Saturday, December 18, 1756

British Spy Or New Universal London Weekly Journal

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of British Spy Or New Universal London Weekly Journal on Saturday, December 18, 1756

British Spy Or New Universal London Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - December 18, 1756, London, Middlesex &r# ELI I S H S P Y: r ft, al X 0N.DON' WEEKLY jOURNAL, - f ^-. S A t tr R Wt December i8, ins6. ContinuatwA&jbtfttoTQjL y �N pLAND, |EAN time the duke, of Suffolk wasonualiy unfortunate in War-, I^VfckJbirej, where he was betrayed into the hands "of the earl of Hentington, who conveyed' hirh to the Tower of London. It was thought if this unhappy nobleman had not engaged in this affair the queen might have f pared the life of his daughter the lady Jane. . But now fhe and her huf-band were ordered to prepare, for death. The poor lady received tbe^meJiag* with greal refolytion, and was executed.on rhe 1.2th ofFebruary, after feeing.the headlefs body of her huiband pafs by her, as it was carried' from the fcaf-fold to be interred in the chapel of the Tower. The dake kef rather was beheaded on the zill of the fame morlth, -Mid expreffed great grief for having been the caufe of bis daughter's death. ' Next Wyat, who was a pa pi ft, was brought to his trial, ; on which 'be make great difcoveries, in hopes" tp fave b-ii own life. Among others he accufed the prir.ce.fs. Elizabeth, whereupon (he was committed to the Tower.' As fbr Wyat, be had only a refpite for two months granted him', in hopes "of making further difcoveries; bat at length thfs linli^ppy'man, perceiving they would in the end put him. to death, retraced His accirfstion of the print's^, lsttd ^f&Tly'ciiared Kef oh his fecbod axSmifiation.} a�d fearing, ^hie recantation Wonid be fupprefied h� publickly-renewed �sit:at-the phce of execution. Asi.uo procefs, cpu|d; aow be formed, againil jthfc prineefs fhe was rerqoved, frDra ,the vlQower to Woodftock,_where however.Jhe was Bill con-.fined.:tho' nothing coqld be proved againft Hen iflbo^^eir^^ ^?ftd--oh:rtfie>�een, ^wbo wa� pt**(*d -^'p^r*^ �K*ttV%uti.;y bplfo :m�rry5"*Kecww�*�v Hot atcmtpirai^ki wib'Qb e�people,: 'who fc$e*tf0teyetythineVfeVlfahe-jWfci-'Were tfe-prive^b^tfre Uoferty/b� jiilgHng--rfedordir^ to their ton-fciences.' Sir John ThTogmeKonj troche/!to Sir'Nicholas, Wai the firftfthat experienced the fatal effects of th*s ; he being found guilty upon the fame evidence on which his;. w*s acquitted. . , . f, The disturbances occafioned by ^Vyat's conspiracy being (entirely appeafed, the queen went' on with her defigns a-.gajnft.^e-reformations The proteftant bifhops in general Were,'deprived, fome,' on acco'tfnt'6f the 'doctrines they "preached,'andothersfor .being marriedr''orir8)is 4arW account, fayr Barrier, 12000 clergymen w*re"turned dut of their living'. The mafs was every^whene Teftared, with the litrrgy ufed in the reign of Henty VIII.  In Septem-bpr, Philip and Mary were .marked,. The-former, by his frayity, refer*$dft . *Pd impexipus manner'of. treating the ihglifh nobilityj gained the itlrv^ijl gl the.w$ole"nation,' f *nd the.cojart was very little freque^nteq. The next year the laws ^igaiaft herecicks. vV^e reVlveJ, and the ever blcody and Zealous Gardiner, Maiy"s''prime ' minrfter, undertook to extirpate profeftahrHm outr of the kingdom. For this purpofe he began with Dr. Hooper, lJ}atebifbbp of'Glouceftet, and'Mr. Rqgers a clergyman.4of ^reat'-wpute among the proteftant. The(e wier^ . ;he nnrtyrs of this reign. The;ftrft was,burnt ,atGJouce$er tbd tecond at London. Jtiooper was45 jpintitw^n torment, the h/eiiot beip^ weilkindjed, to that'll is legs and Vfiighs were Krft burnt, and one bis bands dro'ppen.prT before h ecre'e for appropriatirrg the Sum of 260,000 Piaftfes1 per Annum, to difcharge the Debts of the late Kih'^. Mr. Wall having fome Time ago complained td Sir Behjamin.Kcene of the Interruption of the Trade of his Catholic Majeftj 's Subjects by the Britifh Men of War, that Minifter lately com-munica'tedjtb'him ?n atfdition^l IrtAruclion given .to all Corrj(n>nders' jp the Bfftiffi Fleet, which has been re-ceivedwith higHe'flf ^Satisfaction. ' FibreHcty fc�ityWltafy tfrt. it, 'TU faid that on theJ renewed ^Application of the Coort of Great Britain, the 'Emperor has confented that Enghfh Mej) Wjr may harbour during the Winter at Porto Ferrajo, in the Ifland 6f Elbe.' ' ^'-Verncc, '(a-'kupuitk of faij) Nov. 27. Oar lateft Advices recen/'d " ive lis little Hopes of the Conti-naance""pT"Th1j PopeYTJTfe,' Tinfomuch thSt We expe&' evei^ Moment td^hear' of bis Dtath. Although his. Holing '.tftrpugh his ^teat^Regulafity of Living, has omcom^ reVtral,Shocks, ;-iet in the Night, between j The ibth anri ^/fr,' hhji^aio fevere an Attack, that expired. Thefe jexecutious were followed by tWfe of f,Saunders and Taylor, two other clergymen of the 'moft di-*'ftiffgaiming zeal for their religion1. V,TayTor's pu^^rnent ~*ha Wraar�able for his bein^ p^C'JftHo-^^itti'ba^rd/'and having before the fire was kindled;aifag�ot\.thjDwd.' at\&s -AKai.^wrhiibwmade'. it^r^ftro^ywfc bjood-.j Mttmvfr, asj he was repeating the 5jft PUbti in^Pnglifhi />nftg0^^e| -^uJM:ds frufek- him..over the.m^uth. -bidding bim , pray in: i.Ji^t^li .Jpon, aftej, aqother of. the .guards Irnocl^^.out hjs brains "with a halberti 'Conner, bifribp of I^onrfoo.'al-fo diftinguifhed himfelf by a furv not only ur^ecdmrtfg' a^ <c$$rjrTfaWisa ctfiftiSn, bu^ren^ 'rthrflbaJ Pabd^ar-' Wied**''tte'elsfecntiDfis bTifll prtfteffiartb XvbflAvtwl^ndt,t^n'; ^piftsP#i P^t1lip, ^himfelf- v�siafti2�Bed>fo^ tbeirHSloody iseab> xodj pubiajlily exclaimed againlt the Englifh bifhops. Btfides the^irifu^lj r�he>lV^laf >^agiftratesrwefe no le^s f aripast, aitd e^epuie-i ;-5be fqnte^ces even mor� jrigorouily than comtaapded by tbei laws. Parrarbifhop o7 Sc/Davjds Was 6urot at Carioax ' crV'tSearfe 0f? Csf^tn tmi Kingdom* that- :H^}^iik.^^^^^^^^^ri, Famine, Upon tbjf Amount ihe Kinij hi^fimt^n^xprefs :ta PeterT-^bbn^rtar. ^btai'n^EefjVe: of. rh* Emprefr-of- Riiffia to-?^et 'axejtedrt' (JttfAtjttty of Corn;Qtit' of her Dornlnions * to 'f^pply :ojJr-p-| eferit'Kectffltfe s.' ' r: 'r'"^r Cdpenhafa Wfrttftyl'tf' piktmlrt) Nov. To-, 'morrow w4^Me:nu eft- Wjr: ttfe one of'76^amf'the; cilfhelr of:'5d 'Gu'risi wilfbe laUnche'a" at1 this Port. " Funnay(ib'ecapttifci'q'bf^^ Nov 26. The Court has'recetved'Advice frorri'Poland, thaf'fu'ur Re-gimexifsVbf Foot lhat" were' in" that Kingdorn, were mifebbg by the'Frontiers of Uppe'K Silefia to-joirt the Troops of the Emprefs Queeq under Prince Piccolbmini. ' "' Gj^feiurt has dPlWn up. a full1 Arifwer to the'Pieces publtffiej bv the. Kifi'gof PVuffia to juftify-his Erittance jftto Sixbnf 5 whicjjis how1 in the 'Pieft, and wilfbe ptlbliffied in a few DaysV ' ' *' - - ''Vitnna^ Nov. 27. The Errfprefs Queen has demanded from1 the States df the Lower Auftria a rVWtion of Florins by1 Way of Anticipation. Arpongft other Auxiliaries, this Court haV taken iffto her Pay 6oi>oof -i\\t.Palatine Troops,'Vhifch,'in Ct>njurt�ridn w'rth other '^AuVilhirier, *hr>rfe'Trblips which matcHM lately from the N^th^rlands^ ar^tb' be em'ptoy'd in an Expedition of a'very^extVkorfJinary Nature.; Drtpe\l"{the Capital cflUpper Saxony, in-Germany-) Nov\$kl ' The. Kmg';6ffPrtuTia having h#ard great Enc'oni fares'1" of the,1 TaWnf^bl ^^ttferan Snifter'in thfi^Cit^, hfflvf^y^^frrp'amed^y the P.ince bf TVufHi'; kht ^rlrfttf-Hfery arid Fc^lmind, General rvejtnV'a^d Teyral:riher Officers,'-weftt'tKe a'ift to the �Cath'edraT to 'he^nhaf Minifter pTeac|i. The Minifter, tho' he had 'no'Notice or their corrrfhg, ytoolc Care to make^is'Ser'rhrJnappIicible : VVit^houlentering into the political Motives, Wnfthl ft is ridt f Be Bufinefs< of'the ftVa^bf the Pulpit to" WdW *ftb;' he' exbrrftde/'d t %x'ofjy, ;andtFrs^r'e^rttiSftuaifto^,, ghtly that'fineular Ctrciifrfftatfces bf two Rf^Sarcbwho had i(6t falfrrt^oii^'-arril'^et'Orje -AfWhegpiaa Entered the bfe't V TlfJflhfrjW?�irtfl41iar#��ir?oiit ol hn Oominions.-He'a^a'feT^d HrmTglgtff y;ardeatly to-trre Divine Providence TO piit an'End^) the Misfortunes of tpeac^ rfJ,lfeeiWcifiafch/-,''^h�iTO!ng to the King "arid K^nr, Wfi'b^jh'hirrj to4^^c (2otintry; with viihly beftowed upon him^ Were diftribtltfed but to vtrys few, and that with a View to enable them to contribute the mote, to the Happinefsof their Fe"ow Crea^ tures. The King feem'd affeded with the Qilbourfe ^ and told the Minifter that; he was eipially pleafed and edified with it, and that he hoped the Event would be, agreeable to his Wlfhes. his reported here, that Count de Bruhl, Prime Minifter of the K-ingqf Poland is gone incognito from Warfaw to Vienna, to concert with the Imperial Court the Meafures proper to be taken; in the prefent Grcumftances. It is aifo faid thaf a ftrong Detachment of Auftrians^ confifting pritrcipaUji of Pandours and Huffars, had opened a Way-thpCiygJ) the Mountains of Bohemia into Saxony bu^ upon the firft Advice of their Entry into that Electorate* fome Prufiian Regiments \Srere ordered to oiarcb and attack them, which they accordingly did;to vigoroufly, \hat the Auflrian Irregulars were entirely defeated 1 Leige, (the Capital of the Bijhoprick of Leige in Gef7 many). Nov. 50. The Acmourers Oh tbis.'City have contraded with the Court of. Vienna,to deliver 50^009 Mnfkets within a limited Time. L*':pjic, [a Gity df tiungar^ in the Girck of Upper Sa#on?)-~Dec. 1. The numerous Garrifbn which is m this City is commanded by Col. Mariftein, whocaufes the molt exa�t Difcipltnerto be obferv�<J.  The King of Pruffiaj to whom a Reprefentationiai b�R qiadedf ctne Scarcity, of Proviiioas in the. Electorate-of.Saxonyt, ha9 given Orders for Corn and otber Things'for, the Subftflance of tbe Inhabitants, to be broogbt f*on? t\h own Territories during the Winter* . . Hanttiw, (the capital Ctly of the. Kwg.ff. Qre3l Britain's German *Ltomini aa*berlainV fcftt^ .received -Oxde^ Einglarud, tofetouj,'W!theTit-iio/atoif Xl"�N \foj;.Cciperrhagen, attended dbji 3 SfeBcetijt^ cjf gja^ bifiy c^From5*her�ctitiftftipred tfcattrrefeia im* ".portanrNej^iatu)(bon.tb�JCsrpBC.-^ . ; Hanover, Dec. 3. The Regencyflf this Ele^oyate, tOdBraecrtrpicreni Corn gFO^iftgl^tajejr.ifl thisj.CjJua-try,;hav� deter mined to fix a.PfJCt upM i^, ^^gft^l flatter ouifelves herej that <du^rieg <jpefr!Q9ujle^)f thjs .Winter,,Meacs,wiJl Jdz So\ipAJt9$n ^%Wiftirig^feace between the Emprefs Queen and^fie.;Si�g ^i'r.uffil, ; and that thereby a.fitop witt; be-BB^^.t^j'.MJ.fcbrefs which threaten Germany with jR6w�i?The Report that .the .Secretary which is gofee-off ptw "h^nfle ^having ' carried with hi'm Papers rslatbg toia-$r<?R?.t iSTqgocutiap ; is entirely without FaundarlcrtKii ?ti)at _,Geatlerrvan having for fome T�nepa/l been . Age pf 74 him lei f comruarais a Privateer^ has pUkntetf hdldjy taken an' 8th Prize : Going on board has ^Cfcatpup* with 25 Men, having reft h s ShipiniaiCfeekaittfc^fceiSueighis of Gibrairaf^ he failed in tod iNightiintt the. Bay4 where there was a gieat Number of\ Maotbaflfc bip.v otfe^f which he took, and camediiiruajfitcitbe OtDnoft of Maiag^j; ^IThc EngiiOi-43(avtMfe ;pe��ivfctbftrhat .ji^ had done, followed "bun with terx^ChaloqRea^Qfeught a^festg Tmc, and tilled them aho�e Jyrty,^[eA, >^ut * the Ship was retaken. jAatnii^wasidoiatiu^de* the C^* nen'o*' Mala^a^ LMl xle; Mowjiad^ufe &tpl*�&4 of the

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