Friday, December 22, 1820

British Press

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British Press (Newspaper) - December 22, 1820, London, Middlesex I THBa!^BE-R0Y4L, pHUkY-LANS. r THI3 EVENING,'FRIDAY. December 22, his Majesiys Sei-sanU will perfoi'm iLe Opera of THE LORDsOF THE IMANOii. Sir John Coiiirsst, Mri Gallic ; Voyiie Gonirasf, Mr. Bar-nard ; Raaliley, Mr. T. Cooke; Trufinore, Mr. Brabatn {liis 39 ajipedrnnce in that character) ; La Nippp, Mr. Ilmlry; Ralph, Mr. Knight. Annette, tlt<t<)iime Vi'slris � Sophia, Itliss CuUm ; Peggy* MiBB;Po�*y V M"" Fl'Son, Mr.VV. H, WiU Jiams. : ' ' '� After which, Ihc STusicnl Dram* of THE LADY AND THE DEVIL. � Wildlore, Mr. EllislDi;;' Jeiririy, Mr. Harley ; Siffnor Ua-fadl, Mr.XJatlie"; Clauiliaii, Mr. Barnard. Ncgumbo, Mrs. lijand ; Zephyrilis, Miss Ketly. - 'Places to be lal .jnorrovy, Tlie Lord of the Manor: Triiemore, Mr. . Brslinm-^^with Giovaiini in Londuii. 'iThe Christmas Pautomiiue, callej The North-west Passage, or Harletjuin Esquimaux, will lie produced on Tues-day next. . - . A uew Comic Musical ^iece, in Itro ^rarts, Trrll be produced ill a few days, called Giuvauiii iu Ireland. THEAVnH.RaYAL, CDVEST-GAROEy. fflHlS EVENING, FRIDAV, December.22-, - JL will be performed llie new Tragedy of WALLACE. Scots-Wallace, Be^ent of Scotland, Mr. Macready; OoJiiyii, Mr. Egcrion ; Douglas, Mr. C. Kcmble; Monleith, ASr; Abbott; Kierly, .Mr. Ciiirifr. ' Ea^lisb-Clare, Earl of Glo'ster, Mr. Cbapoian ; Lord de CliHorJ, Mr.Connor; Sir Reginald Fiia-Eiistace, Mr. Clare. inODt, Heleu (*ife of Wallace); Mis. Cnun. After which the Farce of* THE CKITIC. .Sir Fretful Plagiary, Mr. NV. Farien; Puff, Mr. Jones; Dangle, SJr. Conuor; Siieer. Air. Egrrtoii; Don Ferolo Triiitkciaudos. Sir, Lislou. Mrs.Dangle, Mia.Connor; Til-burina, Mrs^ Gibbs. Places for the Boxes lo (le taken of Mr. Brandon, at the Box.Oliice, H-ut-stieet,from Ten till Four. A Private Box may be had for IlireSeison, or nijhllJ,_of Mr, l^aiidoH, at the Box-Offic*. To-morrow, Shakspeore's Comedy of TwclCih fJight, with The Warlock of the Glen. The new Grand and Comic ClirisImHS Pantomime called Marlcqnio and Friar Baciin, or 'I'lie Eiozeii Head, will be 'produced on Tuesday next. PUHUe NOTICE FOR*rHE CHItl.STMAS HOLIDAYS'.' �?HE THEATRE ROYAL, ENGLl.SH OPERA HOUSE, STRANp, WILL OPEN with SOIREES A-iVJ US ANTES! in which something not Dtamatic, but rcry nev:, will be aiicmpted. _ A WONDERFUL DKSCOVERY FOR THE ^ TOOTH-ACH, And pre-scrving and beaulifjing the TEETH and GUMS.- Patronised liy her late Royal Highness the Duchess of York, his Excellency the Duke uf'Jan Carlos, Ihe Spanish Ambassador, and most of the Nobility. -ROWLAND'S ALSANA EXTRACT ; or, Aby-->sinian Sjjecific for the Trelb and Gums.-This invaluable Specific hat been in bi�b estimation for many years, tfiid recommended by Ihe first Pliysicians. Us properties are truly wonderful ; il immedintely relieves the most .violent Tuolb-ach, cleanses and beautjGes the Tt'ctli and Gums, and preserves them from drcay; "prevcnls Decayed Teeth - giving pain, removes the Tartar fronr the Teeth, fastens thos^ that are loose, and niiikes the Teelh ' beautifully while and uniform ; cleanses the Scurvy from the Giin>.s, rentiers them firm and healthy, refreshes the mouth flurittg disease after medicine, and imparts u sweetness lo the breath. U is perfectly innocent, so that a child may ��ke it, yet contains those inestimable properties thai ,if ouneiantly used, will render, the Teeth and Gums sonud, beautiful, and free from pain, lo the latest period of life It is an txcelfeut St�(uachic.- Price 2s. 9d__4s. Cd.-and 30s. ffd. per Bottle. Sold wholesale, retail, and for exportation, by the sole Troprielors, A, ROWLAND and SON, rorncT of Kirby-street, Hallon-garden, Luu<iun ; and most Purfumcrs and Alrdiciiie VeBdere-iNone are genuine without ihs signature " A. ROWLAND and SON." 7�AiVllLIES who (lay READY MON.EY are rroprrtfolly informed by JOHN JON ICS and Co. 2?2, Piccadilly, thai, in additnuh to the arlieles rontiiincd in liie general List last published, they h::ve addrd the following, which,, with all others for-family u<e, John Jones and Co. are selling un more reasonable Terms than any other WsrebouEe in Englaiid : .� d. Arrow Root..........................3 4 per lb. Chocolate, plain......................4 0 ditto Ditto, Sir Hans Sionne'a................ fi 0 ditto Cocoa (patent) of "Ihe finest quality...... 1 10 ditto Cocoa-, Nibs'fine......................j;2 10 .lilio Coffee of fine, quality .,........<.......'s 3 dido Cmnomile Flowers ....................2 8 ditto Cieam of Tartar .'.....................2 0 djtio F.soence of Anchovies ,................. 1 3 per hot, Jfjist India Rice....................... 0 2 per bl. Ginger for Wines, Pickles, &c........... 0 8 ditto Bnney............................ 1 4 ditto Isinglass............,...............II 0, dillo Olivfs, French...................'......1 0 per hot, �pickles of most sorts.........,........ 1 0 per jar So;.................................. 1 4 per boU Sago............................... 2 0 per. lb. .Sootch and Pearl JBarlcy for Soups....... 0' 4 dilio Vinegar, Tarragon.................... 1 0 per-lx.t. Ditto, distilled........................ 1 0 <lii!o Small H'^rns.......................... 0 8 per lb. JUirge dried Neais' Tongues............. 4 fi each Y'ellow Soap, 81.1.; Mottled, 9Jd.; Curd... () lO'pnrlb. Store Candles, 8.-i.6d,; Moulds, 10s.; Wjx 42 0 pi-r duz. N.B.-Country Shopkeepers will observe thai the above Prices are well worth their attention, being coiiMiJerably lower than ilie Wholesale Bouses charge for the same Article. Jaiid J. SIVEU'RIGHT, Sole 'CMMtrattors  .^�or the New Ykar's Lottery," which contains (iu Money an(\ Consols) (he uiiprecedented Nnmbfr of NINE PRIZES OF TIVENTY-ONE THOUSAND POUNDS. TWICE THE FORMER PROPORTION OF ALL OTHER PKIZE.S-and NOTTWO BLANKS TO A PRIZE (a reduction of half  be proportion of Blanks in former Sclirnies) -LOWEST PRIZE f 12. MONEY." tJoexompled as this is, TJCKBTS and SHARES are LOWER in PRICE. THE DRAWING begins 23.1 of JANUARY, when the FIFTH PRIZE willdivide THREE PRIZES of T'.VEN-TY-OKE THOUSAND POUNDS extra each; and as every Capital will hove a New Ticket, Oiie Purchase may btaio TrtO of TWENTYONE THOU.SAND POUNDS each.: J. ond-J, S. flatter themselves that, lughly as their former -Scheme* have been fe8iiniated,theroerii� of this exceeds iheni all; and they Iriisl their Friends will have the same sue. cess flt their Offices as in last Contract, when in oue Ltit-lery{d the Prizes of Iwenty Tlinusand Pounds ! At 3?, Cornhill;, n, Holbornj 38, Hoymarket ; Where Sclici�e� itt full leBgili may be bad on appltcalion. CASTLE BAYNARD WAllD. T. a WARDMOTE m.l.len by. and before the Right VVorshipfuI Joshua Jonathan Smith, Esq. Alderman of this W<ird;'a< Hie Church' of the Oililed Parisli�'� of Saint lYIary-Msffdalen; Old Fisb-slreet, and Saiul Gregory, L-oodon, on t'bursdav, tbe^lst.of December, 1S20 (being St. Tb<iroiis's Djy);' , J. J. SMITH, Esq. Aldenunci in llieChair-, �� Resolved Unanimously-That the conduct, pursued by his Msjesly's .Ministers fur a considerable lime oasi, and particularly the unjust and disgraceful proceedin(;s which they have carried on against her Mujesty the Queen, has been in.the highest'degree derogAtorjj lo the dignity of the Crown, and injurious to the best interests ftf the country at large. . Resolved Unanimously!-That we approve of the dutiful and Loyal Address which has been presented by the Corporation of tbis.bity, ptayiiig bis Majesty to dismiss his present Mluislers .e and pleasure iu the course of a few months. Second Editioiij with numertnis Copper-plates, price 4s. 6d. Also a Cheap Edition, fur the use of Preparatory Schools and Chailiable tnstituliuiis, with Wood-cuts, price Is. 6'1. EUROPEAN SCENERY. On the ist of January will be published, 1. TALIAN SCENERY, from Drawings by Miss Batty. New Edition. No. I. Imperial 8vo. containing;-1. Aigui-belle.-2. Lans le- Bourg-3. Pass of Bramante-4. Turin, from Vigna Andisano-5. Turin, from Palazzo Valentino.  To be nb. lished the Ist of January, will cunt:uii, besides the usual Varieties- in Art, Science, Criticis.-n, the Drama, Politics, anil Commerce-� I.- Lectures ?>u Poetry, delivered jit the Royal Insiitutiou, by Thomas Campbell, E^q. II. On the less celebrated Productions of the Author of Don Quixote. III. Poems by Thomas Canipbell, Esq.-1. The Rainbow-2. The Lover lo his Misiresaoii lier llirih Day, translated from Ihe Bo-hrniiau. IV. Verses by Joanna Baillic. V. Sonnet to the Nightiiigatp. VI. Knight 'I'oggcnbni-g, from the German of Schiller, by '*, Bowring, Esq. VII. Leliers of Milton. VIH. ^erman Antbir", No. 1. Kuisrner. IX. The Revolu-liiMt of Naplea, from an unpiilrlislied Italian .Manuscript. X Journey lo Palmyra or Tailiiior in the D,-�ert, by Count HzewsUy. XI. Remarks on the Life and IVriiings of Ugo Foscolo. XIL Woman, a- .Sketch. XIII. Letters from George Pertinax Growler, Esq. on Modern Improvements. XIV. On Jjje Causes of the present Stagqatiou of Commerce. 3iv!^"he Polar Expedition. XVf. On llie origiir aud celebrBtiou of Christmas. "XVM. On-^lie Drnm-a\ic Writings uf Richard Clilherow, XYIII. Original Ante-dutes^leSvrcied wilh Ihr Bastile, &c. &c. London: Priiiled for Henry Colhurn and Conduit-slreet. Orders received by all Retail Bucksellers, Slatiouers, and NewBvenders. ' �'This d�y ii puBUshSi!^'** ' * ' ' SOH E.MI. A Novt). Jiti-^ri-e- Volumes. . ;Sa>ire's toy,weapon, but<lucreet- To run,a iqurk and lilt &t all 1 lllt:!^.; "I only wearii in"a-'lahd of Hi-iilor^''' jSpie�, Fortune jiuiilersv nypucritc|^^G^ine.:Rectors.' .-.London: Printed, for Henry Colbiiftr aitd .Co. Conduit-street. ' - - - .j ^- '- ' - .' � -*r5.* - -- V i OctSaliirday a Meeting; of the Ibliabilernfs of this City was held parsijauc lo a Requisition for thai purpose, in the - Paniheun, all parts nf which .were crowded lo excess. 11 i:i computed belwerii 3,-000 and 4,000if/ersoiis ti'ere present. 'JAJtES MOKCR^EFP, .'Esq. Was called (tf'the'Chair, which he too){ amidst great -.i^plaiyje. He Iben'reaii the reqoisi-(ion, lo wbicli he reqne'stfd''siich Genl'lemenjas might ihink proper to speikj would confine Ibeir o&.^r^|ucis.i^d avoid per.spnulilirs. - r- i ^ � * ' * " Mr. JeffRETT'rosy, aiijl wao rereiyed wilh universal chet-rriig. He opologisetl for being less prepared ihan lie could have wished,-owing to -bis uth^avorations, lo enter upon Ihe. subject with that kupwiedge of it which it required ; but notwithatandrng'lw would endeovonrio explain, with all the ability, iit bis. power, the objects of-the Re-quisiliuuisls. He was fond -of rctireiucul, ami bad seldom leisure from" his other pursnils lo afford the necessary lime . to enable biai to alteud such ineclings wilh eil'i-ct. The present slate of Ihe times, however, was such that to risk personal obloquy was of no coiicrxii wlieh Ihc interest of, the country required uur attention, and it was wilh pleasure he suvv.around bim many persons who, for the first ijme in their lives; had ever aiteiuled such ini-el-ings. When it is considered that within a sliorl period rtie middling and lower orders of, Ihe people have bccnuif, fioni the dissemination of knoivlcdge, most inlelligeiU, and of course hav^ lately .risen . into great political importance, he saw some measures wire indi.spensably necessary lo allay.ibe diBconlcnt which prevailed ; one great cause of which he believed proceeded from the want-of an elective franchise, for which some practical remedy should be appJieil. Owing partly to a waul of this privilege were to be ..scribal the strange nolions which many persons entertained of political reform. He was of opiiiioi^j^/that were meeting* of this kind sometimes held, they would correct thuse ci^ roneous views, and silence the calumnies of those whose policy, and the obvious leudency of wIiosecoDdoct, a^e lo confound the well-meaning with tbeworst eni-mieAuf theSlate, Thepo.licyof Ihe pl-esent Government had bei-u to divide the people into two clasisec, which, he contended, ihe worst cll'ect. If Ihe persons in the lower ranks of life see their ruUrs regardless of ihrir iulercsi, and leturning to their pi'tilious answers nnt even conveyed in courteous Ian. ^uagp, it is then time for Ihe higher ranks to interfere.- There is only one remedy, and it is, that the tipper ranks should al-and forward and support those of the people, who, feeling iheir rights, seek redress in A respectful manner. The Learned Gcntlemau then noticed ihe very orderly and proper behaviour uf the meeting. He referred In the asser-lions, that a number of the pri.sons who signed the requi-sitiuu bad done so for the purpose of gelling into iiower, and that they were hungry expectants of office. The utter falsehood of such obloquies �-as almost loiTobvions lo require refutation; but be-wonld ask. who are ihty who are charged wilh these views? They are those w'ho have been struggliug ag�inst^|j|^r, nud who might have gained it by preferring ^TOfii to principle, ibeir wiilh being lo leave a' land of peoopTinaSJiiei-iy to iheir posterity, as the best boon they coiiW bcsti'W. For ' his own part, be solemnly declared titai he would not accept place or emolument to which he had nut a fair and just claim. He bad no desire Cor oflice. He, and his friends, whom he fonnd around him, bad by their own exertions, raist-d themselves to the situation in which they now were. They lived gaily and merrily, and fur his own part he did not relish the coustraini necessarily attendant upon olFice. He therefore considered Ihe charges brought against himsflf and his friends most calumnious, absurd, and false ; and although he trnslcd Ihe counsels advocated by the party to which he belonged would be adopted, he was not sanguine enough to think that a Whig Adniinislralion .would permanently gain an ascendancy ; but should such be the case, it would soon be seen that someof iheir present opponents would sneak over to Iheir party, and share the favours then iu their possession. ]l had been justly observed, that every one should bear in mind the scope and object of the Requisition. It imported, that it consequence of Ihe flagrant misconduct of Ministers, in their foregii.aud domeslic policy, Ihc country Mtas iiiHiclc'd wiib its present disirtss.- He did not Ihink the stale of the eiinnlry could be much improved wilbont a complete change of the present syslem. It was of liltle consequence wlieiher the accusers .of ihc Queen were ot wer* not brought to punishment. If Iheir measures were not altered. Their waslf/ul and nnprecf-dented expeniliturc of the public money was the root of all the evil which the country t.iifiered, and he would fearlessly assert, that if no remedy be applied, it would be impossible to e.-icape the ruin that threatened it., The Learned GeiitU-man then adverted to the commercial restrictions whicb embarrassed the trade of the county, and commented in strong terms on Ihe stupid adherence to ancient absurdities and exploded maxims of policy, by which Commercial nations-had been alienated, anil been induced lo reMirtwilh interest, on our trade the'Tcstrictiuna we had aimed at theirs. He nlno adverted to the foreign policy of Ihe country, by which hear^ietl lh.-it an indelible auiii had bfcii fixe vd applause.)-.4 mure pernicious and terrible example was by the'e means set to the iVfagisirates of other couiilipB ihan had ever beeu ex. hibiled in any free country; and if that example bad produced its natural effect, this country would have been ere now deluged will) blood ; hut fur.lbe averting this calamity certainly they bad lo thank the prndence and good conduct of the Magistrales of the country, and he copld not bol particularly advert to the conduct uf the Magaslrates of Glasgow, and to the troops employed.iu that district, as shewing an example of forbearance ainl rauderatioii well deserving the higlieat applause.-(//car, hear, hear )- He would allude to another crcunislance iik ihe conduct of Miuisters, and lhal was Ihe.temoving from office of an illustrious and patriotic Nobleman, whu^bad always perforated his duly to hia Sovereign in the most'jiprighl and conscientious manner, merely becnase he had given countenance lo a meeting like the preseht. And who was the iudividoal lliuB removed ? An individuHl wliu had been Ibe early friend of bis Sovereign, and had arrived it Ihe taat atiigeof Kfe without having beriTin the least degree dialinguiahed by sa , ^-nclioalion towards riuleiil couraea.-(f/�ar, hear, hear.)-' The last'subject'^ wiiiijil aliiiile in wai the proceedings agaipsl Ihe^t^iieej), a.ud ihe siidik'n and niiexHuifd^d proiu-sariou ori*a^liamentV*rill h^rglie 'toighl prvbality surpri'S the nteeting by ubnefriiig, thot.he bail liol read^ihe whi>le of the evidence in^e,.^,. tic whs.wot willing ti� defile hi? mind w-iib lhal fnaWof'perjury, B had been interrupted, Ihe whole time of the Session niuuopolized by one single iiiquiry,.Minisit:rs had prorogued ihe ParliamenI without a speech, without even a Court circailar. They had, in foci, turned tail, and shuffled ofl' in the dark, ami nut even a place of reudeivous had been appointed.-{Laughter.)- Never was a mora ludicrous, piliable, and disgusting spectacle exhibited by a routed mob, and nol one uf them could give any rational account of the matter. Those who are bound to say .soinrthing, all* contradict each other. They do not, know what lo do, nor can ibey say what is lo happen. Tb.-re was al presctitj in fact, uo Go-vernineot iu activity. Were ihey, therefore, to snccceil in their petition for Ihe dismissal of Ministers, ihey would obtain not an order for execution, but an order f.jr carrying away and interring the dead. It was njtparent lhal the present6ys(em could not be conlinucd withont the deatruc-lion of public peace or of public liberty. Mr. JeflTrey then proceeded to recommend lenient mea'snrvs, and concluded � wilh proposing a series of Resolutions. ^1r. L. Horner shortly seconded ibe ResolufSiua. ITie first Resplutioii was curried unanimously ; hut after \be second was read^ and the Chairman had put Ibe qu'^s-liuo, whether it �as the will of ihe meeting that it should pass- Dr. AlTOW, of Stockbridge, who was sealed in one of the boxes, vociferated " No!-" iu such a tone as to attrart geueral alleniion. Great coofnsion immediately ensued from Ihe loud diaapprobation wbidk was expressed from all quarters. The Chairm.vN h.iving at length succeeded iu restoring order, suggested that any individual who had any thing to say in opposition to the Resolution, should uiiduubteilly be beard. i On this there was a general cry of" Hear him, hear him '." on which Dr. Alton stated, that in consequence of the liberty allowed him, be begged to express bis dissenl from ihe Rcsdj lutinu now read* A more complete farce was never acted on Ihe stage of the Wbrbl, nor of the Pantheon.-fHerc^^llie hisses aud cries of ** Put him o�f" became'so violent, that the w^eaker'a voice was completely drowned.] The Chairman having restoreil order, expressed his opinion" strongly un the impropriety of in-ferrupiing the speaker, aa the must efTeclual way lo come lo a speedy decision was to bear Ihe individual to on end. . " . Dr. AlTON then resumed-They bad got, be said, a Harlequin and a Merrimaii, and the only thing-necessaty lo complete Ihe farce was a Columbine.-[Here Ibt^peaker's voice was again drowned in a tumullnuus-clamour of dis-approbation.]-However much the apeecb now delivered Cmight haveiiecn disguised, it was delivered for a damnable purpose.-[Here the confusion became greater than, ever, and nothing was heard bul violent hisses, aud loud aud in-ccEsaut cries of *' Out with hini 1'' After order was restored, Mr. J. A. MuRRATr slated, lhal it was unquestionably proper that every individual should be allowed fairiy and freely lo express his sentiments, so long as he observed Ihe rules of good sense; but when any man went the Itnglh of saying that the speech lately heard was for a damnable purpose, be ought nut to be heard.- (Applu'ise ) Mr. R. B. Bt-yrB^ begged that Ibe meeting would allow the Geulleman another trial; the cause which iliey this day advocated needed no support bm what arose from a full and free di.scussion. That Genll'inan bad expressed lii'm-self iulcmperately, but be Irusted be would apologize,-and be allowed to go on. Mr. .MosCKiiiFP expressed himself (o Ihe same effect. Dr. AlTOS then said, he was very sorry he had offended the feelings of /urA laM<ihter and di.iapprohation.) AnothflBtidividual in the boxes then ruse, cnJ said be had a �|W to say on the second Resolution, and lhal was, that i^H^not go far enough ; and he would move, in addition liTTf, that Ihey should pledge Ihemselvea, if ever ihey got into pywer, lo ^ervc wiihuut fee or reward.-f Lautjhtcr. and disitpprobaliun.J The ChaIRMA.V observed, that as the present meeting woul nn;r';- pf-sosi :Mi.l#-r Wicli l-hflrgep. Even Ihtse chjrgei Hv;-d:ti i�s{>ltn:m,; tu ilit--Pr**^*,: nr.i\ to (Sp bk'&Miiirt: \Ue country e-ii_ij)s iVnin ils l-finij' vntv'ilyviwil. - Ui' ilirn ailixifi'. lu The'rit'ciu:-:, "-Ini h. In- >-:i' ^w*^  u'ltiy a }'ur,-rvt/hfr to inher-i ai -.i.s'^nihir- ,h'^',r:\!t- 'ir The other R *, wrJ luc AJ.iri";^ \o h]'� M;tjof�!y,' winch wan a.n c^ho uf th^ Rcsulationi, w.h- severii'^'y itiui Mr. ^ASIES GIK50.S rccit-:u'.i: raiil^ tha! !!ic i ].ir}i:rtn'c oT ihe \,v�ytn-\j Oi'uiitnt^u, aiu^^iit* rif;,ifuriiiit.f of lin' prc*^erit intrflitiff, tfave tite lii- to ull (he caluinnies ^liirh bad h-'in uttercil ami-/.'irculatftl liy pei-j-oiis wbu ik-iL-cibeil tbt.'T:* as the ,ncum aJ'.*bp f-*rr(>. Thu tih}fct of ihz' IVhfjj? in tw utat-iurt:' ;baJ beru II scrariiltle fur powtT, nr thi'y n:''.:hr'Um** t-re '.his ibavc been in possfssiun of i* ; ni!i) hf wiis pi-rau.iiii d,' if a . cljan^t (iifi nnt take place, a ir ViihiCt'ii w <mj wJ cxslm*. Af-^-r FDiTiH obsfrvulioris en ihe impTjhiir nn^titirr j'TiiiUtrr-i, ijc intivpii iIkii tbf Diikf (if B'-di.nJ. Iv(r! fircN, Loid I'.oilju-i, or },nri} KtsUinr^ be rryutstc'd Id [jrcs-T.f J Uv AdiUt:^.^. Mr. AXDUrtV SrulV fJCi-ou-U d Mr. ihmIm.h, � which was a^�-<;fd lo. JJr*'had j^fr-nt u!t".: I ht: ciMinti y : ( vfu in.Jlu: Suiii-. /tt-ruct nf I'-t-ii puwcr ibcy bid ;ihoii--iUe'd Slave'rr;\dc, di'it;vafv-jS" cipltfs of re!ii{iuus tuU-raiion. * A CouiiiiiUfe vva3.l*ion apj.'oinled to furl!iPr ihu objects of (be mr-ef I'lg. -(^ iVIr. John Ci-erk rose aiii! prf)pn'*ed t'le ibnnki ipri i\\ rffs ibilr'opinion un pnS! c meaKiifcy*, be, Uicrefjre, trusted tliey woiitii ai;.iiii meet wbenfver �>crn-. Hiim retjuivtfd, a* such jiublic onvofcliuns u.rt' altendud l.y the brBl^ronscquenctJS.--'Ibe inotiun h as t btru earned wilii grt-ai appUmi'e. * Mr. J- (.'u.\lo iben propfised, and the mfplinj resolved f'l letiiru lb;ihks to (be Genilemeii by whom it luid i;ee�i c^U'd, The Cil.iinMA?? then di.�isolve(| ll'ft mcetiHe, -Tier tt^^-.-y-x how much be bad b^en i^riUibtd by Ibc decornu) nni urHc*' which b-id bct-n observed, iiclwiilisMiidin-y. ihe very crow-bd state of all p.irta uf the bnildins. Hebi.-j;[^fd ibern lo muye out very slpwly, to prevent accidcnin. 'J'bfc ineelinjj fliwj dispersed in the most orderly mfinner. The f'dloivin^ Petition, eronndtd trpon (he ilesubittons. was un;iiiinu)usiy agreed (o : - to thr ring's most excellent m.ajfstv, The biinihle Adtbef'; and I'eiiiiyu id* ihc nudeisijnfd IrihabilHQts of Edinburi^l) ; !M.iy it please ytjur ,Maje�ty� ^Ve, your Majesty's .most loyal-and dntifn! anbjf^cts, *\,^ nnderHi(;ned Inhabil:iota of Edinburgh, rnnvem d hy piiM:r adv?rlij?Biti�t, besf leave t(� approach your M:ijt;stv'=i -if*':^ with fbe assurances of our sincere' and nualterabb- nU-irl;-nient lo ynur Mnjesty''s Person and Government, and lu principles of ibal bappy ConaliUiltuu which pLicpd yt^cr illii^trions Family'on llie Throne of tliesfi Realm-:; inid -also lo express our deterininalion lo repel and resist, tu I'lc utmost of our power, any altempl thai may maiie lo u:- ' vadc Coustilulion, or to impair, in atiy (iegree^ ihe respect that iv dtip tu all and each of its branchrs, � Under the influence of these seiilintenN, nud con5iderjn^ (be rii cumslances in which Ibis country is now ?pl �ceii, we feel it tu be qur indispensable duly must rer-pcftfiilly to le, preseot lo your Majesty, that it is onr fnni conviction hihI belief, (bat yuur Majesty's present Mui-rIpih ij-.ive tniii. ly lout ihe confidence of the great bo'ly ^d' yonr People, and by a series of injudicious and reprehensible measuves l�-� l* d*;-servedly (Income the objecl.s of such jjeneral di-*trj\'5t snd aversion, as tolbc longer �capahle of conducting the uHair.: of the nation witU safety or advantaf^o. That (Iiey 1i2$^c^ fur many years, persifi(ed in ibe rniir?e fif most improvident and wasteful expense, and, in limes of unexampled distress, have obstiualtly reji-ctcd every |-rop(>-si(iou fur effective retrenchment or economy. That Ihey have, in like manne^r, pur !n>iiH .>f trade, by which ihe national diMresaes have bcrn ai^'^rnvat'ed, or Ihe mean^ of relicvinjj them wiibbeld or ii�lerceplt?d. That, at the close of a war, the profe^?ed object of ".bicb ^ was lo vindicate nnd restore the independence of the Earopean comniunttiea, and which bad been bjom;hl to a successful termination chiellv by the distin^nisbed raintsr "^d' tiur free British auldiery, th^y lent tbem^rlves to :i pu'irs-inconsiitent with the besf puinciples of n=nional hhcrly, and so conducfed themselves towards varimis indtjjend'Mit States, as not only to tarnish the honour of ihe. nation m the eyes of the world, but to bviua: such.s'uspiciou on onr �^uitd faifb as must be productive of j^reo.! prJ?i:c;!! m>. barrassmenls in our foreign relattoiA, bolb political and com mercial. That (hey have manifested, atall (imf�j, an uncnn^tiiutionap and diBtempered averaion lo all popular rights and pi vf-legeB, and Itave, on many occ"pioti<;, imposed oniuci-s'u'y rea-ttictions on iheir exercise and enjoymenf. That, in order to effect this yliject, nud to moinlal:^,. if poasible, their own power and influence in the country, ihey hav9 a.icnbed the discontenls, whirli arose chicfiy f^'ni\ Jbtif own iniiigovernmetit, to the prevalence tence among the people. That they have struck an alarmins b'.-nv :'.t tb*' mor?.'? oC the people, and have invaded the [iriv^te security cf every c/ass of yoiir Majesty's subject-, by emjj^Ioyintr, enruuiacr-in^, and protecting an unprccedttuivd uumb(.'r uf sp:*s -Jini intormers^ who are proved, iu many case^", lo \y.\'-K' bc^ti themselves the instft^tora of timse tlisurd�^rs for uintcT have been, exposed lo pruRfcutiou and punlsbmcnt. That, in pursuance uf ttie same f>bj('cts, ihey havf iak�u advantage of the peaceful and loyal dispn^^Ui^ns whicb �;t^-vail generally in (bis counlrv, to persuade mmiy wttl inran.-iutJ persons of the triiib of* iheir calumniuui m epr* ^eif t-tions, and have thus excitesl amonc: tbem gri^vci;*! 3nd groundlessalarms, while, ul the same lirne, i'.i-/-ievt-ie Snrea and reproachful languaeo which wr*^ rf^^'.L'.t vU'v adopted, Itave occa5i(med mu^bf-jir and irr\t-\ii'.!M those who were the objt^cts of lb"ir calnmiues, and ':i'r>'.-' : the less insirucled amutin; ih<-m :o list'-n ciure rend/.y m � setiuctions uf the ftw wicked and dejigiiinj* pcraon^ "-vho hunlile to our free Constitution, nr who exp<:ctid profit of a season of Innfult and dJROrder. That, with aview lo deter per'ious of rank and cundiiioTi from concurrinpin (be reasonable cjmplats.ts of (be peopi'^, they havtt advised tbcadoplinu of the r.vJ5it bai-sh nnd tufw.u-inp measures toward* individuals of the big;!-.*.";! rt:;'ioM, most uuqoeaTi^ed loyalVy, �i'd the 010*^1 ftpprowd Srrvicen, whose presence nt puM-c nisctings was nt "r.ce :'"*. surwHt plt-dy;e of the moderation of tbe measivri-r, to be m.Iovj'-. ed, and ibe best rneans uf rcpres'lo:; aiyy letide;;* y 10 -xc; d� f^temperance \hat might olUctwisc have uecu.uppr*--bended. That, by th*"se afi^ o^^**' meaii<t, they have Jtiiffu^cd a spirit of discord through ihe body of nnr popuJalJon,aud ultimately produced a most alarming Uisuriion beuvpen those classes of tlie communitv� wiibout. whose cordiiil ro-opeialion there can no !puser be peace aud prosptiUy fv�r the country, TUalj by ihe Uu proceedings against her Msjesij vbt; lo niak*'.

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