Saturday, July 30, 1757

Con Test

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Con Test on Saturday, July 30, 1757

Con-Test (Newspaper) - July 30, 1757, London, Middlesex T H E C O N - T E S T N,U MB'iE R Sat urd ay, July 30, 1757. 17oieCmtirmdi *. Mult a legendoy at que audiendo it a tomperi, omnia regna^ vitatej, > wtiones ufque eo profperum imperium habuijjt, ,dum apud eos vera corijiUa valuerunfy ubtCutnque gratia, � fimpr, vo'/uptas, ea corrupere, poft paulo immtnuta opef^ deinde admptum imperium,pfa ^ -^*r ., " Orat, ad'CC^SARFM, ihcerti Authdrfc To the CON-TESTY SIR, N the courfe of your effays, you have often taken to opportunity to (diftingui(h between the real or permanent, and the accidental or immediate intereit, of king* doms 5 a diftindtion very neceffary to be underftood, iince, without a thorough knowledge of this difference, we are not qualified to form a judgment of the ftatefmanYopeta-.tions. - Writers and others, who have but a circumfcribed view jof polity, may treat; this diftindtion with pleafantry j and affect to ftigmatize it as a temporizing fyftem: But however they may ufe this word in an ill fenfe, yet we need not fcriijple .to declare, that the art of temporizing, is the mafter key to >the political cabinet. ..- It

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