Monday, October 2, 1820

British Press

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British Press (Newspaper) - October 2, 1820, London, Middlesex . THflAfrHR-Hp;ry1L, COVBNT.QAHD.BIf-., rpHlS_ EVENING. MONDA;Y, Oct^Jwra, -S- , will be performed the Tragedy of . VIRGINIUS; Or, Titfif UBEliAl-lON OF ROiilE. ' AppUis Claudius, Mr. Abboil; VirjjiiiinB, Hir. lilacfeidv; l<!iliu�,'Mr.' r�iKta>, Mr.,TerT^^ .?inmel<�rius, Mr.iEge^tou.l VirgiriU,: Mii3 Foote; Servia/Mrt.Connor. Aft iiring (lie reress tlie Theatre baa been entirely new de-cornled and embellished. ' A'aiipcrbteeiilrat Chandelier, on n novel pritrciple,'and cumjilelrly Teulilaled, bus been cnnatruclrd by Mr, yye< rets Cirf'le. � .  A^iew Drop. Curtain, from an original design, ,bas been : ininled by Mr. Pn|[li. A Privafe Box maybe bad fur ft|ie Season, or lii^btlf, of Mr. lirandon,at tiie8ux-Onice. * . .-^ .. :li - i . Plarcsfor �be;Bojtes lo ,be taken nf Mr. Briwdoji, at the Box-Offire, Harl-street, from Ten till Four. Boxes, 7i!'; Second Prict, 3s. 61?.-Pit, 3�. 6.1.  Second Price, 9s.-Gallery, 2�.; .Second Price, I9.-Upper Gal-' lery, U.; Secovd Price, 6d. . Tu-morrotr, Rub Roy. Macgregor, with Too Late for Dinner. THRA TRE-HO YA L, HA YMA RKRT. rpHIS EVENING. MONDAY, October JL will b'e perfortneil the Comedy of i . . PIGEONS AND CROWSv, Sir Peter Picwi^triOi Mr. Oxberry; Capt. Pigwiggin, alias Neville, Mr: Buruard; Mr. Miiz, Mr. Williams; Mr. Wadd, Mr. Riissrll; Mr. UUinileiHi, Mr. J. Ru. ened at Half-past Six oTIpck, an^ the Pirfiirniauce to begin at'Srven. Tomorrow, Guy Mann'ering, with Killing no Miirildr. � -.-'-:-:-LI-- THEATRE ROVAL, ENGLISH OPERA HOUSE, STKAND. FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR. H; ROBINSON," . Free List Office. , ON WEDNESDAY NEXT, October4,,1820, wiil.tip preseotfd, for the 19th lime (fotinded on the r<-lebntte(t Meinr�irs of Baron Frederick Trt'nck, written''by himself), a new f)peratic Drama, in three acts, called THE BARON DETKENCK. The Biron , I)e Trenck, Mr. T. P. Cooke ; Commmidairt W t-luiz, .Mr..Kuwbolliani; Anthony Swariz, Mr. Harley ; Lionel Srbell, Miss Kelly; Haniz, Mr. Wilkinson; Michael, Mr. Broadhnist. Eugenia, Baroness of Liodorf, Miss Carew; Jueeiihiue, Miss Love; Cuiau, Mrs. Grove; Nannetif, Miss I. S'tfveiiSutt. . To ronciuje with (36th lime) a new romantic Melo-dr.ima '(pii-tly taken from a celebraletl piece which ' has for some w,'eks past a)liartrd all Paris), in Ihrce parts, founded ou ihf cilthiatrd Tale, called THE VAMPlUE Chnrscrers in the loirodurtiiry Vision-The- Vampire, 8*r T. P. Cooke. Lady Margarit, Mis. U. S. Chitterlpy; t'Mda(Spirii of the Flood), Miss Love; Aiicl (Spirit of ihe Air), Mi';s VVorgman. ( liaricKis in tlie Drama-Ruthven (Earl of Slarsden), Mr. TP. Cooke; Ronald (Baion of the Isles), Mr.'B.iriley; P..-l)Tt,r.Ii: I'raimao; M'Swill, Mr. Harlcy; Aiiditw, ^lr. Minroi); Father Frauds, Mr. Shaw. Lady Margaret (liangli. -terld Lord Ronald), Mrs. W. S. Chalterley; Bridget, Miss tJruve-, Effie, Miss I. Stevtnson. B"yes,5s.-Pit, 3s.-Lower Gallery, C.-!.-Upper Uuors open at Half-past Six, aod couimeuce at Seven t'Clock precisely. . SURREY THEATRE. FOR THE BENEFIT OF MISS TAYLOR. fTTHIS EVENING. WON DAY, Ortober 2, SL will be perfornied an Historical Tragic Melo-tlrarae, in Three Acts, altered from a favourite Drsmalic Poem by the late .M. G. Lewis, Esq. called " Alpboriso King of Cas. tilr,-' under tbe title of * OUSINO; ^ OR, THE VAULTED CAVERN; Alpbonso, King of Casiile, Mr. Clifl'urd; Orsiuo, Connt. St. Lucar, Mr, Bengough ; Ciesario,. his Son, Mr. Hunllpy. Amelrosa, Princess �f Castile, Miss Norton. Olilia, Mar-chionrss Guznian,: IVJiss Taylor. AftiT which (by "particular desire) a favourite Burlelta, called,  ......ROX4LANA. Solyman, Mr. Clifford. ' huxalana, i^iss Taylor. In the coarse of the evening ihe following Songsj-" The Saityr Boy capering ashoi-e," by .Miss Bencc. A favojiriie Song by ivir. Filrtvilliam. " The Soldier Tir'd," by Mi" Poole; andaSongby Miss Copcland,'accotnp'auied by herself on the harp. ir.o coijcllide with (by {larticular desire) ths' Scrio-Comlc Melo-drame, called,-: THE PRESIDENT AND THE PE.iSANT'S DAUGHTEIl. ft'i�re Xavier, an Electoral. Sovereign,-Mr. Beogougb. K. ' .YE^flS'. INSUR^f^CE,., that RETURNS of i-WENTY-FlVE Ij^ER CISTT. upon aH^Prentiiims paidby them dn'rini; that time, nnfW^i^Glfe hei;e, and u( Ihe Agents in all jhe,prini;iBa|;Ta�ri(�;.ioi l.iMii Kingdom; and it is ret)nesied that sucb |>efsons as have lieglefcifed ,tb receive their Retoms-Hi -preceding years will a|iply for (lie same forthwith. f' -, I J.T.BARBER BEAUMONT, Stanagiug Dfrici'or.' AT LEISURE. ! A S L A P A T, " S L O P.". ZTL �,* Some lime ago, " SLOi*," like a silly bird, flew into n�y hand, and I might -have v>< risl^�(^^l, perjiaji*. H^j^hsll. be.w^H,devfl|�d, 'and, in "short, be dime'all wayf with plenty of spice, and served up with snap-dragons, for flie ente^tainmeilt of niy friends in h long winter's evening. THE AUTHOR OF " THE POLITICAL HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT." 45, Ludgate-ldll, October I. 1820. N.6. Whoever knocks him ntf bis perch, or does him an injury, will be proceeded against, he being my sole properly. BURGESS" ESSENCE OF ANCHOVIES. Warehouse, 107, Strand, corner of the Savoy: steps, Loudon. JOr^N BORGESS a...! SON. apprised of the iiuiueroiis endeavours made by many persons to impose a^spurious article fprrtheir make, if,v^ it inciinihsiit. upon them to rci|uest the attention of Ihe Public, in purchasing what they cun<:eive lo be the Original, lo observe the Name and Address corresponds with the above-ihegeneral apiie.irance of the spurious desciiplions will deceive tbe unguarded, and for their ilelection, J. B. aii<l .Sou subinil the following Cautions: .some ai-e in appearance'at first sight "The Genuine," hut wiiliout any Name or Address-some " Eurgess*a Essence of Anchovies"-others ** BurgiiV*- and many more withAut Adriress. JOHN BURGESS 3ud St�N having been many years hououred with such disliuguished approbation, feel every lenilniHit of respect towards the Public, and earncsily su-licit'jthem to inspectrthrl {.libels previous to purdiasing what lliey conceive of their make, which they hope will pre. vieut many clisappnitilmeiits. BCRGESS' NEW SAUCE, for general pncpoies, having given such great salisfacliuii, continues to be prepared fay them, aud is recbmmended ni n most useful ami cuuveuieul Sioce-trill keep good in all clim.ilea. Warehouse, 107, Strand, corner of the $avpy.steps, Lon-dim.-(Tb� Original Fish-Sauce Warehouse.) PKOM SATUliDAY NIGHTS GAZETTE. MILITARY PROMOTIONS. I " " I ChfeapdidiJil Undrtii, "riMioB-li�M��(i#tl�*r', at �l��ei<y at OiTS'fS7c:%SfeViV Wiittti^^^^ baker, *t 'felc ' -* Oetober-ii;^. Q..B4VliB,uifSta|4�tair^^cesfer, dealer, at oli�$i}&] 1j?|oyir"'i^d'^'eSrfete of LVverpWi; 'iriCTt^liSntt; at Wi^Wt ili�i'e�Tlt*%:fcV*i'|po*f. Nottember 8U i, Nield,' of MidgiilikUt|�4dd!ei�6rih, York, iCluibiri^.Btitwo'^at the VVJf&XtJimimtMH'nchetUt. . Oct�lK:i;,a3.jT. Meacljer, Ja�? PCJenW^^Bn^"' B"'!^'! coihmoii.brewer, at 'ten, at'lhe flalino, Olnry, Bucks; NiiveWibW 6. to. JoTiflstoii,VjT�rif�*a�iiS�,'-liiuttWr.B exy*nilithratteir,<|tfitiiMb^Vl.<�idun. . . Ocltihfr ,14., iW. ,lV|Ul<a-,iof IbMWttSn&Cnffefi-bouse, Milif*- coiirt, Fleet.fltrsel,Lpndoii, i^(�r and November 11, iit eliviii, at (^liil.rhall, Loudon. Atioriicy, Mr.Tiiruer, Kerry-stren,'Bedford-Square.' / Andrew .Morton, of Lower Tliaims-ttrc^t, London, fish, facloi-, in sorrfiidir, Oet'oher 7, 14, and Nuveinbci' 11, at ten, at (iiiihlhall. Lniidoii. Alloi'ney, .Mr. � Flower, Fen-cliurch-hiiiljiiig*, Feiiehiiicli street. .laniis l';ijne, i).\v\i\ Held, and Thomas Hiill, (f Nprwich, bombazjeii-niaoul'iCtiiriMs, fo siirremler,October 13, 14, slid November II, si four, al Ihe Nufl'oik Hotel, Norwich. Al-lorneys, Messrs. Taylor an i Ui'Sci e, King's Bench-walk, Tiirtple, L/iidon ; aiid .Messrs. Grand and Staff, iVorwich. William Slaiiiianl, of Norwich, manufacturer, lo snVremler, OcloWr l.'i, 14,-and November 11, at fuiir; at iheNdifolk Holel, N.irwirh. Alton ey�, Messrs. Taylor anl Kosc^oe, King's lieueli-ivalk, J'emple, London. , _ DIVIDEND.S. Ooiob-r 21. W. RitittiL', ofUyarsh, Kent, firmer, at'twefve, at Guildhall, I.'�nd.>n. Oclpbiei;21. \V. lluin ui, of Birkiu^, E-iseic, sinack-pwner, al twelve, at (Joildliiill, London. Oclober21. f. Ramsny and R. Ftirsler,-of Old Brnad %tr*cl, Loudon, ini-ifhairtif, at ten, at Gui.'dluM, Loiidjii. P,elobct,2.^. W. Faiisl', of Whitehaven, CiimliYrland, ma- itnW, iil'thie'e; n't tli'e Bfuk Lion Inn, Wllitehave'il.'  OfHtber23' J.'Perkins, late of .CJventry, ineificiiie-vender, ., ;a't elfven, at l.he King's.Head .li;u, C�V( niry, , . 'Oc1obVr'23'. E.'Alcock, of'AlIie'rstiJ,ie,'^Varwi'cl!.' lial^in'ann- factiireciJol fi*�;eH;lat'lhcKiiH!*s lla*l ,li�W,iC�*eritryiJ ) <Pf tffber 2^.. \V,.Nt� W4. J/Hciiu�iliig,.afi|Atig>WW', MiiMteiei, linen- rlraper, at eleven, al Guildhall, L<in November 4. G. 6ate,uf Br|slol, viclnaltcr, at eleven, at the Plough Hotel, Cheltenhiim, Glolicestei!. October 24- J; Sontbee^ ofjCuoterbacy,^baker, at elereo, at Ihe Guildhall, Cauierbury. CERTIFICATES.-October 21. W.Peltinger.of Sculcoatesj York, woiid-tniner.-'W. West, of Bridenbiiry, Hereford,de-tler andclifprnan-rC. Wright, of Old Ford, Middlesex, sand-dealef.-T. StauluB,nf Drury-lauc, Middlesex, clieesembnger.-R. FdWle, of -Blaiidfurd, Dorset, draper--J'.'Greaves, of Birmingham, victualler.- G. Rose,of Sh^ffiifld, York, grocer.-J. MarSiofSnows.fiehls, Bermondsey, Surrey, Spanish atid Murncco tealli^r.drcssel'. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. ' U'C: Daubuz, of-Tri)ru, Cornwall, mercliani; R. Foster, of LoslH'iihiel, Cornwall, tanner; W. Foster, of Grange.road, Bennoodsey, Surrey, tanner; and Win; Riwlings, of Pail-slim, CUirnwnll, merchant;, carryinguu-the business i>f tin. blowers al .St. Anslcll, Cornwall; September, lb, 1820.- D. Willink, J. A. Williuk, and C. I.atham, \<t Eiisland and Ami.ric'a; Septiembrt, 1819.-W. H. Wbitlell, J. Wytde, ajid IL,Webb, of Leeds anil,Rochdale, woolstaplers, as far a� re-giirdsH. Webbi Jiiiiel?, 1820.-J. Rutherford and H. C. Knox, of the Old Ciiy-chambers, BislHtpsgtite-alrea, i..on. don,< iusuraiiGcbrokers; September 38,;,1820.-W. Smith and W. P. Smith, of Sonlbampton, hankers ; September 12, 1820.^R. Way and W. H. Palmer, of Pbrlsiboalh, bakers; September 28� 1820.-W. Fox the elder and W. Fox Ihe younger, of Ticbborne-slreet, Weslroiaater, Middlesex, woolteii.draper's; Septeinber 20, W20. PRICE qFsUGAR. The average price of Bi-own or M uscovado 'Sugar, computed from the:Relurns inade in the week ending Ihe 27tb day uf September, 16*20, U 36i. 3^d. per huodr d weight, exclusive of Ihe duties uf cnalums paid or payable liiereou uo the iibportalion thereof into Great BritaiD. Average Prices of Corn of England and Wales, by the Quarter of Eight'n'inchester Bushels, aii4 of Oatcaieal |icr b6llor]40lbs. aroindupoise,from.tbere( the �e�secl *hen. Yie cniiinience'd hit year of trying ser-.vice. Me liaii now kppTOvkl of lii') own (>nii9ci-ien,,�i the ^ eittWV ainti'wdttf.l be r^ihiiht-nitetl iit future witK �be highest reward ao (loiiourMbI*; mind could receive- tht! .respect anA titeem uf hJK fellow.�citii!ens. , . /ITi.e.liew Sherilft then put in the warrail't �.p-; |�intin(; tlieir aiVoriiey, which WHS fite'l. i'. 'The iast year's Sheritt'i tjieo took an tjath to Ved-d^ tttiitd IVJiijesty b^i accou'tt �r the i9t>ues of their ^ office dttrwg.tit(^ir year of service. , , ; TheCoMUON Sbhjbah,t then� on their behalf,, tejidered their warraitt of attorney, appointing Mr. Collingridsie and Mr. Tuirier, ihe Under-Sheriffa of the late S^ieriffs. to rentier iu sncb account. Mir; PahkInS-" Piimm agaim this appoint-ident* .J never l^Jr. CoUingri^ge." ; Mf. Atderinan Ro;rjlWEHi-1 appear in pA-on.'*- . , 'Mr. PiHKi1�s-" So will I. I d� not conne^it to Ocloire�28, L. Ljrani.^lateof-LUVMiSbadwell, Middlesex, brewer,.at.lcfi, at Guildhall, Lpncltw,.,,.. � October24l Ti.'Wu(roMley, M. Tiirtteri-Biitf W J. Turner, of Bis;�tr�tl,'l�ndoii,lliCTch�)|lt^M twelve, at Guijdi . ^ j , 1-1 si o. a?, ' j ibaii 19i*it^^$pgmtaMu' Fallen myr Under-SberiH:" r r 1  I" u � 0 ^ S .1 J 1. j. d. 65 11 s. d 41 II : d. 33 6 �. d. 23 7 t. d 41 9 t. d 26 5 s. d. Average Prices of British Com in Scotland, by the Uiiarier of Eijht Winchester Bushels, "and of Oatmeal per Boll of I2)^lbs..Scotc{i tipy, or :1401bs.; avoirdupois, of the four Weeks immediately preceding the 15th of September, 1820. 0 s ai , 1 , �i "3 0 I-a. 1 "3 �5 , u 0 . , .--2> s; �- it. G8 8 �. tf 42 4 ... d. 32 9 *. d 26 3 a. d 39 . 8 X. d 40 2 �. d. 21 5 t. d. 27 8 SIVEAKING Jy THIC NEW SHERIFFS. Sjlurday being the dny! after Michaelinag-day, the new Sneriffs, accorcDnato aanuul cusioin, were presented' before tiie Cursitor Biron of the Exclie-quer, aiid the Sheriffs for tlie preceding year alteixl-ed lo surrender up iheir office. Soon after three o'clock''the procession by waten arrived at Westmiiijter-bfidoe, and proceeded or, foot across Palace-yurd to ihe Court of Excheque^-r ,The Common Serjeant, in the absence of the Recordt:r, then presented the new Sheriffs lb his Lordship, and, in doing ?o, adverted fo the public character and coridnct of Alderman Waithman as entitling him to the confidence of his fellow.cilizeiis; and observeil, that sufficient proof lie possessed that confidence.would be found in the circumstances of his having for so nmtiy'y^r.s held a place 'in ihe Common Council of the Ctiy.'hiving beert chosen to the impnrtiiiit office nf Alrlermaoi' and selected by the Livery as one of the represei.talives in Pdr-liameut. Tl(e otiier Sheriff, Mr. William-, though not luui'h known us a public man, was, us a private individuiil,' highly respected by nil'who had the h"iiouVuiid happiness of kiiowiiigihi'ni, uiid he (the Coininon Serjeaiit) iloulited not b.*t when the year I.f their iinporlatit |.r4ist sliQiild expire, they wotild again into the hands of their fellow-citizens, having SI) exercised it Bs not only toi obtain for ihems'el'ves the 'a(i|)roval of their own coiiseieuces, bat with increased reputation,' niid standing even higher than they now did,in the estimaljoti of their fellow-citizens. The Learn f^ .the.tfial ! Hj'h 1* v n much biiahlerthan that he poa- sntiqnity, and except the fact of beingj(ai trt^jthe church, affords no good reason ft; lieitins relict, as it may with equal pih__, finp1o.yed as an ensign of barbarous d^i' i>( {royalty itself, when ,Galloway flouri! ' kiagdom.-(Ayr Courier) J- MONT BLANG.^ I my I The CoasiToa Babon-Is there any objection to Mr. Pollen ?" Mr. RoTHVfELL-� I object." Mr. Parkins-" I mean nothing of a perfonal nature to Mr. Collingridge; but 1 do not give him my confidence." Mr. Pui.len-" There are two Under-sheriffs." The CuR'iToa Babos-" Then tliere is !�n Uiider-Sheriff for each." i Mr. PABKll�s-"'Yes, certainly-^ yeur Lordsllip is right. My trumpeter is-n'.t here lo-thiy; per-haps I do not pay hiifi ; hut your Lordship sees how 1 am treated : I am passed over as a nan^enlil^ ; and thm treated, it is ntfcessary 1 rhunltl hav� an agetit whoihas my coiifhleitiu', and not iVlr.. Ctilltug--rtdgei whom 1 do.not know iu this.biwiiiessi" Mr. ROrTH-well-rr" 1 have alteiidrd ill, persoii, and hiiV^ no Undrr Sheriff","  Mr. Parkins-" So do I; but ybiir Lordship will see the necrssity of my having a confidential agent, uiiderst-inding forips which it caiitiol be expected I should fill." The Common Sekjeant-V Perhaps, as the parties are not agreed, your Lordsliiji will, as you linve the power of doing', adjoiirn the filing the appointment till a. future � entcrptise by two Engllsb Gentlemen,'lli'M>rt.l}Kirfa)r4^{$Ul Hendei^o^, M'embe'rs'of the Dniversitf^of Ojifi^a^ift^l^ Other persons. He aUo took with hii|i'^l|ff|pil^(^iic^^ parly cummrnced their loilsibme e3ipMlt^iia'^''qW/-^^.S pf Aug^'isl, at a quarter past five r)%(^i^Vl%l^tili'Si^>t iind Cun'tinited wilK incredibte \aboaiii;aSri^;i)u^^SKfi aiaidM,bantiiU)ed snow, and rain, to .MilviitiiiiiHliei&i tlieinselves, on I lie 2016; ai ha tf.pasY 'f atUdjUatfoTm^ttiii^a aigbt of ibet^^, th!f)iPSa CAngratuiated the f rtveKmrbi.! the ihost serious difficulties, and asstirie^^ biTorc hadihe aWent Been lirioresuccesiiiatl]^ mel's pu|se :kl Ihistime beat 128 piilsaJ|pDcj;^i9gt,erbl)^t}i�.t' ' irarty were in good health. They bmk^^MViM'^u� p'iit- ' foVa-, and M. Hamel jirepared t^�oMfe1�im^ie^WiDml^* ' to attach l� two carrier piacons, al tkltiaib^^iV^^t^r^fl^'.j ing the summit, lo apprise bis friei^ ai^Cltal|icnv ofAis. success. , " Wonld you now lake a tBbitflfoifpBSliafsWfi''"' ling tO'go bark ?" said one nf tbe Eii;Hsb-jGteoO^<ilh.ta.4i Mlfa^]tMi>aMi^W.- ^ . By gr�?t exertions Ihe pari; sucr.i>cd|;^,ip^ii>{j^th*^hf,a/^!^^ atiove tbe snow, and assisted each other 16 eiiQipe,-l]|i}t: five 0^'^ the guides had disnppeare.l. UflMH'�**'<'^ " cnvere .-Geneva. A snbscriptioB was imj|Ye(liatel^..Upeiie,d..jU .GiJ^-. neva in f .vour if the f.onilies of"j?ie fU^'^riPUWhW perisfaeit. ' .'uui: 'k'-^ vti'. s's;!!?;* V> ---------- ^^j,^ t)�j'�.;r-1' . THE SPJiS<QMuh:i OF THE EMPEROR AUlJ^^'jitRf^^qi^i'Ilk,. . DIET OF POtAi!{|)o...^f..,.^-;r..T Represenlalivps . - �^M 5d) \r.yn , -..... of the Polatid-^ wMj ASTIQ.VITIES. ayr, septesiqer 21. [from a correspondent] Aliout a fortnight ago a man belonging to Creetown, .lie.-in^en^ged in harvest work at Iii^Iistown, in ihe-punsli of Burgue, and slewartry of Kirkcudbright, wliiist reaping in a field in the immediate vicinity of the unrient church of Iviik-aiidrews, which has for more lhan a century b( cooperate In the maintainance''an(f'd^retdpEtfiein'lA''jouf-social liistltiitions. , i.-.f,'-,, � f ...^ ....' Aly ron^dence iu ynu ha.'s been tjie origin of these "iuslitn. liijus ; your confidence in me will C()riiioIldaife''iH. liU'.'^'' ' My o^ecl, when I, gdve them to^jotij-jH^sslo cuatbiiie;(he power of the Soverrii^ii wilh the intcrmcdiale poVcr, with, the rights and legal waiit� of sncielyT �PfeWdftn^reie b'hiiil*'' i)S indispensable, bin tu be duntbJ^IJiey f^liirC fcanpport, in want of winch every lliing esrtU]|de5^y,^;fin^,(i|X^iieir4,les 6bt)&tiaai i^3lity and its divine dofti iocs. i � , You have reiuaiiieil Poles, ynu I'car that honourable name ; bill I liayc told you once lu-fuie Ihnl oiilylhenpplicaiion of l*�e prinriples- of lllis beiiefii rut niornliiy c.iti resltire t:> ynu sir iionouiable a rii^lit. , Follow, thfrefori", on your purl, thes� ivholecome docirinis; draw lor Iheir snnrce thai sens; i.f prnbiiy whiili lln-y rrconiiiienil yon, hoth tuwanls vnursrlveH and others; clialv from tlirm that love of truth wiiich ;l-f7is al Irutb alone, uliieh hrjis and speaks inily h. r langnagei llien yuu will powerfully supnorl lue in consolidating the work nf yiur reifeneralion. I have spoken to you Ihe words nf truth, for it is truth that I ask from yi'U ; 1 wish to hear it fioni yinir immihs : let me hear it wilh, but also wilb cumpusairj diU cordiSliiy. II will appear to yon in fiill light as ,�oonas yon seek it in re-dlity, and not iu v:iiii ahslraetinns; as sonn a> yi'ii juflge of your sitiiulinii, ncrnrrlinglo the testimony of eriMilf; Diid not arcordiiis to theories, wliirh in onr days fallt'H or ri.sing ambition endeavours to brinj; forwanl. i.asiiy, trnlh will mark your opinions a; Bonn :is ynu rrcsril only 'h.-^ vnice of the great intermts that are coofided In yuu~a? soon as you. banish fiora your delibeiaiions all acn-rniiiiy, every pnilial ohject, nnd ihus slit-w yrni:'s---lvrfl woriiiyof ynnr honourable mission-then, and nut before, )nu will have fulfilled your ohlic'-itions. 1 will iiijw i'u!;ii niirip-my iMinistcrs will lay before you a view of all il'c mf-asurrs of organiralion and administration which havt-bfi n adopleil wiihin these two >ears. Von uill ilnnhlleji rerognise with jny the eood which they hove cUVclfd wh;u yon (oA^pire il wilh all these e^ ils, the deep traces of whith were IU lie effaced. The wish to obtain this object has per-haps not always followed the wjiy which the form of administration that 1 I'eadily 'ave ymi prescribed. Pfrh,spstoo urgent auil siniiillaneons wants have caused by Iheir occurrence an increase in the necessary expendiliirv. ISIy views, however, have not changed^ and it is my firni will that in fiilure the regiihitious once laid down s,hall he strictly adhered to, and tbe iHosI sciupuli;us care be taken to economise the resources of the payers ofthe riinlribiitio.^n. The wishes that you have laidheforc ine have Ijren ino.'it seriously considered. You will hear how ihey liave bet�n parlly salisfied already, and shall in part be fulfilled in future. Von will see why it has been necessary to di lay trie accomplislimeut uf some, and to renounce that otolbers.- Amons: these whieli the fioeerinnent has williiic^ly graiilcvl anil llie projects of law which will- be' Uid before you--- . [His iVIajesly then euiiiuerates si me of these proposed laws, whirii he desires they will tliornuglily examine whrii siibinitted to their consider a tiuti, and conrlurles as folfows;]- Keprcsehlatives of tlii^ Kingdom of Poland-Shew y.iiir coniHiy thai, supporlrU hij your ixpericnce,yuur priiicipht. and your seiitiint Ills, yiiU know li.iw to maintain a peaceful iUdependeiire, a pure libe'iy lin.Jer riie prutertiun of your iaws., .Shew your conleni.ioi.aiieii thit Ihii. Iilieriy is a friend loonier, and its blessings; that ytiu reap ilie fruits of it. b'ecaii[fe y.iii know how lii obviate, ahil will alivays obvidte tlic insinuations of envy, thedangerof exam,jle. i There are cniintries where use and abuse are. pla-'ed -n one and the same line; whircihe spirit of evilixeites i,ie vain want of slavish iinitition, and again attftiipls tu rir..-ver its dreadful sway. Already it prcdnminates in one pirt of Europe-already it heaps ihcat criuies.aad cunruisioas ou each other. Not� ith.-tandiiig these unhappy cents, my system of {joverninent uill remain always the same; 1 liiivi* d.awu its priiiciplfcsfi'i^in the most profound sense of my'Juties. 1 sh-ill always fulfil these dntiss scrupahm-ly, but this wonld not hi' p'lrfecily done if 1 wire blind to ihc great truths wliu-li ( xpi rieiice leaches us. Doubtless, the age in wbfi h :>ve live leipiires pruiei-iiiig laws as tar basis aud guarantees uf social urdir, but our age also iuipose. upon Princes Ihe duty of preserving those laws from the'mis-cliicvous iniluence of ever restless, i ver blind passion.^-, lu this reap, ct a heavy responsibility lie* on y^iu a\ well as ou me. li cimjn^ands you faiihfnlly lu follow llie p3th which your judgment, yuui uprr^hl sense of duty prescribe lo yon ; It cuniinands me frankly to warn you of thrdftn. gees that might yon, in order lu defend y�ur Cun-stitnliop �g4insi thrmj it obliges me to judgp of the iar�. snres ou which 1 ain culled actorJing lo their real coiis^-(jueuces, not according lo the aii.pellalious Yfi'b which p��ty

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