii^erb engravings by th ;eniiis"-Anti^Jacobin Review. ' TIv.s voliiBie exhibits treat elegancfraftaste,an4 \.'uripth offceling. Theft'st Poem, oh SedudUen, i� well managed, and has iiiauy p.itUetic and b.-autilul pasiagies." ' British Critic. *' This is a Poem of considerable ineflti oivanintcreirftne HUME ami BE: SHAM'S lll.ST�)RV of ENGLAND from the E A'.> LI EST. RK viORUS tolthe PRESENT TlMli, COViPLKIE. ' MR. PHILLIPS 'has th,e honour to offir to the l-ubilcthe only complete, respe^ilablj, and iinifornf Series ot linglish Hist- ry which Ins ever been or V-uceil Mr. Hume's Hit.tor\ was brouglit by that Writer dawn to the period ot the Upvoliitir.n, and Mr. Belsham has t.ikcn up the na-tative trn n the Revolution and brought it down to the Peace of A 11,11 ?ns. Both Wolfes form an uniform ."Jeries of Twenty Volumes, and they may be had of every IJookseller in Town aid Country, price I. mhtPounas, in boards. Per.ionsaireddy posses-ii g Mr. Munne'.s History may have .Mr. Helsham's entire Work, by itscHm Twelve Volumes, for rive Guineas, inhiards. And as th? letter-part ot SmoIIet's Geneial History was frequently sold previously to the appearance of Mr. liel-sliain's Work, as a continiiaiipn" ' , Coftiage Ba::ds, 1-iohrope. Br. ken Lignum Vila: 5h vers, i?-oken Glass,  Hr Shores,, &C.&C. all l\!ht^ in Hn /Vljjetlv't D/p/fo-if; tvishmif 10 becomi parcbasers, m.iy i.vive lOr � the \ame iliii ing the common ivoiirig ijo.tri oj Vie Day Iff Hale. Inwniories ami OmdU'ions of Sj/e may be had here, and at the Yard.- (�rry 0/ v.ewinA tlj( 1jr.i, until boards. Bridge, street. J:m. 8, 1806. are ilJiLv attended to.- . for thh y irits, ai>d render . r- - . THK-V(�ICE mflodions, powsrlul, and flexible; aiidc3pable of the most rapid modulations. So'd, with fnll:dlreiViotis,fJy rt'ilhain Piob.itt, Apoth 'cary and CIninist, O'slord ; and, retail, by .Mr. Golding, Corn-Jill, aiid Messrs. bacon ai4d Co. 150, O.vlgrd-stieet-, LonciiMV. Price js.6d. each box. theme. It consists of eight Ueliie*tip�s, tnicii thedtah orthelatier."--fccleiitic Review. Ear THE GROW 1 H and Pl< LSERVA I'lON ot . ' THE HAIR. THE use of the iollowmg -preparations will if there are the least down or rv.ots ot theMair rtniiuinnj;, cjuse it to grow to the most bt-iutil^il ici.gth iii-.d thii-Kntsb, and^-reservettio theextremest Old Age; but wIumi a con-tirraed baldness has-takcn pi .ce.Mather. thes ilwseSvho pie-leiidto restore It, when- n-i that stats, to produce a hiiigle insta.!ce of their ever having done so, itbeing utterly impossible i such assertions,..'thert-toie, can only be ineiuit. to impose oa the i)ublici and are an insult to therr iii:d-'rstaiuiiiiR�. The appr bdlion ct the hist jer-Ons ot Dislinili in, svho. haveexperiencwl thejlhoaey of Mather's Piepirations a.'tdr every pthar tried lor the putposJ hat! ta K�d, warrants his �.ynig that the NUTRl 1 IVIi LIQUID will restore, preserve, and pri-motethc t N prevents the Hair talli -g oil, and is greatly snpe^ nor to Honey Water.for clcimng ih= itair, as it ts ot an i�fttiwable perfume, gtves a: tine f.los.'Ji an>l prtscrves the pifniai Cciotjr of ^htslUVi; b.jttlesy^s. and io.-w.tuch. ^ 'l-ki.AT|Sb on ;he natursansl pr seivan'.wi;rjt lha Hair is gtven witha los. bottW Sold by AVpo'ntmeiu at the lol-IiMvingPetiinners; Messrs, Davison, 59 ! leet-street ait, 4', Comhili ; awlMeteaW", A* Ho!bo;r.; .at:d by the SoIj ricjrarcr Mother,XadiesHaii Dressc-rand Perfumer to their h tlighsesses the Ptinv-ejs ot V\ ales, the Duke an-.l fcaclwss of Yotk,. N�.t. rz,, I'ortmao-sqji.^ri'; vlwrc.hc may be. �oiijuhed ri-s;)ediiig thetHairivvitht-ut exr, p.'nce.' The Wholesale aUuwaQce to Cmmtry ^ ' "for THU 'I OdTH- \v-H, The ODONTALGIC, or Cti' WICAL ESSENCE of f ".uoRs^:RAmi>ii. THIS Esience ;jiossesse� the power of safely and imniciliate',ystut>i')iitg the T pi-iiiicion.> (quality { but^^j^ivauptied tj the ncrvf, the oneiutipn la the anieasa^llpllffH'-'aMBreeiJiiiR vein.   P�epaT�'4 Jo ^ji St. I aul's Chdnih-yanti-Londmi; in Buttles,-price 1-.9.I; and ^ 9ji.'�il6h( ljuty tnctud d ; but none are genet me, but A few copiisof this b-cautiful Work may be had, with the .Prints |)rintc?l in colours, price only 7s. 6.1. or elegantly bound and gilt ios6d. London : Primed tUr VVillfam Ctirdon, Circulating Libra-OS 357. ^'xtoid-streot. v.nere may be h:id. the new Catalogue of the Library, consisting of upwards of 50,000,,volmHirs, including Bb:k. lately published, in almost every branch of literature ; and new'Pubhcations of merit, entertainmem, and uutru�lion, will he coiist.nntly added. Lately published in quarto, price on- guinea, or one guinea " and a half i>ii Rn-al Paper : HE STRANGER in FRANCE; or, a Tour _ from .Devon.- lu,ii-' IS extiemilywell written, -oiitains,much iu-teie>iiiig iiiaticr, ai d some vatiabic ndonvaiion." Also v ide Monthly Review tnr Am:. 180 , &c. ice. ' .. SCHOOL-BOOKS. This Day are i>ub!ishcd, prictf 31. 6d. b->ards, - 'NGLISII THEMES AND ESSAYS; or. ' WINTER EVENINGS' AMUSEMENTS. ^-This day were published, the Konrth,Edition, correfled, in / Four VohimeS, Od.iVo, illUitiated withBJ Copper Plates, Price 18s. in boanis, ATIONAL RECREATIONS or Winter Evenings; in which the P;inciple.s of, Numbers and of Experimental Philosophy and Chemistry' a!e applied to a series of etsy, enfeftaining, and instrudtivc experimshts, .ttnong lyhitii are all, those commonly performed with cards; ' '- � -: By WJLHAM HOOPER, M. P. - 11 may rbe proper to e-xplain to those pers ns who are yet. unatquaiiitcd -with this valuabje and inttinating. work, iliai it contains, . '- , 1. Recreations in Arirhrrvetic and Meehanies. , " 2. Recreations in Optics; t hromittics, and Acoustics. , 3. Rccre�ions in Pneumatcs, H^drukjgy, and Pyrotech- 4. Recreations in E)e(2ricity and Mapnetism,- 5. Miscell:?neoiw Recreations/ incliiding those on Ca^ds. The >^hole rende.ied easy aiid himiliar to th^ iitsanest Printed for Rich ird Phillips, No. 6, Bridge-street, Black-friars, atsd to be had "1 al� i-ooksellets. An IjMPORTANT ADDITIOW to the STOCK of Bi;OKS.of EDUCATION. On Monday the 17th of February, will be pobli'ihed, printed on gqod Paper, and in a clear Type; correspondi;ig in size �with Dr. Mayor's British Nepos ;' price 5s. bound, with the f'Ar .Allow.mee to Schools, : rpH'fi GLA5;S BOOK; or, Three Hundred and , JL Sixty.five READING LESSC)NS lor Sch olsofeither Sjx :,coiTibinm),', nith the elirments of rfll kiviwl'-dge, a greater number of. ReaUilig l-lxe'Cis-'s, fiom the best .Authors, than, are to be fouiid in any other Work of the s^nie descriptinn : evry lesson having a clearly deti ted to the pnrp-ises of ln-.trudipn In sh.ot, every one o^ the Lessons intlais Class Book, is cdculatttd to makie tlie Young Reader.both wiser and better. . :- � . 'I'he Aiiil'.or's own experience as a Teacher, suggested to hini iliedivision or his B lok into Thrse Hundred and Sixty-hva Lessoia, or One for every Day m the Year ; meach of which, the snhjed matter is. ftcnerallv finish.'d within the suitable l:*ngth ct a Lesson. This divisi.v , n is obvious, . will be attended with m equal degr.-e ot convenience to the 'I utor and Pupil m the adoal-businessof a public Seminary. Pridtid tor Richaid Philips, No. 6, Bridve-street, Bl'Ck-frtars ; and to tie had ot all Booksellers tn the United King-dom , _ . � - � � CATALOGUE ot an usdul, curious, and valuable COI.l.tC riON of liUOKS, for the Year 18. 6 ; inclutfing Univeisal History, 27 vol. tolio.; Pindarus,Oxon, l. p,; IJiodorus. Siculns, VVessehngii, 2 vol. l. r. tnor.; Plato Srrfani,3 vol. mor.; Xenophon I eunclavii, 2 vol. l.p.; CatholiLou, 1460; Gough's) Monuments, s^"'-; Voyane Pittriiesqncdela Suisse, 4 vol.; Mackltn's Bible, 7 voLnior.� Bo'.ilell's Milton, 3 vol. mor.; -Art. de Ver.her los Dates, ' HOUSE OF LORDS, Feb. 18. Their Lotdships proceeded fttrther in the appeal the Countess Dowager of Lincoln ag^aihst the' Duke of NewGHstle." The Attorney General (Mr. Pigott) and.Mr.: Perceval" -were heard on bjhaif of th: respondent, after which the further consideration was postponed till Monday ncj:t. T?NG_____ . . X-^THIi TEACHER'S ASSISTANT IN COMPOSl-'l ION ; being a S)steiii ot easy li�iles for writ'iig, illustr.ited by Examples, adniited to the Us',-of both ae>es, at School; t> which arc addetl. Hints tor Correcting and improving Juvenile Composition. - ' 'the Second Edition, with large Additions. By JOHN WALKI-R: Printed for J. jidinson, in St. Paul's Chutch-yird ; 1: Walker; Wilkie and Kobii-ison, and -Kobmson, in i'ater- ' nosier-row ;'and Cad 11 and Davies, III the strand. . Where may be b-d, by th.f s.ime Autlior, I. Outiincsof English Grammar. 2>. 61. b 5. A Kovitp the �;:alPFOi)'mciatton of Greek, tatiOt, ami Sctiptiiro PrpcrName-s. js. bqijids;* , A Critical Prono, ncing DL-.tionary, and IJXpo^rr'r of Enghsh Language. > Quano,' iL 1 is. 6d. b<�< V^^L. Tlos.dny i^ptihlished, ia3 Vols, price fcs .6d. In htiards.' AWINTEI^ ,in lu^NDON, oc SKETCHES of f AbiltONi aNovVl. R�. ' ^ / a Author.of Ccorjie Ita.-iixyelL splendid Miscrj^ &c. 9cm >. . i. ; >�f;utl�likfeilie/' 'T- �' Will uo.;e otl.ntl, whom 'tis a praise to [ilease,'^ . Priolcdtor Riciiard f'hillipf,^ N0..6, lirht,,e-sir^�ti .Ntucl�> ftiars. Uy whcm have lately bepiv Publishi.M,-^t")iC>iovi� ot St. trominick, br MisV- OwVtis mi-^'Fe^Uhrtiid"Fiii-ormoiul, Uy Mr*.' Tamp!!e.-t.Vi(iu us;Poverty, hy Mr Siddoiw.-fkw^revUb by Mr, Co ,6 vol.; Lord Orfoid's; Wotks, ^ vol. l. r.; Cox-;'s Lite of WalpoU-, 3 vol. x i-.; Memnsky LexiconArabico Persicum, i vol.; Forc.-Mini Lexicon Laiin'ti'm, 4 vol russ.j Opere c;el Metastasio, 15 vol 4-0. L: ?. mor.; Tirjiboschi, l.etteratura liali.iiii., 10 vol ; Daiitedi Angelucct, 3 vol. l.p ; Horatius a Combo, vol. l. i>.; CatuUm, ;| lUulhis, Pro. p rtius Vu'pii. 4 vol.; Swiii's WorkS, 14 v, 1 4tn.; t�uv:es de Rou.sSL-au, 17 vol. 4'C't Voxa.'e dc Nibihr, 4 voL; fichwcighataser'^ Greek I:lassies, 34 vol.; Hcyiie's Gr. and Lttin ' lassies, i> vol ; Various Abl��e Gr. and Lat. i-las-Various Elzevir Classics ; Virgiliiis Heym. 6 vol. Oratores Giccci, � vol. ; Plurarehus Rei- sics veil i.m pap:r ; skit, 12 vol.; Parnas,' It.itiiin5S- vol.; Large Collection of CLissxs J and various ath.*r tine and rate Articles, wh>cn are not)'selling at rhe prici's maikcd in the Catatog'ie ^ By R. H. EVANS, (.>uccessbr to Mr. Edwards), ; No. 26, Jr'all.inall. ^ , Thisilai' IS published, pric? 34.. 6d, No. III. which Avitl tomnlete the Fii;st VtiiJu^ie, nriceus; 61I, iahoards, ot - PHILOSOPHICAL ------..... AGRlCUX. TiJrAl> DISCOVI-RIUS.  i ; i -I he Volume which rbis! Ntiinber cotnpUres formsi;^ �hrj({f;mentjOt.ih? peiicdicai tinvl i>t|ier works, Citglish jmijI Fotttg.r, publis'ifiil iniheyeat 1 Sag, relating to AV r'^RliROSPECT.; br PHILOS MECllANltAh, CHEMICAL, and Fo Set f<el ^(ts atVd SctciKCs. accomi..inie<l witii temark* the otetiw ot tV�. ot many^ftlw pjtpert,, �t)d ii\ *niilc.�iimj*WjP� to discovi fios^cxtsnrtetl beyond the �origU�il"~�cwsU'th^^^ an. - Hat mx G*deii, anil loltiby lill oxHtrti^iXiiik} n��jr!bs'h�dl,(*ii��itit<t �C(te<��fitei�cr PrJ�S.\^. Wij. 1 in. hoards, ate MU�y;be'hadt,i*taetit�t�e((ie*� R�|�ttt�<yof Art^^hdMa-^ ____ . r.. .... Lady Vi.tcouiHess Ncison's. arKi Sir Richarii Sti-achan's Annuity .Bills were' read a,third tirre and passed, and a message cindered to be ?ent to the House of Goramons, to .icquaint tlietn tlu  vith. � Mr, Alexander tind sever;:! otbcr Members of t^e House of Commoiis, brought up the .Exchequet -  Bills Bill, aivd a Road*BiU, which vfere sevcraliy read a first lime. '-^ , .� . INDEMNITY BILLS. Lord' EL,I)ON gave/potice that he should, oh Monday hex i,'mov-e for the appointnicnt of a Committee to search for and report prccedf nt?br the proceedings of that House on Bills for Indenii;ifying \Vknesscs. againu the conse^tjences of their ev idence. Adjourned till Monday next. ' . HOUSE OF CO.MMONS-Sir "MARTI Nf FOLKES presented a psiltion from the Parish of St;' Mary-Ie-bonnc, praying for tie RepeaJ of the Additional Force Acl.-The Petition, stated that tht number of men stipuhited by the Aft to be rai.sed by that p;irish was 225'; and that ic bein;^ totally impossible to furnish any like; he numJer, penalties to the am-ount of 4000!. had leen incDrred.',. 'i'he petition was ordered to lie on the table.: NEW WRfrs.' . .On the motion of Lord Geo. C.-\vi'.\d'riH .t n-.v writ was ordered for Knaresbprough, in- the roimof Lord JiTOwnshend, who had accepted the office ot v Joint-Paymaster of the Forces. On the motion of Mr. Creevv a simil:rwrit-. was ordered for Aldcburgh, in Suiujlic, in, th.- mom of J. M'Miihon, Esq. appointed Piincipal'storekeeper to the Ordnance. \. Oil the motion of Mr. .Van-sittart a similar writ was ordered for the .city of Waterford in tiie room of Sir John Newpt^rt, who had accepted the office of Stewart of the Cliikern Hundreds. And, op the iTiotion of Mr. \^"HiTBiiE.iD, a new writ was ordered hir the town ot StafFjrJ, in the room of the Right Hon. R. B. Srtfridan, who since, his eteftion had accepted <-.f the oili^e of Treasurer ot the Navy. On the motion of Mr. W. Smith, the Dean of Raphoe wrr^ appjinied to preach betoie tive Manse on the z^th inst. being tho day fixed on f-r a Pobl.c Fast. Tl^e Report of.the Commissicvers for. r ht in the Anntwl Indemnity CJualitication Bill, which w^s read .t first time, and (jraered to be read a second time on Monday^ next. Mr. Pavll renewed his notice tivc to Bullion exported to the Tuesday next. 'ihc Ch.ancellor cf the Exchequer mjvet!, that the House at its rising do adjourn Monday next, . . Mr. SPENCER STANMOPE said, that without wishing toobjed\ to the proposed adjournment, h^ was anxious to be tiiformeci by the Noble Chan. cellffT of. theTlxchequer it there was any truth in a report which had gone abroaiS, that the Lord Cliicf Justice, of the Court of Kihg^s Batch had also bee.i__ adntitted tty, a-share in the Executive Gov^erfiiP'^^13 by being appointed what >ivtermed;;a ^etfibei^ �Cabinet; .^.r .^urx::::- .x.^ - The CHAN^LLO?< of "tbt - E3eGl siid, he � had li*difficdfty _in;'iftilirhiittg ' * Ivlqnvbefthat \hs 'Nolik.' tord- ^il5fe ;�wt^ tetmcd the Cajjifict Cq^id}:^!'.'' ' ^'C'^^.'i'S T'lte m\ithb' vVi^, then*igrt*^' 'toi*. - Jr-tv*. ......, ______. ^^leSit.'' tbt 6tTi>r bldfeiitrf the day y^6%ai^'i^$l tiki of a motto 1 tela. East Indi-s, for

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