Saturday, July 30, 1825

British Press

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British Press (Newspaper) - July 30, 1825, London, Middlesex THE Coart ' bff, mar l��^<Wf-- .'aotk'ft:tht. �hithhojitithe, -r,s5l�y!be*e�rfmthB M�i-*b�n*mirttfirtl� the fetifct; bf posit pmaj^w him^tE.................. -...... [6ACGO, j<iir.tHe,15t..Xstli�oca Dick: _^_____b'�tvin|5 been i'e^i^ji SBisetj: will Jbe ^r.<ia uiTittbie^' _jkeWi Ihe-hwniof BXLp, SecreUty.; -S?iClL]S. ciSaSMTBEET, SUM? tumttt art'____^ � f** ' Kai�5Bc'l___ L'tM^^ �tpice.W;i�B.j �l<ln;'taimi� of-lie VnMic iMhce Ra-jltf, HoJroyd, at^J Wd Chief Jaatice He't rtist a lessee might put crp a bar ft^iost every pei�o", - - _ ^--^----., |.----- - .^w! aiiu i wM iQixea TO-teaTe oat icr paving md 2ighcjog; here X have the concurrence of I'l-? ^C%l|M|itfe .to�n { �p my retBtai.tjie-y un>p4, it-girtteDer, �i��tri the<(e�a�rt very often ; heard time been a public ihoroughEare. I beg leave 10 sat, thai anif _,'iiidU�l WnJiComftUiti <if tbe neglect 6f hi�^ jJetjiwal comforts in the g^rthrnafl i. p!(al4; Jie;h�ud Wm ona or to ha�e' his haodD and arms hii'mg hia bnne, brushed tuiteide his stable door, and I thOTefof^ .wul)ed � CbeDTine tbeo 8�M,l)e�n kA coif. rt�i:4t�oaioc^p;iFf iCK of� ARD^.Pgt Secretary. ITi^XJUSH AND. ,BSJrf8�. ^PHAKJ!aLS>SHlP - :,.M.iCA�A��J.--^^  - The ActofParljibD�ltJi�iUnBi��il��l,; f AD�e{i�(Ceit�AW.i�)l�:l]eclK< oMMdoi.tlidwf toes�!oi|�the�^eea;^^^l�y r^.-intd* -KhJf'rabd.L1lkin;^ ;�o. 6,6n?'.a In'ti-a^sfr?;;'.ipA <B:-Mr Joe at MidsBnnner iMt'. by applying to Sir James EaiiMle^Sadail*. Ham-raet, and Co. aK; I*W>ata*tre�l,' e*fty *B0NE8DAVv ftoin Ten VctocU till Two. - .-.-^'t.'-It.- - :i .-�'. The Subscribers tohnafimirtitaa^bdrBoBSi, and a Certificate of the Life of the-Nomloetk-^ fideuo. Notice liiay be given as aborc, for tbe fatai�.J?eiU)fit on'Of AVi ftellii*?; State liottery IOok\>Ji�fc � _ ____;IiOttery,.. Offices were, as nsoal,' Tfte in ScheoSfej Pii^fc of tte adji4,ta-the late - p^aw .to a^ the,ifg%^,Beit Wine �)dC.o(.�i0;"Wjn>Jlftw*a�t on the -----------.--------jtayfdfjf^ apai$ioiMiemMKfftea, toMtKCTerUa foi�^iW hBl^orairoUae i orjr ^t^Cpn^ecJUeiiey iojteoadF'WiiJBj'BK&'wUl'ilV i^lffoglsyfertSBSUiSjuBhat^ 7.034. 15.361. and li^.; beside* Pfiie* of 10jm-~ 2^001. Ac, &t J and there is ncaree a Totmin the .United Kingdom that b� not pittaken of BISH'i dnparalUled success. BKH regrets that IiOtteriea draw very neor their final clMf; but be'Srhappy in havlnjf, before that event, takes place. 10 lay bBfore,thTOi-�j!Talia-Schema; Witich contains Focn novel Tidi PH^es ofand vafious oihet Ca^^^ with all . , _ . ......,r.. .1. , .~ ^ all to be aguK). _ , Comhill ) I^.d 9. CUaivag.��ie�� -tai^ bU A^ntain tbe Ckiuntry. � � geheniia, Gnili�. matuitlr. . __BRARY OF BOOKS, .TRJWELlJNO.CHi^OT, 4t iW^.>rJSi>Sj^ J, he'.KaHStfB- MWrb^UCTION,; 4'JiJa te^t ;fltiom8, NewvBoBd.*K*tv . - . . ----------------,_____liHg'.duuMt; coddiuon ; and o^isceUaneopt objects of. fi)Hlutut�i ; .Al|0,atiD3U Llbnu^fife^cboi^e ^kar Bo(dcsi)f Ptjniai Sbtps, *6t�eFrop�ty ora-�ntliiBan,decta*ed; iUay bavnewM tb^'daV Wriiiui, ami iiiprnine of Sale, jnd Ct~ eSbtts.:.. Td-:the> �p. prteiioQ brsphiis, bead-aches, laa^ofainct^iD^^^oa, �pmfi>^ Ireroor^/aintin^fts, aiadiibnity BKrdaf�lBo'ofUh�>�fa�e^ it is CpnSdently rtcotrimeotua to 1 avereoonfte' lb the aSoft ^^J^airiI^^^ by which they are assured of obtaiain^iiqinediate. odief,'md^ � ioipeneympie ia i�tarraO)rr'ta'ti� tluzxiua avdic Temalt {bniid|iarti�nlat])i��e(BeabI� in-jSaOM* to-whfiir Femi^ mo^^pecia2tf (h^3ro6n�lfr]iart^ aielSaillak I^'boMlli al;KT|d.,LndS.9d,:.. >. 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Ik wbiih f, iSt--^^^<5=�TPt T�;*b= tindt; :5n ifiiahjS'^n ^"a^SdJ"' lag BflMJibWin posttisjon of 'tfier^gs-l^iyjerstjitt present ready to "^"^'MjfiiWm jln^.eB^ to suipijiort any -^j^'tftfbf^fTopa persons to -TtewnSorthebospitaJ. 'i-,^rJ**�*,*�?�'%o'<^""geS : he fbrwaidjukl.ftigoort tnetn. of ^tt�ei�inmgat BrompioiJ^ in '.''WiWesi^-r-beUere only to tlie-'l^spiJ.'..Xs-^ic,;.. / WiG'ttEopfilr.-Pi* you eiFer If^ihpiig^afct.SStP'ee a wish Wita^*!i^Wo,Idid*ot. . .v.'^.:; rwoU�eitlSis-U.- b< prepared to give his decisiua on �Wednesiiy .Samuel RuctUdtfi, Mr,Baileyvg�<Hllv'*< o^.tWr fohner wTtnesiex, exeept.duft he " iffittviamapiofceiding from thebeffWtatB: j;^aiitinrt,.kii iit Ait Ci (5 that the )l?ersiff^,Cftr'W''^''*'*g'�!'' �n�rrOBeOi�*'Bod fivhledatMeinentof it. �� - [' ilr.,Ptn.j.EE.observed lbati^��nuMt,ddift>bl�, if pdSstbfc. to iftts coprof the Coniner's notcaVof etidence. . . ; �Oto^^^W point!'cS^attM^ontneetftbhs^ The Hrsi to b�yr-or<-. 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Medicine Chests, of all price*, completely fitted for every oUmate; and Genuine Drugs and Medicines, fur Home and Exportatioji, of the finest quality. Prepared at>d tiold also, ai above, very superior FRKNCU POLISn for all kiod-i of tine Wood. Fumitpre, &�. ST. G�ORGE[SHOSPITAL. TREAT.MENT OF THE PATIENTS. � Yesterday, at 12 o'clock, purauaht to notice, a general, and very numerous, meeting of the Governors of this flospitnl was held, in the Board Room, for the purpose of" inquiring into the rrnlh of certain statements which have appeared in ilie Mnrvirts ChrnjiicU^ arid other papers, relative to a Coroner's Intjuest on the bttc John Hammond, who died in fhe hospital." Among the Governors present were the Earl of Rosslyn, Dr. Holland, Dr. Chalmers, Mr. House. .'Mr. Nessy, Dr. Bell, Gregory, Air. Sleigh. Mr. Bebcr, Mr. Fuller, and other gentlemen of eminence in the medical profctaion. Dr. Holland having been voted to the Chair, Air. Ol-nmiwo, the Hospital Secretary, read tha minutes of the last Court of Governors, recommending the calling of this public meeting, and the adoption of other measures necessary for toe removal of any charges against tbe conductors and surgeons of the Institution. The CnAiuMAS inquired, the reculi of the corrcipo.idciice or. dered between the Secretary, the Coroner, and Dr. Bell, on the sub-jcci of UaJimoUd's cise. Mr. GuNXtXO replied he had, as directed by the Board of Governors, had a coinmonicaiion with Air. Higga, Uic Coroner, from whom he received, the foUowing letter : - " Cloisters, H'estminsier Abbey, July 28, 1825. " Sir,-1 have received your letter of the 'ZTth mst. I do r.olic-coUect what Is reported in the Moniing Chrm'icU of tbe 26tli. 1 have nothing to do with the newspapers, and seldom read any, excepting the Herald. I cannot be required 10 anstter questions. " 1 feel much obliged by the Governors' ofler to heat tneifl have any compl&int to make. Were 1 in the habit of visiting patients in the Hospital, and I saw any ihin� inipropcr, I would not hesitate in bringing it before the Board. With respect to the case of JohnHamraond (to which yoti paniculariy allfide), 1 would recommend tho Commilieeto question his late master, Mr. Bailey, of Thomas's Hotel, Berkely-square, and >evcral of .Mr. Bailey's Bcrvauts, who visited the deceased during his confinement. I am. Sir, your very ohed/eot hutnble servant, " THOMAS lUGGS. " Joseph Gunning, Esq. Secretary." The Chaibmav said he undOTfood Afr. Higgs was requested to attend the meeting. Mr. GuKKiKO explained that that request had been forwarded to Mr. Higgs, but as he had no opinion to offer, and as he bad no. thing whatever to do with newspapers, he considered he could not be expected to make him.self a party in any investigation concern, -ing any statement which they published, for which they were amenable, and not him. He alsopbje.-tetl to attending on the coii. sideralion that be had only performed his duty as a public officer, and the question was not by any means part of his jurisdiction. The Chairman saggestetl the propriety of another application to Air. Higga for a copy of ibe depositions. Air. GiiNiJiva then read the answer of A/r. Bell (the surgeon-who was described in the inquest as having been consulted on the case of Hammond by bis friends, and to have given an opinion tantamount to a charge of gross neglect, and unskilful and improper treatrnenl by the surgeons of the hospital), which is as follows :- Sir,-I am entirely ignorant of the circumstantre to which yoii allude, unless tt refers 10 what 1 read yesterday in the Mcrnivg Chronicle ; nor do 1 remember to have expressed any opinion on that subject. '� Be pleased to tdl tnc of whom this Committee is composed ; for if the object is to icpel the calumnies eipress�l in the ncwj-papors, I shall consider myself bound to attend. " I am, Sir, &c " CHAR1,E.S BELL. " Mr. Gunning, Secretary, St. George's Hospital." The Sechetart said this was the result of the correspondenca nhich had taken place. Mr. PiTafAK, the House Surgeon,(under whose care anti direction the deceased Hammond was) here came forward, and hoped the Governors would by erery means or examinations in their power ascetiain whether the chBrges against him, iodiTtduaUy, and the QoveTOors of the Hospital generally, were founded in fact, or otherwise. (He�T.) H� sras most anxious for the fuUesit Invtjtlgatioo, and he was confldtnt that the result wjuld prove the (orgical treatment to here btm the same pursued in all inch cases'.' lUr. Pitmim retired from Ibt board room. "wsa, iatrie'ftriiwf. 'jfon. hay* ^le goodness to Uatsbrtlwg^inHlaiMfif^iitfotahy instance Of mismanagemeot or <iegtett:thai haaoaw^WfhiJiyourobs^TTation, ih this hospital', to�09d� Att^eeertSfaSmtt'bna or any tjtjr er persdn. ; ilr.B^tl,** *Sdl"�J*ia�'e not aajin enemy to ihisj charitable ipstitutUm, wm^a^miiif $:and would st^te ell He knew upon the tubject '�' The dettaiwd man, tlami;!9nd, fas in my enlplov, and some weeks since fdlf5S)fi�at with anw&ident. He was removed tet.�onBft aiirifeoyjiairiWiiakUiity,and-from thence forwarded to the dt^.; T.h?dwiJw6*w�(i. t^fceo-tbew i cHitd and saw Wm, from^hia im�wm�& iaj, questiona. I etptenedrthe pleasure: j fiatathis beltig ;iJi���:^^<*d Ilaijtjs. . JBe aaid he had everything h*i�IBtWi *i,d�3n^iV^'nOT thasIJahtatoeiaraiit* of the aoci-d< 9l^ �o*rrt;)feoo�ei-, 'fi in the course' of two or three weda afieTtiMde ihquiry whctJi# *� had relomed td^is WRlof,n^tI.-�a^(Wrinfitel.tohear he was still in the Hoapiral.'and wot^ll�aa^eT�i_ J(�e(i*flngty wentlo see him, and fo�nd hlui in gwaipafo; arl<tirtlw�' 'ealfi�g:0o him for the fourth if .jCpmpIel^ 'mass of matter, and again , ... that he eipetienced no pain when the pf^Ki-tlia^.tb^-waond.was /^mencad and ;wet'iSKn. J^Sijtfm'm leSchetr hall been applied, atid I consi-_ rii hUn I"ilfflimmapbn to- have" been prtklueed by the tf-tfWitrti'j&^i'-^ UeMmpIakeAaliotbatiihe baiidagc had i;,t{!�]iyed�!e!d�yniit31 the Saiiwday, and _ _^.--.�.�ufejng�,ware*�reroe. j stooeof ipy Wtt-isfc^WifcuWHiUM'SBrge^ l^'nt-bowaa not-in the way, W&ihH�&3^fb(iiiea' er servania' �Mvisi(ed jtrfilt^'i;s<erftc^'tbat itnswn4Cps�uy for an inq^uin-^ 1 deten^sned npoo goio^ to tae Hospital ami taking doira in wrtt-----i----J j,^ ,qjna,p,fl. ��� � died, .�DrfpBlj;* fin .... - �[i^jgi, ,1,5 Srnix. , Btleraeh, Inni'der" ln(iU't'^Wf''Ich I cottsidered wete necessary begged of il�. jmntawri^f ifKmt Ip' plaft f inw pwme oivtkeljai of J mora. He did so, and in my capaciry as Jorin-1 asked the'snrgtoo wile-ther he had taker up any of the ar(eries or not, or whether he bad applied any leeihcs. He positively swore he had, and it is to be provetl that he did not." {A considerable sensation was here ma-oifesi among the Governors.) The CH.vibman het� asked Mr. Bailey as to the substance of his charges. Air. BaILET said, if i( irx� considered a charge he would stare his opinion to be, that the bandage should never have been on at ail. CbatBHan-From the report of theJnqoI?s}, ft appears that you have asserted that the medical men neglected their duty,-that........,,.....,,, ........^ ....aj.,,..., vvm,^....u, the deceased was never washed, (hat he yas phiced in dirty sheets, [ had knotvn. tJiat.ihe practice was as guod'in Su George and put inio the bed where a person had Just died.. '  ..... ..... Mr. iJAfLEV-In the report of the Inquest things have been Bsciibed to niy utterance whicli I never spoke. But with renpect to your question, I do know that tbe dere.\j.ed complained of not baying clean sheets until within a day or two of his death. He complained also of not being wa.shed; and I know towels and soap ai^d some of my linen were sent from my house to hun. One of niy servants washed him; and at imother time the nurse refused to alloiy bim to be w��hed by direction OTthe surgeon. Here wme desultory remarks pa.�sed between the Governors on the "subject of Mr. Bailey's statemtM, .Mr. OhEOOfiv. a Goreroor, asked him why he did not cause him to be removed from the Hospital ? or why he had not taken such steps, by opplying 10 iheGoremors, as would have procured an inquiry which woulo bale aived the dedcasod'rlife. .�yii. BaM-ev said he did notconsider ha bid any such influence as to cause the removal of a patient from a poblic Insiitutitm ; and if at any of the times when he called at Ihe Hospital he could have seen the House Surgeon, he would have ajked him the necessary questions upon the case, Afr. Geeqoht-The man was six weeks all but two days ih the Hospital, and you did nothing W save his life. Perhaps you can tell us what arwry was cut ? Air. Bailet-1 positively say there tras no artery cut. A(r. GnEGORV-You were Foreman of the Jury ? Mr. Bailey-I was, sir. Air. OiLEnoiiY-You ore a medical man ? ' Jlr. Bailey-I am not, sir. Here rather a confused interruption took pbcc, a Mr. Sleigh, a Governor anci surgeon, considtring that some iosinitations had been, or were about to be made, upon him. However, that did not appear 10 be the case, ond-'the coiloqiiy dropped. Air. GojioonT to Air. Bailey-Vou, 1 believe, had one of Lizsr's anatomical plates at the Inquest ? Air. Sleigh opposed the question as irrelevant. The CiiaibuaV interposed, and asked .'\Ir. Bailey whom he had consulted on the case of H sihmbiid ?' Air. Bailet replied solemnly lud consulted no meiiicaj man whacevei, and he odI^ formed his (ipifllon upon his own knowledge of tbe science of medicine and sufg^uol.treatment. Air. Bell here came forward and"aaid,.he hail never heen consulted by Air. Bailey, and indeed ISe'had'never �een him before. Mr. GBEGoaT detjiandedof Mr. Bailey whence he had obtained Lizor's anammical plates ? ' Sir. Bailet-Really:, Sir, this is an odd qcesiifin; but if you wish to kiiow my answer Is, ihat Jt bought.and paid for them, mid I must say that it'la any gentleman of this Committee if I had taken my whole library to the Jnq_qe8t. Another desultory conversation upon th? question of regularity of proceeding arose between Col. Homell, Air. Bebcr, !\lr. Sleigh, and Mr. Gregory, which was ended by iLvbeing decided the Committee would then receive Air. Baiiejr's evidence. Ann Hamilton, a servant in his family, was then tailed and examined, who deposed to having seen the deceased Eve or tixiimos while in the Hospital; he complained of his knee being so lightly bound up, that he was in dreaaful pain. During the several times she saw htm, he wna only once fit to be seen as a patient ought to be ; his shitt, sheets, and every netaaisary about him, was filthjr, and dirty; coming close to him was impossible, from the intolerable smell. He complained to witness of not having been ivashed. She went to the nurse and told her ; but the nurse said the Sur. geona would not permit it, as It disturbed him much-The young woman did not vary in her ^atement, although closely questioned by several of the Governors. Mary Howard, housemaid to Air. Bailey, visited deceased fre. quently ; saw him nine times prcvioos to his death; he often complained of a want of clean linen, and of Pot being washed as often as he could wish. Witness did not think it necessary to remonstrute with-the puiaes or any other person belonging to the csmblishment on that poipl; wimtas once oJl'eted to procure water from a doset 10 wash dectaaed's batida and arms, agreeable to his express re. quest, but was reproved by the nutse for so doing, who said-ihst it was the doctor's orders he should not be disturbed. "H'itness did not mention the foulness of the deceased's appearince to her mistress until after ht'daah. The deceased had lold her that after the tuuidagewu taken-off tbe knee, he ibuad � great deal less pain than before. Never heard him express a wish to be removed from the Hospital, exispt in � general way, when he on --', V..-k. T-c I.vorid.iv W'.i: Till- Janet, ca o'x The Lc-.-a-.:. '^�.o'jn, tro 1!. : ir K:--; " ^r-;;ile. tor .^twrL".'nil land ; Vjica;:, Ore .'^I.iry and Ja.-;-, Titompi'O:-.. Tor Quebec. SmPP/XG IXTFLLIGBWCF. T/K' ("o!lou-ing coiran-amcaiion frorn the FreDcb ConsDN t/iL-'iiL-r i!. ;ii Lontiop,, wa-^ vcsterdav receivLil .it L'^v.'l"?: - to -:cirrr^unicat^ 'c you. t'-r 'he ay co^-cerr^ ti.e foV<o�v-.rg ,'ec:n'o.- c' iiepar'-rnen*. daitjd ll:h i.-rsi .-^ 'orr. Bangor, lias arr'v"! a; Bo^m:-, ;- Donir : \Vi;f-dm:i-., tor ^!irt.^ ; l'amp.0-. fteicher, lor Ncsfound-Newporr. Bu-ro^s, fjr Kei.scv ard Mu:-.- A-,o - Vark- .hop.--, wiiom r. .''".er (^f ih^' investittition of tJie charge which bus been vnsde Dr. CuAltflERS-The Morning ChramcU rmmi fp'tr^ marii more than was sworn to at the Inquest, and a ver^ gross ai:m-k i:t made in a separate editoriji article : I beg to read it. . Earl Rpsai.VK'-1 don't couccive that to be the questjon t;ii which this Board has to decide st present. Thfs is not a Court ot -trial,- for efi'a'rgft and defence. Our object ii merely to ascertain tlie truth or falsehood of �hat has been scported to have taker, place at the Coroner's Inquest, as cegattU the unforiunate min. That wnl�^e beat explained by the Coroner's notes, if he chooses :o t^HUsh us with a copy of thetu. U was then resolved thai a letter should be writicn to .Mr. Uiggs, for a minute of the evidence taken before him. Thomas .Vichoflj, a patient, who slept tr. the same ward with deceased, was then examined aj great length. He cdiiW not per. ceive that Hammond was ever iti ivant of anything. There wa, no partfcularly bad smell from :Hammond's bed. The under sheet was very often changed. Witness experienc-d 00 his part every attention, both from the medical gentlemen and nurses, that ilie nature qf his situation seemed to require. The Earl of Rossi.rv-Do yon ever rerollec'. ha^it;^; seen water taken to Hammond when hcwistied to tvssh his hands ? "W'imeas-Ten. 1 iliink twice. 'Mr, Si.FiGH-Twice in six weeks? Witntss-I. have no doubt he had it oftetrer, tl: r.igh I do not ^ btoug t. I "Richard Bl^i^p, another ^tient in the same ward, gave au eqoaHy favouraMf*accmint of the treatment be had met witli durir.i^ four weeks that be in the Hospital. 1 Alr.'BAiLET-Allow me to a,sk you how marry patients died i;j | yoor own wortf-duftng that period ? CSAIKiiAX-I object to that question as irrelevant to the subject before the Board. !tfr. BEBEn-To what result would your question IJail, .^Ir. Bailey! Air, Bailet-Tt would lead to a very necessary point for you ; to know, namely, was it ctistomarr, on the death of a patit^t. to remove another to the bed occunied By fhe deceased. j CnAiR.MiN-.Oh, I beg pardon. That certainly is desirable. i The witness ihe*>-replied that he could not say, but he renvem- ' beted lijo within a week-Hammond, and the mar.'Whose bed lie \ was put on. - John Allen, another patient-OfiSn^spoko to Hammond. N'evei inew him to , coniplain of neglect. Witness wax in the habit of assisting in the Hospital since he became convalescent. Re-mored deceased to the bedstead of the man that died on the daj; b�!bre,.3nd Itfok ' Hamtnood's bed and bedding into the garden to - - r'J Ti^m'Vara''T-I'23~'V�i-'h ' t',>"r' l^'n,^--^- air, as. was the universal practice. The object of removal was 10 ; "li". . JT:!". v,!..^ _' Z^::'"'^ / '^^''^ ' ' allAw the beds to be cleaned and dried, and to make the patiea rooire comibrtable. The ritirsea belooging to the ward weretiien e.xarotoed wry i d ,'__,�, ,, � . -� minutely a, .0 the chfnge of sheets supplying of water, and ge=e. -P-^''^""- Harrison, tor Uponn and P.-rtiambnco. ral attention 10 the wants af patients. Tbclr replies were quite satisfaciory. One of them (.'\lrs. Arm�tTong) suted, that iu the , particular case of Hftmnronfl, the bottom sheet hatl been changed almost every day during the last week, and the irpper one cm lire ' regular days (Mondays and Fridays'). He seemed to be negl-.'cied b^- his out-door friends, and money had been lent him to procure tea and sugar. Air. Ba/lev said, that on three several occa-sions he had given the deceased K Lis., which was more than enough to h.ave procured these articles. Mr. WaTso.v, a pupii in the hospital, conceived, froin what he -� iia-.-i i'.-.rira- i"ti 0; '.lin. iht? French ."ii ir s'.er (^f ih.' lie - r.-.ery veysel br-'o/id '.0 France Irflm the L'tiiied Kir^^dom. a-d. t'roni the Kingdom of the .Vetheriands. having aaion^ C3rg'>. KOods comi-.g from iS\e l.evaf.t, 'a-iU be obliged 'tdl farther no-.i;e>-;o pcrlor.-n quarantine at .Vlar.selUes." (-ij^.'eii) Tlie Frcr.cil Consirl-Gencrai. Baror. .SEavrzR.'" Tj Jo/m Renr-e:-.. K*q.. Secretary, Lloyd's." Cl-STCVf-HOCSE. July-23. .Sitrrs E--'TEREi) LvivAKCi-Ttte Kleioe l.tdii. .'^t-.-'., ir-rn,' En;bden ; 3Uthias and Cecd'.a. Lars'*en. from Christian; ii \a--'r'^ .Aaroe. from ; Ctile. Korseriiap, from Gefle i Higen, .Kxr from ''Otier'itirgh ; Paphne, Ward, tram Tries'e ; L'rM-.-. iKx;-.. from Ki^'a ; Juiie. Preager. from Calai.-^t Chnimley, Kob:.-- -^. from I'eiershor^h ; .MinerrT. Foyn. from Goiienburgh ; Or;-nerre. I>ferrickson, ri-om Frederickstadt; iVIessen^er. Mof ; rr.ini Hambnrgh : Lord .Vlalcrave, Greenslade, trom .-^-tM;- � l I'nio'-, Hedde, from Calais ; Harmony. .Mcams, from St. T' . l)Ur;^h ; Ri>beTt jnd .-\nn. ^'Tanghan. t'r;irr. difo ; Pi.r^-ie, fruoi .^Ie^^ei^ Brothers, Fer.n, irom Dan-.tic ; I' from Leghorn. E.vTERED OirT-ward5-The .Malau'a. Kino;, for If amburg.-; Reiolution, Webb, for Trinidad; .-Vnieiope, Farrant. for .if a-deirai Eliza, .llorphew, fur \'alparaiso and Lima ; Driver. >iir.'.r . \ son, for Hdvannah ; Promi-se, GIbbs, for Madeira. Terc.-'f:,-, Bomb.ty. ami TelJicherry ; Jonj Sophia, .Muy.. for Rotjerda"- r KL-r-rv. Westmorland, for Demerara ; Kli2 arul Calcutta; llsabe .^larla, Sontflg, for ^tralstind and *�. I waid ; .\rend. Elbrr-,(;, for .\ntwcrn; Commcrvre, F.'or-.ier. �, -; Calais ; Elphinsione, Summer, for Tenerift'e and tai^uUfl; an.; AT OjiAVF'E.v:; _T-; ( LFARE^ OtTWAnn.s' FtVAI.I.Y Piirsuit, .Idie, for Jamaica. CLEArtiN-o ilL-TM-AnD.s_T!-c .Sfotia, Smiih. fo pruBtheim ; I'atlMt, .Schroder. f,.r Konln^sbert; ; .M...... for .Veivfoundland ; Ltidiirica .Whenina. Ko.'il.-r, ;.jr ^ Hern. VViKon. for TTie- 9rtiajiUy. ,3Ir. FcLLBB-DldyoD (OTttmooicateft tdiny of tbtGdTeraorst 31r, Bjilet_No, certainly not^I had ?to personal acquaint- other estsblishment.' He had frequently asked Hamniond ii he felt comfultable ? and ihe reply was, " tjuitc so ;" and he never knew him to have made any complairrt whatever. The e.saraination .i.s to tlie Ward Department closed here, and Air. ,sleigh proposed, that as ihe next question would be the snrgicnl treatment, to retiuet^t the atiendance of any eminent members of the profession that might be deemed adriiable, a^ well as the l^ledtcal Directors of the hospital. This raodon was put and carried- The Secretary wo.^ then directed to write to Mr. CUnc ar.d Mr. Lynn.-reqaesfifig their attendance at the Hospital, and the .iiee'.ioj^ adjourned nntil (this day), when the investigation will be resumed. FR03I LLO'i'D'S LIST. .Irf.vja-Pas.sed ifirough from the River, ihe P, , tor .la.maica; the Poncasier, Alarshall. lor ij..-,--- - POUCE. iMarv-la-Bokve Office, Jdly 29__This being Uie day for the further hearing an infomiation against tVm. C.irria<', J'tq--of MansfieUl-street, Portland-place, by - Dashwood. lL^r\ . of Bristoi, Jii.v .-Mmeira. Sadt-d 'f.-ll-ai.ilarn. a',(! ( : Kosi ..iK. .Il-i y i Wa ;v 1; o-tiec. nr. .Ne ,' on their own premises. Air, Law said, the grand question soagiiated was, whether a gendeman taking premises for a certain term of years was or wa" not st liberty to place outside of his stable door the sweepings of his stable. This Mr. Dashwood wished to say tbat it would be a nuisance to his neighbour, and that he was n.uch snnoved by the , fof Hambuii;h ; fumes frmn the dung. It was a question of great importance, and' ii�'..-'-^.r 1 on his Worship's derision the Parties at issue would he saiLsfied. Mr. Law', in addressing ..^.'r. Veiesses, the Solicitor for .^Ir. Dashwood, was most impertinently laughe 'so>' -If vnii r^nno: positively prove :hai .; is paved and lighted by the paristi. the subiect then 1^ at re.-.. .Mr.-Law-I say lhai from ihe year 177U to 17!j.'i it was fitclj-siveiy used as pnvate property, and most certainly belonged to ;l;e lessees. Edward Kcllv. flontractor for cleansirg that districiof -.l^e pari.'.h. stated that he had clean.sed that part of the parish si^ vears. at, t thai be had seen the pavement m .Mansfield-mews repaired. .Mr. ivAW -Pray, .>Ir. Kelly, when you so cleansed ;he mcwsd.d yon no' also takeaway the dunghill" - Kelly-No sir: 1 wanted to take them away, bit dared m:. I applied to the Vestry, whti said 1 might do it "ai mv own ri^k-. 'They would not sanction it as ttie propnerors were noblemen ot great wealth. -Dashwood. Esq. sworn, stated that he had sefn that of the Harlcy-street side of ihemews repaired, and belitved it to be by the workmen of the parish, and that he neard tiie watchman call the hour there. .Mr. LAW_Why then, you only '.-.�e tliat a watchman calls the houT, miii one melancholy t:ns light iliuminates th'j mews, and you noticed the pavement being bad, and noticed it to the vesfry. Air. Vele.sess said, tie believed 1' was lighted by the pansh. Air. Law saiil, he bid the law before him, and that it appeared to be given to the vestry tu set the plat* to rtghis. He should show by the 57th Geo. ill. that it was not 3 public highwav. nor was it devoted to the public I shall now, Sir, quoit the 57ih Geo. III. and as that affects the local Act of St. .Mary-la-bonne, \ shall now refer IP the case bf " Wood r. Ball," decitied in 18'22. The 27th of Geo. III. drew a distinction between streets and othjr places for the utility of the subject. It was manifest that there was a great distioctior, which was trade in the 54th of Geo. IU. whereby the places) not paved are not mentioned ; but in the Mlh sec. Tt gives them o riglit to pave but in places where any Moffislrate ca � Pr.u., Slit, ;.:e Rnton, Wilson, for .Miramichi, and a transport wh an'.ii;. r; i |iendant. to the westward. Remain the ira.nspor;, .Vi-. d, aid Swedish brig Henrietta, under quarantine. _ PoRTs.vofTH. ,/v I.r 2!i,-.Arrived the Pririr~-s rf Vf, ' Kvle, fVoni ll,'rtlea-,:x. ior London, [eaky. Pa.sst-d \ v ihe .>;-..'or^ ��, from (.luebec the WlUmm Uunn, from TriMdad ; jr..! i the Java. Driver, from the Downs, for India. PLV.MniTH, .Jri.yo;-Arrived the Bnitns, Di-!'oc;ar.. t-^r-[ .^loi'ile. in filty dars, brmj^Oi;- part or the crew of -':e , I.iv-erpioi, abandoned in the fiult ot .'yJe%;c.J Sailed die Ke.;.:.-., ' U'likiiian. tor St. Cbc*. \ ?h\ i ifi r r It, Jf I V J7--t ifi" the port, tbe WiUia.'^r /.�i^.':rn--'T-^ SLiu'rif. from S;. K'tl's ; the Lor'on. Sergeant, f-om St. l�on;:.i, 0 , th.e (jeortje, Dickinson, from Bcrbice. Sadeil his .Mnjestv's ,.'m;> l.yrj, from Plymoir.h. ; 'i;ii. rt' ; NeTrs^ >:har, from Lear; .Aioiwell, Houlton, from llatub'art;.i . .Minerva, Harvey, from .Naples ,- .Vicholas and .Arin, .Vi'i;.-!, tr , .N'nrway ; (iootl Hope,-. from Sandwel! ; an p/i d.e on :"e 17th ' loa'KV si.ite. Sbi- he Jiir.o, Hii ee, tor teller h: 1,-1 ^1 .hi.iia �,1 /lor.^v ...It for II puosed to be da;r-;;i;- � lii :_T-ie Oreerh^.d. m I:-, he ?7'o 111' - wd.'i iijji.sen;,-'..V, �w IJrJc k on- :;-t" crew and pas-^engers ; .'V/arv I.r,rdo-. 'Jrr Havar.niih ; Cirean, on uae oth i'sta'i sailed IriH turned oil hai hour. Duhhr, � H'lrnbv. : ing stE-", .'.in, fri'm yueh-c tor L-mdo-. ; Sovereign tra-:sport. ,N'o. 24^ or. :.1c JI1-. L. :tie Hr-i*;;.. ..reived .at Plyr.ioMth. floii^ian, frOTi I.'veTuc.d hie Rra/-U, on -he 1st u!:. : Eliza, Cunningham, fro-n t'l-^ori:n. hv 'he 'vVdliam P.a-hbone, Baldvr^n, arri-.-ed at L.vrr;,-n . Ma^kes. .''ro-n (Quebec for IvOndon, on the Kith insfar.i ; S^hj j: ,, t icean. t'rom (Quebec .'or Ixmdon, on the 22d, by t'.'.e Si..; . arrived at Faiuiouth. Juno, ef .lersey, from Nciviim:,^;..: . , ti.e U'.h m^iani. near'he .Azores, by the Juli-j.s, Jackie:, -r- .-: oH' Sctlly. The Hercules, Gross, from GeBe for .Alicard, r-an a�r.-,.3.; , Koppar Grundel on the 17th u!t. during a drea..-*al .-.or , j. .: afiPTwarda put into Gottenburgh ; she mtrst pj-^dnryj!,,:. The Apollo, Ostermarck, t'rom St. Ubes for the Baiti:. r.-' aground at the tntrar.ce of Wisby harbour on the 30th ul:. t-^: ..a-got off. after taking out part of her car^ ; -^he must repair The Ida, Tvier, from Jamaica: .New Thomai-, fron l'--'.. rara ; and the Ellice, irOm Grenada, arc S'apposed tv. ha-i*- ar: , m the Ch.anrel. __ The firs', stone of an Ep\?(�pal Chapel, tt' hi- c  Kiiburn, was laid on Wfiluestlay. The m^t".-.. \ vious atfanpements hafl been inade with iri'; -�� lar{;e tcni overhung the place where the- st. .n- � -laid, anil a platform was frected Cor the sltc: ���  the spectators, ami covereil with r.arpor FiBE IV Loan's ("KirKf.T (t�oi-vr. - qne ycsierdav morning, a fire broke eu; in a the PaviUion, erected in the cricket^ t,-roiird orphans di the clergy, on 'he St. Johns V nature of the roatfTial... 'hirn were eh'tHv o. enlarged, and beaaiiihed s; time defied the power ar^--.' Ihia said itieet or poWic place, in which horses and carriages are pasahig. The wremises of Mr. Comae were leased to him for the term of rSnety^nine years, and certainly could not be-como public ptJipertsr until they would rwert to tfte owner 01 the lOiL Mr. W conunded, that it w�. by no m?"!' " Wgftway, ar it would be prove.1 by the decision of l^rd Chief /^ti<^ Abbott, m the case have submitted .0 yo,.. In the Pavdlion. belonging to the ge.-iaemBn of the varicu.-!-! who frequentiv play in the ground, wliich shared the same fate w.; , the building. Happily no houses w.ere near enbueh the b. in the least danger^but some of tlie WeeT.iS the adjoining rjovl-Oh wCTt scorched. To-day a graSd � maicft bf crtckSt vkw t� httv? been played between the young gentlemen of Eton and Harrow schools.

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