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   British Press (Newspaper) - December 19, 1820, London, Middlesex                                NuMBBfR 5628. london^, t;uespay,''JI^jIM 1820: Fk.icg 7(i. ,   ^'nBATRE.ROYAL, DRUKY-LANli. THIS. EVENING, TUESDAY. Dec. 19. tiiR MgJCTly's Strvanls will perform (3d lime), a new American Dratha; iu (hree acts, called '� POCAHONTAS; Or, THE INDIAN PRINCESS. Enellsh Colonists-Cap). SniiJh, Mr. Cooper; Scrivener, Mr. Foote; Ratclifle, Mr. Barnard ; Archer, Mr. Bromley. J� s Pickle, Mrs. Harlowe; Maria, Uisi Smilbson. ;      To conclude with the Muidcnl Farce of THE PRIZE; Or, 2 53 8. Lenitirc, Mr. Harlev) HeartweX, Mr. Baruard. Caroline, Miss Kelly. Places to be taken of Mr.'fibdwcll, in the Ratnoda�f ib^ SjUoonofili'eTlJeallre.',,.     '"^  , Private Boxes^cin only be "obtained for tlie Evening of Mr.Rodwell, at: the Box-Office.    ' To-morrow, The Lord of tbe Manor, with The Lady and the Devil. Tiie Chrislmtr Pantomime, called The North.west Pas. sage, or Haclequin Esquimaux, will be produced on Tuesday next. i THE'aTR R.ROY AC, CUVENT.6ARDBS. fflHIS EVENING, TUESDAY, Dec 19, M.    will be performed (13th time), the new Historical Trageily of WALLACE. Seots-WaUace, Regent of Scojiand, Mr. Macready; Comyn, Mr. Egerion; Dottf^as, Mr. C. Kemble; Munleith, Mr. Abbott;' Kierly, Mr. Coiner. English-Clare, &irl of Glo'ster, Mr. Chapman ; Lord de Clifford, Mr.Cotinor; Sir Reginald Fitz-Eustace, Mr. Clare-mont.   Helen (wife of Wallace), Mrs. Bunn. After wbicb, the Melo.dramatic Romance called THE roRTV^HIEVES. Cassim Baba, Mr. Alklns ;'^li Baha, Mr. Blanchard ; Gaiiem, .Mr. Sarusel; Muslapba, Mr. W. Farren ; AbHalla, Mr. Connor.   Cogia Baba, Mrs. Listoo; Morgiau^t, Mrs. T. Hill. Places for tbe Boxes to betaken of Mr. Brandon, at the BoK-OiSce, Hart-street, from Ten (ill Four. A Private Box may be had for tbe Season, or nightly, of Mr. Brandon, at the Box-OIHc*. To-morrow, .Sliakspeare's Comedy of Twelfth Night, with Katharine and Pelruchio. On Friday, tbe Musical Play of Tbe Slave. The new Grand and Comic Cbrittmas Pantomime will be produced op Tuesday next. PUBLrC NOTICE FOR TBE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS! rflHE   THEATKE   ROYAL.  ENGLISH M. OPERA-HOUSE, STRAND, WILL OPEN with SOIREES AMUSANTES 1 in which lometbiog not Dfamalic, but very n�tc, will be attempted. LAST FlVis NIGHTS OF THE B0RLETTA OF ERRORS. ADELPBI THEATRE, STRAND. By Aiitliority'of tlie Right Hon. the LonI Chamberlain. rpHIS EVENING.  TUESDAY.  Dec. 19, L   and during tbe Week, will be presented, an eotire New Melo-Srama, in three acta, entitled ZAMOSKI; OR, THE FORTRESS AND THE MINE. Znmoski, Mr. Gomersal j Edwiiiski, Mr. Waikiiis; Lu. paaki.Mr. Lee; Ragolzi, Mr Campbell; Peter, Mr. Cuwell; Orloff, Mr. Callahan; Riiganoff, Mr. i. Jones.   Flnreska, arIr�.Wayl.elt; Polioa, Miss Yates; Child, Miss Buheim. .After which (3Sth time) a New  Mythological   Extrava-eanza, iu three acts, founded on DryUeo's - Comedy of Aniphllrybn, or the Two Sosian, railed A BURLETTA OF ERRORS; OR, JOPITER AND ALCMENA. Immortals:-Jupiter, Mr. Watkins; Mercury, Mr.Cowell; 'Vulcan,.:Mr. Callslian.   Mortals:-Sosia, Mr. Wilkinson; Tianio, Mr. Collier.   Alcmeua, Mrs. Tenoant ; Plicedra, Mrs. WayieltjBromia, Mrs. Daly. To conclude with tbe Biirlelta of WHO'S TO FATHER ME? Mamleville, iMr. J. Jones; Billy Bulls, Mr. Wilkinson. Charlotte Oldstock, Miss Yates; Harriet, Miss Brady. On Tuesday next will he producef ENGLAND, trading to the EAST INDIES, rfo hc-'ehy oiws Nolic, That the TR.4NSFER BOOK'S of the said Companv's Slock will be SHUT u� TUESDAY, the 5lh Drcemhcr next, at Three o'Clock, and OPENED again on THtKS. DAY, die ISlh January, 1821. And lliat the Dividend ^Varraiils u,n the 9aid Stock due on the 5lh January, 1821, will be ready to be deliiered ou SATURDAY, the 6th of ihe same nionlh. JOSEPH DART, Secretary. EAST INDIA HOUSE, November 1^1820. rpHE   COURT 0/ DIRECTOKS v //'� fl   UNITED COMPANY of MERCHANTS     ENG. LAND, tradini; to rt? EAST #NDIES, do Iterebp.give Notice, That a QUARTERLY GENERAL COURT of Ihe said CO.MPANY will-be held at llreir House in l.eadeulial|. street, on WEDrjES.DAY, Die 20th of December next, at Ele�t�KVCroi!fc>tt Tim i^rrro^^ (be pnrpos* of. Ue- claring � DiyidemI from. Alidfjummer last to Chrislmaj�ext. The Com t of Directors do further give notice, ibal the said General Court is m�d^ .Special, for the pnr|Sb8C of sub-mitling for rotiiirmaliuu the Resolutions vf tite General Coiiri of tliit-iTth September,4ip|troviDg the KesDinlioiis of the Ojort of Directors of the 2d August last, grauliug. under the rircumslancea therein sl.itol, a pension of I,>)002; per ai>num to Mr.'R, M. Barn.ird, lata Assi�tnut Coast and Su-rnt-.Warebousekeeper; and a pension of 600/. per annum to Mr. George Mordnunt, jnn. late se gire Notice, That (he QUARTERLY GENER.tL COURT of tbe Company appointed to be helil at ibeir House iu Leadeoball-atreet on WEDNESDAY, ihe 20ih December next, is further made special, for the purpose of laying before the Proprietors for their approbstion, in conformity with the 17lh section of Ihe 6ih rhapler of the By-Laws, a Resolution ,of the Court of Direclors nf the 8ih inslaul, proposing the eflabliahmcnt of a New OlFice, with a salary of three hundred pounds per annum, at llie Company's Military Seminary at A �>l so Iractiihtt ,iis they expetilSj "pVii'd lo the ^Ibuse of Lords, iu the hope "f tiudiuj^i jltdgiiicilt niorc favourable to their views. He need litft remind them of,the nature of Bills of Pains, and PeiralJica.' Tbe pieredcut fur � heir introdncUoo fu .ihe case of'Straffordy served only to accelerale the ruiji of (hose by wluiin it was proinoird, conspired'to throw a'veil over his laiifts, aiiiT made him appear a martyr, wh�n he sbufild UXve'iiif^ri cOtisidereUuniy aa a cfimiiial -.(j4pp/nfee.)-This exa'mplfe qnght to bavesome weight wilh the present time... The .*ery;-jiaiure of proceed-by Biils'or Pains and PcnaRinH^yineSpuwer uf� condem-n'alion wiliipiiLlaw*-Ihe siitiiig.v'f^th^:(itiusera as judges-; the presenceanii control of the pruaecuIoVsitiiring trial, fur tbe avowed porpose if dfenouucio'^^iitltj'wlicre the law haaf declared' no crime-all these .in^ks of^i^caiiny had 'rendered the principle!! on Which Bills of jil'afils'and Penal-ti4S had been supported, odious a^'id'-^bg^^rOii's.-^t7reo/o)i-jtlause)-Lord Slr�ffbrd/wheo'^ea3iui;!.al.-'the bar of. the House Lotda, so furcib^J�Kd;ijMo^i�^^^ eU upon the infquitou% uafui:.e.^b�r^^|i- P^<^din^a,.'tbat he was iiidticcii to rrad ait-extrart from-tbe Speech- of that Noblemnu:-Har