Thursday, November 2, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - November 2, 1820, London, Middlesex NUMKEK t ���1 pRirK 7d. X hi� Wijeily's-SertanU will pei-forih'Sbakspeare's'Tra. gedy of-e'vHTA*! t'. .^.r. -i -.'1 RO M EO A N D J U LI ETi' ^ ' -.Prisce of VprnUB, j Mr, Vih iiie; I'sry, �>! ry Mortimef ; Monlaf;up, Mr. Bromley ; Capiilet, Mr. Puwe7l ; RofOfu, Mr. ^oojier (^from Ihe/I'lic^irp Ruyal, Liverpiiol, his 2(1 ap-pearnnoe oh Vliis rXi^rj'-, yUrtyhto, Mr.Ellis'lfan; Frkf Ijiw. r#i)oe, Mr. Pope;- Ju15ct,' MW. W. West ;'Linfy Capu let, Mra. Knishi;'^�r8(>, Mrs. Ha^lowe. : f. :, > ' After nrliicb, (lie'favourite Extravaeanza'called GIOVANNI IN LONDON. : . ,  Don Giovanni, Madame Vestris; Li'porelln, Mr. Harley ; Mr. Florenliae Finickin','Sir. Kvriiard; Mr. i)epii(y'Eiigli�l>, Mr.Gattie. 'Mrs.Ijepurello, Mls9 Ciibill; ''Miaa VonVtaiilhi Quixotte, Miss Poreyji Mrs. Enelish,i . Orger;: Mrs.' Drainemdry, Mrs. Harlowe; Squallini; Faoj fits. BUsd- The interior of (be Theatre lias'been. cumpietclyrmbeU' li.sbed and qewly dproraicd. ., , j The'chief part'of ifce Scenery has been repaiiited, and a | new Architeclural"Dro))'Scerir, designed aiid'exccu^ei! by' jVlarinaH.'ri- : .^y. ; ^v; .r W � ; - � . The Pnblic trill also observe, that exteirnal ,3cromm daF, tion has nor been nef;lrrted,'a commodiuus'Pbrlicb liATin^ been erccled in Hryd?e�-stree�. Places fur4he,8 y Mr. West. rnaiueHlsI Lustres, fur iVax-ligiitsj surround the^'Sress Circle. . ) �< ii ... , A Private. BqX;,may be bad for llje Reason, or nigbtly, of Mr. Br<indon,tet'the Box-0(ficp. Places for fii'e 'Boxes to be taken df''M'r. Brandon, at the Box-OfHcp. [fHi't-Stfeet, from Ten till Fonr. Boxes, 7k.; Second Price, 3s. 6d;-Pit, 3�, 6d.; Second Price, 28.-Gallery, 2s.; Second,; Price, Is.-Upper Gallery, Is.; Si'cond Price, dl. 'i'hp Doors wflj'be opened at Half past Six b'Glqck, ani �flw^'l-.iy bfeijiii il'Seveli;  : � � ' ^ To-morrow, The Comedy of Ert'ors: Luciaiia, TUiss M. ^-ree (hi'r Brst ^ppeariince this spbsoh). 't')n Moiid^y^ flie Tragedy of VirKiniiis. , On Tuesday will be revived .Kliaksptare's Comedy of Twrlflh Nigbl (which has been for some lime in prepara.' �rioii); iiVivbitih will *e introduced Simes, Duets, GIres, and Choruses, selecte<l entirely from llieiPlays,;Poems, aHdSun^ ^irlB of Sbakspeare. APELPHI THEATRE, STRAND, By Anthoniy of the.Riglit Hon. the Lord Chamberlain. Bl. her 2, Friday, 3, and SalurSay, 4, wilt'be presented, �for the list Vitne, ah.entire NewSco'itish Melo-Dramatic liurlt'tta, ditifli^il, ' ' . .sr. CUTHBERT'S EKE; Or, THE TOMB OF MONTEITH. Juljiii Alonieitb, .Mr. Gi.niPrstI; M'Alle'n, Mr.Waitins; J��s ;Fauiily,.ba� now a .VACANCV. Tefmjj ;ifi'6 Gujucas. per A'nuuh'ir' Distaiice' frliift Loiidoa 'eleven' inTles."I^tleVs dii-erird for the Rev.i.J.-Gj Mi>n�r�. Piiyni>^ltd'Fos�, >Bou1c-i sellers, 81, Pall-mall, will be dujy forwarded., , . 'SUBSCRIPTION TO AFFORD TEMPORAtlY RELIJ5F' TO,THE OESTITUJB, AND NIGHTLY SHELTER TO THt HOUSELESS. a GENE^IAL MEETING �f SUI^i. jtaSCRJ REUS to: the, .hove Fund will like place in tbe-E-ypliaii Hall, at, ihc Mansion House, uu MWNDAY NEXT, N.'iv^mber 6'ib, al Oiie o Clock, when a Report of the.Proceedings of .lhe.Comini|tee duriilg-the'list Winter > will he preseiil�-d. . > , , � Tlietlighl Hon. tbe i;.ord Mayor, M.P. Prf�ident" of the Committee, will take ^he>Chftir'at Two o'Ckck predsely.. ,. , (.Si.sneri). W., H. BOPKIN, Hon, Sec., , Com'niiitep-Ronm,'27, jPoultry,  ' Gcloijer 30;'1^20. This day was pntilisheil, in 4to. price W. lin. in boards, a, li'ew'Vulome (beiu^ the Foiirlli) of a H;ISTOR�4 'ofiElViWbAPfD, '' nihj the-,llei|ms)Df,Henry yjll. andEdwsH VJ. By the.Uev. JOHN LINGARD. , PrinleVifor J! Mawman, Lodgate-street'. � �� tXfwhortt inay'be had, ' i .The-First Porlionof this H ISl"ORY, from the Invasion by, 'the Uoiiians to the Accession of Henry Vill., in 3 volumes, 41o. price 5/.ife. � .  � ' ' ^ ' I Also, jiist.pnblishtd, TRAVELS in SICILV, GREECE, and ALBANIA, by the Rev. T. S. Hiiglies, Fellow of Euiaiiiiel College, Cam-br.iilge, ailonied .with' Fifteen �ogravingB, and illusiraled with Thirly-live Wood Cuts, 2 vols.' 4to. price bl. 5s. in boards. This di.y is published, at Mr. ACKERMANN'S, 101, Slran<l, NO. VIH. Of the PICTURESQUE TOUIl of iKc ENGLISH LAKES; roninining four Co. lunrrd Plairs and Leiler-press. DpMiv.4to. 6o. N... il. Of DOCTOR SYNTAJCIN SEAUCH OF A WIFE; eicW'Nnniber conlainine three colortred Engrav. iitgs, by Thum.<iR Ruwiandson, E�q. 2s, HJ. : This VVuik will form the Third and last Volu.iie of Doctor Syntax's Tiiurs. ' NB.-.A Third Edilion of Vol. II. of DoclotSynlax, will be ready for delivery in a few days, price Sis. extra boards. PHILLIPS ON FRUITS. This day is j)uh!ished, elegantly priuied in royal 8ro. with Plales, prire U. In board,:, OiVfARIU.Vl BKITANNICUM : An His- loricnl'. add Botanical Account of Fruits known in Great Britain. By HENRY 'PHILLIP.S. Printeil for T. and J. Allman,, BuuVsellers to lirr Majesty,. Princes-street, Ha.npyer.square. Of whom may be had, BRACKENRIDGE'S SOUTH AMERICA, in 1S17 and 1818, two vols. Svo.. price 24s. boards. A-WSCDOTES OF THE HOUSE OF BRUNSVVICK. This day is .published, handsomely.printed in 8vo.-'price 10s. 6d. boards, ANECDOTES and CHARACTERS of the HOUSE of BRUNSWICK: ilhtslrative of the Courts of Hanover and LoHdon, front, the Act of $elt]eii|,eu( ,lo the Vvtjtbuf George III.; including an Original MeraoJr.ofthe Eleciress Sophia, and a JnorVial, supposed to be written by the unforlunate Sophia Dorothea, Connnrl of George I. By JOHN BRQWN, Author of " Memoirs of George 111." &c. &c. Printed for T. and J. Allman, Booksellers to her Mnjesly, Princes.street, Hanover..square. BRITISH ACHIEVE.VIENTS. Just published, in one thick vol. ISrao. embellished ~ ^il'h numerous Coloured Plales, 14s. boards, ISs. lieatly bound; IWE NAVALand MILITARY EXPLOITS which'havedisliiiguished the Reign of GEORGE 111.; accurately describeil, and melhofliTally ariaiiged. By JEHOSHAPHAT ASPIN. To the professed historian ii will he a useful book of reference, the most careful attention haviiig been paid lo date* and plnres', lo the cursory I'eSderit will pi-ove an entertain. iu:g^nd instructive companion.; and to the rising youth it will he an amusing introduction to the knowledge of the limes in wbicli be lives. Printed for Samuel Leigh, 18. Strand. This day is published, in royal 8vo. price 8s. Vol. I. Part I. lo 1)6 continued in Monthly Parts, of r^LEVlENTS i,f CONVEYANCING, in J Theory ami Practice, with cursory Remarks upon the \�......-------------M the Nor/h Star),iMiss Yates; Labi'uiliiie, (aflerwaids L'pluin-. bine), M iss "Bradyf . ' Ou Monday oexl'will be prodarpd on eutire n'Pvv Opera'tfc Surletia, in which a^'Lady will make her first ajip^aran'ce on any Stage. ' , i. � 1 �Tbe poors,will open at Six o^Qock, and the Pirforinance ^to commence a Quarter .before Seven.-Second Price flalf-ipast Eight. . V . � - .FOUR OK 20,000/,,, . <ClWiF,T;an iih.'ic , �^P.flllenlion-lbe iPsiLin); I'e:i1iircs of the Lullery to bcfriii ,<lrnwing iVe I5lh THIS MON'rH. It c n,sistB �'f only; S,400 tVumbers (TivoTickrts of each Niiniber), aiVd con-�laiOsiPtfURuPRlZES iof 20000/. ;Guusuls auU jIloMey; be j sides other Capital*and small) Prizes jis,,usual. Thpre ai.e  i�,oin�;5 anu an i....------------, .... is to receive,''iuVaddUi'un'td 8u4.h Prize, oa Umlraivn, 'Fickel or Share for the Second Day, tlip Puicliaser ,of_ii siuileT.icki'i'; or Share has.the Chance of ga'"'"K '''"O 'Pr zos of 2'OiOOri/.. atSH'iFT .-itid fcdi's old and forluitiie'OIIicis, No'. 11, Poultry; 12,'Chariiig.cro8s; 'aitdSlj Aldjale His h street, j --�--'^i;-^ �-�-�--�-;-r--' . ' �! CONCLUSION OF BLSH'S CONTRACT. . � � \ &jCHElM'i5; i>t ihe .New Lnliery� Ti�o ^3 Prizes gf 20,000/; eousols, and Two Prizes of 18,000/. Consols, udilcd lo Two of 2,000/. Alpup.y, ,ip:it;iii� together FOUR,....... of ....... i"20,ei)i> 'CoiiSols'aii'd Mtyney.' ' ' � TWO ttf ...i.w,''�20.00� / ; i :i , ;'iSnT�-to:be-fliawn F�r?l;d)By! i ! .' Two of; 28,(K)dl inay.bjB gaiii.ed by pi�thasi�!cO|Be Ticket.j rxOCei^or'm'SieoridilJiaji. � ' :  . All iHeTicfiiTtVtoVi* �)n'Ssileiiori to' be'drawB'FirSt'Day, <VEUNESb*ri'iNo*�tiib�-lS. ':�:.. :�..;<' :,,'i:�oly;i,TOi)-Natob^rf; : ... v;i . ; Tic]ce^au,d Sha re Sellio~g J^y T. JBJSM,, Jitock-Brpker,; ie last totjlifryi' '�Denocs Ti>rilH)^;otfa�riC8pitltl... ** ScbetOM, wi<h Particular*, may be bad gralU. Study of that Sciriicc, iuid Ob.%ervatiotis and Directions relative to the Practice of Conveyancing. The Second Edition, cartfally revised and correcled, with great addilion.i and improvemenls. By CHARLES BARTON, Esq. Of the Iniier Temple, Ban tster-iil. Law. Lon-ilon :' Priiiti'd for J. and W.T.Clarke, Law-Booksel-'lerB,Pi)rfngal.street, LintToln's-liin. .sWEPPARD'S �TOUCHSTONE, BY" PRESTON. This day is poblishe'd, in royal 8vo. Part I. price 123. r| ^H'E TOUCHSTON E of CO.VI i\lON AS- .JL SURANCES; or, A Plain and Familiar Treatise, ojjjening the Learning of .the Common A�suraticvs, or 'Con^ Veyanecs of Ihe Kiiij^duni. Seventh Edilion, with coiis'tdei'-ablc Additions, / ; ,. By RICHARD PRESTON, Esq. With the additional Notes of (he former Editor, who most ^liberally coiiimnniriiled Ihese Notes to increase Ibe value of :thepresiiit Edilion.: , London: Printed fur J. and W. T. Clarke, Law.Booksellers, PorlBjiil-3treet,..Liucolu's-loa. EOlNliURGH ENCYCLOPAEDIA. Tliis day ia pultlt^hi'il, hiiuiUumely priuleii in quarto, and illusiraled hy 16 ii'anlifui .Kugrnvinas from Original Umwings, Volume XlV. Pari 11. (price Ooe. Guiuea, r^Aitv]eoiN r.URGH encyclomx-, fL or, Dictionary of Arls, Sciences, and Mi�cellaneoits Liferallarp. Conifncl.d by DAVflJ BREWSTER, LiLD. F.RS. Loudon and Eilinb &c. &c.'^c. ' With the assistance of-Geiitlemen cm'iiiPiit'in'Kcience and LilPialurc. The principal Articles in this Half 'V niro.*r^;W onmcla--Moor*, Dr.-: Mopro, General-Moral Philosophy-.Morea-iMiuriVrcu- ftrtreatci-'Moite�w"^Mdiart-Mull-Munich, nud Muscat. , 'A 'fe*'tJojSifli ai-b �|jlw�Jiil(y ja-i.'iibd on the finest' �rbyai'tmpert SiilifAidriftipyeSsiotasuf tbe*Plaies, 2f.l23-:c.l. 'eit^-b'PiH, iVKtiii'^i - ' ^ � , ' Pnn� gb wid Jiiiti>sy Gdiisbiirgh.: John Murray; Baldwin,'CrayarV,<alid-J4i'y; J. M. BicUrff6im"rtiffidon-�-ao' '&Id:�|(it,>6ryAV=/iOKpW0t^.;I)>Brti*W;^StlrKiiki8lid.8^^ . And ri%pmW^�|Kt Pc>>EdMibuff lij;, G. Clark,,Abe^eeD^.,J.,Ckim9iiuj^(,Dublin } a^S.iAsclierj Belfast, ' � " . - . . rlpHE' ^W'DIREC'POilS of '** jRi^UMTpxcOMPA^y ef JVI^5B^3HANT8 ef E�S-LAfifD, trading to ilu ^I^DIES, <lo hereby ffive ..that, the maANS'reHiJWIOKS oPfHw iiaiil dm-nany's Slockwifl he SHUrSif TUfiSDAY, iheStb Decern-b^r lieitV; \,t' niree o'lOorls;; anil' XVpENfiD ai^aiii oil Apd llial, on^theblii J SATURDAY T�tiB�DAY:, Hie tSiliiaiwafy, ^ISei i , i,lhe.Dividen<.tn^arra!ila. . ; 1= JWJEPH PAljii(i|illwtet.^ry. EAST INDIAi HOUSef NaviiHBER; I, 1820. THE COy.UT,,?/ P.iUEC,*t^RS, o/" llm UNITED COMPANY of MJE;RCHA,NTS of ENG, j LAND,' Mmng'lh ilV-EliSt'iWOtVS,'ko hneliy Nottce, ... � ,.l l,-.;ii;:;.J.. :,d iv'J�'s' . ! - That.8 QUARTERLY ^GENERAL COURTof,.tbr.aid , COMI^a'NY - will 'he ft'efd'al'th^ir HotJsg iu lii'deiiltiill-Btteet, on; WEDKESDA.Yvihe: ' (Gjec^embcr n�xt; ^ Eleven, 'Clock in the l^qreniipji, ^or,;jlb^,,P!i''MP?*", of clariu^ a Divrdend'iVom'Midsummer last t� Christmaai next. TJie Cohrt of Difecti>r�f dd -'fBrlbef - feivfe notii?*} A\m I be ' the Caurl pf .pirec^ut-sof^lheSd Augqaf lasl,.graDtiii!i, under the circumstances thereiii stated, a pension of 1,000/. per annoim" to 'Mr-.-Ri'MyBarnrard, lafe'Assistaht Coast imd Sn. rat VVarebouBel(ef;per4 and a peiision'Of/600Z; per annnm Iu . Mr. George Murdaunt, jiiii. late second Ci ec-ifi.llv in-Jl.- firmed, thai tlie SIXTH SEASOiN of the "above CONCERTS will commence on TUESDAY NEXT, No-veinbrr 7. The Enferlainments will consist, as usual, of Vocal and Inslrnmenlal Music, by eminent Professors. All applications in.ndc to Mr.Keniicrley, G9, Great Queen-street, Lincoln's lun-fit Ids. CLOAKS FORTHIiTHEATRES, EVEl^iNG PARTIES, AND TRAVELLING IN GENERAL. fTTHE Ladies nf the Noliiliiv sriVH Genti-y nre JL roost respectfully informed; that" the SH EW-ROOM.S of F. THOMPSON (lalecremeiilson and ,Thompson, the lilven'turs and'tntr'oduc'ers of those niuch-admired and very beneficial Garments, ihe ENVELOPES, BEAVER snd COATING WRAPPING CLOAKS) are always fnrnisl.e.1 with an unequalled A'ssnrtmcnl of thoie Articles, each hav-iiW ilsftxed price legibly attaclieil. Their welUkuown celebrity as a coropi.ele wrap in proceeding to and from Routs, in sudden Iransitidiis from heat to cold, &c. liave been spoken t>f in Ihe Ihiglu'st terms hy thousands of PorrbiiBers at the WOOLLEN DRAPERY WAREHOUSE, established A.D. 1750.-Cloths of every description. 344, Oxibrd-street, opposite GreattPortland-slreet. , URG'ESS' NEW SAUCE for geoeral )nir. puses having .given such, great'approbation', and the demand (or it coniiuiiing lo iocrease,JOHN BURGESS and S(>rJ beg most respectfully to oflTcr this ilieirbrsl ackiiuw-ledgm��r�lo tb"* Pablie'1tiif*t1i��r liberal.patronage of the same: its utility nud.great couvenieiicc,in all climate* has recommended it to the most distinguished foreign connexions, who'have iill spoken highly in its recommendation. -It is. prepared by tliem ONLY ^ and fur,preveoling dis-appuintmenl to families, all possible care has been resorted to', by each bottle being sealed d'pon the corTc �i'ith their Firm diit! Address, ns.well ag encb. Label having their Signa-ture, wilboot which it cannot t>e.genuine. JOHN BXJKGESSjnd SON'S long esialllished and ranch esUemed ESSENCE of ANCHOVIES continues to be pl^-pated by them, sfl^r the same manner that bus given the gripalesl sat'isfaclion fur'many years. . Warehouse, 107, Slrand,.cOrnef iof the Savoy-steps, London.-(The Original Fish-Sauce Warebuuse.) TO THE VOTARIES OF BEAUTY. udson'sUboI'ANic ;rooTH-Povv- ____i)ER, recommended by many eminent Physicians, is prejiared of balsamic' vegetables,- of mild detersive properties. H is entirely freeof tlio'se corroding acids which form Ihe basis of most'I'oolli-powderB, and which eventually prove so desti'octive. When llie tteth are louse, or Ibe enamel in-jureil, it f*sleiis ttem iu the uoe case, and reviveis tbe enamel in tbe other; il removes tartar, cures the scurvy, and pror duces a liealihy redness to thp gums, a pearly whiteness to the teeth,'to- the breath a balmy "fragrance, Bud is an in-f.illihle pret-^rvjilive against deeiy and the looth-acbe. Price 2s. 9d. Also HUDSON'S HUILE DIVINE (recornmehded by .the late Doctor, Hunter),.preserves anil beautifies the hair, and where it has fallen olT from illness, perspiration, change of cliniat'e, or'ahy cause which dcpi-iveff the hair of nnlntion, and prqdiicepreiiialure decay; by using the Huile Divine, it assimilatis f ilh qr supplies the place of the untrilive (luiil, and the Hair g'niws' ^s fiirmrrly. See fiir'lher elucidation -and lestimoNies of its etficacy ;in;.a Pamphleiy eniilled " An Essay on Ibe Hair," inclosed roond.cach bottle. Price 3s. 6d. -7s. (id -and oiic giiiuea. Sold by ibe Proprietoi's Agent; Jilf. Atkinson, Perfumer, ;No. 44, Gerrard.Rii-eet,' Solio-square ; Messrs. Gallic and Peirsp, 57,. New Bond-street; Messrs. Howell and Jame.-;, Kegenl-ftreet; MVssrs. 6ayley and Blew, Cock^pur-street; Mr. Riggip, Cheapside; and must iPerfumers, Hair-dressers, ..and Medjciue Vetxlcrs in Towu aud Country. QUiililt's DEl'tiNVE. teiliiiB^ii^'This bf'ri&rtiraily'closed letit (lleii, as KtctWuiis^i for I'Me Bill ^ii'oi^d cepreaent.. was an nw^iilg. tajjainatithe sun, . opcasioualty ich'srd n-niid wiib curtuius and. otiier. pieces, it/ The dlscreiion of riielr liwh wi^iieisfeiif ^ifh a*' tnany peeip.bute*' leflas iliey laigbt clwosef w4iich':wa�' always in some ilegtee lighted hy Ibe lamp iu ih^ bijiimcle, which, he it especially ob.�erved, ira* tieeer failenta, wbirb line -irtnh eOie'rs tiy piece '<if cnovBsa-i second en i em hy ilrawiiig uflide aiiutber;-a third by wblkiug ' irp the cabin ladder-whicli rverv'roan and w'oiifan ni the vessel hiikhi ai any time ruler VuiKexiimihe by pnltiiig liis<r head up tlie balcbway, �r thruuKb,,aiiy one or all,of Ihe openings iu, belwien, and about the " curtainf and piScw,"' iVi wliich the'whole of Ihe ercw aiiil aficiid'anis mi^ht :liave ilisrovfetd, and- would have disco.^ <p�n sl^ysih her ;CabiH, the uecassary faciliiy WTdiSrcoArse aad,privacy of the -pbcFJarFttaniiiiiig faelt^astiiitt heiij WKeo- tXit- ttA�e� 4AU and sleeps go deck, where all may see .her who have the curiosity to do so, it is the same/ ff she had had Captain Flyiin, or Lieutpnant Howriaiti; tontlpbd^her, wlieu bail weatlier, sea-sickneRS, ur wharnot, made it necessary fur a man In be near hpr,it would have been said," Why selrct those young officers when her Chamberl&in, her skilful, indefatigable, respectful, aud the^efone.faxuuriteservant, whOse duty il was to be about her, wa^ in utiendance r" Do what she will, the view ltallou|! adiillery must be'raised. If she turns hereyes-lo tlie right there is s'oaiething in it, she might have looked to Ihe left-if she looks lo ihe^left, there was nothing lo prerenl her looking to tbe riglil-thrre was an adulterous mennintf in looking to tbe left. If she looks straight on, it is immodest, aimI hIu'WB n want of proper feeliug." If she looks down, il is a convincing proof of gnlll! 1 ! I am, Sir, Sir. A MAGISTRATE FOR MIDDLESEX. 7HE COLONIES. to THE Epi'TOR OF THE BRITISH PRESS. Siti-i-Ablysa the Qaeen's defence has been conducted, there is,ou^rffagnienl iif tfie case which 1 Ihink.has not been sntficiehtly "otieed; I mean the representation of her Ma. 'jesly's sl^piuij^ under a tent iu the'|iolaere^ aiid somelinips ; iu the .presence of .he^Chamberlain, A tent is a very conve-iiienl term in the inoutbs of her encniiea. A tent, when <:losed' anir^aslcnedj'p/csenla ihe idea of sijmelhing secret,  and stonrctirom.'iulpusio"-it is a well-ad.ipted instrument of insiniia)iu.n fur.fliusc who love slander, and are babiluaird in vice'-^'il is iised in a way whitfh staggers even wpll-' disposed' people,, not !Over-gified .with sagacity-il affords lhe.lasl,straw;w^'ich the drowning meu have lift. But, like the resl'u'f tb'e thousand ficftioiis got up, it crumhIeK to dust ' when toncliedibyati\Wand of. trulh';^ There was no teut. . .ti i5;a p|ty thatthe.Qqeeu'ji couiiS^Ued iviiiipsses'ciindesceiid-I ed to aekuoH Irdge uiid adopt this verbiage of ihc encniy. I'' it-is'li misnotnc'r,'' as'saiU by Di". Lushiugruii, to call ilie I- canvass;!) teiitt; i|,was,ihi,a!'ge.upeii owning raised to aflfurd a jiheltcr from the, scorching sun, which at night was closed 'round with odd pieces'of cab VaSs". TakethedeECriplion even nfithe wJtn�s<es furtbi: Bill: Gaetano Petuzzu says, "At the beginning, whep, we began to.make.a tent to procure shelter 'from'the'sun'," ice ' Vihceiiio Bargiolo ilayii, � At n'tght it !wa8Closcd;a�:a pavilion.; .Ijwbs curn'mandedTta iclose it, and .l�on'iroauded,Oilhera;,,it'w.�s,�iiiilp closed; when i could not 'eion it'MimcuffiiitUinttreIg, I did It with other plecet:' ' ��lii'Jlteri*y4iiit8aid!fa'S /i�ir} sKex^rdejtii�b�|<befegt,iitieb.tfeniaiii iw'a pavifioV, <6ecauie' ill tfa mbrnmf tt w'ti� raised as a NEW SETTLEMENT AT THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. A tiuiiiher of persons have emis^rnted from different parts of this county to the, mi'l vuiioiis colliruilieiory sinteiiieiit'', soma favourable and others uiifavouralile, baviihg recently apiieared. in Severn! journals oftlie day, respecltiisf the settlement near Algna Bay, we Imve been favoured by a respected correspondent at nut;9letn, wiili copies of two lelteiS ffom a person who wm sent ntil by tlnit parish, wilh his family, the bey;iiiiiins; af ihe present year, fiom which �ve give an extract, and doubt not but it will be acceptable to a great portion of our readers. Tlie letters are addressed to the falher-iii-law of tlie writer, and, tiioufjli in a simple style, they speak the'lansoage of sincerttj-; The f'aniily sailed in the ship John, of Uverjiool, on the 2d of Jaiiuaiy. The writer, afrer having given an account in liis,.. ife ill Ali;oa Bay, on the 3d of May, when he ol>-seives : . " We landed on the 5th, and went to eaitip o.ii the lOih, when there came .waogons belonu-.tig lo the Dutch fanners to convey us on our jovirney up the country, to the land appoinieil ��, which took seven days. Two of the first days the land seemed lo be but barren, rocky, rough, ami full of^brush-wood; ihe third nnd loaith days wc came to some beautiful land, sifter which it became soniethiti<j wor*e on the fifth nnd siTtlh, but on the (Veniiifr le aii'l willing to w.otk, wlietherjiabo.unjr or, infcht'iic 0" his arrival at a L><ii(l-o'^<''f, lie'i� abked lius he any intnis teciiltiviit^ lifnd; if he haS, he gfets laiid^butif h�3 tuitt he is told Ire Cait^get uoiie. Tile ju�l- tie** of this meamre is obvious, beciiii'e on lii. hiivp i .> liinney, and ihougliiunnv of them tiaiH '^^�K\�f-\ i'> Wealtli, llieir wefilHl t'onsisls of cat le �tid rleM-lapd ; but, as they have their laird foj m ihin-ji m'diiy of them have m'rived ai the Mimniit of ilieir ambitinn, and pas� their lime in indolence, or worse. When tliey eiiiplny a mechanic or hiboiirer, hi.'t ivages are good, but his hire iiiu>t be produce ; and when ihey piircha^e any neces�ury, it is paid in pro-dtict*. (Jti the iilher hand, the man who oels land, of which there is ))lenty, ha< to travel a thorny roa'l, and fultils tbe saving, that he must Tnhour before llie partake of tbe fruit: but his tronliles are i-lieri-liveil, he can clear his Und, if he has iimoey, for jfrora, ISs. id 4/. ai) acre, Jind when cleur be can look ttrit �s liis own property. I have seen St-iiml settlers wlo commenced lH..t lull with llieirlir.^ crop, Hud [ was pleased nnd a-:loni:.|ied at the they had made, nnd br};in already to tH-.te of ease and compftence ; they purchased n milk cow for twelve d'lllais, and whiu'er ha" cleared moil i gu>land ; no money; if a man savi. a dollar, he w.nild need to look at il, far fear he shriuld never see another. Tiie produce ofihesel-itrmeiit is not equal lo Ihe population, ami Ooverii-meiil, with a view to promoie iii'lostiy among then., has judiciously imposed a lax of I0-. a lii.ri'.-l iipru flour from the United .S'ates. I have visited other places, with which I was deiigblerl, and where the land Was ;is fertile as the thinks of the Forth ; but, unless here and there, where ^'jiu find a l}riti�li farint-r, it is miserably husbanded."-[UUiSi^ow Courier. J THE NEW CONTINENT. We have been fivnuredvvilh llie following extract from the log-book of the brig IViUtams, by a vessel just arrived from Buenos Ayres. 11 slates several particulars re-|iecliiig ihe nrwly-'liscoverrd Continent of New Shetland, or Siiuih Shellanil. There was a map with tbe packrt, but it appears (witll tlie excpp'ion of Dilryninle's cliari). In be similar to tbst in Brewslet's Philosuphicul Journal, which may be rf-IVned In. Extract from the bri^J Williams' log-book, on a voyagef from Buenos Aytes lo Valparaiso. Frhruary 19,1619.' *' 1st Track.- Having sailed rouiul 10 llic CiKtward of the Falklanil, ami keepti'ij our irarh to Ilie .Sonlhwaril and Westward, winds variable from .Soiilh lo Suuth-Wpst, ill lat.6-2.4n. .Sonlh, and long 60.00. West, by chronometer, land or ice was discovered a-liead, bearing .S. S. distant about two leagues, blowing hurfl giiles with flyins; showers of snow ; the day breaking al six a. m. wore ship to the Northward; at nine a.m. niore.oioilerute and cleai; a large field of ice was distant ten miles; at noon moderate and fine weather ; lal. observed, fi7. 17- South, long. 60. 12; West; wore ship and made sail for land again al two p. m.^ the large body of ice bore West distant four miles ; al four ji. m. tacked ship, the land or isliiiiils bearing S.E. by E. lo S.S.Iv distant ten miles; the weather fine and pleasant. -It was discovered to be land a little covered wilh snow; down lacks and steered to N.W, at six p. m. ice E.N.E. ilis-lanl one mile floating about, and whale.s and seals,were ob-srrvid in nbnndaiice ; afteiwards made all sail on our intended voyage. " From Valparaiso to. Mnntinidio.-May 12. " 2d rrack.-Oil iny arrival at Valparaiso, iliis land being doiiiitful from.not having soiiiided, I ditrriniiinl on looking fur it again, and ste , and sailed towards tliem; al four miles dLstaii.t sounded in forty filhoms, fine biack sand, island^ bearing E. by S. at S.E. by S" ;. sounded again in sixty falhnm, sand hullom: Hanlcd off during the night lo North; at daylight stood ill at three le:igues distance from .thi: i.slainfs.; siiuiided iiiul found ninety-five fathoms,- line saiuly botium, at eight �.?�. clear pleasant weaihiT; saw the main laiiil heiinng S.S.E. distant from llie islands nhoul three lengurs. Having now, as far as the Cape, f.innrl ihe land In run i-i;' to N.E. coasting to the Eastward, sounded .mil IuuihI ^t similar lo the formpr. j " The point which is called Norlli Forilaiul, li arie; !;. I hy S. we hauled iii lor it, and got the island lo .N'.VV. distant half a league, sunnding regular from ivvrnly lo tliirly-five failiums; fine bolloni, sand and gravel; findii.g the weather favourable, sent in llie boat and snccrcdid in landing : it was found to he b.ii reii and tovered with snow-; seals were observed aliout the >hnre in abiindaiice. N.iglit coming on, the boat reiiiriied, when wc niinle sail off tli.- j& shore for Ihe ni|;bl; in tbe mouiing olnrrd llie course so ns lo keep the Und lo Ihe sonihwurd in view. At Pleven a.m. the Norlh Foreland bore E..S. by E. distant five leagues; t;ie land then look a S.E. direelion. Aller this we hauled to the westward, and piocet;iled:on our voyage. '* 1 again, from variable uiniN, made Cape Williams, and perceiving some Irees on the land to the S.W. of ihe Cape, .stretching iu a S;VV. direction; tbe weather became :thick and squally ; made sail lo the wtslward, having sailed about 1150 miles rt'&W. The weather becoming more settled, saw aiiuthtr headland bearing about E.N.E. Ui-iant aboia.lrn leagues, very high; by observation, in lat. 62.53. south,aud ' long, per chronoiD. 63.40." west of Greenwich, nameil'ihe -Siiiiiira Cape;'foiind:the lanil to extend at the CapeJuU

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