Friday, September 17, 1830

Circular To Bankers

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Circular To Bankers on Friday, September 17, 1830

Circular To Bankers (Newspaper) - September 17, 1830, London, Middlesex 1! No. 113.1 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1830. h Nobody lament, with more sincere sorrow than we should be witnessed and approved, before Parliament do, the accident which occurred to Mr. Huskisson, on the could be called-upon to sanction any other Rail-Road occasion of opening the Liverpool and Manchester Rail- communication between distantly-situated places. Road, on Wednesday last, and the sudden, unexpected, death of that Right Honourable Gentleman. This distressing ght to have much fluence on the value of Rail-Road property, because it is Many Members of Parliament are great proprietors < w canal-shares and ordinary turnpike-roads. But, without any such bias to their minds, as that of self-interest, they would be disposed to wait to see the issue of completed under-It hough not altogether-in great measure, distinct and takings, before they gave-what is, in fact, a virtual recom-unconnected with the merits of a system which is, in all mendation of a system,-a Parliamentary sanction, to nu-probability, destined to produce extraordinary changes in merous projected Rail-roads: and, although the lamented the value of property-real and personal-in the British accident which has befallen Mr. Husftisson is of a personal nature, and not (except in a slight degree) "connected with F the operation of the mechanical knowledge which creates and + perfects a Rail-Road, yet it will inspire increased caution amongst those who have the power of deciding. Islands. We feel ourselves bound to notice it, because, unimportant as it may be considered to the general Question, still it is that kind of incident which cannot fail to have upon those projected Rail-Road Comp which have not yet obtained the authority of Parliament, to proceed in the purchase of land, and the construction of their works. It was generally agreed and understood gst those Members of the House of Commons who may be represented as being capable of prescribing and regulating the rules of proceeding in such cases, that, in giving legislative sanction to a system in which the value of property is so deeply Therefore, although neither this nor any other accident may have the effect of preventing the establishment of Rait- * Roads upon other lines of communication, for any great length of time, it will, undoubtedly, have a retarding influence in regard to the completing them. It is a circum- stance which must have a tendency to postpone to a more distant period, that perfect and unobstructed general competition between this and other systems of communication, concerned, the House of Commons ought to be guided by which must, sooner or later, take place: audit tends, con-great and unusual caution: and that this principle would sequently, to the maintaining of the value of that property m * render it necessary that the practical operation of the es- which is embarked in canals, ordinary roads, and the re- tablishment of a new kind of road for passengers, upon so extended a line as that from Liverpool to Manchester, No. 113. hides and materials used upon them

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