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Location: London, Middlesex

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Courier (Newspaper) - January 15, 1806, London, Middlesex WEDN^DAY, JANUARY 1.5, 18Q6. 1 ' �ItiEAriiK Mn'^M. ok'. i;y-i,anu.  THIS PRESKKT EVENING il.cir Mnjestics' SeiVanis will iitJ ^'COfflctly called > � TriE SCHOOL I'ORfinL-NSs. 'I'lieCIHradefs by Wfj fetlUtom Mr, VViHM;ghfon, Mr. ^Jrrjrrwie, Mr. l?o\v(6(v,Mr- Mathews', Mr. Dorivisr, Miss TopSi Mrsv Jbr>1a�j Wh.'iJi SiikloiisVMiss Mellon. Mitt whVclii, ^ new ("fklkl' Leseml.iry Mclb-Dramaj called THt Sl.tKl'iNO^BEAUTY: To-rtibfrftw, l>ouj;fai ; Norval, by the Yoiin]? Roscitis; Srfief which. Matrir.ioiTv. On I'Titlayi TheUueniia. OnSu-�ftVfiiay, 'I'lie Oi*fro:i5i'il Motheh -^-^-^.jj |-^-JTTT .(/, Y AI., C. �V i;;� J - U.\ , vy. Tb-nior�o\v. Tin: H'ir at LaU-j with flie r.i;\v PaiitoMUi.e.v 'medical 'rHliA 1-RE', ST. lJAKTHOLO.\liiW'S~ >T<HE SPRIK*^ CqURSES^ ot- LECTURES Will  1'lv�r Leaureaoiithe'I'hebry aiid t'r'adite ot'' -Mcuitiiieare - delwiBIt($hi3^ I)r. Kobefts ar.d iSr!'J'pwell. (Ju,Aofftprny aiiil IMiysibloKj, by Wr. Ab.'rne�hy.  <)* the 'I'heory an�l Pradliec of, Surg-^ry, b;- ;vlr: Abe.N '^'^On'Cortparkfive Aaatoiny, aiiil' tlie taws otO'rRanic Existence^ by Mr. MacJffffe/:- . i^nChpmisiry,b\ Ur. Eihii-ard'!. . ' ' t)te Mid\Vifery^id Diseases ./f Women artd Ciirldfejl; by l^Iie.Anatoinical Denioiistrationsi (iii'lPraalilsal A.Kitomy, Fnrth'er',PaTticiil:!i's may he .learned,, h*' ap'plyintj ;ini\iiigot' l-'t'brairy, viz. . fVatWceOt'Medicine, by Or. lU�iNOi aad Dr. Curkv, Ckeinwtry, by Dr. llABiNOTo.s'aiid Mr. .'Vli.en. l^iftjry of Medicine, and Materia Mediea, by Dr. Ct;RRv. phj^Siirfpgy,. or tiwi ol {He Aniiiial aieoiiomy, .by Dr. �,,^^ni$irl LettureSonSeleCl Medifcal Casesj by Or, BxiiNc- T()>>, Dr. Ct/Riiy, and Dr. Makce*. Si^iiitait- and Dheascs ot the Ttieth, ity Mr'. Fij.x. Veterinary Medicine, by Mr. CtftE.vt.^ir. ' iiiTivTiiese seytraT lecture* are scKHi-raHged, thJtt ndtwo; -------- and tlw whole,- vi CTUALI,rNtl' OKFlCE, jan 6, nmhswifers fir V-icf/iall'iifg His Maji estj's gii'c Nolice, 'I'/jul on Tuesi/ay, ihc Hlh THE Ci'nmfilhi Niiiy lid hir>:i,y ^__________. _ install, tb,y ncill be nit.i. to'ivcelft Feitdirs !n iLuilii)^ (sejitj Upji anJ hiut Jor Vi-^ HUNDl niesi the Pfrioi ^vho rtakft the Tender\ of- srime Firxon on ids /e>^a/f, attends, li aniv.'er whr/i called/or, PATRIOTIC lUND. I.i.ovu's, Jan. 14; Rev. Mr. ?H^ine, Dij^eiuii-R Mi.i.iiter ... Urethr.ea ol ;'o. 47. Aiiicl Lrdgc, Cfjlchcsfcr', per henry." STAMP-OI-llCE, iOMliRSKT.J'l.ACli. December ?,4..i8oii. WE, his Majesiy's Comtnissiotiers foi^ Manajjtng the SrainiJ Duti. s, duly au^.^}'M�iid by tiie Lords jCotpmi^Sionerf.of Ivia Majesty's Treasury, pursum; to Atl tif.l'arliarilent, to It to farm the iJiifiss crauted by " An " ofithe T!jyeu'.y-ftfrli lOws pi'e.ieut Maje.iiv, oil tTofi^s ti> .Irii'c'for tf.a\vl lir.s rbssj ahd by tiinoj" do hereby, giva notice, ... , ' That vve intend to; let, at our Office in Somsrset Place, fUe said putiei ti> ftrin, 011 Satur'.ay: t.he i;th of janiiaiy next, fcetWc.-ii I'lie hours of leu tnd tiyelVc in thiiforen io>i. Within tilt; dibffii't uitdyritiention-(i, fur the teruT ot three years, fmnt the ist of PeGruiry next, losUcli persons as may be wiliinn to conii-ail for tliiisu-iiti;., � , ' }�;'r, ,;the, said 25rh I'ly of January irext, si^^ned with ilieir names; stating the places of tlieirahode'j and specifyiii.j;. lliey intend to bid lorche>aid district, or th^h propus^ilscannot hef p'loceeded on, as directed' by the saii Act; . Nope'S'.Mis licensed to let ilorses for tlie purpose of tra-velhiig post, hur.anj perSoiis for iheii-Use, can be admitted tucoiitratt for the said diili';�. No. DISTRICT tobel.ct to Farm. 12,, Middlesex, iiicludini f as adeposit ; bur in case : the district siiail not be accepted .It a, price whiLh shall be (leeni^d ihe proper v.dluiihereol, it will be vfith-drawdi'aiid oHierwise disno fd ot. j. lUNDt.i-.t. \V; LAKE, I. fliNKINS. �!>;>. HATTON. : .\v.,K.SPLNC?'R... ; IF either of the/Fhrce Osiitiem^n arc living wHo were at �Vykr,'neaf .HalifSx, Ypr'kshirs^ aboiit .'eleven years^. for the fatjiityrof Vv'ilkins ns, natives of tons Cohfesr! The Colleflions after Divine Service; on the Day of Thanksgiving, with other Contributions, exclusively appro-(.iriated to the Relief of those VVovind'ed, and to the Kai.mlics of those Killed, in his Majesty's Service, atriouirt ti> ;7,i74l The new Subscriptions for the geieral pu-poses ot Institution; amount to 4^,400!. V and the Commiiiee estimate; that after pajmtni ofeyciy call ixc.isiuned hy the latesi>;nal successes of his .Majesty's Arms, a surplus of i05,?7ol- W'U renuin"to meet the future ctaiitl.. ot British valuur. In (ormer Wars, Subs'criptioiis were conlined to the sufferers in ineriiorable and.successful liiigsgements. At tlie comnl'ncement of the. nre^ent War, this Institution w;is 'foiitided thenlore enlarged and liberal systetti; otlincltMl-irtg thi; cases of all those..vvJia suiter in atfRori with the Ene-iftyotueverrotCasronwhatever ; and jtteiisive ^s the plan appears, it finds abundaht resources in the public Spirit and liberaliiy of the Urilish Nation. j. P. WELSFORD; Secretary/ : (SqNtRrjJUTjqNS^ at>cr ri:vJneS8rv^e,_on tlie ;JAt.of - ftoldie ... Wa'rnford Dijseniing Meeting, ditto,. R. Ross . hethel Chapel, Alnwick., ditto, J.s'no 'r^ell l*arish of rijnihurjili, ditro, .A. Uov^lt ., Koman Catholic'Clia')rl,Alnwii,k, (iiUu; R. InhaVitanis of Kingston Magna, --- . Parisii Church, Makerston, --.-- -lil.-'dlow, Uticks, N. CVilbers . , . -Parish of l-elby, Noifolk, C. taylor - ... fTo becohVia^.�g,j,. ..^v--... 4 2 ft-4 Jo o a" 9 I 4 2-t o 6 o 6 o 6 �'6mplete"course.'ot Msdi'cal and Iii;.tiuctirin^. -jeonsaiid other.iwrticular^ inaybelearnt Itom Mr. biotfe^r, � A'pbYfi'ecarV to Guy's H''s > , -'''''''^�,<- ED'UC-ATION. � ,�� ... ^ kT *��:nin<odiou* Htdlisfej tlie Pfioiy, Heitfotd, YouHi are boarded;atidliducated Vl^ �&biiTsoo,.�iXreeu ytars .i8sisf4n?-,ro, pr^Xarr. Df^wins,  miWlCi D&n"L'iiii;;"Und FenuriKiar*! extra chaws, as usual.. M*.-13obinson iespe r,S'di'c a viiiiety of i ickeiianU bharts on ttie Il'wI'jC tcrm%. The money toi the Priiies paid on uemand, whether H cr a JOjOnof. . - : Oriier.s bv Letter orCarrier executed ex^Hly on the same tt*fins a.s:'t pifsen'. J'ipOLL- ^?10ney (of rRI/^ivS;-Tlfe pres;;nt i "'UutWy Sciieinecoittaiit* Piuea of L.aoiooo Priiesot tliat pUcc, airfl e> aminirig the Registers of the above Fa-itii'y at Goinihersell Cliiirch, vVin send ih^ir Altjlr nd; and mav be viewed "ii applicati'M-, 10 Rub.-it T uriier, I.iisteoit. Dated ihta 27:11 tJay of Nov. fUuc. T!-?f),\iAS WYA'i'r, iOMS TKU.-.IPliK. VVM. .'iRirnwi CK Tor i3 ALE al iMO. nr"'HE I Jt r? Pir 3 . riiiiesut l.aoiooo i I �i<, litkets dinwn out i/f the , VNf.heeI wtllieach bi entiiird to lil. bcjidcs tht! usual Oftantie lor the ahove Capital'l�'rl�^es: : , . 'i;peke's anif shanv are selling in grrat vartety at tlie ol.l I Established Olhtes, 4-1 oHiiiill, a Yin.s the }dT.f ne -Pptl^uy, London/ an "! I'EP Y, in W)pc|l �ne five ftjotiSaV.rt' lu.%t Dta>vn � T:'(5'kets ate eiintfrd to: j*i-. eifclt.v bciiides il'.6.r ol e ap^rdM'rilt'W-. ,j ; . - ; � ^.^i975 aPiizeot �1,00 1 c-tno-row, I MBTv.;!) A V, ijie ih'liiiia 75, i'nvt-r-.strrr-t, ill r 1 vvvlv; .)''_ I)ck. K O L L O W i. N G GOODS,' viz; _ , . pes II d Poi'r V.ine. I Diiro, (I't'o, troin Private block. to, Di'Zcii R'-d Port Wine. .. 60. Di>7en liniRiiiuly. t rcfp DtiKii oortiect Porter -ml Ale. . . , ff PuMcheoi^.^ preserveij Ofanii*t} Jlii'ce,' i Pi^Khwiis .Gin, ui:ider ; mimedtatclv prefedj^jig r �v-(;l �- ;C*^tooo No. a .vji - Alii.' I eslde^ "the'rsofot 2^'>l i.uool. 500I. �t. a V ,000. &C. Hi:. k)r .1805, begit-s Df*\v-ebrua y. ii> 0. ^>:-eoN^p-L.Q'.l.-;i ER-Y . Dig iht'J.lOt l-ci.iua }, ?-i�lJlrl!ili>*riics sold, shar.Hl; and r'^g'titeicd,. prior to lifiu, by , j.:iiRANS'Cf?M.U and Co. ' ' 4 Prizes'of:; ,ooir ' i i�o fl4 . . . * 1,000 ., Aiid'in i8d4, BtidViTit Lottery i'Soj, the followiiij; Capitals Were �i>hllft if^jSttarcs, namely, I�Jis. . ^ �: i7,477i entitled to; 1,000 i6;8ni, . . . '. JfiOOo 3,000 l(.%l)0� Nos. �. . 's.iiQt emitlerf to 2j;oqo �|i,6.>3, . . . . 20,000 . 450 . . . . eo,oo� 7 68(), ..... �o,o2o tfeSideUeviiralothet^ioOot. 50^1. tail, & BVwrtJcBinb and t'o. J^iint Contractors fcr the p.esent K iii;(ty,* .W!nt tlW'rrizBitshMVwd'bv theitiivald on dfemandi Mii,^i1t(.>!J:igfflti*,.ia.)d:*lh.biiisines5: reiaiiv.e to ti.c: f uhds il u�^ cttti wit 1 greatjcareandvuivclfiahiy- � >. ,; ; h.'^PIcisc it) dhscfrvc, the'5000' I-irst-dra .pHi>'tided . S~^ATE- LOTTERY for 1805, contairing .tc.ooj Tickets, begins Drawing Monday,,,Feb. 3, �8q6. TlwSCHEMlC CONSISTS OF 3 Pii;?esof L.20*003 3 Prizes of ti^�,ooo. : ..... io,i3j .8 ... . ' [1,900 3 . . . J 5,000120 . . ;: . qoj .'Vc. And tlie, first-,arjwy I'ickets \*ill be entitled to asl. ea'tJh^eVcUis.Ve id-their Jhanee of Capital I'rlzes. Tickets and Share--, are on Sale Byl 1 A'iAU D, iPU RN E,^ ai.t teo YeaTsonly, Caiurd Pn/ies to t^u-amount of,8oo,aa3l. and up^^ards, have been'sold and shared, excl^isrve df those ot i;oi'l. midumkr;! - � , ^^�* Coiiiit'y Ord.'rs,art'oinpanied with short fated" Billsf on Loiui6n,'Post OtIice (.Orders, or Caitii, ia I^ardelby Coach or Carri'.?, ivmituallv :ttrendedto and Corf.ispondents may dfependon being treated'eitattly on the bame Perms asif per-sonal'fy present. ' / ^ , , Q R A N D 3 8 1 23 of �h^ 00 30 eoo IC,OJ9 6 oc 8,000 to OiO .6.000 fart of the above Capitals. � if oaa 10.0.^0 �t-d>anii Ticket tst l>a\ Ditto .- 4'h l>.iy iitio - - D:�y nitto - - ''t'> 'Mv  Ditto - -� i6ih Day -Tii-ltetsahd Shares aic cV>ry GHtt-c, Present Price ot a  ickei Halt -lluaifer lOl. - ?l as.- otl od. I'.tghth SUle-ii�'h il. ig , 12.- 6- ol, O I �t i ^,7i~ i7 10 Cttir'cies,,ChjpeJs, and .Rev. Clergymui iuhb '.' i'-Ak'etpr^t. ' preathed. Parish of kirki,isight.-3n,Vorkshire, James Glld- art �-� , �- Hampsthwaite Church, Yorkshire, 3.,Richard-�� soii . - .1 . - Hawtty; Coiinty of tork, J. Fa'wcett , i'atish of Bucklaiid, Nevvton, Dorcctsliire, j. :. 'Veiiables ,, - - - Waptint Meeting, VVestbifry, Wilts,-^--^ - , St. Bcnolph Without, .4. dersgate, from Stran-. gers, A. W. TtolVope . . - ; - -Inhabitants of ditto, per Mr;nranthatnrhead and. ,  Mr; Kj. Lil;!gB, Cnitrchvv,ard�ns i Parish or 'I'hoirihqugh, Notihamptonshire, -'-^ --^rtfWarnfnrd, ditto; ^=-7--� -  Wclliiigti.'n, Sbfrtrrsetshifej Robert jarwtt, Church, Ed.uch'eljl.^ R. fi. Ftartcig Hempslead,,ditto Thurring,-l h''f Upvvell, Noiftjlk. j,thnTo,vvnIey ': - � Clack Close TrrtJp of .fiavalry, ,. Chapel of vVciiiey.,^ Norfolk, John Daws Hehry Spelling, Esq. ; Slibscription olid Collection In tne Pa'ish.�jf , Flitrbn, witli SiSsoe Bedfordiliire, J. kobi:i-j'Sttn :��:'''.[�-.-� -� --. , � r'." Tovyn of Morpeth:, Wnrthurnbefland, F. Ekins ' Ditto, (.littoj- . . ; - Protestant Dissenting Congregatlpn, ditto, VeiTerirfxlxH^.-de's f,odgft of Kreehiasons; ditto;: iJnariini-vis Frieiully Scciety; ditto,' ; � ' Parochial Ch/ip-ilrv of UIgaii, dlttoj -^ ')itlo liitfo, ot Widriingtoh,ditto,--^^^ :, : -, -Elnite.irt Parish, Essex; M. Lugan "  ,-l.^yer d:^U 1-1 aye, Essex,-^--.- Castle Eaton Church, Wilts, M. Hnlchinsou Co! eded 111 tlie yiiiteiU^arisheii of, liardvf'eVt ahd Staplefon, in Leicestershire, George � .Mettam - . : - Parish of rriislcy, Derbyshii%,H.^Vard Mr.'H.and I'rienils, addifipnal - . - Newport Llshop's Stortford, E.-sex, T. Bc!l, . Vicar .-,'��: : - ' Scots'Chiirch, WooIwiMi,Blythe: - Chapel (.fCJfiostrey, neat Ivnutsfincij Cheshire, -i. iiurro'iighs - -  . - Miltoh Church; additional, ---- -� . Pirish of Du'iiiain cuiii ilcnibriSj No'ttingham- shiie.R. Pro:tor . -Rev. J. Lawsoh's Gon'i-reL'atioh; l^iinnfries. Rev. Henry Paterson'sditt'i, \Vhaih;)hray, Rev. William Auld's ditto; I'inp'ont, ^ -Oacklingtoh and Stoke; Trister, Somersetshire, John Dampier - - - Vi.lage of Arriiin, ne;ir Howdcn, Yorkshire, J. Umpleby - - � - : - Haptisr Meeting, Lyhie, Dnrs.-t, Jas. Dawson Parish Church Lugwarilen, Dr. Morgan A tcW Dissenters at Eynestord, Kciit;- Rogers Parish or, Ribblesford and Burdley, Worcestershire, John Ca wood .- . . Sir James Graham, Bart> -kcv. l-eigus Graham 'I hoi:ias Irwin, Esq. - - Arrluirst C.'ni ch. � � � - kuklaiulrcw-j aitto, --. - I arisho- Liiigton-by Wrsfghy* T. Penrose, j^h. IjiirtdiiTUailstnik Church, Dor.^et, --- Eaii.-il.n ciiiiruh. North Shields; Vy'. Woikman Disstiitmg Congregation at Ame^sham/ lieiks, R: Morns Aimhurger Cnngrcgation, Havan- nah-strjlef, Glasgow - 40. n o Parish ot Frlalffen - 16 iS j Veley Congreg.tisn, Saltcoats is 8 o -.sct�, Yorkshire, E.Kilvington - Parish ot We,^lon Zoylaiul, Somersetshire, Joseph Aldridw  Cailiearal Churchy Herctord,---- All Saiiiis ditto, ditto,-�--- . St. Peter's ditto, ditto,-'---- � ht, J.ihii'sdittiV dit:o,--- St. Nicho as ditto, ditto;-- - Catholic Cjapel, ditio, 6 9 .'38 4 I a 1 3 20 : 3 19 P 7 9 10 18 6 * 6 6 ;6 IS o S 'S 7 8 16 o 3 o il S8 io' ?;� 1 �4 10 �� .� 6 10 7 ^ o 6 6 o o o 6 o 9 , ; ^ , L(XRp^ELsi>N'S FU^ERAl.,^,^^.^ , ; This Dry is published by Subscnj'tlon,' , 'T'HE GRAND SELECTION of MtfSIiCr^i-^ ;JL fofmc-l on th:^ solemn Occasion,; composeil'by Dr; :' tZiVoft; PiircelI, Attwoiitl. Dr.0reene, ajiil Halid^l/dfdigateii by permission to the Right Rei?. the Ijotrt Bislinn.of f.iijiJdh, , Deaii ci' St;,i'aul'Si Tpwiiich iiatrdtdSn OH^iaf.Aeco of the Plroce-sion By Wate'f :and Laii^V with'-an-eiegarit'En-gravirig in .Colours, by R. .Ackcrmann; ot tii FuneraLCnr used bn^!;at occasi.m: f.'ofti the brigiitSl Dr.<vvirig: slice of the, l^riht atj nches by 11;;,Price to Subscribers,-Uaokai|iei Print 1,45; the Print or'the Biiok separate la.s; 6d. cadi. , Subscriptions received by Mr. P^age, tVzr-.yick-sriuarev^^ Vxictl . iio ;  triincoii-Rus>--.-iile-tiiaiid; and Aljemand-Russe^Francois, .pnr Heym ^4. thick yciis. srjuare umn. well printect on lii'.e paper, 18^5,'jir.ce two pounds two shillings, sewijd. ., Heym's Russian (clr.nnmar tor Gerinans^. and H"!^':^-Bot/k, in Prore'aiid Ver,e, with a Vocaaulaiy iii Ktjislatl, Geriiiati, a.,d Fre ch, 8v(i. pries, los. 6d.  , � . Russian Readin>;..liook; Cftntaiiiiiig ralcs; t^blei| _Aci th the above li)figu.ii;e5, 4'0- price fs. je.wt^. ...� .. � �: ' .. . This iiay is piibliSheii; rtfl .-li 8yo. pricj is. o\ Izi^t ibs. 6d. the SeecjidF(iti'rion, with addition* ,-) madeagiiiust C.OVy. POX.. By JO:;EPH AD.\.\1^, M.D.. i'livsician {-> Ihc^mallPox arid In'-icculatMig Ilospiials, anA Aut.'ibr olObaeivaiions on'Wdibid Pois-ms; iSiCj. . , ; I'ublishetl b'v [.John:;'o, St. Paul's Ch-irch-yard, J Murray,'Mect-strcet j for/the bcnetit of ttre Sinai 1 Pox Hospital. .Sold also at the rloipital-, '�'d by .Mr. Wuks, the Printer, ?o, (.'h.itiCeJ-y-lan? , :' 1' , ' :/ ' cipies are ,rinted in corrtmon sized 8vo. price is.6d. as';wi,ii U) bind in,coliertioHs. ' ,;�..,;; by the SHme author; Obscf-vations . � c rr75|ianaci�c.-,, "'essrs. ,, A few for .such Of who'iti mav b; liii H o It 32 1 7 fi 7 :o � 0 o n 6 11 10 10 3 3 13 11 1 16 6 4i 5 s 16 o 5 o '5 '4 6 o o 6 6 o o o 6 6 u 7 o on liie i..v..iet:i.-)ri!- i-ress'i v""^.*""fiotr>nj; ti.jl f(->rre5paiu with Drs.' li.lillie, btokts, and Patr.inigtun; and .VI Cli.iVe :'nd ah rnarhv. 8vo. 3s. . ; ' .:: :^,- . INS TiiTJCI IVI- is()l>K:S R: Clit LDREN. ,. ; Tliis. p:'.y K piibliih^d,, j'tice' halt-a-cip-rtir, h.;ti-baunBi, illtiiitj.tted'T/iiTfn �jfatiervot EiVgr.i\i,igy, ��'Vi3rf'' ------- br.iry, iC. N'ev-' l-.stteet; ^ o o fi; ta 13 s 3 3 ',4 a ^ 10 %Qi T T E R Y begins Drawing I Elil^i'ARY 3. '806. .1 C 'UMt. � s.o : cool 2-,. 00 1. censcil LotterV -Vn eaily Piucliase is'adviscd, a^ Mie t-i'st^, on ^ kets nmU he eniuleU tv lil oacIi,'!!*,^ i i,'t.u'.f clun^. .fiiK| Lsdy Huntingdmi's ditto, ditto, . Churchot Prots�taai Dissenters, ditto, - Ditto of Mordiford, .CoiKity ot Hereford (Churches cV i'huxton aiiif Ki.igston, ditto Church ot-iolmer, ditto, -- �i-^- 3 10 3 '3 o S 9 H �J 5 0 a I 6 6^ 3 2 i o o I o 6 �2 o o z 6 6 o o o o 6 O o 2 o 6 8 E. W. Corporation ot Hereford ^. - Edinburgh Collection - - Parish ot Wasl-.liigton, Durham,* --" Key. G. Egrttnoiit, I'roule, tinColnshirtf , Parochial Clupel, Waddingtun, hear Skipton,' ' R. Siiiitn, sen. ; . . - 914 Folkingiiam, Lincolnshire, W.Ward - 19 ti BrockvuluirshChuich, additional to lal. a o Uoldre Church, --(..ilpm ^ - 70 Ish,-.', Oxtord.diire, per llcicherand Co. lo � I'a'isliot Minster, Isleo! Shoppy, M. Leith 41 to Indepei'.d.nt Meeting, Peia.ince, Coiu>v.ill, J. 1-oxcli - - . - 80 Paiish ot Ccngrisbiiry, Somerset, j A Shiall . 20 0 Pirish ChuiCh, \\>m mihaiii, W. Papil!o(\ 16 S. Parish ot Wackwoirh, j. ivluens, t'hurthwaulen 47 17 Paris es ot Repps ana LU.rgh, Nortolk, Charki .\ Boutell ... . 411' Parish t Sa..dbach, Chtsipii;, 4b 2 -ol .'^ylc bury,----- i 71 o, t"'-i- - V^Miitiiioii, Il t) 6 V in'cinirvih, MvcKs, I fmca^ Hoj kins *' x �\W"'*e*'-aii>H:i Cii'ipiM, ( hc-H'SKte, I nus. D.iviVit ao 4 hai>,t>�. ^v^ee^lllg, uro d.s're-t,'V,>iin, -- ? u CUvi.oii Cliutv h, .Mirrc), Dr. Lclai.d 158 2 0 o 6 o 6 6 o 6 (> u o Si o Si 6 1.1 ti \r 114 \ .(I'll V- )' UIK 11, .TUI I V J , CjcftleiK^.1 ^ti'i'i b) V>>ivh' 7 u t> ' HvjokscMcis in ;f own a;;.d /Coiu-.try; i-'t wh-.-.m i.nay be h-id, 1. \ Visit to London, in which the I'.ritijh Met'onrjlis is di'icribed in .a pleasing .ind fdniUiafManner, pric: hulf-*-(jf-.owii, v-'ith View;, &c., 2. Visits to t.'u' iMenasciie nnd the noiani'-a'i. i";i'de'i, ii,i v.'iiich til's i::(,vst srnkini; ,r.;cls,iri N;..tiu:ri 1 iiiitwv,-aiiil ti/.eiit*.t piii'.cipies of Botany, are jg-eeably (.Kplained ; pri.;'2 halt-u- . crcwn. , .AToi'ir-tlvi-nuKh Great'Britain; in .whirh- the ya'riS'Us' . great Towns; ManutydotiiS, and i. uriosities; rite vUiiii any , described, in a Series of Letter:', from a i,;u;ri; to his Sister ; price thi-eehhilf/ngsaiid sixpence Inlt-b.>u,iid; ^^J-tt�> ViMwc ,,iid a M '1^ __- � THE SLt-tPIIVG BEAU rv. ~~" Tl'isdav is piiblislied, ill l.iiiputiai t.-)l;o, price Sixpence; d.-cora-cd witii tiiree beautituUy coloured Lrigr�vmg5,� trcm designs bv Cr,iig.. . TiTl sleeping ^beauty in the IVOOD, a LEGEND for the NaRStR'V; pertormmg at this fim'i \vi!h great applause, at tha llieatre Royal, Drury-l:ne. : ' . , , , , . - ... Pruned tnt T'abr.rt and Co. at the Juvenile and School Li-brarv; No 1-,7, .New llond-stieet;, and to be had of ^11 Baok-s-eilciS iM town and CiUi-.f'y : . Ot whom mav alo be had, new and beautiful Editions of , the following popuiir N urserj .Pales, all at SixpetiC'; each, with coloured i.iij>iaviiigs : - The Seven Champions Kobiii llcSod Vilentinean redlionsj, Biliovs Diseases, so preva'tcnr, pariicuUrlymMMg persons who havenisided ?n hut chin.ites, a.e refit^ved witn greatereaseaiM �a!ety than by any other Medicine.^They af� equally efficacious 111 all )isoraers i^f tne !)i(�0Khan4 Uow* elVi ill mdigektio-s, loss ot at>petite,- habitual costiveoess,^ ttoublesome hHtulciiciss, and ulwlics $ littewiva 111 gouty habits, in giddiness, or rhe.imaiic pans iii this head ; ns well as tnose rOcasioiied bviiee livlojc; ihefeby preventing palsies andapoplexrs, !�> often iheconscqitence ot inteniperHnce.--I Recourse shou>� he had lu ilirm civ t.'icfirst attack of a cold, I orally slight-. iiidtspuKiiiois 01 aiier'uiy excess of eating or I' dtvuking ; and thus iheir \vrU-kniiwncharadertstic will be: I hrRiiit.itned, ot promiting Ion evhy^ liavollersby sea or I land ttioul-.l lUvcr be without the Analeptic Pjlhi, as they I require neitlier conhncment not alterition of diet. I Phey ar jld ouly-by F. N.-wivry and.Sons, at the I V\aieiioU5e tjt Dr. James's Povk^'.er, No. 4$, St. Paul's" Lhut'chvard, toui (t.Krs trom Cneap'^idc, L oxei, prioc 4�.'6d. each ; r.r inoiie t;(ruf t)i�\, contfli' IS the ()uaatuy oi' si�, lor 24s. iuuy, iiicUi>ie>i, -N:-ne 4. !|r,.i lu.e but tbaw wntch have-the \NorvW-' t. Nev. hetj, *i. f. Paul's,"* � e. g*<Vtn 11! V 5 �t�.np�. ' , ' L\n lerelTi MueBea-d Puss 111 Boots l-urtnnio Whiittingron GnseUla Kiiluet with the I'lift C fnldren'in tl;e Wood TxSd the Giant Killer Hopo'mv riiunib I.^evity andthe Boast I'ortuiiat'.is Andolocia The White Cat 'J'ohi Thumb Goody Two Shoes

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