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Courier (Newspaper) - January 21, 1806, London, Middlesex Afo. Alii. THIS PRESENT EVENING their Majenies' Servants will i)<it a CoAieily caUfd TlieHONEY MOOV. � Song by Miss Duncan. With a. UaHce incidintil to tlie V f'lece. After whichi a new Crand Legendary Melo-urama, called THK SLeKPrnG BEAUTY. To-triorrow; wHl be produced (never porforrnea) a ne^v lOiietatic Drama, in five acls, called The Travellers. With lentirely new music-, s/enery, macWnery, dresses and decora-To which will be added%hc tarce ot'1 hs l.yitig THlvATRK ^ rAS0tT1ERAwt itJ�ri^^ In'Aii III. Mr. Stephen's CtEE,or " Sigliuo more La- :-.-dics." , ' � . 'To which will be added, >I VU'LUQUIN's MaGNE r ; or, Tlie Soanlinavlan Sor-' cc";:r,-The M�istc composed by Messrs, Ware aii . the ereatest assortment of S4ddlery aiid Harness ever olteied to tile I'uhlic. N. B. The Vegetable Composition for Cleaning and l^re-serving Harness may be had a� above. W' HEREAS hy an Order bearing date the Eleventh Day of December 1805, made by t!ie Right Honourable the Lord High Chancellor of Oreat Hri-tain, in a Cause, wlier^in KOGER PETTIWARD and another are PlainfifFs, and HENRY Karl of Darlijijjfon aiid others are Defendants. It was referrrd to Robert Steele, isq. one 6f the .Masters of the said Court, to state the Priorities of the several Mortgages, Annuities, at* other in-'CumbranccS'Sftefti'ig the Manor of Addington in the County of .Surrey, and ofker real estates of Harlow Tr-coihick,her?-tofbreof Addington aforesaid, Esq. deceased (whodied in or about themonth of May,_i774), and distinguish what) was :due for principal monej;, and what for interest arid arrears of .tlie Annuities respedively. All perseiis claiming Mortgages, Annuities,' or ether incumbrances,, hitidling the said Minor of Addirgron, and the other HckI Estate^ of the said Batr low Trec^tbiiick ire, on or before,, the twentieth day of February, 1S06, to come in before the said M.ister Steele, at his Chambers in Southampton Buildings, Chancery-lane, I-.on-'don, and malje out their clainvs to such Mortgages, Annuities, ohotber incumbrances, or in default thereof, they wlit be peremptorily excluded the Bfenefit of the said Decree, COOPEK and LOWK, Solieitors.- VT EW-tNVENTEDHATS.-In cCBsequorice o the very great cotnpUims of lata of the bad quality �(" hats, has induced Mr. HAVE, ot No. 71, Strand", who Ivaf .resided ^eie these twenty- years, ito try the e.xp-�rim?l^t of mixing imoles fur with beayer, and which he li^s foimd to answer his most ardent expeiJatiions, not o:ily for their durability, which, on trial, will be.faund to wear out near two such hats as are made iit the usual way, the mola fur rViak-itlg them so much finer an;i of a closer texture than the va-Tioijs ct>arse furs that a.'e usually made use of in the manu-taClurer of hats, and with other good qualities ; tiie fur will not come off, which has been so rn'ich complained of lately, as veil as their taking a most b^arutifiil black.wliich witi re-tsip their colour; and being the Msuutaaurer of his .own Hats, he .'iells them at the low piice of il, ?s, stamiv included. Army, Navy, Folding, and Ladies'Hats, Gen-tle:nai> in the Country .should send the .number cf inchui 10u1 d the outside of the crown.-Worthy the attention �*f the Trade and Merchants . fjr exportatio^,--M/l.^.skii!s bought in any quantity.'-Letters (post-p((ii respeding Mole Skit>s enly, attended to. MR. liOWyER'S POPULAR LOTTERY THE Temporary House of the LONDON INi SrirUflON, as fa- as rcspedts the Library ai.d Reading-.{ooms, isOPE^JKD t"HlS WAY for the use�f the Proprietors and Subscribers .st No. 8, in the Ofd jewVy, where Tickets of Admissin may ba'ob'airted on application at the Clerk's Office. By Order of t))e Comini'tee of. Managers, � SAM. WOODSi Secretary. Janii7ry 18, i8a6. now more perfeSUy understood, and thiS complete'satlsfac-tiot\ inyariibly manifested by ihose who call to s6e the En-gravinps that are to bs given .for t!ie Hl.mks, have produced that efledl, which ii tegrity, accompanied by liberality of conduii, can never ftil fo ensure; The demand for T ickcts within the Inst few weeks has exceeded Mr. Howyer's most saiigui.ie ex edations ; and as the time of drawing is rapidly approaching, he would wish to inform his friends that there c^n bene doubt but that ttie price of'1 ickets must advance considerably. The very highly admired Portrait of Lord Nelson is given at the time ot purchasing the Titketj and to those who pur-cha'se two tickets, the Portrait cf Lnrd CuUingwui d likewise Tickets Three Guineas each-Schi'mes grati-s ; to bi had at Mr. Bowyer's Offices, Pall IVIall and Cornhill, and a: every Lottery Office in �he kingdom. FDLL MONEY for Lottery Scheme contain? 3 Pii2esol' L.2o,opo 3   .  io,�oo 3      J.000 PRIZBS.-The present Prizesof I 40 L.2,000 . j ,0do 500 I 3 . . . . . J,000 I 40 , . . . .  ^f^o Besides Frizes of i.-ol 50I. Ssc. and (what no other Lotu tv e^-er possesseit) the first j,ooo Tickets drawn out v-f the Wheel wUleach be entitled 10 zil. besides the usual chance tor the above Capital Prizes. .Tickets and Share$ are selling in great variety at the old established Offices, 4 Comhill, and 9, Chaping-Cross, where the last 3o,oooL ahd the two last Prizes ot 20,0001. evei jdfawn, were alLshared and sold by T. filSH. *,� The Lottery begins the 3d of. next Mrmih. RAND X0T T E RY begins Drawing ' FEBRUARY 3, �8o6. ^C'lEM-E. of ''^Clo.ooo;, G 3 3 ^ \ ,0. izei lO.OdO i OQO to S,ooopirtt-tfr.Tickct9 " �{.0Q!B Tfckets. 30000 ll'iOOO 6,c.oo .8^000 10,030 ^. .00 6,000 ' . II0,Q0O  " Part of the above Capirali. T�Ml-drawn Tick�r ist Day ^ Ditto t.;- - :;4�h pay -Uittft. 5 . - 6th Dar -Ditto - . - yth. J>ay Ditto - - loth.Day - , Tickets �hd Shares are iWlliliat every L censed ,J-qttery PVesent^ Vriceof a t ^'^^ Slxteimb 20,000 >,0<30 iL' , od. H�lf: ibl.. as. ,od. Quftilir - 5I. as. od. . . . ,., �4� ;Ati tarly Pwfihase is'-advis�I, Its the'Virst e,oo6 .TMc-Ms will betntitlediOMMl. eaoh, Resides ihc�\littipot�f the KY of TRA--FALGAR, having been if'sptayed in Contributions of Unexampled Liberality to this Futirt, e-.tahlished for the Relitif ami �Encnuragemeitt of those engagsd'in the present ihomeH-toiis CDnte.->t.'.... ,, �fhe Colle�libns after Divine Service; tin the' Day Of, Thaiiksgiving, with other Cdikribi&tiohsi excUisively apjvro-piriated to the Relief of tho5�( Wcfunded, arid to the Families of those "Killed, in his ^lajeSty's Service, amount,to.rt,i74l ,'rhe newaabs!iApy f hii i^rt.^i>.sty'5A^^Tis, a'surplus of 195,5701. Will renniin to meet the Tui.ur o wh7 sidFtr in a^lj'on with the line. iny on every nccaslon wliateve/ --and exteasivt: as the plaii avpear-i, it finds abundant resources in the public spirit and liberality of the British Nati6n. - J. P. VV.ELSF04in, Scc-retsry,, Atn'mmtadvertised . \. . , iC-4�,42o �4 TIr Brothers of the Druid's Lodge, held at the Three I'un.s, Windsor - ' . - Rr-.-. N J Hill, Sailwell, Cambridgeshire John Kilby, ditto . l-dwar.! i'almer, ditto - (time- Honyvvood, Esq. M. P. One day's pay ot tnetUfi�iers, Non-comniission- ' edOifrcers, arHl Privates of Captain Rice's Company ofthesist Regiment, at Northal- . lerto'J . _ - . The .^'ftlcer^', Non-c;-mn�issinn?d Olfieers, and Privati?i�>f the Volunteer 1'>(intrv of Frit-tiewcl!, Essex, comniandeii by John Lod-wick, k^q. ' . ,� ' - ; he iHliLers, Nori.commissinned Officers, Druni;v.ers,. and Privates, of the Loyal Dales Voiui.:eiirs, of the tiloith Riding of f e County of Vorfcv underthecommandoiTurnerSiaw-birizee^. Cploiid Goinmandant Mrs. Cooksori, of Spenithorne - - Majof General Hewgill > - - . Rev. Mr. Carter, Chedburgh, Suffjlk Cne day's pay-' f ,the .Noii-commi.-si'^nedOf. , cers a d Privates of the Ki-yal V.antage Vo-' linVteer*, cominimledby Capt.'Wiac Lieut. Deg''iy Kii!g,.;R,;:.: , ., ' John Fooke, Sal flpcers, Non-commissioned Officer*, Drumnjors, and Privates of the Regirn^ of IU>yal -I'larence Volwntetr Infantrv, cdnmianded by Lieutenant-Colonel Owen Llojd .- Pro Patria . 1 inkier anil Mouhtford , v;. Dav, E*q, . lUv. John Clark Mr, Pulbam, Attorney . , Mr. Thomas AUlis, jun. . Mr.. John Philpot . . � Mr. John Gross .<� ' . Mr. A. Read Mr. Thomas Shenaing ; Mr. '-corge Co'wpcrthwaife . , Mr. Nathaniel Manby . Mr. Jarres Allen Mr. Fhilip Gross . . Mr. Isaac Beckett ' ' . Mr. William iJ'unihain Mr. W. I . Ciraysf^n Mr. William Pattisbn . Mr. Robert Miles  . Mr. Robert Lorter . Willam Midctletcn, Tsq. Whitby . William and JosephH. Ba-ket, Coal Exchange /'eniy Fludyer, tsq. W'allinglord Oilicers and Privates M the 3d Company if the 2d Rcjiiinent of loyal London Voluhieers, byDaptairi Delver . Rev. C^corge Stone . , William March, Esq. Lisban . i D. 1. and J. W. two fiieiids, at Woottun M. R. �� Colletled at Liskeard, Cornwall . �'F.. Jamfs Croft, Esq. Afunliani Lodge, Newbury, !<(:it-S � ,  Farl ol .ScarborouKb . Adm ral .iir Kichird iiickertop, Baft. East Kent ' liii'ia, I--^igniier General Nepean Mr. Alexander a .ftond . . Vli.s. Alt^xa DrijniV'Ond . . (*ffi..e.-s,  on C '-"'issioned Officers, and Fri-vat's of tlie FroirieSelwood Volunteer Ii-fantry, on day's pay, by Major Olive, Com-;i andfint . . . .. ' M. Thomas Vanner . John Carroll, Vale place, Framernorth t'ans;t of Mildin'g,.SiitK)lk . . Uicltard Curowell, E*q. Blackburn, Lancashire J-ihii Curdwell, Esq. aitto,ditto Jilicers, Noncommissioned Officers, and Pri-vates ot. the Bpsmwe and Claydon Volunteers : he kesident Rcdor and Pariibioners of Bur< - nam, near Ipswich  . Mr. White, Authordf the Professional Life of - the late LiJid Nelson . \ The Hue of a Hackney Coachman, No. ^49 A Mite from the Members of a Friendly So. ciaty, held at the Waggon and Horses, I'am-vvorth . ,.  Officers, Noh-commissloned Office s. Drummers, and Privates of the" Worcestershire Re. guneiit ot Militia, by Mr. James Wnulow, . Agent'  � ,, �� .. V  � � � Amutmt of Subscriptions at Leeds, per Mt-ssrs. ' IJeckett, Calverlv, and Co. ^ Calhedralol Canterbury . ,. A" nr.nation oltheDean and CJiapter of Cauter-jury T le Officers, Nop.commissioiKtl Officers, and Privates, ofr the Royal iioutft Gla'stcr Regiment of Militia . . � V Pr/sa Pty^ iSsq. . . W.ilian. . . . . --WUbn Bakerarkl^Son, Shad Thames . i Lieut. Xsinea-rbt^inas, R.N-. . - . Chapel,. Chelsea Hnspital, trom the Officers, Pensioners, and others belonging to the Esia- blislimeht .'  . The Memb<M 9f the Friendly Ciub, held at the S.Ur Tavern, GrqatYaimuuth , . . . M�rkleNstreet J^hap^I, Herts . , Ao.)i(tdiiiooa) (ubscrintinA. . . . DI$senting,M^ting-iiuu$ , e>t\dh'.'' ': . . . . PaiisUot UicatEedwln . (IVbecoutmiied.) ViyTi 4LLING.OPFICE,-Jan 17' 186 'KE CommissioHcrt for J'iSiuaJlitig His Mtij'pj'z _ Nitpy Ho hi f'^y jth'e Nittte, thai on Frilay nfxi,t>'t %t^:h full. tKy lu'th beYt'iily to leeiitii Ttttiicri hi xurilhig (teMtit'uf-), Fi-r what Hofsbea.f, Barrel, Ki;deikip� Firkin, Lrnp and ShoVt Kjiik, and snnut Hatid ^V-'cd Iloops Y'"^,"?''^'* ' Siimfile! jo Ite prniueej wrtb ihe TenJc.i may iviinied jit the nr-vice of thU DtparitnerA fur iviiclve mntfji eifriain J^nm thai day ; and aSo For What Rivers, C'ooper'is? Tn'^V<, tnd .CfnoperiKe ^fores, miy be demanded/"t ike 'ur-ure r.fHiTA'hiJf''y'f'I^ivy f'^t- c year. To he dfTwe,! !nia i/v J^'ulaaifin^.'^rr/reyat 7X'fff-jrd; and 75 be paid f;r ity lilih, i'iyal e with irli<rest, Hiaeij dayt after duttv .  , The Ci/miiltaHs of tlx Cmiriult m<iy he seen .it il}t~Secirt.i''-- j o^ct: "7 /V^ rtfi,ard viill be hs'flo any Tixdtr in '.\. e lum- Ptijay nt*r, the i^tJi in I. nvr itvvsf tbtftti^H in�kts''tiie'TeiidB-, nf itimt ptnutt )� t 2 6 t 1 0 2 3 0 4 9 6 0 0 ; : , LORD N ELS-JH'S l-UNi- RAL.  -� This O'ty is ptib.'iihed, � THE d, Dr.( reene^ andMr.'H.itide!, .dedicated by pt-r.mlssion to tlie Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Linc-dn, Dean of StiPaul's. SJAtiidi)-/ J,> ag'?, Vicar Coral. - - To which is addM an Official Account r)f tlw Prnce's. sibn by Water and Latid, ai.d in" St. Paul's Catheirrai,' .withan elegaiit' Eni^ravihg in Cnloufs, by R. 'Acketman, of the Kiiner'al Car used on that occasion,- from f lie/^.rij.'iu! Drawfng; size of tlie Friiit xij incbes.by 15; Priiir Book and , print t4s. the Print or the Book -epsrare ios. 6:1. cth 'To be had of th^ Editor, Wetwick-square, Pai^r-nobter-roW. . �  This (laywas piiblisbed, piice 7�, in .boards, AN HISTORICAL and CRITICAL KSSAY on the REVIVAL of rhc DI Acadein'es of Corlbna, R )rne,'and Fl^r^nce Edinburgh: Priaied by. and tor MundL-ll and S.'jn ; S!ild also by Loiigmdn, Hur-^t, Rei':s, and OPaternoster-tow ; a.id T; . price il. (s. in hoards. a. 'I'he Progress of Uefincment, an .Vibgofical Po'^ni ; with other Poems. By the Rev. Wm. iQiUespie. - One vol. l-nolswp 8vo. price 6s. boards. 3., I'o.-ms, by 'i'hoiuas IJo.wii, M, D. Two vols. Foolscap 8vo.-iiTxei*s. in tro^rds.'-., � 4. Piverasaiid I'lays; byVVilliam Richardson, A-M, Pro-fissbr of Hii'manity in the; Uni^'ersiiy of Glasgow.Two volji Fb Isca'p 8vo. ;pric;p jb>-i 6*1. b'wrds, "J. ObserVationJ oiii the Nature and Temlency of the Doc trine of Mr. Hume^ pbi^ceriii.ig the Relation of Cause and' Etlttt, price is. 6dv<- . '. BAl'TLE OF COi'KNHACifiN; This Day was published, in Crown 8vo, price !;s. in boards^ . illustrated by a Map, ttie Second Etiiticn of ;A TOUR in ZEALAND, in tbe Year i?o2 ; XX with-an Historical '^k-tch "ff.Iie Battle of CopeuliagLii. By a NATIVE of DEN.VIAKK. London; Printed for G. and R. Baldwin, New Bridg'-"-strcei. � " ' . � � Where may^be had, just published, by the same Author, MFNTaL RECREA IIO-NS; four Danish and German Tales; pric.-, in boards, 3s. 6d. � This Day was publi'shed', ip 8vo.price6s the Second Edition, considerably enlargedj of ' PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS onlNSANI. TY ; in which some Suggesfionsji/eQtfered towards an iiTiproved Mode of treating Pis'-.ases of^the Mind, and some Rules proposed wirnjh may lead to a more humane and.sucr cesslulMethod'of Cure, &c. &c. By JOSl-PH MAS.ON COX. M.D. Lon-'on : Prinred for C. and-R. HaTdwin, New Eridge-, street i and J Murray, 32, Fleet-street. This day was published, iri 8vo. price 8s. in bo.itds, Ae-TAtlSTJCAL and HIS'lORIGAL EN-C'lRY hito the Proe/es NoflRri.AND. , I'jr THOMA? NEWIiNHAM, Fsq. Author of "lever.il I'oliiical Trai^ti rel^itiveto fre'snd. Lpndun; Priivted for C. and R. Baldwin, of Nev/Tir.dic-.street.' ' In this Fnqniry Mr. Newenham tal ii!ati in of Ireland doubles in 46 years ; of tlw Ntmieri.cal I'rop.iriioii of the Koman Catholics to the Prrt'st.nnts ot Irela.d, and of the conipjteiniy ot Ireland to support a much greater Populaiioii than Itnow contains. . . � ~ ~ PERU. This day is published, in one large and elegant volume, quarto, il!ll^trated by twenty coloured Engravmgsof Coitvinie, &c. price Two Guineas in b'lards, I-"HE PRESENT STATE of PERU ; com-prising an Account of its GI'OGRaFHY, T(M>()-GRAFMY, NATURAL MISTORY, ^ilNIRAL()GY, COMMFRCE,. CUSTOMS, and MANNERS, as well ot Its civ;Iis ?lul iiiiroiluctury Books ui every Branch of Koowlatgc, remarking on their, respective jVIerits, Ad ejutioiiing Patents and Instrk'Ctors against some llooks which the Author., upirn  IIAtI ^ VIWI.* . oi.llil. �i�ilVflVO �,iv >fiu�irvfa. li^tUtt just grounds, ol)i8ils,toi. Aniope those leeoinmended we do not obtervc tfji that we consider as o�>j�tioiiable."-Bi Irish Ci inc. - Pruned tt r Thonta.* R >�nolds, Oxford street, anfl s- Id by th.- Book"ollvts111 Oxfuid,'C ^labrid^e, Uditibut^h, Ola�(,uw jiiiii Dublin. HMME and BE; SftAMfs HISIORY of ENGi.^V'V fr rn the EAk LJ r, - r KLC l) conipMe. :t-sicrTabl ��, fciid Uiiuiirm 9?r!' s of fc.iigli3h Hi�t ^ry av.Vch hi-. uiitftt M'. Hiiisif's l-ust'ir) '*rfs .rou,,ht by that Wf.icr d.jiA'it 'o the period -f f'e v.!ufi'>n, aiid.Mr Belsha'*; !),�s la's"!!. up tbs narative tr - ihe Revolution and B lught It dowi. t.'> tt/o I'e t'* rit .-./liic-iis'. . ., . Bo-h W.rks f-rm.-in uniform Scries of TWenty V. Imnc--, and thry ;!iay he Itrfd of every i'oilts<-ller in 'lo.vn a d C-m..-try, ;.riic !iij;bi I'oju.i.., in b-whis. - i cri'm s .1 r-i-ly pnsi.esjf g v|r Uirv'.c'i Wt-ror: rn iuve vli. i.e'.siiyiti's ciiJ rs VVom; by it.-.-;".! 1.1 i \'ilmii ,�., fir Five  tii'ne 11 b zri... .'\lldi*-. th-S<!Ter pi.rt u' Smolljt's (�2.:er�[ ii:'t'Kvw; ir; !* ( ii'^orje.-; rjje '.'h i rnaybs'had scpii'ately,. 13 complete tlinri!-aniSinn'Ifti, 1., Eigi^r Voltltties, price 'Fiirec I'uunaiTwtirfe Shiiliygs t;i boards. � , ;tru(k?e-sfir-f, Jin. i?nS; ,.. V Oi^i. rin)u >.'VN i.� !.i.kaai.'�i This' Wayi wa's pUbli*Mrd, liilwo etc>;5.iit voltimes, S'iil nctav", jMiCi OS. i;: hoariisi, or 1bcunii atid RilV, T^HE BRLi IHH MARTIAL; or, EN^GLIi.H �: H l-ig i< AMAiATl v'l, h..iiiu .:,e largr-t c li lect;r c. Eji.grarns ever jm.hi sheila .anil ci-i-taiumg ail the bvst Uit.w. � , l.a-.iHUig':, WiT.h .'<j:n: ...rigiiia S Prinifd tar Kicria'fl 'P.iiiltps', No. 6; ii ridge-; t-'Cef, B-'atk-friars, i-nd t'/bc h lii ol all iv-m.i lA of ' 1'r, c nr.iir.:M.^ n;)-.v.l'(ii of T(;f.;e i li./iisai.d choice pieces of vVlt ai.d H.i:>.oiir-, 'v, H com./lete Libnri- ot I'ure Artie W.t, prce 6 ,. in b ia'rii, or hound and gilt.  F(').RTsoO'-TTtTAboN riiE lakges!' an wyi.).~v I'DI'ULOUS CITY i.N 1 Hi-. i'Oi'.L.J. . Th's Day is published,:! .New l-ditici./i,-rricle.i to tbf present time, iiliisrrat-d wirh a Ij-pc ..'1oi!:tii ;vJa;> of L"i.-don, syith another .Vlap of the K..virons ; a'naeiiibelli h d s-'v^rajs Vfcwi, p'ice 5.1. bound in r-d, TpriE PICTURE of LONDON fnr 1806 ; being X a f'.:ll and co'rcci (.'esi-riprhri cf he Kritii/r.iiet.'-ojjoljs. and o-''its yicinifv ; an'-l a i ait.-.fui Guide to all iss Cu:) >si ies, Amusenicnrs, I-:xhibition-f. Public Institjtioj s, n ul whatever isrcinarlJabls and dcssivi. g ci iv.itice ; with . , Wi.ii.;; a j treateilof in't)ii.S:s nail VoUune.; bu j it may sntlica tb observe, ih-jt a tutal.Siranger inay,. by in:>.MrjOt it, beuaine bet'.-acquai.iie.l witn t.he Hr.tish ;iletiopoli^ in a tew days, i'l;  iii-.P) 'Fhousands of intelligent fers)ns who have-iesi>.lcdin it iluringtnanv Ycais. , '\: I'riorcd tor'R. Philips, No, 6, Bridge-street, Blackt:,i--.r.<, and sold by ev.-ry Buokse-.ler in t^ie U.i t;;d Kingtlorn, and at, the r.ars of all the Principal Coltee-hoii?es jii L ndon; ^ ' ' A NEW CYCL<)PMA,  ',' � .' ' TO BE COMPLETED IN TWELVE MONTHS.. On Sat,.rd�y, February the ist, will be published m Qwir^r, price i-rine Shiltings, Pan I. of . ANEW AND COMPENDIOUS DIG-l IONARY of -\i<TS Vnd SC! ENCES, to be coic-pleted. wii bin t'le year, by the publicati.m ot one Fart on lii-i first day of ev-ry suos.jqueiit Moftth, the whole m�ki g Twelve Parts", or two large and elegant Quarto Vojuint-', With tJne lluivdrijd Copper i'la'es, by. Mr. Heath aiid Mi, I'orrer. By C. G .<kGOi<Y, D. D. ,)oitijr in Phi ..jo. hy and tlie An.-., and Honorary .Merr'.b?r of the Imperial University of VVilna; , Member ot j Minthester and Newcastle Literary ann I Int.'S/p^:i.a; Societies; Honojary Mcmbe- of tiie Bna'd rf Agriculture: .Auth .r of Essays Hatorical and Moral, the l;coni<-mv of Nature &c, A Die ILJNARY of ARTS and SCI FN C ES in a co-,-pe nuous form, su/ii \i\i accurate b-' not Ortfuse, dive.steii r-f all supe'tliioiis ip:if-ter, c-mprcssing, rarlier �han copying w bar has been don-.- by others, and exhibiting a cleir but conci.se view of the prescv: state at the various bra.iches ot hurnni knowledge, hislm.jj been am 'St desirable object to the English Rea-.lcr, . A l^ictionarN is properly a work ot reftrehce, and rot of detail; a.-cl t'.iose w.'iii yyiah to bec.iKie adepts in any onf �ar- r sc'Ei'ce, will scarcely suidy it froia an Encyclop-xd a c.x^hisivrly. , ' 1 hat a i.-f niplcte virw of the .Arts and Sciencesmay, how-eve'-, be e\!ii'-it.d on a smaller scale t.'un is u?ua'i>' a'tsntpted, will be obvious, it we c-jiis'der that tbe tv-cl peata i-tCliambe's was originally comp'is-*d in t.\'i v..>ui:iies f lin, laige and Ojo-ii piiiiiiiig ; that the ti-st ei'.itjor. of tJie Encyci pcviia' Hriioinii'-a exicr.ded only to t.'irc-i t.:i.i volu:i.ej quarto ; and th.ir in iny cxcellcfiit works of a SMin-lar km , andiiot cvfa greater entei-t, h.ive bs�ri p blishtd 11' f.ire-.gn countries. ,The re re:.chinent als'.iof many fuptr-fl'jijus and useless arricles, whicli have latterly tixund thc!.' way into'Hooks of this ik-sciiption, v/ill evidently cans-a con.sider.ible reiluilion in pi)int of . a- d Sciences, the ti>do !i i--. �'�' t:cuUrattc-iition will be paiti to rhi mnst Bsetul wiichtw. Second, It will beof a convenient ami tninp-ir.-uivf iv h.t;' al5|r .&i/,e, caicalated to tie on the t:ib!e ot every stiu:ni: person, as a bix'k ot constant reference. third. Itwillbe printed so as to correspond with tU quarto editions of Dr. Johnson's Diction iry ; and the po-sessorso.' both works will thus have, �i tour qnarro I'lm^s, and at a moderate ex pence, all the literary aid wh c . the English student 01 reader can p)ssib!y require. � The woik will be neail) limited in a new and elegant hT-vier type, cast expressly for this' purpose, on su^wifine y?.-low wove paper. The miscelUne us Copper-plates w ii be engraved cniefiy from original drawirgs, by Mr. He- ; and the Btechan*c<I Subjects by Mr. Porter. They wi; equal any plates ever given to the Public in a Work i<i,.-is. ytree living; .thereby prcveinalg palsiet' and apoplexi'S, ^a.oftcn theconsequj:ni�'ot iirtcmpei-ance.-4^- t attack ot a .lffrtN inauuained, of pfomotfng Joiv.evity. 1 r.ivell.Ts by * i^vy laml should,in-'ver he. without tba. Analeptic I'lils, as lOad require neither confincmeftt not nIteratiuHvf tUet, vThey ate sold only by F, Newbiity and s� ns, .i'Ti WHiehuiise tjr Dr. James's Powder, Mp. '45, at. t'S?;.-; Church'yarti, four duiyu ironi ClicipM'.Uigt. Loiidoo ; oK? Dr. lame .late house-in Bruton ^llcer, m bbxe.. p ' 4s. 6a. each j. or.in oi\e largo bi�V, c>iiiii!ii �, , eng'aviM lit atamps. >jiii iiiw Qui til if. i'ikit

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