Saturday, November 23, 1715

British Weekly Mercury

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of British Weekly Mercury on Saturday, November 23, 1715

British Weekly Mercury (Newspaper) - November 23, 1715, London, Middlesex Nunib. 544 theBritifh Printed for the gj tne otni r ire-^mce, m Street, behind the Rdyal Exchange, London From Wednefday Nov. 23. to Wednefday 30x71 5; " H E hit Letters from Upper Poland bring Advice, that j General Ribinski, afcer having enter'd into the Party of the Confederates, join'd their Be-jtt dy near; Cracow ; and that * a great Number of the Nnbi-lity were coming from all Parts of the Kingdom, with Defign to make themfelves Makers of that City, which the Saxons at prefent poffefe, to be their Place of Afms, Advices from Danizick* lay, that the Army of Lithuania tave confederated anew againft prince AdoJphus of Saxe WeiiTcnfefe, who is Hill on the Side of Grodno, expecting a Reinforcement. The Czars Troops ptnrfge. their March towards Upper Poland, and thci Palatinate pf Cracow, to go tc/the &ceoi*r-of the.Saxons, and to; take Wuite^-C^iar^rs 1 r|r the Middle the KJngdoin- '..-til> MttemJ&W'btdfeix* that the ^ipg having on the i�jth feeeiy'd an Exprefs difpatch'd from Warfaw by the field? MarQial C. Fleming, his Majetty held a f.erct Conference with. Ms Miniftefs "of the .'Cabi�et ' and Privy^Councii: And k was reported, that his Majefty ha* refolv'd t� return into his Kingdom in Tm>; the Gu&rd of Chevaliers having already receiv'd Order to march to the Frontiers . of Poland, and that rrisMaje/ty will find there a Body of 10000 Men of his own Troops. Ratiskn, Nov. 25, Letters from Adrianopte of the 2�5th of Mr Month, confirm the Con-queft of all the Morea by the Turks-*- io, two Menths Time: ftJapoli di Maivafia, was: fur-render'd to the Grand Vizier, without firing a Cannon, on Condition that the' Venetian Qaxrifon, with their Baggage, (hould be �ar- irn--' mcdiately put on Board a irxiall Genoeie Tartan in the Port, in which he ier fail oh the m ~i\f> without being allofv?d tbimkt any ProvHidn but Bread and Water, andih: ho frriall Fear of falling into the--Hands - brth^Cor�%si'' of Barbary, arid being made* a Slave.- Advices feom Peterwaradin of the 5thlnHahr, �ky, the. Turki were grown very JihugFtty r# tke above- -mentiorrd Conquers, -and were4 forming great �>efig�s againft .the Veiieiiaii� -by Lanci and Sea^ for next Campaign,- iii Hopesr fof tiaxi& unmolelkd by the Iiriperfahrts ; ' of wfiicl\, however, they could riot Ibmetimes eoncetl-their-Apprcher�lion. On trie 2jd Count Nymps pafs'd thro* this Place for Vienna, wvth the Treaty of Barrier 4 t? e Coricluliou of which, gives .great Satistac^ioh to all who , wifh wtjH to the common Caufe. /lis advis*d from Munich of tt.�c 2^d, that the Elector of Cologne was Kill there, bift that every I hin Was^etting ready for his fpeedy Keturn to his Refidence at Bon, whither he js to carry With him two young Princes of Bavaria, Who are -' .detign'd for-the Church ; and 'tis thought,, he "will recommend one of them to the Chapter of Cologne, which Arch-bifhopiick has been in theHf'Famify by an unintcnupted Succeflion, of near 150 Years. - :\

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