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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - February 18, 1806, London, Middlesex I Ci. ^ J . TflEATKK ROYA;:, DUUilY-LANr. '. , TUTS PRESENT E-VFJNINGthcit MijtitUs' ,5e/vaiiis wil-latlaJToiniMlv calted � THi; U'ONPliK. ' Don frfliXi Mr, lillisfon; Ddhiia Violante, Mrs, Jordan' ^VithTHE Sl-EKl'lNG BEAUTY. ^ On Tluusctay, Th^TMvellers, with The I^evU tnV.i)*. To the G E NTLE M EN, C L1^ liC ^nd V R K \LH6l Oli RS ^'otthe COUNTY of VVOKCESTHR. , Gentler iCM, ' 'S Majesty having "been gfacidusly plea^eJ to jgnif>hi� intEBiion of cJlling mc fothe Houseol Vteis, net takeleaveottlie County of Worcester, which I h^d the honour of rei)f�entinR for i i years, witJiout ex pressingtheutinosrgratiftKle forths fivours ^ovcpeajedly ton-lefred on me. ThaobJination 1 Csel cm ntfet be oui ot iiiy Semory, and Avhen 1 jrctietl on the indissoluble .�ihk>n ce-MitfiVbyih�WHi�}!)|e�ofotirHippy Constitution beiwofu the three branch^ ot the Lesislatare, toRvJther with their niutiial and inseparable interests, I shjll w��<!er with the Crratest pleasutathnJ I am still servinR, in another plaCo, itiv torrnerhighhf reSjJciiahlj C�nstitue-rts. I airt, GeiUleiwn* with tiw mpst. peii (ft setiUWCOts of Kratitu HO$t d �Ah�nihleJeevant, Mad-fsilielirCourt, WILLIAM LYGvjN, . Feb. 14; i8s6. : ' lotheG li N rL^. M fe N, 0 L t R� Y,and KK E E H O L D E KS � . oftheCOUNTV of WOKCilblEJt. GcN'TCE.MliN. - ; , THE high and distiiigiushciV honoor which yoii have contirre 1 on mv father by cleiUnn -hini \our lie;, preventative in Six sncceesive Parliaments, encourages me to ofRr you tny sef*kes on rh-'present vacancy. If I shouldbe so forunate as to be considered worthy of , your conflUerce, permit me toasijure yon I shall �iver have in View the principles ot o:r excelkrit Coustiturion, and pniti-.calarly tde interests ar.rf j>ros|>erity of the CnuiHy of Wor-' cesler. I am, CentUniEn, with the ureatestrcsprdt, ^ Your most <.!(;vot�l and obedient humble Servant, i.St. iiffies'STSquarCj WM. BEAUCHAMP LYGON, i7th I'.eh. 1806. , - NAVAL TIMBhK. 'T'O be sold, a kirge Quantity of oak TIM. A BER, of large irjeeiinRs and excellent qualitv, nmv Jtanilinj^'ln the woods at (;rettrh and VVeldoii. r.eur C)undl<;, - 5:1 th4. cMHuy bf Noithamptrin. Particulars nuy he had of Wf-J-Gibb�uS(Ot Oppiiijiham, Rutland. ----^----- P ' lahtl, the IJRSUANTto a Decree of the High Court of Chancery tnade in a Cau^e, SunUerland agaiiist Suiider- thc Creditcr.s and Lcpatecs of Wjliijin Sundeitund, Jateofflurleigij-street, in the StranJ, in the county of Mid-.dlesex, SohU Keeper, dcc^^'ased, arc.on i�r Im to re the 17th dayiif Martih next, to come in and prove thpir Pebt� and jclaim th h February, tM. . . ' ; HE Partnership between charles SMITH, of l.DWi-r Crosvrcrnor-street, Uph.Wer arid Cabinet-nia'-ker, anil Mr. GEORGE KEY, havius been dissolved the tifit of January, i8a6; C. S.VfU'H begs leave'to inJorm liis Customers and Fr'.ends, thit all Debts d\ie To the Ute Partiicr�hip, aie by thei i'amership Dew�sex,'re,sily stipu-)ar�'d tofbe paid xo him nearly in the f llowilig words-r-Amongst otitets, that allcashi^moneys, -dndall.bomls,bilUcf jexchan^e, piOiaiisory n�ites, and ail 1 ther securities for mor tnsy be onging to the said Partucrsh'p, when rcc.ivea, shall bic^aiU into th^^hsjids <?iUli� sail} ClMdcs $)tiith�aiM Hiaihed T^yliiih alone, vho will dfechargeUshts due /.-om the said: Copartnership In the usual course of payments. I5URSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of . thancery, bearing date the jth day (�f July, 18^5, made in a Cause wherein KORERT H< W, r, Butth-r, and others are riainiifli, and S \MUE L CI IUKCH t LL and Manntheraro Defemiartts, the; Creditors ofthe Rev. s,r.Jt)'HN �'ITlpMAS ;^VHE%TE, of Lei,-*ulale, in the County 0/ iiceirr,l^art. are on or b-forc the jth day of Mai-ch 1856, to came in aiiU.prove their D.fb'^s betbrc Samuel Compt'm ' C"K, Esquircr one of the .Msstess of the said Court, at hjs C!i?mbers in Southampton Duildiniis, Chjncery laue,.'LonT dop.or in def.nilt thereof they will be peiv;nptjrily excluded the hencfit of th?s:iid ';>CTee 1~^"^0 bo peremptoivly Soil pursumu to a" Dscree of the M'Rh, Courr of Chattcerv made i� a Caus'e w ;u niITSON V. , 1.yon, before J a M lis JiTAntLk y, Es�l. one ofthe M.3stcrs tihj said Court, iii th.' Public Sale Koimv ot iheSatd Court, in SpufJiampW'i BuildiU);s, Chancery lane, London, on Monday th:�46hdiy of Mirch iS-fi, b-.-twefn tha hours of T welve awl One of the Clock in ih6 atfeniow in Lots th-- FKEEHOLl) ES TATtS, Ive of iMr.'l'homas PEkKiNSdiCCasfJd, situate in thi Parishes ot A"-illesV>roui;li, Sevinijton, King�woirh, Monckshorton, Staple, and I're.iton, in the County of Kent. - Particulars whereof may be had at tile stid Masters Cham-hers, ti; SouthHmpton.Buildini;s, Chancery-lane, Loudon, of Messrs. Ryder, No. i, 'Lincoln's-lnn, New-square; of Wc.t.srs.lllierwood and i'arrirll, Canterhury-squa e, South-v.iaik ; of Mr. bainucl Hirvry, Sandwich ; 'an over. 'Tha Tenants will �h;w the L ts, aud tlie Plm i f Lot. 1, may h? sen at tl-.ii said Mastcr'iChambers, and at the .liid Mr. Starr'SLat^Canterbury. ^]EW.l^JVk^3'iEJ) hats.-Inco��equjnce6r H the i closer texture than the Mousccarsc furs thut are usually made u�5 of in the tnanui i the -Tradp ar.d Merchants fox iexportattfn.^l^Me-skii.s nought in at�y quantity.-Lfetters (post^p^tdj respeclii.g. Mole Sking . ' v-, Thpnaineandrrputatioitofl>t VELNOs. \rEGErAFl.e pill; being frcqac.iily. aJver-^ t^vt th^name of OE VLi.NOV, Mr. SW,\IN- �i*JN* h'S SuccftisQi-, in Frtth-strcet, Sijho, aml�ie I'roptie-tojot hfi only Medicine he ever prepared,or adminiiiterttd, topes tiiat hl;S.owii Charader, and thttatleiitiOjj-Jmil suM P�p?">lJiT)ppr^MntC4SC�,;wUl warrant the most clfettual appeal to tfi interest and feelitiM df t'.ih, PUbht?, aganjt a|j. �v'??^kJ'*;'' ""'at^Rem so grogs'ind so dangerous* Mr. 'UE VLLNOS has been tHfrty'years^JK his X.�i^e> lwl�rjsiiiiy 4d-ventutst li|ad the ptutligateAudacily.loaHi* any thirty like his name toa l�ll, crro.any jpuriMS preparation, preienltns to anelheacy similar to that of Kis Vt^JETADLt SVKUP, luthdae imjpurftiesianad�!bmtiea of fht Lyi^iuhatic System,' wiich arc,tJjec^u�8iPtjScrotu(k,Scur.vj\ qou^ sumption, &i. Will any imidont man.i.rusi .to the *abrii,a> tionsotsuch iinposit-dori,. the AbjetU of hia foiideij attachments * I f ^ti^'^^l:.^/ lXj.-L,..\,.ni-. i>li.!.l./iJt '1-V. . Tiictt aiui oliicaih amiable . t jheirflc ' R�imine ^JtidlOlh40t ��Vcftlbs'isptBlwrerti.i'lyby.Mr.Swain-, pottle, aiuL-,htt...AU: t^:^)%iti^lllliliedi<ii09iMaiiiM ^Vl<iTUALLIN9-Opf ICE, Feb, 5, 18*. t.'nh Committionirs for tiaualUii^ His ivlajcstj't Rooclnsss, to i om the d.ne of the Cinitacl, wiitjt.trni tmitlixgPiemixeiiit Piymoutb iiiui itouihd'jwn i and to 6e%titl for 6j> Brl/t^ t^faiie, �wltbiitttreilt/iiiielji/luyiafltrJMe.-Xf'^ Ctnrliliuns cf iLe C-jntiucI in.iy te teen at the Secrrury i /Vn regnrj '.vill ie l>j.{ to any TtnJer in '^itich thtfrice ihttl not l>v inserted ia^virji at kngth, � t'>at\h.iU'njt bf diiivered to thi Board before One n'Clock in in t. nor f/t/eti thepir\On 'm/jo hta........., on hitl.eh.tlf, .atiendu, to itnskver ti'A'W r./Z/r-./ /�.. ------ -"> " il>e sjid^ IFidtieMiuy, tbe igl/j "' ifiepemon 'm/jonukei tbe TenJeri ot amc pir.on ^ VlcrUALLiNG.OH.|CE, Feb. �7,.806. ' THE CjttttHisiiiticrs far Vitiuahirig tiis Majeitj\t Nwy do.litreLy gii)c^ Mot'ctr, tSjt on TiMJ:iy, t/ji i^ib inu. ibep iwii It ttndiffOi rnrViv fK,:;ers in iiitmn^ I^euea V A Do S U vJ .>\ K, Jo he 'aasivirtibfie to tuntp/cs -tA ,bt t>itnat,rid Lilt\p^iyMit^ . �!>>f mfetM^ umeiy Jiy\ .iher^.ue. Tim Co.-i_dn;o!ii vutr. alia umlerstand ihusic, to InSIRUCP a C>>l<PS ot Yt)UNG bO\S in tiicFIFE. Haiulsurne toiuis will be givJn, and an unext-epiioiable. charattor requlr.d j also a SERJEANl" ARMVHJKUR lor ttte sHitw Reitmciit. Apply to Alex. OiWald, Esq. 51, U-an-struet, Sono j or by |jti#r, addres.'.ed to the olhoer com;iwTi tablc aild Co. Edinburgh ;'ahd John M-irray, rleet.btreeti Loh.lon. ThiVUay is uubUjihfed;ilaiidsi>nt.-ly piint^t th 1; t^jie^VoL C�arto, with Fofty-lo*ir Ptaws or>J�|>^ Abii4 mH�Srft):, &c. Price 3I. 3S.'in Boatd.s, MAGNA BRITANNIA 5 being a consjse topo^rajihicitl Account 'of ytlic $.:Vir.U Counties of Great Biitaiii.  hy the Rev. DANIEL LYSOnS, A.M. F.R.S. F. A. .and L.8. Redtor of Rodrharton, Gloucestershire. And SAMOEL LY.SONS,E5q, F.R.S. and F.A.S, Keeper of His Ma>fsiy's Rect.rJsin the Towel otl,ond}n. Volume the First;, Containing Bedfordshire, Uerksli're, and Duckins'iamshire. Piintetl tor T. Cadell and VV Davies.Sir.ind. A few Copies oh super-royal I'iiiier, with hrsi impressions of the Plaies, Puce 5i. js. in Boarilj. % The Seco.id Voluini coiiiainiiiR Cainbj-iilgjshiie, _ Cheahite, and C>,niwall,is in aSrateot cunbidcijolc 101 waid-' n;;is., . � . ; �  .' � ^ � As above may be had,. Part the First, containing Twenty-four Views in I CvlftVrdshire, liefkshire, ir,,d liucki/ghjiii-bhire, of KRI PANNlA OEPICPA ; a series of View s of the most interesting and picture que ofijecta in Great Hriraiii, F.igraveil tn^m l)fawh)>;s by i^JeasrS., Hrarne, Farington, Smith, '1 urncr, AlexanUer, &c. by William Kyrt.e, F..\.b. Price 3I. 3^. in Uoaids, or on lar^c taper, vMth Proof im-pressio.isiot the Plates, price 61. 6s. Ihe above Woiks, which illustrate each othtr, may bC'f.ad, dO'ie up t'>gether, and tiie Continuation ot each will he published rcgulaly at che S;inie Period,s, arrang--d in t/ie same iiiai.'ne', and prnited on Papers ot coriCspon.tfng Sue and Quality. M)K THE GROWTH'l>i- H.MR. '� RUSSIA OIL, whic4i is jiroveJ the only article >ct discovered for � aking the Hair grow thick and l.�i(!, even en Hald Places, VVhr^kers, tyu brows, &c. ac. and �vill, in all cases, prevent tlie. hair tallin); olf, v\hich is too "ticn tlie caae tor want ot having a prbper iiourishiinrit applied to strengthen the routs, anO: proves the occaaiuu at so mai.y.bu'coniiiig baldat an early age. Seve^jil t;eiitl-;inen who hive bcsn bald for years, hive de-clirtd, alter usingthe Russia Oil legi-.l rly tor three nutiths, becasie nearly covered .wuh hair. 1 ho tiieoinpaiable venues oJ this valuable Ol^has-b^en never knjwn to tail in promot. ing the growth ot hair, evrn if it has been dcticmtt troui b.rth; this is evident to~niaiiy Ladies ot rank, whrthrbiigh that deficiency was conipellcd to siiboiitute ait licial, bijt can now, by the use of. th:: Russia oil,, avi>ear with that gracetul onument of a tine natural liea.i 01 hiir. Gentlemen who wear powder need not besicpavcd u.-iii>;.it, as it will, With mucb~ pr^ieience, seive as a substitute |or poma. tuin, and isasurc pieyentaitve agdiut powUer turning the hair grey, a case which too trtquently happens whijiV po>v. der is cunstaiitly usid. It is p...-;iculari> r tominendtd to parents-tor their chiltifMS as it so much- iinprov. ^ the leijula-rity of Its gr. �ff appendage to the toilet, ot every ons who has the ornamcHi ot a h.ie headot hair, and wish 10 retain it, as well as thosp who are dehcieiit, and want to pioHt by it* viitycs.  Piice 7s .per bor-tl�, or oncc.-.ntahiing ti*ur smali, at aguiiiea, . , To be h.id ofthe Proprietor, 333, Oxtori.l-s'reet, aiuVby ap-iwhitmefit, at Finch's, s, Uerkiey-squaic; Smith, Ucifupur to hiA Maj�ty, no; Ne^v Uond-st'cct; Hendritf aiirl Soils, PerfuHiets to her Majesty, 'iishhoiij-sireet, near Gplaeii-squarey'Holit\fcs,"Bl>lfuiV, andTutt, Royal Exchange, Loiv. don; also may bchad ot Bull, Dame-sr�er, .nuhli.i; Fim-dell, TiurojCoriitvall; Heabum, wonh-brldse, Edii^butxh,-Shepheid; opposite the txchatige, Bristol; ColIniBf,' Salis. bury ; IManchaid, York ; I i.iil>.i,. lligh-street� W�*icesi�r� Wooimtr, .Exister s Mcj |er and �. rufhwcll; l>a�h < Lee, Lewis^; Uillh#, LivfrjK'olj'l'hompsun,.Newcastle ;'Swiit-fen, LeicfeirtW; Stevenson and Maichetr, Moiwkh; Mrs. Jones,. 0.\turd: if " ' Ktrminltham ; Li UUmlP,l �. Jiu>i>t' ^dicuie vpudffs ati(i.pjt!nimer� tH town aful^iu^ititty, Hcwitie, as iioH.* ;ti-vVgt.-nuiuf! bm tl)ase wl^^ h^ve ihi� Rik. aJiiiEakh'oh'thBiMir&id*, and aiiJiWd Irt Ri^d rnk by ttife" Proi; prieturs, Modiiikutkky and k>ihiCe," to countetfeii ^mAW PATRiotic pi/rsJu; of those killed, in jjis Majesty's 3ei Vice. . : Amount advertise<i - - . A U CD.- � :.l*:.-G.. . � . . a Kcynsham Parish . . .-Pan.-h of Bathlbtdj per Dr. Chapman Bath Cavaliy� per |.Wiltshire, F.iiq. Pan h of Monskiun Farley, pet J. LlemphiU . . OldSuilbu?y, Closter XeckiM^ton Church,' Sonlerset, II. Sain!�bury Chewun Mendip, per Brigadier- Geiier.il Moore East and West Crantrtore,' per W. P. Wickkam , Olhcers and PtiVatesof Ballyparth Cavalry, lrelai,d, per Captain Pepper - Mrs. E. Avhittingtoil, Parish of Bitton  -  Miss Smallcombe, ditto , ^, Colin Chisholm, Esq. M.P. ditto Jo,eph Pafker, Esq; thtio -Sani'icl Wbiituck, Esq. ditto  The MiiS VVhittUU-ks, ditto . Kcv. ]. A. Curds, Vicar of ditto Sundry Subscriptions froin d.tto -Sundry Subscriptious fronrt j^uth v ij 9 at'ims o.ieaei. �P3 0' 0 0 � 50 0 0 ai 0 � too 0 � 0 50 0 0 S 0 + �4. Si 10 0 0  10 0 0 ti 7 ^ y 5 0 0 0 s 0 0' s 0 0 6 1 � tj 4 io 0. a I 8 0 II 0 '9 It i 0 S 7 6 s 0 8 0 i 0 u 10 0 10 IS 0 0 n 0 603 if 10 Slibscriptions rccei vgdirorn .^h^rilef n.per AIs.xander Breb;ier, tsq. PrcVoat: ' 1"hc Ciry of Ahprdeon .�Vlexander Biebiier, Esq. Provost . Thomas L^y�, Esq, of Glasgow Ko- US o 25 � s 4 5 o o O o o .0 'fl �.' '<�.' r"0" o It 4 4 5 S o a o o o breveasuii anu iviaicnerri norwicii;' Mrs. : Houson, C'anibrid);e| Myles ait tamford, aiviV or �t^der^Vroi^ ahy W will W �iU by coach, N'Miiiit'ttAftnotfty-ckit'itedto Mr. frinct,- 7,;:^-(Hford' 'bj�4 Alexaiidcr Waitin, Ejq, of Nelltiild John Uurn--tt, kVq. tti Elrtck - - Jatues Miiddeii^ t94. Mercliant RtiteitRoss^Esiiii^ - : - _ , LMuteiiaut-C$>lyi!)�l Alexander Tower 10 to AlexaiKierYotttii)!;^ Ejq. Mbrchaijt- ..� j 5 .Al�!xai - 5 i ' East >uttbtkUei!iment olSiilitia, Lieu-' tinantColotiel Whyte ^ ;t� 45 7 ^ Battalioivof A^bcrttc'en Pikcmen, per Lieut.^Co&'ipl Tower - 15 o o Johtt:Oa�o�ilri>fttoa*tuin�"ir-f �'5'.>� i-atrick Mil.ie, Esq, of Crimonningate 5. 5 � Patrick KilgiWr, Esq. of Woodside 5 5 o Ursi Re^iiiieiu of Abeidec. Volunteer intaniry.pei Lieutenant-Coloiiei t in-lason -  � -. : -. ' .^4 180. Giloiii,>ton Volunteer Ptkeineii, Cap- ttiiii Chalmers - . -Thomas G rdon, Esq. .Sir Alexander Ujiineiinan, Bart. . Jiilm Hen.leison, Esq of Caskieben John'^lenzies, Esq. of PittoiiLls -One day's pay;of the Officeis. Non-commissioned Ofhcsrs, and i'ri-. vates of the Moiiquliittar Coiiipa-ny of Voltintwrts, per Captai.i Cu-mine - - . 4 to o Sunary Individual Subscriptions - - 139. to 0 Mr. Tiioivas be.iumoni, Maiiagetoftho^ rh-.atfc, .-^herdeen "5 o a Mr. .Aiken's 1-piscOjial Chapel 6 o 0 Associrtt; Co,.gregaiiun, Netiier Kirk-gate  ... - 8 10 o Amiburgher ditto, l^elmont-streei,Mr. Teniplon - - IS * 3 Roman Catholic dut>, Mr. Gordon �� to o Parish ot Skene, Of. Hog - , 5 6 o -01 kenethmont - �o o o -^ ot Lcht, Mr. Henderson 3 8 o � ' � � ot Miilinar, Dr. Ogilvia 1 ib o ---ot Coldsione, Mr. farquharioiV 117 6 -ot Druinblaiie, Mr. Gold .n .400 -^-- ot Ktiicaruiiitf 0'i>(i�l r 25 o --o --of Lumpliaiiftn - i a o --- ot l-yvic, Mr. latcoucr 7 14 o -'---of~Railitn - - ji o --olCaiiney  300 --ot Gartly . - - 40 o ---ot.Pettr Cultcr, Mn Mark 3 5 u- --- ot '1) rie - . z a o -r-o| lorguc - - 17 30 otSt Cyrus - - y u 6 --of Auchtcrless, Mr. Rose 700 ->-- of Loninay, Mr. Luiv>lie . 11 o o ^1-- ot Ab.iyne, Mr. Goidon 27 o --r-^ ol Criiiijnd, Mr. lJn>d 0 o o -ot Ab.rdouriMr. Youngson 5 o � -rrrr-ot CiuiJen, Mr Coiik 5 � o � ot Garinony, inciuduig M'Ouff, VVii.,011 - - 20 a $  otHclhelvie, Mr. Forsyth 6 o � . ft G lenmuick - JJ 14 s � ot Druinoak, Dr. Frascr: 4 4 a ol t)li| Maclrar, Dr. 0>;ilvic 3� o a ol Mrichun, Mr.:.Anderson 4 .j 1, a o Mr I a a 10 Independent t,o.igregati hi Fia%.-rhiir>;h z Koiiii.i Cathuliv ditto Glenja.rn, iMr. . M'lntosh - 1 Burguerditto Midmar, Mr, Paittersnn 1 Oitty, ditto, Stonetiaven .� 5 Uoiii 11) LarJiolic ditto Dee Castle, Mr. MM..iclilail . . o Aiitibirglierditto Shiells, Mr. Waihk'U i Upiswpatditro Woodlieadot lyrie.pcT Mr. Christie . . , .6 Asstiiiiaie Burgher ditto Toughi Mr^ Miivray. - . . 1 , Chaprl of Ease, 1 yrie , 1 Parish ot Auchint.loin,'>Mr, Uet�l . 1 'f\utal Ainoant ' . iWatJing, Swsse^i.J. Siinih , , , . . From the Parish Castle M'Adaiit, VVUiklov, '' lnJiantT: Rev., Jaovs-tyme�, JfaUjjatihur . �  a � o Aasociaie litsh Mii\e Cuiitj|^)ui}', Crone- hatie . � . � . 10 to o 'i:\u Dfficew, Notf-cornml�im?nM Ot-' . ttqeis,..��,i Pri.v>.tei(Ottiie^'rvih.lMA�.\ . \koinaniy InUuiry . m Garraih ,uihAckcndcii,l-;�3t<L.�.ei�h .1 I I' H<�-iff.,.l Hundti.! Volunteers, Licut-COl. Hinctctotd Astle . . . . Parish of Swainsthrtrpb.Noritilk, 1'. V. Stapp fftON^ VohvUerr tidant.tv, i:a4 a.llev, Berks,---- O vettoh Chore It, t/iocese or CKs er, .'%d Vif. , jiabifs  . ... IVango*,'ditto, ditto , , � \ . Glutted Parisnei of I,i(rau'd Hentie, ioirv.-liin*, 'N 15. '.^'n i.bfe 43 �8 4 i o i Asil.7 .-VbbiJttj. .Sail!) 1 Meiton Volunteer Coihhit.y. one day's pay I aris.'itff rei,^-rate, DcVoi., John Teinple 1 ,Church iJaiinibet, l.incolns. -_ of St, MicMael Cuiiidue, BieconsWre if is 7 ii a i 10 5 �i i �-7 It s If o o Subscriiitions continue to be received at Lloyd's, and aiaii ihe Bankers in Fi.wn Couiitty. ./ , ,  .MISS BAJiuiEsil'L.AYS. . On Saturday, Feb,' ?}, nill b." j>uhli*be�l. netv �Uiiionf,.re-. \ijed and corietted, of- SERIES of I'LAYS, in AVhj^h it is attempted XJtl^tjiiiieVuieatt'*he 5tf�>nger Passions uj tlir .Vlind i racn P'a^>u>n b'sii.g tlie Subject of a Tragedy and a C����>y. 1 wj Volumes. . , a, MtseeIUieoAisPlsys,in one volume, - liy ;J(XV1^NA I.AILLIE.-Printed tor Longiii. 1, Hurst, Re--�, auU Orme, .Patcrnos-tfr-rowl � . � JiDiNfiijKGH REviE\V..--NO. KIV, Tliij day is piiblislied,'price js. THE EDINBtJkGH REVIEW, or Critical Journal, NO. 3t4V. .loSc cjiitmucd Quvrterly Pttnteit for Longman, Hurst, Recs, and Orme, PaternoS-ter t<)^y ! anrt A. Con.jable.anU Co. Edinbur,;h. Ot wh rice,ios. 6d. in BuarUs, Tflifd ^diiioii, of . npHE LAY of the LAST MINSTREL; X . ..." V  �� A'l'oeinj . ?y WALTER SCOTT, Es t. ^yii.' y� Majw,' at�urai.ly rhicijj jttically rhd proper names', with a. sli >ri .^ccoiiiU of itiJ �everai Deitie?; rU-r ICS, <(n..;o(iicr jwrsons, mentiuiied in tiie Aiicicut Cl iic AulhJr.s. By thesaine, S>f6. 7i i/i boards; 5. A Coii'vx-'ndious Dictionary or the Latin Tonpuei fi>r the Use ot puDlic aeniiuaues and cf private Siud.n;s Uy the same, Isvo. los. 6.!. in;b-jaftiB. 6. Roijian Aiiiigiiitica ; or an .^.ccount of ihe.M inners and Cusioins iif'the RohiallS ; desijtned chieliy to illustrate the LatiivCUssitiS, b:y eX,>l."iinitTg .words aiM .plir.u.rs,.fr(ua ;h; kites and Customs to which ihey refer ; ^vu. 8s. in boat-.:s. 7. Gceciau Antiquities ; of an .AccJUnt of rlie public aud pjivate Li e of tire ClreeKs; rej.tuig m tlieir Cyernment, l.a>vs, Magrsttacy, JudiciAl Proi-eed ngs, Navai ami Military A!lat>, Keljgioii.. Ac. thiehy dcsihiioU to exp}^ words it tlie (Jreek Classics, accoidi.g to tne Kites an4'^�sroms to wiikh th-yr--t"r. By the kev. I't^in'i-. Har^hjU, late of Uiiiyeriit) Coikge, Oxford ;'8v;. 9s. in U�.iid�j , �. A Clasisicji D:t�ionary : cchtViiiiig a clear and corn-prehensive Account ot all ilie' piopjr Names wljtch occur in icKliD'ihe v'lass.cs, wnh fables I'f ancient Coius, Weighis, ami Measures. By J LenqViitre, D. U. Ji lai^e vol. 8vo. lis. in hoaftls. A considerably enlarged Edition of this Work may also be had. inona vciy lar.^e volume 410. prices!, js. in hoat^ts. tj, Coinmentanes on Classical Learning ;descr.ning its advantages to the several i'roteSiions and Stations of Life, to the Lawyer, the Plivsician, ttu >'iviris, tlie N'aval and Mill--tary Oihccr, the Statesman, the Poet, UiePa:nter, the.sct.lji-tor.the ivlii,ic!an, amtthe Merchan;. Including also a Skett-n of the Lives, anH a brier Review ut the v ritmgs of the prni-cipil Poei-'i, Ofat r*. .ind )-li.>t!)ria::s of.Gie-te a.xl konr^ Hythe IncV. D. H Urquhaif, M.A, Prebendary of LincoL., b.'luf an lntriw?"fli.T> 7s. in boat'is. ^s ri. Nat.ira4 History See. ic. Rvo 10. Ulem-^ -.....------.r-.--'.j.i ">'u�i,til 1 lunwi-ctirt-' to the S)Meitii Natoi* of Lnu.uiu*, ami ci>mpiiiiiij: a Tr^ns-litiun Ol the Chaiattfrs o. tue wiu 1 prr plates.ijs b 11. The I'tiucipUs ot U^ifanyaMU V-.git�blJ. Pinsndhgv, tfanshtwl toiiu the German ot D. C; LuiUvtg W�!dciijw, Protesior ot Btitaiiy at tterliu. 1 voi. Svoi hlu�rated oy idates. IOS. 6,1. inhoanls.^ . . -, , , ^ _ ii Eleitisiits ol NatunI orE-tpertivepul Philosophy, By Fiborni^ Cav4il \ l".i<..S. *�c. 4 � t!jro. illuifratrti *vi:n ag'eatHu.itbjroteiiKrivmkvs, al. as. nibbatds. *. > 14 All li-quiry i..to the Dutie.-i of Ateit tu the V�;hBr anil miu i| � CI isses . f Soci.ny in v.'reat UrUiMtir resulting trim r'leir i.vieclive.Milions,' Protes>i.7ns, aiill gntl>royiB(M?ls. Mf 14 An liitiui'V i.itoihe .'uties ol the^Fefti^lc Sest. Py the iauic; Sv.>. 6s. UI btM-<!s; or in lanio, p'ric*  <  8i. m boards � ' . ..Y'*^ ' i6  .A . uinma'y otihc piirtcitialrEvidetws'ftlf tWTfitth and D�v)ne.OriKi*iot tlie Chriji^iaii ,HfSw ^�of Lwiuii 17. AO l��ri>.motioBto fhfrStuijy uf,j^tfilH*t^�^<,^ ing proots ot th? authenticity afsd lr.�pit*tma juL.ttht ]Kfl�� ScnpvttSS'a'Stt�^�hi*'y-�1 ��� y,;ih s<c;�v^. f,.-|l�tt>Att>.-w� C VheologK.") yV {'Coi^e, iota gnihojJ T��rf. "v,i. �\ '-:-�-; te'A^iiilg'sub^i^ioi^curatcTt^^^ minviw, jntl' ihio^wtu -.^tt* ^ilndrraxattdinf'. Uy

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