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Courier (Newspaper) - February 15, 1806, London, Middlesex l^ATtJRDAY, FEMmRY 15, i80&. rnrcx 6c. THEATRE U(W.\JL, OIHlRY-LANU. THIS PRESENT EVENING ihcir Majeiticj', dc/vants win a^l a IViicrdv, called - THE KEVEnCK, � l&anjfa by the Yoon? Rosiiiis; Leonora, Mrs. Powell-, To>vhich will beaa.��i MATRI VION Y. ~ On Monday; The TfaveHers, Wsth The Aiiat.�mi�t. .  TMEaTUi; KOYAI., Ci>VEK f..OA-<.oiji;N. 'THIS PRESENT SVENING wiil be pcjiormed JL a Cometly, called _ TAE WAN OF THE WORr.O. r toid Lxtn&amnn, Mr. Waddy ; Sir PcrtinaK MatJsyco-jiTiaijt, Mr. Cooltef EKerton, Mr. C.Keiflfele;. Melville, Mr. Harcrave4 Laity Uoildlpha Liimbeicouit, M-S. Clover; iadv Mac iveUn the Aiterni>an. Adinittiince is. By Ordir, llritish G;(!lerv, VALENTINE GREHM, Koeper P), rall-Mhll, .3 Feb. iSlG. r/ie Tickets of Admiision will be ready at tlie OaUe'y, for >(% -Subscribers, Royiil Ata'.rmicidhs, tleilvery to the Governors, Associates, and Kxhibitini; Arttsts, in.strfnt. ,' �� �'. �'", on Saturday the Jjth No, j4, Q.iiecn Ann-street, I'ortlaiidChnpel. MLfSIC.'\L CABiNET for INS l-RU-vIENTS . t!ie iriDSt novel, Cftiivriiiei'it, fa.shionable, .idinired and approv.-d, not sncb ajjaiii in th;: Kingdom, as the newly in-vaiTed Harp I.u-c, and Lv-re Hims', the travelling Pi(in'>, tlie patent square I'lanoforie, whitli possesses the tone of a ;traiul'Pi.=inf�(ortcj a'sp a patsnt l^edal Hatp, an N. B. Musi: and Siiit;ing taught as usuilat home and aut, by I'.. K. a:ul f. Lignr. ;, N V vV .VI uslc: '� TpOLL NELSON'S KNELL," Dirge for 4 JL Voices, �lsa tor a biiule Voice, wih a" Pum-Pone j aeco{npanimi.'nt, thf words by the Kev. W. L. Uowl.-s, the Music bv h. Attwooti, pHiC 3s. 6d. ;-albo the Oirgeeipresa. TotheO'ENTLEMEN.CLERGY.aindPREEHOLDEiis .of the COUWTY of MIDDLESEX. TiElNG at lei\gtti fe^ored to you as j^oiir law. XJI ful ReprcScnUtive, I cmigratulate .you on the siic-ce^sfitl termitvitionof a contest \MhicB has spion^'disirad�J and tonvplied the Coiinty of Middles'x.  - : : In thetsonreinplationtof thisevent, I am. itnwjlli'Qg to. jre* tiracE the stepts or rcvtvfe thefeelihg.s ot the past, to the hiuire I look ujth hope, because I irnstthi�rthii proceedings which liavE>Q long deprived the ;CriuMty of its dite share tin he National Uepcs^ntatwn will never afnin be re�()ice(i tb; or if siinilai attempts should be inadec ^hit ()iir adversaries Will meet with siihilai mistancc amla liUnilar result, Ti^ thosr^iose spiriteilresnhitiomi.^terspoiil sacrifices, artrt patriotic exei^i'Ons^.have 'cpntiitwite^ to the suc oi"tnis cohflicti the Coui>i,y,itf M:4dteaejt �*-Jrti)�t latgely iiidfebtifd; i'hrouKh th�m tt|^ ludcpemJeuMe.^-'tlK^-Votnfty his bcwi prftservedVitiR^^ithit (rtriui]ks the Kvprescntati^e systent of the whole kmptre. , v Genll.-men, 1 renirn vou iriv watrtjest thai\0/or the s^ip- rortainl the triendshtp W'tli winch v^it have, hmi iirert me. an� well ij ware of the jiniies which ale now iiiipusal on ine, I shall perform them With diligence and with integrity : in thegenefal ainletten-tve ohjetti ol natiodal IcKislnion, en-d;>4vouriiii; ti>'consult the true interests ol my couiury, iiiul h�tlie particulJt ttust whicM is delevjaied to incas'i>iK"ot your Kepresentarives, to pursil: ibd ii>ieiestti and toinaiuiaiii the privileges ot this ineir.'poliijn.coiinry. I am, Uenilenien, with great re^'ard, ... Your mncli obliged and obctii^nt humble servant, CEO. U. MAlNWAKlNC;. . CltfTord-strM, Feb. I}, iSof.. ' To the WORTHY and INDEl'ENDlvNT EI.ECfvJRS of the Cl'tV of LICHFIELD. HIS MAJESTY having been plca>cd to signify his most i^rrtcioifs intention of calling ine to tin Upper llon^ieof Pailiiinjfi'.r, 1 am ot under tlie necessity of reigning that trust which you have so often, and with so 'much liberality of seiitim�nt, cunfiled l.i my care; rrciciveii tt-at rrijst puie and bpptltfss fioin your h:nids, and I have every reason 1.) d;iuer myself of your btfing convinced that 1 resign it in the same uiisulied state, ami thit mv condicl, (luring the i.qany years 1 have the liondur of rep'reSenring you in I'ailiainent, has been acluattd bj that h('net indep.-iid'iire ami intcgritv, which will, 1 .hope, lor eve eiisurs to inc your rrgard ami arracliiiient. He assured that nothing can etf ice. from my mind that esteiin aiidgratitu.le, which glow.s'in mv bteasf, tioin tVie fcto'lrct; n of those lavour.s wliuh jou hava coiKle>ci.'na il tn hL'stow upon me, and'tcr all the .contidence yow have so kindly, and so repeatedly reposid in me. Accept my wamiesi wi�! es for your welfare and happiness, and allow nje to expr-s; my hnpis that you will b.- pleasfd to think of me^ wli^m-ver I may have it hi my power to prom te hi any wiy v.iur interests. consider nic, up'ij;t':dl orcaaions, as your most obliged and fiithfiilly devoted,^ctvant, THU-S. ANSONi ; LoiTflon, Feh./i4, iBift i � � . ' SHAW, Mayir, .,, � A,COMMON CO0NCIL hoideft in the Cham. *r\,. heir of the CuiUihall of the City of LondoM.on Friday the i4lh �b, i8o<i. .  . / Resolvetl, That a dutiful and toval presented li hi� Majesty, jto congratiitaie his Majc.sty on the'appoint-menrof anosiv A.ilmini�rration, and on the confidence which that mcjsurs excites of a vigorous resistance to tbs Encmy^ or of termiiiaiing the prcseitt cMitost txy a safe and'hunoura-blc Peace. , . WOODTHOUPE. OtJlLDKAI.l, I.ONDUN. To ftCtlLli lORS, WoDELLtRS, &c. &c. �HE Gotnmiitee af�ppinted by the Cmirt of Ci niinurt Couucil-'.of the Cityof f.' nd>i�, to carry into ti'iif a Uesolutinn t>t the C(>urt fir erei-|ing a .M rfoiirv;�ices, �4 a vtwfi-, by ditfft.^s. ^H. t?t irw Uw," Song, by difir, IS. od. The .soldln's Dream," Sonjt, byditto, as. kd. � Little Anil,'* Seng, by T. F. Walm)*tey is. &I. Piano-Forte Mode, Moaart's thee adinireH-'ontertos, 8,1. each j llkcwi^eall Mozifi's Vocat and ln%t^umi.nt;il Works, No. J tt'iV'. Heeihoven's Airs, with varutions, jfs. each, Hute and l'i*no Forte Music. " Lieber Augu-ittne," favourite. vValtie, viitli VitLrtions, hy J. W, Willm<, No. IM. js. Thania, With, by ditto, No. H. 3s. IVHacca, /\dasJo .'S'and Cen'limen hi.s .^cdij^niy is'>pen ever) d:iy trom temintii two, and fioni .seven unid ten in the . eveningtor private Iwso.iis, in the (ashioMa^le Scotch and Iiish steps; Ei^ht Lessons for One CJninea. He also teach -s NoWenien and iJenMiJinen's childreti at their hniisef ; liight Lessons for.a Ouiiiea. . Mr C, encajres to coniple.c Ladies or GentlcmNi in Sixteen Lessens, lit to dance Country .O-mtes and l<e;'is in the most tashionable Asse nblies in this kingdom. Country Dances every Monday eve.nng from J.iglit Mil Eleven o'clock, a sslecl And elegant party attends,. Snbsciipiion hir Ladies 1 is. per yiiarter ; gm-d Music aP-tends. No Ladies need apidy but those of respCitabiHty^ Miss Gilhvay tpffches tlie.Pian ;fortc to Ladies at their own tiaiisej^, at Two 'Guin''a� per Quarter; and likewise the Harp, Fight T.essons (or One Guinea. Children taught at her litliur's house, No. 5, Lower J am 5s-street, Goldeii' Sfltiare. .: . To the Wo/tn/and Imicpe ;LECTORS ot the CI I Y ot LiGilFIELD. A/I" Y Brother having been called to a Stluntion ..Vx w.'iich i.bilges hiin 10 Kive tip the Representatien of the City of Lichfield, I am induced from the long attachment and frienjship which you have shnvii to my l-annly. tr� Ottlr nijself a CrtNDI D.^TE tor yojir favour.,.-Slwuld I be forruDare enough iipi>n tins occajiion to menmith your in-lertist shaH-.Ue my unifortn stmlv to piove rKiir-"^f Writte ��ef^ teiitiment of esteem and tespect^ I have the honour to be, Genilcmen, ' Your most faithful and obedient Seivant, GEORGE ANSON. London, Feb. 14. _ � _� _ NEXr TUUSDaY; TycI,SH remini's his l''rienils that the First Drawn " Ticket next Tuesday will be eittitUd to 2o,otil. at the least,and every Ticket drawn that day is surcio be a Prize. * - The Public may exchaitge their Priees for Undrawn Tickets. Very few I ickcts. remain in the Coniraclois^hands, and everv licket drawn before theaSth instant is sure tn bb i'rize trom III. t>)��,ood-' _ No. 6.j7, a i'liz* ftf VtO�'l. Noa. 1,689, I5,6(>4, JTnd 19,061, 5J2I, th'S Lqitery, have,jilready been Sold m Shares at 4, Coinliill.aiid^'Chjiung-ci'riss. �*.20,022. � SWIFT and'CO. No. 11, Poultry, are stflling, warranted undrawn, tMeVrckers and Shares of the pie-sent Lottery. The First Drawn Ticket on Tuesday next, the Vounh Day, w5llheen,'itletl-ti> 2o,' ay, (Feb. 28).- as every Ticket drilwrl before thatttme will rece ve ?il. at theleatt. �z6,Ot2. Riei^AUt>SON GOODLUGK, and Co. re-speafutlvisbiluaint the Public, that the Fourth Day of Draxving wiU*e dn Toe sday next, when the First Drawn TloUet will be entitled to TWENTY IHOUS AND and TWENTY"-TW-0 POUWDSs and eVery Ticket Drawn on that day will be aPrlze of Tweniy-tWQ Ponnds or upwards, lis they wUIjlsoibe on.tlic' FillJi bay of Dravyiiiji;, Saturday the aid iiist. > 'tickets and Shares, warranted undftixyn. con-.unueon Sale, atid'all Prizes taken in eKchange, or j>aid; aiid.C . COOKE (lominues to have on sale, �t his Manu. fattpry and Nottingham Warehouse, No. 434, StiaiuL aneweiisiveaod-.valuabli' aMofrtineiit of Hosiery, wf every uchkriptioQ, which tor elegance, neatne.^s, taste, aiid.qVallty, A� never'been etiualled. 'and, he flatters himaelt, dan nev�i be lurpassed. The many advantages he ppssesse* oyer.every ' other.Setwn In tbis, line of business, aijd the pecu liar degree I of perfettion 10 Which, hy indfcfatitablf attention and iinll-nni�,he has brought his Maiuitatlory. wwje theit a>tdh?m?,,UporwnltV olfollfcring to the Public a varwjy of Goo(%, supcflpr in�v�y re�pce\ to thoseof any other p^noo, andiu.ider air coinpeHtion fruiiless, aUt,�imble,him to ac comrhodaMthe Public either in the Wholesale, Rtwil.o. I'.xpbrt iraJle, upon term* mofo nioiWrate than can jwsiibly ^ al>iink4^by kit/ ether Hovie in ttw Metropolis. , MEN V m the t.nildhsltot thesaid City, :� (Htrpetuate the mpfnory of ihe late. Right Hon. W-.Uain I'lir, do hereby give none*,'I hat they will iii�t nr th'i Council Chambei, in the Guildhall aforesaid, on Wednesday, tne ijd ot Apiil, 1806, at One o'clock precisely, to receive .Vl'Ht�;,s or Designs tor such Monument, with i-'ropnsals (.seitled up) for e^-eculiug.the same ; and tMe Cummittee request the respec-tive A^rlsts A\ill (.lacrf soma ilis'iin^uishiiig mark on his Model or Design, which should corr'spoiiti with (>ns ta bp made on the cover, containing his pi p.j.sals or terms for cXdciitiiiK the same. > Further particu.'ars miy he kno\yn at the Town Clerk's Olhca, any (lav (Sundayscxccptcdj, between the hours of Eleven and i inee. WOODTHORPE. N. I^. !f a r^esigashould be approved,it will neexpettcd th;it tue Artist will make a Model th.^rcf'r |G C[^l I Feb; is r'AE Cmnitiiottcrs Jor ViTfli.iUiui UU 1*1 "Inst, thty tfill /> n 'T'n'ifr> /> '-'.i/'iir ; r .r ; j.i. ani tffM-hr rilKFK H UN !) It F, .> C > I ,\ LLS'^'> .s, ot" PIT : S trtNSH fc hi tp,arr-of ihre-ivffksjuio.iie JjUe 'tf H ('t'tl'ael, '.i-r/f'rii IVfJlheK p"! miiti'i/, ir ihf u'bJrfr of tlh M y', /' tuallhri^ i'rr^t:! .ft at J'Jyiy.rMil/' ut.l �'tuiill>.loi:>it ; ;o Vy..;/ f.-r j't-yaile, nvtf'j initio'/, ti'Mri, i^ttyi^ifi-' The (.'./liiii'iitt cf ti.t Comt.Kt 't^iy tie -.rtn .it I'^e :'�>��� hif,'-, 1^0 'Hurii v -ubkh fh/i (>',> ih i!l tbe Koar.l 'cfi'e O'lr oUfC. J . . fK'it;i'':jy, r^r in r.. nor u'.'/''" I'u'fifyioit :kf: f>''. r^tit^r, j, �..�r^: pci.n on hn bfhilf^ a'lfnjt, 10 .ttxwer i-'li'o ::lelj"t. I'liblishedthisiliv, price IS. 61. REMARKS on the iheffedtive STATE of the PRACTICE of PHYSIC in Great Britain, with Proposals for its future R�gulatii-n .tr.d Improvement. By EDWARD HARRISON, MD.F.R.A.S.S. S >ld by K.llick^rsirdfi Strandr : . FIVE VHOIJS.'VND POUNDS. NOBLEMEN and Genilfmen poyj'.ssjng In(!om?s .arisini: from Freehold E.stareS, Chuich Liviiig�, .Vlar-riage Settleitients, prany other Property, and those having PersonSI Secitrity oiily to otter, m�y be accommoilated witli the wh lie, or any part of the above Sum, on liberal Terms, by pay in,; .Annuity J uteres' for the'sairt', vviih liberty to re-tiirn the Principal at the pleasure of the Borrower.-Letters addresscol (post paid) to Mr. Fieinining, No, 23, S iville-row, Biirlington-str�ef, London, will be attend.-il to ^ but no personal application will be received. ONEY.-Messrs. LUCAS and Go. beg leave toinfirm those th.nt maybe i;i wa-t, and desirous of borrowing temporary or permanent .Sums of Money, and possessed of any assignable ppoperi v, that ihey may he supplied with any Sum on fair and eipi'table terms, by paying an adequate Annuity Interest for the same. As will he advanced to these of known propejty, on ihcir/personal security. I'ersofal ai>|>llcations^re diily received by Mwsrs. I.ucas and Co. at No. z, ^ames-street,' Ailelpht, Strand ; and letters (post-p.iid; answerecf without delay. nPHE First-drawn Ticket next Tuesday Morning 1 will be And all drawn on the same Day will be PRIZIC'?. Also on the Fitth Day of �'D'awing, wiLt. bb all PRI7.ES, And on the^ixth/Day of Drawing the First-diawn will be 20,ODol. All thos9 drawn on'the First, Second, and Third Days, were df.twn Prizes. The Money is now paying tor the same, or exch iniied for undravn Tickets and Shares, with advantage to the Purchasers, by HORNSBY and Co. The Old Established State I^otteryOffices, No. 26, Qorn hill, N.i. Ch^ring-cro^s, and St. Margaret's Hill, Borough, V W,hereNrt. 8.gt9-, a Prizeof k-,oail. WassoldiiiSHARESthe First Day of Drawing.. I- N. B. The Public are respeiUully acquainted by HORNSBY and Co. tha't there are very tew Tickets remaining unsold. � For the Gout, Rhcumatismsi Consumptions, Scrophula, - Can�Ser<;and other Chronical Disorders. The'kev. W. WILSO N 'S A N TIA U IH RITIC or, A LT E R A 11V E POWDER. THE Invencor of this Medicine, formerlya Stu^ dent in Physic, at Glasgow, is induced to otter to the Piiblic an efricacioi:< Remedy tor the above, as well as lor many dnteises deemedv incurab'e. It has been extensively used in 1 reVmil Ibr several Years, and its salutary Ktte�s are Sroducedi.Tai&fe and easy manner, With very little sensible iperarion. By mixing with the Bluodand Jui^^s, it applies -itself to.the scat of the Disorder, which it wil] remove by slow degrees, from its alterative and hsaling Qualities. In Consumptions it will generally succeed in the Two first Stages, and often�veR in the last. I n the Scrophula,or Evil, if used early, the CWire will be Sf< edy^and the Ulcerated Glands will heal; and it ims been known to rescue the Patient even after iilotal Symptoms had apu�rt4. But l�e�6iis-a�icle<l with Pdiit, Rheumatisms, Caneers, and with bilious and HervotisUiiieaics. would do well 10 perttis^ � The Phlloib-phy of Physic,'* written by th� Inventor (to be hud at JjyAionds's, Paternoster, row, or of the Venders of this MedK VnCliu which Its ettlfaofdiiiary Ertlcacy K/ill be ahewn in varioas inst^n�ea. This .Fowder two Doses; Obstrve that tha Wottis, K. Nawbiry, Mo. 45, St. Patills," ai�,�n. Cnvcdin^the Stamp*. WHEREAS l)ya decree of the Hi wh Court of Char.ccry, made in a <'auss. Wh.-rciiv ;\ R.\hL LLA Ci-cii, sr. guiNii.^j; M.AUV :sv. yuiN riN'. :.m.i others, tire PJaiiititfs, and .�\l<,AB.KLL.-\ i, QU I n FIN. Wiilow.atid'others, are l)efend;ni's, u w.'s n-k'trsid/o KO BERTSTK IvLIi, Esq. onp of the Ma.Versot the t. oi;rt, to inquire atid state 10 tlie Cour:, what Anuuiiiei ..' I L-LlAM T14.( vIAS ST. QUIN rj:j, tonnerly of Sc-impton, in the East Riding cf the coOTnty of Votk, 'Esq. deceased , who die.l m or about themonth ot Jinnary, 1805), allowed ai\.d paid in his life, ami to whom and how the s.tmc were respectively secured, and 10 take an acciiint of the arrears thereof'. .All Persons to whom tue siid William Thomas St..yiiint:n paid or allawcd Annuities in his life time are, on or before the loth day of March, 1806, to- cmne in b fore the Slid iVl .sfer Steele, at his Chambeis in Southnnpton Buildings, Chancc'v-lane, London, and make out their Claims, or in default thereof they wiU be peiempiorily eKclu;L-d the benefit ut the said Ui'cree. JAMES LAMBERT, Solicitor. T /;.rt. nut r.'.'i. J'lir.- :<:r- f'lisdai' I- aa!.1, i .\'i.-;. 1 tritiveol tl'c Vlusic aii.l :tL.-rv , as iiu- . ',y at this time ft) i>vcr.H'^"i\^ (loi:si's, a- :'; ROYAL, l)RUkY.l,\Nl !'v A i tILU'M , ; " ' Prinr�l for Richard l'n(!lip-..M. - |. , friars ; and sfdn bv H. 1). Sviri ivs-. 1 ).:,. ker anil son, K usscll. street ;',, 111 t,'., tJf �h.w ma.y he IliI, r;v T!ie'rhir;e..iiih ; ol tne Tl-R. pr-p? M. - V _ : l.'r. MAV .: d.,, .. FATHER'S GIF!' to Ins Ci 11 i.DREN ; r .-.sisting of Origin il r;S�'>ys, lai s, !� >;i;t:-, Ki-li.xt .i'., &c. y.-c. Bv WII.iTa.Vj M\Vi.; >r Richs-d I'hiH'ps, .No, 6, N'ew Bridge street,ahd^ to fie ');'�.'n liooVsirllcrsV SOI. This A' MR: . �yv..':'\n.ii lish;: , or ill'detaiilt tiiereof they will b* perciiiptorily excluded the benertt of i hi Slid Decree "tri,jc itreet, ti'*ck-:x a;l ttie Circu- ' of i^as'iion. 'enson (.^u-os. � f. By Mr. thsp*ame .Au- Inilhree, Dedicated.hy permission to His Royal Highness this Piince .of VVali*. LORD NELSON'S LIFE and ACHIEVE-.VIF.NTS from a Mcimirin his Lordj!.hi(>'i hand-writing, lioin his oHieiul and privhle Correspondence, and the Cominnnicationi of various Navaf Olhcers uiid-r whom he served, ami others w.'ioserve.l \virh hiin, including many of his own veiy mteiest ng Lrtters to piiMic b 'die.^, iiHicers ofr.iiik, andc <ntideiirial friends, never yer published. Hy.JOHN M'ARrHU;<, Esq. Late'Secretary to .vdniiral Lo'd Viscount Hond, Commander in Chief 111 the MediteirHi.ean, 5tc. and the Kev. JAMES S TAt'JIER CLARICh, F.K S. Chaplain of the House hold, and Libra:ian to Ins Royal Hnrhness'the Prince o'f Wales. - ��� � / ' This aitrheniic aid important Work wj'l cimiirise a Pac Siihile On seventeen plaies, ot th^ aboWiTienn med Me;iio;r, written by the Noble Admiral after tlis loss of his right arm, and him to Mr. vl'Arrhiir, d'r,.iiliiig with pe-cul-ar interest the singular vicissiti|de.s ol his l.ifj, fiom 111-lancy to the date of his communication in Oiioher 1799 ; �which iiivahiabic Manuscript will be afterwards deposited, with tins volume, in tli- Biitisli Museiitn; it will also contain ample illiislralions ot the chasms ni Ins Lordship'sm-. t^restiiig Meinrnr, to^ which he refers ; and a connected and taithtul natr.-ttive, perfe"iiHy divested ui all personal or party prejudice, of the vaiiousciicnmstnices whirh throw light on the character and services ot this tr .(y great mm, cun-tinno urces ot infor-mition wholly unattajiiable by any o'livr jiersons whatever. The hinbelliihments will consist ot a variety ot elegant Engravings, viz./Historical Designs, Pf^rtrars, I'lansand Viewtf otUattles, and ^r ignettes, from orignwl Paintings by Benjamin West, Esq. R.A. the late Mr. Abbo', Richard VVcstaM, R.A.aiid NichoWs Pocock, Esqrs. emjiaved by Mr. Heath, Mr. Fittle-, and other eminent .Artists. In offering this Woik to the Puhhc, it is the i.ojett of the  Editors, and will be their unremitting study to render it, by the amplilude, fidelity, imd itnpartiiility ot its detail, and hy the utmost attention to the printing and embellishments, woithy of the splendid achievements it records, to make it deserving a place in every library, and to entitle it to nattowl pat.-uiiuge. 11^^ It is haped that the Wo'k maybe ready for publication in the course ot the present year, 410. vol of the largest size, printed by Bensley, on the finest ele,.hant drawing paper. Tb* number of Copies to be printed, shall wholly depend upon the nmnbsr ot goi.-d impres�u>ns that be taken of. the "Engravings; and it is theretore recnnim ndtd id such at the Nobilitv and Gentry as ar-i anxious lor the btt>t impressions, to send early notice to the fublishers; Messrs. (.a.iellaiul Dawes, Strand, the price ut such Copies aii ate ordered before the first of July next will be Five GHMeas, o^ with Proof Impressions ot the Plates, ^even Guineas; and the �money may be paid either on giving the order, or on de. Iivary of the Work. . After which time the prices will be advanced, � If timely orders are given. Three Copies only will be printed on the t)n�st Vellum,with.the best Proof ttnt^ressions of the Plates on Satin. ' Tlie ptice ot each'ot these Copies will be' One Hnndred Guineas, elegantly bound in Morocco. An Alphaheiical Li>tot'Nai�es, with the Dates of Orders, wlll^pabli�lied�ndiipn�ivdio.theWork. This Day are pttblishtd, In One Volume Oitavo, price us. Boards, ELEMENTS of INmL^TUAL FHa.a LOSOPUY I or, an Aiialyats of the Powers Of the HupianUnikrWnnding. ren4iniito�*cen�iaTlwVrin*ipl�s Ma Rauon* v^Wr. , SCOTT^A. m. . Profusoroir Moial Philosophy in the Univefsity and Klng'si  College. Ab�r^.- ... PrlnlttTf^T.CadeU and W; Uaviet. atnnitt,A. By. M- Printer^ fnr Rif;hi>c| l'hiiLi|i '. \,. fri irs ;.anil to bshait of all i-dk-.s-, lating Lihranvs.^ t)r jvmmh m.'v ai i. -A.VVuirer idi Ion ; ot i'lc By ThOnns '-kinner .inn, ( Atirhot ot S;>len.:!j Misery,^ .'i:c. &'c,) li.v I hree Volumes, p'ice 13s. 6d. a. Tlie Novic"! ot St. D-nninick. Ky .Mi-wjj thorcs.5 of St Clair) In Four Vnlunies, prio Fleetwood ; or the New Man ot eeaf Godwin. In I hree /.limteN. pnte us. 4 A New Edition of Cal>:b \^ lihams. By Ihor ..In I'hree Volumes, p ice igs. 6 1. And, ^ Virtuous Poverty. B> Henry hiiid .ni, F.sq Volumis, ififl ^l' > H "iTi.A K SYS r-E W OF G tOC; . nd Edition, cinsi.ierahly en-latge.i and H'l v-iv.-rd, il!ii,t:a'ed w.:n upwar^Ls of .-,ivty Brj.ititi'l engia'ill's. repr,escninig the i>r-.-ss'-3, C^istoins, '-art i fhlijiiati ji-S (.r iill Natl'ns, witn Ma,)s, &c. mice ics, 6d.. Jv-iiig I, ^r^jEQGiiAl'Hy on a POPULAR PLAN, for AjT^'t'be'lJVE OF SCMO )I..S a.,d YOUNG PER.SO.V> c >nia>ning all the interesimg and anuisMK feiKsr^s ol Ceo- �fj'ivjdlwtl Ncieiite, aHit c3lciiUi.ed to c':':,vev' iu,.tMicti'in by mens ot the stiiki n and ple.isiM>', a s ci.iti ns j-.nxl'.ic^^iLliv the peculiar manners, customs, aiiu cli.iiact riiti'.s ot all iiuiiunsand countries, , Ity the Rev J , GOLD'M IT-�. . Instead of dy Details relative to (>bj?cTs not ad.iptcd fo the '\'�iXi: ind Our.osity of '^ o'.iiii, tins wori< is solv occupied witi! such .AiiCaloies t f t'e.iiile and ('r.untries 'is .iVe cal-ciilaro.1 to rivetatientioii, and iniiiirnn ihar .'aseiiwiiiig c.ia-racier fir which the Science ci'(;co<iapliy has higher claims thanaiiy oiner branch ut k 1 ow'lrd,;'.'. T'lje (.ontents of ' v.'jluine are ccn-cqiiently rendered inore. nitcresiinj; thai; a'e, perluip's, those ol any other ivork of S'ze in tlie English Langii'ice ; and the etftd o 1. jhe in:iiJi nfvo'.ni'^' persons is' rendered c.:nipiere by thenuimrjus iilaies vS he 1 illustiate every part. _ Siibjoinevl is the onlyt'eaiise existing on th; sii'^jcil of constructing maps; a p.'acfice thus reii s, No 6, Br"�ige-street, Hbck-Iriar.s, a 111 to l)s Iiad of ail lio ikse'licrs, with a larj;e allowance to'cho'.Is ()f whoinmay hchnd, al^oby thesame.Autlior, An Easy l.ramsiar i-.f Cli ifiraphy, b-ing .^.n Ir.trndiicliorl and a i.oinpniii'n to the aSove, ,iiid universally ;n_kn;nvi.d LA-:Kj,'oF i'kk EAR, ' In tl�'press, and on Satiiu!a\, !l\^ tirst of M.irch, will be published, price oneCuuiea IJil uis, !:!e-;uitl\ printed ;ti one volume tdio,%vit;-. siiL-mLd env'ravnigB oy Heath, ILLUSTRA'riaN of the AN A TO,Vr,* the IIU,\I.\N L.AK., accjinpanieif r>v Vle,v.^ ;r that Oigaii, accnratelv dra>vi', ol tiio n tural s'.ze, fmin .t Sines ot ijissetiions. I'o which is addxl, a I r-- tise on rs Diseases, the Causes ot Ueatnc.^s, and the pr)ptr. rre.'.i-m.nt, . By J. C. .SAl.'NDi:RS, Demonstrator of Prai;ttcal Anatomy 1.1. tV^l Schojl in St. I homas's H-.soital, ami Mi v'.'.ni tr. sie Liindoiv Dispensary for-Diseascs ot the Evc.i'.J � i.v I'rinteil lor Richard Phillips, No; 6, Dria.v-.-rtei.;. friars.  A.N rx. of ' Nli'�v' VOYAG-ha AND : RAVhi.ft."-All Orti^inal i-eriudical >\ :hij; .�^vioi.ct.s 'is'-isually sold for twenty ohiHinKS. Much might be !�ii>! to pr-vc tiu> .s-.peNor value of this Work, and it might be tienionsiraied thai it c:'iistitute$ the most interesting, otigina], and economical periodical pub-licatiim of the present day. Tne Contents, however, of ilic two first Volumes, of si\ numbers each. Will .speak tor theiutltfes to every reader ot oidinary curiosity and in-teliigence. NEW rR.ANSLATIONS in V�L. I. andll.-Cas. sas' Travels m Istria and Dalmiii, Kivttnei's m Denmark^ Sweilen, Germanv, Se^. Mich,mK' and 11.-^ . Kotzebue's , , . South Wales, Holcrpti's Travels in JFnince, aU'dUustrdtod with Views, ^o'L.*l'lI.-The Thlrd^Wumbei of thvVThird Volume has just made its appeara.ieejsand >he Works^in pr^gtess through\hi� Volume are of smgu\ar yatiyty, importance, aiflt inietekt. Theyconsistof P�'�i,ue*^ll*!s "Pravelsin the Moi  Mangourlt'a in Hanover, Fi>cher^s in the South of F " An OrUlnal Tour in !t4Ai�)cl, 'JUa OngipatTlour 4n Cair's Travels .in- the lloittt. of Europe, ���d Tii� VoyHt��w�����t^�''WorWr f - ^XttofwhichwilltMiitiiApIetedaft usual withinth| orthe�u'tre�tVuIuin^ . , ^, , flaWtti*a&-an^i<tt�i<�tinf^i�the o^w Yoyigei.i vels; continuaUy adcMcsaiitit tlicau�il,y^� t(\tit� pvh' wmX^lMS^ cbim\ to attratuni Mfttior t (htrV^WSSvybyai'eetind-I'rayels. ,

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