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Courier (Newspaper) - February 1, 1806, London, Middlesex THE K:1YAL,; PRrUtVTLANi:. S'TpkDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1806 6:u 'T'rfiS PRESENT EVENING iheir Majcnics' X" servants wrUadfaTraeedyj called ' . DOUGLAS.  , ,  _ Ndrva], bv the Yoanji; Roscius ; Lord R:�r)dolRh, Mr MoUanU j Glcnalvjn, Mr. Barrymnre; Matildaj Mrs.Powell WiMfirHE SLEKIMNG UF.AVITV;  Oil Mortlay, Tlic Travellers.; , THU .XTKK. ROTAI..C')VliN r.(;A.'A.<�N. fT?HISPRESENT EVENING will be jjcrfornied X .1 CoinEdv, called ' ..T^lf I'lHlic afejresK^fti^ly mformeti, that Mr. Pope is 'fngaS^it 'h�s Theatte, nnd will appear on M'mday Li Itlie *' - ^gjt?^^^^"""'"'^'^''' "Wci'lv by Night." ' , IHd-^eruHuti'ami'Gifi Driivety^'fir tltf Trial of nf. "fseontiiHttfdBitlhe^liigliSfat, wilhtntbe jifrhJiciioii 'aj'he nitlh ^Z�g^mi^i-u.'ilf-hf heUalHall, in the Old- *6r' -LcWon-.:R,...v.the .4;h_^ot February^^ne nexr. o?ittjcti�:'cof.Li.c ri()N of hooks. ir^lw 5fatD by AUCTION  ^\ .Viry.v'atolfe LIBRARY of BOOKS, in & .4t.Jt^ irtbstMtln*rb aiiar*lej'ant biudinss, caminiiiriR tlv.' iMost , i rxtcfffiivf -SS^hlagfr^ofi tl�e � TopoKraph'cat History o^ ', Creat Biitaifl that has eVer been oHered Jor public ^ale, ^ tlie'eiJtirsjHopfrty ef a Gentleiimn weihkiiown tor i is iii-tlefiitigabie nttentton-to top"f!'aphfcal pur e ^ -.-i^iewaoti'Tpbursday, arid caialiJ);ue*i now price is. had at' � BISHrclriiiids his Friends, jthat fhe Lottery X'"i^i.'>;ih5 b.rawiiig Next MoiMla.y i and as the present .\, s j?^�nrt S*hetnc'niakes> the first 5,00a Tickefs drawn out of  . A!,L PRlJtl-S, , �'. the iiecA-lty of j>uT'cWini5'imiiu-tliatcly, is obvious, before '� the Hr-ic^jUes } �speci�l1v as all, those who purchabe early, will harg'tl�e itlvantage, H their 'lisjtcts are. not drawn Caui'.al IVizes in th? first instance, of dianKiiig them tor-. . . iJNDHAWN TICKETS, withoufranv adiliiioiial expenee; by whidi m'eatis they will ^ Iiavea double cliaKbe for the iiumcrouiOipiial I'lijes with tvhich fhe present StIJcmeaboMmfs : VIZ, rt Frlaes'of � | 3 I'rizes of L.2,000 500 &c.' 3 2� No;44,7St. James's-street, and \ r*?:PiTAL PRIZES S 1 W ,H' BCESand Co, lasty^a tbiboo J - � - - . s,ooo,.... The lasf 3o;o=ol. an �ulail � " I'RJZES PAID ON DJ-MAKP.  No. 149, Oxford street. Sold and Shared by* ----. y�ar, vis. vi. . Nc^3,944, a f rize of 2o,(�oli in z Quarters, a Eighths, and 4iSixteenth Shares. N.�-. 151,408*-a,P,rjze of 5,000!. in 1 Half, i High h, and 6 Sixteenth Shares^. Ami > No 9.787. a Prije of ^iocoh in t Half, 4 Quarter, i Eighth, aiitz Sixteenth Sharrt, ,4 Al.ioin the Idti I ottrries, prccpdiiig the above : No. a.ASt a I'rizeott.10,000 I3,i;98 , .' 5,000 iS.t^pa . '. '5,000 3.6, jo 5.' ....... M jijftaj|B�Mitt�itSg tfB^gw'<wWaWtt�mJilrft1lfftteli wgmtf^A at "TlVjanbyfe Qffittsi.pu the nwt liberal t^mis. *� 'W; R, Hodges ^ jl Co. hav4 no connexion- whatever with f;itnyqth�# Office in-London. -  , ; * TREATIES, ^e. . PRESENtEO BY HIS MAJI-STV's CO.M\tAND TO BOTH HOUSES OK PARLIAMENT, ;. , . . - : -No.:--,L �-� � Treaty of Concert betwean, his Majesty.and the Eirpe'dr of ail the Uussias, signed at St. Petersbur^h, tlie iith � Avril, In the name of The Most Holy and Undivided Trinity.   His Majesty the King; of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ifelandj and his Majesty the Emperor of all the Rusiias, animiifed with the desire of restoring to Europe the peace, indepen. dence, dnd happiness,, of which it is deprived by the unbounded ambition of the French Govern, ment, and the immoderate degree of influence which it is striving to arfoggitc to itself, have resolved ro einploy-every means'in their power to obtain this sahttary end, and to prevent the renewal of similar disastrous circumstances; and they have, named in ccnse t- - i,,7o ..on �bc iowcm n-.i..:.. *"tnah(l.' Orders by lettet or carrier ex^ecuted e;(actly on tjis .'Sii.meiermsas-if|irescrtt. , . � � .Tf'rATii |.UTTliKY. . . ; � /..T�*t?�iTarawii!gork MSrd-iy nexr. I ebruary j. -.QWfF'K ^|#CO.'No. i I, Poultry, London, and ' wifites f'^SlRiKetSan ei)t(lltf a�idtt!^ others of of ajoofjl 1 .lyooL scol. &c. & c. ^ R A Nil-. LOT T- E R y begifis Drawing T FEBRUARY. j,i�36j C '.EVSt. 3 tz5� \�i6 000 ro.ojii a.ooe . Vloo Id 18 f.oso'tirsf-ar.'ticlrets zi^-ob� T'ct?fa./ ; �6q.. 00 30 �09 6.000 8,cop 10 ojio - - . �6 .ooo> r 10,000. Par* of tilt ateve Cn;.ita!s, T|Mt.d.awji T�Cktt-ist H�y - '.vCH.orti latfo - - (4'hOay, - -, Ditto a V '^ih Uay - 3�!,om mtnc  7tH "'a/ - ^.ooo" 'Wtto -  Zicoo ',Tt ls. , -y''*"'' '� '"' _., ' ^ , fniisdaj^ispubtislfed, pricfc i� 6iI,Nq. .II I. Whit��will " .complete tlieJfii-sMol lite VofutnV whiclx this NupiB?ii compleliesjfprn^s^itn Ihritlgmentof tlje'ftcSiidical ahd.othtfrAYorVj"^, E.pKlVha�d T9*ei�n,-riu6li�l�ysu��IieyeW--t�oiSt rtJlatltfR W'Arts -and '�^lences, accotnuitnied' with reiriitifks on the merirjfoi'de - its of many of-1 rhaf ftthfct usefn* the-jwpfer8j.,aintf-in.sttjnc, o{ses 4H*vinj5 to (PBtitiioses fhVentionimay be dirSrted and Examination ot the i'rojects pre je.sty, and with other special Gomutis^ions, President of the Acidemy of Sciences, Mcm.ier of the General t>iref\{on of tlie Schools, Curator of tjie Univetsity of St. Petcrsburgh and of its District, and Knight of the Order of St. Vladimir, who^ after having verified and exchanged their full-powers, which were found to be in good and due.fonn, have agreed upon the^following Articles : Art. I. As the state of suffering in which Europe is placed, demands speedy remedy, their Majesties theKJngof the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and  the Emperor of all the Russias, have mutually agreed to consult upon the mcms of putting a stop thereto, without waiting f)r farther, encroachments on the part of the Frencii Governments They have agreed in conseq^uencfe to.cmploy the most speedy and most efficacious tnea*hs,, to torjn ajjeneraV itague'of'the'SlStfrslor'^uropc,'Wl to'en^ them to accede to the present, concert; and,' in order t* accomplish the end pruposed, tr) coliecl together a force, which, independently of the succours furnished by his Britannic Majesty," may amount to 500,000 effeitive men ; and to employ the same with enci-gy, in order eitlcr to induce oc-to compel the French Government to agree to the re-estnbljsh'ment of peace and ol the eqiiillibrium of Europe. Art. II. 'I'he ot^jpvV of this league will he to carry into effeft what is proposed by the |)rcsen:con. cert,. namely ; {a.) The evacuation of the country of Hanover and of the North of^Ge^many. ^ [b.) The establishment of the independence of the Republics of HoI.Jand nnd Swit-^erland. (f.) The re:.establishmcnt of the King of.Sardini in Piedmont with as large an augmentation of ter-ritory as circumstances will permit.  ( ortion of 1,250,000!. 8terling,.for each 100,000 men of regu-. -troops, and-so in proportion toi: a greater or smaller numberj payable, according to the cdbdiuoos' hereinafter specified. , ' Art; iV^i" The said Subsidies .sball be payable'by \instalmentsi. from tponih to.months>in prpppftjon,to ' s^the? force!'whkll; tacfi PowVr shnll ?mp ojr Tn paruu-^: larice.of its engagements, tOvo;om,bat jbe comjnon-'eneiiiy* "and � according' to-" the offitiial. report :^of tfie armies employed at the opening of the? caofipaign,  ahdjof'the '^evei'al feibfbrcemtnts wbjctv jnay. join " thipin. An arrangement/ishalibeffladf m (Mpith the plan .'qf'oper^Uons/.whJch shflll, be forth'i~ motion. This sum shall be settled by particular af. rangements to be entered into by each Powtir, who shall take part in this Concert ; buthts said Majesty undcrgtatid's that the hole of the sums to be furnished to any Power within the current year, as well on accouht of the said advance as for the monthly Subsi-. dies, iii in no case to exceed the proportion of 1,250,000!. sterling, for every 100,000 men. Art. V. The high cont,ra r nt Kussi". -^'j;""'' at St. t'cterS-bjij;!i,'joth March :-iith April li..,-. His Majesty the E(n]-.cror of all the Russias, hav-; ing ninde known to his Britannic MHJ.'sty his ar-ranp,eiicnt.s with Oifir Miijestic.i the �mp.'ror of Getmanj and the King ofSwtden, his Biitannic Majesty engages to fulfil his :-tii-ulations of the present Treaty of Concert towards each of those Powers, ,f, in the space of four months, reckoning from theday of the Signature oi the present Instrument, both those Powers, or one ot them, shall have caused their forces to aft against France by virtue of t'.e engagements they have taken wkh his Majesty the Emperor of all the Ru.�ias. � This separate Article shall have th? same tcrce and validity as if it were inserted word for word i-v the Trea.fy of Concert signed this d..ty, .and. shall be rajtiTied at the same time. In Witness whereof, we the u.ndersigned, by virtue of our full powers, have signed iht present se-pjJrate Article, and have affixed thereto the Seals of our Arms. Done at St. Petcr-sburgh this 30th o*" Mar^ih^-I Ith April in the year 1805. (L.S ) Granville Lei'ESon Gower. (L.S.j AoAM Prince CzARTORv.'-Kt. ' (L.Sj Nicolas DeNov'ossilzoff. No. I. (B) FOURTH spp.iratc .-Xrtfcleof the Treaty of Concert t�e-tweJn I'.is M-ir.-stv and the Km;>ej-ni of Ku.ssi.i, signed' at St. I'eiersbiirsl), iitti April-joih March, 18^5. . The collcftinij of 500,000'effeftive men, mention-, ed in Article I. of the Treaty of Concert signed this day, not being so easy as desirable,- Their Majesties have agrce'd that it should be carried into execution as soon as it should be p-rjssible tooj'pose to France an aftive force of 400,000 men composed ,in the following manner : Austrsa will .supjily :?^o,ooo men, Russia noteless than 1,15,000 men, independently of the levies made by lier in Albania, in Greece-, &:c. : and the remainder of the 400,000 will be made .up' by the troops oi Naplc!, Hanover, Sardinia, and others.' - This sepnrnte article .shall h.Tve the .same force and validity, as if it were inserted, word for word, in the Treaty of Concert^signed this iday, and shall be ratified at.the. same time. ' " '' In witness whereof, we, the undersigned, by virtue of our full powers, have s-gn?d the present separate article, and have affixed iherpto the seals of cur arms. . �\ - Done at St. Petersburgh, this i ith of April-30th March, in the year iS05. (L.S.) Granvillr Levhson Gov/er.  (L.S.) ADA.M PRtNGE CzARTORYSKr. (L.S.) Nicolas Dt'NovossiLzOFF.,,. * No- L (C.) Fifth Separate Article the Xre^tty of Concerts between his M ijestyand thetmperor ot RussiiT. signed at St. Petersburgh,'nth April--3-ith;M-4rchi8�5 Gb.'icet'f, urifii tlie return of the saiil forces ta their homes ; aud moreover, the cqu i  .y months of subsidy'asPremiere mi'srtriMtimpognc; ^^>hlr.he(^ rtm>rterl> at th� .Repertory -Oaii'e,^ *Io. .!,>, },aymcnt sua.. '^^J'^-i -� '"'nGardf]?vaM4pldby"8rJ/�ifc^iB(*k�eU�frs.-Of'whoiYi )f.e�ckof the BeUigcrpnt .ParttR^'. l|Ji� ie�-,r twe H,epfr�/y �>/jArtif �d Mj-, Majis^t>Win ftkwiw be .ftftbared-to adyf<fKi� ^'m, His Majesty the Emperox of all jhe Rursias en. gages also to m^rch as soon as possible an army of not less than 60,000 men to the frontiers.ot Au.stria, aniij also another of not .ess than 80,000 men to the Prussian frontiers, .to be ready to co-operate with the said Courts in the: proportion established by the Treaty of Concert signed tfiis^day, and to support thein respefl ivelyv in case, they shouId' be attack*d -by France, who:might supposethefirto'be Engaged iii some negociation tending towards an bbj^rt cdn. trary to Iwr views; but it 'is understeod^ that in. dependenily of the 115,000 men, which his Imperial Majesty ofall the.Russias will cause xakd against theFrench, he will keep bodies of reserve and ob- , Tlie Russian troops already stationcd'at the beven Islandii, or which mny be intended to Iw transported thither, will not enj'-y the advant.Tgc of the sub-sidiis and of the; VretMcre mise.en CampagTfe, stipo-lated in the present article, l.efore the day of their leaving the 5"ven Islands to comm&tiGe their ope-rati'.iOs against the French. This separate article shall have th? th .March 1895. His Majfs y the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, .an.l his. Majc-ty the Emperor of all the Russia',-leing r^isposed to form . an energ'.tic concert, with 'Jics -Is view of insuring . to jiiirop; a lasting and solid peace, founded upon the principles of justice, equity., and the law of n itions by which they" are v;onb^timtiy ^nided, are aware of the necessity of a miitu.n! nn.k-rstancling at this rime, upon several priiK-iples, which ihey will evince in pursuance of a pre/mtis concert, as .soon as the iM-ents of the wir n-.ay render it necessary. ... 1 hese- principles are in n-i ,'cgree to controA 'he pnMic opi-riion in Frar.c:','or ic� .,ny other C'lontries, wh-re the Cotni)incd Anviies ri-.ay cirry. or their t per .t''>fts, with r<.':;ncft -^i tlic ^utm of G.-iv rnrnenc which it nviv be proper t;. .idiipt; nor.'to app-.-,,-priafp to th inselvfK, 11. a po.ic. shcu!d*;be con-cttfd'.d. aiv of the cotjq.ieMs by o:.e or the other of the b^di^eretv p^ ; and to rp-^'-possession nf the to-.vns ana firMurlis �.hkb may Ue wres'ed;from the coini-.i y a-.k:iO'.vleilgea r'ghc tlev belong,, and. in ail other c,i;i^�.^, -n the rii.'ine of-ail th-; Members of the. League ; ;ncl finally,. to a-scmblc, at tlvi termination ot the war, a gcref l; Congri'ss, to ..i-^cuss ad .li:'i the provi-iinns oJ (the la'.w of nations, on a more tU-tcr.mined basis than unfortunately has hithert-;- b-en pracVfpahic* ; <in<J ro insure- their 0'is:;jvancc by the ,e3rab'.ish:nettt"^C)f a federati/c sysc in calcu'ated upon the situ^ico of the different Stat', s of Euroj e. , ,1,'.. . This scpanite artifh shalt'lJ.:ve the saine'lorce arei validity as if it were inserted word for word in the Treaty of Coi 'cert signed th s day, and shi.I be rar-tified at the same time.. In witness whereof" we ihc und-T.-iigncd, Vy virtue of cur full powers have signed the present sep::riite article, and have aflixed thereto tne seals uf cur �arms.' Done at St. Petersburgh, the i tth April--jo'.h March 1S05. .... (L. S.) Gr.^n'Villk Levi-son' Gower. (L.S.) Ad.m.i Prince CzARTORYs.;n. (L. S.) Nicolas De Novossilzofi\ No. I. (E.) EIGHTH Slil'ARA'lMi .'\UTICr.E. It being poisible that the bias which the French Governmeiit tries to give to the crinnsels of the different States of Euro)^,may determine one or other of those States to ihiow obstacle? in the way of the attainment of the salutary cffcns which are the ob-jeft of the.prescnt concert, and even to have recourse to hostile measures against one of t-lie high con tracing parties, in spite of their endeavours to Citabii'sh an equitable and pcri.'.anent order cf things in Europe, his Britannic Majesty and his Majesty the EnipeVor of all ihe Russias agree to make comraoii cause ag.iinst every power, which', by the employ, ment ot its forces, or by too intimate an uiioa witK France, may pretend to raise essential obst.-.clcs to' the developemcnt of those me.isures which the high contracting parties may have to take, in order to attain the objcft proposed by the present concert.; ' This separate article shall have thcsame fctceantl validity as if it were inserted word for tvord in the Treaty of Concerr signed this day, atKl shall be rak tified at the same time. In witness whereof we the undersigned; by virtue of our full powers, have signed the article, and have, affixed thcfcto t armst - * " Done at St. Petersburgh^ the t ith April-ii^jOTli March 1805. (L.S.) GlTAN'VTtLELEVESONGowER. (L.S.) Adam Prince Cz/vrtoryski. - (L.S.) Ni.cotAs De-No-tossrLSi!.*Fr. ' present separate lie. seals or otif No. L (F.) " ' ELEVENTH SLPaRA i li 'ARTICLE; v The high contracting parties, acknowledgitig the necessity cf sucporting the Proposftion* of Peaee/ \vhich it is thcir-intencion to make to Bonap.irte,"by . energetic demonstrations, have resolved to invite -His imperial and,Royal Apo~sto!ic Mnjesfy ' 'pwt 1 his armies in a state of readiness I'or action without delay, by eompFiting their nombcrs, and by con. clentratingthem in the .nefghbouthood of the bgr-ders of France.--His 'Britannic M.ije.sty, 'consider- . ing the extraordin:=fy cxpences which thisWaSOrtf will ,rendcr necessary, promfscs" ftnd engages to furyfvC " Irtfierial jmd Rojjal his accession- to. the preien^cont-ert^ OO0,OO0l. StCTllRiJ for J'r,-hifr< ifii^] idiieh the K\n^'of the United Kifi) "

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