Saturday, December 2, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - December 2, 1820, London, Middlesex ^IUMBBR 5614. LONDON, SATURiyAY, tifiE^BER 2, 182a: Price 7d. TBBATRBROYAL, DRVltr-l.ANR. THIS EVENING, SATDRDAY, Dec. a. Ilia Majesty's Serrants will perforiii (5tb lime), a new MuiicatlDraraa, in three acts, celird JUSTICE^ ' Or, THE CALIPH AND THE COBBLER. The Culipli, Mr. Cooper; iGiamr, Mr. Foote; Kaled, Mr. Hurley ;.FiilliFr DfMfiiiiisi, Mr. liatlie; Abdallnli, Mr. Mial. Ifick. Zphudiili, Ml-s. �;er(on ; Selima,1Vlis9 Kelly; Muusej,. Mailjinip Vestris. The Hrolofiie to be Spoken by Mr. Barnaid, the Epilogue by Miss Kelly. Afieir which, the Miisiml Interlude of TflE RIVAL SOLDIKKS. Cnptain CruiseryMr. Powell 5 Leonox, ft?r. Barnard 5 Sin-rlnir, Mr. T.Cooke; Nipperkiii. Mr. Mundeii. Mary, Miss CubiU. ' ' To ctinclude with {8th time), a new Comic Farce, in two ; acts, called AWILD GOOSE CHASE. TJie principal Charnclers by Messrs. Mondcn, Riisoell, Gatfie, Knight;^^ii)in�, Raymond, Harley, Mrs. Harlowe, IVIf!isSinith50D,;Mi8>Tidswell, and Mrs.Orger. The interior iof the^Theatrc has been coffipleiely emhel-Ji!:)ied.mfinew4v ciecoraled. - Placfi�,for Ihe.fBoixes to be-MaJSen of Mr. Rodwell, at the Private Box Entrance, Liltte Russell.strect, until the completion �� the Horticp.. The boors will lie opened al Half-past Six o'clock, aljd the Perfurmdnceii on each Evening commence at Seven. Boxes, 7s;; Second Price, 3s.6d.--Pit, 3s. 6d.; Second Pi ire, 23.-Lower.Gallery, 2s.; Second Price, U.-Upper Gaiieiy, 1 r. ; Second Price, 6d. On iVInnday, Pizarro, with Giovanni in Loildon. On Tuesday, Justice-The SpoiI'd Child-and A Wild Goose C.'hise. Mr Braham is enjajed at this Theatre, and will appear in a favourite Opera on Saturday next. TfTEATRR.KOYAL, CuVEST-OAEX. Mils EVENING. SATURCTAY. Dec. 2, will be performed" Shakspeare'a Comedy of, TWELFTH NIGHT. In llie course of the Comedy will lie inlrodnccd Sonss, Uaets, Glees, and Choruses, the Poelty selected entirely, from ibe Plays, Poems, and Sonnets of Shakspcare. Duke Orsino, Mr. Abbott; ValeniincJ .Mr. Taylor; Ciiiiii. Mr. Pyne ; SirToby Belch, Mr. Emery ; Sir Andrew Agiir-cheik, Mr. Lislon ; Seb.Tsltiin, Mr. Parsloe ; Antonio, Mr. Cbnpman; Rolierto, Mr. .Ii fftries ; Friar, Mr. Alkins ; Malvolio, Mr. W. Farrrn ; Clown, Mr. Fawcetl ; Fabian. Wr.Duruset; Solanio, Mr. Comer ; Benvolio, Mr. Tinney, ^^tJYia, Miss Greene; Viola, Miss M. Tree; Maria, Mrs. The foUowintf are the Selections from Shakspeare;- Act i.-" Full many a slorions Monuog;" Sonnets.- Glee, " Who is Sylvia ?" Two Genlt :t,IV.-SoDir," O how inurh more dodi Beauly;" Son-rtffs --SonfT, " Take nil my lores;" Somiris -.Masqne Glee, " Come nnto these yellow ssnds :" Tenipcsl.-Chorus, " Daily joys be stin upqu yoH ;" Tempest. Act V.-Sons;," In bowei-s of laurel;" Poems.-Song, " Hi* me idiscotuBeVenu�.!hnd Adonis.-Finile, When that t'WaV;" Twelfth Kight; lu Aci IV'.will be introduced Shakspfare's Grand Masque of JUNO AND CERES. Afler which will be produced, first lirne, a new Melo-drnmn, t in two acts, called TH& WARLOCK i- THE GLF.rT. Clanrooald, Mr. Connor; Aldelberl, Master Boden; An. ifew, Mr. Farley; Saudie, Mr. Klanchard; The Warlock of �he Glen, Mr. Abbott. Adela. ftlra. Faucit; Marian, Miss Beaumont; iVlause, IMr^. Sterling. A Private Box may be had for the Sca.'ion, or nightly, of Mr. Brandon, at the Box-Office. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Mr. Brandon, at the Bov-Office, Harl-etreet, from Ten till Four. Boxes, 7a ; Second PricejSs. 6d.-Pit, 3-i. 6d ; Second Price, 29.-Gallery, 2s.; Second Pi ice. Vs.-Upper Gallery, Is.; Second Prire,6d. . On Monday, the Tragedy of Vli:5ijiitt.s. <}u Tuesday, S'lakspeare's Comedy of Twelfth Ni^bl. Oil Thursday, the Operalic Play of Thf Slave. Ttie Public are'respectfully informed ihsi Mr. VandriihofT is engaged at this Theatre, and will make his appearance un Saturdiy. ADELPHl THEATRE, STRAND. By Antliority of the Right Hon. llie Lord Chamberlaiu. rpHlS EVENING. SATURDAY, O^c 2, SL will be presented (24tb lime), a New Myfhologiral �stravagan2.a, in three acts, founded un Dryden's Comedy of Amphitryon, or Ihe Two Sosias, culled A BURLETTA OF ERRORS; OR,-JUPITER AND ALCMENA. Immorrala ;-Jupiter, Mj-. \Va(kins ; Mercury, Mr. Orwell ; .Vulcsn, Mr. Ciiliiihiii. MorlaN: -So^iii, Mr. Wilkinaun ; Tranitf, Mr. Collier. Alcniena, Mrs. TennanI ; Phradra, Mrs. Waylell; IJrumia, .Mrs. Daly, Afur which (Otb time this Seasim), an Imitative Bui If tin,  ' ehliiiei! : APOLLO DaOGERVVOOD. Apollo Daggerwood (son of the c'eat Syiveslri), Mr. John Rtevel SIf JblmTroilj, Mr. John Reeve!! Jeriinv Diddirr, ,Vr. Johtt Reeve Crack, Mr. Julii�.Reeve I ! !! '.^^o.lslf nr Chats^.,, iVir. -John Kef �c !!!! 1 .Mr. Flip, Mr. Juliu Reeve intl! Old Fifkli-, Mr. D.iW ; John, Mr. Smith. Laiira Fickle, Miss Yates; Mrs. Clnlirr, .Mrs. Daly. The who,le to conclude with (6th lime) n New Bnrletia, in two acta, called THE DEUCE IS IN HER; OR, TWO NIGHTS AT  MADRID. Don Jubii deToiedo, Mr. Callahan ; Don Lewis de Toledo, Mr. Gomersal; Dun Manuel Eniiqurz, Mt. VValkliis; Coshtu, Ml-. tVdikihson; Roderigo, Mr. Smith, Dimim Angela. Mrs. Wayletl; Douua Beatrice, Miss Collier; Isabella, .^Iis9 Yates. The Doors will npen'at Six o'clock, and the P<rforimnre to comftience a Quarter'before Seveu.-Second Price Half-pasi Eight; -----=&i- . THORP, Mayor. A COMMON COUNgjL, boldeu in the CHAMBER of the G0ILDHALL of the CITY of LONDON, on FRIDAY, the Ist day of December, 1820; Rf�olved, THAT a dntifal and loral Address oiid Petition lie presented to his Majesty, expressing our attachment to his Person and Family; represeniiug the manifold evils which have resulted to the cnunlry from the pernicious measures of tile present. Ministers, and especially from the unjust, oppressive, and un^tistitulioual proceediuss adopted by them relative to her RWyesty Ihe Qneen; humbly praying bis Majpsly to dismiss from his presence, for ever, those Advisers, whose condurt has been productive only of cala mity to the Nation, and excited the general indignation of the People. WOODTHORPE. EAST INDIA HOUSE, November 1, 1820. IHE COURT of DIRECTORS of the UNITED COMPANY of MERCHANTS of ENGLAND, trading to the EAST INDIES, do hereby give Notice, That the TRANSFER BOOKS of the said Company's Slock B'ill be SHUt'on TUESDAY, llie 5lh Decem-iier-next, Three o'clock, and OPENED again on TRURSDAY, the 18th J.muary, 1821: And that llje Dividend Warrants on the said Slock due on the&th Januaryy,18-2I, will be ready to be delivered on SATURDAY, Ihe Wh of the same month. JOSEPH DART, Secretary. EAST INDIA HOUSE, November 1, 1820. THE COURT Bf DIRECTORS of the UNITED COM PAN V of MERCHANTS of ENG. LAND, trading to the EAST INDIES, do hereby give Notice, T(i�i a QUARTERLY GENF.RAt, COURT of Ihe said CO.MPANY will be held al their House in Leadeuhall-streel, on WEDNESDAY, tlie 20tl( of December next, at Eleven o'Clork in Ihe Forenoon, for the purpose of declaring a Dividcnil from Midsummer last to Chrislnias next. The Court of Directors do furlhsr give notice, that Ihe 8a�tl General Court is made .Special, for the purpose of pub-mitling for confirmaliou the Resolutions of the General Court of Ihe 27lh September, approving the Rcsnlnllons of I.K Court of Directors of the 2d August last, granting, uuder the circumalftnci'S therein slatetl, a pension of 1,000^ per annum to Mr. R. M. Barnnrd,- lale Assistant Coast and .'^u-rat VVarehousekeeper; and a pension of 5001. per annnm 10 Mr. George Mordannt, jun. late second Clerk in the Coast and Sural Warehouse Department. The Reports required by the By-Law, Cap. 6, Sec 19, to-jellier with the documents upon which the said KcBolutions have bceuformed, are now open at this Huuse fur Ihe perusal of Ihe Proprietors. JOSEPH DART, Serretniy. With the Nalinnal Armorial Bearings, .Sixpence. ONE'S FORVI OF PRAYER WITH THANKSGIVING for the hippy <leliverance of the QUEEN from ilie late CONSPIRACY. Printed fur William Hone, Ludgate-hill ; and sold throughnnl the Kingditnt. .FAMILIES Sho ,,;,v READY MONEY m-e : rispfctfully informed by .lOHN JONF..S and Co. 2-22, Pitcadilly, ihal, in addiliuu In tbe-ariiclfs conlaiiied in the general List last publislird, ihey li�ve adilrd Ihe fol-Itjwing, which, wjili all oihi^rs for family use, John Jones and Co. are sc'liug on more reasonable Terms than any other Warehouse in England ; r Arrow Root.......................... 3 Chncolntc, plflin...................... 4 b Dillo, Sir Hans Slo^ Cocoa (pateni) of the finest quality...... 2 Cocoa, Nibs' fine....................... 2 Coffee of fine qualily........ .........3 Camomile Flowers....................2 Cream of T.Trlar......................2 Essence of Anchovies.................. 1 East India Rice....................... 0 Ginger for Wines, Pickles, &c........... 0 Honey .............................. 1 Isinglass............................11 Olives, French..................... 1 Pickles uf must sons.................. 1 Soy.................................. 1 Sago............................... 2 Scotch and Pearl Barley fur Soups ....... 0 Vinegar, Tarragon.................... 1 Dilto, dislilird........................ 1 Small H'lms.......................... 0 Lnrge dried Neais'Tongnrs............. 4 Yellow Soap, S.VI.; Mottled, P^d.; Curd .. 0 10 p. r lb. Smre Candles,8.s.6d.; Moulds, lOi.; Wax 42'0 per dv,z. N.B.-Country Shopkeepers will observe ihat the above Prices are well worth their allentioti, heiiig cmi^ideraUIy lower than the Wlioleaale llonses charge fur the same Article. MR. UTTERSON'S PORTRAITS AND PRINTS. TO BE SOLD BV AUCTION, By Mr. EVANS, At his House, No. 93, Pall-mall, on MONDAY NEXT, Deremlier 4, and Two fullowing Days, rflHE Chnic- COLt.ECnON of ENGLISH a and FOREIGN PORTRAIT.^, Misc. llaneous Prinis-and Dr.iwings, of EDWARD V. UTTr.IlStlN, r.=q.; con. laining fine specimens i�f Ihe proiluriions of Hulhir, Kaiih, liorine, Dclarani, Elatracke, Luggan, Mar.'ihal, the Passes, Smith, &c. d. 4.. per lb. 0 dillo ditio dillo dillo dillo ditto dill i! 2 per hot. n per lb. 8 ililio 4 dilio 0 dillo 0 per hot. 0 per jar 4 [ler hot. 0 per lb. 4 ditto O per ImjI. 0 diitu 8 per lb. (i each 2�2, STRAND. rtiE I!ELIEF WITH EASE AND SECURITY TO 'I , AFFLldTED WITH HERiNlA. ^ALIWONi ODY, mid CO. alter mnny y�ir� aiifcciis/u'l practice, and being honoured wilh theV*, cuinmrftdation of the must cmiuenl of the Farully iu tutvn �nd country, think it just to the Public and ihemselvts tiiuB, to announce Iheip loiig-estublisbed Impruyement in the eon. .irocuoq of INSTRUMENTS for the RELIEF of HER--MA.'and lo cautitiirthe Public against the impositions of ihs prelrnded-fiiiplure-curing Ouatks, who have from lime � to time deceived Ihe Public, recommending such as iBoy not be experienced to /ake the opiuioi) of respectable professional nreOybe^ora;being led to be the dopes'of such pretenders. Their Tnatrnmcntk are lighl, elegant, and admit of superior , r-ieaDlin'ess^'arcaditpred for right or left side, increase and tleci-rate ard Tophapi, Esq.wiih il.e GARDENS, PLEASUliE GROUNDS, and all other rei| appuiidages suitable for a Gentleman's Residenre, and w,-ll adajfled fur a Pack of Beagles; with about 378 Aires of good WOLD LAND, in excellent condition. Also a FAR.M HOUSE, and all other neceas.nry Onl-biiildiiigs, and about 400 Acres uf LAND adjoining, calird Oclou (jrange, and in ibe itccupntioH of Robert MarslialL Thire arc above 40 Acres of very line I luniatiuiik 011 the Estate, and the wIioIh forming a ma^I desirable Spurling Residence, as it abounds wilh (.ame, and is situated in the pleasatilesi part of the Yorkshire VVolds, at n vi-ry muderate ditlHiice from Scarbmungh ami Bridlingiou Quay. Possession of the Wold CoUagi- and l.andj may be b:id iiiimedistely, and all other iiiformatiun known of .Mr. Hull, of Scarborough, near Beverley, who will give Tickets for viewiifi; the same. Any part :if Itic Purchase iMoney may remain 011 proper aecurtiy. N.B-A daily Post passes and repaiies within a mile of the House. RO.VlATIC SPIRIT of VINEGAR.-This. agreeably perfumed Liquor (lh� uiiginal invention of Mr. Henry), which is of well.known efficacy in relieving faininets and head-ache, and in cyunteractiiig the effects of orerbealed, close, or infected ait, contioups to be prepared, in the greatest perfection, by Messrs. TH08. and VV.M. HENRY, MANUFACTURING CHEMl.STS, MaNGHES. TER. It is sold in Lotidun, wholesale and retail, by Measfs. BATLEY and BLEW, Perfumers, Cockspiir-street; and retail, price28. 9d. by one Or more Agents in every prin'cipal lu�n; but'it'cannot be gennioe, unless the names of the above Preparers .are engraved on the Governmeat 8lamf>, vtlliclj is fixed over the cork of cacli iKjttle. Proper Sponge Buxo are sold b.y Bayley and Bkw, as usual. As above'may also be had, authenticated by a similar Stamp, HENftrS CALCINED .MAGNESIA, in bottles at .i 3s. gd. er wi^b glass stoppers at 4t. 6d. COURT or COMMSW-^tpVNCIL. _ , f!r.lLDHAl.L. Yesterday a Special Cottrt wsi'held, for llie,|.tir-po8e, Dtnong others, of takitig'-itilo'conisidcrutioii the prop/iety of pelilioning thei'Kiiig for' the dis-mi-ssal of Minis'ters, and the rettKlj-atjon of her Majesty to all her riahts and <)igiiftfe�'-aS'Qtieeii. The Lord M4yQR opened ({ie'business of thp day, by itiforniitig the Court ift^llfe had wailed on the Qoeeii, accotn|jani�I uy'Uie proper officers iiiid a great niiiiiy initmber/ or'the Corporation, with the Ad'lress of Congratoliittoti 'Whitih harl been voted by the Court; 4h�l-4her JVlnjesly received the Addresratiil h:wl rttoMied' � tiiost gtd-cious Aiiswer, -whici) would be ri�f<dto them. �� Tlie KECoaDGR theu read the Answer of the Queen to llie Address. V - Mr, HuRCOMBE moved, hort disctt.'-Sioii arose, which ended by taking the sense of tiie Court upon the objection. The result was, that llie Petition wa.s lieard. Mr. S, DiXON objected to >lie term "without deiuy," as being too peretnptory a request to be used by those who wanted to petition the King for a d 8 ni.-;s -ct that the Gnvernnienl wowld give up some tiriiriuul ajjplication to the affairs at home-some fedncliiin of taxes was looketil for^-*.^ some relajtalion from the heuvv burdens of thcwar- the itssthu'tiftn; of some measures for the protection of cur atjriculture nnd coimnercc, and some reforiaJtioii of inridetit�l abui'es. These -reasonable aniripations wtjre lijet by the imposition of fresli taites, and t^ indignant lefusai of. .all ' prayers for the cefo.rtEtaiitju of abuses. .Instead of applying Such-t^rbisdtes as were calculated to appeHaeth�. ly know the true state of his affairs, and the opinions entertained of his Minislers, fioiii the people themselves. The "only use of petitioning was to give the Monarch iaformatioitwhen^ his attaird were badly admimstered. AVitii Respect to Ih^ dismifsal of Ministers, it was nieedless for bim to'say miieh on that topic, whidr bM been, for it ^cpiUiderable length of time, in ftequeiit<3isetnsi6uin thai'Court; Sonih Ameiica, where tyranny hud exhausted itself, as well as its victim, the people-in ihe face of the country, in opposiiion lo the prayers of the country and the merchants of the metropolis, iMiuisters had done whatever they could to check the infant growth of liberty, and cripple Ihe resources of Brilitii commerce. They displayed a positive jealousy of all reform nr amelioration whatsoever. Happily in Naples, Portugal, and Spain, the people had baffled their enemies-th�y hid acted sieadily, with no less prudence than resolution, and while shaking otf their yoke, nnd asserting their indepeirdence, they had evinced in their conduct nothing of a revengeful or malicious disfioRitton to their Monarch. They hod surveved Ins conduct wilh a lenient eye ; they attributed the errors of his government to the badnes'of his council"; and had they posue.ssed Ihe right of petitioninij the throne, they tvould have informed the Sovereiirn of his danger in suflicient time to have saved the ne^^es'ity of any viultint or sodden change. The wantonness, folly, and incapacity of iMinisters proved thera to be totally unfit to administer the affairs of a great Slate. It was literally impossible for the present Minister.'! to wield the Government of the country with any advantage to the St:\te; Enough had been done by them before to convince the conntrv of the necessity of their, remosttl ; but,whoever jyti strictly and fairly watched their conduct throoghout the lale infamous proceedings against her Majesty, must be ready to acknowledge that such were the inroads which they had mjcle on the Constitution, that there was no way left of preserving ihe King and the Constitution, if ihey were not dislodged from their places. With respect to those who mijjht hesitate from the consideration due to personal motives, about arldressin^ ihe King on such an occasion for a change of Ministers, he would say, tliat if the Iving did not know of the indignant feehngs entertained by the people to-wartl* the conduct of Ministers in ihe late proceedings, his Majesty must be grossly imposed on. But if the casewere otherwise, and if the measure hid even originated with his Majesty, the Constitution allowed no other restjonsibility than tlnit of .Ministers. It would be no defence to say thai il was his own act ; he willed it, and Ministers could not refuse compliance. Ministers were equallv responsible as if they hud coinnieiioed those proceedings without his concurrence or commands. As to the proceedings against the Queen, the question of her guilt or innocence made no sort of diH'erence in the result. Had they possessed a perfect belief of her misconduct, having oHered her 50,000/. per annum, and the other terms which accompanied that offer, they plsinly proved thtit there could be no real necessity for going into that inquiry. The Resolution of the House of Commons upon the occasion, gave a cnrroboraiiun to that inference, because they proved that in their opinion, if all the allegations were founded in truth, that inquiry, so far from being necessary, must prove injarious to ihe Crown and the counlrj' ; bul if this were the case before, what must have been felt and thought of-.those proceedings, when it was seen that not one respectable witness was brought forward-iiot one respectable witness applied to-but uiKler the direction of the Milan Commission, all sorts of subornation, perjury, and false swearing, bad. been collected together ? After that, it must be impossible that any man could supposelhat the country could be governed with sifety by such Ministers for one moment longer. Proceedings were next set on foot in the House of Peers. He had frequently stated his opinion that the nature of that measure was repugnant to justice and the Constitution, and lhat the people ought never to submit to the danger of bemg tried und punished by un odious ex post Jtielo law. He wished the King could have had u view of the proceedings of the day before yesterday (Wednesday). He v/ould ask, if it was possible, had he seen those transactions, for him to have cotitinued Miniiiters in their placos? Greaterwarmlb ,of feeling had never been displayed, and yet peace and order were strictly preserved, without the assistance of a single soldier. Such was the order and regularity of ihat day, that they might, if they ])teased, cull the [leuple mob, rabble, radicals; but Ihey plainly evinced that they had read and considered Ihe.proceedings against the Queeu with deep attention-that they had determined to preserve the Constitution from violer.ce< and defend a persecuted woman from the tyranny which was pursuing her. It was very trtje that not long ago they were thought unable, even in that assembly, to carry Qit their deliberations, except ihejCity *�e suctoniided with soldiers ; but though the assistanceof the troops liad~beeM pressed on Ins Lo d-ship, no soldier Iiid iieen employed. If Mitiisters were so Weaic iti theji*' Hioid ef puhlic confidence, let them retires' They tjo.uld cot govern i<i liie face of, a'ld n. av|W�*i<�n to^ ti'e enbghlened opinions whiidi' were <!iiigi'ntli�Ated uroijiid them. SMiiiers ! To pr"tef�.'T�flinn * N�t ti.a King-cjot-lhe Qoe^u-not the Peo<de ; luit to prot.-Cl Ministers fmin the loss of their placifs ! Let ijiem withdrav/, ami make room lor wiser meti aiiil more judicious measures, and the people woutil be intouglj either for ex^ernai defence or ii'tern^i security. In a snigie-tlay, and by one aint;Jeact, tl�� KioiJ might gather about him as n'roch �warioihjifi'i ' devoteduess of loyal feeling us now surrotin Queen, If his iVlajesty wete to dismiss ..Viinisieri, disown their acts, aoti put an end to the persecalion of ti:e Queen, instead of being surrouirded with' erie^orgrievances-, and petitiotis against wrongfc. �feigjj^ld be hailed with congFatula'''io()3 and rfe-rUratJaflS of ioyaityand gratitude from trvery part <if the country. He ridicoleti the apprehensions of Xiieaa serei) wise men, who must in future be coysidered as thessven City supieiilS. He had underS'.ood Uiat tlisy weie running lo and from the Mansion-house, expecting tliiit the Lord Mayor would uersr lOtuni nlivtf lo H, and determining, no doubt, on ihe first tidings uf ii'is beir:g slain, lo take his place ttud ad-inini.ster his aulhonly. If by aity uiitowstdecci-deiil they could have got inio liiat siMia'.inu, ilsey would ill all probability have called in the iiirlilar.y, for wiiose pr^-sence tliey were so anxious, aad ibei; to a moral cerlHinly such scenes would i'.avi; ciiMjeU ill ilie streets of London a* hid been wii:iessed hi the sireets of M'lnchester. Ti'.� wishes of the (;�ople loivards their iMmiarch were kind, loyal, ai;d affectionate ; they only wanted t'l give hiui a true re-presenlatinn of liii alfuir-i. All the eviU wh cii tiiey had s-en abounding arose front one rausf, and the people, who were called rabble and rudicals, bad proved ihnt they alone had no other desire ihan lo uphold ihe (roostitution, and lhal if they liad dvtit al! that had been imputed to tiiem, tiiey couid not have brought the counliy into suc-j a state as Ihat to whirh it hid been reduced ivy t'*.'. real r.idirals, the real despoiiers of the Cwsiiiu-lioM and ihe honuiir of the Throna - ihe presc;;"!. Miiiiiier.!. It was noiv plain, tiint were it not tir the good si.n";� of the people, ilu' CooBiiiutX;;'. would not. I i. ^.';'--of tnmul!, wliicli would have enabled theiij to cn.i Parliament together, to increase llie slaiuj;!.;^-force, ;ind coercive Acts in defiaoce of Vur. CoiislitUlioii. The people wer-e a reft^cling u.T.J considerute people. They must liave deliberated on the revolutions which had tjeen wor^ciiig aioucd them; thev most have seen Ihat djose iiatioin had no cnnsiitutions to look to, iio Tigiits to reclaim,:na fixed principles to refer tu; m> tein were lo be jjersevered in, Iheie . would remain no other chance than revoluiion or a military despotism. As to military despotism, a nation so enlightened never could endure it. Government would be itself subdued, as in Spain unil other glorious inslances, by tlie very e�Ord -wilh which it might seek to oppress the people. ,H b'y lii' expel a foreign tyranny. He deprecated ii'ii iheir' mcaiures in relation to foreign Po-.';ers, f-'ijecially the support which they had u�e'h>-ly' yivo;, to ih^ Holy Alliance. Thfir doine.'ilic policy was markeii with waste, their attachment to a standn'g army, and their extension of the means of cor'up; inftu-eiice beyond all former bound-. Thev h.ui lasierly been solely-occupied in repressing ihe d's'-ontef:t-i of Ihe people excited by their Own 'lti\fQ'y'.:'z\, '.ever, seeking to cure tho^e disconicu's h\| ihe causes. The people were gioisly' i be'V.i .when they were accused of wanton dr^coiiteut. Wliat'iti'ie? rest could they have in ffie niere act^^of vomplanit } Ministers were skilUd'io none of i.^'.e maxin;^ of government but one-lhat of keeping iheu ' gSac-e. Differing as '.Jjey did upon almost every essenUal question:�f policy; Mtemal or �ni�raat, ri;ey *fere* 1 agreed in cleavin-g together L;> effi'?*, '.ofw'm>sfeUid-\.ing thfcrage of discord wilhiir, and rtis>contettf w^ih^-l (Jilt. The extension of corrupt iiiSiieuce, and the., desire to overawe the people by the aimj;, w^efSte obvious. Thevr measures were la hosuhtj. ak.j�;li-gion, good moraU, and even the mlminwt^iJig.of justice. It hurt hmt to say it, but isf;^*�|e^e ^am rriSta^str-.; the severe sentences fifonoatited ud poMi ^V As to the late proeeeditigs agaiosi her Majeityi^^^.-Hi^ '' were injuriotis to the interests of the''rptgninjj, family. Had Ministers been huoeilf, 'Vy �'vi^iJld'^ have threuteiied to resign tfieir plftcis ftJihtr,ih*a go on with those proceeding), which wfR; .wTj^lly _ iiicoti(iVa.lible with the:existeuce of hereirliinrv raJiiK ' and kibgly government; fW'how ^cottlid rivl�ij'_^ifr , these continue, if ihe possessijrs nfgj^dl. T^.iioiirs were i<r be made 10 answer Tor monp^^fe3�r|P,^f the commission of wTiich they were'Y�{^-^t�jwi;t-ablc to any known law," iior' epiiild; ��i5l^''^j5TW5t|e' person be �n�werable_ in any n*f T^he" fngfier

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