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Courier (Newspaper) - January 6, 1806, London, Middlesex MONDAY, JANUARY. 6, 180S. I- . ' I . '�---J- � -1--- �-� �� ----------'-'-fT'~ THEATUK ROYAL, ORWV-LANf. nr*HIS PRESENT EVENING their Ivlajeities* X ServniiiswUlad i�Comist)pcra, called THIi HAUNTED ToWER. H*ron of Oaklaiulj Mr. Oowion  Karon de-Cmifcyj Mi, Holland >- l.nril WilliaHi, Mr. Braham j kdwanli Mr. Bannister  Lewi*,' Mr. Mailjews j l.ady Elinorde Coufty^ Mrs. ,M:)tuit�tn ; A^I< (K<ior t(if?ce� Iit^Att III. Avill Ije introduced the favourite Balhid of *> j.irj!iii Shades ot NiRht," composed by tlie late S. Stor^e, 't. Nir: Unihsm, ami a New Uravura, compoicd by Mr. vv,/,i.el, by Mrs. Mountain. T.i whitli will be adtled a new Farce, in * Atls, cal!ed The WiiA-lHERClJCK. To-irsrro^V, The School for l'"ri�iids ; witii The SleepiHg Eeauiy. _ � . . ; ' /, \ Tlllf >.(!.< !: i.<UYAL, CUV^.'N'i.U.\!i..�JtN, HIS PRESENT EVENIN'G will be pcrtoim. X ed a '1 ranetlv, called ' ZARA. Osman, Master Hetty ; Zsta, Mtss'*Sihith, To *vhich will be adde^l, HARLEQIMN's MACS'fcT; or. The Scandinavian Sor-i.'ei�r.~-'rhe -M iificAorn ixjfied by Messrs. W are and Davy. To-morrow, The- School of Retbtin } with Harlequin's TheT NOfcWl Cif^iiit J4o�4aiK:rj^PORTR A IT- of the �TpJ!� Colriioiiration'o^^ Ji;^f!(|fA *\tr; f-REK-iyiAN jiermiSMon to fublish a  WHl>i-Jf LKNCTH; MEZZl) riNTO PRINT of the ever t&bi hmtniaa Lord N ELliWN, fron\ thj Piiture paint-cdby�S�r,W> Umchy, iH. Aw�ow pJaved in St, Andrew's Hart,*ttc�Wlly informs the Fuhiic that he is pre- ANOTOMY and SURCEkv, MR. CHARLES BELL wiU'comm'-nce hh COURSE of ANATOMY, PATHOLOGY, ard SURCtRV, on Saturday the iStliof Jaimarv; at SHco'cloek. In hii House-to, l.e-csster-street, Leicester-square, The TtirmSi and'the obje&l of these l^efitures, will be found announced in the Shops of the Medical Bgokselters ; More nar-ticiilar information may ije obtaiveii at the Rooms, f he hour ptLe-ilure, after the �8rh, will be Two:o'cloclc. Lei trcet� Leiccstcr-itqiiart. "*"*"�' T IiDVCATU)Ni AGentleman received a Classical Education, and" unites twenty years prattiual e\(>erience i;i the instruction of youth, with a-general knowl�l)?e of the world, has ti>rm�d an cstfihliskinent for EiRUt^nmh)? Centls-men.eitlier to finiili their lidtication, nr tit them for the University. The Mathtiflitics ate fiariicularly attended to, and Ktench is usually spoken in the lamlly. ihe pirticulars and terms in ly be known by appilying or acM^essing a line to Mesiis. Dulavi and Co. BookstJllers, Soho-square; VfCTUAl.MhfaclFPICE, Dec. i6, i8oJ. TWrU^ JOHN WEEKESi o/ Brad,to,e, near a'Ji'ct'f {ir other DeuUr in CiUle, h.-tvh,gJail..l']aa6iJe tv a piiMc Tifihr, dated tlie i4'* imt.itii, :ivbich U midr it theyimattiitv B-uird for the iiipph of Fmh^BfiJln Hit Majeuy's Ships and Vessels at PfymoHth And .ThrBay, .fw the'ensuing twlvi MoiUht t lUt Cmimltshfiert far frictutil/h/glJit Majetlj/'s Natjy di hereiy give nolice, that on TburSiUji, lU day of January next. I WAK AND T\ut.m'd\myuisjsoAr,Aiti>auM T TV/rSRCHANTSj FathHiej, �ni the Tradci �ps *^ d with theiho^'e ArticlMj of tHf h?*' BuaW/J tin vej/^iit� VrAMP.OKflCE^ SIUM�R�i;t.Pr^CB, . TO LADIES OP RANK. AN!) FA.SHIo;,'.. Patent full Dress Hei<d-Ures3es,coriettiinitatwns of Nature BOWMAN is now, and has been during the X  recess, busjied in prerarioK the motbeautitiil AsSort-tBJitt h9 has e\ w *f�ffv!d* thvtnsrlfes'withtheir f�)ll�ir^e?9 Jltead-'dfesscs tor the Wi�^.iI*ieJvtlte Vjiuift^^ ijetorited with ^AwiW"' fey aji|(!�Si>ffneiin�;fb^gbt^n!d JfCgt^hmng. .Tbat^tj^lg^^^iYvery adfi'SiJ J���ua. Keelleitv. portent*, im^^^^otmihrolir Mffy.enlit ed himVhe p��t|^^ The sijK^ of (he PUte wiU-1� af by i8_Pm^^^ , H- fi- From tbcgKiideniahda^(t��fili|k VhoM Whn Jane� the Bankers, .Ndrt^khi wtLthe ,-o',kiprt V^mat^d B.H>kst Hersm Great firitaiiv � "m ana TOfLL MONE^ fir WRiZES. JP Lottcsty Scheme contains j' Prizes of. .JL,3iP.opa 5 . ' . . . ' I0i�00 a .. : .,. . 5.O50 1 w .. Besides Pfijes of I oi. 50!. The present Piiscs^f, Hi JL.?,�bo t- '(,000 ferUfttry ioi-the above Capiti'lTvftws. ; 5L.'.., jTickun mid. Slates are sefling ro g�Mt nna^Um^ established QfBces,V4tornhill^aiJd9i.CharKifeer0�fW^ the last jo,oo6�. and the two last Prixes of �o,�MlJ-^vih^^ drawn. weieaH shared and stdd by ^ . ;i..vmSH, " .> \*"the Lattery begSs th. Si/pi and Vettelt at Plymouth An.i Tofbay (an irptrnir Can-tracli), from thaf . ay, 10 the %\st cf D(ar>nl'er liob, mc/uiive ; and to Oe f aid forty liiltx,iayalJle iifilb iniereit, ninety euyt afier dMe. -The CondUinm uf the Confr.fcls may 6e teert at if>c Seeretary's Ofj'ce^ at this O^fe ; or by .i^^tyir.g to M in their apparent h\%h. i^rices, arcnow pertcdlly satisfifld that they arts n\ the end much the Cheat;est, from the beauty ai\4,M*pefi.^T quality of the Hair, am the excellence of the Wo/Ktuanship, as they last much longer than the common ones { they .are rot lua^Ie to any particular Kasliion, being the closest possible iiiitiition of the growing hair; and are also, in a very eminent degres, oecomnjica!, as they require litrle or no omam-nt jnore th.m' a fashionable tortplsei.hell Comb to make the elegant Head-dress that can he uoticeivcd, being the same in appsar-snce, and superior in eftetitv the finest Head of Hflir. Pnce, Patent T'uU Dress, 6, 8, lo, 1;, 2.7 an4 30 Ci'uuieai. H.-Jf Dies*, J, 6, 8 Guineas. iln;lrcs.^, 4 and 5 (Guineas,- Tresses 1'ocqaes, *c. as usual.-Gentli;mcn of Rank and Kashion are -respeafullv informed, that his PatsKt Pe -ritques are greatly imp oved. Price 4 and 5 (fuuicas. Ha r Cutting. Of Hiir Dressing, each, at hom-r ?s. Cd.. Abroad 5s, No. im, ^^few Bofld-street. one door above Brook-sticet. fclr. SURR'S NOVEL. This day is ptiWUhed, m 3 Vols. )irice 13s. 6d. in bnarJs. AWINTER in LONDON,, or SKETCHES of l?ASHION-,aNp*r!. . ByT:S, StiRR. ^ Authorof George UaMUvell, Splendid Misery, Sec.. t(c. n.,---T^tUhsJike thes? * Will none ofi'eiid, wliom 'tis a praise to please." VOIMJO." Printed fcr Richard1�hiH!l5s, Ko. 6, lltid);c-street,. Platk. friars. By whrm have lately been publisheil,-The Novice of St. Dominick, by Miss Owen�>n..-^lerdinand Fitz ormond, by Mrs. Temple.-Virtujus Poverty, by Mr. Siddons.-Fleetwood, by Mh Godwin.  "Tr~^T~n^~~ RUS LI PINC LUSiJU RE. "XXrEiheetinJmissiaMrs naifted- iiv. and appointed V.V bv an A�ot PariiatMnt for Inclpsnig Land* m^tjie, Paiiihof Uuiilip; ortlierwike RiseHp, in the County of Mid- 'vrithimrite�sid I'arisiv, wnicn avc pr pu:>c lu acn uj > uu..^ Audtiohj at the House of Matthew Saich,.the George Imi, in. thfcTown of Ruiilip. on Tuesday the i^tJi Day ot January,! at la of the Clock in the Forenoan. The Plans whereof may be seen, by applying at the e ffice of Messrs. Jenkins, James, and Co. Silicicors, .N�wInn, London; at the George Inn, Ruislip; and at Mr. SetIe�v|c!iV . the Aiifctionccr, Ritkmans\(rorth, Wheie.jprinted Pil?icifla� QUyaKsob^ had Siitc.Uays previous to the Sale ; andat^he princtnal Innstn the Ueighbourhnod; and may be viewed on ^plrcation to Robert Turner, Eastcott. OwA this zTtK Day of Nov. 180c. ^- . f THOMASVTYATT. ^ JOHN TRi^jMPTiK. WM. SEDPIVICK T Jus l^ay is pwblislied, MINUTES of a COURT MARTIAL, lidldcn on Board i-ils Majesty's ShA rrincc'ot Wales, for tltt "Trial of SI R ROUliRT QALDER, HART, Vict Itral of the ]3luc; together 'vi'ith corfespundedce, belt Sir Robert Calder, Admiral Lord Gardicr, anuithe t. Admiral Cornwil lis-.Sir Robert Calder's,Letter to the llty,dent�ndir.g aCourt Martial, and other Uocum?iit3. by J. C. Mottley, Portsmouth J and sold by Long-itft, RecSi and Urme, Paiernosier-row; and flox-lymouth Dock. � lublished, cbnsid/�ably eniargedi price las or izj. 6d half bound, red baclf, S ANNUAL REGISTER, or he HiSTOaiY, POLITICS, and LITE-ite Year 1804; bemgthe 46th Volume of that __________ 'd t';whomai�Bnwy be purchased oontpfcte ses from its <)omm?ncepi:nt �ts8^� tBo4 inchnive. 46 Volumes. NAVY-OKKfCE, Dec. ji, .jSptv. - anil CoMmisiiatrefhtii^ Hit ^.....-.jS.-rtl One ifClocki t&!lr luUi be ready-to tival w'th seiO persons as may be tuilling to etfnlntct for bttildingin /Iff,cbanti' Y,md^, TWO SHiP-RlGGtD SLOOPS of WAR, of481 Tons Burth�n,3nitertch to carry i8 Guns. A Draught -of the Vessels; tutth " Form of the Tenjer, may be teen at this Office, No lehdersiciU be reefhtd after Ttvelve 0'clocl: an the d.ty oj Treaty, nor any notiad, unkss/tlie party, or un agent f011, im, attends. NAVY-OIUCB, Jan. �, iHo6.' THE PrinppaiOjnceri and Cammhsimcrs cf His Majestys Navy do here^ give Nr,tiee,.That on Weo-NESDAV, the Sth inst at Te/i o'CloiiJn the Porem.oit, Com-W ssioner Sir Charles Saxton, Hart. u-ilJ expose to .Sale, at the Pay'Offite, in Hit Majesty's Yard, near Portsmouth, several Leit of ) LD S I ORKs, c';�.'/i//�gc/ Old Canvass in Paper'tull. Colours Wirh Tabling, Junk in Paper Stuff': iMi 1A L J N i> U R A N C li CO .VIA A x'. THE.Puli/ic are ri>spcnfully reminded, that Receipts for Policies fatlitig due atChri.tmas, are rea(^ at their " v^.u-fo-n^f. CorniilL tind St. yantes's.street ai.d ttliO in fue iJanas 0/ ivcti .^j^v,..-....,,.. ,......^-----..... " '� � ' andalloivt oneycar. �'.� mtvm ^,l: :n,,u.. ,j .,,.. .-o-.- . _ ities and TH^t Office grants Policies f$r short periods ^ a. discount en a/1 p.emiuiit and duty paid for more than The terms of the Offt*.%i ttiiHg an made good by this Company. JOHN DAY^ Sec. RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK and Co. respca. fully acquaint the Public, that tlw Scheme lor. tin-State Lottery to commence Drawing on the_vJ of icbw'y, 8o6.con-iiitsof I w<-nty.-five:ihonsand litk-fs, and cpntums, r Prizes of �.20,0101 8 Piizes of � IB, 000 5,000 2,oon 20 lao' 500 luo n'TATE LOTTERY Tickets, begms Drawing Mojda: ^ TheSCHEME CONSISTS fot v8o|, coTfttairing OK 3 3 Prizes of L.20,OO3 IO,<J03 5,00a 3 8 20 Prises cf 1..1,000 ^00 &'C.  ind the first-drawn 5,Voo Tickets w',Il ^ entitled to sal. ^h exclusive ot tlwir Chance of L-apital 1 ;iz�. ^iSra^li Shares are on Sale By HAZARD,-BORNE, tOOR NELSON. Embellish'd withJEtgl^t G^opp r-PIates 5, viz. a Portrait r. his Lordship; t'ive Enferaved Plansofithe Four principal Actions ill whiih he s*aimgaged ; View of hU Kncouiji r with Admiral- Tyason,..Commander ot the S^snish Fl- . tilia,oii Tlie NiKliVof, of July, 1797; and -mfc Simtls of hisTA!rdship*s Hand-writing. Tuesday Jamoary 7, ^(viW t)B published. Price los. 6d< in M.:: le niustfrtWlotOriginal Letters and IJiograp1i=cat Notes, contamii^ Sketches of the Lives ot various OlficL-rs with wh6Afais L^ship was at different times connected in Scr-vtCc, attiift*!^ wh'W ate, miitpwardsrhave beensold and shared, exclusive xjf rinie 0f {ool. and unde^. -  i/?^* jEJoimtry Orders, accompanied TTtth short d\ted.BilIs oh London, Post Office Orders, or Cash, in Parcel by Coach olrCarrierjpitiidiually attended ro; 'TBRY To bccm Drawing J'ebrnary 3. The KailotAtvViiiceo^ Lord Visci>ur.t Hood, L�ir. -aptain Robinson, Sir Edv*ard Berry, Sir PiO'ilden 'Ihomps Sir. Fretioric 1 hesiger, LofJ CollinzwOi'-d, Lapiiat (nam. > 'the oiily-'Prtzeof fo,o�i3h shared- in the last Lottery, Jip,. i�,535,,waaso)d:b,y S5Viftand Co.-iwalstf Jio. 3,973," Prize of �i,6sy . �: , 7;i76, �� � � - .� . 5-po' 'fV An* in the Lotto^^ .'^ "y- f'e ticte&'bthers of of-z,oonl ^ .t.pooK ?6oh (eci �&c; ' � AND ^JR liy Jt).qN GHARW)CKj Esq. -(-.S.A'. Author of I heBiogr*phtit .Navalis, History of Marine Atchiteiture, &c. . ' Londrn; Printed for H. 1). svmosids, Paternoster-row ; J.Hatchard, Piccadilly; and Ulickand Parry, Leadenliull-Street, � , � . / :_. 5ir :'lvfe^>�lvVcli.LEXl1CON. :. This Day^U one l.irgc volume quarto, price , . il. 6i.Tjound, 1^ RACtfM-LE5eieON.MANUALE, pWoium VJF: a^ntaffliiie Hedwco Ihstitutum } dein-;iust rep^titas Saiiii|.'PHt|i�;||.Ct|r|j|;^nJthim .Myriade amptius Vfrb>>rum: Ppi|.i!iMitoiiinvitieriiY e|iurgat.iimtp!uriinisqtienovis stg, n i^caMMii Vertoruml^'upletatum dura lo. Augtuti Emesti, eindlt^jf^ttllLt^SKSI^uw, JSt quainpiurliiiuui III tillavjuc; parte auOt!!)!!!, a /izMor'ti], S.. T. P. 1 hesauri.Grxcit; Pr^HSeos,. nti|pilli< ed'dl; atitore, �ditio nuva,^piiaribus longe etnetfdatltor. ^ '* . - * -FrtHtea lof^'J*]�hi�ojn{ n*. CadsU and W. Davies; W. Kl Jj;� RIclliirtMtM: 1 JlaJdti in; F, and C; Rivinkfton ; 3 3 .1., i .����: SO of 26 00a .� .i�o ' .Paftpf the atiove Capitals. . ,a*Ti Tickm 1st 04y , 5, >, f loth Day 4,*oo And rhc c,ooo First-drawn I'ick.ts 2zl. each besides being entitletrto the chance of the Capitals, and allot Kr Prir-^ 'fickets ami Sl'arcs are on Sale, ar their Ollices,lank Brildings, Co. nhill. and f.icing the Gate ot the King's Mcws, Charii\a*citts-, Lotidon. many ywrs be^-n estabhshe�t, throughout F-ORJand ar.d on the Cflivtinent, as the only Depihtory everofle/edt" th- 1M1I5. lie whiclumttes a milslness ot operiiion {v. �b not to irrit.^re even the delicate skin of an iiif'nt) with mtalli.leaid p.-r-rhanont clfi aCy. InTuikey and E^vpr, fwm whei.cs u was at first brought to this country by L-dy the Ladies, wlio are di-luMie M. vV.M-ue, i:i iheexirume, not 'o suiter a ' Act of the "V wenty-fJfrH of his prescit M%stv, on Hoise� '� l�to hire for tray4Ung Post, ami: Kftwitj." do hcreb)' givcnoticiB, ~ .: : . That we>lruend ttt Jcr, at o&r OHTcf In Sonjetset Place; the said Duties to farm, on Satuntay the a^th of Jatmiry -ntxt,.t^.Wejn the hour? of ten and twelve in ths tareov>.v,  ivirliin thidistriel uiidermVntioned, lS;r the lerm of'tliree^' years, from the ist of Fehru*y next,.(osuchper$oi�as:i)i4f-I Be willing to wnirait foriiiesame; All persons hitenJiiigtofarnt the said Dutifi are torfsfivcf; f in (heir proposals to us at the/Stajhp-Oilici; tit Somerr.�t' /rjn jwch bidding, a>iy pirsOu niAy>advaiicc, �nd- t.':u .'ugliest bidder �itl be decLired the ta'n'Jjrr, and will he n-tjuired to pay doivii ini:ne�liatL-l<, in Bank Noie."!, pill (it tlie rent tliec 'f as arfeposit ; bur id esse the district sha.l not be accepted at a puce whwii shuU hi dee.lied the proper value thereof, it will be wit.*ii drawn and otherwise disposed of. j. lUNDLl.Y. W. L.AKE. 1, IliKKINS.  F. H.VTTON; W. K.SrtNCER. ' CHE.LSEA HOSPIT.^L, J<inuary 2, 1X06. nPHESE ar6, by Order of the Right Hononrable : X the Lords and others, Commssioners, for inana^mg tns Afhiirs of the Royal Hospital at ChaUea, to;;ive n:;tice, That �ll ')ut-pensioners (as well LetteMiCKa^ ct.'iers;, belonging to the siirl Hospital, residing in Lwidon, ui wjitiin tiventv-^ive niUci'thereof, are required to api'.ear Personally :(itd He-Rinieiitally, at the .^ccrstaiy's.(Jttice in the said ridipital, on lifac respeotivedays uiidc.'mentioned, when :iiteii:!ance will be given, irum nine o'clock ni'tfie moriaiig until thrse in the aUerncon viz. . On MONDAY, the 6!h of Janii-TV, - The Pensioners Ijfuin tlist acrt 2d R�gii;ients of Life Guards, the late titand 2U Tro.- n Train. , �, � � . � On TUESD.AY, lhc7thof Jamtary, ThePeniionersfiom the ist, ad, and jd Raiments of Foot Guards. tJn WEDNESDAY, theJSth of January, Til*. Pen .uners from the ist to the 32d Regiments of ' Foot inclusive, , - On FRIDAY, the loth of January, Those from the 33d to the 6ifth Regiraents of foot incltt< sive. On SATURDAY, the Mth nf Jaruiarv, Those from the 70th to the JJ5th Kcgiments of Foot inclu* sivs ; iilso the Pensioners from the yuce./s German R�gi-. HI Jilt, *he African Corns, Loyal lusii, Loid Srr</.haven's, .Majors Waller's, Elford's, and f is:i's Corpse thf Queen's Rangers. Kencible Corps, Kpy<l Carrispr, H<ittalion, Ci.'iqup Port, and Lancashire Yclunlccrs, tuc Kojal Hospi-ul Co.'ps, with the Mihtia. tJn iVh'J^JDAY, therj'thof Janmry,' Thofcfrom the Royal Veteiah Hattnlioiis, at 5.! per diem, and those .ilso. who have tlie increas-d Peimcm of Nme-pcnc?, and One Shilling, per die.n; ih;; i'ln.icr.ers front the Indepcnditnt Companies ot Invaltd-s. Reduced Regi-' mciifs ot Marines, and Lettermen, uie Serjeants from the Foot Guards, at Ninc-pente per Oiein, the Scrjcints, Co?� porals, and Private Men, who rccc've the increased Pi.'n9ton on account of liliiidness, as also the Serjeants disbanded ircni'. the late Indcpentlant Com|wnies, who receive is. per day ; with the Private Gentlemen who'riceive Annuities from-. ,thj late tst and adTrootis of Hcrse ners (as well Lettermen as others^ be'cngiiig to the saia Hospital, w-ho liv: A\ a greater di:iiaiKCl than twenty-five miles lr>,'i:i Lpndi.'n, and thcsj in Scottantf and Ireland, ate hereby r�-iuiretl and .coumwndcd, rjier the i^hJune next, and after every succeudnig Sjth June, and i;t(i DecMnber, until further orders, to .-spply w �ne ot Hn Majeity's Justices ot the Peace in the Neifbbourhood single h;.ir to remain which they CiVcewe i.reguliir ..r n.tru-�ivc, makeuse of this preparation at the b��hs, i-ei.ig part.cit-lirlvaKre.-ablc:tr>t'ien� on-account of its ekga:u scent as a perfume. It s ikcwise emi>loyed hy the men t-. giye ^h. pe to their Mostachios, Ac. loiiurasrop to theoons'aiil si.uri^ns atti-mpt at iinii.iiioi, and in crdsr to accoinmo'Mie i-,dics wh.raic n. d,nbi ofn.n having bee.,^m.p-plicd with the above article genuine, ,h;v i-r- respec t.i ly nl..rmed that orders hy post for a single Mtle o. l..r;;er iclpsii.;! the, and addTCssrd to Mrs. J, |!at:er's-cour, Holborn-! ar., w II hs.j>unc-� -U ; aii'l the Proprietor bei;s l-.av f one shilling in fix hottli'.s. Valuable . Part Ic ajid;i&B,4C'i0iis-Leasehold liuildmg.s,.in the.t'pper ofGredt** w the hi-.e the) reside, am! make the f �Jlovvi;ig Allidavit, ivWch' lesai. MaMstrile torthe County, City, Borough, or Kiding, b-l.jre whom the Pensioner iipj.'ears, wili s:<rit .jiiu ddtc, vi.t. ; " � v;i� admitted an Out-pensioner of Cliefse.T'Ho'-'pi-"tJliOniln; dayot ,17 -,'<)r li , ir./m " R iy . , '*. WIS t::i'i\ iii;cd ycirs, was:'di:>ch:ir|L'v:d ibr , * V " unit that h',- IS no ctherv. ise provided |or ny. lii" Public^ '* but as a I'envionsr of the said Hospital, anu'now lives in '.' the Parish of , in (he CuUntV of ' * M > worn before m; this .dayot iSi Thi A hdav -.drawtiaccoiding to theaboveJorm, dated and a;i .... the Thi A -,orawhaccoiningTotneaooveK'uii,u�ivM�i^ l ;>y a \Uj;i�irarr,.istul>=jnitiipinaeovvr, aiidscniby ,e gSi'r..i Posf, d.�.cl-d thu�: " I'o the R.shl lion, the piirt I Jlaw i.F-.^WijBjrt,veji T. Kay; R. I'fltiiaer ; Lackmgton and Cd.i ft. tica; J, Ocighton; W. lepard; and Longman ^j^Qnah(li(t^ i �vtJ^\iM, pr-ce 8s. bound, and wnh .^^^^sooii Royal l!arer, 13s. neatly 0 und, and J<|;.\^WHOLB DUTY of MAN ; con. Ltnathe 'PattK al" well' a/Ptadiice of a Christian.^ Mticd of the pfeient A^ie. as tlietild 'dtailltVsdwf.irvthQse vinhaiipy times .Jt��)�,*itp|ilyii:^,itlie articl^is cf the ure wanttng Ui vhif ^fobklthough, �s-"Vtijon. ^WltlifUetw bnsjjroper for p'JJeJp to tilii� ;kB4 n^n^ H-'Ovi^yn"" s ih ^ C. Uw.5 TiOPgtrMtiv Mtttst., H-es, ,_/'b�ludtr�iil�t)�s. (kV. �r.ved, Citt�%ueorUook; ivith their sizes srd ce the London C-ataHu^ ot isop. ....... }).vtes�sireer, ManinghaiN, uccu|iie(i by Mr. A.-ipinallatidoihers. To be Sold by AUC1 ION, by T. WARKRN and , pal ot which ^le fiti'?d up, in a superior style of elegance, to which are attached sundry d mestie offices peculiarly convenient, and theis is very roomy archei cellaring under the who'.ecl this house biulf. ,^ Other part ot tlie sad Leasehold Prem'ses consnsts nfa remaikibly spacious Wi.r�hQll^^�: atid suiinble ncc^UMtpig housess, wi'horheroonveni?nctes;*umcicnt for the condgcl-ingot a mi.'rcant:le,or other coi^^tp .Uron a very extensive scale, which fron^n^to the; stroeti;and adjoins the above messjiaye, being now ih the occuolt^.on of Messrs. Munu| ami PuMeii, �M ists of a aom-^ modioiis messuag'.-, with cuitrenicnt outbuildings thereto, now in (heoccupaii'm of'Mr. Ledsahi, and vshich also adjoins the above Wirehuuse, i . ,   . And the remainder of thJ ji^Jd Iwsehold pren>is� cvn-^venience' for cair'j^ing on any coticern of niagniTuuei be^ hind the .same are shops in whicU atlenstjaa.^aofMe.nfjay be ' employed . . ' ��-.v  . t.  . ' ateio be reserved byjthe Oi^,pensiupersrc:speitjv?ly, tabi exhibited to sVich Pet.s.)ns as shall be directed to pnythcin, that they ntay be satia&d, thatsrt tsuejias may claim;Ou� prosions;. '"'[he particular lots in. whtcJt th�^N>�e n/emiies will be soA�rei.otyetdetcrn�n^1w��. b4t w.n.b^ pirttculartse* ! "flit paMictilars apply to Wehb^Rcj'i'xndalJ, So-, , ,o,,�crs,mUae-L'ml. H&nnnfi�>*m. ' ^ 1 directed th�^*!^ch 0I tltMn wh�-have .�V��l>irt, and have bten dlscha:p'd'frQoranv.or tlie K.esi;xiCn�s,of Lnl^-pendent COmpaiiii'a ;.:jf'e,�iefS4whe-'are miiitsKd at it,auii m thubody ofthe^|ti�(ied!lig '  - ------. ijis piMl|ii)''ear|ifXflJd.Tvits of those who hye^ai f .liewihv^ordehnl sudthredW, that no Pcrsoii wK ^h'^^ .a-'^aJ'-^S've'vmat>is.nm9teri-orsiiccai�ti-'in h's Ahulavit aforesaid, and win may apply fijr his P��lloii i^xceprnijj to-the Officer^ tef Ekci^ MMTesfstich ^A^t' ^bwic.steU receive the saiTttt.iinlfcss it appears by tl^^fcler-ttficatt af>cspeilahle jkm-sous, such removal wai ift^iTeh ,uiv*vmda)�le necessity, whitlif h* mr tiiey oould nvt tii*^'^-"' pf��^ent; amlthat if any .Pc.o�ia!tt� sJiiiiifraudulently -to ie�(!iyc�e double paymsni of ttii ? rasioii.either af C or at dUfcrenj places, shall he {i|rnck off the Lists. I'.a tty. U 'is Hotiffrd. thar none will heenteiM  the Par-Lists-orthe Flospitil, or becntitledi to it***' benefits. ti>erefroin. who ^shjill nut aet a^teenbiy Orders Slid Di�ctinns,.pinW�l,wl; in jerdltjs viBViy A ftldniv^Vs) tJio kJwnwtJr ^ctijirar, asfba. 'SkI to n6'other Oince; which s.:vMaVot;He Pen�i o: ksitp-tiilKr nftfkxled w do,,or sent them >r'� other iiepM ineuis ''"^ .^*t-� v..'

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