Monday, April 10, 1843

Commercial Daily List

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Commercial Daily List on Monday, April 10, 1843

Commercial Daily List (Newspaper) - April 10, 1843, London, Middlesex AND LONDON PRICE CUB APRIL April 11 133 pkgs Assam 121 20 UCB 116 brla St Lucia 50 punt ditto 4000 bags Mauritius CCJun 1000 bags Mauritius 150 Bengal 1018 bags in bond 1000 bags Mauritius 535 bags 11 trcs 23 brls Leguayra 2ft Ceylon 100 trcs Porto Rico 20 tons GG 1600 bags 30 tasks Plantation 30 Porto Rico 50 brls 372 Lancewood 200 pieces 900 bag 100 casks South American ELEPHANTS April 122 243 casks 127 bags Cuba 500 bags Dutch Companys Java 50o via Smgapoie 270 100 white 50 boxes 80 brls 60 bales American 70 bils 1500 bags Bengal 23 10 bags 3 just arrived from the East Indies and Africa 5C cases East TIGER 53 cases 2 tons Buffalo INDIA 6 tons Enst India 406 chests 7 boxes 176 bdls Mnlacca 120 large Ground Rattans 3600 Ruttans 17 tons Braziletto 47 serons Honduras 19 Guatemala 50 tons Red A quantity of Sapan April 13 2000 boxes white part darrxged 496 boxes yellow do do 300 boxes East India 3 Darner 4 Piue 221 bags 140 bdls Deer 161 Ox 607 Buffalo 10000 black Bamboo 13000 Partridge 5000 Whangfe April 2O 2SOO boxes white Havannah 40 caddies Tonquin cs Castor Oil 8 chts Gum Animi 6 chts Gum Olibanum 2 chts East India Gum Arabic 100 chts Arabic 30 srns flat Yellow Bark 10 srnsquiliYellowBurk 200 20 caddies Musk 25 htls Croton Oil 125 trcs Monty And other Goods 20 chts Olibanum 10 cks 25 cs Castor Oil ftlu inwiainnai AND LONDON PRICK CURRENT injury from the and the manufacture of Sugar continues great exertions being made to take off the increased quantity of canes planted for this The canes are said to prove rather unpro having been stunted in their growth by the long continuance of dry They have been found exceedingly hard to and the quantity of liquor yielded is remarkably dispiopoitionate to the extent of land from which the canes are We have again to express our regret that we cannot notice any effort on the part of our agricultures to improve their mode of cultivation or process of The same plodding syst m of former days is almost universally followed the laborious and expensive pre parations of cane land by the superficial use of the and the same loss of time in the carrying and dis tributing of native The beneficial effects of a judicious selection of and the striking ad vantage obtained from the application of have been made so evident in the few instances where the better judgment of one or two of our planters has sanctioned such that we cannot but con demn the apathy or ignorance which prevents the extension of improvements so easily put in Wages continue from Is id to is sterling per far too high for the planter to expect anything ike fair remuneration on the sale of his produce at th rescnt low prices in the home The labouring opulation in this island is so very limited that it has ecome a difficult matter indeed to effect any reduc ion in the scale of wages for work performed in agri culture and by an accession of working 51 eater power of control be obtained over the it s incumbent on the planter to protect himself from certain loss by the adoption of any or im rovements tending to facilitate the cultivation of his ields or the marmfaeture of his ENGLISH FUNDS Bank 184 per re t per re luced l7 a April Account jfiJJ J7 Mew 34 per 102j i Exchequer Bills 6s 70 India 208 7fi 78 FOREIGN IJuenos Ayres fi per JJi 30 5 per 44 Belgium 1054 Columbian 2r Mexican 294 24 per 5rij ii 5 per 991 IOOJ i percent 40J 41 A per 23i 3 per cent 31J RAILWAY SI 1 Great 29430 18J19i pren Eastern Counties per share Brighton ex per share per share Croydon 114 per share 64 J ex div ptr share Greenwich 4J per share per share Midland 65 per share market has a firm appearance for ai sorts of Tea the demand is steady at full rates Is Id to Is paid or low and good common Few parcels are and the deliveries are still prices of Spelter are advancing we quote it at 1 IOs per ton for and t22 to 10s on In other Metals no Oil has been in good request at 9d per cwt on the spot the supply is Fish Oils are dull of but not Sperm Oil sells and not more thuu jt8 is to be obtained for the are firm for and the demand is steady at 43s to 43s 6d for the best yellow caudle on the April ex div shu ex div shut ex div shut ex div Glasgow from with 2012 bales Cotton 240 I ard Miintexuma and 1rince both from New York from Off Monarch rum St At 5lh Freeman from Jamfica for with Sugars with decks LIVERPOOL demand has rather and 450 hhds have been sold at steady Ben gal to go off but with little at which bags have been disposed No sales ol sales are about 100 cases at former and a cargo of Porto Rico at 20s fid per cwt to puns old Lucia have been sold at 22s fid COFFKsVThe sales of Plantation are quite unim Of the trade have taken 30 casks La Guayra at 59s to 75s for middling o good and one small lot of fine middling at 540 bags middling Costa Rica at 53s fid to 20 casks mid dling Vorto Rico at former 40 casks fine mid dling Rio at and 100 nags clean ordii ary Bahia at 32s fid to 3s fid per Small lots of ordinary to tine ordinary and Brazil have been taken for Nothing done in or hns been much less both from speculators and the trade as the importers continue desirous to prices have declined Jd Ib for the common to fair qualities of American a similar reduction has also taken place in whilst in other kit ds there is little or no Of 1300 Sea Island and HO stained offered by auction only 350 bags found at rather lower prices lor the common but at full rates for the better 5HOi American have been taken on and 210 and 160 Surat for prices clean has been sold having been accepted for 30 or 40 tons j in other sorts no business has transpired has been rather less but the market is steady at last weeks quotations a few casks New York Tallow were sold at 41s 3d per April have had a conti nued and rather improved demand this and since Tuesday quite as good as on that The low value of the staple gives to the manufacturer and spinner a chance of realizing such a profit as they have not had for a long period small though it be and this is also likely to continue from all appearances of the which are still very On the the maiket is very firm and healthy for both Goocs and April have to report a steady improvement for are in better de as also white Other kinds must be stated the turn but slow of Fancy ar are in better but prices miserably Rather more doing in but the trade is far from Hog Wool rather In other kinds no 15th SATURDAY EVENING APRIL There has been but a moderate amount of business transacted today in either the British or Foreign Secu rities both markets closed pretty firm at nearly the same quotations as The Share market has been very inactive again today In the markets np alteration has occurred worthy o and the rate of interest is By the arrival of the packet ship at letters and papers from New to the 20th have been In the general aspect of business for the present week we have but little change to Some of the usual inland customers have and are making their pring but they do not generally appear to buy nor are they here in such numbers as are usuallv assembled at this time of the The extraordinary back wardness of the as compared with previous will sufficiently account for the latter and for the former we must seek a solution in the dimi nished means of the agriculturists of the who form the bulk of the customers of the country 1 he products of their farms have indeed been but the prices at which all the staples of the country have ruled have been so low that the cul tivator of the soil is obliged to practice the most rigid or his expenditures will by far exceed his income The Money market still remains abundantly The sales at the Stock during the were to a considerable and a large portion of the transactions was composed of United State and City the prices of which we notice generally as rather higher than on Saturday In Foreign previous to the sailing of the Great a large business was transacted at rates noticed in our daily Since then we have heard of no transactions of We quote the fol lowing as the rates of to London 105 to Paris 5 45 to 5 Amsterdam to Hamburg to Bremen 75 to Cotton has declined 4 to cent during last with little business Flour and Grain remains March The latter part of this month has been with high The rain which has al though pretty is far from being sufficient for the purposes of the and in some localities there exists a deficiency of water for the working of the Whilst we deeply sympathize with our neigh boura who have suffered so extensively from the de effects of the late we are glad to Ittte tbftt fortunately this island not received any Jeune Customs Qy D Malta and Jane K D St N C I Countem vf Hdn Surry Canal Griffins Whf Rio KU do W I D Zanie K D L U Sir off Customs Of the vessels that have passed Gravesend since yes erday the cargoes of the from Kio ve noticed in our List of the Oth and the rom Honduras in that of The vessel from amaica brings hhds I4J trcs 175 puns 40 bags 34 tons Logwood The Zantti Iachet is laden with butts 155 and a parcel of The steamer from Hamburg is freighted with 1025 plates 2iO ags bags Juniper 125 120 bales casks The Jant Maria brings 70 bales Senna The others are laden with and In the 7ih Jeune from taken into Ramsgate with split Serafin rom At 6th Archer from Santa sailed 3rd At 7th John o Gaunt from sailed 20th and St Helena 20th with jignes from Porto Shannon from sailed 8th Rival from Aramita from New with 1634 bales Cotton 109 brls Tallow 94 53 kegs Lard European from with 1846 bales Cotton 103 hbds Tobacco Milo from with 1091 bales Cotton Don Juan from with 2295 bales Colttn Columbus from 2140 baletCottoa Hllfn nf thf H Sen I ii inn tl 10 Uniiuit Mobile lloM OrleniiH limn I Pariubu and Unhid ft Miuelo 41 tlMll I 0 Ditto 4iO Egyptian HtirbuiloeB JVruviai 3D kaguurcu M Smyrnii Manilla Sura 180 ft fti fij t 4 41 tllr trf Ctti I al2 IA r 7 4 f4 f4 J 49 gOOl to liiif Ml SJ M 4 bj 6 M 6 61 44 3i 3J 4 M the to si Tken iy HIP Irani 1st 1843 Ditto i mm I to 7th 200 hags black broupht 3jd to per bags Bengal sold at 10s 6d to Ils6d per continues in and about 100 puns ot 31 to 38 per cent have been solil at Is d to 2s lOd per with 70 puns of East India at Is 4d to Is transactions have been and prices are without small parcel of Bengal sold at 5s 3d per being rather under the previous currency in other dcscripions of East India Goods very trilling transactions have SALTPETRE remains dull the sales are about at 27s to NITRATE CM tales about 1400 at I 5s id per i he season the demand increases the sales this week are 570 sales are 100 tons Campeachv Logwood at 7s Cd tons principally at 2s fid to 5s per ton in other descriptions scarcely anything has been dimuid is very the only sale this week being 100 at 7s Cd per Nothing done in in Pearl fo extent have been made at and subsequently 31s has beeu For Pot Ashes 3 Is has been obtained they are now become very and there are no sellers under this consideracle quantity of this article was offered at but with the exception of 3 brls of American at nothing was the chief biddings beingonly 3Js per duty for fair Seed 55 tierces good old German have since been disposed of at and prices are now almost There is no inquiry for LINSEED for crushing without BEES WAX in regular East India Kips sold by auc tion last at 8id lor 7jd for 1st and 5jd to 5jd for 2nd 9id to Ufcd lor sound dry to 7d for 1st andSjd 2nd TOBACCO is in very moderate and not more than 130 hhds have been sold prices are demand has again been restricted to the supply of small orders for consump and having been met freely by prices are barely An inconsiderable business only has done during the week in and Cream of Tar MAEDERS k MADDER little has been and prices are No sales in Quercitron Olive has continued to attract the attention of but the offers generally having been below the views of the sales have been limited to about 50 at previous No sales are reported in Fish Oils prices continue Pale Rape and Linseed Oils are very and prices nearly In Oil of Turpentine there is no change the transactions seem confined to the supply of imme diate Palm Oil remains firm the sales amount to 220 about 90 tons for export the price not and 130 tons to the at to The INDIGO market has never been in such a state of stagnation as it has since the beginning of this The large stocks on hand at and the possibility of another large crop next prevent purchasers from operating It was generally anticipated that the London which reached Calcutta on the 23rd would have had a beneficial influence in the and the arrival of the same was looked for most anxiously by all parties but although the intelligence was of a favourable and the revival of trade at home piices for every description have given owine to some who were desirous to realize at having submitted to lower whilst others seem confident of t favourablechange when the next mail reaches Up to this date the French been the only but their pur chases are now nearly The Americans and Moguls are very and they will probably scarcely take onehalf of the quantity they usually unless prices fall still Four or five public sales have been held every week since our but the greater part of the Indigo put up was bought a small quantity of which has been shipped on account of the and the rest held The quantity shipped to England for the April and July sales will not exceed as vessels leaving in March will scarcely reach home in time for the latter The exports from up to art Chests To Great 5081 5327 North America 26 90 Foreign 164 Red Gulfs 68 284 against chests or to the same period liut The SUGAR market is without nny great alteration in The exports just now consist chiefly of second quality and First quality Renares is very and such small lots as happen to be in Calcutta are held at very high Accounts from the Mofussil represent prices there as ruling exceedingly high in the expectation of a small It is that although the quantity producedmay be yet the quality will be superior to the general Holders in Calcutta are very and do not appear inclined to submit to the reduced rates The exports from the 1st to to Great Britain Last month a fair business was done in SALTPBTHK French and Americans were in the market and purchased pretty prices of the finer descrip tions being well maintained our market has become dull buyers wish to reduce and holders are consequently the transactions sinee the 1st instant have not been on a very extensive The exports from the 1st instant have been as Britain France and North America Some sales been made in Raw and prices appear to be on the In LAC DVE there are no sales and current prices for good 40 to and inferior 8 to During the past week the market has been dull for HIDES dry Buffalo 20 to 31 per ditto Cow 18 to 24 8 per The shipments have been pretty active of having gone to Great and 2 OOfi elsewhere in the past against and in the same period last But few transactions in and of little without alteration in i The have been 3533 maunds in the past against only 182 at the same period of last JUTE exhibits no alter ation in but is in good The shipments in all January amounted to some which is a considerable advance on those of the same period in last wlvn they were prices being about the same at both times The January sale of OPIUM carre off on Monday the Cth when the I7JO chests brought forward realized some ranging from 12jO to 1320 for and 1110 to 1185 for against 825 to 835 for and 81 o to 815 for Benares at the same sale last Some purchases are reported in CUTCU at former But small sales are reported in OIL and prices may be quoted as Seed Linseed 2 8 to 2 and Teel Seed 111 per factory consequence of freights having become a little there has been some demand for the and our expoits have been considerable for the English market the exports to Great Britain are There has been little doing in owing to the unsettled state of the Chinese Good qualities of SAFFLOWER are A good deal has been done in TURMERIC at 2 11 to 2 13 Cos rs per b HORNS are in steady demand for at 10 to 10 4 Cos rs per b md for good large TIPS are and higher prices are asked Only a moderate demand exists for and little has been MONEY continues in and Government Securi ties have been slightly depressed in Ex change has rather Bills at 6 months sight Is 1 4 months Is 1 3 months U I 2 months Is 1 one month at Is and at three days sight Is consequence of a large return of Transports from the rates have Saltpetre Sugar 70 to Rice 77s 6d per ton of 20 cwt Hides 72s Indigo Silk Piece Goods 100s to 105s per ton of 50 cubic feet j Rum 75s to 80s per ton of 4 hhds Hemp and Jute 65s per ton of 5 and Raw Silk 105s to 120s per ton of 10