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British Press

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British Press (Newspaper) - October 15, 1821, London, Middlesex gknto repairon d^eSSilto fburorfiHaifferehlpoin'ts/ttitb-tiooihg the aumbeV of armed men'tlist onglil tu astemblr, and'the places iin \rliich Ibvy shuuld statiuii lliem^elves.- On the 24Hj. the prc^etico gcnda a messenger to e-icb of the Voiiits, in which'il h�3 bt-en agreei) that parties sbouli) be asi>enible aMJ6l9 to. the goods they are to receive; . � i j- . � f. i *'>VV- aiid thisWiJe, lieiAircfes with the ffliole body to the place teis to be discussed are iinjjortai^t, and wU^^ lhe:_^oii4a4WjjJdb,ehii�lRii. .^p %u ihaftes a si^'iiaJ, tie laiinches with tbe!>g$pd8>iu;e.tjr|�!.e)t6u .....>a*e.i stkor^jj^nd/9 i-wo;il<*ujf?^t.l^ ^,��i.UfifB A^BHhed. ,i.TJ)e jouUsi o^;!,%de(5<f^a ite�rac .ij:s;y�sn Jfl''�>'ril.yj:;oKihe 'le9v,yl)5gKal^,s>iBe poMifjWj^c/jB-|h l'�,I>(eir r^esf ecUve hpuies. J, T,Us'j)re^ 'tlie'siifp master "auii the smuirglers. \Viih.^*M!(�bpJ'tc,auti6iia au^^eiieh^^t^tMy^jtwV^^ nltist be;very; dTfficuIi'for the mflitar/goard to prcTei)t sjauffKl^ngi Hi)W'i8 it unsiiblc;f�e,'3,?3 mento Rtiird th&rlfileag^ilt-svf ciiastin! ,^j-v.f ..,:=.._........ Var�: "E _ tpi)�ll}uW4i;sniudirliojj/' Oneof the difeasureB of^ 1 riy:5fa*3o ^�ppointi ro"Jal,;ieohimisslo'iifrS' with i very �rxtensive powers, who imiirisoiJcd persons, 5equ.ehteie(l_propertyi''aiid^ tmd jo focttlbe lihcfrtyOinaiproiiErlydl crtVzfn's^^^^^ pat. By thisarhiiraiy autbi�i'ity, ariikwiili'Mhe !�rajnlVrite'pf t^i^trwijfi; gmoaslivi?- ;w^& iif'tf-^real *n16�'sare snpjJi-vssclf * in Granada and Malaga. ^A^^UtheF <n)minis^gn' waS'.m^^^ oBljjl to Mufciajj CarthagcnaJ- BBtJ Aliciiot, 'whit^li.fdilbwed-a'diSerenl coarse, �apd'Obl^iTsed-aii cqflttlly advaniageons. rVsoJt,<^i/b:Id�-�fvew^aiidMyWniiicBl nifeni.^ mission p'rocei'ded on' -a piftn ihe'adop^i^ii'of whi snm�rt,'ii) the iNree provinces of Brazil lobai't'ij^hd-' si'gars-�'a's'r,305i795 rraiof whereas-.ill' the- yr.iV 180? the valiieKmniiiited ii> 1 b,420,S93, majtiog au iiicfrase ori9,H5,<fe8� ri'ols rancf yet ill fxecutiiijf ihf^ plaiisbf.lhis coiirtn'tsiiiMi'iuuly.tbree'persons  �eie imprisoned. -' POEBTO DG SANTA MABIA. It-is wit}i;^rpi�t regret lirirQrijj'you; lliat ^ nc .dou:ht-:ofrtHe /stM-^P;^^^^ health ill- til s place. Tlie disease iiu-reiises- and' spfeads. '{ liougl^ the last offit-ld d^.litratjpiis iiniiouiire, tlje roost c ei*l'h, is to be feared tliat if ihft W^alherdiijia trot cHiirrE;e\llie: cmi^a^ipii �will, maififest ilself: in,. Catliz,, Xer�s, , S-in Eer-Dando, S;t. asit'hiid dmie on rormiproccasibii's. OPENiNG.OE THE.EXTRAORDINARY CORTES. A liolice i'roin the Sj^cretary; of State having: Ween read, in. which Ije aonouiiced tbot; his M.rjesly had appointed the Uih October as the time to open -the Session-;: ,tjie Kin|;>;; however, had thought it" ud-visable" to. onticipate' the titne,' by cojiveiijutr ap_ tx)rftori]ii)!�y siiiin'g pf the Cbries^q the 34.tll itiBtv and a Depuiaiion was appointed to leceive the King' in (h^usuaV form, and aiVotHtfr' m conduct her iV].*j�;st.y the;Queen to the seal pre-paied-for her.- A s-alivte of arlilrery .iiaviiig aii-, iioiiiiced U.ieij^ Sjajssties departuir.e: ftom vhft l*al�ce,' 'the Deiutttttions went to receivij tliein'at the en-traiice of tlie Palace, of tlie CorWa ; and! the.King haying taken his seat on lite throne, dfelivereii the fbU'owtn" speech :- " fJEXTLEMEJJ-Since 1 expressed to- the Gortes my-iriotives for bcIicviOS'it adyisalile to call an Exiraordin.iry nS^fting of tlie Cortes, uotbiog has so much engaged nty a)--trillion .IS the desire to see Ihetn assembled, I now.see them with the greatest salisfacliou, and give myself wholly up to the pleasing and josfhope of the good which the countiy �will derive fromjheir .labours. T^he, sn.hjrcts �hirli 1 have prepared to lay before-iliese Cortes for their consideration are mostly such the regulation of which i^' necessary for the more speedy consolidation of the coA^trtuiional sysjem ; such as the division of the ilerri'toi^y, and ijie best means of placing it the political govcjnment,-. the Cortes, 4he jnililary ordinaHces, the plai; of decree of the organiza-_� Iron of the naval force, and the decree for the organization of the active militia'. '" I particularly urge yoo lo pl^ce every thing in coihio-nance with the fundamental law of llie Stste, leaving the Ad-ininistration free from all those serious embarrassnnents �which it often iticcts. with for waiil of this, necessary harmony, an^ which ,the Government cannot remove. I have . also Iboa'ght Ibatsomc other, tioiots uughtto be determined, �which, Ihoagh not so intimately connected with the Conati. . tation, have a great influence ori the general prosperity such as the measures to be adopted to restore the tranquillity and to promote the welfare of the Americas, the examination and reform-of'he duties of cDstonis, the means necessary to prevent the serious loss which the nation sustains by the cuiiency of false or defective foreign col,n, and the project of a decree in the charitable institutions. Though all the sabjects that are going to be discnsscd bj the Cortes are of soxnueh importance, the fact itself of their benT^ assembled to �lisruss them is still more so. This new proof and guarantee of the union which prevails between all the chief powers of ijhe Slalc^ must convince all the enemic's of our instilu, tion'is that theirefforts to subvert them will be vain. "I shall lake advantage of the period in which the Cortes will continue assembled, to give orders to propose every measure or project whicli may appear to my .0or deliberations, ensure to xthe counlry the cumpleliiin of those advantages which it already ones to yim. ., 'f I h.ive the Confidence that you will gain is bplh re; �?iII flow Vimmeiii;e aefwiint'ge's to the Spaiiish nation^ nnd an JadiTiiraBle'exaiupJe: to otiien nations,! y�ho well may ;leur.n:frpm itVthe ^harmony of the,constitnttonal sy�-ilem, and of libei^Jy with itioiiarchyand.j^order. The ;t*resideiit having concluded vriiji^in ardent wish'for :lhe contitruance - of the happy union bejtveep the King and'his people, and for th,e ;perfect con* solidaticiK-of-the ronslilutional pyslfein;' His.l^a-jesty rose, accompanied by tfie depuialiou, and retired to Ibe Palace amidst the applaiises of the spectators in'lhe galli?lies, who, as his Majesty passed, brokeout into the iniist lively acclamations. ted" to draw u|> ap and the assembly adjooTHed till tlie lollowing day. MADHID, SEPTEMBER 30, The Corfts are chiefly entj-iged in matiiers of form, sticii as appointing the severat Cuu'ieil-lors, &c. ; In tlje sitting, of to-day the, |)rincipal.subject"of jdisedSsioti hits been the pliiii for the iie:w division of 'the Spanish terriioi}', whicli it appears will be a iwork of time and-difficiilty. By the accounts from IWcelona up to thfe 22d .we fiiid'that .the malady biisr raiher increased iHan idimiiiisiied. The fo\iow(nj� st.itemenl. includes the House of the Queen, the Flocpitul of the Seminary, Barcelonetia, and the Citj- . licmain. Neni Cases. > CareJ. Veaflis. ' 9()lb'Septi;. 573" ...... sb ...... 6 ____ 43 21st ..v.... 310 .... .of whom 75 were convalescent. . � Every precBUtiou is adopiedi to bittder thespread-iing of the contagion la ihij other parts of the khig-jdpm.-f Madrid Papers, October I.J A "Conitnittee was then: aj)|>piiit� answer to his .Majesty's sjieech, FLANDERS MAIL. FBANKFOaT, OCTOBER 5. - ^ The letters from Berlin state that great preptira-. tions are making in the Royal Palace there, as well jis at Potsdatp, to receive his iVlojesty the King of .Eogliinxl. The ijrriyal of couriers at Berlin, passing backwards and forwards bet'ween Si. Peteraburgh, Lop-don, and Paris, has never been so frequent as at this tittle,' whence it is inferrtd that we sliail know in a very few days if peace wiih Tu'key will be maintained, or if war will break out. - The Riis. siiih army desires, it as well as all the peo| T.J _ SEMLIN, SEPTEMB.Eft 16. Accounts from Sulouichi of the 23d of August, state, in consequence of what took place at Cassandra, the Pacha has thrown all the Greek iner-chanls of tbiit city into prison. The'Greek qparter has.been given up to the Janissaries, who huve pillaged it. They have penetrated into the cliurclies ; and after liaviiig cummitied all kinds of prpfauatiou in the sancUiary, they carried.ofi" ail tlie vessels of gold and silver, iiiid divided Uiein ampiigthemselves, 'oD payiiig'acertain sem to the: Paclia^ and tlify ; gavea loose ,to their li^i'retl of the Clitis'ians. The Riissiaii C accurate inrprmalion of what is passing in Sicily; great precuutions are taken lest any official iutelligence froin that country should trans()lre. The most perfect liarmony does not prevnil between the Neapolitan Aiitiionties and the Austrian Junta. WA.RSAW, SEPTEMItEB 2b". A letter from Moldavia di'scribes the cruelties coni- niilied by the Tnrks in that province and in Wal-iachii. On tlieiv entrance into a fijvdl town in the latter provitice, the inhnbitants, seised with terror, took refuge in. the chiivch ; the dqors were broke open by ijiese b-irbtrians, who inurdered the men, not exceptitig the Minister, abustd the woiiien on llie altar,-and tinally massacred tliem. VIENNA,' SEPTEMBER 98. It is almost, gejterally, belisvedlhat': the peace betweeii Russia atid the Porte will not be interrupted ; it is even Uioifght these Pwwers will sodu; conre to U detinttive arr*'g a,- whs bUo making preparaiions for his departUie. Saiih Pacha, who has received from the Porte ^the most amjile powers, was to remain with 800 men. On, the 7tli he caused a Firman of tlie Grand -Signior to be 'publislied at Jassy, in wliicli'ail the inhaUitiuits of the country who sli-all return to ,tlielr duly are assured, and that Commandant enjoined to proti-cl them, by maintaining strict discijiliue amongst tlie troops under his orders. " The greatest, confusion pvevatlj* in the Adroi-nistralio", and it is not seen how it can be remedied before. the return of the buyurds of the first class, who alone are acquainted with its resoitrce!". " The insurgent troops have abandoned the flat country and the convents where they have hitherto maintained their position, and hjve retired into the narrow pas.-es of the mountains on the frontiers, viliere they are hlocked up b}' some inconsiderable Turkiaii corps." NUREMBERG, OCTOBER 3. The Journals whicji liiive duriiifr six months announced immediate war between Russia and Turkey, have reiracied with more or less of bad grace. Tile Correspondent of Nuremberg has inserted the following reclauialioii :-. � Riga, September 17. " We have rejid with silonishment the news t�iven by sfverul joijrnais respecting the pretended movements of the Turks, of which we, who are proximate, have not heard a single word. We [lar-licipiited in the views of those who regard a war between Russia and the Porte as almost impossible to be avoided. Bat this opinion was founded upon an examination of gvenl political interest', and iiot upun the. trifling news with which each journal amuses its readers, according to llisir several tastes. Thus, lately, one of these prints cited as. proof of the near commencement of war, that the Imperial guards and other regiments catitoned along the Dwina, drew from the magazines the means of subsistence every five days, from wherce it was concluded that they momentarily expected the order to mKrch for the soutliern frontier. " It is very true ihul those troops received their rations, both of food and- fcrage, in the intervals of time described ; but as this has always been the custom in Russia, nothing can be inferred from it. Moreover, these troops have, in each Order of the Day, directions lo hold themselves in readiness to inarch in twenty-four houvg; but it did not at all follow that they were aclnally. to march.- It is a tnere ordinary form, which has for its purpose the reminding of the soldier of the duly of being always prepared for war. If. these instances prove the ignorance of the newsmongers, in regard to our military institutions, we see al.-o that these gentlemen, in causing an army to march in a right line from the banks of ihe Dwiiia to the soulhern frontier, prove that they know absolutely iiothing of the stale and direction of the great roads of Russia, and particularly of the military routes. Those circumstances render it physically impossible lo conduct an army, with all which appertains, to it in a right line from the batiks of the Dwina to of the Pruth. THE BRITISH P.RESS. LONDON, MONDAY, October 15, 1821. We have received Madrid Papers to the 2d inst. It "ppears from them that the yellow fever increases in Spain, and that the only hopes of chrckins its piogiess are placed in the coldness of the weather that may be expected at this time of the year. The contagion had attained an alarming heiglit before any disclosure of its existence was made public, the Government being anxious to prevent the publication of a fact which, if generally kiinwii, must seriously alfect its commercial relaiions. The ac-connls of the state of the contagion, coming from Spjin, cannot, tiierefore, be suspected of exaggeration. Tiiat it has assumed an alarming character, competent to excite the most serious apprehensions ill neighbiiuring countri< s, sufficiently appears from the |)recautioiis taken in France, Ei'glipid, mid every other country in Europe, in communication with Spain, to prevent the introduction of the coiy tagion from that countij'. The regular opening of the Session of the Spanish Corte.� had been fixed i'or the 11th of Qcto,brr. The King, however, lias thought it advisable to anticipate "the time, by convening an extraordinary sitting of the Coites on the 24th last. On that day the Coites met accordingly. The King, in his speech from, the throne, recommended to llieir atteuiion the trade of the country, and the state of Spanish America; but the prjncijwl oliject appears to be the coinple-tion of the new coustitutional system. The answer of tli^.Cortes shews that this latter subject totally engrossed their attentiqn, and thai, compared wiih it, eyery other TOusideratipn was of little or no iip-porlance. They say, his Majesty, by voluntarily meeting llie representatives of the nation, ug-iin-rati--fies his solemn engiigementj, and receives in tlm J'ace of tlie world unequivocal testimonies ofniulnBl love and confidence. Tlie Spanish nation, which equally ahhors despotism and anarchy, thougli dcsirons of liberty, asks only such liherty as may be founded �on the laws, and never degenerate into licentioos-ness ; it will have no government but a limited mo-Jiuirc/i^i, such. as the Coiistilution. lias citablishetlj and it entert-dins the most, unbounded love and respect towards his Majesty's sacred and iiuioUhle person," The .steady and uniform spirit displayed by Ihe Cortes, in their exertions to estahli.ji !|.,: freedom ol' their country, and the decliiiiuif euei,-gies of its enemies, encourage the most sanguine hopes of its ulii.nate success. The same coursel if steadily pursued, must in a little time place the new Constitution beyond the reajjii of it? enemies, the wretelies "ho lived upon thesnper-. stiiioii, the ignorance, and the corruption of tlieir country. It is only when llie foundation is bad that the superstructure, which has withstood the first assaults, has any thing to fear from their repetitioi.'* We have received the Paris Papeis of Wednesday and Thursday last. Their contents respecting Turkey are decidedly pacific. They state that the most perfect tranquillity prevails at Constantinople, that the Porte has granted an amnesty to the Greeks, and neglects nothing tiiat may conduce to the preservation of peace with Russia. The evacuation of Moldavia by the Turkish troops is confirmed, and it is generally believed at Vienna that a definite arrangenjent between that Power and Russia will soon take place. It was lately stated that the defeat of the Turkish fleet by the Greeks was fully confinned: it is now stated that the report of I his defeat is totally destitute of foundation. From this perplexingcourse of confident usseriioiis on one day that are met by equiilly confident contradictions on the liext. tiie mind can draw no conclusion on, which it can rest witli satisfaction. Accounts, it is S'lid, were r%?ce'n;ed on Saturday,-announcing the ariiviil of the Kino, 'k^ high health and spirits, at f-Ianover. He entered Hh city at nine o'clock at night, last Monday. The towji was all life and,splendour; the streets were illumifated..r the military drawn out on duty, the guns fired, the bells, riipg,'and the po|)ulalion flocking from all sides towatjis the barrier through whicV;his Majesty entered-all appeared animated jitb the most loyal and citycclionate enthusiasn.- Notwithstanding the distance frotn Brusselj tfr Hanover, and the rapidity with which the JAng. travels, bis, health had not in. the least si^fered beyond the ordinary fatigue consequent uijjn the-movement and confinement of-a carring5r;^[rtl "-"co of this his Majesty had less uppei\riinc� than ij^ost of those who composed his suite. The receptiot^gu however, were rather private; and the AddresslJ and formal congratulations of the Authorities, anc^ oiher public bodies, were postponed to the foUoi? iiig and future days., '�--' On Monday the Biinn, 20 gnns. Captain'i^ts, arrived at Portsmouth from Jamaica, from v^ji-h she saile<l on the I3th of August. The .^jm touched at the Havaonah, blit being there qied upon to pefforin quarantine, in consequence $ oot haling heeii at sea 18 days, she had no comijyni-calion with the shore. She sailed from the Havi^..,K on the 2d of September, for New "liprk ; from which she proceeded on the !4lh for kiig-land. The Si/bilie, Capt. J. R. Kowlb;^ wi.s taking on board a freight at Vera Cruz furCain-peachy and Ilavannah.-The Naulilus, "daptain Chapman, wasfitlingat Jamaica for a three months cruise. The Tribune, Capt. Wlr.loughbt, C.B. was at Porto Cabello. Tlie Farlhiun, Capt. Llovd, sailedon the 4ih Augu^t for Honduras, and was afterwards to return to England.-The Tamur, Capt. Sir Wm. Wiseman, had sailed fur Savanilla. The lialeigh, 18, Capt. Bi.ackman, and the Ontario, 18, Capt. J. Leigh, were to proceed to England on their arrival at Jamaica, where they were daily e.f-pected ; the former from Cabello, and the latter from the Nassau station,-The Bann sailed on Friday for Chatham, to be paid off". The Bustard, 10 guns, Capt. W. Gko, MartiV, will proceed I'roin Portsinouiii to Jamaica on Wednesday by way of Oariiudoes. On Sniidny sailed from Portsmouth the Hind, Captain Sir BtiRUARD, on a cruise ; on Monday the rilligator, 23, Captain WlLKIE, for Woolnicli; and Lee, C-Apt. Blacker, for Cork. The L'riDer, IS, Ch (it. He id, arrived at Ports-innuih on Tlinrsday from L.eith to bg paid olK The fiurt/nlii.l, 4'i guns, fittioij in Purtsmni't'^ harbour, is ordrred to the Medileifanean ; Ciiplc;:' Clifford will command her. The Coujiance, 18 s iieilj and IS li'tins^at Deptl'ord for the Portsmouth .-ta-tfou.. The'Phiielon, 46, Capt. W. A. McNT^WifF, is also placed under the orders of the I'omiuantis;-in-Chief, Sn-Jami!s WniTsjiEn, K.C.B. Ttie liff'ey, 50, Ron. Capt. DuNt'AV, �iU be paid ook-y-.ird. The oilicers and crews ol ilif twelve rtviiins cutlers, reduced, arc to be employed iu liie p'reviin-live service in Irelaiui. The,staliDn of the lir^i/lip-inid revenue ciittcT trail ('erred from Weyinoutli, and the LJuu,'-vi'uue cutter, from Jersey to Plymouth .

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