Wednesday, August 3, 1825

British Press

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British Press (Newspaper) - August 3, 1825, London, Middlesex SALES SYlAUCTIQJ?. - ,--ir-r--'-"i'"'=.oi^�.x N^SXT; In Two LoH. '>--?%-"�maWe Policy in the. Equitable inauiarice i^', �.S'^L*' l.OOO/: effecj^jn i^ireh, 1804, wi.h the ^^li|dyo�_ t^rtOD,.ainoumin? tsx 67^5/.: Ufe 49. Preroiam >tl�t2. A0iliofor�dO/.effectedirfA"priI, IsoS.od thesame life: bebadiitday�.|)reri9us to thtSale, of 31 Mm. - �-'�'^ST"^^"'-''?'?''' ^' John^treet, Bedford-row ; �t tfie The Ukswl 2<J<Ji�ijioD of the Ist Battiljon of the Bi6e:Bfii;ai  etnbjrked. on rbe 28th and 29th ulr. at. Belfast, On boSJd tbeJj-srph Green andSpeke�TO�pOTts, foi CJuebec. � - .-, � TheSSth Regiment of-Fijot has received drder�,-9n t(S�^TA-. liered by tbelit baitaliOivoPthB Rifle Brigide, t4.e(Bbai* !it .e Joseph G^epil and Speke tiaDsjxn-ti, for eonve^r. ance to Bertnuda. r .. . , .. ?7th uli. at Cork, (br the purpose of wnbarTBSgiWi *d3id, )nj |.i"�aj�tji'5 ship RoDMey, and the Maris sfid Catb fi�n�pbrt�, uU>g a content, (l^;the�ttiBIiii�n t;i(n':Tl��fcS'iii^i' giani^ at Ihe ' �' ^.tjadiojf^ fiofli. jiorta'-------------.-|idi-(o'ports sdullupafd (^i^tbuBiitdm to j^Miici^ tbe iratbctn 'a$be?;e��e�^Bd-^4t[!pw!nL �^ ibe ports-on trsUhi aolfftr iresteri>0*tt ofKbifftna; fm&di^ Xtiwpoalarid ^ ;H^l^^�lStO�Ji8'e�� Vwtoifltaiilt.WatMapeted. jmd. m �eTid(- ---- - 8I�!^i^.'Iil*aT�ooI, an* oieritfci wTateotin. ______fi�m' to!, abd^'fisteGia�a;=aiut:JU.. 1 .^-PjartrfBt-itoiftSfooffW neelV^to:^ wsrtaWlrm-.ptteMf ^^^l^ iwbie^lwriipitM tffwJiDg;,.%iU W abridg�d�5t/.wi�i*W. ^ss^! �eo(�rttwftU��o�-eb6Soeeftbirf4>f-to.almuonS S&iiin -N�yitat�D, : Afe Jact that the'English capital ^jdreddy.embarked; ^ No^-.i. .:Araerit�a�iii Canada and otber: Mrts of the G(�tl�, jcs,feenonnbu�v there can be no dOnb'ttbat the nuin.r ^^and the-quantity of Freight Trill ho'abidcon. " -'ThlsH=S6ipaAy *21 tfIsoaflbid thetnosl reg^iltr and advantageous tteua :ftr'the Ttajispow of ^roops and OOTemmeDtStores.  - Gobitot-fiieinSts itfillimi-oj>on ^hiThamea' and Valenai liifc, frdm fhitAnveyance-of thepwu-Jfe of the most ferUIedJstrictof lT�hind,MOTiKsUhojt-etetoded by. tlie delay of SaUiog Nwriga-tion. an'd^the return of Britijb maau&clnreagooda direct fromtbe) Estimates Jiave'. been fimiled; oh-actual--tenders, forthe whole Otttifitv-Satlnding-espeBseaof NaTigati'on�FueI, && TheirtuniS' inxalciiUted-vpooiilhVestabliahedjates of Freight and moderate cbargeafor Panenem. :'tJpOQ.tucn^nipiilations, the-Undertafc-iOffoSenJar^e and sbiady Profit fot theniSMf Capital,'-ud-the Mole Exnendihiri win be.vested in. solid ioaiSaUe propq-ty. .."Xfais^Oqect'hHNbceD.aubmiued tD<hij Jli^icst]r's.:6<iTenunent; and the AetorPluliaineQt. for'fdnnlng a^d regulating this Coin. jaaj-Aaiiteaied -the-,RoyalAasint;by sthich (atnoDpotherpro-walo8�)!t8eKe�pOMibihty of tbe_^ropricbrs is limited to the. 43notmt themrespecuvely. yaiiCABLE tONG.IiEASKHOLD iSTJ.TES, . Piodilcthg 175/.-j�ei-ADDjim Net. At the Mart, on \V:EDNESDiY NEXT, at .12, in Two ^r:*�*^;.hy otdet of �dteEjteciiJois:of Joseph-Patieacei, ceaaeq, �..... � ' < * rV^m^^igymlm^ Lease for a- - 98**OT-;OT�ph:erf,'�lJbir-g^ viz^A SpaiSons: HeddeBce, with snJtsWe offiees,1arge gardeti, infl pre-" J'l!^*iW���Iy�ttpat�;jn jE^.Ball-tane.^ the parish'of -'--'^*-'^'-^o p*f^. .The'piopo^ harbour ai Beet will, in time of war, *e of ilMilwlsole adranuge in prereoiing captures by the enemy's ciuil^jt-:' � - "'� �- � �" . ' � Tlif&talatprtte of forming the Canal and Harbours, and of amoly fniit'idi^ for erenr^conlingency incident to such a wotli, is estimated b/JiK?relfiiTO'at 1,712,1M�. and from his evidence, on oith. It appiitis'that tie has alfoved for each distinct part of the ��ot)c� jnin'atwhidi �Can'^uhmpdiately find parties willing to contract (prSi."- " r"  � v^rryv, - .- , The.-�)arce�-of a rerafae,* ptOTKlrtioDed to this expenditure, esiahlia)ed'fiythee�deh�C'Of dmptt^taDi respectable witnesses, were arranged tiiider t^'Mlowfilg-heaar:-^' . Tons; ] >i. The sitpply ofcbaij tOlhewboItrektiRit ofeonntry borderiojjopoD thi:i(iaiai,i(iia^ae(>i)i!ldera&ledjs-taate on each tidr'of.itj'lni^dlB^ the tOvhs of Uonitoa, Taunton, Jlminst^'AxintAster,'Chard, CtwfcemeiVVeoril, -Cof^,' Cangport,. Briilge-water, andtittiers, takeirohljjrat'^e'^nalf ofthe eati-ciate, at iifiOO tons, att^gnSemes and other' goods a: 15,009-tqns- .. ,-^V' ' ^i- TheUkempply ofcoalato tt'e'Bbutbietn'.psjti of England, 'taken at bne.^half ohiy'bf a redilced esti- ., - .j^;!:^.,^.,' ^ ' M. Tonn^ofUmesib!>ef >;'-n''.';- r _  .1 � AllComimim6attbns'*o->ihUatfcista=hitheI)iirector!>, to^care of the S6Hch^^,G.<Ji^W*B�4rl2,�She4�iIe,^^ntil ther^3o,j,. .p�y'aHoateisirf're ublisbei,,,6d.. _________,_______,l^:�Th*3iKJf 'i and- d .;^.tefre'manL VThefur-ani-French cahopy'.bed:. . ^^Jiahgiiiipi; feather beds and rdtawr^ai^diessinjsatandp, astitt'eof Bg.rjoih.'tablcs'aotf "cabinets,'^ French V^^f^.^'^^^i^L^'^ tables, pJrTdur. chairs, ^Iaz�d.;��^-^t<w�i Jhr . BySW.^tiAtlTY, /Absolute:ji�y:'e[R$ijoM,tS 76oi. -sto-ii,.., 'dbfi^ili^'?!? "f-* gentlemarf aged eighty.five. Sw^Jhe*' ""^^ �" ' tafuahle'EetSte i- �tr?ji�'^jP�4.?''^. '.1 ra HOUSE, >"EAR CHEAP-- ~ , SIDE.. ' At the AiCtion Mart, on FRIDAV. August 13, at 12, Desirthle-LEASEHOLD BESIDE-NCE, in excel- -lent- repair, situate No. 24^ CJoUefje-hill,. the comer of loSk-lane, Cheapside, and producing an irnproved rental of 2.5i. per.simiitaibdd for iipwaxfls of 16 years, and now in the occu pa ^ion of .a respectable tsnantat win. " May be viewed by pemd�si,on of the terianl,.and printed parti-calar�had.t>n the premises; at the Auction Mart; and of .'Mr Cauty, Auctioneer and Estate Agent, 80, Pall.roall, on board tne vessels that conveyed'the Jitter tegimem tbitber, for convcy.i[ice to England. . - ^ CHANGE OF ST'A^IQNS IN IftELA>ED. , The G3d.( West Suffolk) REgJment oPlBfactry has fc'arrfred-f.-rm The Ihh (.\ortii Devon)"Regyrtent of Foot .has moVed frc-n Cork to Tralee. ' The'lath (l.�r York .Vorth Aiding) Regiment of tnfautr; hii trarcfiedltom Liinericlc to Cork. � The 'S6th (Caineronian) Regiment of Fiwt'bas itiarc!�d frr-i Tralej; fo-'Liniericlc. ThfrSSlh <Dortelsfiire) Regimer.t of Infiinfry has am'VeJ Cork, for errita/kation for Chathani. The-23 SatfaJion'of iha Grenj^jer R^raert of Giiwi? cr--bsrfced OD'ihe JtSt'uh. �t Liverpool, for DnblTO. " . , .M'ii}df"iS\t�Ji w?�^3f-ttwji. 1-2. ; Attijrtrthe CcItsRuit, MarshaUi from 'New 'X'orkaad Havre, t t-iT. , - rnajtjTfom New Vorkj Robert M-\V.,- liam, frontSff�rOrlean4; Jla^^xei,-ftoiji CSttieme : fll3- 1. i--, from. Dantzic ;. Jooge Peter.--from Ojiend ; Jn--i l^jWJi^'-^-ivftlltti Soiyrna; and Jonge \riUi�lm,.l'artevlen, tr^-t KoteercTam. ArrivetTy&KWfly.evenine, ibe .Vympb, WitHia^'fram Cbar'.Tt. to-'.. ' " The ;\rnrs, iliichell. from Xct Orleani;, ba� orpf^ ' ' Clyife, .Kpojf*'the H.�rmon>- on the SU Jujy^jn iat..36, 41, iy .-. -485 ciui 41 days, all ��-?�!.' ....... The Birklj}-, iliiler, from Liverpoel, ha5 arrived at tiie .H.--vannaji. Sailed, the OW -Mahl, Tullv, for Quebec4-\Iroeiva, W>odbi- f,ir Silem ; Royal Oaii, Knowle?, for H3B^5^0t''daievQt?�'. - man, for Oporto; Mary Jane, v--h-^^^, ----- 'ew tlamp3b'rre,"SRDiv, for Virg-.j.. : .�\iJ, Ii.ncvt3hs*, for .New Brjnswick. AST I.\r)IA~SHIPPING'. '�� . WILTON PLAOeTn^^ GBAVESEf^p; By-MessfKSTEVENg8'ii*^SitENCaLEY, "At the Auction M�it,Londoni�>n�Ein&JVJhe IStft ihjt.-at 12, L^A' DESiHABLE-Ji�EJS�P�iR:ESyiTJ& situate at i'J^'TiiXtmji^'P^iitxyttv^ nto�f4i� connty .^orJEeot, conipti!iq� a Urgeand eam ipbiU'Owdiin(^ltt>^, 4e*ly r.ertcted�c6JetaJahd(ng most ^xlAOii^^tot lite river Tbiiaj^ end Burrqmldfite country; -TB*tio&e3�:�trftalle/ aoil dra ftihllrdf lApecbMiJf^d tiontiiins a large servants' ~ r,xftiJhVsi5c<am-�ttty, (biA-airtr *e3�iblnar-.&it story.'^bree jp�: Wehai^heM;*3ilr�<g:5!i|0^ ^ <!� ftont awf Back kitejiens,^ fitted i*a!eiiB'f;4_ . <ase,'*cheerfitT arine. beer. and. ilantedr-'- ORlE.NTltL GfllNA.- LLVEN, PIANO-FORTK, LI-3RARY, qf BOOKSj_TRAV�LLlNG CHARIOT, A GOLD CHRONOMETER, &c. MBS PHILLIPS re^ectftjlly announces, that THIS DAY, St I,- he shall SUBMIT by AUCTIO.V, ai his Great Room.s, New Bond-street, without reserve, an assemblage of-usefal and ornamental, oriental? French,-and other China; or-mpluclockr, pitted ware: a wardrobe of good condition s and misceUaneous objects of furniture. Al'so, a small Lifbrary'of Books, Books of Prints, Maps, &c., the tbe|irop�rtr of aOentleman,deccMed, May b^ viewed, and Catalogues had at Mr. Phillips's. 83,312 1,05*5,627 �200,848 12 4 ROOO 0 0 310,846 12 0 Total tonnage At a chsrge ofld. per ton per mile on an aveiage, the above tonnage will produce, for the whole 44 miles of Canal, a.gross revenue of Add a tonnage rate, to be levied �n all vessels talcing refuge in, or using the proposed bar. hour, and also on vessels proceedfnir along the Canal, 10 Bridgewater and the river Parret. Theamoont annually from these sources may, OD an average f years, be Clear atmtta! income arising fnom the Cand and Harbouts, and applicable to a dividend among tfaeproprietorSiOfaboatlSperccnt. ' � - .>iu,t>^ i� u N.B..:The expenses Of' msnagsment, repaln, and every other coatingescr, will be piovided for by the toimage arising on the ln> ttmal traffic on the Canal:. Jn the above olcollUlon no allowance is made for the 'vast in. crease of trade whiii it ahniially taUng jJlace in SOuth Wales, and ta which this tn�)eitakh>g vfll most cstentudly contribute; nor is anc tonnage reclconed inco^lbrongbtfivm Wales tolxindon; the -^tone Coal and Ccdm is however already used there, and on the east const of England; and there is every reason to expect that the com-1 Welsh Coal will find its'Wav to the London market, when a hr.> mi regular mode of tnndt shall he secured. Tiu? consequent inoeue of. trade and mtnufactnie in the fine and Voi>ulous country thflngh which the Canal will pass, presents a iwpea of additional revenue to a very coosiderahle extent; and " ;he peat Northern Canals, which have proved so Immensdv "cdncuve, that increase has hem the great source of profit. It ^"ould here be notieed that a recent n^tlation wUI albw the Cor-?otaiion, at a very moderate expojse, to make a branch Ship Ga-^al u) the populous and wealthy town�f Taunton, and that ejunc-|"n with the Grand Western Canal wiU^ by the same means, be 1: '.hould also be noticed, that although in the event of a war the "-�i5u through the Canal will be very materially augmented, the ;. ri�: of an income increasing with the advance of Dotbnal prospe- 'i lie capital of l,750,000t is directed -in the Act to be raised, by ' or low. each. No shareholder will' be liable beyond hU i-cK. and his liability to future calla in respect Of such shares will �"raw immedfately on a transfer; the Act directs, that two months ^ "c least shall iniervene beiween each call, and that no call shall 6 per cent. �,/,. A 'iencral Meeting of tliB Suhsaiben will take place on the 18th ^- �> iRttst. to elect Directors, and make (he necessary arrange-' ^ far the commenccmesf of the woikj and" the Committee re-',. and Stevard The House Steward The BaUiff The Butler The Valet The CoBchman The Footman The Gioom The Porter, &c. &c. Printed for Kjiighi and Lacey, of an Booksellers. The Uonsckeeper The Lady's Maid The Cook The Housemaid The Laundry .Maid The Dairy Maid The Nurse The Maid of All Work &c &c iScc Patemostcr.row j and to be had ' ter.. ., ,. Hthi Isale;, o. ;�n>BDdvaDd^ Meafta'. �j � 'J''''�y?'i�QrjL)C':^'if^"uf^i"'Ji'ic'l. YALPA^^iplteCTS^^KlVaTT-A* AT TOVILL, NEAR MAIDSTONE. By Messrs. STEVENS ajid BRENCHLEY, At the Auction Mart, on FRIDAV* the 12lh insu at 12, unless an acceptable offer be previously made by private coniract, AMOST desirable FKBEHOLD SIX-VAT A PER-MILL, substantially erected,' and very'eli^bly situate at Tovlll,.contiguou� to the River Hedway. - The mill lain foSwoik, and its paper has bexn loog held in high repute by a most excellent connexion, who furaiah a conitani demand for-its produce- .jUJs .parted with on-account of the decliinng health of the senior'parfner, and presents a verj desirable opportunity for metf of property to embark upital, either for letiiug or occupation of the estate. There-are TWO COTTAGES' eonagnous. tontiinlag fourteen rooms, capable of. beiiijg ixnfc^ted iiito one'conwnient Also a three-atall stable^ coachhouse, bifcwhouse, malt-loft, 8tor�-cellsr,cow.Ioage, carpenter's and smith's shops,, poultry-house,.'p^gerf, and tivo flower gardens. -',- - May be viewed with tickets'only^: and particulaia had at the plaice^pf sale; at the EeU'^nd Star Iniu, Maidstone^ and of Messrs. Stevens and Brenchley, 36, Old Jewry, London. This day is published, price \L Is. Part XV, of THE ENCyCLOPiEDIA METROtOLITANA. CoKTEifTS-I. Pure Sciences-Completion of Geometry. III. H"istotleal''and Biographical Division-Herod the Great- Caius C^sar Caligula-Tiberius CU-udius Drusos Cesari-Nero Cbudins Ctssar.. .4V. Miscellaneous Divislon,r-EngIiSh Lexicon -COP-OBfiCrrinelading Cork-Cossack-Council-Couraing- Cbijrt-Crane'-Creed-Crimea -Crocodile -Crottlus-r-CuIdees- Ctrrdistan-CycIa/les, &c &c. *� A few cojks are printed on royU paper, with proof inr-pressions of the PBles, priiSl/. 18s. The Parts from i. toXV.-on royal or demy paper, may be had together, or separately. Printed for J. Mawman; C. and J. - Rlvlngton ; Baldwin, Cradock, atid Joy; Sherwood, Gilbol, and Piper j- Q. B. Whit-taker; J- Duncan, London.; Parker, Oxford; and Bdihlon and Sons, Cambridges and may he had "of aU BoofcseUets In the United iUngdom. TO CHVM�T8, ORUCkJCBTS, &c. thalrible IiEASEHOLI>AWELliI>iG.HOUSE, with attrac-..tixpghop.Mjhoriou By Meisfs:.^TBVENS ahd BRENCHLEY, At theMart, onFRIDAVrtheTathmst., at 12, by order of the Aaalgnees, unless pfeviousiy; disposed of by private contract, AVery diafable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, cotniirising an excellent privileged'Family djwelling. House, in complete repair, with an attractive and,oonyenlent. Shop, aituate No. 28, .Alinories, now arranged for a, Chymist and Diuggist, but very eligible for any busbiess reiiuidng'a. sitpatioh coiittguous to the Docks. The House contains three servantt' roonis ; on theaecond story, two bedchambers, twatly papered aiid' {laiAted, with doseu and a store room; first stoiy^ a.^tswiog-reotn, with marble chim.: ney piece, a bedehamber, atjd .aepavenlent storeroom; ground fioor, a most excellent rpomy itna attnetive shop, fitted up in a most superior ifiantier for the business ora Cbyinist and Druggist, and-a parlonr behind, with'(Met �,''lh4t musfbe sold forwant of room. '  Cou;it^'M�Kio?�BolH'eBST&c supplied ira wbderate terms. . SCURVY, SCROFULA, KINO'S EVIL, &c. FREEMAN'S ANTI-SCORBUTIC DROPS. These dreatlful disorders, in their most inveterate stages, whether occasioned by acrimonious matter retained in the habii, or intro. duced by certain indiscretions, intemperance, or injudicious use of Mercury, come parlicularly viniier the influence of this medicine: the reputation of which was firmly esublished in the successful and extcBslve practice of the late Dr. freeman, for a period of more than forty years, for all diseases originating in obstructed perspiration or itnpttri'.y of the blood, these Drops will be found a .�o. vereigo remedy, at the TOine time the safest medicine ihnt can be resorted to ; they are also an excellctit purifier of the blood, and are taken with great benefit in the Spring and Autumn. Sold in Bottles, at 2s. 9d.. 43. Od., lb., and 22s., by Butfcr, j Chemist, 4, Cheapside, St. Paul's i Savory and Co., 13fl, .Ne�-Bond-street, London; and by the principal Medicine \'ender8 throughout the United Kingdom. Of whom may be had', MORRIS'S BRUNSWICK CORN PLASTER, an excellent remedy for eradicating Corns, Bunions, Ac. In Boxes, at la. 1 .Jd. and it. 9d. The Resource, Pickford, from Qu.-bec, w-is off-irotir'"? K.'.r. FenzHn:e, the 30th uli. : she .spoke the .lldfratt. Bro�-n. f-on-Chica bound to Quebec, near the entrance of the St. ljas�Tc.--nver, on ihe 2d 0! July ; and in the river when about halr^a-j-, down, she s.1w a largif ship, haring two while jtrtaiis ore vel'o'r supposed 10 bethe.JuIiana. Foiheri'i;ham. ' ' � The P_)ramus, lirndic. from Ceylon and th?^Cape'r I^r,;-K-a.1 .pokei> n-ith on the Uth of June, in lat. 4 N., lone. ;c W. cr the Boyne. _ ^ ^ sriIPPIXG_iXrELLIGE,\CE. CUSTOM HOUSE, At-GtrsT 1, Snips. EvTEJtEB IjfiVAKDS-The Kangarop, Ducnelh f.-: * Leghorn: isabelia,^'illiarasgn. frpro. Omoa i Honduras) ; G'h*,' Inientj, Uragg, from Os:eml; Elizabeth, Emblefn, frnm P.e:e---b'urgH i'Bfitannra, Newman, from Dantzic; ITelena, Gerdess. :.-cr-Rostock; Bellooa. Riglser, from Danrzie.; Uiiion, Baxirr. '-�-Dantzic;? Orient', .Morrison, from Dantzic-;� Regent l'a:ker. l ... Ext'er'ed OcTiTARns.^The George,--B<jrteau, fir Cj!'-;'-."Micmac, ll'aker, for .Newfoundland; Lnsitania, Git'be"^. ' Oporto t'Efibrt, .M'Luckie, for Zante ; Matshal-Blucher, ti '�^e-. for Rotterdam ; Ondcrneemine, Kite, for Rottertlam and dam ; Mulgrave, (iarbuti, fpr .'Vlalta, Corfo.aiKl Alroeria ,- ();ta-A- i. Douglas, for Qlj^ec in^ Montreal; .filfreda, Norfor, Cm Gibrait j-arrd Almetia. . C'tEAinmOcTWAnOs Fts,vl.i.y at GUJCVSSEX'a'-T" r Pilchard, Coales, for .'Malaga; John'Dann, jM'Benth, Wr \ i Diemen's Land and New South Wales ; Sc^ia, Smith, for Bc-ir-and Drontheim ; .Maria, Bibbens, for ^ew&iirrtihiriir: Irnd':^^-..^ Albertina, Kahler, for.Stettin ; Anna Cithariiia, R'kII.-. i.- Rpnen ; Margvet, flart, for Rotterdam. - . --- 'CLEAKiN(},OuTWAnps,^The TowardCastie, JeflVrv. fj: T-^ neriffe, -Van Dismen's L^od, and New South M'alrs i Swifr. .\n for 1ttal�ga-,'''Bfertfcifr-^'�yth. for Gibraltar aijdjJIalsga ; Von Dyke, for New York ; Flying Tish, Smith, forOstciJ : B- -tanoia, Sleeraan, for Odes'sa. FRO.M LLOYD'S LIST. MONEY ON MbRTPAGE OR ANNUITY. FIVE THOUSAND EOCTNDS and upwards, or any part tin Sums not Jess than ^ILVwill be advanced on Life-Interests from Mirriage Settlements, Trust-money in th? Funds, Wilis, Jointures, and real Estates ; ahw on Freehold, Copyhold, end Lieasehold Properties; on fkir, just and liberal terms, .' Apply personally, or by letter cli^-j�-the King's HeUInn, at Wimbome' MMiter, Iwnet, at l3i> c&ck on each of the said days, in lift Lo��,-the flr�t,94 of rtdch win be Sold at Milbome Port, and the leraainiDg Z&at'Wimbotnr, TBE Manors of fODBBR, CLlFTON MAYBANK, � and-BfiADFORD ABBAS, theConaty of Dorset, and or HiSNSTfllDOE and TBJttPJLB COOMBE, in the County of Somerset, together'with divert Famu, let at rack rent, coppices and woodlaoda In hand, aiid tenemenla'and lands let on leases, for one,4wo, or thre*lives, mostly Tery.old;to^ether'with the tithes of part of the'same lands, all situate iff,-or adjoining the several parishes or hamlet* of Btour. Provost, Todber, Khigton Magna, Nylahd,-Olifton Maybaok, Bradford:Ahbt�kand Sfaerbome, in the county of Dorset; and Templa Otembe,; Hehttridge, and Stoford, In the county of Somerset,'Bnd near'the market towns of Sherborne, Yeovil, Wincanton,AndShdle�bliry. ABo the.tnanorof Hanley. and divers farrts and heredilatnenu Iij theparisheaof Hanley and Oussage St. Michael, ib the ooomy Of Dorsst, which lie near Woody�te'�Ino,pn the gttat western road, between Sslisjmry and Blandford. The whcie�theT neady Ntae Thousand Acres. The Estate -of ISherbtiine ,Wykei".c6ntalnIng about 678 acres, with the great and small tithes thereof,'aAd the Qte of a mill and islahde at Thomfotil, are hdd by die vendot* under Winchester C611(�e,^aod of which a lease win be nsii^ to:the vendors fc^ a termor tirenty yean ftom the^Uth of .O,(tobier>next, alkbject to certahi renla in money pad com which are-Ireidy agreed ppon, The<!oUMe, by the uspal eustott,, aUow,�htii.lessees to renew suehleaioi �B the exphatton'of every sayenth year, on moderate terms. - Ab6ut\22 acres in Stonr Provost'wreeopybold for lives, and alMtat^st^ -i�Haotlsy^arrJ�lWloidi'ef lives. AUthe rest oftbeEttiiteaiie-ftBehoW. r"; '  - Tht pnrebueH AiarJSf <K��f)modatM-.'^th a eotixldetable pait ',W their pihSiiWjBdtaftddBfi*^*^ "Detailed P^Wititootwljjaffi Maps;�ndC4odl- tton'bf SaUfahd tieiplMltfVmta^tm-Umfvrm iMilrlLoti oomptisad ill any�a��f thepaiisbcii 01 pita* abotiMl�a*dv! may. beltaaonipaymentotOWUilMagt bttt^M^yl^^a^lV and Mapaofthe whole of the Estale�v on.javimpt ae4v�;hiUinsii for-th�si�B�,on ipplWia*i� U^<^jl^�aMTO.U*e,^in. field-court. aFeiaWtff or to Hetn*. CiiMIemaRi aMSon; Wimborse Minster, Dorsetrthelatterof i�boai have the oi%ibalMapt and Terriers of the Eitalel. . The tenants of the several B�tale� will show the prtroisej. BEARS' GREASE.-This article, when genuine, and procured from the animal in its native climate, is easily knotvn by those who have once used it. It penetrates sooner, retains its moisture longer, and, on analysis, is found materially varied �rom all other Animal or Vegetable Oils. JAMES ATKINSON. PERFU.MER, has the gratiScation to Inform the Public that the Bears' Grease, as imported by him, has given the most -general satisfaction. Its peculiar properties of regenerating the Hair being now proved to a tleijionktration, and he will Only add, that independent of promoting the growth, it is very pleasant fpr dressing the hair, making & beautifully soft and glossy r'but, as there are several imitation", it is necessary to observe, that a Bill is wrapped round eich Pot, with the Importer's Signature, and the Pot has the figure of a Bearbumt on the top (not printed), and no Pol is sold for less than 2s- 6d. Price, in po(a 2a.. 6d. and 43.; and in bottles 3s. 6d. and 7s. Bd-; and perfumed with Otto of Rose, extra price..  Sold at 44, Gerrard-strect; and bv appointment by Messrs. Oattie and Peirce, 57, New Bond-street; Sanger, 150, Grange, 12B, C&rter,132, Smith, 88, ,Firtb^4�, and Langley, 31, Oxford-street; MiiltT^, 7, Burlingon-arcade! Dobson and Mason, 38, Haymatke't; VWoodmanj 'Piccadrlly ; MattraSs, Flett-street; Ctilley, 2^ $tjhoji8gate-3tree<; Paterson, Gracechnrrfi-street ; Marquis, Colepun-street; Gibbins, Plect-markei; Wakefield, Lamb's ConduiUstf eet; and tnpst Perfumers. MANAOEMEiVT, or RAISLVG THE WI.VD. In Boots that reflected each foirm like a glass A joker enjoy'd at ap Inn a good tJtnner ; But who cai{ avert evil fortune ? alas ! No Blunt in the locker, this pennylcss sinhet-. In jeopardy plac'd for bis gnib, left his coat. And thus on adventure was oshei'd afloat. A surtout was left, which he button'd dose round him, And soon as a guest a new Inn-keeper found him. He supp'd, drank his grog, went to bed^ and pursuits Of Management dream'd, of tbe wind how to raise, When enter'd a monkey, as rose the sun's raya, And bore ofi" in triumph his mirror-like Boots, Of raising the wind diapossess'd then of fears. He rang an alarm in thelnn.keeper's ears. Who scamper'd up stairs in surprise and affi-ighl- " I'm robb d," cned the guest, " of my Boots m the tiight, And Coat, that contatn'd in bank-notes twenty pounds ! This story the credulous landlord confounds; Who fonfli with the4p�ed of an arrow how shoots. Then quickly returns with a new coat and boots; -Anti twenty pounds pays, his guest's loss to replace. And save thus his house from impending disgrace. The stranger contented, his exit then made. And Pugg was soon found In the bright Boots array'd ; When came the first Vintner, with whom it now seem'd The Joker had been, and his garment redeem'J. The wily raanceuvrist made good his retreat. And but for �he ape bad not thought of the feat. The Boots like true mirrors the incident backing- And still at the Inn 'us a subject replete �VVith joke, when the towhsmen or travellers me?t, Tbu� Raising the Wind, and by Warren's Jet Blacking. This iEasy Shining and BriJiiant BLACKING, Prepared by ROBERT WARREN, SO, Strind, London; anS sold in every Town in the- Kingdom. Liquid, in Bottles, Gs. lOd. 12d. and 18d. each :-alao Paste Blacking, in Pois, ,Cd. 12d. and JSd.eacb. A SWlliDB Pot of Paste is ei^pal to Four Is. Bottles of Lic^uid. Faljlol-th, Jlt.v 31-Arrired his Majesty's brig C ir-t.'d -, froiii Flj-iiinuih. .Saiied the \'elocity. Brooks, t'or V'alpnirv'^s - � Lima ; and George. Jan� ei)n^', in ten weeks ; and EJiza, K.Jft'ards, rrotii h'.nii'^::^ tiaifed the (;it7 of Rochester, Tt-astlaft^. fi>r Fetersrburirn ; !,,e .N.. Quinccy ; and the Brutus, -, for London. POIlTs^^ouTH, Auot'st 1.-.-Irrived. his', JVlajcaty's *t.:- wif;.*u.--. I Tilly, from \'era Cruz. Sailed the John. .Major, for Riga.' Ar- � rired the Koyal Mail,-, from Deal, Avo. I - .�\rTived and sailed from the river, '.he J;::..-. Jackson, from St. Kill's ; the Ark, Ranger, from Befbicir : t.>:e Boyne, Stephens, from Bengal ; the Pro-/idence,-, from ,Vt -. - foundland; the .Martin, -^ from the Westward, and Wili.atn Ltisbineton, Soghru, from St. Kitt'n. Sailed the C'aio tran^uor:, for Cork; and the John Dunn, M'Beaih, tor Van Dienu". s Land. Ghavese.vd, .�\uGi.-3T 1-Arrived the Fame, Bmrd..-..-: Petersborgh ; .\nn and Mary, Wood, and William, Peartoti. tror.i Memel ; and Cottjiger, Cornish, from Newfoundland, {failed tr^-Fanny, Kemp, far the South Seas ; Eolides, Sourander. lur El�ir:ore ; and Eliza, Blake, for Rotterdam. BaisToi., At;ac3T 1.-Arrived the Eliza, Hudson. tVcn Trinidad ; Lamna, Patterson, from .Quebec ; Dove, Cophell, frorrt Bordeaux; .and Ross, - ; and Jamet, Walton, from Mi:a. michi. Sailed the Frederick, Reiner, for Bilboa ; .-^nn, Oawso^. and Chiles, Fox,-for St. Petersburgh ; Bro<ireDe, Tyerson, tor Dram ; and Dsedalus, Hall, for New Brunswick. The Vin-a^-. WhitnoH, has arrived at Opono ; and John. Porster ; vid .Mar-Jier, Walcott, at Constantinople. Belfast, Jtn-t 29-The Rtcbard and Sarah, from Gibralrir for this port, put into Oporto about the 27th ult., having sprung a leak, and it was supposed would be obliged to discharge. ELSi!i.ohe, July 23-The .Margaret, Hegg. from .'^Icnvl from Belfast, cut from her small bower anchor under Uornhoin.. 20th irstant, and carried away her fore-topmast, and damageu r-.zr rigging, and is at present in our Roads. .New ^'ork, Jt7XE 2.')__Theschooner Francis ( .irrt'!. f-j-j .Antigua for Baltimore, was wrecked on tbe 3d .1' Cape Hatteraes. Crew and cargo saved. Arrived of SctUy, the Casllereagh, \\'eigh;man, tVoni Mrcftp michi ; Eliza, Slc-ckcl, from Cadiz ; and Hope, .Maaire. frooa. Lisbon. The Pjramns, Brodie. from .'\ladra8 to London, wa.s ipoken 4:ii June ; and the .-\nn. t hrt3ti.':a. from Rio Janeiro, to Hamburjf.-^, on theSth ult. by the Boyne from India. 'J'he .VlcSatt, Brovrn,' I'rom China to Quebec, was spo.ktu u.::c the 2d ult. near the entrance of the St. Lawrence. The Enterprise steam vessel, sailed-yesterday morning at e o'clock, from Depiford, on her voyage for, Calcutta: this la-^-. Soine days ago, as a man .Waa cutting grass in a field near Eaploch, Stirlingahiie, a partridgb apniBg froia nnder liis'scythe, htid observing t'hat it felt on the opposite side of ahedf^ a,fe<v yardt diatant, he ran to the spot, supposing the bird bai peen slightly wounded ; but, to bis astonish-ment on taking it up, �e 'fount! it io want lha head; ami, on retaroiogto his scythe, he there found'the absent nrem-ber lying beside a nest with sevt;ral eggs nearly hatched. Hrst steam vessel [hat has attemptei^a voy^e of this descrip It Is-undersfood, that his .Majesty's Government has oflbred ? 1 premium (report says lO.CfOflt) to the proprietors of the stram vessel that first succeeds in the untlertakirtg. ' '  ' . Extract of a letter from the agent to Lloyd' HDnduris, dated 1.5th June:-'- The Robert, Duntdfi, arrived here23d -May from Greenock, and St. Thomas's, was bonded bvfipiril�:fce same day she left the latter place; who took Captain Dunloji out ot' his vessel, kept him on board for three btmra, and- -then^d him. The pirate w�s a schooner,' mounting one lo'njj gun o.-^ a swivel, with mtiskeL�, Sc. Captain D. says hesaw the same vessel at anchor while he lay at St. Thomas's, with ody four oriiyem^. bj; while he wits on board she had aboutsi'xty men, aU rofSan� of o'--ferent nations; captain, and tUl hands in a state of Intoi cattor ; they told him they were Colombians, and waiting for t.le br ,: Hunter, Captain Nicholls, bound from St, Thomas's for Uagm.-a, with a considerable quantity of specie and toi passengers. 1 captain of the privateer said, that when he went into St! Thon i, < to reconnoitre he always landed his hands on Criib l-l.inu. .a a Captain D, has no doubt bnt he must cruive with thcconnivarice a.'" the authorities DfSu Thomas's, or the residents of that island. .VrssXiS SPOX'EJf wiTU__Nassau, Tremayne, from I,. ' ; i fo* Sierra Leone, 2d June, edge of soundings on coait i.i .� ri-i:  Liverpool, 3d uIl otit 41 days, llth, Phocion, Gottenburt:'! i r '-�f York. 19th,PenelopcTrinidad for Tor: Ola-'.gow.21�t,h,i.'if i*. . Bell, Clyde for .NewfouncUand. 23d, Tamerlane, .U'K.llop, C ; for Quc'b-c, 2.i;h, Caledo.-iian, .and .-\nn Umnl in rmr-^.- . , �Clyde for New Bnins-.ick : by the .Mars, arrived off Port K-i-. Whim< St. Vincent fur Ixindon, 2.5ih June. _ Nestor Ifith -j,-, Quehec for London, ia wurtdin^. ( hesterfield,'Iiith. Londo.i St. John's, Newfoundland, ,<c;liy E, by S. distant t;0 imlfs. 'y the NewThoma-, arriTcd at I'lviBTOth. Hebe, El�don. l,o,-^d.-i for Uichebocto, Ist ult.; Robert, Milliam Harris^ Sni^.J.brErTwH for Quebec, by the Salus^ the Start,^ JsJowal, Punton, Quebec to Nefoundiand, i5n the 4th, Cape Ra3r,'jS':'J'E. disiaait IB miles: Bth.M-Try, Cumminp, of Alloa, onIL 8 tiavs,- front .Miramichl f^ l.euh, by the Cherub, Raysidt, arrived ia tip Clyde.

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