Saturday, October 21, 1820

British Press

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British Press (Newspaper) - October 21, 1820, London, Middlesex Number 5578. LONDON, SAlfDll^Y, O^lfi^ 1820; THBATRK^ROYAL, COVSNT-GARDEW. mis EVENING, SATURDAY. Oct. 21, n-ill be pprforincd the iUusiral Ronhaiice of HENRI QUATRE; Or, PARIS IN THE OLDEN TIME. Henri, Mr. Macready; Sully, IHi;. Egertcm; GineraF D'Aiimonl, Mr. Fawceit; Eugene tie Birmi, Mr. C. Kemble; rudfriifc St. Leon, Mr. Abboll; O'Donncl, Mr. Connor; ?MouslaeIie, Mr. Emery; Gervais, Mr. Dnrusrt; j*�cirisBe, Mr. Lision. Florence Si. Lnon, .Mis'! Greene; CloliJJe lii Firoi!, Miss Beaumont; Louison, Miss Foote. After wliicli, Sd time, a new Farce (aiili some Musir), called A RACE FOR A WIFE. TliC Principal Cbarncters by Messrs. Blancliard, .loncs, AblioK, Liston, Chapman, Mrs. D.nvenporl, Miss E. Green, iiiiss Beaumont, and Miss Love. To which will be uddetl the Bullet iif LE MARCHAND D'E-SCLAVES. By the Principal Dancers from llic Opera-flousp. Dunns the recess the Theatre has been entirely new decorated and embellisiied. A Private Box may be had for the Season, or nightly, of Mr. Brandon, at the Bux-Offici'. Places for ihe Boxes to lie taken of Mr. Br.^ndoii, at the Box-0(Kci', Hart-street,from Ten till Fonr. Boxes, 7s.; Second Price, 3?. fid.-I'it, Us. fid.; Second Price, Is.-Upper Gal. lerv. 1 .�=.; Socoud Price, 6d. , ' ; ' The Doors will be opened at Half past Six o'clock, and the Flay bejin at Seven. On .'VTonday, the Tragedy of Virginius, wilh the Ballet of P\'2'ni:vrton. , -* Oil Tuesday, Shakspeare^s Traffedy of Cymhelinc. On Thursday, The Comedy of Errors ; l.iiciana, Miss M. Tire (urr first appearance this season). .*''h:^kspoaie's Comedy of IVelfth Niicht has bpcti for some tiuic ill preparation, anjl wi;l spr-ediiy hr prodncrd. GUILDHALl., LONDON, OcTOiir-n 18, miR COMMirTEE for LETTING the ViTY'S'LAND.S will meet nt Giilidhnll on ^VTONES-DAV, i!ic first dav of November urxt, lU Twelve i.'Clock at ^(.^:,, to LET by PUBLIC AUCTION, on Lease, for 'I' one Years from Michaelmas, IS2(I - A nt^LSE on the north side of I.awrenre Ponnlncy-bili, nod n. \V.lREHOL'SE ndjoini:ig-, on the east of Green-Lclt'ee-Une, in the Ciiy of Lniidon. Tilt! P.'rlicular and (.'(nuliiioiis lor Leitinr; may be seen ,Tt t.'ic f]ice of ri'oiks, (luililhail, and tlu' Premises vieu'ed i n I V dav between the hours oi'Twrlve and Tliiee o'clock. JOS. IJUSHNAN, Comploller. WASHINGTON IllVINGS I'OpM. This d.'v is published, price 7s. tid. by .lames Cawlhorn, � Cookspiii-slreel, u Second Edition, of rwiilE LAY ..i- li.e SCOTTISH FIDDLE: U A Pofin, in Five Cantos. By W.iSHINGi'ON IRVING, Esq. Author of "The Sketch-Bnok, ic. r-1'iirlly "ill be pubiishi-d, TIIAIT.S and TRIAI^, n N.'i'-l. Ill 2 v"i)!s. .MILLARD'S nU'ERlAL CLOTH, Ky bis [Majesty's Letters Piiient, FOR THE EAST AND WEST INDHi.s', THE CONTINENT, &c. IMlf.LAKU respecifuily ioforms the Nobi-� iilv and Fainilii's going or relnrniug from abroad, ills IM!'!:KML CLOTH, peculiarly desirable to wear in Ibe I'..i5l and West Indies (superseding the too rfduring >.>fjar of fitii'vi there), and in ibe Cold Climates, and fi�r � tsteiMomv, I-* Sold, ^tamued with Wis Name. .fee. exclusively at lii= U'tfOLK-SALi: 'and KET.IU. EA-ST iXDIA and FOREIGN an I BRITISH WAREHOUSE, N'u. 10, riiF.Al'SlDE, in entire Cases, for E.-tporlation, and by the Pieef nf !(> I'> yard.s, and in wide widMi.s fur Sheeting, at -- -!;. t>d. per yard, ^ic. J. .'^L respectfully informs Families forminc Establish, nu'nis on their arrival,'or havini: Comrnissimis, .seU ctinns niay Im- mad� fiom the accnstuiueii rirli variety "f every kind I'i' Family E>ineii9, Foreign and liritish D.i.niask Table Liiun. rlnice Irish Linens in 7-8 and 4-4, riirious Indii :uiti I'rilish '^fnslins, for Ladies' wear and tjenller^en'ri iN'efkrl.Mlts, In.ha Long Cloths ami Cossars, French Cam-b|ie-, Russia and other fine Sheetings, Indi.) Shawls, and ruiieus Biitish Caaiiinere, in Ions: ami squai-e, peculiar to li'-C Hou-e ; Hiiiquc Printed Cambrics and Beuillas, Drrca and Jamava (Jliintzes, Seersnrkrrs. &r. with the v.etvest fas!ii�)iiabie .Articles, for Evening and Morning l>resK, ui fi\ed prices, from which no deviaiiim is made ; and those -Artidi-s selected by the Piece, or demy, at the Wholesale piire. DiawiiiEr ami Dining-room Furniloreg, !\1oreens, &c. TO THE PCBLie. ^SrilE^^EVER I taku a Coiilruct for a Lmlery, T V ilia always my endeavour so to arrange the Sehenie .TS to meet the v/lshes. if jyssible, of you, my best friends.- The present Contiact I divided into Three Lotteries, ilie Seiienies widely ditl'eiing from ea<di other, as by that means 1 wiis enabltu to altam wliat I so moeli desii-ed, (he appro, batit'ii^of Sfj. mauy mure friends Ihauif 1 Ie4il eonlitud-iiiy plan-s Co o'le luiuriple alone. 'J'wu ufibe l-tilteiies arc euii-cluded, and I am liappy lo say niet willi great eneuu-�.agemeu:, and I'ur wliieb alluw in - to relurn you my sincere lliaiiks. I ^iiave nuiv the botionr of submillin^ fur your approbation'the last Scheme of the Cuniraet land Ihc ./.oller-ii //;�( can he drauin. this year); it consists of t;,HiH) 'I'leki-u, and eoiiiaius Two Prizes of *20,t)00/. Consols, Tivo Prizes of 2S,'WI);. Consols, and 20,1100^ Money, making ioffelher ^ FOUR PRIZES OF �20,01)0. Besides variona other Capitals and advantages, as will be seen by a reference lo the Scheme. My object for having su many Stork Prizes, ivas owing to the retpiest of numerous individuals, who conceived this a must eligible time, a.s there has been, without any apparent cause, so great a ile-pression of tiic Public Funds, that a considcj-i,ble rraeliuu, <ir lisc, may reasonably be expected, nud of siirb rise Ihe duilders of the Prizes would have all llie benefit. 1 have the honour to be, 4, Cornliill, Your devolcd Servant, and 9,, T. JiLSfl. - *J4lb October, 1S20. NEW LOTTERY. TO BE ALL DRAWN IN TWO DAYS, loTU AND 28th NOVEMBER. SCHEME. 'i Prizes of ... .�20,000 Consols...............?40,000 :l.............. ]8,�0;) Consols............. yti.OOO ............. 2,000 iMoney............. 4,000 2 .......;..... 1,050 Consols.............. 2,100 2.............; 500 Ditto................ l.llOO ......... 200 Money.............. 1,2U0 ......... 100 Ditto................ 1,000 ......... 50 Ditto................ 1.000 20 Ditto................ I.OSO It) Ditto ................ 20,224 ,5 70 ao 12(i4 �S00 Tickets. Tola), Money and Consols, �107.601 To he drawn in Two Classes, A and B, No. 1 to 3,400 DETERMINABLE PRIZES. Fifth-drawn Prize lo have �18,000 Consuls, and �2,000 Money more. Tenlli-drawn Prizeabove �&0lo have �20,800 Consols more. SECOND DAY. I'irst 200 Numbers drawn Blanks, lo have jfltj Money rath. No. 1 111 1,7<I0 4o be drawn on the 15th of Novembir. Wo. 1,701 to 3,400 to be drawn on tlie 28th of November. Every Prize abov'e^20 drawn Fft-rf Day to be entitled to a 7im Ticket,-oi-'furt/ierCiiai:ci', by wMcli'Jl is posBible, by. "Be Ticket, a person might get TWO PRIZES OF TWENTY THOUSAND: ri)Vtfm.'^{SI,area participate, in theieadtaniaiie.3.) "  This day "Is published, with Cuts, price Is. LENIPO ATsD THE DEVIL." or the Upshot of the Plot : An Ilifernal Poem. By An IMP. Printed for J. Johnston, Cheapside, This day in published, price 9s. boards, NEW BRITAIN. ANARRATIVE OF A JOURNEY, by Mr. ELLIS, to a Country so called by its Inhabitant!:, discovered in the vast Plain of Ihe Missouri, in North Ame. rica, and iubahiled by a People of British Orieio, who live under an eipiitalde system of society, prodoctivv of peculiar independence and happiness; also, some Hccount of their Constitution, Laiv.s', Inslitulions,Cu5loms,and Philosophical Opinions : together with a brief Account of their History, from Ibe time nf their departure from Great Britain. Lonilou : Printed for W. Sinipkin and R. Marshall, Sla. lioners'-court, Lndgate-streef. EDUCATIOy. The followino; is a litTii] copy of a- Brief lately received from the Holy See by the Ronjau-Cathuiic � Prelates of Englaudiind L-eUinI:- ho.M^, ACO. 14, 1S20. IVitsfTiJistimef ac liererenrJisviifte Dovuve, Quod Doniiiiiis Nostci*JFsus CnnisTUSjam piicriioiinerat, )�\rabolo iisus Apr'icolaf, ** r^ni spmin:ivil buiiom semen in agro 8H0 J cum antem dinniirent homincj, venit. inimicii^ fjus, et Bupei-pemioavit zizania in nudio trilici'"-(iMat-th<\r, c. xiii, v. 24.) Id r^uiilcm noslris liisrc iPniporibiH in nilnTiiia prajscniin accidcn-, nnn fsine niaximo ifi <*aliio-lica* dctrimeiilo videlur. Prrvpiiit eilim ad aures S. Conj^ra-tionip, Scholas Biblii-a; Socieralis in tula (we Hifjcruia esFse inslitulas; AcaUioltcoruni Procrniin opibtis' ac patro-cinio siifinltas, in (jnihns fucit cbaritatis riidt's iilriusij-nc sc-xiis adulescentes, pr.'L'cipuc vere ruricolic, atqne eiri ni hlandtdi?, atqne clram muniiRculis prfeceploruni iiL'cti, inonifeiu ijcavarum doctrinarum renciio inlicinndir. Ad-ditiir, Iiujusiiiodi Schotnrinn Mac;istros esse EVIt-lliodislaP,., ipii iiihlia iituntur a Bibiira Sucielale An�;!icc inidila, er-rurilnisque referia, aiio nullo sibi proposiio fine, tii?! srdiu cendi juftncs et OrUiodoxa? fiilt'i vei itates ex eornni animis ))rnitns evelk'udi. Haer cum Ha siiil, Aniplitni'o Ina yam vidcf, (juinia soUcitiuline ct studio I'^storifaiis vie'Unduui esl, Ml lire^vm Rtmni a idponim insidtij:, qui reniunl in vts-limenlis oviuni, sedulo Ineanltir. Si P.istorrs ohdonTiiant, cifo subrt'pit iuiiniciis h , Ptdiuniqne seret, cilo zizania vidcbitni- in medio iritici siiccrcscer.o illudque op^rire, Qnare n-jresse est omnium novare nprrani ul adolpsrciitcs a lethali-bus iii.Hce pcholis avocenhir, ac monrrc partntcs, nt liberos suoR in crroium duci minime puiianlur. Ad vlfandas auleni advprsariorum iusi(iiaf! nihil aplius ossc vidctur, qnam Ca-lliolira.^* pripert' ScbulaK, in qiiibun panpon'R an rnstici bonis diE:ci])!iriis institnantnr. Deerit fnrlassc modus siipplendt sumptibus? Afbiisri blc faciie potcrit ab ipsis belerodoxi;^, qui, nt jiicrepiuuis, pm coran)dcm scliolarum stislenlalionc l)pbdomnilab'm unins assi* filiprni a siiii;uHs de populo ro-gan(. Quid velat, ne rl idcu) Cat.'iolici i'aciaiii ? Hortamur, ieitur, ac per visccru Domini noslri Jfsit CnmsTI obsfcramns Ampliludinrm tuam, nt co meliore, queni arbilrabfris, nuido gretrpm ttiuni diliccfulei' cuslodias ab ii�, qui insidiuse se jmmitlnnt in ovjie Chrisli, ut jucau-tas ovcij al)ducant : ar aiemoi- rorum qua' Pelrus AimisIoIus janj pramunciavit tradens, q\:�d "ft in vobisernnl Majji'-'tii iMeiidaccp, (|�i introdncunl St'clns (iprdiijoijis''''-(2 PcfprjQI.) -Omui cuta des opeiam, ne crthodoxa juv.entns ab iis Cor-rnpalur: quod quitiem faciK* te ris:.�pqnuturum spno, si Catho'iccR schnbe in lua Diocesi riia^aniur. Ac dum fur*.-CDufido nt Anipbludn (un in re taiili momenli omncs "aninil vires adjirict, ne Rrilicd bonuni Iriticum zizatita snfTorctnr, Dt'um Opt. !\3ax. ohscecro, ut eanitlem diutissinie strvtt, ac sosiiilPl. Ampiiuidinis tuic Uoma? (X j^dibns S, (.'on^reirnt. de Propaganda ftdc Fralcr Studiosissiiuu':, JULIUS M. CAJIU DH I.A SOiMAGUA, Pro. Prpf^rliip, Sir. C. M. PLDJCIM, Sic. TRAT'.SLATION. Right Illustrious and Ri^lit Reverend Sir, That forcvvarniii<j speech (if Jesus Christ our Lord, Ions: since utiered by him, wb?u emphiyiiij the paralile of the husbandirtan, who liafl Siiivu tlie ^oud seed in bis tietd ; but his enemy, while niaiikinil irere asleep, came, and made an nftcr-sowinjr of farrs in the midst of Ihe wheat c<m'u"- (iMailbcw, ell. xiii. v. 24); appears (o be realizinsj in onr days, particularly in Ireland, to the grievous loss and wrong of the Catholic weal. I'ur inf.iruMliou lias reached this Saereil Cousreiratioil, that schools of a /ii7;/e .Soe/c^y have been set up in almost every part of Ireland ; iipbolticn Avith the restmrccs, anil by the patronage of the liijlier Aiiii-Catliolic Gentry ; and that in those schools, under the artilicial coniplfxiou uf Charity^ the untutoreil youth of either sex, especially those of the peasantry, ami of Ihe indigent class, allured by the cajole-ineni, nay by atleelionale, petty presents from the teachers, come lo be tainted with the deadly poisun of perverse doelriues. It is further slated, (hat tlie teachers in Ihose schools, lalely described, are i)Itthodists^ wiio uia1<e use of Bibles, rendered into Ra^tisli by ibat Bible SiirifMy, and pregnant will, -(iTurs; llinse ti-arliing having in view |iie sole object of sediiciii"; the youtldnl populalum. and eradicating iVom Ihcir hearts and all'eclious, the truths of the orthodox failh. Coosidei iiig these things to be certain, your Lordship is alreaily aware, that ^reat solicttuije, applicaliiiti, atld vigilance are to be deinaiiih'd of the sliepbeids, in sedulously guarding their (locks from tlie ainlxiscade of wolves, who come in sheep's clothing. If the sliepberds will sluiiibcr during the while, quickly will Ibe inimical vtaii sli-al in, and sowhis noxious seed ; cjuickly will the after growth of tares shew itself, and overlay the wheat corn. Wherefore it is inilispensably rc'iuisite to make every pos. sible ell'ort, in order to recal the youlbful sort fj-oi� the pernicious schoids; and to adnionish the parents lhat they arc not, by any means, to sutler their otlspring to be led iulo error. However, for avoiding the snares of the ailversai irs, nothing n|iprars.more lining than ibe selling up of Calholie schools, wherein to educate the poor and Ihe jieasantry in a course of moral iuslruclion and repniable learning. Per-hip,s il may be said that a f.iiid cannot be provided. A-s In this point, you will have naturally gained a lesson from Ihose very r.<ceders from the right faith : for, as we are told, thcv ask individually from the people at large, a pi-niiy sub-scriplion by the week, for li�e support of-those mentioned schoids. What should hinder the Catholics iVoni doing likewise ? Wbfrefore we exhort, and, by Ihe tender sympathies of .lesus Christ our-Lord, we conjure you, my Lord, to guaid with (liligeure your flock, in that best manner which your disc;eiiou may suggest, from s'! d to the rnh.s of evidenre on the one side as well as on the other, lie fhouplii il w-mhl be desirable lo frame a question for the Judges foniidrd on the evidence niHfh.hsd been given, to as!; wbalher on .such evidence the question conld be put ? "ifhc Marquis of Ulosdowii said he Mould never consent to refer lo the Judges any queslion of f irl which the Itouse were equally competent lo decide, and -.i hieli they vuuhl not do their duly if lliey did lint decide, A rcl'ereuco nf ibe naliife proposed by.lhe Noble and Le3riied'I.^l, WD-ild he -neiflier liiarie lidr less than pulling into the hariTfii i.f the 'I-j7arnod JtT*Igr8tliat*|nrisifTrlion w'hicb ihc Cousiitiii ion h^d iulrusird to Iheir I/ttdships, The (pii-slnin was, v.hrilur .Sacchi was concerned as the agent for the Milin Cummis .ini', forlhe purpose of carrying on ihe corrupt aels ivhirli had been alleged against Ilieni. Ou that i^i-miiid oiilv did hii Noble Friend wish the question to i><: pnl. and on 1li:-l ground it should have bis support. The Lord Chancellor said he agreed with ih'; Noble ! n;-.] who spoke last lhat questions ou niatte's et firl niighl uni Id he referred to Ihe.fudges. He cnuM n-�l :i;,'rf-e uiih his Noble and Learned Friend (Lord Er'.kinc' lhat a quesiin-M.r tills kind ought lo be tried wilhuul alien.ling In ihe luh-s id' l.iw. The (pie.stion here was, not win fli.-r they ^rei- 1<- ;m. quire into the cha)-ge of snburiinlion of perjury, hnl u-hal uiii-llrt; best means of ascerlainiug il ? His'^liip then put ih:-question, whether it was their Lordships' pleaMire thai ili i liw^ 1'..' tlitl; .i-d h:- iviMiMront od lhat, ;>ller having done ihn. li.ev reu d nol i-all fur the disclos^lre of any r.-n fi.:.-Mii.t I (oiltjitM-nii-aliou which pas-.fd bi-iwreii IheiM e,...( niiy lu:..-p<-r-*oiis in virlire of that .ehai .u-ler. 'Ini-t . i.-.. J on a �t - v ^ iliti' gi.iuuil from any pidilic ])�p.-v- whuU mi;... b.- piodurt-d fi lni.i'.: iim�'Ptl fi�r. IT i"- w,- Ciorri'l mi his view of llif siibj'-rl, the eunfi.lenli .1 e t which pas-,ed iK-lweeo Ih.-nr oi.ily 'i vrrliit' of llial cap-trttv, by �hieli Ihey her-mie rei.iu 1 ti) 1 aeh oihrr. 'VUv'^ \jyriU\ii\>i 1) id appvir.le.l �tfi-:ii i t.) riMiitMrl Ihe ea-.e lu siii.*p.irl i.f li'w i;.-;t, wilh aH .i -appiirl.-nMirrs of ag''ui\, and th'-iel"uie wuy r:m- (tuy might liavi- tv.-en eng-jgt-fl ;u n-itii lit i! nl.ji-r-l, licennje Hi ils naltirr enrli.I.nri i riMlId 1)1)1 h.- ealh-il il|)t" lo iIim-Id-si- 11. if '. wcii- [jj-ovfil. he rui! S'Idej w-i;-l}Oii- i-.,';})!-!)-,; Ih^ i')iiltnj'5. to la'^ t-it)') ; latl ri-sp.. i.l d.irlii w..|i p:is.s-ig t't-|tl m ."uititi \..... .ni!t m.ill, I-, Kiirh tis th.-y t-.i,t.!.l nol ui-l. ; tli v ti 1-.-,!.. ag -nN in eest;,ii i!y .irtetl ; i,.. . ,;.j,,,u.r p, ,,.-,|p ^ ami Iht: (-.-ts.-at; t.-'^ani-t! I'l.- |)rttdiii-Mitn itl on l,iHliv ,hlT-r'-t)l fi-,)i,, |,,il,|i,. ,1,, wa-^ this .lill',-rri)(-,- !)(.iu�-'-n ih.iii, ih. of a iriltit). .iliv.iy.: 1:1;. !y |, h.- |,i I ii.- I.'J.r it-I Ir-) .-ttlD-ltf". I.f di'iH (' ttl nu.iilti v.:i- lit trr iiltt 111. d 1.) 1.1- ,!i.,' . 1,1 .1 . ,1 7 Ittf, Ih  in li>i.ltiit|.. 1 t-l tvft-i) 11 - < 1 .1.1 it-.l i.ii. Mr I'V.-i. 1 '- ritiu-'-u'd ll r.I l!if-i-|. w.i- / It 1 illv Il-i Iii\  li-t -.� Ml .- e-isf. .A -1 itilj-itrlriiii )*� 11 .IP..-, it) t it -1 :tii-..- I., 11. 1.-1 i i.� 1"""P" Iv 11 MJIf.l i'l- -ilht,,.,|, .,t,i f-'l ll! I'l- . , i.tiiv. -1 I,,, pM-:-itlI \:hn h:t.| tl.t,,. ll-it: m-.,-.. ,1 , Il tlf, Uttf . 1 111- . -.- 1 f.ti- i!i, .'illl, l.lll It- Il It! heiii t --; I tlini ll i'v li.,- t 1i. 1- ' as Itt 1 1^ IllDtllf-i Ji f St) ililitig ; U - h:i,i I.,-,,.. 1 II,,.-, ,, llVt-s ; ;iii'l h'itt  1-1 r blaTI1.:il;l,-. h t"-llti- i)i)|,i,- Ih, - , r ll-.lli, tlii'ri' did not apppiir 1.) 1). ; 111V |-1-, 1 -. 111V I Iiit|.itii- , t 111 all-,- ihvli.tiit.uraMi inlpi)fii)m, 1)1 111 tl'JIlItl V j, ,1 1, 1,1 it. 11 Not Conleuis Contents .. ,, I.-ill hi ft,If - i \i,inleil 'I' Ihe expeclaliif-, he period at u|, ll lind -il-it ni'it. thai ll. !0S A 1 � In",; hnl I t-ni * :� r,'ni,i IM ll h,- t itl-1 1 ili.t; I 1, a fill, iliiiii til litis . �tprii-lv titltiiitil. -1 mil lltft ,1 . If.- .....It pr.tiliii I'l , 1.1.1 ll' lh-:i- !. I" lit- U,-!-. l),-t-. s..;ii V rl" 1 lit- VII III, .,.-.\,i 1 L-i,'iitv.)l, 1,1- ..I, .Itl.1 [. t.- II Itl I-ill-.; itC 1 In- u httif rill 1 t-t-jtitt-.thn, Si-!i-fl a-i,iStiiiI I''110111111'f, ihiii) I, (if ailV 1 -iliai !s M-hirh l nuid I,- i-!ij-t-,re IcIlMS, .'.tit-il King- Il has h in lli'it (-'tinrt airaiu - 1 iu-ln^vt- �ih ill.' TiUit i(unir.l.;it.!v.- H'.-ulcn; itip ui;'m:s ;>h in 1 is-'. 11> 11 .:it' Ml ils r nni (il j' ul'.i ;ii III. N'�l>)i: I.iikI in ^iiicrnfy i'ii:;I>.' I.> of ilii^' roir*'^pnU'i'iicr, md vii.t'lur mill; >I Jit V'^iir I . .>Moi)i ..I li.f � . h* ^Vi� \,:\V,- il id d,n".''liitttS Ml l\.l.lll. :ii-. li.ivf l)kf\vi-r :i tJifiW.iillv 1 prii-^'en Inrs > -I'-,-; midt-r Iiiio 1 ill r.^ -1ami up in s'jj'i.Mii t ..1' 11. [.ctiC' ( -imiif. '\\\''\ :icl nud' r !Vi t'licc, mim!' r I !i;U lit. v \. Hut ll.fV -irr <cu;it!y liub!'' of [I.l ^ i-m-. Hclmi; n . III.' i\..oU'' i: ti I I,, \ snili one cl.iVj jt.' | no pf'i'-'j n;; iii Jli*- r.-.nit, j v.ia <\n\\ �.iv llril sljuiii^fr l!i:ni any < lov. rn.�r-. *,\ {\ linif of III.' i', for I tlnnk no ^\ U-l^fvl ill snrli \\ 1 r'.iii-;:H"/LtMi. 't'lu linrc !-5 n'lil-iiii; iti\-Ji'rii.ii . Ill ll� n voich lip in Iriielcd lo purstio, he wa^ sure ihcv ivoi.lii n!li.-.v him lo �:t:ili' � to them {\\c. impression on his u�'ii tijiml, u-hich hail iii::-:c-<t- . eil to him the probiibility of his lH-rn;r julonrd 1,1 I.ty tint '-u ; (Ifticc before ihom. If tnv\\ q\'v\v\ic.'1 wrr.j i.-mlfici in :tM ' ordinary prospcnfion ni^ninsl A. I�. he udmill.-ti ih:il lie lon-^l | fiDitiPr than he lind done in djin;; \\\v rtir'-nrv of (he parlies before it could bo rt'ciivid; lint in ;t pror'^i^d ' inir of Ibis mixed iiatuie, on** in "huh ihrn- wert' no \^*\ ! parlies in a technical sense b( fore the Court, but u here ifjc } Cinirt )�self was in some decree plarcd in the sitniilion td" :v S parly, U had appeared to Idni lh:it tnr :\\\v\\ of ; ir- '-wx-niinnliou had lerminated, tu m.^ke a ii^oiion r.:i tii-. |>,'t>' dnetinn of that part of the rnrrrpjiondiMtri- Nrlwi-iri .'Mr. l-*t)wel| and Colonel Brown, �\vlii('b rt !;iltd lo K;i?trl';, tl would now be his duty shortiv lo shiic (he ^rnnnd^ of \ motion. Me ihouj^lil (heir-l-ordships tnii!d n'lt ronni'^teMily ; willj justice, and a due rcfjiiril to ihe <!;LCMity id' ihrir cba- | raelrr. neglect to probe to the bolfoni iln- riiCHins!;:iiC s kn. w lhat afler, if mo( ; an order of liieir House, at least snth ;in injiniaiion as [ could not l)nt be Considered as npnv-itent to an ord* r, i lhat none of the witnesses who had been exrtmincd ..I j iheir bar should be wiijidrnun, one of ihnhe wilmr.i-^ i innl been sent out of (he counlry by one uf tir-j :iir-ni~ � for ihe Bill, with a passpoii fi-uni lin' J'orri'^n ii'.WiC, his inoJivrs in proeeulin-^. ! -[The Noble i^ord read from tiie prinletl minnte.s | part nf Mr. FowelPs examination on this i-uhject wiiere he : jjtated his sole vioth'Ps in sendinij Kn.^l. lii Hwny he, lo I (juiel the apprehensions oi Ihe fit mi lies of llu; wilnesj^t-s for Mn ir [ safety, and to brin;; back a paper which he sen! oul i�v hiui J- Tiieir Lordships had thought it tbt-u- diily to cxanuni- ;lie ' asjent as to I)is motives, and bavins^ heard iVinn l!ie j on oalli that he did not remember tlmt he ha<i ^ivin i any parlicular jnalruelions to Raslelii. ou;::ltt Ihry not � Iherefore lo j;et at tlie precise nature of liis niip'iu�n from ' the best evidence now'lefl tiiem for aseerlainini;-namrly, ; ihe lellers b^lween Mr. Powell and Colonel i'lrown - Hi-thon�:ht the same grounds on whith tiuy had jmi Mk question to the witness at the b-ir, were snifieienl lo m-Ut;ee them to rait t\Tr Ihese papers. 'I'heir i.ordsbips bavinii made themselvrs iliepurly lo (bis Bill, iie eiilleti on them to consult w!iat thty bad rendered llieir own inlere.i^is, ii\ denrJnding of Iheir own ap^ent a iijoioi;'.^h (xplanal.ioi of his motives fur riolatinej ih.'ir order. Was I litre any ont-amoii'^ their l^ordships who if he were the principal ui a cause iu any of ihe Conils, and his aorenl had in violalion of the orders of lhat C'ourt wn whicii eonlained lhat slalemeni, and the letter from Colonel lirown, in which he assigned Kastelirs illness as the only cause of hia not returning, when by their production flir. PowelTs leslimony on these points would only In* conftjuied ? Their Lordships could oblaihuothiut;^ hy the pio-tluetiou of ihe papers for winch he moved hut a eontirma'ion of the ividence given by Iheajjent, as to his sole molire^ in sending Ibe wilnesBout of the country coiilraryto tlieir order, . if that evidence were correct, and il appeared to him to be \ bii^hly important that that.eonfirmatiou should be iiad. Ilo r thercfme moved, (hat Mr. Powell be calUJ to Ihe bar of the ! House an<i directed to produce such parts of his correspondence with Colonel Brown as relate lo the sending bark of Kasielli in Septembtr last, and lo Iho cause uf his nol le. turning;. The Earl of Liverpool said, that the first poini of the Noble Marquises argument in witieb he could not coiueide with him WHS, that wliich he had drawn from the supposed case of conduct liimilur lo lhat now complained of, on the part of an ajjenl of any one of their Lordships who might be engaged as lha principal in any cause-for, in his opinion, ibis case wai wholly different from lhat of .tny individual prosecutor, in which no power exisled thai could legally call for the disclosure of a confidential coinmnuicatiOii.- Bui he readily admitted that the House bavln y privileges of throwa optMi >!r. l\'MtIl, a .11 ihr- I '�tr it wf stippi j'-;;rr-.i tb it Miis W 1 by hio! \v,ll:,int r. Willi ;iiiv pl -l-fi. }i,',f 1.. .1.1 To. iiriit;iii jn lit � III t . .'Infill :. Ka.ltl I It,I i- lak.-t. il I 111 ,1 it iilli I'l., . tl' 111 ill,-). ll It �:i a 1-, t III HI liii . !iii.l 1 l-.t.-t- I- I.- ,,!,�! Ill 1,-1 111 -If. il. r.ti Noblr / ;itl s-n,i iIm! lii/r-- utr m> ,1 f\i. 'It' i �-.' 1 il!'--. Si,v.- Wf tind Kr.^-r hioi.-iil . r.n. 1, lu,.' 1 .) llieniL'lo j-'-iii;! Hid by -'f'-Moiii a_'i ill. �) It It �. ,.. . I doublf r i:m iiiii' ry -W �,.rl, :ii.d (ni tin run'.* ' tit 1 ,-. 1; - Nohir I il n: 11 il Ul' :) )� vii J ;i!i!t. ! i ^...... , 1, � i if,'..... Ihi' com .;u.i;ilcnrc, Die p*:'.hc ,[i '� -i11- I j, - ll-, I. ih-il vun r.nrd vr Miol 1 vi'>' '\-y c^ti m  .1 [ 1 n: S'li'llljiUCUC^'i-A-i liir piM^. ( //, ii r, 1 1 1 ly t,j,^,i, :i. (liKs no '^^nul in t 'i'.- CM ll Ml M \ '-! ll! 1 10:), n -III fi 1 i , ; ilois Ihe a^en 1. 11 i � i hi �- .1! ,, >. Ill .1,-- HCCiiinr . IU ..ttlii It, , unwis'* a-i ki K-i tin .c be .niv;! t �i f : It 1-1 tl. � , .', tun i) ii� I c-^'.ai y. 'Vhf ob|' I'l In II-. ,11- l.lll 1 111 n - f . . - p.iprrs <^ KioM h;il*' brtd T:ii-t.| nim-'i 1.11 It' 1 ll ll.i-t. . 1 lo be :i ly ol.)< ctLuii io llu- nrodnrl! til, M, I't II - Itt. 1 net h.ivr brt PI pi'riiMif'd ttj stai' .it ibt i)*t |i;  (-1  ' Vi or . .: - IcnN of lhat I'jri 1 spoiidcnie, I "1,-it 1 1 f, that .Mr P.iu. 11 -pnke lb." Il ulli 11' II it.i ^pp. .;i t Ihe wnIt *n 1 il^1 rnci 10ns r-'Tii in 1 llitti Ihe sanu' n-Uiu Ml 1 \t on Id bf tli \>. 11 Ul il 'I I po.tdrf cc I.-a I t , lInU tl" tl.t  p.jlldt III'"' (lit I W.1S l.iid dou n 1-1 , ll 1.. Ill IvliM- � llU.tC dt. rl.:i evJd'.Hce we h.\yr heard nf liii-t: l.-ls In ll. I iliink ttie bo.t w Scent .i! aiul h. -.i pat a il'iv (.huel to it Phillip in Ins buuk on fU-iihncr. l.oru Livtip'-'ol - .Xfltr b.i:* I prt�^^: t\if id>j:h l iun ;i i'uM io r. Tilc Liod pi i'.loi � I hr- | 1 li v. ! i ciitifiat \uiir'-i.ll [o {Im- p'iilunLi.r iibcei I. ih^tl IS one vva_\ uf pulliii:^ ii, iml b- .'�Or* V'u cuiisitler what \nu an- d'.oi.i ; ii i!u Cj.nlliuut an au;eni v-oi <,uinol !;ave ii p;i.dnnd. !, y whole of ill'. Irilt-r, I ilo not kioiw. \\ bv V"U .n i all 1 bi'-;-oii ffpoiidein e l-flu-. t n th.' 1 �kh-.i i : and rr'en for tin: Coiin.-^l is' hi u fs ti. to lay biu.n we waul. Sec what vou are call:"^ on hini you are niiliug on iil n lo piodnee Mtd. i, pnckel for liiik puipo'^e ol' mmii u tiuiT biin--i This; iq a ju'iH-'eedmi;, i ifiinU, whu.ii il i-j sanelioH by ;jt'ut('ui pimcipl's^. Lord �iskiii.c observed, thai the House nn,;lil F)y ,"tho-!t It'Ufrs V hi'lhf-r l^ittyi.-ll i^jntke tht- ii iiih. The ^^;l^lrt^ln^.i'�l.alI';llo�1l-Tin-.Ntthii-.nii.l I >aiiit-if i vi?tl at the tnhlt- has mij, ihal im uiiiiii.uln'im,jih ahiiiiij 1..,.- j. s^iy-t '^- :u !,.' ihi: ,1 i,,,;; .1,-1 ,111 |t)ti 11 tii^; i\ II..I 1- ill I, ;-..|li ll,.,,i, -. M, i-'U lilt- I ill) he 11 , 11 hi.-li III J'.. Why �� I'll! i'l hl-i f i-t jt. , lilt y, iti)|t.>ri ,lbi.- lu lu t X-.;0lil''e.

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