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Courier (Newspaper) - January 14, 1806, London, Middlesex TUESDAY, JANUARY 14, 180g. ^.THKATKK.ROf AL, n,' e Vtisingi Ucicius i Merciiiio, Mr.RusseU | Ill Xit 1. aM-a^iquerajle Scene. In A� V. a Funeral I'M-t"s>;ioi> to the Moiiiii'nent of the Capulets. A tcr Which; a ww (Iriiid 'LcRendarv Molo.Drama, csttied oifilsKoiV, The ScNiol Ibr I'ficiiUj ; with The Slreping TMIi.> IK) ''X^HI.S I*RESENT EVitNING will be pcrtormetj jL j Ceiiicilv, tallfd. � AS Ynu LIKE IT. AHiiens; Mr. Hill ; Jaquea, Mr. Ketnble  Orlando, t. KemMr e cipfe^ni lb aikiid tn <evcr,il o ueV l?a-ker,and Thoina* Belcliir, Clmifli-wafden.H; - Manchester, Dec. 27; . , fy�hE COMMISSIONERS under tlieRuislip In. ,A closure Aci are under the iicce.>sity ot nnsrponiiiK the Silo "T Land..11 Kmslip uiifji hndav the 17th J.iiuiarv inst. "~~ KUlSI UMNCLOSUKli! E the Cuminissioners named in and appointed bsvan Aiil of Uarlianienr eby ^ivc N'ofice that have marked and se o�t ceftaih Parcels Parts of the Open and Co.inmoii Heidi <vrthiii the said Parish, which we propose to sell by Public A.*W:ti(�ii;,atthc Houseof Mattlicw Saich, the George Inn, m the Town liuiblipv oii ^.ndayth� 17th Day of January fnsfr\nT, at II o'clock, instead ot TuciCiay thCii4ih instant, as adveriwed; ad at the vifwcd im tiiay also be hatl Six Days previous to the Sale ; tifiiicinar liihsih theNiHKhbourhiod; and mav be dpphcauon to Robert lucner. Ea�tcoit. Dated iliis �7th Day ot Nov. 1805. THOMAS WYAT T. tOllN TRUMVlvli. WM- SKDGUTCSiv iio. 16, Comhill, 5i.^^^--�;^^;. iiid St. Margaret's Mide.Tbiv" in "favour ot those who next month. before the 3d oH t/meda Trii.tof the C .U'FIN,a.id titc H)N UK.A L CAX, ami al.sf� of t)je arfHiiReiiients in bt Paiil's and Cli.nwith Hospiial, with in accurate accounl.ofthcPl-iiccssions by Water at'4 by l.aiid, may now be supplied with a Keprint of fhoac .-^riiLles) Which arePrinird now scp-irately, and iilaV hft hid Willi l.laiik I'aR^.s, oivwUich Let'cr* m'v lis Written (or the purpOseof heiiift s.-^rit ini'ri the Country by the l'o,-.t; nd coronred Silk Velvets, Black and loured .Sarsiicisv rt-d India Ihiwls, A't:. iS:c. VVhole-siKiand Ketjl, at jj, <)xfcfd-s h assort-i- mrnt of new Patterns, worked 111 Kobes, ar l-iiur, l-jve and Si\ CnineaseacH Hobe. .'several iie�vihr.R> ijr >re�ses, in Sill^s and Ch�iMbuyit. A�iex'wiVca�sortm!fi.tof Siik Huse, vtrrv cheap. L�idi<is that hive :eal li.di i .SliawK, nr other cii-nniisly .tint-C'WtU to ilisit.Jse- o+j. will bC-u't^niu-U vt thpir, ^.ctiial .value, jjratis.by .ipplyiiiR to VV.C. and Co.; and thuS'j wliu.purchase to sfefl siiu M, tnir liave,n. :d"iii, are iiiiormea. flut timy may be stipplicd with any iiumocr, oy ap|>lviiu a.-, above. . . � �� N;,I}. As 9 very low ivhMesale price is invariably asltid (heiiiK much urider the re,;u1ar price) no abit-inem is ever iii,4de. LORD NliLSON':^, lUNURAL. This Davis published bv^ubscripffn, THK GRAND SKLECIION of M,USIG pcr-tormcd on that . ilemn Dcca^ion, coiUjiosad bv Dr. Ct-ott, PurcfU, Attwo^Kli Dr.Oreene, and Miiulel, dedicated bv periiuijion to tne WiKhr Rev. die Lord bl.^ho^) of l.iiic ,lu, Deanot St. Paul's, lo winch is add.-d an OdiLi.d.Account of rhe Procession by \Vaier and Laiw, with an elcj^ant hn'-traviiu; in Colours, by ! ht Pounds, in b.-'ards. I'ersiins already posscssi-g Mr. lUiino's ihs>ory inn- ';.:v'.-Mr. lielsham's entire Work by its i tleorj^e the rinrd mav hahad srparately,-1� complnte Hiiihe and Sniolleit, 1� hinht Volumes, jirice Ihiee Pounds 1 welve bhiUiugs in boards. ImkIkc-street, Jan. 8, 1806; L.LOYu's> Dec, 17, 13.55. ,'CJ MANy applications having betfti received f'roHi tlie relatives oftOliicers Hiui Men iVho have lallen in dopt this mide of.Rivinj; nitice, th ir ^ Ditto, ililtn, Dove-hill of the rflatroii in which the claimants | Catholic Church I by' teitteror Carrier executed exactly on the same ieiynlha.s if pre.ient. . TEUJLL MONEY for PRJZES.^Thc presenc JL _ Lottery Scheme contains t 3' Pi I res ot L.ao.ooo t 3. � . .... : 10,-00 3 . ..... 5.000 B�sitIe9,v'rKes of i.-ol ^ol; 3 Pmzes^f L. 2,000 8 . - . . . . iiO'^o . 20 . �  . �  i�� .ic. and (what n--) other Lotiery rf the Dedicated to the Earlot MOIRA. On the i?ih I .stant, will be publishtd, in 'I wo Volu-nes, Grown Oclavo, price i6s. in Hoards, enibellislii-d with a Portrait etched bv P ittler, trom a Paintinx hv A Hingham, ^HE LIFE o'f THOMAS DERMODY; i.itcr T iVer possessed) tiie Hr-i 5..>oO Tickets drawn out rf the WliMWiuWhbeentitlrdto ill. besides the usual chance foi for the a,hove Capital I'rizes. . . ,u u T E and Shares are selling in grent variety at the.old ' IS, 4 Comhill, and w,''f� established Office.,----- - . the'fa'st 30,0001. and the two last Prues. iiara'wn,\;\vereall shared and sold by . .. ^ . 1 he Lotier) begins the 3d or tlgxt iceiol. eVei T. lilSH-M'wh. STATt LOjlTEKY.  * ..' y,'- To bcK'tt DrawiHR February 3. 5'IFT and CO. No. i r, Poultry, London, �nd at ilieir Offices in in.ist of the princin.Hl 'I owns, ;irc iftllinif.thie TICKETS and SHARES of the PRESENT .l.jL;n,TEl � ) O co 30.90.3 6:. 00 ; S,ooo tc; OJO ^^,.imi?itSt.dr.Ticfcctsi2 ~ _ 'J^^M^ickets. ." .'j-' �.iy>o-o � .1-5,': ,1..' ... .j � �:--^ Part Of UVi^bove Qap'.fal'. Vwft.<l-a'**ii Ticket �t nay D;itio.-,v - - 4��'i-y -� fitn Da; '11 iw ^ld,orb 30,000. � Ditto - - loti' l^^y - 2,ooo !S\k^ts-<ifid Shares arc bcllirt^'at every L cenkeJ Lottery Olljce.' � ' � --^  * Tre'icnt Pricf of a'1 icket tlii't jal. 4s. od. orf. EJRhth -� Sixtc-iiih t9l il. il 6 e'�'>JjnV '"''"un"."' jiaitot iwo I'liiies fiom Sketches by the l^te Mr Morlandj o Atto�a�y for Mr. Mackeiaic, K. MACjCENZlB. I his Dj) was putnislicii. 111 Svn. price 9>. Mrauis AN- ESAY on the SPIRIT and INFLUENCE of the RE iORMATLON of LUTHER. From the Fiench of'Cliarles Villai's, with copious Notes, . r.v jAMi-S MILL, Esq: London: Printed lOr C. and R. Baldwin, New Hrid-e-srrcet.  �, The Nitcs addfd byihe Translator, .and which beir a con-sidiiTahle proportion to the oiiginat. i iltit, ate intended to lU lustrate njore liillv all the important points, ou winch the Auihorrrtay Have touohe.l more lightly tliun their mug..ituds may si'cm to^jMcrvi?,; toaddtohis important rapreser.tatious thtf light which Viirfiius eminent Authors otthis country have thrown oil tlwsiktySCi j �ii,�i to dire:t thp Header to/lie jirac-tical conclusions'which the complicated transadioils ot this great nftbruiarton �uggC(�'.-*As a bare irwi^latiuii only of this work bai tieeu aiuwunced trom another qjjiaiter. Personable' ^roUt JOf possftssifiK this Edition, wlit<m will be found to 6oii?friie many valuable A'Wi;ions to thiorigmal Work, aie rcqiiesteii to specify (t particularlym their Onlers. 1 Ills Dav was published, price 7S fid. boarjls, Bcmiifuliy , pri! Kcinitiis of thisS bpeclesot Poem, ftom the Uavsof ^peiijerto tbf,pr�)iei\� Time.; ^ Lulidun i-Prmred lor C. and R. Baldwin, New IJridge. sircct. �� I his Book will find its way into every elegant Golleilion. -.Hr. - , ' T'h:s 4av wai puhli.slird', 111 Bvo, price 8s. in hoards, A'SrAI'ISTICAL iind HISIORICAL EN. IX. OmUY into t tie Progress au I present MUgiiiiudc ot jjitt PuPUl.AI IvN of IRI LAND. T.y rHt)MAS NEWENFIAM, Esq. .Aiithfrof sevL-ral PoUticd Tiaels iMaiive to Irelaad, . loiidoii: Printedtor C. an*} R. I.aklwin, ot .New Br dgc-.street. In this EiuimryMr. Newtnham t^Kcs a virw of the cau^es whltlr ap.l^fir id liav- ppsralcd in augin^nling the I'opnlatiiin of I ".-I'inHtunng the last Ccntuiy ; ot ih.' v. oti->idcr.iilons whi. h waiiaii' a pie^umptnii that iha Popii'nunn (i 1,eland diinl)l>'s iiiA^'.) Vtf. ; 01 iheNiimeiital Troporiioii Popi caih-fteJ. 2 t 1 - 8' 10 1 3 S > . " 9 i 6 ? 33 10 11 8 his Majesty's Service, unaccunljoanietl \yith prnper te>lirno-nials, the Ouiimittee ad ceriiticates are expected stood C;i the d ceaieii.aiidof tlieir ci'cumstances being such as tucniiil;; llicm tJ relief, signedby the Magiitrate, CleTgyman, nr sornjotiier person of rfspatlabiTity, in the place .'wRere they reside. Widows afe rci|uested to mention the number of their ciiildren, with their re>;)ective ?ges ; a�d Parents ty furnish proo', that the deceasidjett neitherv\ idow nor fthe partii-s having been pfr-mituvl to receive the wages of tliose under wh'.m ijiev claim, wilj be considered suliicieiit evidence ot their beinv' the legal Ret'iicsciitatives. J.P- VVhL">FO�tD, Secretary. CO.VTRIBU riONS.aftcrDivineSerVire, on the DAY of TllASKi.SGlVING, tortive REI. 1EF.of theSF^AMEN', t>01 Uli R.^, M.\RINES,a.dVOLUNTtER>,^^ollll.l-eJ i an'd the W lOO \VS, O RPHA N.S, and RELATIVES otihosckiliedf m Mis ^laJ>.styV.S�!rvlec. Amount �t New Subserijittons^adyeftisetl j^.6i,8j6. 17- j C/jurriet^ Cbapeffs ajtJ } fth^i:.(:fergyi>ien luba '. Sum ^MerHirgn. � preutveii. I'Virishot ilennocft^'Dcvnn.-r-  -Ditto Dud iistoniDleigh, ditto. Ditto St. Paul, Exeter,--- S'ephen Slmie, Lsi). Clumptoii � .. Parish ol heaininstir) )>oiset, :eso's I inr^r, ot the Inhabitants ot Ramsgate and St. LawreiiLC, iiiclud-lol. by Captain Pciicy's Companv ot Voluiii. ' te-rs, and ,1. !iy the oBicers ot th- Custom* houte, Kam-gate - - Roinalkirk, YorK.shire, R. Bl'nh - .; From a iiesidsiit 111 a Parish where no Collection was iiiade.oii iVi 1 h.iiikg>.iiviiig U,iy Pan h Chiirvii ot ivillor, near I'enrhy.n, Corn- WdU, R. Dillon - . - D.tto ^hur�,ti, Malfc, dlttrj, Dilto 111 aid ol ilk :.ulftcriptlon �t Cullfcmpton, H. S. aenh, Kent, JohnV\all - iMlniin.,toii, ditto, diifo P.ir'strnl i..ill:ni;liat:i, Kent, W.Gh:jfIjv ^)lil^.er^, Non-c �iiiimssioiied Olticers, and Cun-' i.ers, ol ilie Cliatiiaiii and Oillinghaiu Volun-i.er .'�riilL-ry, bv William Diawnndse, Lap-t.Hii Lommaiiilaiit - r Rev. J . J.Kob, Cliise, Saruin ... Rnaiilaiighome, Cornwall, j. VVhilaker (;uicamb Chu'ch, Dr. Worsley . PatisltotiMilborrte, Derbyshw�, -^ Middlelou t)ld Episcopal Congregation  - ' i-j n>,irciict'il"to - - 54 Associate Bilrgher ditxb - .52 Tabtrnacle - - '{8 Jvihli-street. Crtiipel * 7? 3 19 b �i. 3 7 4 J 0 11 1 a 5 � 9 >4 3 .5.'. '4 7 o 11 3 lo 8 6 z 3 h' 1 '2 o  o 2 o 2 6 6 b 3 t) o 6 0 1 Mr. IJala's Coiigregation - Relief Coni;ir.-gation, - Hutchinso.i Methodist Church- . ' -Alb <ri-s'rec� Chapel , ' , -Ant;hnrt;er Coi.fiQaiionJ - .^lMi.;ry.';i I'.'jli-'ililt d:tt.r. - : f .�\s?oci.�tediMo, CamplfcU street I'.iptiit dilto, (.eorge'j-sireat Interest tVc-m Bank, &c. Govan Chli'c.'i - *5 ? 3 N ^ Jto6 8 10 � o � i 11 9 100 - 27 Ditt.) Alkmond-, diito, VV. Picktord Giesto^d Llnirch, C.reat Waltham Parish, Meeting-house, CUtlmslotd, .-:- John Judd . . . Hope Chapel, Hull) John Morlehy Mitchcliii'.'rsh, near Romsey, Hants, - From3J Patriotic Friends, a^8()Clatulg at Mrs. Lart's, Bell Inn, Nottingham Subscriptions Ironi Swansea : 21 o' � '4 > 7 45 " 4 14 14 o wards I 11 7f o to 5 16 6 6 .a '3 lo 1,3 7 4 10 e 12 o 8 10 10 Jo 3S 7 31 Corporation ot Swansea Hajitist Coiigreg.iuon . iVicihodist Meeting at G;eeiitill St. Mi.y'6 Churcii Dissenting iMeetmg-house .-Lady Huntingdon s Cliapel � Moristoii Chapel, RlV. li. Joiv?s Pariah ot Raywoldsion.Rcv.J.Id Individuals at bvvan'sca The Mayor and^Gorporati^n of ''Vinchester Sir H.l'. St. John Mihtiiiay,Bart. - . .Sir Richard *jainon, Batt. - H. Mlldmay, li-iq. . - 'Roman Caiholic Chapel, John Lee Parish ot Hiirsley, Jolin Mai.'.h ---^^of Norili Baddesley, l>itto -- ol .Morested, VV. N. Newbolt - V. niton rjiiatre, Mr. Thomas Collins, M.iiiai;er Dissenting (congregation, Mr. Auams Parish ot Bssh.'p's WaltJiam, l^icies Ogle --of VViiihull, John Woudburn --ot St. Peter's, Cheese;,ill, V'/mehester, Sir H. Rivei�, Bart. --- of Otierhuurn, G>. Hcntticote . - ---ot ht. Lawrence, Wmcliesur, M. Sissmoi _--of St. T.';omas, ditto, l.Watkins ---ol St. Michael, ditto, \V;n. hayley ---^ot.it. Dart iioloir.ew, ditto, C. Richards ot St .John, diito, SirH, RiVers, liitfi. . - Ot Exteiier, J duil^.iynes IndivKhuil Subscripti. lis tromother Inhabitant.l ol Wiiich-iier - Mr. liava.;e Bear, ofHursty . Siibsciiptioiiii leceivai troiu M.iulstonc-i- Maidstone Church, J. Reeve Dissenting Meeting, A. Hams In lepciident .Meciiiig, J. .valph Baptist .Meeting, (.. Beiii-l rt � Assembly and Uall at the I own Mall Masonitr'Lu.lge ot loiiitiide, No. 341 J. aiidR. .MiJiie, id Sabsciiption Individual :}ubsCii}Hi. lis irom Maid stone 164 ri 8 0 0 io 0 0 10 0 0 10 0 0 .'4 0 6 SV 18 .3 �� J 0 0 3 6 3; '4 0 4 u y 17 0 10 1 11 0 9 0 0 11 7 I) e '3 '9 0 '9 3 0 10 I1 6 6 3 b 1. 0 6 11 13 0 24 '4 0 2 0 57 1 10 11. 75 � y 3� o 6 Jshn Satcltell, Limehou� - . . 1 opclifi-'fuiL-tb, K. Kamshaw - . P.iiish Ghuich, Bitterly, uear Ludlow, j. Walcott . Receipts ot a Concert given bv tne Musical Society ;it.Frome, Simterseishire P.irish Church llorioii^ near Little, Yorkshire, t;. Hbldciv .  Meeting and Collection at Deptforil and VVool-wicli,---�-- �. , Parish Church, Cwdfi-'ld 9 r. Clare, .- Bury St. luliwuiiu's,--- Kildiick Church, in Craven,- II.Marsden Purtsh ol Withington, Glouc'estershi.-e, 10 I Rev. I-l. Uimock, Reifor, St. Iiimiiiiul the King Subscriptions received trom Glasgow, t rthc dift:ieut Churches and Congiegati 'ns m that City and Subuibs, by John Mamilton, Lord �4 i 340 la 17 S _2>' 3 r r Fiovust )�- 8i Innrr High Church  149 0 Outer ditto ' '17 10 1 W'ynd ditto 514 3 9 St. Andi*v's ditto �, 2;.8 '4 b Worth-west ditto 161 4 -Ji laiFfon dttf) � 4 2 a Collogednto   7,� 18 10 St. Enoch's ditto anu t 0 Chapel ol ha-c 45 0 0 College Chapi'l a4 0 -0 t)iu Gaelic ditto 4a 0' 5.i New ditto ditto � la b ! IGronv Churih and Chnpi.'!. >i � n (Jorbals Church 4� 12 6 1 Episcopal '..iMoeV bi S l� Benefit at the Theattr Roval 39 40 I-16 3 6 o o 6 9, 24 9� 0 8 o o 5 15 6 r To b#cont nited>. vie I L''\LLlNO-()t I ICl , D-c 27, ii,t To BUILDERS-atnlAR TIFlCf RS in th.-DlFFKRhi, 1 � BR.\NCHES of BUILDING. . . THE ConimisiiJHefs forVifJuaUtng llis "Rlajelh'' Navy ihhereby*xh'f N(A'ice, Thatlyiljy, r'>''f(?i yii�!iiiiy' n.'Xl, l/vyvfil it ready mrneUc rci:::(rv iri.u�iiii:z (sealed up If and (rc.il li-V/j sU'jH nersons as Will urtrfirtakp to perform lire several Wdfits ie<J'iisite In the -ere^iwip-^fi' I completion of a ;-,UI LDIRG ((lesi..;nrd lor n i^ORTA ! I.i SOUP HOUSE) on llis M.ijesty's ViiilnallinK Pffftii^?^ Deptlord I hC w;iolc-to be perloriTie.l at sjietifia pri: t^-; :md h'i paid to{ by Bills pey.ib!e with Interest niiiity < afterdate. ' . ' The Oiidilwi 'jf /.-�/? Cnvlnirr m.iy ic Jr.-/:, and frhtli.\f..-Iitulfiii of toe Ir'^iikf tii.iy M h.\d at the iimlary's i$^tie  �J.mU.he--by a"i ly'uifs 10 M\. lir.sb^, the In^t TC.r'r.j I{e[vir:at Hit .1/.;;t ./v'j I'u-niuUin^ /'rrmnf at Depiff^i d b^fjte meKUittra . yon-^ui-d V'lJ '^e had ic any fender iH -aJjeL' the Price xhjii n:.t be in\e)t<'ti //r it.'Ordi at iergt/jj or tl.-ut ibati nnt .be deUi-ereJ 13 the Board be!', ;///, attfnds tb Kttiii'er vhett cnile: hr * ViCIUALLiNf; lo receive Findeis in nvritinf frt-i,.,! up), and t-eat jir ONE HUNDRED ''ONS t/^IR()\ T L.-\TE H'H)PS, to be delivered in Tb'ee Weeks, bv iv-f; trnfiortions, into His '\taiet:y'i ftctujitinK St�i-ei at D'-frf..'-', an,i 10 be paid Jar ly Btlli p.iyjble v.i!b Inlereit nuttiy auy\ after dat". rhe Crrdithn.s of the Contrail aud Samptey of tie Ihopi :r,-f be teen, at theSes-ietaiy'i UJjice. . No re(r.trd mdll beii.id to anv Tendtr irt -.ihicb the pi'ice si'.:)/-not be hitened hi vor^s at leniitb, c- ib.it sl.-ji! nr.r be dervereit tr the Hwrd bej;re Out u'Clock cn the said lues.liy, ibe y^tr-instant, nir nn.'e.ss the Ferso'i "wba n.ike v . flcxt, bittueen tie h'lnrs 6/ eleven an.! fJiir o'chcl^, sund-y Lm of (dd and Umrivii-eabie O'.-.nanci Sfiret, covs'stj/ig :.f [iart^U . ffjrMuskets, Locks tor ditto,_ Muskeraiid Carbine iUyoiie'^'^i Steel R.immerst Sworrls of sorts, Scabb-irtJs,. CarioiiL-i; Boxes, Leathern Accoutrements, Wames, Collars, Bit liaU ters, and various other .Articles of Sadlery and Harnf j-,, Blankets, Coverlets, Hammocks, and sund.'v . 6.1, in boards, the 3d .Edition ot ETTERS on the STUDY and USE of AN. CIENT ana MODERN HISTORY. Containin..' (Observations and Retleclions on the Causes aiui Cons -ijueiices ot those Events wr ich have rroduceif any conspicuous 1 hance in t!i� Aspeci of ths\�oiid, and thegenciai State ot Human .'Vllairs. By JOHN BICLAND. Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orrrie, Paternos* ter-row. . " Mr. Biglai' ii!p .s-; ilic l.uropJan 6vslem ; illiisti.irr'i. will'. HiMoncal ami i .cogiapiiiwl Observations j in one vu.. Svo. prttc-s. m l;o'rds.. � " I"1k' lotrcrs 111 tiiij Vwlumo are sixteen 111 number, .iik'. tht?v diicuts. 10 turn, a'most all the great questions whicl; can be a-.;ir;a':d hv poli'ioi.ins ot t.ie present hoar. '1 ne p:ii->.-ciplesn^tii," Air.iii.i ivery w!�re sousdand pacnouc, and his ki-u-wU'dj'e is suipnamgly extsrisiVe." 'BRitisH CaiTir:, ^fay, 1804. Tins DiV is j.ui)iislR'd,m three large Volumes Svo. wit ' F''rly--.ix Pht'.'^, nric? il. lis. 6.L m boards^ > '' 'T'HK KGOKOMY of N \TURE, ExBl^irnxi -l and il!"stiat-.>d Q(i the Princ-;>les of nioderp Philost-pliv, ill I en Books, V!i. . v-  Ot ilie gi^?rat Prnpcrtirs of M.Httet', of Etcmsnts, 01 ilcat lit File. t>t Liaht .ind Colours; Ot Eiecbiciiv. Ot.-\ir ami .Atmospherical i'henoin-.ia, Of MincMl Sin^tanccs, and thi .Struelnre of .the Earth ; of \ .ilca'.ces, !.a thqtiakcs. uc Ot the Nature and i'r. p..-Tiesnf .Water; the Laws ol; Hydtos!atics,Mitici-; VVatcis ic. � ......;, - ^ �� � Of the Structure, Gro^vth and;Culture of Vegetables. &c. Ot Animil.Naiute. Ot the I-luin tn Miftd. Bv G. GREGORY, DD. ."Vuthii ol Essays, Historical and Mofal, i-c. Prir.tet fn- J. Johnson, in Sr. Paul s v: iiuich-.arr!. The tew popular works whish presentea a�iear vew the natural world 10 the general rtMilc.*^, have, ticm Micatui* sv" enure reyolntlon wlueh has taken place iii philosophy, b.-c-!; rendered obsdclc j r cent di^covv-ries are scanerod tiirom;li:>i > a nuniber of b^oks. In brniging togeth^'r th'.'sc de'acho.i l.tits atld observatmiiSi in tivmg tJien'.:�si;ste;r.)itie form, .Tiui aivivc all, in explaining tSicm in clear and ]teispicuous Ln-�.;uugi.', our author has certamlv reiulere>i riii csseiiiiat seivi,.. M the public ! has opened the g.ites of Sii.-"ce to meMn.ru and to tiie indolent, an I has prcpar^^l an cviellent texi-bou:t or repository for those wliuurcalieaaj pf> Critical Review; " Dr. Gr rv has perform-Ml h.istaskui a manner wlm ' wadonoi hesitate t l.o.tvecar,ttr.."- -Lin.^h vtitic. - :^

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