Wednesday, November 15, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - November 15, 1820, London, Middlesex Price 7(i. Kih^ Cear, Mr. IJootli; Diike''iif Buri;nn()v, Mr. Vintni;; j B*rlof-lKtil, Mr. Pd|ie; Eilgnf (Bret Mf.'Houpi-rf Ednjoj.!}, Mr/fiarijsrd 5 -OswaW< .M -.Japiler, ftf r. ^..^i^pk^; MrrCMry,;K|r. Vipitig; Pan, Mr. Harjey, Apollo, .MadaiDe Vestris. Juno, Miss Cubitt; Venus, MJssSitiiHisrtnJ- 'V Ti. Mortals^Midas,;jyir, AIuDd^o {.'Qanixtas,' !VIr :�� ^The int^riorof tlfe:.Thea(re''liail''1ieen embel- Ksbed,and newly decorated. : , . * , -A ': ^ . ; .i, .^aceaforthe'Boxes to be (akenvof.Mr. Rod�eH,.at^.�iie .i Priv^e Box Entrance^ Liltie Basset uotil the roni: . /pletioii.oiFtiieJtoctica.' 'i' �.�-v^; n::;,;;v / .wiv- ' ' Bojaa; 5rs.;:Seiuintf, PH'.^";3�'6d;-PiifiaBi^erf.? Price, Ss^iiEowarGalleryvis.^ Seetfnd Pricei^lii^^Vpper price,6d.  ,, .; To-morrow, the'Tragedy. of Adeleitha;:. Mjcbael Ducar Mr. Boloih; Lblbair; Mr.Cooper; Adcffgiiha, Mrs. W. Vfetl; Imms^ Miss Chester. � ' � " A neir Farce is in reiiearsal^ . � > THIS EVEN ING. AVEDN ESr^AY, \S, �will be.performed Sbakapeare's Comedy of. TWEl^PT^H NJGHT. - With New Scenery, Machinery, Dresges, and DejBorations. The Orerture and whole Of the Music tompused and selected from Morley, Peril, Itavenscnift, Saville, Sir. John StsTeiuoo, Winter, &c.;.aiid the Clees arranged by Mr. Bisliop. . ' In the course oS the Cajnedy will bs iotrdducsd Sones, Daets, Glees,. Mid; Choruses, Uie Poetry seltcted entirely from the Plays, Poems,' aud.Sounels of SbaiEs|ieare. Cuki Oraiiio, Mr. Abbbit; Vjilenlina, Mr. Taylor; Curio, Mr. Pyne: Sir Toby Belch, Mr. Emery ; Sir Andrew Ague-cherk,' Mr. Lisfon ; Sebastiun, Mr. Parsim;; Antonio, Mr. Chapman; Roberld, Mr.'Je^eries ; Friar,'Mr. Atkins ; Malvpliu, Mr. >V. Farrrn; Clown, Mr. Fa'wcell; Fabian, Mr. t^uruset; Solanio, Mr. Comer ; BenTolio, Mr. Tinney. Olivia, Miss Greene;'Viola, Miss M.'Tree; Maria, Mrs. Gibhs. : The following are the Selections from Sht^^pearfi -Act 1.-" Fun many a glorious Morning;'" Sonnets.- Glee, " Who is Sylvia ?" Two Genllrbieh- of Verona.- Sone, � Eveii Us the Sna;" Venus and: Adonis.-Duello, " Urpbeus wilh bis Lule;" King Henry VIII. ' Act 11.-^3lee, � Come o'er the Brook;" King Lear and Focnui.-^GIce, ^^Qn a day;".Love's Labour/Lost__Gle� �ncl Ca.oruB,�AGup of Wine;!' Henry IV. Pari U. Act III.-Song, " Crabbed age;" Sonoels.-Duetto, " Ceaario, by the Roses o^lbe Spring;'! Twelfth Night___ Glee:^" O,by rivers;" Poems. ActlV.-Sont;,-" O bow bucb initre dolb B^uty;" Suo-fet�.--Song,�� Take all my loves;" Soohelt.-Masqiie Glee, ^VWhau i thai I was Twelfth Night. la Act IV. will be introduced iShafcsprare's Grand Masque of-JONO AT 7 |s.pii^is'bed, iprice 18i. iwfolio.'jroiai' off ? OBT tJ M � O KSI ft J drawflifrom -^^^f'!^BrM^W8K.......� feniaiiflng'six'Tlfttes,'beabllfnlly'cbiourSI aiid en^ra�cd --.I. v.^ ;!)-�jhiSibnft"-;'' ;- ;r'.^' i I^ndoD .�iPrintediforRiodwell:and Martin, N^W Bond' Oir wh.0^ may bebad, gralis.a, GATALOGOE of various Ulhograii^ic iVorfcs;  � ^ ' ' " PROVlffENT'LlFE-OpFICE; REGENT;StREE*. rb^iRjgbl,Hoh9,orable,jEarl GREY. , .yicG-^RBStDEtCra, Mai-qtiis of Sltisbury, Eirl if HaraWftke.^^ TisMuut Butfefdey^ Miaagtiii lamvbn'A.aa'' yfscoiitli ChV�wyn F.A.S, llEKI^.T^ .inured, ^pr JLifp in llris pBfe share .jJi^^ii^ ;^rtl6tls Se^lUohiiiliy' wiiji'the Q'iriginaI^,Member8t ,�ec6Vdtng'?totib'eit-rwbeciiTO ipe^ffieSn^triBidKd, and conilii^tCPro�Ur' ^lbH�Si;a##iB^MaKitBfM^#iR*f!f^ ^t^^ha^tft 1^letyv4ddp participation in Ibe^ Prnfils, as in a Union Society.' Bbnuseii of 'I3{.'S8. and 362. I2s. per cent. ba.Te been divided diir'ibe the last fourteen years: ' - unitary Men insured at this Office are not rhareed with any additional.Premi.uro, unless called into actual service. No Aimii'tioieiPea are rrqu'tred, nor is any Charge made for Pbh'cifer, except I he Stamp Duly. This day is piibliibed, in one.vnI.Svo. price 158. boards, the i^ifib'Edilibtt,'ca'irefully'revised; of nriHE PRINCIP,LE.S of MIDWIFEHY.- 1 , , By JOHN BURNS, C.M. Regius Professoruf Surgery in the Dniversity ofGlasgow, &c. Printed for Longinan, Hurst, Re^s, Ornie, aud Brown, London. - - . " ' Of whom may be had, by the same^nlhnr, PpPULAR DIRECTIONS for the TREATMENT of the (DISEASES Of WOMEN and CHILDREN, in 8vo pricieOr. boards. . �i Tbia dayTs pulilfsbed, in Svo. price 2s. 6d.' THE TRIUMPH of PUBLIC OPINION JKiDg a*)anding;Leisoii t^: the; Throne, the Parlisr neni, andthe People; wilh proposed, Articles of It^peach: meut against the Mintsters'bf (he Croirh in.tbecaseof her Majesiy, iCar6line:<2ucen of Bugland;i By CHARLES MACLEAN, M.D; , Priam for T. aii'd J." A timan, Boukaeltrn to' her Majesty, Prinres^'lrerlj'Haiiorier-sqAare; r ' , : i i i . , Of .whom may be bad. BROWN'S ANEi[^tiOT�S of the HllUSE of BRUNS WICKj 8vo.9s.bctahls. ! T HIS DAY. at One {Novemh" J5) .LOT.; -fEBY BJEGINS DKAWING four .;^.;..'..".of:..^..V;wS�o,ooo! &C,&c. Consols pud Moneys V, ; ...   eVifiWi! . in the first Ten Minnies. �40,000 may*egaiiieij by buying One Tj?ket, Tirkrls, and Shares ,are Selling. byT s�, Shafd and .Sold in the last Lottery, No. bir<idesiilberJC�H! q. , ' i Cambridgethire and Huniingdonthire.-John Paiheller, of Godmauchester, Esq.;John Lioloo,uf Slirtloe,.Esq.; and William Lee, of Toseland, Esq. CAerAire-Thomiia Wilson, of Llandican, Esq. ; William Lawton; of LawtOQi Esq.; and Domville Halsted Cud-worth Poole, of Marbnry,-Esq. Cmmtoaffc^Sir Joseph Ckipley, of Bake, Bart-.; Richard Vyvyaii, bf Trewan; Esq.'; and Charles Rastleigb, of St. Aas(le, Esq. Cuin^Mo^-Jotiii Marshall, of Haltstead, Evq.; William Crackenthorpejof Bank Hall, Esq.; and EdwardiStanley,. of PooBonbyiHall, Esq. 7)er*y**ire-Philip Gell, of Hopton, Esq.; Sir Matthew Blakeston, of Sandybrook, Bart.; and Sir George Crewe,. ofCaulke Abbey, Bart. XlinwnfAire-Robert Newton Indedon, of YeoTown, Esq.; Sir John Davie,ofCreedy, Bart.; and'Sir John Kenna- way, of EscotI, Bart. iJortetthire-John White, of Vpcerne, Esq.; Sir Edward Baker Baker,' of Itansteo, Kut.; and Andrew Bain, of- Heffellon, Esq. fnex^Robert Westley Hall, the yonnger, of Great llford, Esq.; Sii Grorge Henry Smyth, of Berechurch Hall,3arl.; and Henry John Conyeis, of Copped Hall, Esq. <?&uc�<wWre-William .Miller, ut Ozleworth, E�q.; Tho- mss John Lloyd Baker, of Hardwick Court; Esq.; and Sir Thomas Crawley Bocvey, of Flaxley Abbey, Bart. iferefordthire-John Biddnlph, uf Ledbury, E^q.; Thomas Hampton Raymond, of Meeud, �sq.';and John Johnstone, of Maioslune, Esq. �fer// r p<on�Air�-Thomas Philip Mannsell, of Thorpe Malsarj Esq;; Joim'Nethercoal, of Haselbeacb, Esq.; aud .(Jeorge Ashby, of Ledgers Ashby, Esq. , iVory�iu�4crtoid7rAdd|�on John Creswell Baker, of Oes- . iweli, Esq.; Eilnjund Crosier,-of I'reslou, Esq.; and Gowen "'Aiiiesley.'of Liflle Harle Tower^ Esq. iVi i/�Air�-Charle!i Peers, of Chisl'.liampton, Esq.; Da-nielSlrwsrt, of W>kham Park, Esq.; and John Blockball, of iS.reat Hoseley, Esq. Bi(/ran*^Ve..^Willinni Lawrence, of Preston, Esq;; Thomas Flour,', oirWhissendine, Esq.; aud 1'bOmas Tbomp- " �>u, of KelUinv-Esq. SAropiAfre-Richard Hfber, of ttodwotl, Esq.; Thomas Borough, iif Ghelwyjid End, Esq.; and Benjamin Flounders, of Culmington, Esq. Sonierie/iAfre-^VVillia'ro Hoiining, ofOillington, Esq.; Ger-rard Mariin Berkeley Napier, of East Pcnuard, Esq. and Thomas Kingston, of Fayload, Esq. SfajJorBfAfr*-Thomas LisU'er, of Armilage Pjrk, Esq.;. Francis Eld, of Seighford, Esq. ; and Phiiieas 'Hus!>ey, of Wyrley Grdve^q. CoutiVy q^'VoufAamptoh-Thomas Dean Scliule, of Burton House, Esq.; George Purvis,uf Blackbrook House, Esq.; . aiid^Sir Juliii Cope,: drk, Esq. ; ^-i: $tii;r ; "f �ugnur,Eiq,;. Richard. Mer-' rick4-uf Nuttiiiiia'nin.iam,. Esq. sud William Ciiurthorpe Ingilby, uf Ripley,-B�rt;  :'aM^'ichard Belbell,-�f Rise, � Esq. �S.-TA'V./irt;?? ,j .f' The names of liiejieyei^ileemniioitiinaieit.byTthe Chief Justices ofithVWppclivo �tri(^'iifiWaiet,.:as.fproper per-suns to servenifae�fficeiof.�bmC<f<ir;theieil8Uiug-year, fur the respective counti^CiH �ii^:=!> J , -> r : �' ..m. o'-,;=SOUT�-'^tBS.;;:^ - . Cflrmartten-rW�Hei1 Rite; ft�*�||>*awell, of Maesgyn, Esq.; Geurga-lttorgfini;iif;4jl9i^h7,, Esq. i -und WiJIiain deBuissen, ofGlyuiiir, E* A:ni-Cayrf/i5ran-<-EliiJip JohTi Aiileii.^t'�PW<�ry� iTb^RH , i -. Hijgh iai!eB,6f:ybf^f^4,,]^^^& .Wpjf'f i_oC.Bri�iiig,'''E8q..i-,-,^'. .' .' G/anbr/;(in-Willialia Form^!^^ay^rran� Siq;; Wlli'm Wriliamsi of A\iirpiae'iitdijm^ of ---B^dj^Bart. -i;^ y-jjr.'f'Ut^ju-^/;^!! -r^-t.-.'.J . ..^ .9reC0ttJ^Edward<Jone8,:or^.itl^^dir;;^.:;;i^mef WaU , ^strad, .JSaq.; and y^fa^3^^tn*Mo.W( iif; P^pM^- illacM(^~iam^V^ vc;C*n�labj fi%;f"an^^Pig^^^P^I^I^^ ^fE^injo^,' ..^eribne/A-Johit.Itfytlott,.pf^ Plai y JOfiptt, Esq 5 James Gill,: of Paint Gtas, Esq ; and Johb Edwarfis, of Branch y Caunanl,Esq. ' ' ' ' '' Cst'namin-Joseph Hu'dHarf, of Bi'Jnfc*r,' Esq.; Hngh Davieiitirilfilh, of.Caerhun, Esq.} 'lltid WilliiimTaTneryaf Ptas Brereton, Esq^ .^injfremp-Bnlkeley ^Hatchell, of, Coedaona,. Esq.; Jame6 Wehsfer, o^ Der'ry, Esq.; and Bidiahl Williams, of Tre- ban, fesq. JIAn/<;oiaei-^-Valentine Vicl^ers, of Cri^iun, Esq.; Joseph Hayes Lioil, of Cefnbtwarcb, Esq. ;< and Philip Morris, of Trelialig,.Esqi Penbigk-Jphn Madocks, of Vroniw, &q,; Samuel Heatoo, ofPirkhil|7'Jjsi)'.; and John'Jones,.ti( Dynbryn, Esq. Fliift-John Douglas; o^tjyrbe,Esq'.V'ThbmSB Harrison, of Saitbaelyd, �;sq.; abd Trevor Owtn Jones, of WcpreHall, Esq. �  ^  '- To tlie Right Honourable the tordtCommiitionert of Air Mujalg'* Treana^. We, Commissioners appoinleil :by an Act of the 26tb Geo. 3, cap. 31, inliluled " An Act for vesting certain sums in Commissioners at (lie end' of .every qoarter of a year, lo he by them applied to (he redOctiOD of (be National Debt," dobereby certify, that (be Capital Stock which has bren purchased by and traosferred.lo'bs:on'account of the Publio Funded Debt in Irelandup.lo the of July, 1820, inclusive, is as follows, vis.- .. . .-\V".in'.the^lT�m,M?Wtf�^;-f;;-^,^^ ; . a t m CO CD .0 MS- 2 S-~ . u n n S. : n e "o OS -a u g u 0 "oa O 5" S.s, ft = 2. -'I o o -a s CO" � 55" ii In pursuance, therefuVe, of an Act of the56ib Geo. 3, cai*. 70, intituled "Ah Act to-aller and amend several Acts relating tu the iredemplio'itbnhe National Debt of D-e-laod, and to niak'e further protHsibiis in .respect thereof;" and also of ^ndlher Act of the^ 56th"Geo. 3, cap. 98; inti-t'iifed " An A<:t to'niiite aod-^^nsolidate intabne Fund all the public RcvendeB.of Great Britain^and Ireland; and to provide for the application (heiinf'to ilie General Service of the United Kingdom.": we do Hereby; declare, that the Several somlof Capila'rSlbc.k,'iind^the.1hterest or jvarly dividend tliervon, pu'rirhased byj' aiid- traiisferred In us bp to the created by suudryAeli prior to, aiid by'twb Acts of the 38lb Geo.'3,'cat'^- 32HBtfd-?9, b'y^two'millionsseyeii hundred and one thonsand one bnndred and sixtyrseven pounds, niiie sbtllliii;'; nnii threepence. Capital Slock ; and by eight thousand 'anil' sixlj^-ei'gbt' pounds, (biir ''abillings,' and'One penny, Annnat'Char^fc Given untler oi�r hinda this 7th dav of October, 1820. i - - N. VANSITTART. National Debt Office^ C; POliE.' JOHNBOUDEN. S. HlBBAM, Sec. Thomas Co'lton.A surrender, Nuveid! Guildhall, Lvndutt; yard. BANKRUPTS., H^eisrii^S^ B^;f fiilMii;!!' ' "^Jirtrj-WIi*!^ jSf<!t^^^ '-��f' i?5LP'^*-'S^^S^^^^ Burrenaer^ I Br^nd ^�^1*rSa^*W*elfei4i (be Wbiip' ^Jobii ,Armsr---- 'WoMmber^S;, ._____________________^ tSiiiim, Wis(ul.7 Wdrd, at Guildhall, London. Alloru<^ys, :M�snii..Courieeb aud Rofiinson,. \ya|bro lace, Sirand; Mtddli'sex, nler-chanlsv to''8nrrri|der,;:Naveniber 18, ^Ajiand Deceni6er26, at twejvf^ at Guildhall. Altpniey, Mr. While, .Tlirogmor-tpp.-streel.. . John Sprierus, of Chesli'ani, Burks,, draper, lb snrrertrlgr, NoVfthberitl, 25, and December 96, at tiselve, at Giiildhall, London. At'l/irney, .Mr.SleTeiis, Sion College-gardens, Al-dermanbury, London.' ,.' William Juhnsonv.of Heybfiilge, EsSEX,-,splt.'mannrnr. -tnrer, lo sywrender, Noye.inber..a4, Dpcettiber'S; and 26, at one, at Guildfaall, London. Atturiieys,:Messr9: Bridges and Quiller, Re squ�re, Lbnduii, > ^ . ' Jamrs ''Knowleii, :;0f Liverppol;; Umfceeper,. 10 snrrenJer, December ;:6yand,26�at one,. at ihu. George Jmi, Liver-pool. ^ Attorneys, Messrs. O/red and l.<iwe,:Exchnriee-all at-iteven, .�( the .King^s Arm* liuij. Kendal.. Allurneys, ,-AIr, (leelis, Staple-Inn, Lqndon; and Mr. Herlis, Kendal... Arthur Parker, of Chellcnham, Gfonfesler, builder, to sorrender, December 1, at seven, 2, and 26; al ten, al the Plougb Hotel, Cheltenham. Allomrys, Messrs. Yizard and Blower, Liiicoln'Kluo-fields, J.ondon; and Messrs, Prneu and Griffiths, Cheltenham. Tbomasl(Vopd, of Trowbridge, Wills, ciolliier, to aurren-,der, November, 17, December 0, and 26, �l one, at llie Rummer Tavern, Bristol.. Allorneya, Messrs. Hurd atidJoliiison, King's Beneh-walk, Temple; London; -and Mr. Wigan, Bristol. Thomas Little, of Newcaslle-upun-Tyne, linen-draper, to surrender, December 6, 8, and 26, nl eleven, at the George liin, Neweaslle-upqn-Tyne. Atlorncys, Mrasrs. Bell and Brodrick, Bow Church-yard, Cheapside, London; and Mr. SeynioUr, Newcastle-upou-Tyne. Eli2abi-th Smith and John Sanderson, of Howden, York, tailors,. to surrender, November 24, at seven, 25, al eleven, at the George Inn, Selby, York, and December 26, at eleven, at the Half-Moon Inn, Howden. Allorneya, Mr. Parker, Selby ; and Mr. Wi^lesworth, Gray*s Inn-lane, London. Robert Ralph and William King, of Ipswich, SuiTolk, mallsteis, lo surrender, November 23, at seven, 24, and Dec. 26, al eleven, a( the Seahorse Inn, Ipswich. Atiornrys, Messrs. Pearson and Lawrence, Ipswich; and Mr. Taylor, Jolm-ttreel, Bedfurd-row, London. Robert Mossenlon, ;of .Great Marlow, Buckingham, horsp-dealrr, to surrender, November 18, 25, and December 26, at ten, at Guildhall, London. AUorneys, Mr., Harrison, Bucklersbury, Loudon'; and Mr. Goldstnilh, Great Marlow. DIVIDENDS December ft. W. BiggAr, late of Manchester, brazier, at nine, at the Star Ion, Manchester. Decembrr5. G. Render and S. Render, of Leeds, York, liurn- drapers, at eleven, at the Court-hnuBP, Leeds. November 21. C. Carr, of Bridge-slreet, Westminster, jew. eller, alien, atX^uildhall, London. December 2. N. M'Neal, late bf Charleston, America, but now of London; merchant, at ten, at Guildhall. November 25. R. Randall, of 0>leman-.streel, London, blackwell-balt-faclor, at eleven, at Guildhall. Decembers. J. Read and J. Hellyer,.bf Saint Mary-hill, Eastcheap, London, mercbaiils, at ten, at Guildhall. Noviniber 2I. J.'Ramsay, of Old Brbad;atreetf London, merchant, at ten, al Guildhall. December b. J. t. Oxenbam, of Oxford-street, Middlesex, mangle-makpr, at (en, at Guildhall, Liindun. Decembers. J. Martin, of St. Philip and Jacob, Gloucester, druggist, at twelve, al the'Rnmmer Tavern, Bristol. Deceriiber 5. R. Merry, of Birmingham, grocer, at eleven, M the Royal Hotel, Birmingham. November 25. J. Prebble, of Si. Mary, Bow, Middlesex, miller,at-twelve, al Guildhall, London. December 23. V. Cooper, of New Bond-slreet, Si. Georgv, Hanover-sqaar�, Middlesex, milliner, at twelve, al Guildhall, London. Deremher '7. E. Dnckworlh, of Manfhesler; liquor-mer-chant, at ten, at the Star Inn^ Manclirsler. December T. R. Leigh, of Liverpool, soap-maker, al eleven, at the Golden Lion, Liveipool. Decembers. W. Davies, late of Tredegar Iron-works, Bed-welly, Monmouth; innlwlder, at twelve, at the Kummer Tavern, Bristol. December 6. J. Cooke, late of Coxhoe, Durham, banker, at eleven, at the Com mission-room, Sunderland. CERTIFICATES.-DecEMBEB 5. Wlllam Richard Ravensrrofi,, late of New London-slreet, London, corn-faclof.-T. Muore, of Lullinglon, Derby, dealer anil chapman.-J. Drakeley, of .Market Boswurlh, Leicester, hosier.-G. Mawson,uf Bradford, York, grocer.-S. Cave, of Chelteuham,jeweller.-J. Lee, of Hors-ledown-lane, Southwark, lighterman.-B. Dryden, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, grocer.-S. Woods; of HavanI, Sonlhamp-ton, grocer-J. Hassell, of Richard-slrert, Lslington, Mid-diesex, printseller.-E. Chambers, of Collumpton, Devon, banker. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. R. Hase and G. Ogle, of Billiler-lane, Loiiilon, wine.mer-ehants, April 5, 1S20.-G. Gee and R. Fuiilge, of Bristol, halliers, September 30, 1820.-T. Kirkby, T. Iiichliuld, and Win. GawlresB, of Leeds, York, printers, as far as relates Iq the said T. Inchbold, July 16, 1820.-P. Balaam and J. Williams, of Soolhamptoii-row, Russell-square, Middlesex, haberdashers, November 10,1820.-Wm.Wbitlell, H. Whit-tell, J. VVhittell, aad Wm. Shepherd, uf Uisliworlh, Halifax, Yurk, papei-.makers, Novemher 14,1820.-R. Winch, J. H. Dixon, and J. Greenwood, of Mill-slreet, St- Mary, Lambeth, Surrey, press-mafcers, OdbberSO, 1820.-S. Grocott and 4. Pearson, of Penkholl Flash, near the. Black Lioii, Stuke-upon-l'ren(, Slatford, b/ick-manufaclnrers, :Lady-pay last. --J. Ryan and C. S. Fowler, of London, insurance-brokers, November 13, 1820. ' Petitions of insolvent DEBtORS, to be heard at Justice Hall, in the Old Bailey, London, on Tues. day the Otb of December, 1820; at nine o'clock in the . torenooD '.- Wihon, Matthew, late of No. 71, Newgale-s(ree(, London, woollen.draper. -, Busliellj'Thoma's (sued with John Scott), late of Temple-row, BirminghsmVWarwicksbJrei coal-merchaiit; wife carrying ' on the. business of a cbild-bed-lineu warehouse and haber .! dasher- i. . Wopdinan, Jame�, formerly of Oxford,,of Marchmnnl-street, Bron8wick-8qna're,>M|ddles'ex, of Birmiugliani, and late ot' White' Hart-rbW, Kfnuioglun, Surrey, piano-furle tunei-.' � Langsinn, Jamea, lale of ;R�w'(ua-s(reer, St; John-street- road, t'lerkeowell,.watch ^escapement-maker. B�;(all,,Tbomas, late of .Mayford, in the parish of Woking, "'��SurVey, shojiktejier. ' � Htp|iiet,'Thomavlaie of Ndrrbllc-ptace, Salisbary.8tree(, '-B*rtondsey;Suirrey;wa(crmah. Bittleslun,. Gebrge,a'foraierly iuf Lomond's Pond, .in the ,.'|wrish: u.f St. Saviqv.r,. ^^nlbsrark; -nud of Kenningtou-' ' ,|an<ej1n the pfirisVof Lamb^b,^prrey,afierwardsof Bat-. 'ierse?,' in thetaidrouoiy^ .upbiiUtercr'aiid timber.draler. Hoiiairil^ifaiiitet;-fate �bithiK�y, Middl�**Jciirp�bter.; jS�aidM,;iioKni rrairmerly.wfeBiUDi^ of Stroud, i 1; b. !9��;��lewWife j(tiMi��^ of AlBiaib, in;: the C^l�t1iii�!' �Ftn(llay$[j:bbii|>l rvti^i(' ^all, jiewlf Batb,^ and of No. rt, Uiiiun ctrr, t, Bath, .Soinerselshire, pfnpri.-i'.r <if Ihe Cabiiifl of Flnfe Gems, afterwards uf H�m|�le� , 159. Tuitenhnm Conrt-roa/I,'.and laie .�r Nil. (1, Tuvintock-row, Coveiit garden, all in Midiilti'i'x, ;;em-eollr( tur. ..... Sriill, James, l:itpor ihe parish of St. Giles-iu-llie-Field-, Midil> ex. geDllertlao. Holland, Briijiniin, lale of Middlesex-ptacp, Hacknry-niad, Middlesex, iExcise-officer Hod stay-roaker. Collins, Charles, formerly of Mour-streel, .S�ho, afl<riviinl� of Kossell-ciiurl, Uiury-laiie, Aiid lale of Ni;. 40, n� u-ftrcel, St. (3ile.i's, all ih Midillwiex, hatlei- Benneil, Eiiward, laje of Great.gnidens, Si. K-il'.. mih near the Tower of Liadoii, ilepniy corn nlHi t. Fergnsiiii, J.jhn, fornirrly of Mouut slnrt, WliiiM-li^iii )-roail, AlidilleFex, ni'lrrwarils uf the Islauil of Gmii"-*, sflerwarris of Great East Cheap, GrorKr.;ard, I.'utilj uil-slreel, Cntz^ii-slrcel, Miles-lam-, and Geur..:f.ynrcl, l.-jni-baril-Hlreel afiiresaid, afterwards of Tniver-hill. tift.i--Wards of Lombard-street afore^nid. and late uf K�. -K, Threadneedle-slreel, in ibe City of London, ale and cidi r-dealer Calmiire, Gardiner, formerly of Pimliro, of Niirtli-mcn p, Burloii-crescciii, and late uf Gray's inn-lane, MnlilleM.�.. -Hoar, (Seiirge, lale nf Southampton, Hampshire, hnHiIer. Potts, Thomas, f caieriy�f-^iM"Londan-road, Sunibwark, flsb aud pntalo-dealrr, of Comwall.strept, . sbii>�-!'i|uart-, Middlesex, and lale of No. 23, Old Oily Clminburs, Bifhop--gule.nlreel, Loudon, merrbaiil. Junes, Henry, formerly of Ni)> 21, St. .Swilhin'sl.ine, and lale of Vine-streel, Amrrtcasquare, bmh in the niy of Londun, llieu trading under llie ftrm uf '1�. C. Jones uml Co. dealer and chapman. Blunsum, David, of EUslon sireet, En'lon-sqnarc, Mldill". �ex,uil and culourmali. Wednesday the Bth December, 1820, at No. 1-2,of (he Hiui^e ufConiinons, in llie city of Weslraiiistir, -*� nine o'clock io the foreMvoii; - Russell, Geurg.-,,ilie younger^ late of Bankni'Ie, Soiilliwark, Snrrey, coal nierrhanl. Cookney, Ruben, lale of Leonaril.alreei, Shoredilch, Middlesex, bout and slioe-Riaker. Hoare, William, lale of No. 39, Brook-alreet, in Ihe iinri.di of Saini Aiidiew, Holborn, Middlesex, and .iflerward� of No. 1, Balhcuurl, Church-streel, Islington, Middlesex afui-esaid, painter and glaxirr. Baggs, Harriet, lale of Nu. 42, Soutlimollon-slreel, and B'ind-strcel, MiildlcMX, emhiuidrvis. Bfiiin, George, lale uf Juhn-slreet,'l'>enlonvillc, Middlesex, tnerchant. Wilson, Edward Webb, formerly of London-wall, and lat" of Threadiieedlc-slreel, Londun, nolaiy. Mayor, Charles, herelufure of Weyniiiiitli-stieel, aince i>f .sloaue-slreel, Chelsea, since nf l'(i'rtmiiii.|>lnre, Ediiwiir.--road, since of Flask-wnik, Hampslrad, and Insily of Wiii-chesler-row, Mary.le-Boce, surveyor and ajciit. Ruugsley, Thomas (sued as Thomas Kawnitley), late � t Ovenden, Halifax, Yorkshire, fnimei, in parlnersliip an.l carrying on- busjuess wilh Juueph Kfiugiley and Job.i Schulfield, as quarrymen. Rougsley, Joseph (sued as Joseph Rawusley), late of Ovenden, Halifax, Vorksbire, in partiierslilp and ranyins; on husiuess with Thomas Ruugsley and John Scliolfield, quarrymen. Smith, Thomas (sued wilh Joseph Allen), lale of I.eecl=, Yurksliiie, broker. Wilny, Isaar, lale of Osset, Dewsbnry, Yorkshire, rlotliirr. Bautuck, William Judson, lale of Spabelds, Middlesex, an.I of Lundun-wall, London, surveyor. Kurtright, Nirholas, formerly of. Limehouse, Miildlesex, afterwards of Stepney, Middlesex iiloi-esai.-', on bo.iril Ho--Conquestadure, lying al Sbeeriu-ss, Kent, afterwsrds oi" King-street, Si. George'ii in ibe liioti, Middlesex ut'tir*--said, and lale of No. 10, Lime street, London,' Lini lenaut in Ihe Royal Navy. Okes, Charles Lewjs, formerly of New Kent-road, Surrey, afterwards of Edinund-slrcet, Saint Hiiiifias, and late of Koniney-lerrace, Hurseferry-toad, Middlesex, Siiper-an-noated ricrk. Wheeler, Edward John (sued tiy the name of Kdw.ird ^Theeler3, fate of the Crown and Ttiistle, \Vapping,'.>li'i-dlesex, victualler, aud uf No. 146, Wupping, .Miililltsvx, cyrk-eulter, but formerly of llie Ship, Stioreditcb, Midilie-tex, victualler. ^ Mathews,- Thomas, hrrelofore �f No. 36, Cbarleg-street, Westminster, since of Nu. 15, Caaile-street, Leicester-square, since of Killaniey, county of Kerry, Ireland, and, lastly, of No. 15, Caatle-slreet aforesaid, Middlesex^ Captain in his Majesty's Notliugliamshire Keginieiil uf Militia. Moore, John, lale of Angel.conrl, St. Marliii's-le-Giand, Londun, commercisi age<i't. Gilbert, William, lale of No. 10, Lillle Russell street, Gloom'i- hury, Middlesex, coal dealer. Taylor, Thomas, lale of Gieal Queen-slreet, Lincoln's Ino- fields, Middlesex, colFee-house and tuvern-kecper. Pemberlou, George, late of the cilyuf Bristol, lailur. PETITIONS of INSOLVF-NT DEBTOR.S to be heard at the Town Hull, Liverpool, in the rouuly of l-ancasltr, on the .^Ib day of December, 1820, at ten u'cluck in the forenoon :- Peler Martin, late of Dennison-slrcet, Liverpool, in the county of Lancaster,linen-draper. William Bibby, lale of Plumb-street, Liverpool, in ilic cuiinly uf Lsncaster, hsliermaii. Thomas Wilcock (sued as Thoniaa Wdcocks), late of Angel- slreel, M'ancbesler, in the county of Lancaster, provisioo- denler. Thomas Slarsh, lale of Waterlpo-place, Liverpool, in the county of Lancaster, stay-inakcr. John Davies, lale of the Uld Swan, near Liverpool, in the county of Lancaster, blacksinilli. David Smith, lale of Waverliee, near Liverpool, in the ciiiinty of Lancaster, saddler. William Haigb, lale of Edmund.slreet, Liverpool, io ibe county of Lancastrr, broker. David Wright, late of Mooifields, Liverpool, iii the cuiuily of Lancaster, hook-keeper. Richard Corfe,-formerly of Saughall Mossey, iiUhe ronnly of Cheshire, faritner, and late of Upper Fredcrick-streei, Liverpool, in Ihe counly of Lancaster, lalionrer. John Reushaw, lale uf Bixleih-alreet, Liverpool, in ibe counly of Lancaster, tailor. Jjrocs Quigley, late of Bixlelh-slreet, Liverpool, I.^-.^-.-t.;,., callle-agent. John Walker, Ule of Grecnlaod-sh-eet, Liverpnol, Lu.eH-cashire, painter. - Al Nelher Knutsford, in the counly of Chester, on the rn'.i day of December; 1820, at eleven o'clock io the forenoon : James Rowtinson, late of Stockport, io the county of Cbes-ter, publican. At llie Shire House, Chelmsford, in the ronnly of F.=sex, -1 Ihe 12lb day of Decenibrr, 1820, at eleven o'clock in liie furenuun -. � John Machiah Collins 1.^"= "f N"- 2&. Ashford-street, Hox-ton, iu (he cuuiity of Middlesex, bookseller. v At Ihe Shice Hall; Gloucester, on Ihe 9th day of Deremlier, li890, at ten o'clock in the foreiiuun : Natbabipl Benucll, late uf Valley-iiiill, in ibe parish �f Miii- .rhii^hamptaai-Glouceslrrshir'e,-blaiiket aud'Hock-inaker. iRicharii /Aldridge, .)a(e of Nailsworlh, Gluiiceslershije, : ^ilulhier. ' . ^ � . . . Juha Davis, lale of PreBliHSry,Glonces(ersbire,carpenter ai:d isiWyiBi^-^''."' �' William afti^�'Iai(r*tof Braydob; in the parish uf Miuiy, GloucetlCiJmceiflabouier.

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