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British Press (Newspaper) - September 28, 1820, London, Middlesex rpHIS EVENJNO. THURSDAY, Sfcpu 99, M. 1j� pttffolWied-thB'Of tra iVf" LovEirA Yti-W^fi Sir Willwifi Wwdoiw, IWf. eiiin>insi� J Jiwfiw, Mr. Fawcett J VDOdjf WfBifpw,.Mr. HofH fliis Ami appesfVi once Bt IJiiiTheafre);. Ivuniave, Mr. Dttr^ifwij HciK$i Emery, .1lP!ifM WroocMi'd, Mr. Bkncl^dt; 'Tanlie ;Wroiivw�riSentj|�t�d, has btJeh cVt"fracl*a b> �r. wJe�L Oroamenifal' Ldrtreti fur WafciigBte, sttrroQnd 1%^ JActt; Circle, '^^h^prop-Cnrttin, from an on|ini>t ieii^Ji^ beett ?IPrt^�rBokWaVlie �Ad for'liie &(cv(i,^M�t^ir, or l^r. Bralidaa,ktttiie Bi^jc-OIBce. ^ia��fbf lhe/Ba�es (6 be acU,earcf, Sits.- Wal-. IriaBon, StK�;Sjiirilyn: � ' ; --� - j Afiier �liirh, (lie (Hvoiirite Cnmedy cif Pli&EOT?�S AND CROVVS, Sir Pele^Piewi^RinffiTst'lime), Wr/Ojtberry ; G�jii. Pij;-', wieein, ^Ijas Neville .(first limt)^ Afr. Birbant^ Ml-: Miiz, Mr. W(,;:Mr.;^!ufd, .Mr. RusskH {his.ib�t-ap)^raiDce; litis, s^fl^pn}; Mr.'Blppiieaii, Mr. J. Rnsnell;. T�rt) (B{S.t$ time), Mir.,Balder,. M;s. Harvey, Mrs. Pearce-; LoujS^ Mist,, tetgli.  ^ . , . , ,r To conclude, nith. (5lb lime), a new Farc^ in two.actSj  calfrd .... OVERS THE WATER! The.PriDcipal Characters by.Messrs. )-. Russell, Okbei-ryi, Wilii^jns, l^amniQndi Mrs..Bsker,,Mif8,R. Coiri, and;A|j;s,. Jones.\ Fiisl jPrice-rBbJcesj Bs.-rPit, Ss-First Gallery, is.- SecondiGalleiry, Vs.' Second ft-ice-Botcb, Ss.-Pit^ Is. fid.-First Gallei^, is. -Se4cbild^GMleTy,6il. . Seciuiil Price .will commetice every Evening preri^ely.,at. Ifine^o'CIotk. Places furiihe Boxes, tak^n of Mr. Maasioghaiq, at, the Tliealre^ ' A, Privaie Box may be, had, nightly, byappliijation, at; the Box Office. . , The poors (o, be opfjied at Hatf,pasf Six.p'qhH:li;,and thf, Perfiirmance to Tie-in, at. S^Vpi, ' ' i � � Tolinorr6V, TH^r%'*P>*.rfo^^^ '^>"' '�f the V^alec, Ttf^ATOE-RpyA^I^Ga^k Fr)RTHE^^Bipt�Ei=^it'OF M Snczf^TiiM. '#j!l,.beiprf�ented,(for (he 6nt, time/tfacse.twb.yettr^ Mr. GiLenh^g^eiyiriledpp.fra, called r KLCH AND ROOIL l�rd-lii8(teiici, Mr. W�nrh; Cnlunel Beancfaampi MfJ Pearmao ; Riversf Mr. Baitley j Madi>b,7 Mr. Braadboritf Fraiiic, Mr: W. S. Chfiltetley. I^dy. Clara; Modisbf Mrs; W, S: Clia1lrtley;.7orayda, Miss'lUtly; Miss Chalta'all (first, lime), tHr*. PiiiAar ; Mrs. Ormond, Miss Love j Mr4^ Secret,-Stiiis I. Si#veiisun. At tlie endluf the;Opera ^for (hisinigbt only) nill be � . perfotmedj A DiyERTlSEMKJ.T, In wJricha.GMi1leman, Pupiliof Mons;-Veslris (bisfir8t~ap> liearaoce), will dance.llie-^Cour^aud ontineali>.beiiX. tty Mr. St.'Albiii (his first appearaniea^ tliiti' Tliejilre the�� two(yeatK),'Wfitli..Mi��;Wi)rginan. Til conclude witMfirst.time I bis Seasuu; tlle^Pastoral >OpeM^ called i' RO.SINA. Mr. Belvflle,'Mr. Pjtarinao ; Caplain Beliri]li>, Mr. ^Vebi' �lrr; Wtlliaro, MV. B/padhurst. Rosipa, MiiJs. daretv; PhiBbe, Miss It Sttiveiisoit ; Dorcas,'Mrs Groves ;' Biixes,6�.-i- Pit, 3S.^Lower GaUery, 2i�;-Upper Gallery^ 1 s. Door* open at Half-past Six.-Perforraoiice .to begin at Seven. ' �� Tickets and Places to be had of Miss I. StetrensonvNo. 41 j Prury-laiiej and at the Bojtofficp/Slrand Ealrani*, fixiiil Tentill Four. ROyAi GOBORG THEATRE/ Under.tbei^Palrpaage ofhia.ftoyal Highness Prince Leopold i of-Ssxe Coborft. 1HIS PRESENT THURSDAY^ Si-pt. 28, and following .Eyei)in{;s, tbe^a^sr iGrapdTicaditionar^^ .Melodrama, in, three.arl^, called .. The Vampire, Mr; ^. JCemblei tfidy'MalViua; Miss Wat-aoii^'Jeaaiii^, P^o-(BiHbeus Ui)bUan'd-^XXi� LKefary and Scienfifii: Tnielli.' SencB'^XJES; VCdrli* pre^ariiig for Publwatjob-XXXI. Motitbry'liuit (6f*Neiir PdblliaatioS^XXXlt. Monthly Re-: .g^st'^rj'&b. - � '��''�' f Prjnlrd'for T. Ca^clUrid W. Daviepj Strand^ London^ ^�ll;vnil|�njB^tft!op^,:N^^ fcr, EWiic(i^(itrfetsti'respeclfuiry toi>ffer ;liiis>their'4ie.�iatf^,thBt pertain coaqiT"j>-uf liriyaiieiiaiure.woHld^aiiavoMtably pregrfiu qty djevo>)ng:-i!., S|i�praenl portion .uf.ligif.tttJhj; ipipi)r^9t.,du,lies..of Chief/ Mjijl^iitrat&)'^iested^.servicc^iPli.. t^(:.,ocGaupn. mi^litjlie 'jtispeiised .^^ith.. t ,acfcaoi^ledge, �|th tliaui;rpi'9es8,,(ha| .you accfdi^ to. ibiy . rciipealiojt.a 8^c the, l^beralanQ.just feelings t'of .my Bce|b�D.qf �^e. ifiWf, I; Jiaye^^t (o^dd, that should ^uqr. suScag^f �P]>^ ^IX. i Sea-side" ReVerie-X. StaiiiiA,' oh R^aditii; at>^AccoiiM lif (he Re-Ipterinent Of Kiii; Rpbrrt' BrUc�-XiV Youthi^XII: the WiW Rose-XIII. Wihtri-i M�Mjin|;j.J3felV.T%e Antminnal Eve-^XV. The Snowy,five. ! AiSonoet-XVI. Soniiet. to'i-;--XVII. Ntrtefrbin Dr. 'iff tiU 11 Waollastdn, Esq.- iUidge Advocate. TBe Meibbtmr'^vin^' be^ii i^\vorrtJ^ (he Jiiifite^Advocate read^lbe' Charg�8i> s^hicb wfe piibtished: at lefn^ib in (bis Paper on Wednesday, Seplembei^ 20lb. Th^ Eiirl of Citrhimpitiii IroM^^fbr ibe.pur|iose of ma&hg bi? slatrment in snppost of the Ctiargeai 1 ' ' . ' ' The/0dge^Ad�^6aUb;idq'ui^ed wb^li^r'he had a written statement? The NobU Earlwis�r6()ed ihil'he hid tfot. *^iSjm 26b Dfi *he. LONl^ MEDICAti � L% aBd^eftYSiCAli JOURNAL to be published oil Saturday, theSOlbinbtaAtj witi^coiitaia, besides much olhei' / raluabler infOrtBStionr^Cases illftstrative of the beiicficia! effectt.'of:' Pressnte' iii: Cancer'and some othtr Diseases; by S> ToOHB^ Esq: Surgeon to (he Cancer loslirution^^ Obsecvadoos'on (he Uise of 4he Forceps in Midwifery^ by A^ B- � ttictPti *i't3J,?','^�?T*W. � ' .��:�-�..".>,:.. .^-^^OOQ 1 TWO .... ^10;QK�Q. . > \ .i.i5i7^;plll*f.!Bei>�filSi r ,' . ! ;Alls8l�|li�ig.41fOi*j'.-iOAly,7,�OOt T(rk�l�,i . j,' THE CLOSE jOF^E CASE AGAJIN&C Hpii, > f rhm^n^ G]�9jT�tmuQteml to I Li joio the ProcesBioiiiftram (heHpr^ci&lisoni^n'aVerni ik > Cawi^tffS ^iUt9rodruBohies;eaehi'j�m!Vc>>pectfdlt)�!rrqaei^M ; to communicate sdcb ifltseOtlun-Ki llieCnMMttttee,'5^bhdt.wii)i (coitliiUle�ii669/a|;'eiaiJCi ID lU!:E(f!�diuff^r�Dy.d�yr (bis Week f I i.!y;i:!::.'i� iLii.vpni:.ii'u!yi'jiM?^�-0^ Mi^ruvT;,.,-;, 1 TbiftdayTqrer)uibli*beil^.^iiIsi m;add^lViittvti.'!|iricci}A SSi! i>���rd�,'or  ' . At V VIEW 4f �H H+JfTOHV, LITEIIA-iM. TUltE,! (Jnar 5f�rB0LDG� of Hd^HINDOOS; ihClAdilt^a ihYiibieOest^ftuii' uT'll^eiV'Msrillie^^ diis-i touts, and Transbttlons friHrf'thMr'trrSactpal Wofks.' ' i Hy 4VH.Ll^M��VARD,"orSi^btb)io^ i T(iii>de(i " '1^- Tiie�bd1�6 Of whom may.b^ badi . " � ?  Work, 1^4 Vdls'.'SVo.iwiiiplelsV pHee � A CourtMBrtialwaiiJIiela ii)isdHy,qn.i.ieii�ei>�i>tr. DrUKOott Onspibti-oniohargMspreferwid.njfSiirtt him by General ill* �art e(f�*JarfjaHiptipt>/ Gofoupl of the recttnent. Thf Meiiiberii'if'itfo ^H|rne, Frcidejnt. 'vMnjpr-Genenl Frali'r i Major-GeueralG^^Ri'AdaiDi. M^riQeneAi: (be-Hpn. Sir ChatlratGcerJlle, ^tshi!r.'. (JotuneIG QueudD (SJohinel Sir C. CampTien -CbiMnelSir R.':c. Hill Lieu(:.C:olonel 'A. VV^rburVon > tteiK.-CMo'aelSir A iDlcksoo Ueu(;rCii4an�l E. Morland UeuCColoqel Hi WyiidKam i4eut>1CalaMI,C.i�.. Biikcr Liritt.'iCuloiief G.' Mann ij^t^lijj ihe ilobfti^ro- sisfere^i." This ^iW*^Wu,(iien i idnitor, . , ,'"''' ' ' ' BiRSt'CHAItGE. ^ - Major ;n'ildinan,.of Jh|ed(b,rjegi(^eiif|bf liraeobn GuarA, WAs;t^ firfil v^itiieii jaijpllrOBVIiii^^^ t^'e/charge was read to him by the 4uait^''Advdcale :- ara^te' - ^........ . J; Tybrpjer,.M^ Gfi3ra^(er of a Cdidm^Wdip'^^^cer, in"k'eepiiig^' a '^pmM in ^(Ui^c^,, i�^,lioc ter^^b,e. tii^pt:. ^,Mi^.;^reHcliJ-^(ipng6' - " m " *" o|)en carriage, in the anifurra.of the regiment^ aiid particii-larly.from ManpeUeio you know �bp, keep^, the 8ccaui)|s. ofnjess:? The Gommit(ee. Dul uo. Colonel French.always act atf iPreii^rit of the^ Cpmdiitt�e'? ' Uii^ii&iiiddiBiybedid. ' ' Crot*'exam{ntttiqn. Did.he not always pa^Tieiif'arlat'erest In the conduct ofife-mesi* Very-iiiutb^d.- V IP Speaking: of Air's;'Freocb,';yao!bave4tfid'7aii'Otaly saw her once, is that a fact ?. } onlyr-saw^her ppce, apd that wag, on.e>u^ring,Uentenaiiti!Col9i5e!i,i^i^p!oi>is;|^^ -Have yoirey^er heard-any c�injprajniB''inade,''b^ Officers', wives.of yiri: Freiiili^beioi^iiibartifclcs.'' Tnevet-beird"it' s'pbken of'' until the^ prtseiit^cbifgeii wtre l>ru'ugbVl'orw&rd. PajBBiwfer Hiy liioi' JIfdjor'Wildina'u tcttir'ca{feiir&^/i,'a the What dojdu meah'by.aii bbnurary raeoiberof the tness ; did. Lieifieoaul^Goluoel. Fceiycb' pay hijs snbscripdon regularly ? He.dt4 uul weekly j; wbeuJieomed at the ine^s lie paid It.,...... % Papmasler W^y iBtu again called-in. How Io6e >'��s yu" bslouged to the regtmeut! Twenty years. � Did > LieotenonliGalontd: Frrncbj beept^a woman'.in: bar- -rackr? LieuteMant-CotoBel wjll oo(,i I aPV sure,: .�, ^ .______ ;.,.,., ., The Preti((eat-You .are-to ansver the quesltoiV; you liav# notliiiig to dO"*itb' wbi^t the Prisoner, wiir'pdwrt Or tftny,'- � , . �� ,......- . He diil.� How Jong \  ha^e,J�?en}o^,tbe,.regiment! 20 years, and.. k�,)wtljal.he~was. > , . ^Vbs lie iip^^'aii;,^onorqr.y member of i(� Vdn not inean, Who keut.tlie WcootfiV'bfltrie iiiarf' J.did, nnliljlhe last two ' tVholtff^f^lhrtn'cifier'lhs'i rr�e? Thetldtnftiilfte.' 'TlieEiilof'CarriamiJidn'td^i'rvpd: that liceoi'dWi'fn (hS KmgV order, A^r'y rf/nnirl-ied dftTAr wjis 'tibr^A i� aiiif iVgHlarlVaf ihe'rti'SSi  : �...... . , ,^ . ' � Tire Prektitrtt tfWrved; he VbUld find 09;�nrtl P'^**.! Hiei'e firafe 'tr'siTrimG: feCniDra^eOjtfanpM xifihe'Comlnandei'-rii ChlertO liuWtrHetl'Offiedrs to 4a So, but it dia'.6�/l'C0 tnfi ttiir ' Did (he hVing of Mrt. Pi*hch in the'bamtiri'ii1t�lW�'e' orannuy-the wivespf the'mivried:OIBrerSUif'llife'regimeiirj, IL17ltd btm, �u hurstback. . .^Do yoti reeidleci bOw they wen) from ManclKil(cr to {Hr-nipgifani, in tlwycJr 18�8? Y�, IDldyoiJiftafcbWitbl^^rjtinKnt* Yt*. ^_^yfm^TU^at^&vW6tl ft^Apt^miiaitt of t�ert|^io�iiL*: HowdidrLieudefiknt.'e^loift'I'Prenrcbrravelon thatoWm-NJ tToD^: Be:�ii!i itol-Wrtb'tbc'diBUirhinent; 1 was; 1 %aW him only once on the marcbj be irsa Ihtn in a gig.wjth M)�. Preirebk ^* nniforai.'? He Wis. .Sid:.he:iever>see'(ben{ibore (ban once in ibe'eiiT' I saw Ibem eViry day III 11^ on (iie march from Birmingham lo ITewcaitle-iipoA-Tyne, ,. Was the OoloBel in hi* anifurin ? He was. Wbat�|iarfpi�n(i didLieut8 Mrs, French, much about haj-r^ch^^ sq as to give nlfeiice to the'wiyCT of niWieii'OflScM^ Nii; slie:geiie-'rally kept her apartments, aod'diil riot so Out w^llciiig.ex-ccpt'when she had id pass t'hfoiigh tlie bii-rack-yard for domestic business: Did her living in the barracks prevent married women fiotriirtsidlijg'tUeire? Not to'iriy'.diowlidge- . Who were fte society of"li^ari-ifilOtficers that,.c oi^ l*?rsl Fiieiieh'bein''^ Th haj;iac.l�s ^ Sjifei^iify'iheir pames ? Several .of then) have left the. re. giniebt." ''.�'�'.'��'" SECOND CHARGE. . Adjutant Charles Short treipg sworn, the .Judge Advocate read the: charge tu. him ;- . "-For- tn^ictiog a grefiter .pp.pishment : on . SerjeanLi M'Longhlin, Byrne, and Gilroj, ihqn was awarded them by the .septeuce.of it, regipiental: Cpprl.'roartial, held at .Bir-miogbam barracks, the ITib'June, 18id,by,oi;derjngitfiem:on: guard every other day during^lhejr , spspensiou ; .and fur--Iher, tbpt tiie);.J>habuld� i.heimoni;h6f^Ji(pe, 1.819? I .was- ' Dofyou.reciMJepl.a "egijpeaiijl.GiHWl-insrtial.ou SiBrjeantSL' M^liOughlliijiByrne, an^flilcpy,?,; Tcs-. Wa* it entered in the regimenlal CourUmartial: book? It^vmf.,' .... r. � . .' � � IsitbiB.thpbook.? . It i?;npt.,., - liopic f..I pee^d,np|,fpri;ki�p^ it is not t^bpok., Ijit an orderly bojJk,?,;,,l(ii8l8;dB'l^i�':dej!3ftbdo,k.;.^; . igimeot?.. I( does. ���.�'. .;-,.-.,�;'{� 'i':;'.^-^-.,:,-^ ^A-i^i tar-buuk'tor (be.entering :ar^Co^rli-Martial,'and.'tbe .ken-; :.tba.t,bupk, br^^e,.ii8, before!w.irjeji?p^'ue -tfif, drdirjy-' oook. '" �  � � � ^ ' '  ' ' ' . .^^ ., . . i The witness tnid, he couM prodorc (he book required in a few miiiiitei. >Hpih-(�rd�iirlyWi(MlrVw. ' ; TBe Hresideia-ohswved/ ib.prr^eili iWs WW'if ''m^^ while lljey were wailing f. r the rcfimenial C�>tr(-ii>*r��>�l hook,�he,M&r bf�riiB�it-X-ot.mcl *�Si!b I11 ilie'0,l^rf^^^^^^^lrtloibfa rentf. Il Hv-'.'i secAyiti'n^ly rrdrd, !>il nurporl of it wa'i, tliat'he^tlid tflil'cbnsVdr/ the ^i)fi)i.iiMh^ny JwaVd�d Ijy; the ebiiifi.Wsriial i-^|i'^i'lim/ not t�1>feallp*e^ta: leilre 'ihe.1>arraek�,'aiy the fii^itneiital Cnitrt.'M'iii'riJii. fo; he sdspeDded frtim bis.'rank Vnd 'pay for SO- dfiys'-, fijini; for J2^:day4, and'Gilrrfy foF-2i0^d�y8} and duriu'g.that lini'e (� do (he dXil.y of iprivateS. ' iVas i( yoPr ^daty^ as Ad^otaot, to are the ariditlnniil puuisbnieut'enlerediiijto/tlie. ordi'ily-bolik can-ieilInto effort ? ' Yet, as to Seijeants^M^Laosblfn and ByrnV, What wa� done with Serjeant Gilruy? He moon ted -two addiii9aal'gnardji>and'lKo'wa,sforglv'en hf Li'eiil.-CoJuiief ttrjacb (bo remainder ofblspunishPiePl. 1- the.first. sentSice.giTCP by.tlie Cour(-M.�ni�l,�en{j liack (o the Court to be revised .by CblOiiel Frcncfi ? It WSir not. (irfiu-efafainftiion. Did General Lord Charles Somerset itupert tlie y-gimenJt In March l He did, � , J3id,QencraI Lni;d,Cbaile.s.&imerset nubcany reA^rk.on the sentence of Ihe Court-.Martial on the Serjiants, %nd the, order fur a^ldilionaJ^.pitais|im�nt,of Ijient.-CuluncI French ? He did-to Sir Andrew Bernard; he s�id, I perfectly, ajree withi.Freiich that the punishment was not adequate to ("be crime, or offence of Ihe Srrjcants, ��' Vaptain Andrew Ferguson, juiorn. Were yoo prrsent at tbe 66or^ Martial'on Serjeapls M'Lopghliu, Byrne, anil Oilroy ? I was. Wat'th* sentence of the Coiirt Martial sent hack^to,Ihe Court to be revised I do ndt remember, I rerolUct LientVniinf-Onliinel FretitU beiii^ mdcli dissalisfieii wiih the, seutrnce of Ihe Court Martial. j Corne; tViHlhtn Mfrtin.JiEnrD. . tVere you a inrniber of (tie Court MarlinI on Seijeaoia M'LoogliUu, B>r'ue, and Gilroy, ou, the J7lh.Juurj, 1819 ? I was. Was the sentence of the. Cpp;'l Martial sent back to the Court by JL,ieulenaii.l-CV>,lpnel French to he.revi.srd ?. 11 wan. Tb'^yr^considereil it,, butdid notreviseit. They adhered-(o (heir original sentence. Did OloneU French express bis dispteasnre at tlie 3rn!cnc� of the Cuort Martial ? He did ; he said he did iiot consider Ihe punishment adequate (0 (he ufiVoce of tbd Serjeaius. SIXTH CHARGE. Cipiain David Hay hoeing lieen sworn. The Jodge-Advocate read over the charge to bin).:-, " For having cnt oiit .-ind defaced, 01; caused to, he.cut out and difaced, the leaves if the iroop register of horses, relative lo the years 1811, 1812, 1813, aud 1814, ajid p|it of the year 1815, without the kiiowLeilge of llie'Ciiptaini:, Ihercby.deslro.yiog all.evidencr regarding the iihmense 'niira-ber of horses lliat were rerommeoded to be east and Irabs-ferred by LieuleoanuColoiiel French, duriilg {hose years, all such coiidnrt being in the prejudice of good oidci- and military discipline, aud contrary lo his Majesty's regoU-tions, and in breach of ihe Articles of War." What book is,th'isj vTlie register book of troop horr^ b;-longing to my company. Did you ascertain, after you were gazetted to your troop, that any of ihe leaves were cut onl of the register hook ? This question was objected to and withdrawn. How long liave you belonged to the regini.-iit? Twelve munUis lastJiiigust. When, did you knp)� . the register-book wna . muiilated ? Some time af-er I had found tlic ledger and ilie ollit-r liooks incorrect. 1 llien exaniined il .and f-mnd the.leaves col dut. I repoited ihe circumstance 10 Colouel French, and he desired ihe clerk of the trppp to puste n sheet of pjper.�ver the place where the Itaves .were wanting. Did tbe clerk do so ? I -did nut see him do it, but (be clerk reporteiKto me lie had done so. Was the hook' mutilated by any infder given for that p'ur-pdse, or was il dune' by aii individual? Ido mil know huw^ it was done; it'WaS niulilated before I was gazetted to the' troop. By life Conrt-^'Was there any register of troop horsef i a Ihe part of the hook pasted over bj.tlie clerk ! Thpt;;! 'wis' no writing oil Ihe pkrtdf tlie book be past'ed ' pooKii lu your umce: no, I apow inai aoout nye years ago siime leaves were'toni. nul of the trupp-bjuks, but not witBlli'thbsfrtliree years. ' dopya'in: Ariiinr Ferguson fiarn. - . . .Lppjc^t this,boij|(,^and tie\i. whrt.js .ilsdesijriptidn',?, It,i8' a tiitpp registoriiiTO'l(:bf ca^^ PiS^} (he.leavrsin omf.egy^Jf'ifloPkssWjgypetally.pjiS^ you ;

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Publication: British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: September 28, 1820